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8 March 22nd, 2013 The Young and the Restless Jeanne Cooper Picks Her Favorite Scenes Of All-Time!

Photo Credit: Charles Bush

In honor of next week’s 40th anniversary of the number one soap, The Young and the Restless, Jeanne Cooper spoke exclusively to and chose her favorite Katherine Chancellor moments over the 40 years of drama in the town of Genoa City!

But first, Cooper shared how she first came on the show playing a very drunk Mrs C!:  “I was introduced as a dead drunk and went to a beauty salon dragging my fur coat on the floor like Tallulah Bankhead. I dropped my fur coat and said to Jill, ‘Would you please pick that up for me.?’ It was all ad lib, but they liked it. My character was drunk for two or three years. It became a good storyline. Everywhere I go, people say, ‘Mrs. Chancellor! Thank you!’ People come up to shake my hand and all of a sudden there is a sobriety chip in my hand. I called AA about this and they said ‘Jeanne, if your character’s story made them sober and keeps them sober, then yes, keep the chip. Don’t offer it back. That’s their way of saying thank you.’ I did the same thing with cosmetic surgery. People thanked because it gave them the courage.”

Cooper then selected the following as her favorite on-screen moments 1) Katherine’s face-lift 2) A key scene when Jeanne played both Katherine and Marge 3) An epic catfight between Katherine and Jill circa 1988 4) Katherine in an emotional moment on John Abbott’s deathbed 5)  The 2009 wedding cake catfight between Katherine and Jill

Make sure to watch all the clips at, and then let us know which of the five was your favorite, and if you have an additional favorite Katherine moment over the 40 years of Y&R history!

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  1. Mary SF says:

    How could you possibly just pick one? Katherine Chancellor has been one of the best characters on the show- but for me, what I love about the character is she isn’t a one note wonder– and JC plays all of Katherine’s mood’s to perfection- from the highly dramatic to the downright wacky. But if I had to pick one scene it would be the epic cat fight scene between her and Jill– it doesn’t get much better than that in soap land.


  2. jim says:

    Those were great moments. I will become a fan of the show again if their is a turnaround. I still have hope, and and like Bob Hope would say Ms. Cooper ‘Thanks for the memories!’


    jim replied

    Is Jeane on Hollywoods walk of fame…if not she should be…and so should so many other daytime stars!


    Mary SF replied

    Yes she has a star- she got it in 1993, and if you are in Hollywood you can find it at 1777 Vine Street.

  3. RUBY C. says:

    I loved when she played Marge


  4. kalamaty says:

    Love the fight with her and Jill, but the scene of her talking to John on his deathbed should have been submitted for an Academy Award. She is beyond brilliant in this scene. Utterly captivating to listen to her and to see her go through so many emotions and make you absolutely FEEL them. She is an unstoppable force and so extremely talented. Jeanne Cooper is magnificent.


  5. Rainy says:

    Speaking of scenes, I miss Katherine’s scenes with her son Tucker. I was really starting to enjoy the mother and son dynamics. Then they took him off the show, :(

    Jeanne is so talented. How nice it is to see actors of all ages on a soap. It makes for great balance.


  6. Frances E. Mains says:

    I have given up on soaps…was raised with them! But this one…Y and R…holds me! I am not sure what is going on, but please keep it for us old timers!! And please keep as many of the familiar faces as you can. I love Kay Chancellor, and am sending my prayers for Jeanne Cooper every time I think of her! What a strong vital force she is and has been, from day one!


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