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27 September 27th, 2016 This Is Us Starring Justin Hartley Receives Full Season Order By NBC!


NBC’s freshmen series, This Is Us, which stars former Y&R star Justin Hartley (Ex-Adan Newman) scored a full-season order of 18 episodes, after only one episode aired of the dramedy, with the second installment airing tonight.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, This Is Us from creator Dan Fogelman received an additional five episode order bringing it to 18.  In  a statement, Fogelman expressed: “We are thrilled. This order for a complete first season of 18 episodes is exactly what we’d wanted and hoped for. We’d carefully mapped out an 18-chapter story for the first year of the show, and this allows us to follow through with our exact initial intent. And to get the order so early on is a tremendous show of confidence and a boost for our entire cast and crew. I’m starting to sound like a broken record but I have to thank Dana, Gary, Jonnie, Howard and my amazing partners at 20th as well as Bob and Jen and the fine folks at NBC for continuing to do absolutely everything right by me and this show. I’d gush more but I have to go back to work.”

NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke added:“It’s a rare moment in this business when a show so instantly delivers both critical acclaim and hit ratings, but This Is Us is just such an extraordinary achievement. Creator Dan Fogelman, along with co-directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa and the gifted producers, cast and crew, has delivered the kind of heart and depth that resonates with every segment of the audience, and we’re proud to extend its presence on our schedule.”

The series, which also stars Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore. Chrissy Metz, and Emmy winner Sterling K. Brown, stands as the No. 1 new show of the fall (so far) with a 4.5 rating among adults under 50 and 14.3 million viewers when factoring in five days of DVR. That’s up 1.7 ratings points from its live debut and NBC’s highest-rated scripted program in the Tuesdays at 10 p.m. slot in six years.

So, what do you think about the success of This Is Us? Looks like Justin Hartley has found himself on a hit primetime show!  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. su0000 says:

    I liked it..
    I was totally entertained..
    It holds variety and that is very good..
    I see it having a very long run ..
    Also- the whole of cast is awesome!


  2. Llanviewer717 says:

    This is excellent news. I am very impressed by this show. The first two episodes were great and I hope they keep up the quality throughout the series. It a very clever concept and I love the ensemble cast.


  3. xmascarol says:

    It is so good to see Justin again ,gosh I wish it was his assets I saw last week.This guy can do everything well.I did notice they are chancing the time to 9 now.Man Justin is not only yummy hot and sexy but this young man can act.Hey Justin here is a big hug for you and I do mean big lol Keep up the good work and I will be watching every Tuesday nights….


  4. Sissy says:

    Loved the first episode! I already miss Justin on YR, but am happy for his success on this new show.


  5. Timmm says:

    Great for Justin, bad for Y&R BUT they have weathered plenty of storms throughout its existence and they will continue to be #1. Especially when ABC is #3 and rehires all THREE of its problems! Sorry, had to get that swipe in! But anyway, Justin’s show, I’m out, too much bouncing around for me after a hard day at the office! The acting is great and it will probably be around for a couple years. One thing I cannot shake, when Justin is acting I still see Adam. I know its because he is fresh off Y&R but it still takes away from his new character. Others who are not Y&R fans, obviously, this isnt an issue. They probably have died and gone to heaven! If they do recast, do you think Tyler Christopher could handle the part of Adam? I think he would be good up against Victor. Tyler used to act with Stephen Nichols and was terrific! So I think he could handle the heavyweights.


  6. Mary SF says:

    Well I wanted to hate it, but it is a good show— character centered, but moves along nicely so I am not bored. It is a unique premise– the twist from the pilot, not finding out until the end these were not four separate stories, but one story about one family, was genius— so as much as I wanted it to flop so JH could return to Y&R– I think this show has at least another season in it and I look forward to seeing how the rest of this season unravels—good for JH, this will move him up the Hollywood scale– a major hit on a major network– the boy is going places


  7. Dan S says:

    I heard the buzz and watched the show and I’m hooked. I enjoyed everything about it. Congrats!


  8. nancy dillingham says:

    It’s a great uplifting story/series–so glad it was picked up. And what a great break for Justin!
    It’s rare to see anything with some “humanness” in it–not just zombies, superheroes, time travel, and “how to commit MMMMMMurrrrrder. LOL


  9. diane says:

    I’ve watched both episodes and it is really a good show. I have it on auto-tune so I don’t miss any episodes.


  10. penny says:

    The show is okay, I don’t understand all the hype? Meh.


  11. Mo says:

    I miss Justin on Y&R.

    I am not watching this show.


    JK replied



    Sylvia replied

    Justin Hartley is done with Y&R. Get over it and move on, he certainly has.


    Mo replied

    Good grief. I think that reply was uncalled for.

    What’s wrong with saying I miss him on Y&R?

  12. Harry says:

    Beautifully written, loved the symmetry of the triplets and the fire station drop off.
    Justin is pure tragicomic gold in this series–love his relationship with his sister Kate.
    I knew Justin was talented but I had no idea he was THIS talented.
    “This is Us” is word play because on one hand it implies an introduction to the characters, but on the other hand it also includes the audience. This is ALL of us in one form or another. Who cannot relate to having regrets or wondering how we got here and recognizing the disparity which exists between where we thought we would be at a certain age (in these characters’ cases, that age is thirty-six) and where we actually end up. We can all related to wondering whether we chose the right road in life while pondering the road not taken. Yes, this is us, indeed. When a series hits a resounding note with an audience presenting us with characters with whom we can relate, that reflects good and solid writing.
    I am very happy for Justin–this series is a hit.


    soapqueenforever replied

    Very well said Harry. You said everything I wanted to in a nutshell


    Rebecca1 replied

    Harry, did you watch REVENGE? Justin played a gay character with mommy issues…he was fantastic in that role!


    Harry replied

    Thanks, Soapie Queen. No, Bec, I did not watch Revenge. Excuse all the mistakes on my post above–tenses are all messed up.
    Love “This is Us”! And I certainly did not expect to love it. ABC seems to be making a comeback which is great news.

    Rebecca1 replied

    Harry…your comment was extremely well expressed. If you’re like me you just free associate here…I don’t map out my words…I just convey my opinions/thoughts. I hate the grammar/spelling poleece, polise…I mean police. ;)

  13. Rebecca1 says:

    The show is very well done. The twist to the first episode…the way they play with time periods…is genius and opens the door to multiple stories of one family, different generations at different stages of their lives. The second episode ending…wow! And yet…I’m not hooked. I just haven’t taken to the characters yet. I’m gong to have in there because of the quality premise as well as Justin and Milo, two actors who always seem to be involved with good prime time projects.


    Rebecca1 replied

    Hang, not have


  14. Martin Verlander says:

    A show that actually has a plan for its episodes??? That seems rare


  15. Lulu says:

    I’m really enjoying the show; I tried to hate it, also.


  16. Tammy L says:

    I got bored. It just didn’t do it for me. After this season will there be more of the same? If so then it will have a short run. It’s not like that show “Thirty Something”.


  17. Nancy says:

    Love the show . Refreshing different . Watched JUSTIN ON PASSIONS , then Young and Restless . He was a great Adam , so glad he is in this show. He is a fantastic actor, love the rest of the crew .


  18. Nanci says:

    I like the clevernesss of it, but not in love. Will probably keep watching
    it, though, at least for a few more episodes.


  19. JMER says:

    I am not familiar with Justin Hartley’s work. I don’t watch Y&R, but I think I may love This Is Us. So far, so good and I don’t watch a lot of TV so am selective about what I do watch. I will definitely tune in for the 3rd ep when it airs.


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