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23 March 6th, 2014 The Young and the Restless & The Bold and the Beautiful Garner Best February In Total Viewers Since 2008!


February 2014 has come and gone, but it ended up being a great month for CBS Daytime shows!  For The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful it ended up being the most total viewers they had for the month since 2008!

According to TVbytheNumbers,The Young and the Restless averaged 5.28m, up +13% from last year and The Bold and the Beautiful averaged averaging 3.88m, up +8%.”

In addition, The Talk and Let’s Make A Deal both delivered their best ever February sweep performances with the rest of CBS’s Daytime lineup also posting some of their best ratings in the last 10 years, according to Nielsen live plus same day ratings.  The Talk averaged a February best 2.94 million viewers, up +19% from a year ago and 1.1/06 in women 25-54, matching its best February performance in the key women demographic. The Price Is Right also scored  5.46 million viewers, up from a year ago by +13% and its largest audience since 2003.   Overall, CBS Daytime had its most watched February sweep 4.35m since 2007 and highest rated in women 25-54 (1.5/08) since 2010.

So where you watching Y&R and B&B in February?  If so, what kept you tuning in? What do you think of the great performance by the entire CBS Daytime day-part?  Let us know!

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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I guess those who claim to have quit watching Y&R after MMs departure didnt do much damage to the shows ratings…and i still think Brandon Barash should be cast as the new Adam Newman…im watching a little bit more now!!!


    care lynn replied

    Ahhh ha ha ha.. we can not compete with all that still watch and we never claimed we would but we have a large following and it’s only getting larger because of all the harsh words about fans from JFP and several of the cast members not to mention the barbaric way some of the actors have been treated which has RESULTED IN FIRINGS and resignations. Some fans that truly cared could not bear this and as a result have disowned the show. Because we have principals. That’s all.


    care lynn replied

    And take a look again at the ratings.

  2. boes says:

    I couldn’t watch B&B even under the threat of torture. And watching it IS torture. I thought that maybe with Thorsten Kaye onboard it might at least be entertaining to watch him, a guy who is a good actor, try to do the same with that cast of losers. But one day of that was enough.

    And Y&R has become currently unwatchable for me. I’ll try it again when Cady McClain starts appearing. Until then, not a chance.


    Nk3play2 replied

    LoL actually, the ONLY story I can actually tolerate on B&B right now is Hope and Wyatt, but even the Aly losing her mind over them part is starting to turn me off. H

    However, majority of the canvas, I can’t bear to watch. I don’t want to see Brooke marry Ridge ONLY because Katie (her sister) told him to. I don’t want to see Ridge get on his high horse about Brooke stealing her sister’s husband WHEN he did it to Thorne years ago. I don’t want to see Maya marrying Carter just because he’s the ONLY other black guy in town. I don’t wanna see Thorne being shuffled off to Forrester…. I never liked Rick and Caroline…. so I rarely when I do actually watch B&B, it’s when Wyatt and Hope are on.

    As for Y&R, I literally ONLY watch for one character, and his potential pairing right now, which has not even got off the ground. He is only on screen once a week, so that’s how I’m watching Y&R. I don’t care about the crisis of the week with the Baldwin/Fisher clan, I hate MOST of it not ALL the Newmans, accept Summer, but since she was just in the middle of this Ian Ward/Dylan crap I was fast forwarding. I’m hopeful about Summer and Fenmore…. I hate Abby, I want Jack to get a life, I want Victor dead…..And don’t even get me started on the Nikki’s children….. LoL so yeah, good for them, but not much is keeping me glued to me TV. Most of the time I’m just watching and doing something else, hoping something interesting will happen.


    Nk3play2 replied

    I used to watch for Tyler, but since he’s been paired with Abby, he has also become fast forward material. Oh yeah, and I like Chelsea, but I wish she were more of a bitch. She’s too nice and too trusting.

  3. MikeT says:

    I’m sorry to say but I find Y&R to be a snoozefest–even with the addition of Tristan Rodgers but B&B is pretty good–still think GH is the best soap though


  4. Derrick says:

    Goodness Gracious, no one not even congratulating CBS except me! How sad is this???


  5. Sharon says:

    I was watching every min, plus on TVGN to see TK as Ridge!!


  6. Fran says:

    I love the Bold & the beautiful right now. I love the new Ridge. The writing is the best. At last Brook is getting some of the crap she made Taylor live back. I love Wyatt & Hope but I would like to see Steffy come back.Y & R is boring right now. I miss Billy Miller &Michael Muhney. I really think it went down hill since they left. I think it would have been better if the car went over the cliff killing both of them rather than replacing the two of them.


  7. Mo says:

    I was watching. I’m like B&B a lot right now. Y&R has some good stories. But I would say more are not good. Bring back Gloria and Jeffrey!


  8. mgb357 says:

    Maybe the networks should ADD more soap time to their schedules.
    This is a trend…


  9. robert says:

    Love CBS daytime. I like the fact that they care a lot about their soaps nowadays. What I think makes these numbers more amazing is that NBC had the olympics they aired during the day.


  10. Deb S says:

    Not surprising that you didn’t mention the 500,000 viewers that Y&R lost in the wake of firing Michael Muhney. Jill Phelps is ruining the show and it won’t be long before it tanks. Be objective, or are you on the CBS payroll? Get it right!


    PatF replied

    Actually the show is up by almost that same amount since MM announced he was let go.

    The week of Dec 16th the show had 4.7 mil viewers.

    The most recent ratings aren’t out, but last week, they had 5.2.

    And in between, yes, the ratings were up to 5.7 mil. So you can’t use the MM theory, sorry.


    Harlee replied

    Deb S…I’m not a huge fan of JFP myself but inserting an excuse for how MM brought down the ratings is an asinine assumption. Please this is sounding so repetitive about how YR will tank, fixed ratings blah, blah, blah. This has been the delusions of grandeur for many now for 7-8 years. If LML, MAB didn’t tank the YR, JFP is warming the seat because sooner or later she will disappear….

    I’ve do have serious concerns for YR and don’t care of some aspects of the show. I have seen improvements in areas where LML & MAB I saw none.

    The difference between you & I is my loyal to CBS and have been for over 40 years. Now, if Cassie story playing turns out it will be “Daisy” I will turn off YR, if rumors come true this despised character needs to be forgotten! I will had enough.


    k/kay replied

    This show survives as it always has for me because of the outstanding performance of PB/Jack he is golden!!! Whenever I get down I just watch this guy turn shit into gold and I say you got me!!!!His performance last week with AH shows you how he turns a sublte performance into gold!!!

  11. Mark says:

    I am loving bold and beautiful right now!


  12. MattsPlace says:

    B&B is my fave US soap. The Aly and Taylor showdown has been a longtime coming — and it’ll be ratings gold! Aly couldn’t help having problems after Taylor mowed her mother down, driving drunk, and never paid for her crime. Glad Brad Bell won’t make Aly “Sheila Carter” Crazy. She can be redeemed; right now the actress is rocking it. Congrats to CBS Daytime!


  13. Marion Lee says:

    The only reason Y & R’ ratings were up was because MM and BM’s fans wanted to see their last scenes together to see how that story was handled. Don’t kid yourselves, if you think all the hate for the new Billy is bad, wait until the new Adam comes on your screens, then watch the **** hit the fan.


    PatF replied

    Hate is a strong word, and shouldn’t be an emotion wasted on an actor replacing an actor who was terminated with cause.

    And like the 5.2 million fans have said over and over again…

    Just don’t watch.

    Don’t watch.

    Turn the show off, and go on with your life.


  14. B&B Fan says:

    I Hate B&B right now with Kridge & Bell changing Ridge’s history so he can justify the Boring Kridge. Does Bell not care about his long time viewers? Its seems like Bell rather cater to new viewers since they are the only ones buying this Kridge crap. It seems like Ridge is more like Zach from All My Children Soap Opera. Zach had a love for Poetry Ridge never did.


  15. dg says:

    So much for Miller and Muhney ruling the roost, lol. YR is an ensemble effort and a well established over 40 year old brand. It will take alot more than the departure of a few popular actors and a somewhat inept executive producer to bring this show down.


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