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23 September 17th, 2014 The Two-Hour Season Three Finale Of TNT’s DALLAS: One Ewing Will Die!


Next week on Monday night, September 22nd (9PMET), it’s the two-hour season three  finale of TNT’s Dallas!  With so many lives on the line, so much betrayal, and so many twists and turns, it could just turn out to be epic!

In this newly released promo for the season finale, the voice-over clearly states: “ONE … EWING … WILL … DIE!” But which Ewing will it be? An extended Ewing family member … or a core Ewing?  That is the question!

In the heart-stopping promo are: Patrick Duffy (Bobby), Brenda Strong (Ann), Emma Bell (Emma) Judith Light (Judith), Mitch Pileggi (Harris), Josh Henderson (John Ross), Julie Gonzalo (Pamela), Jordana Brewster (Elena), Jesse Metcalfe (Christopher), Linda Gray, Juan Pablo Di Pace (Nicholas) and more!

Check out the exciting season finale promo after the jump!  Use the hashtag on social media#WhichEwingdDies, and weigh-in on who you think will bite the bullet in the comment section below!

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  1. richard says:

    My money is on Anne, so maybe then can bring back Victoria Principal next season!!!!!!! :)


    clh replied

    Victoria mad if very clear many times that she has no interest in ever returning to Dallas, so I don’t see that happening. Not too many choices as to who is expendable other that Anne or Pamela.


  2. Rodd says:

    I can’t even imagine who it might be. I love all the characters on this wonderful show. A Ewing is a major character in this cast. Bobby and Sue Ellen are the pillars from the original, so I can’t see it being them. Christopher and John Ross are the pillars from the new version, so they’re out, in my mind. Then the boys’ lady-loves, Pamela and Elena just seem too diverse to be out. Could it be Ann? I hope not; she’s the “stable” one, the matriarch-type. The rest aren’t Ewings, so I’m stumped. And I hope that if they really do “kill off” one of the Ewings, it’s in an explosion or the like where a body is not recovered and then they show up alive next season. Guess I’ll have to watch and see.


  3. Mary SF says:

    What??? It’s over already— boy I was just getting into it again– when a show doesn’t have that many episodes to begin with they shouldn’t bother with the split season. I wished they had just aired the whole thing all at once— I had to wait months for it to come back and they had like five or six episodes and now it’s over— that was just silly. As to what Ewing will die— I personally think Christopher has outlived his usefulness as a character—hate to say that, but it’s true, this season Christopher really didn’t have much to do—the show would have work just fine without him—


  4. Mike says:

    This mystery stumps me as well. There are three characters that I think could go – but each has a reason not to. Anne overall seems to most expendable and would certainly open up story for Bobby – but come on, how manny times does Bobby have to lose a wife? And really, Anne is the link to the Rylands – without her, the Ewings and Rylands wold have little reason to interact, and any interaction would be lacking the emotional heft without Anne in the picture.

    Then we have Christopher. Yes, we think of him a a pillar of the new show, but really, is he? At least, anymore? When the show began, the stories worked on two levels – Bobby vs. JR and Christopher vs. John Ross. But with JR’s death, the dynamic has shifted. First, it was Bobby/Christopher vs. John Ross, but this year, it basically shifted to Bobby vs. John Ross with Christopher off on his own little island of story, basically with him dating the farm hand. When you think of his relationships, it seems redundant for him to go back to either Elena or Pamela – so, what do they do with him. Killing him off would be dramatic, but ultimately short sighted. Yes, as the show is currently structured, losing the character wouldn’t effect the show much at all, but IF the show is renewed and say, Patrick Duffy wants to cut back on work time, then they have no adversary for John Ross. Better to send Christopher off canvas for a while if they need to lose the character, rather than kill him.

    And then Elena. Yes, she isn’t currently a Ewing, but what if in a season finale twist, she and Christopher reunite after he saves her life, realize they want to be together, and quickly marry – only to have something happen that results in Elena’s death. Elena, like Christopher, has been sidelined from the main action this season (but unlike Christopher, her story was still connected to the main action). The death of her brother, and the estrangement of her mother from the Ewings, leaves little reason for Elena to be in the Ewing mix any longer. EXCEPT for that damaged diaphragm that could indicate a possible Ewing pregnancy. If they choose not to play that plot point, Elena is expendable. But if they do – well, it’s the character’s lifeline.


  5. sonniorsolita says:

    The only two characters who lift cleanly out of the storylines are Sue Ellen and Elena (once Joaquin/Nicholas is gone). But Linda Gray is so wonderful and popular, they aren’t going to kill her off. And obviously (too obviously) the whole reason for the icky holes-in-Elena’s-diaphragm and then sex with John Ross was to have her fall pregnant next season, so she’s not going anywhere. Sadly, I think that means it has to be Ann, as Bobby and Christopher won’t be going anywhere. It’s a mistake, in my opinion, as Brenda Strong is a lovely and warm actress. And Ann is the only character who seems to have any common sense 90 percent of the time! She’ll likely die in a way that cements the enmity between Bobby and Harris so that family feud can continue. And though I don’t think there’s a chance in heck that Victoria Principal will come back, they could re-introduce Jenna in some fashion or create a new love interest for Bobby. He’ll probably be busy trying to keep Emma on the straight and narrow “because it’s what Ann would have wanted.”


  6. Llanviewer717 says:

    I certainly hope it is not Ann. She and Bobby are the most sane ones in the mix. I certainly would hate to see her go. And imagine Bobby’s guilt after their last go around. I’m thinking it may be Pamela. Last week she said she’s in this marriage for the long haul and plans to make JR’s life miserable.


  7. Charday says:

    Can’t wait for the season finale, but where’s the renewal for season four?!?!?


  8. JLH says:

    I love this show and am really concerned that we won’t see a season four. It’s ratings don’t look so hot… [sniff]


  9. Mark says:

    Let’s hope it’s Elena


  10. Belle says:

    The new Dallas is very good. The ratings should be outstanding! I agree with Mary; the season is too short.
    I would love for Victoria to return to Dallas, also. The old Dallas made her a star.
    I would hate for any Ewing to be killed; however, whatever, will add more fire to the show ; let it rip!


  11. Jt says:

    Emma is my bet if they can somehow consider her a Ewing, would keep the feud alive with Harris. Anne would be too repetitive for all of Bobby’s wives ending up dead. This would be a repeat of the way April died


  12. Dom says:

    I say it’s Nicholas. He could turn out to be JR’s son. Everything is pointing to Ann but that’s to obvious. I do hope there’s a season 4! I didn’t think it was fair to Dallas to split the season up.


  13. Josh says:

    If Ann is murdered that would be the same thing that happened to his wife April. In my opinion that was a bad story line and I hope they don’t repeat it.


  14. Jeff says:

    Maybe they are going to kill of Ray Krebbs, Gary or Lucy Ewing? They have had bit parts on the reboot but nobody would really miss them. I love the show and hope there is a season 4!


  15. Frank says:

    Dallas is a great show. Sue Ellen is my favorite. I think it’s going to be Christopher who dies.


  16. erin says:

    I think it will be Christopher or Ann who dies. Although I wish it would be Elena or Emma who dies. Can’t stand either one of them. Dallas is a great show. Want john Ross and Pamela to find their way back to each other. They belong together. They are the super couple of this version of dallas


  17. Jim says:

    I can’t wait until Monday night!! Even since JR has died, I am really enjoying the new twists and turns with the next generation.
    I am intrigued by the thought of a Ewing dead…. I will be glued to my TV waiting to see what happens….. I hope they do not cancel the show, its my favorite!!!


  18. christina says:

    I believe it will be Ann..if Bobby has to chose 1 hostage in Mexico, he would chose Ann but she would insist that he save Emma, and she stays back…If not , it will be Christopher, for he seems to have been phasing out, no real need for him, and his acting stinks, the jesse metcafe that i know should be that suave guy on Desperate Housewives, equivalent to John Ross on Dallas, So it will be Ann-most likely, or Christopher, or Sue Ellen,,,,,they all had useless story lines this season…they are seen to be phasing out, and bobby can start going out with Tracy (Melinda Clarke from the OC–excellent show and actor)…


  19. tina says:

    Why did they kill off Christopher? He was a good person. And very sweet. He will be missed.


  20. jackie says:

    just finished watching the Dallas season finale. I am angry that Christopher Washington killed off. It will take a lot away from the show because bobby is getting older and if he has to leave Christopher and John Ross would be perfect rivals. If Christopher is really dead I will stop watching this show.


  21. Mramper says:

    The Ewing who dies is Christopher in the car explosion. I really liked Jesse Metcalfe and hate to see him go.


  22. dallaslvr says:

    My favorite story lines in the show were the rivalry and, at times solidarity, between Christopher and John Ross, and the love saga of Christopher and Elena. I began watching the show because of Jesse Metcalf. The show no longer holds any appeal for me now. Why kill off any of the main characters at this point? Especially with the potential for a love triangle/feud with Elena’s pregnancy. These are the things that hold your female viewers’ interests. Poor choice. The obvious and heartbreaking choice would have been Anne, though I think killing off any of the Ewings was a bad idea. So disappointing.


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