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12 December 7th, 2011 “The View” Salutes 43 Years of One Life to Live!


Just as they did with All My Children, ABC’s morning talkfest, The View will say goodbye to One Life to Live with a special one hour episode the day of the final episode.

So circle your calendars on Friday January 13, that just hours before the final airing of  One Life To Live, ABC’s The View will air a special to salute the show’s 43 years on the ABC Television network. Erika Slezak (Viki) will guest host.  OLTL creator/writer Agnes Nixon and the series executive producer Frank Valentini,  are currently scheduled to appear.

The special will feature exclusive, never-before seen footage of the final taping, interviews with special guest stars and returning cast members, surprise appearances, an exclusive sneak peek clip of the last episode and the cast and crew uniting for their final group photograph, as well as special videotaped montages that will showcase some of the show’s most memorable moments.

The View is looking to fill the audience with fans of One Life to Live for their salute episode.  If interested

Over the next few weeks we will update you with the names of other cast members and guests that will be on the show.  Grab your hankies and have them nearby for this one folks!  Make sure to check the local times in your area for The View.

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  1. Blake says:

    Sweet!!!!!! So glad they are doing that! I hope OLTL gets as much coverage as AMC did when they were about to go off. At least ABC is doing that, Guiding Light and ATWT did not get but just a 60 Minutes special.


    Scott replied

    Only GL got the 60 Minutes Special.


  2. Torrey says:

    Will definitely tune in for this. So glad that OLTL will get a special like AMC did.


  3. Vickie says:

    Its too bad that the View couldn’t support the fans who wanted to keep the soaps on the air. Its too little, too late——-won’t be watching. Never watch the View!


  4. Torrey says:

    Today’s episode of OLTL was funny….Love how Clint made the speech, that was very reminiscent of the speech that Oprah made about not being able to save an institution whose time has come…..when talking about Fraternity Row. Wonder if Oprah feels the same way, being that her network is in the toilet and could use the ratings that would come with airing OLTL on her network.


    Monica replied

    I wondered this about Oprah as well. Putting soaps on her network would defintely broaden her audience and entice new advertisers, those who supported soaps all these years, to hop on board. Linking social media with the shows (maybe showing live tweets at the bottom of the screen while show is on) should also be explored somehow. Soap fans take their soaps personally and the emotional connection they have with certain characters is something you can’t make up. I can’t think of any shows that do that for viewers – can you?

    And how much programming does OWN have anyway and how many shows in the current line-up are repeated in a day? She couldn’t find even 1/2 hour time slots for these shows? What would be so bad about giving it a try for a year?


    david replied

    Remember Oprah’s video statement? OWN executives aren’t particularly bright or imaginative–they are followers, not innovators. Almost all of OWN’s programming is reality shows. They don’t think they can make money on soaps any better than the existing networks. They are apparently unaware OLTL was coming in under budget and making money. OWN would be fortunate to have OLTL, given OWN’s poor ratings and financial loses. OLTL would immediately attract a couple million viewers and OLTL would pay for itself, but OWN isn’t buying it, and I am not buying OWN.

    Heather replied

    Oprah had already said no to AMC and OLTL in May 2011. Why would she want now?

    The time you guys are wasting by trying to revive OLTL (something that will never happen) could be used instead to support the other 4 soaps so that the same thing doesn’t happen to them.


    Torrey replied

    Thanks Heather, but any efforts that I make on behalf of OLTL is not a waste, in my book. Quite frankly, I have tried to watch the four remaining soaps, and I find it hard to make it through the episodes. I have never been a Days fan, so I don’t even bother to watch that. I have been watching the Young & The Restless on and off, for the last year…and the stories have just been incredibly boring or way too far fetched for me to gain any interest. B&B waste every episode with this stupid triangle of Hope/Steffi/Liam and all I can say to that is….who cares? And GH, well when it stops becoming the Sonny Mob hour…and the rest of the cast can get some storylines generated maybe it can gain my interest. OLTL is the one show that has never let me down. So, you can WASTE your time watching the other shows, but I’m going to keep fighting the good fight for OLTL. If we don’t fight til the bitter end, how can we truly let the networks that we won’t stand for this? And to let them know how much our shows mean to us…..

    Gloria replied

    I agree with you Torrey. I have spent a lot of time lately comparing the remaining shows & there is just nothing that comes close to being as consistently good as OLTL. It has never gotten the recognition it deserves & I would do anything to keep it going. Every episode has some of everything-mystery, drama, sadness, laughs. I love everyone on the show, even when I start out not liking someone I end up liking them! I watch Y&R & B&B daily but agree with your assessment of them. Days I keep up with & watch fairly often but GH is the worst of the bunch. Sick to death of it but don’t want it to go! Boy, yesterday’s OLTL is hard to watch-too close to home with the cancellation of Fraternity Row. I totally feel Roxie’s pain.

  5. Brian Greene says:

    God Bless The View For Honoring OLTL–Yay! :-)


  6. gloria says:

    I would rather just about anyone honor OLTL than the View. Yuck, this will force me to watch that awful show. Does anyone on that show even GET soaps? They just make fun of everyone & everything & I cannot stand them or the show. Haven’t watch it in years & years. Kelly Ripa would be a much better choice & should have done the tribute to AMC, since she got her start on AMC & met her husband, still has friends from daytime, etc. The View should be cancelled instead of our soaps. Do we want to watch them for another 30 years? Don’t think so.


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