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35 October 24th, 2014 The Young and the Restless Justin Hartley As Adam Newman Promo: “You Can’t Keep A Bad Man Down!”


“I’m Back.   It’s redemption time.  You can’t keep a bad man down!”  Those are the tag lines  spoken by the new Adam Newman in the new CBS Daytime promo ushering in Justin Hartley as the new black sheep of the Newman clan.

Hartley makes his Genoa City debut on The Young and the Restless  on Wednesday November 5th!  Clearly with Hartley as Adam, the number one sudser is also teasing: “Being bad never looked so good in a major way!

With a new face, and plenty of revenge on his mind, what will happen when Hartley as Adam returns to town?  And will anyone  catch on that this is Adam?  How will the show bring Adam back into the mix? fFnd out soon!

Until then watch the Justin Hartley Y&R promo after the jump! Tell us if you are excited to see Adam’s story finally have its kick-off in less than two weeks?

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  1. davlestev1 says:

    He’s definitely going to be a smarmy rogue with sex appeal through the roof!!! It’s a different take on Adam with that smarmy “you can’t resist this” smirk in a 30 second promo. Ok JH..bring it on…i’ll give a go for sure…hmm..could they have seriously made two of the best recasts in SOAP HISTORY???


    CeeCee replied

    You bet…..I’ m waiting for Justin to bring it on!


    Shay replied

    Ooooooh….be still my “hart”-ley!!!! Why oh why can’t we have this gorgeous guy at GH??????


    Liz replied

    One of the biggest letdowns in years. He shows up looking like The Mummy shouting “Shut Up”. Laughable if not downright dumb. Y&R just continues to sink under JFP’s idiocy.

  2. davlestev1 says:

    OH THAT SMUG LOOK…even on the STILL PIC in the video…LOL…watch out VICTOR NEWMAN…


    harry replied

    This just might work!


  3. Daisy Day says:

    Love love it!


  4. su0000 says:

    Ohh nooo!
    This looks bad..
    This Adam is looking like a preppy pretty boy!!!
    I dont know if I’m going to like a smiling fluffer being Adam..


    Patrick replied

    he looks much younger than Nick…. even Victoria

    LOL this makes Victor and Nikki look duller and drab as ever

    he may be… to spite… my disillusionment… with Y&R

    cause celebre


    sour grapes over MM


    Patrick replied

    PS : I LIKE the cleft…. masculinity!

    me thinks the smile is to reel in

    he’ll MM his own dig soon enough! I hope for the best

    CeeCee replied

    LOL, Su…Justin can get downright serious…and charismatic…..and sexy…..and in-you-face Adam.


    su0000 replied

    YAh as long he as doesn’t do it with a preppy smile lol ..
    I do not know if he will be a good Adam, he has not yet portrayed Adam..
    (most said the same about Burges being Billy, before he actually portrayed Billy, and that turned out terrible .. lol..
    ”sexy and good looking does mean he can be a good Adam.. :)
    No way to rationally/ logically know he will be a good Adam until he actually portrays Adam..

    Phyllis, Billy and Adam are not replaceable… and too many others have left Y&R that once made it great.. I do not believe Y&R will recover, hope it does, I really do.. Pratt might turn Y&R into glory, once again, dunno ..

    ((I am so happy that Billy Miller brought his smiles and charismatic great self to GH.. everytime he is on screen I smile.. None better..
    Michell, so happy she is with GH.. she brings a lot of drama to my screen as only she can do..
    Happy I have them both with GH to enjoy :)
    (i’m waiting for MM to be brought in)

    Anyways- my jury is out on Justin ..
    I can’t judge what has not yet happened..
    (soon the jury will be in lol ..

    CeeCee replied

    As usual, you’re right, Su. None of us is able to predict how Justin will fare as Adam. I have seen him act, though. He can be quite fascinating. And, of course good looks do not pave the way to good acting; however, I’d rather look at a face that’s easy on the eye than not. Believe me, I realize this makes me sound superficial, but, it is human nature.
    I had never seen or heard of Burgess before Y&R. So, imagine my surprise…I could not control my revolting stomach…Not a very appealing countenance, especially after being used to BM’s face and persona. Hard to swallow !!!!! I know, that’s really mean of me…I am just being honest…as I will be when I assess Justin in the role of Adam. ….not that my two cents worth has any bearing on anything or anyone, but I will give my two-bit opinion….BTW, I love your well-thought-out posts…later.

    harry replied

    But….but……but…..SU000….. I hate to be the one who is constantly calling you out on your self contradictions, but no one else will so here goes–1. In your comment above, you say Phyllis cannot be replaced but a week or so ago you state that Gina is doing a fabulous job as Phyllis. 2. You also assert in the aforementioned post that Billy Miller is doing a great job as Jason (and he is) but before he was cast, you maintain that a recast wasn’t possibly for the character of Jason. And finally, you rightfully assert that you cannot judge Justin as Adam, but many many times you have predicted that he will be an epic fail. In fact, and I quote you directly, you proclaimed that Justin as Adam is already “dead in the water.” How is that NOT judging an event before it happens?
    GH can do no wrong in your book while Y&R can’t do anything right, and you change your self imposed rules in accordance to which soap you are discussing. According to you, Y&R is guilty of ridiculous stunt casting but when GH does it, it’s riveting and exciting. And according to you Y&R is guilty of glutting the cast with a sea swell too many new faces but when GH does it, you exult that it is keeping the canvas fresh and exciting.
    I say they both have good and bad elements and black and white thinking is not applicable here. Neither soap is perfect, both are flawed, but both sometimes really do rise to the occasion, affording the viewer with good, solid character driven storylines.
    Long live the soap opera genre.

    su0000 replied

    you said”
    ”But….but……but…..SU000….. I hate to be the one who is constantly calling you out on your self contradictions, but no one else will so here goes–1. In your comment above, you say Phyllis cannot be replaced but a week or so ago you state that Gina is doing a fabulous job as Phyllis. 2. You also assert in the aforementioned post that Billy Miller is doing a great job as Jason (and he is) but before he was cast, you maintain that a recast wasn’t possibly for the character of Jason.

    No, that was not said by me.. I did not say those things..

    And Phyllis can not be replaced.. GT is playing Phyllis, but she has not done for it me, not as good a Michell..
    GT isn’t bad, doing OK.. but she hasn’t replaced Phyllis,, she is so-so..
    I’m not thrilled ..
    no way on this earth would I have ever said ”Gina is fabulous job as Phyllis.” wouldn’t happen, she isn’t .. lol

    As for
    Jason never talked about him, I never liked Jason so anyone replacing him would be great with me..
    I am thrilled to have Billy Miller with GH..

    also- I never said ;;
    ” Y&R is guilty of glutting the cast with a sea swell too many new faces ”

    –I always say- Y&R is gutted of everything that once made it great… (and it is..
    Also- I am one of few that actually loves new characters..
    they bring new stories and keep things moving..
    I have always liked new characters..
    ((replacing loved characters, is different)

    Harry.. you have me confused with someone :( ..

    Y&R has faded .. GH is still very exciting .. :)
    long live the soaps!

  5. Mark says:

    So excited!!


  6. Patrick says:

    “… sudser is also teasing: “Being bad never looked so good in a major way! ”


    dang’ed it…. He certainly looks the part… and intriguing

    his physical presence is imperative…. along with ACT

    I never really kept up with passions…. ala… all I know of his profession’

    he’s listed as 6’3″… alotta hunk

    I sincerely wish him well…. and I mean that because of working with Eric Braeden

    this is nitpicking…. his adams apple and voice… are not Michael Muhney…. nill and moot point

    I hope he has chemistry with Sharon Case… as it’s tiresome already… Sharon and Nick… let Nick the actor be lulled in to the pairing of nuPhyllis

    Sharon deserves better story


    harry replied

    Adam’s apple? You noticed his Adam’s apple doesn’t look like Michael Muhney’s?
    Patrick, your eye for detail and propensity for nit picking is impressive.
    I say at least he has an Adam’s Apple! It could be worse–they could have cast Bruce Jenner in the role.


    CeeCee replied

    I will praise when praising is due… (Bruce Jenner)….That was very funny, Harry…with his mane free-falling or tied back?…LOL

    Timmm replied

    You mean Brie Jenner!

  7. Darlene says:

    I prefer to see Michael Muhney’s Adam redeemed…not a newbie!! Michael was put through hell with that story line and I feel should be the beneficiary of redemption. Just saying…that’s how I feel.


    MarcyJ replied

    Michael Muhney’s portrayal of Adam Newman established the character as a major force on Y&R. This guy is a pretender. Hunky yes, but acting wise? Where’s the beef? The Adam Newman that people fell in love with is dead.


  8. ashley says:

    Bring it on! Sexy.


  9. Mary SF says:

    I never thought the character of Adam was bad– just misunderstood—-LOL. And that is what I loved about MM’s take on the character, I could hate the acts they wrote for the character but all the while I felt sorry for him and wanted someone to see he isn’t as evil as he likes people to think.

    I just hope JH take on the character is similar– I really don’t want Adam to become Victor 2.0– who is just a control freak and a bully and I don’t want him to mean just to be mean. A rogue is fine– but not slime. I just want what I loved about the character to remain, and not get lost in translation. Pretty please with sugar on top.


    Darlene replied

    Sorry to say what I think…but I think the character is going to be totally different and unrecognizable as Adam. For two things, Justin is taller and has brown eyes. Those things don’t change when you’re in an accident, even severely burned.


  10. damien says:

    thank you soap gods!
    with joe, austin , dylan and nick, adam is amping up y n r s sex appeal!!!
    now if we can get tyler and carmine back on, i may never fast forward thru y n r again!!!


    CeeCee replied

    There is unequivocally no sex appeal emanating from any of Dylan’s pores; speaking as I woman…JMO. He reminds me of a lumbering bear.
    Austin? Maybe.
    Joe and Nick…what can I say? …..especially Joe, with that come-hither look from his sidelong steamy glances.


    Timmm replied

    I’m forwarding this to your husband! Joe is awesome. Maybe he should have been the new Adam? The lady who plays the role of Avery SHOULD NOT BE GETTING PAID!

    CeeCee replied

    You’re right, Timmm. Avery should do this for free. I don’t know if she was supposed to act flustered but it looked to me she turned 50 shades of, I mean red, when she came face to face with Joe. I wonder if she holds it against the writers for not having been given the chance to play footsie with Joe….LOL. Maybe, she will…who knows in soapland !!!!
    Justin is not too shabby either.
    I agree that Scott would have been more suited playing Adam just as Justin would have been playing Billy.

    jaybird369 replied

    Hi CeeCee,

    1. To begin with, ‘lumbering bear’…GOOD ONE…LMAO!!!!! And, totally true!!!!!
    2. More and more, I CANNOT BELIEVE that Avery went from a TOTAL HUNK (aka Joe) to an UTTER DORK (aka Dylan). B-L-E-C-H!!!!!
    3. More and more, I have this I-M-A-G-E of that TOTALLY HUNKY Joe getting a chick pregnant just by looking at her…LOL!!!!! To me, Joe is that D-R-E-A-M-Y!!!!! H-E-L-L-O!!!!!
    4. Y-E-S. As much as I L-O-V-E the character of Joe Clark, Scott Elrod would have been A W-A-Y BETTER CHOICE to play Adam Newman and Justin Hartley would have been A W-A-Y BETTER CHOICE to play Billy Abbott. But…I guess leave it up to TPTB at Y&R to get things (in general) ASS-BACKWARDS!!!!! LOL!!!!!
    5. CeeCee…I wonder…I wonder what would happen if (someday) Dylan ended up in a fight (or whatever) with a GRIZZLY BEAR??? Of course, my $$$ would be on the GRIZZLY BEAR…LOL!!!!!

    Take care, CeeCee. XOXOXOXOXO

  11. Mo says:

    Can’t wait. About time.


  12. Timmm says:

    Trust me ladies NONE of you will even know what came out of this guys mouth! Michael WHO? Good luck Justin.


  13. elsa v marrero says:

    No, I love Chelsea and new Billy, never like Adam and Chelsea, should be Adam and Sharon, actually Adam’s time is over, he should never come back.


  14. Belle says:

    I loved Michael as Adam; however, I’m willing to give Justin a chance
    Tina is doing a good job as the new Phyllis.


  15. Liz says:

    Once again, Y&R blows it. CBS hypes the new Adam and he wrapped in bandages? Only line he utters is “Shut Up”. BIG FAIL.


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