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42 October 31st, 2013 The Young and the Restless Delivers Largest Audience in Nearly Two Years!

According to CBS in a press release today some great news for The Young and the Restless. The #1 daytime drama, delivered its largest weekly audience in nearly two years, according to Nielsen live plus same day ratings for the week ending October 27th!

The Young and the Restless averaged 4.92 million viewers, up +3% over last week and its biggest weekly audience since the week ending Feb 3, 2012.  In key women demographics, it averaged 1.9/12 in women 25-54 and 1.3/09 in women 18-49.  The Young and the Restless ranked as daytime’s #1 program in women 25-54 and women 18-49.

So, it looks like Delia’s death and the story that has sprung out of it has kept viewers tuning in instead of tuning out!  Have you decided to watch the story and the performances of this controversial storyline?  What do you think of Y&R’s stellar ratings numbers? Comment below!

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  1. Joshua says:

    Oh great! Now show killing witch Jill Farren Phelps will probably bring Reed back to town just so that she can kill him.

    Or perhaps one of Cane and Lily’s twins?


  2. JUDY says:



    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Im a male and we dont seem to count at all…plus im over 50…


  3. su0000 says:

    I don’t get it..
    As a long time Y&R fan I think Y&R has hit bottom..
    The stories are stale, uneventful, stagnate..
    There is no drama but a lot of sadness and depression to be had, it is not entertaining nor fun to tune in, these days..
    I think people are tuning to partake in a child’s death, for some dark reason some people seem to be getting off on all the tragedy and gloom of ‘all’ the Y&R stories..
    Y&Y is the dark gloom of all the soaps ..

    The acting has picked up, but is not over the top great, not at all.
    It is just higher drama acting, more tears to act more grief to act, but not overly great acting..
    I even feel sad that my Y&R has become a total downer ..


    Patrick replied

    take heed….. Victor and Jack

    this 2 year high… is Adam, Billy, Victoria, Chloe… and the supporting cast forefront…


    for the sake of argument….

    “why not” bring back Victoria Rowell…. Drucilla Dynasty in the money.

    LOL… take a gamble…. this would give fans so much to do – hoot and hollah at the original vixen shrew vagabond for all the ages… so she thought

    1. for Devon – Neils adopted son to have inherited upwards of what? 2 billion dollars… ? I don’t get that reason… but… what is rationale… is to bring Drucilla back… ala: Joan Collins…. camp/position/status/power play. Period.

    this would fire up Neil, Devon, Lilly, Cane… and her “grandbabies”. LOL.

    2. This would help bring credibility to Devon… AND, SHARON… from being so wack jobbed out… and I mean… what the writers have done to her. why not

    imagine Drucilla and Sharon… having a cut of their own… and undermining all the mens in Genoa City.

    It’s my opinion.. Neil has always been a viable grown in to his own “hotness” and fan majority… this is the only woman for him.

    I don’t know… just saying…

    its staggering how downhill the true Y&R is missing.

    Y&R doesn’t have to bait and switch with these wildly amiss stories… that are cutting to the quick… familys torn apart.. and no going back.

    Bring back Drucilla to give meaning to the mess that is currently going on.

    Drucilla will corporate and cash in her hand bag… rope Neil… and campy Genoa City…

    Save Sharon


    Patrick replied

    I might add….

    for all the doom and gloom… Nikki is: and it’s her fault – (AND, the writing) dang! I’d be so bored with Victor. She’s going to improve with Dylan? I think NOT

    BRING back… Sean Young… to ably assist and power trip with, party girls

    Patrick replied

    I watched a scene the other day…. when Victor, the big wig… he thinks… met with Devon, (to offer his “support” with his empire) Genoa City’ new multi-billionaire….

    doesn’t play out… doesn’t bode well….. Devon is not that interesting a character… hence…. HE NEEDS HELP… in a big way…

    don’t you think… Drucilla and Neil could take over

    lol…. and… Dru could save her best friend Sharon

    Patrick replied


    it wasn’t that long ago … that Devon and Noah… were rapping with a recording contract….

    and he’s now a game player – corporate mogul – Chancellor heir?

    how about Devon relapses – loses his hearing… and Vampirella Drucilla hones in on his Dynasty and thrones herself

    Justin replied

    Agreed. Welcome to the Jill Phelps era.


    Harlee replied

    I totally agree with you and the dread & gloom right now and I’m certainly not a happy camper being a male viewer for 40 years and over 50 (as jimh) but with all my frustration about JFP and the state of YR doesn’t mean my heart doesn’t have hope because I most definitely have deep internal love of CBS daytime for decades.

    I read not so flattering comments from you about YR and many of vets so I’m suspect about the post. Maybe totally wrong but if longtime viewer who truly loves YR regardless of the state at the present time.


    Carly replied

    I totally agree with su0000 too …doom & gloom right now …. This is the most depressing storyline ever. I have to force myself to watch the current shows since I am a long time viewer. Delia’s death was completely unnecessary with the death of Catherine already taking its toll. Are there going to be any children left on Y&R for the next generation??


  4. Kate says:

    This is the only soap that I like. The only thing that is somewhat annoying is the whispering. Just not sure why they like to whisper instead of talking normally. Victor loves to whisper! Love the writing. Great storylines. Catherine’s death was handled extremely well. So, it is not surprising that audience is increasing. It has taken me a long time to get interested in another soap since the death of AMC.


  5. Mary SF says:

    It was a ratings gimmick– it got ratings– it accomplished what it set out to do. As much as so many whine about JPF whenever they reward her by turning in to these types of stories, she don’t care how much we bitch about her– she got the numbers up– and stories like these will continue as long as they work. But this type of soap telling doesn’t last too long, otherwise you will have to kill off everyone in town– so she better have some other rabbits in her bag of tricks for the long term.


  6. Mark Y says:

    I’m missing a lot of it because I watch on line and is TERRIBLE.


  7. Heisenberg says:

    I am tired of the Delia fallout. It is all too over the top for all involved.

    In my book, the most moving scenes were Wednesday (in the US) of Neil and Hillary. Kristoff St. John was so amazing!


  8. MEG says:



  9. Omar says:

    Congrats to the show..It is always great to see a soap surge..What Y&R is missing BIG time, is some balance..Its needs a bit of comic relief acting mix in the show..All gloom and doom is not good..Ms Phelps style has always been more or less this way and also in regards to killing off major characters..That said, she is a talented EP, but needs to incorporate more balance in her work much like Frank Valentini and the late great Paul Rauch.


    Iakovos replied

    I agree with Omar. I would like to see a little more genuine comic relief in Genoa City and some real romance. Both are absent from the storyboards. I can accept the Delia storyline but I do find it interesting the simple joyous moments of having children around are only visited in episodes like Billy’s “what if’s” as he and Delia waited for the ambulance. I would like the show show more of that with families and children. Writers, like any parents, need to know that if you make babies — and writers like to do that — then they have to remember those kids are around for a while before they grow into adults… and let’s not SORAS so much!


  10. Derrick says:

    And all you haters need to GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON…………..I’m happy Y&R is increasing and have a feeling it will probably increase more due to the funeral! Go Y&R!


    su0000 replied

    ahh haa Y&Y viewers will increase to watch a dead child funeral..
    goes to show the depression of Y&R watchers, not a happy bunch lol ..

    ”I’m tuning in to see the pain and torment over the dead kid!!” .. geezuz huh ..


    k/kay replied

    Derrick if you get a chance read Carolyn Hinsey’s article in the Nov. 11,2013 issue of SOD “It’s Only My Opinion”. It sums up pretty much why I had a dislike for the Delia storyline. I am most certainly not a hater of Y&R just hate recycled storylines and centering everything on one actor she did this on GH. Enough!


    Johnny replied

    Funeral? Are you kidding? Soaps don’t show funerals anymore. If they do, three people are in attendance. Same for weddings. It boggles my mind that these shows cannot save enough money once in a while to have one show with the whole cast in attendance. They know they are telling these big epic stories weeks and even months in advance. Surely one or two shows is not going to break the bank. It is such a cheat to the audience. They could scale back a few days before and a few days after in order to tell these stories properly. I work in a place where we work with a skeleton crew most times but on a day we know is goig to be busy well in advance, we schedule extra staff. Its necessary. None of the excuses for why people are not in attendance make sense. Delia’s funeral should have encompassed a whole show…we should have seen the tears…and the eulogies…and the moments….and the grief. Instead we got a 5 minute scene of Adam…commercial…boom…funeral over. Maybe instead of the utterly pointless scenes of Jack offering Hilary a job….we could have gotten a funeral for Delia. I realize there are budgets…but there are MUCH bette ways to work within them.


  11. Alan says:

    I have a feeling this surge in ratings will be temporary as any new viewers who tuned in to see the death of Delia will realize that there’s not much to keep coming back to: no romance, no umbrella stories tying all the characters together, no humor to balance things out, and no plots other than Adam hitting Delia, Dylan being Nikki’s son, and the Carmine mess (those last two ain’t exactly generating must see tv). And I’m still baffled why the Winters family continues to be isolated from the major players, only serving as ears to bend when needed — Neil as Jack’s sponsor, Leslie as Avery’s confidante — when they’re not sitting around fretting over a blogger no one cares about.

    And could someone please tell me why Murphy didn’t show up for Delia’s funeral? Don’t tell me he was too busy fishing…


  12. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    Goes to show those who do nothing but complain about the series that whatever it is that they’re doing at Y&R is working. And it’s time for you guys to give it up. The regime(s) at Y&R are delivering the best years we’ve had since before Maria came on and destroyed the series. I’m happy with everything within the series right now, and cannot wait to see what else comes of it!


  13. Roula says:

    I was not happy about Delia’s death, I loved the scenes with Delia and Billy. As well as the one’s with Delia and Chloe. I think the need to add some happy story lines and sweet romances. I hope Sharon returns to the sweet person she once was and finds some happiness. I also think that I would like to see Chelsea with Cane. He and Lilly’s family are sweet but he and Lilly together are boring! Maybe the new Abbott Andrew could click with Sharon.


  14. Roula says:

    I also want to add pls replace Kyle. I prefer the old Kyle. This one is a dud


    Patrick replied

    he seems out of place….

    the lanky jean jacket and Jeans tennis shoe… long hair… certainly not ooh la la on fire…

    watching the Abbotts family breakfast (s)….

    dang! wasn’t THAT a treasure trove of watch the au natural Abbotts real for reel as they set out the door to commence

    Jack, Kyle, Summer, Traci, Ashley, Abby, and Billy –

    kyle wasn’t much of a presence

    you have to hand it to ED (Ashley) for ethos pathos and logos… brings to the canvas heartfelt why they bring Ashley in to the scene to help bring home Serial.
    watching Ashley and Billy was family at its finest… salute the Abbott family


    Harry replied

    I know, with Lurch (Kyle) sitting at the table and the creepy fake cheerful attitude of The Abbott’s, it seemed more like the Adam’s Family.

  15. robert says:

    I have really enjoyed Y&R lately.


  16. randy says:

    its like an accident on the highway, we all slow down to see the wreck,,but as soon as we pass it we r on our way without another thought of it,,,the same will be with this storlyline, i mean seriously in this day n age would any of us leave our child in the car while we skip out to get ice cream,, i surely wouldn’t and im sure billy abbott wouldn’t either another pointless plot driven story with no care for the character,,but bravo to micheal muhney and finally a big shout out to Amelia henle for her powerfull driven performance as a heart broken step mother,


    Patrick replied

    “…finally a big shout out to Amelia henle for her powerfull driven performance as a heart broken step mother,”

    this in itself… is powerful…. – tears for – Amelia Hienle

    don’t you just ‘ADORE” her…. Love to Victoria.. she’s like the unheralded Newman.

    and she’s the best reason… along with Billy to keep up

    she was featured in the latest issue of SOD….

    and she quips about her 7-8 years “strong” on Y&R

    3 kids later and her loving marriage. Bravo Amelia… take care.

    anyway… she more than makes you forget about Heather Tom… she can take her 4-5 emmys and fade in to the sunset… at least stay away from Genoa City… Victoria is taken.

    Amelia is full stature… fully embodies womanhood… playful… gleeful… laughs… loves committed… endures.

    anyway… my dam will overflow and burst when she and Billy have their own child.


  17. Ellie says:

    I’m fast forwarding through lot of Y&R lately. I’ve watched for the Billy and Chloe scenes but remain unimpressed that the Delia death is basically being told from Billy and Adam’s viewpoint. Even today, the camera shows Adam, not Chloe, as Chloe is reacting to Connor’s news. The storyline is missing the maternal element, just like Jake’s death on GH did. It was the same with the flash forwards of Delia’s life. Chloe not being included in any of then removed me from the story. Is there an unwritten rule that JFP shows must tell all story lines from the male POV only? The acting is great but not the storytelling.


  18. k/kay says:

    The next storyline is going to be the rape of Fenmore in prison Next we will have a serial killer in Genoa City. Now please tell me again that JFP is not also writing for the show. The actors should not get real comfortable on this show anyone can be written off except of course Dudley-Do-Right/SB who is now a grievance counselor I hear and he has known Billy how long? Amazing!


  19. PatF says:

    Can’t stand Phelps, but I am SOOOO glad to see the show doing well with all the great cast performances.

    The show topped 5 mil two days last week, so that’s quite an accomplishment for a genre that was almost down to only two soaps just over a year ago.

    I doubt the show will continue at the level, and will most likely end up back down to around 4.4-4.6 mil. I don’t want to see any more deaths on this show for some time, so I hope the backlash CBS/Sony got over this was enough to keep that under wraps for a while.


  20. Brenda says:

    Glad to see YR is up. The actors are really bringing their A game for this storyline, especially Bill Miller.


  21. Johnny says:

    There is just a complete and utter lack of heart wrenching emotion and feeling around this story. Its coming across as dark and hollow. Jack was talking like a detached Master of Ceremonies at he Abbott house. Then casually talking about an abbott breakfast like the family was getting togeth aer for brunch rather than to mourn a child. Where are the scenes of Billy breaking down in Victoria’s arms? Where are the scenes of Sharon visiting Chloe just to talk? They are not playing he moments and that’s what this story needs. The creepy music accompanying Adams guilt is not selling this…and not what this should be about. What this story needs is a writer with heart and humanity to elevate it….like Claire Labine. But oh yeah…she wrote this story 19 years ago and it was breathtaking and brilliant then. This is a cheap pale knock off. Maybe I am being harsh…but I know grief. I lost my two oldest brothers to cancer within a month and a day of each other in 2011 then a year and a half later I lost my mom. It would be very cathartic if these showrunners could take a little break from whatever plot they are pushing and just play some real human emotion. Sory…Michael Muhney is a good actor…but his performance is falling flat for me. And hats not his fault…its the writers fault.


    Harry replied

    You are spot on–the Abbott’s came off as weird with all the happy talk, tea parties and silly costumes. No wonder Billy stormed off. The Abbotts seemed to be starring in their own dark comedy and they were acting just down right creepy and completely inappropriate.


  22. Blank Slate says:

    How dare they kill off that beautiful child and continue to let Victor breathe! I woud have paid The actress whatever she wanted to stay on the show. That kid could ACT like a pro. Alll Victor Newman is good for is calling Nikki HIS baby as he leans over to kiss her for the 5000th time in one episode!


  23. Blank Slate says:

    But must pay homage to Billy Miller here . He is truly making me forget I’m watching a show. His pain hurts.


  24. Shelly says:

    I’m just glad people are watching the soaps. Screw the talk shows!


  25. Marynelle says:

    I stopped watching when I found out they were killing off Delia….. They’ve done all they can to ruin Sharon, don’t care for Abby/Tyler/Hlliary/Mason, etc. Altho I’m sure MM is doing a great job as Adam as he is an amazing actor and I do miss my Jack. Don’t care for Victor/.Nikki anymore.


  26. Harry says:

    Initially, the Delia storyline had me watching simply to see some incredible acting but using a child’s death as a plot device just doesn’t work. Moreover, it is dragging on too long. and the errie music needs to go–it’s macabre and unnecessary. The other storylines should be used by those suffering from insomnia. Michael, Lauren and Fenn’s redundantly boring storyline is just friggen stupid and makes the actors look idiotic by extension. All the blonde twinkies are duller than dishwater and the Winter’s Tale will never be interesting,


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