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8 August 12th, 2013 This Week on All My Children: Jesse and JR Lose It! Jason Derulo, David Canary, Jake Tapper On Tap Too!


The Chandler Media Gala really kicked it into high gear with all new episodes of All My Children released on Soap Monday on Hulu and iTunes! TOLN released episodes #52 and #53 and there was plenty of action and story unfolding that has building for several months!

In addition to the stories, there were some guest spot appearances! First, singer/songwriter Jason Derulo performed his hit single, The Other Side in front of Pine Valley’s finest!  Later, CNN’s Jake Tapper popped in to the Chandler Mansion to get a word with Brooke (Julia Barr) about her comments on JR (Ryan Bittle) losing his temper while his media presentation was to be shown at the gala! Only it did not play, it malfunctioned! Thanks for that should go to the conniving Dr. Hayward (Vincent Irizarry). Tapper played the fictional and aggressive newsman, Spencer Phillips!

Then, fans of AMC got a glimpse again of David Canary as Adam Chandler, who just had a few lines and shared a brief kiss with Brooke, before his character was ushered out and apparently was sent on a business trip, so he missed the rest of the gala!  Now it looks like it’s time for Dimiti (Michael Nader) to make his move on Brooke, whom he clearly wants all to himself!

Tad’s name was mentioned during the Gala conversation as well, by Cara (Lindsay Hartley) and Dixie (Cady McClain), so that is always a good sign that the powers-that-be are thinking about him and hoping someday Michael E. Knight might return to the show!

But the big moments occurred at the end of episode #50 ,when a drunken Jesse (Darnell Williams) caught his wife Angie (Debbi Morgan) dancing with David at the gala! And … JR lashed out at Cara, whom he later shared an awkward kiss with, when she ran away from him! But the big bombshell is … David found Oliver on the floor after he ate what appeared to be an M&M! Will David unknowingly save his bio-son?

Make sure to check out the episodes for all this above and much more! Then, let us know what moments did you enjoy the most? What was the biggest twist? Who are you rooting for get together? AJ and Miranda? Celia and Pete? JR and Cara? Dr Anders and Dixie? Jessie and Angie, or Angie and David? Comment below after watching a few clips from the episodes with David and Jesse’s confrontation at the Gala, and Jason Derulo’s performance!

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  1. SteveS says:

    This week’s episodes were both excellent, especially #53! I was so glad Adam returned if only for a few scenes. It also was a good showcase for why Colby feels so abandoned when Adam left again without even saying goodbye to her. That said, I was glad to see Celia fight back and pour water over Colby’s head after the pie attack.

    The best part, though, was the growing closeness between David & Angie and how it made Jesse go ballistic. Even if nothing romantic happens, Angie’s starting to open up more to David about her feelings when her husband isn’t around and that emotional attachment is bound to hurt Jesse as much as if she’d slept with him.

    I can’t wait for next week to see is David figures out Oliver is his son, how AJ handles JR’s steroid use and what happens next with Brooke & Dimitri now that Adam’s gone again.


    Derek replied

    AMC 2.0 is on fire for sure! In just two episodes a week, its putting some of the other soaps to shame.


    carla replied

    Ditto amc and oltl are awesome

    TnT 2.0 Forever replied


    I co-sign that 100%! I am really enjoying AMC right now and I haven’t felt that way about a soap in a long, long time.

  2. Beverly says:

    I am really enjoying this. David and Angie, hopefully only good pals and nothing more.


  3. Finally says:

    It seems things are improving for the show. I am not a fan of Angie and Jesse. Jesse is acting a mad man. The actor is overacting, he is very annoying to watch.


  4. Sam Raven says:

    David is up to his old tricks! I believe more people are watching both soaps than is reported by Neilson ratings.


  5. Kate says:

    AMC is getting better. When AJ and Miranda are together I feel like I am watching a Disney movie where they are going to grow whiskers and then scurry away to nibble on cheese. I am having a very hard time getting use to them as well as Jane. I am still watching reruns of the original AMC as it winds down again. I sure do miss these actors. Watching Ryan, Greenlee, Liza, Amanda,Jake, Krystal, JR, Tad, etc. I still cry a little bit knowing it is coming to the end. Sure hope some of these actors come back. However, with the exception of AJ, Miranda, and Jane, AMC seems to be getting better each week. I would like to have more episodes per week.


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