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41 November 2nd, 2016 THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Sharon Confesses To Nick That Sully Is His Son, Christian!


On Tuesday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, finally the secret that Sharon (Sharon Case) has been holding on to for months and months is out in the open, well at least with Nick (Joshua Morrow), thus far.  After receiving a phone call from Patty (Stacy Haiduk), where she tells Nick that “Christian is alive and Sharon is raising him,” instead of just blowing if off as the ramblings of a crazy person, Nick is putting two and two together from recent events that have unfolded where Sharon acted odd over Patty, and baby Sully.  Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) is there with Nick when he receives the call, and is trying to, at first, give Sharon the benefit of doubt, because it’s Patty who was talking, but Chelsea also knows this means more ramifications if Christian is indeed alive.

Later, Nick heads to Sharon to get to the truth.  He reveals to her he got a call from Patty Williams.  Sharon starts to slowly crumble knowing she may be caught, and how can she continue to lie to Nick now?   She calmly, and with tears in her eyes says to Nick, “How do I say this to you?” Nick is stunned, because he is asking Sharon to tell him Patty’s words were just the ramblings of a lunatic. Sharon admits they are not ramblings, but that baby Sully is Christian! Sharon then recounts the story of how in Fairview, Dr. Anderson convinced her she was pregnant, and she was handed Christian.  It was all Dr. Anderson’s twisted way to punish Nick.  Sharon tells him: “We’re all victims, Nick.”

However, when it comes to Nick asking how long she has known that Sully is Christian. Sharon then admits the DNA test, how Sage found out shortly before she died, and in fact was on her way to tell Nick the truth when her car crashed.  Nick is getting more perturbed as all Sharon is now doing is apologizing!  Nick blasts her, “This is the second time you have kept his child from me!”

When Nick asks if Dylan (Steve Burton) is in on this, Sharon whimpers that Dylan doesn’t know.  A fed up Nick heads upstairs to take Christian out of Sharon’s home.  Sharon pleads with him to leave the baby with her till she tells Dylan, and then he can come by and get Christian tomorrow.  Nick won’t agree, but just then Dylan shows up.  Nick leaves pissed, and tells Sharon he will be back in the morning.  Sharon asks Dylan to sit down with her … she has something to tell him. Dylan is very concerned about what Sharon is about to say, so he says he will stand instead.  Sharon sobs, “I’m so sorry!”  She then adds, “Sully is not your son!”

Elsewhere, Chelsea meets with Victor (Eric Braeden) to tell him that it appears that Christian is alive, and Nick now knows. What should they do?  Christian is really Adam’s biological son.  Victor says they should keep quiet and let Nick raise him as his own.

So, what did you think of Sharon’s confession to Nick? The performances of Joshua Morrow and Sharon Case?  Will Nick get Christian out of the clutches of Sharon and Dylan? What will Chelsea do, tell Nick the truth, or continue to keep the bio-daddy secret?  Comment below!

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  1. Mo says:

    I don’t know why Sharon didn’t try to tell Nick that Patty was crazy, but I guess it all became too much for her. I do feel bad for Dylan and Sharon and family.

    I wonder if at some point down the road it will come out that Christian is not Nick’s son biologically.

    GC needs a good therapist because several of these characters will need therapy!!!


  2. Iakovos says:

    Just so glad this ugly story line is ending (for now). There is nothing good about it. I can only hope the new writers can take stock and find some workable resolutions for these characters and this situation. We can assume Dylan will leave Genoa City to heal from this betrayal. Nick will raise his son Christian… with paternity being a secret until Adam again returns from the dead (and I am sure he will… sigh).

    And I have said it before… save Sharon from herself. I want to see her strong in some way. Soaps do stretch reality but Sharon is too far gone to even care for anymore.


    Mary replied

    I’m also glad this story line is ending but the fall out will be tragic. Dylan is deeply hurt. Nick will raise Christian as his son. That is until Adam returns and finds out that Christian is actually his son. And that both Chelsea and Victor have known all along. And Sharon will go off the rails again.


  3. Lou piikes says:

    Lawd!!!! This Sully/Christ storyline is a pile of manure. Any which way Vic or Chelsea play their secret, it smells like a pile of $h!t.


  4. Karen says:

    I think it’s been a long time coming. I also think Chelsea will keep the secret.
    Her and Victor will let Nick raise Sully/Christian as his own. No one will ever know. Oh wait it is a soap.


    Stephanie replied

    I agree…..let nick rise his son…..


  5. chuck says:

    This whole story has been “bad”, the ending is just awful. Pratt couldn’t come up with a better way to say hey this my last hurrah? I get the fact Nick isn’t “happy” but i Feel for Sharon she honestly didn’t know sully was Nick’s “son”. How Nick blames her is juist typical Nick putting ther blame on someone else expect for the real person behind the dram.


    Soaphound replied

    Boy, you said it. I’m in no mood for Nick’s self-righteous preaching. He, who was willing to gamble on Summer’s paternity, has no room to criticize. Yes, Sharon is her own worst enemy, but we’ve seen enough of her answering for her sins, while Victor gets a slap on the wrist over and over. And now Mariah will be public enemy #2 for helping her (more reason to keep her apartment from Kevin). The truth will have to come out about Adam’s real fatherhood. Then NO ONE in Genoa City will be talking to each other!


    jaybird369 replied

    Soaphound…y-e-p. I ESPECIALLY AGREE with you with what you said about Nick!!!!! To me, Nick has ALWAYS acted like such a DROOLING, LOVESICK AND LUST-CRAZED IDIOT!!!!! Bottom Line Here: Nick gets N-O sympathy from me!!!!! NONE!!!!!

    Have a good one, Soaphound.

  6. Magneto says:

    And what will Nick do when it’s revealed that Christian isn’t even his son? We all know Adam will return at some point down the line. Then not only will Nick’s world be rocked again but Dillion’s (if they recast) would have been blown up for what? Oh and can they just get Patty the real help she needs and get her back to being sane? She’d be such a great character to go up against Phyllis’s with all her wits.


  7. Mateo says:

    I have to say I waited all weekend for the shoe to drop and Y&R did not disappoint. I often forget how great Joshua Morrow is when he is given meat. He is always such a clown when he is not involved in drama so this makes me like him and feel for him even more. He is quite dumb when it comes to women but no one takes the stupid with women crown more than Dylan. I just can’t believe that any of this comes as a shock. Sharon Case as Sharon Newman is always so great at pulling the viewer in to her pain. I have loved watching Sharon become all bitchy – when she was in charge of Newman – then I loved watching her fall apart with the Phyllis/Summer paternity incident. I don’t blame the writers for making Sharon so weak. I actually see it as an opportunity for the phoenix that is Sharon to rise again. Sometimes reinvention doesn’t happen overnight and I appreciate the story being told in detail. I will admit that Pratt/Phelps took some crazy ass turns but with actors like Sharon Case and Joshua Morrow they can handle anything. And handle it well. When I watch this coming out all I can think of is: Nikki and Sharon in a room alone after all this comes out. Dylan realizing what an idiot he is – maybe he will give up women altogether and him and Stitch can leave town as a couple. The reaction of Faith when she finds out that she still sort of still has a brother although he is really her cousin instead. Phyllis will have a field day with this one. I can’t wait for the scenes with Sharon and Phyllis. Sharon and Nikki. Lord the rockets are firing on all cylinders now. I am loving Y&R. Right now it is the show that is just shooting all stories with flair. I love GH but they are too slow to move forward with stories that need immediate resolution. I love the GH cast completely but I hope they pick up the pieces quick. I detest DAYS with their stuck in the 80′s stories. I hope Marlena gets possessed again or becomes a serial killer again. They need something because they are biting the dust with each episode. And poor B&B. Whatever they are trying to do they are failing miserably at. I wish Stephanie would come back from the dead and raise holy hell. She was the ONLY woman who could take control of those crazy people. But back in Genoa City…..Let’s go. C’mon Sharon, you got this!


    Addison replied

    What a fabulous post, Mateo and now I am going to piggy back ride upon it.
    I just want to say that the true stand out star of the whole great reveal was Camryn Grimes as Mariah.
    This young actress is a complete and total natural and the look of utter devastation washing over her face as she realized the shit hath hit the fan was powerful. The devastating tragic consequences of Dr Anderson’s actions, and Sharon’s inability to come clean was written all over Mariah’s face. That is how good she is.
    She is such a gem. Please give her her own story which is not predicated upon trying to support and assist her mother.


    Rebecca1 replied


    Patrick replied

    if any one wants to read more… about Mal Young… EP of Y&R… in the latest SOD issue.

    2 things that are at the top of his to do list.

    Ashley Abbott – and – Mariah… the article spelled it out … I don’t dare

    other than… it’s clear these two actors are talent… time to flesh them out.. layer by layer

    Eileen Davidson is bar none… at the top of the heap… love her to bits
    Camryn Grimes… I love her now… as Mariah… as Cassie.. glad she’s grown


    Patrick replied

    REAL’ly great write up of Sharon Case , as Sharon Newman.

    a lot of material to REEL… which is what’s frustrating to her fan base

    all these mental issues… for naught. when an actor of this caliber can act any thing that’s given her. she’s stuck with her own brain freeze… with all respect to “mental illness” ( ie: think “Bryan Craig as Morgan @GH)

    just saying that Sharon Case has acted for the whole show any thing and every thing

    She’s worth some happiness and LOVE life


  8. Deanna says:

    Of course it’s not Sharon’s fault but Nick is right to blame Sharon for keeping this secret for as long as she did which only makes it harder for Dylan and Sharon to give up Sully. And she made Sage a promise on her deathbed that she would tell Nick. So yea I think there is plenty of blame coming her way and well deserved. But this will just give the actress some good material to play when Sharon sinks back into her depression and most likely will stop taking her meds. It makes for good story but sad for the character of Sharon for always getting crapped on by the town


  9. Celia says:

    I am all talked out, guys. You have all said it for me.


  10. soapqueenforever says:

    But biologically it was Sage’s baby and Sharon had a chance to come clean before Sage’s accident. That’s whay Sharon followed her, to make sure she kept quiet. I still say Nick is right when he said Sharon took away Sage’s chance to be a mother. If Sharon owed up to what she did sooner, Sage might still be with Nick. I am still kind of disgusted with Chelsea for siding with Victor. It seems she only comes to him when it’s convenient for her. The whole time she was with Adam she wanted nothing to do with him. The ironic thing is, if she does get involved with Nick, she will have to contend with Victor yet again. Now Mariah is crying and playing the victim. She didn’t have to take things as far as she did. She is old enough to know better. I do feel bad in a way because her mother kind of shoved her into it. But I still like her. At least Sharon will have someome to lean on after all of this


    Mo replied

    I think Sharon only found out for sure right before Sage arrived at her house. Also, I believe Sage was using the phone when she had her car accident. She should have stayed at the house and called from there rather than get in her car, but Y&R wanted to kill her so in the car she went.


  11. Patrick says:

    Sharon Case, debuted September, 1994. 22 years to the day

    Sharon’s drama with mental health … according to WIKI started in year 2009

    Sharon Case character is so beloved because of her origin… ( again from wiki) The girl from the poor side of town.

    I’ve always put it : The girl from the wrong side of the tracks.

    Sharon Case exploded all over the place… no other way to put her meteoric rise

    There are very few actors… in this genre who are in the same stratosphere.

    I’ve cheered her character from day 1. and am so nonplussed that she’s saddled , has baggage, with so many issues. THIS IS NOT OUR SHARON.

    No other character relates to the audience, more than Sharon. matter of fact ? right ? so .. when we see one of our own… yeah that’s it… fall from grace, power, lose herself… it pisses us off to no end… and the battle of will is.. to restore a semblance of how Sharon originated

    “case” in point: Y&R was LOADED to the gills with RATINGS and bona fide stars.. when it featured: Michael Muhney / Sharon Case – and – Billy Miller / Amelia Heinle

    two of the BEST couples to reign… it would seem like Victor Newman and Jack Abbott were ready to pass the torch … to no avail

    of the 4… the ladies supreme are still with.

    whew > just pleading with the new regime.. behind the scenes management.

    respectively : Mal Young – Sally Sussman Morina and Kay Alden.

    Sharon needs new life.. and, for me personally… she does not need Nick.

    stop dumping on Sharon

    Mal / Sally / Kay : are you that restricted by Sony and CBS that you cannot plead for .. Victoria Rowell and Michael Muhney ?

    thank you for bringing back Judith Chapman… she’s another STAR


    k/kay replied

    Don’t worry Patrick we are moving in for the kill she will survive God what I would not give for Adam /MM to sweep in and take care of him s beloved but sorry folks he was always her true love


    k/kay replied

    The chemistry between those two no one could match

  12. Timmm says:

    I thought Dylan actually was good today on the show. Sharon was pretty good and Nick was okay. The reveal was sort of lame after waiting all this time. I guess the fallout will be better and it is sweeps. I didnt like Chelsea running to Victor but I understand it was about Adam.

    PS: How does the “Underground” stay in business?


  13. Melinda says:

    Bull she did no for months. Nick should put the blame on her she has had time to tell him and Dylan. Sharon is always poor me. When Sage was dying Sharon promised she will would tell Nick but is she hadn’t got caught she would of never told she is evil. So people this isn’t poor Sharon.


    k/kay replied

    Sage a character that no one cared about yuck


    Addison replied

    I was always more partial to Parsley, Rosemary and Thyme.

  14. davlestev1 says:

    Leave it to Victor Newman to keep up making a bad situation worse. He couldn’t change no matter what. Once Niki knows she’ll go off the rails again….sigh!! At least it will be written better.


    soapqueenforever replied

    Well, its been awhile since Nikki befriended a Vodka bottle. Maybe we have that to look for ward to next. Let the games begin


  15. su0000 says:

    Part 1 of the story has come to reveal but Not the end..
    Now, part 2 begins.. ((Adam the baby daddy)

    oohhh geeez eh …


  16. Alan says:

    As reveals go, this was about as bad as the GH serial killer wrap-up a few weeks back.

    The show has been building to this moment for a year and Sharon caved in like 2 seconds after telling lie after lie after lie? No way. I thought Nick was surprisingly reserved considering this is the second time his whack-a-doodle ex has lied to him about the paternity of one of his kids and that Sage died on her way to tell him that their son was alive. Also, Sharon’s high and mighty “you don’t want Christian waking up scared in a strange place in the morning” argument made her come off as unrepentant and just plain nasty. All in all, this reveal should’ve been drug out over the course of a couple of episodes with way more Nick letting Sharon have it for keeping his son from him and about 150% more tears and desperate pleas for Nick not to take the baby.

    Personally I would’ve preferred for Patty to have escaped and crashed Sully’s birthday party so she could blurt the truth out in front of everyone, leaving Sharon no choice but to tearfully confess in front of half the town before Nick took his son and everyone walked out on her.


    Mo replied

    GC Buzz will blast the news.


  17. k/kay says:

    A seat for: Chelsea , nick , Nikki , Victor Kevin the list goes on is Sharon a mess yesss but dam these people live in glass houses


  18. Hope says:

    I have been a big fan of Y&R for many years and to be perfectly honest, i just cannot have any more sympathy for Sharon. Yeah it’s a very sad situation, but despite what Dr.Anderson did Sharon set all of this in motion when she didn’t tell Dylan about the miscarriage. If she had just had tguts tohm


  19. Stephanie Campbell says:

    Nick should be happy and rise his son and also be able to be involved with Chelsea as a family….


  20. Mo says:

    I’m glad to see Dylan fighting it a bit. He should demand a DNA test. Yes, it will show neither he nor Sharon are Sully’s biological parents, but it will also (we think) show Nick isn’t either. Then what? I guess Nick knew either he or Adam was the father, but Dylan, don’t just take it as gospel.


    k/kay replied

    Steve Burton has surprised me some great scenes he and Case deserve a nod this year


    Stefeney replied

    DNA test that Victor can’t mess with the test be monitored Chelsea should be found out and Victor ads liers

  21. k/kay says:

    Hate the storyline but dam Case & Burton kicked it out of the park which proves you do not have to yell and scream an spit on your co stars the subtle way they portrayed their pain was great! Kudos ! As for everyone out there who is furious at Sharon you have bonded and lived a child for a year you think she is not going to feel some pain! The child was never in danger who is to say that Nick would be the better parent? I seem to remember he wasn’t sure for 18 years that he was Summers father had no problem keeping that secret did he then he blamed it all on Sharon I love JM but I would love to smack him relight in the face ! Pompous ass!


  22. k/kay says:

    So if the baby is Adam’s and Chelsea and Victor know it but yet they do not tell Nick that’s ok ? See where I am going with this I guess some people are above lies and others are not!! Queen Sharon still reigns with m she as an actress has taken every crap story they have thrown at her and turned it into gold! Plus she is the sweetest person on Twitter according to my niece no politics no religion just fun love her!!!


  23. Tani Sterling says:

    Just watched it last night. I thought the acting stood out as some of the really well done pieces. For me, Dylan has never quite fit into the various circumstances written for him. Now that he is leaving I find a new freedom in his work. Both Sharon and Dylan did exceptionally well as they portrayed the exposure of Sully’s birth and subsequent pain.

    As one who has been of critic of much of the writing, it seemed well done to me. I didn’t mind it was done quickly. In fact, it was refreshing.


    Stefeney replied

    The truth needs to come out that Nick is not the dad Nick need to give dad and Chelsea he’ll they no he is not the dad maybe he going blind like his dad the secret need to come out now


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