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15 August 12th, 2013 THIS AUGUST on GH: It’s A Matter Of Life And Death! – Watch The Promo!


This August  on General Hospital look for several key stories to kick into high gear, according to this newly released promo from ABC.  First Maxie (Kirsten Storms) looks to be having her baby! Will Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) and Lulu (Emme Rylan) fight out the truth? Will Maxie spills the beans?

Meanwhile, AJ (Sean Kanan) is losing his grip and he wants revenge on Connie (Kelly Sullivan) for destroying his chance a regaining his life and ELQ!  What will happen when he has  gun in his hand?  Elsewhere, will Danny be saved? Will Derek Wells AKA Julian Jerome (William deVry) be revealed to be Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) bio-dad and save her son?

Watch the promo, and then let us know how you think all these stories will play out this month!

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  1. su0000 says:

    Danny will not die, Jillian will get his 15 minutes of being a good guy so the dimwits will fall in his web ..

    AJ is a born ass-h .. he will revert back to his dark self; he is too uneventful being decent..

    Maxie will tell the truth and that will bring us a Lulu pity story ; I could live happily without suffering through that one lol

    And of course Julian Jerome (William deVry) will quickly be outed as being Sams father- that will be huge/highlighted story of the fall..

    Anyways that is how I am assuming it all will be :)
    And, I am looking forward to every second of all the upcoming stories, they will over the top awesome!!!!!!!!


  2. heidi says:

    Can’t wait!!! Looks great!!!


  3. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Looks exciting…but does A.J. have a gun for Connie or Tracy? Maybe both? If its Connie itll either be Ava or Morgan who kills her(but is she really dead? Then she could return later, maybe)…my prediction. I also hope Britt is carrying Maxis and Spinnelis child and Maxis really carrying Dante and Lulus…or Britt goes into labor at the same time and Brad pulls a baby switch! However, no matter how it turns out, GH is hot again!!!


    Tracey C replied

    NO SWITCH! Maxie is having a girl and Britt is having a boy!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I know now…just found out yesterday. Thanks 4 reply…

  4. Tori says:

    I totally agree with everything you said. I hope the Maxie storyline is wrapped up soon. I do wonder how long will it take for them to find out Derek Wells is Julian? I am concern by the fact that Anna seems to be off her game, with her contacts she should be albe to get her hands on Ava Jerome’s birth certificate to see her father’s name.

    Since Julian is back on the canvas I wonder will they bring Bobbie and Lucas back since Lucas has all of this bio family on screen like Anna Donnelly, Kiki and Sam?


  5. Dawn D says:

    Loving GH. This Maxie s/l I do not like at all. I know soaps stretch reality but… really her losing the baby then sleeping with Spin then pregnant is not even close. I am liking the Julian character and he looks good with Alexis. Concerned in what they are doing to AJ. Now I wish the will of Alan’s would come to light and catch Tracy and Luke as the one’s who changed it. I really like Kiki and Michael so hope they resolve that. I was really liking AJ and Michael working at ELQ together. Oh and let Michael find out Sonny assisted in Morgan’s lie. I’m still looking forward everyday to watch.


    donna replied

    just wondering what alan`s will has to do with anything



    Danny will be ok. And that is good!!

    I am looking forward to Julian Jerome annocning he is Sam father

    And Silas and Sam………yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My Fantazie is to have Sam and Silas to have a baby girl!!!

    And Julian to be? ???????????

    Ok I LOVE IT!!!



    Kelly and Michael fan RIGHT HERE




  8. nyca81 says:

    I am hoping Julian is revealed as Sam’s Dad rather quickly, saves Danny with his bone marrow and he and Alexis re-connect and reignite their relationship. So much integral and interesting but conflicting stories to tell with that pairing, besides Alexis needs a little romance and Julian is definitely her “type”. LOL’

    I think Ava kills Connie but AJ is accused.

    The whole Michael/Kilki/Morgan story is of no interest to me.

    Maxie / Britt babies have been so drawn out it doesn’t matter to me anymore who’s the daddy. I imagine the babies will be switched and one will die leaving another year of not knowing which baby lives.

    Wish there was more stories involving the Vets. Would enjoy a Luke & Laura adventure and the return of Lucky even with a recast.


  9. Lisa says:

    I think it’s going to turn out that Dante is the father of Britt’s baby. The twist will be if Britt used just Dante’s “deposit” or if she used one of Lulu’s fertilized embryos.


  10. Janet says:

    I am hoping that Brit is carrying Dante and Lulu baby but I get this feeling that it might be Frisco’s baby. I have this feeling


    donna replied

    but she was already pregnant when frisco came back


  11. Nan says:

    I agree- over the maxie/britt baby s/l. Completely bored and annoyed by Kiki s/l. Yes, bring back the vets to main s/l. It’s on so many boards/blogs, etc that people consistently are interested in. I would be very intrigued to see the old gang (I know no Frisco:() Anna, Felicia, Duke, Sean -Mac go find Robert and Robin. I understand if actors can’t or have not been asked back to show but its time to end that s/l one way or another!


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