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14 July 27th, 2016 This Is Us Featuring Y&R’s Justin Hartley Hailed As “Best Ensemble Cast Of The Season”

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The rave reviews continue from TV critics across the board for the new NBC dramedy This is Us premiering this fall.  The Young and the Restless Justin Hartley (Adam Newman) stars in the new primetime series along with Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown, Milo Ventimiglia, and Chrissy Metz.

ET Online just heralded the program of one of six new series to watch for in their fall preview, and they also dubbed the performances as the “best ensemble cast of the season.” They go on to share why fans should tune-in to the show: “If we could hug a show and never let it go, we’d choose NBC’s soul-warming dramedy, This Is Us. From the writer and directors of Crazy, Stupid, Love, this refreshingly raw and genuine new series will ease the ache in our hearts that Parenthood has left behind. With four out of the five characters sharing the same birthday, you’ll discover that their lives intertwine in curious ways — and you’ll fall head over heels in love once you discover the series’ big twist. Bottom line: This is the show that everyone will be talking about, so don’t miss out on fall’s most emotionally satisfying series”

Pretty good endorsement, wouldn’t you say? But to top it off, Hartley posted on Tuesday a photo of himself following a screening of This is Us where he expressed: “Happy to report, not a dry eye in the theater.”  The series premieres immediately following The Voice on September 20th.

So, getting more jazzed about what looks to be one of the most moving TV series of the fall season starring Justin? Comment below.

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  1. Timmm says:

    I watched the trailer and it was fantastic! Not many evening shows appeal to me anymore but this hooked me. Yeah, I looked at it because of JH but it really has a talented cast. I am thinking he can do both. He has a heavy schedule at Y&R but this new show is an ensemble so I wouldnt think it would be that hard to add to his schedule? Who knows, he is a super talent and if he leaves, a new search will be on for the Mustache’s thrown! Cross your fingers and toes because you see how the Billy replacements did and are doing. Thumbs down!


    Nikki replied

    I agree Tim. I watched the trailer as well to get an idea of what it would be like. Im hooked as well. Justin Hartley going for the gold (prime time) doesn’t surprise me at all. I said right from the beginning he’s going places. Everyday you can see his heart & soul is in his scripts. So many actors mouth the words but there is no emotion in the acting. Even today in the jail scene with Chelsea there was so much emotion in his face, if it wasn’t a soap it almost looks real & that’s the type of actor Hollywood needs.


    Timmm replied

    Nikki, you are so wise AND a fan of acting! You are right, people often discount actors as bimbos but I got to say, IF you do it right it is not easy! Justin’s eyes will pull you in and make you believe EVERY thing he is saying to YOU! Ray Wise has that gift, as well. I know Ian is a cartoon-like figure but his abilities are priceless. Good stuff Nikki!

    rebecca1 replied

    Hi Nikki…yes Justin’s great…and gorgeous but from your post I wasn’t sure if you were aware he’s already done quite a bit of primetime. He was in Smallville for a few years and also played a major character’s son (who was the gay lover of another major character) on Revenge. He’s stunning!

    Milo Ventimiglia is a fantastic actor as well! First time I saw him he played Rory’s boyfriend on The Gilmore Girls and went on to several other shows, movies, etc. These two guys on the same show has nothing but great potential!

    Nikki replied

    Thank you Tim. I don’t know how wise I am but I am fussy when it comes to good acting. I think Justin could do circles around a lot of them. Devon & Ben (Abby’s husband) drive me nuts. They tend to wait until their wife’s say something and then they rhyme off words like their reading a cue card. I just read that they are bringing Tristan Rogers(Colin) back. I think he’s a good actor but his story was lame. Another great actor(JMO) is Ray Wise (Ian Ward). I thought his acting was fantastic and to see him and Justin play off each other was a real treat.I have really enjoyed the writing lately as well. This new guy has got to stay!

    Celia replied

    Yes…if this show has even the slightest hint of a PARENTHOOD theme; I will definitely watch. I love Justin and Mandy. And, PARENTHOOD never bored me. Every episode stressed a part of everyday life for everyday people.
    Great post, Timmmy….as usual, I agree with your assessment of the ‘goner’ days of Billy and Phyllis.
    If Justin does leave, I hope the next replacement will do Adam justice. Later, love.


    Timmm replied

    I never watched PARENTHOOD. Seems I might have missed something? I remember getting hooked on LOST. That show went bonkers and it ended up sucking! I watched UNDER THE DOOM and the final season was so lame! Like I said above, I am really tuning out to evening TV but this seems good and I cannot wait for the premiere. See ya sweetie!

    Celia replied

    What you missed, Timmmy was great, inspiring writing with the best cast, ever!!!!
    And, these actors/actresses delivered like nobody else.
    You missed the ups and downs of real people with real familial problems and then some.
    But, the most important gift the viewer took away from the stories, was that nothing comes even close to what ties a family together: LOVE and TRUST.

  2. joe says:

    Just wondering when Justin will be leaving Y&R. One of the few actors who can turn the crap writing into something interesting. He’s a talented actor, and he’ll be missed.


    Iakovos replied

    I wonder if Mr. Hartley as Adam will go to recurring for a bit until THIS IS US shows its potential for longevity. My hope is he can stay on daytime, too. he is a shot in the arm for Y&R even though I have never cared for the story lines involving the character. The destruction was complete with that horrid baby swap story about eight years ago. Plastic surgery and a reboot did not help me try again with the character.


  3. K. Ross says:

    Justin is a great actor, loved him in Revenge and Mistresses he also was a great replacement as Adam
    I hope he will continue to play Adam. I wish his new series all the best. He deserves prime time.
    Who knows if he leaves maybe Michael Muhney would return.


  4. Tani Sterling says:

    Well, thanks for all of your comments. The only Soap I know is Y & R.

    If Adam is to be replaced the job would be one I would not seek. Since my following the Young and the Restless is but a light and very long lingering following your comments are always interesting and expanding my insight.

    From here, new Adam has been almost great. I don’t want him to leave. Should he leave please find one with the script who can project a sense of balance between good and slightly naughty.

    It seems ratings should not stop expanding and investing in more sophisticated themes; not referring to bedroom scenes.

    I record PBS as well as Young and the Restless. Best many of you do too.



    Tani Sterling replied

    Bet many of you do too.


  5. xmascarol says:

    I will be looking forward to seeing him on this show,to tell you the truth,he is hot.besides the fact he is such a great actor.Every time I see him I want to jump into the screen and take his clothes off.Sorry about that. but Justin is gorgeous..He could still do both shows.I have seen other actors do two.


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