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23 May 18th, 2014 THIS WEEK: B&B’s Liam Becomes A Hot Mess When Quinn Spearheads A “Steamy” Encounter!


Oh The Bold and the Beautiful really cranked up the heat on unsuspecting Liam (Scott Clifton)!

When we left our young hero on Friday’s episode, after entering a stream room, none other than Quinn (Rena Sofer) locks the poor guy inside of it and turns up the heat to unbearable portions! With steam coming up from everywhere, Liam is beginning to suffocate!

When we pick up on Monday and from the looks of this promo below from B&B, Liam gets out of the imminent danger and confronts Quinn by telling her if he thinks she is going to intimate him from staying away from the woman he loves (that would be Hope Logan) she is wrong!

And we all know Quinn is just helping out her son Wyatt (Darin Brooks) win the gal of his dreams, but has the Quinn of Darkness reached new levels of villainy?  And what will happen if Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) finds out that Bill (Don Diamont) had some 50 Shades of Grey romps with Quinn, while she is being wooed away to the Middle East for a marriage ceremony?  Seems Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) is the one who could put a kibosh on that one!

After the jump, watch the set-up of Liam’s steamy encounter with Quinn and the preview for tomorrow! Then, let us know what you hope will happen next?  Should Liam throw Quinn into the steam room and lock her in?  Comment below!

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  1. Ghlover says:

    I have to say Rena Sofer has well established herself on B&B. Cant wait to see her with Deacon although i have some inpure thoughts about Liam and Quinn …Hmmmm should they go there??


    Mary SF replied

    Go there– I already did– it would make sense like father like son, maybe if Bill likes the kinky stuff so would Liam. And it sure would give Quinn the ammo she needs to keep Liam away from Hope, if Liam’s fury exploded into passion.

    I can see the storyline now, Hope chooses Liam, but Liam being blackmailed by Quinn about their romp in the steam room, rejects her. Hope is confused and crushed so she rushes into a quickie marriage with Wyatt. It is exactly the kind of thing Brad Bell would write. But even if Quinn and Liam don’t hook up, I bet they did in the imagination of many a viewer, not just ours.


    Ghlover replied

    I like the way you think ;p

    B&B fan replied

    I actually thought that perhaps Quinn might think of being with Liam just so Wyatt could win Hope over! lol But maybe after some time she would start to develop feelings for him…what a story that would be.

    Mhoward replied

    A Quinn & Liam hook-up is laughable at best. In fact this relationship is most likely going to be like Stephanie Forrester & Brooke Logan. I see nothing but pure disdain between these two after this incident thanks to Quinn. Can you say oil and water? Quinn is only making Liam more determine to protect Hope from Norma & Norman Bates.

    Jimmy replied

    She has definitely been established well on the show, after Stephanie died B&B needed someone who was able to be nurturing and loving on one hand and villainous and manipulative on the other. Quinn embodies that well. I’m really looking forward to seeing her and Deacon too! But NO WAY would I want to see Quinn and Liam, that would be so gross! It’s like what Steffy did, first the father then the son.


    Lila replied

    I think they should totally go there! And I also think Rena Sofer is great on the show! Hopefully she’ll be on for a while. My fav characters on the show atm are Quinn, Bill and Liam – they’re crazy fun to watch!


    Ghlover replied

    They are saving the show! Now if Steffi could replace Hope in that triangle it would be myst see soapy tv lol ! Seffi and Quinn already shared good scenes, better than with hope anyway

  2. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Liam and Quinn shouldve been locked in that steam room together…that would be HOT!!!


  3. Manuel says:

    This is going a little too far. A person could die or suffer permanent brain damage.


  4. Dwight Schrute says:

    Well the door opens out and she shoved the bar so far it didn’t catch on anything so there should be no reason why the door doesn’t open


    Dwight Schrute replied

    Okay, today there was a better shot and you can see he was trapped.


  5. Jimmy says:

    “Hero” and “poor guy” are not words I would use to describe Liam. He is a waffler. He played two women who used to be very close against each other for 2 and a half years, and now he’s sucking out because for once he could lose Hope to another man.

    Hope and Wyatt are definitely better suited for each other than Hope and Liam. I say that because “Hiam” has had more failed marriages in a three year period than anyone cares to remember, because Liam always had Steffy in the wings. With Wyatt, he’s all about Hope, but she’s too blind to see that.


  6. andrew hass says:

    Quinn locking Liam in the steam room is one thing but turning up the heat is quite another.Plus if Liam had been seriously hurt Quinn could have faced criminal charges and Forrester Creations could be liable since it happened there.Plus this could backfire when Hope finds out what Quinn did because she might wonder if Wyatt was in on it too.Plus Wyatt i think warned his mom not to interfere and he may not be happy either with what she did.Wyatt may have his issues with Liam but i don’t think he would want Liam hurt.


  7. Jeffrey Jonas Moree says:

    Well i think it is wickedly delightful that Liam is having all this happen to him after he put Hope through all the emotional agony with Stephi!


    Jimmy replied

    Exactly! This is karma being served fresh for little ole Spencer Junior. After what he put both Hope and Steffy through for almost 3 years, he deserves to lose the girl for once and have it stay that way for a little while! I can’t stand this guy, especially after all his waffling back and forth. But then again, that isn’t his fault, it’s the writers that keep making him do that.


  8. Jeff says:

    Scott Clifton needs to come back to GH ASAP!! They’re wasting his talents going through the same storyline of having Hope, losing Hope, having Hope etc. for it seems like years!! GH needs more Quartermaines stat.


    Jimmy replied

    I agree that GH needs more Q’s but Liam is a well established, heavily rooted character on B&B’s canvas, I just don’t see them getting rid of him, especially since he always seems to have prominent story. Yes, the Steffy/Liam/Hope madness was bad, but it was story that each actor had for the better part of 3 years. Now with this Liam/Hope/Wyatt story, it seems like it will be lasting for a while too.

    In terms of bringing Dillon back to PC, they should consider recasting the role with Tom Pelphrey from GL, he is a great actor and would fit the role well.


    Johnny replied

    Heavily rooted to what?? We don’t even know who his mother is. He has been on the show less than 5 years. Hardly heavily rooted. Lol.

  9. jaybird369 says:

    OK…here it is:

    More and more, Quinn is one hell of an ENTERTAINING SPITFIRE!!!!! As for that one-dimensional Liam, he STILL acts like a whiny and lovesick M-O-R-O-N!!!!!

    Case closed.


  10. Lila says:

    they should both go into the steam room together and like totally make out now!! lol


  11. dawnhaze says:

    Why would he have a hard time opening the door? She slid the bar in the handle but door opens out.


  12. Mo says:

    Love Rena and Quinn. She kinda takes up from Stephanie. Stephanie seemed to have an unnatural interest in her son Ridge’s love life


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