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24 February 14th, 2014 The Waltons Patriarch and Days of our Lives Father Matt, Actor Ralph Waite Dies!

Courtesy/CBS and NBC

Sad news to report.   Ralph Waite who was iconic for his role as the patriarch of The Walton clan, John Walton Sr. on CBS’ drama series, The Waltons, and has more recently been seen as Father Matt on Days of our Lives for almost 1oo episodes has passed away at the age of 85!

Waite also had been recurring since 2008 as Papa Gibbs, the father of Mark Harmon’s character, on NCIS. And according to on Waite’s passing the shows cast and crew offered this statement : “Everyone at NCIS is deeply saddened by the passing of our friend and colleague Ralph Waite. Ralph was family to us, a tremendous talent and a very special man.  We truly cherish the time we had with him. Our hearts and prayers go out to his loved ones.”

The talented and beloved actor also had in a recurring role in the television  Bones as the grandfather of David Boreanaz’s character, and appeared in Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, Cold Case and The Practice

What do you think of the news of the death of Ralph Waite? Did you have the opportunity to see him in The Waltons back in the 70′s?  Did you enjoy his work as Father Matt on DAYS?   Share your thoughts below!

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  1. su0000 says:

    I loved him in the Walton’s..

    Good Night, Ralph Waite ..


  2. Candy Conover says:

    I am very sad to hear of Mr. Waite’s passing. We will all miss him and his talents and warn personality. Prayers are sent to his family. God Bless.


  3. Avelina from Santorini Greece says:

    Very sad news. May he RIP.


  4. michael.guerrieri says:

    i hope they address it


  5. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Sad news! Back in the 70s The Waltons was my late mothers all time favorite series…a warm family drama set during the depression. The once popular Flip Wilson show that aired opposite lost ratings to The Waltons and was cancelled…in the 70s my mothers favorite soap was Days(and i was a big fan of both as well)…she passed away in 1997 so she never got to see RW on Days(how much i miss her;tears!)…i was hoping for a subplot for Father Matt where he admits to Father Eric…who told Father Matt about his feelings for Nicole…that he once had an affair with a woman who got pregnant shortly before he joined the priesthood but he never knew about it until years later after the woman died…the woman was Kate Roberts mother and Kate is his daughter!!! Imo…i thought that would be interesting…especially in a scene where Kate confesses to Father Matt her part in Nick’s swimmin with the fishies and Father Matt struggling with the guilt he feels knowing he is a father…of Kate!!!


  6. mike says:

    One of the finest actors ever on T.V.


  7. Cynthia Colley says:

    Never missed an episode of the Waltons. Great actor..Good night, will be missed..


  8. 4everDAYS says:

    I was a fan of “The Waltons” and was very happy to see Ralph as Father Matt on DOOL. I believe his first scenes were with Chloe. He must have started about five years ago. I will miss him.

    Does anybody know if all his DAYS episodes already aired?


  9. Mo says:

    I’ll miss him on Days. RIP


  10. Jack Evans says:

    So sad, he was wonderful as the Dad on The Waltons and excellent in his
    role on the iconic DAYS OF OUR LIVES. He will surely be missed – he was a
    fine person and actor and worked at his craft until the very end. He didn’t enjoy
    being “fussed over” but rather loved his work and was appreciative of fans.


  11. Mary SF says:

    Sorry to hear of his passing– lost many greats in recent weeks with Shirley Temple, Sid Ceasar and PS Hoffman– and now Mr. Waite— rest in peace, gentle soul, rest in peace to you all.


  12. Patrick says:

    I Loved the Waltons

    Ralph Waite… (man wasn’t he handsome)

    The Pillar of Waltons mountain…. I loved how much he loved his wife (they were so real, together – simple true love unrequitted)… the affection he shared with his children… Tears for the days gone by

    watching his 100 plus epis on DAYS was a delight


    Patrick replied

    so sorry…. the Walton’ Parents…. John and Olivia Walton…. what a treasure

    They displayed so much LOVE – REAL Love – unabashedly… that you knew it was right for the world – everything was righted

    I loved his stature


  13. cj (jo) says:

    Thanks for mentioning him. My family has the entire Waltons series on DVD.
    Really good shows for all the generations. Ralph was a great actor, and a key to the success and believability of the family. He also started a theatre in the 70s in La, with 50 thousand of his own money! Says a lot about the man. His legacy lives on there and on tv.
    Sad to hear about his passing. Bless him.


  14. robert says:

    Very sad news.


  15. Charlene Lamartina says:

    E So sad he was a good actor, he will be missed


  16. Charday says:

    A fine actor. I still watch The Waltons on INSP cable channel. I remember Pa Walton would never go to church with the rest of the family–always liked that about him. RIP.


  17. Robin says:

    Loved him on the waltons and on days of our lives! He will be missed!


  18. Connie says:

    I loved Ralph Waite on all the shows, movies and programs he has ever been a part of. He was one of the last Gentlemen of our time. He will be sooo missed by me as well as many fans he had earned. I know he now rests in the arms of Jesus, and we will meet one day. I just wish I could have met him here on earth. I hope to continue seeing him in his many successful programs, for years to come. You are Loved Mr. Waite, Goodnight, Mr. Walton.


  19. Sally says:

    Loved him as Father Matt on Days of our Lives and never put 2 and 2 together than he was indeed John Walton, Sr. …. will miss him in both roles. Grew up watching the Waltons, so his legacy as a great family man will go on to influence other young families for generations to come.


  20. Ej says:

    Always liked him on The Waltons, so was happy to see him on Days. Sorry to hear this news. We will miss him. RIP Mr. Waite.


  21. Sylvia says:

    I loved him as John Walton back in the 1970′s and “Days of our lives is the only soap opera that I have watched and loved for about 25 years, I liked him as Father Matt also.
    (R.I.P.) Ralph Waite!!


  22. nancy says:

    to the cast of days of our lives I don’t know mr. waite I am sorry for your loss he was a ood man and good actor I only know him as father matt that’s all I know of him and so goodbye to father matt and mr. waite rest in peace


  23. nancy says:

    goodbye my friend just like the song by linda rondstat goodbye my friend mr. waite


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