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20 December 2nd, 2014 The Young and the Restless Delivers Largest Audience For The Season With Over 5 Million In Total Viewers!

In the latest ratings for the week of November 17th through the 21st, The Young and the Restless garnered 5.06 million total viewers which was its best performance of this television season, according to a release from CBS.   Y&R was up +4% in viewers and growing +5% in women 25-54 (2.0/12) and +8% in women 18-49 (1.3/09).

Meanwhile, The Bold and the Beautiful averaged 3.74 million viewers, up +1% in viewers and ranking as its second-largest audience of the season.

In addition, the rest of the CBS Daytime line-up of The Talk, The Price is Right and Let’s Make A Deal, all had a season high for the rating period.

So, what story is grabbing your attention in Genoa City that is putting Y&R over the 5 million viewer mark?  Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Claudio says:

    I love Justin Hartley as the new Adam Newman, he is sexy and a wonderful actor. Also I love Kelly Sullivan as Sage, I smell a Romance brewing for Nick and Sage.


  2. Laurie A McRae says:

    Steve Burton/Dylan McAvoy & Sean Carrigan/Ben “Stitch” Rayburn and their storylines are the main reasons I watch Y&R!


    Mark replied

    (Rhymes with Stitch) Please


  3. soapgirl13 says:

    I am enjoying Avery and Joe. I would have loved yesterday’s reveal episode but was it filmed differently than previous episodes? The dialogue was off too. Made it almost unwatchable for me?


    PV Jr. replied

    I could like Avery and Joe if Joe didn’t, to me, come off like he is a potential rapist.

    At times he seems charming, but when he is not getting what he wants, he gets mean or at least his facial affect appears to be.


    Mark replied

    I know he’s creepy

    Jenny Brooks replied

    Agreed. Why does this show always make these really good looking guys assholes?

  4. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Its the Adam/Sage/Constance storyline i like…


  5. Mark says:

    Justin Hartley!!!


  6. kalamaty says:

    Not liking this predictable story line with Nick. He is such a douche right now! All of those promises he made to Sharon…. he’s very unlikeable to watch for me. Not only that, but they’re just rehashing the “Nick died in a plane crash” storyline from several years back. Remember then a beautiful young woman nursed Nick back to health and he was romantically linked to her? Sage is just the latest in a long line.

    Here’s a great way to make Nick interesting: he just confessed he’s done with women, so let him explore other sides of his sexuality!

    Watching him call everyone “dude” and his indignation with the woman he promised to love “no matter what” are not doing him any favors.


  7. sonniorsolita says:

    I’ve never been a huge fan of Y&R, but it is on fire lately. Justin Hartley is knocking it out of the park — charming with just the right cockiness with that remnant of hurt underneath. Gina Tognoni is a force of nature. I like this socially relevant plot about developers destroying neighborhoods for profit. There’s more life in this show than I’ve seen in 2 years. Way to go.


  8. su0000 says:

    People who tuned out have tuned in to see new Phyllis and new Adam, hope they stay, but they may not hang in there unless Pratt can deliver some good stories..
    ((Y&R hopefully will get better when Pratt’s stories appear..
    I like Victor and hope he gets written into bastard mode, again :) that would be good..


  9. Omar says:

    It’s great news for Y&R..So happy for the show, it is doing so much better..It really boggles my mind that no mention of Corey Sligh brutal attack at RiteAid on Thanksgiving Day.


  10. Nikki says:

    Fans & ex fans of the show came back to see the new Phyllis, Adam as well as Billy. I love the new Billy & the new Phyllis is knocking it out of the park. I really like the new Adam but I want to wait until I see him with Sharon. It’s hard to beat Shadam. I still remember them in New Orleans near the angel. That was nothing less than magic. I like to watch the video of it on Sharon Case twitter. I hope this Adam can be as successful with Sharon.


    toscanti replied

    Nikki, I can get on board with Nu Phyllis and Nu Adam but the Nu Billy is terrible. He is not “Billy” and never will be. He is a wimpy poor version of the vibrant, bold “Billy” we all came to love.


    Nikki replied

    I have to tell you Toscanti, you made me laugh. I thought the same way for the first while but as I got used to him he grew on me, now I think he’s kinda cute but I don’t like him with Victoria at all. I really like him with Chelsea. You sound like me only with that Summer. I just can’t stand her. The way she talks, walks, holds herself yuck. She makes me think of an amazon, & she’s about as sexy as a toad. If & when they bring back Kyle I hope they find a new & sexy Summer to play love scenes.This thing will make it look like a cartoon. JMO

  11. KateA says:

    With the new Adam and Phyllis, the more “fun” story lines can happen. I like the new Adam, Phyllis, and Billy. Dylan and Avery are still stiff but have relaxed a little. Dylan and Avery should be matched with really good actors who can pull them out of their “stiff” mode. I feel so sorry for Nikki, she is wrapped tighter than a drum. Nikki looks so miserable in her tight clothes….unclench this woman, let her breathe! Overall, I think Y&R is great. Keep it up, I am loving it.


  12. PatF says:

    I’m glad that the current writers delivered these numbers right before Pratt’s stuff airs in 2015. I hope he’s realized he can’t come in and destroy the history of the show.


  13. jonboy says:

    Those grass roots efforts clamoring for the firing of JFP are probably cringing when they see these numbers. Say what they want, she must be doing something right.


  14. annie says:

    I can’t wait for Adam and Cbelsea to start up again. I hope the chemistry she shared with MM is there as well. My favorite time for them was when Adam was helping Chesea study for her G.E.D. Which eventually ended with them dancing in the rain in the dress her bought for her and proposing Classic soap opera. I am loving the new Adam. Why they got rid of Heather Thom’s brother is beyond me. He was more bearable then this guy. This actor seems to old to be Billy. He comes off as to fake and plastic.


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