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9 September 14th, 2014 This Thursday: Soap Nation Live! with Michael Fairman & Guest Co-Host Laura Wright Welcome Special Guests: Ryan Paevey, Antonio Sabato Jr. & Greg Vaughan!

The monthly Internet radio series, Soap Nation Live! with Michael Fairman is  back with an all new episode this Thursday night, September 18th beginning at 7PMPT/10PMET.

Daytime Emmy winner, General Hospital’s Laura Wright (Carly), joins Michael in-studio for this very special 90 minute broadcast as they welcome and chat with:  General Hospital’s Ryan Paevey (Nathan), Dancing with the Stars Antonio Sabato Jr, and Days of our Lives Greg Vaughan (Eric) in our “Soap Nation Live!Hottie Night” line-up!

Listeners can call-in and pose questions, or comments to the guests throughout the broadcast by dialing our exclusive listener line at 866-246-8923

Plus, one lucky caller will get a chance to win a pair of tickets to the upcoming Soap Fantasy Reunion event on October 26th in East Hanover, New Jersey, brought to you by Coastal Entertainment, featuring many beloved former stars from GH & AMC.  Make sure to listen in for our game show segment on how you can win!

There are several ways to listen to the live stream of Soap Nation Live!  You can listen via Blog Talk Radio here.  Or you can listen to the live stream of the broadcast right here at Michael Fairman On-Air On-Soaps.  Make sure to come back 15 minutes before showtime to click on the Soap Buzz post to listen. In addition, archived episodes of Soap Nation Live!  can be heard on here!  And you can also listen and download Soap Nation Live’s latest broadcast via iHeartRadio and the iHeartRadioapp  within 24 hours after the broadcast as well as on iTunes!

We hope to hear from you on “Soap Nation Live Hottie Night”!   If you have a question you would like us to potentially ask one of the guests, if you will not be calling-in, please leave it in the comment section below and we might just choose it to ask on-air!

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  1. dmr says:

    I love Laura Wright! She steals most of the scenes she is in! I love her freshness and how positive she appears to be on Twitter. too. I like following her and “Standing Wines”-the wine business she shares with her husband. I would always welcome Antonio Sabato, Jr. back to GH! He would look great paired with Laura or Maura West as Ava!


    Elite Advisors replied

    I agree…Maura West is such a great talent… but she needs a hot love interest, besides a teenager!! Even that, she pulled it off!

    I used to love Sonny and Carly together… the scenes are still fun, but honestly I thought Connie and Sonny were the best! They were magic. So crazy they killed her off and now she goes to another soap. :(

    Be nice to bring Brenda back… for good, as her career is not exactly on fire! ( Sorry but true)


  2. Elite Advisors says:

    Can we try to steal Greg Vaughn back to GH as Lucky? Such a handsome sexy guy being wasted on DOOL. Is he on contract and when is it up? :)


    Timmm replied

    100 percent agree. Tony and Jonathan have MAJOR chemistry but we probably will never see the two of them on GH again. Greg was underrated as Lucky and he and Laura really need to be on the show again!


    CeeCee replied

    So right, Elite. Greg Vaughn’s talent, looks and charisma are wasted on DOOL. He is all dressed
    up and nowhere to go on this soap. A priest, no less…and now, even that storyline has been
    taken away. I don’t know what TPTB’s plan is for Greg. I am tired of the same old brooding, day after day…..he never smiles…so depressing to watch. Sigh !!
    I had no idea he was once part of the GH cast…interesting!!! I would love to see him return, though.
    I also love Ryan…he is the whole package.
    Antonio? All I have to say is…’ Ciao, Antonio. Sei sempre bello, sai! Voglio augurarti tante belle cose, e spero che vinci la ‘gara’ , DANCING WITH THE STARS.


  3. Donna Mackie says:

    Loved Greg Vaughan as Lucky….Really appreciate his fine acting in a very complicated role asEric Brady….the story may be taking a slow ..painful buildup..worth the wait..DOOL fans don’t want to give up our “Ericole”. Stellar acting Greg!!!!


  4. Jenn says:

    Greg is a wonderful actor! We love him at DAYS! We love our Ericole!


  5. Sandy says:

    Just love Laura Wright as Carly! She is terrific on GH. Love all her pairings, and she is high energy and makes Carly fun to watch no matter what she is up to. Love her with Jax, Sonny, and even Franco. Hope Carly gets to hook up with best pal Jason once more too. Love her in family mode too.


  6. JB says:

    I’m LOVING the reconnect of S&C, you & Mo are knocking it out of the park…Any chance S&C could finally make their relationship work on a deeper level than friends? They’re older & more mature now…I hope so I’ve LOVED S&C since 2000


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