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31 July 8th, 2013 This Week On All My Children: Key Scenes Between Bianca & Kendall! Lea Puts On The Brakes With Zach!


On today’s all-new episodes for the week of All My Children on Hulu and iTunes, the relationship status between Kendall (Thorsten Kaye)  and Zach is explored deeper with the return of Alicia Minshew (Kendall) in a some key scenes with her long-time on-screen sister, Eden Riegel (Bianca).

In those scenes, we learn somewhat what is ailing Kendall and why Bianca is there tending to her.  We also see how badly Bianca feels for her daughter Miranda, because Miranda is picked on over her mom being gay.  One of the more telling moments is when Bianca tells Kendall she should call Zach and tell him what is going on with her health.  Kendall refuses to call Zach saying they have been over for years.

Meanwhile, sexual chemistry comes to a boiling point, when Zach kisses Lea (Paula Garces) and it looks as if the two are going to have sex right in Lea’s office.  We come to learn later that Lea put on the brakes, because she still feels that Zach has feelings for Kendall, even though Zach admit he rarely communicates with Kendall unless its about their children.  Lea points out that Zach is still wearing his wedding ring, and when he is ready to move on, she will know.

So AMC fans, where you happy to see Kendall on the canvas?  Do you hope Alicia Minshew can come back on a more recurring basis to play out this storyline?  Do you want Zach to move on with Lea at this point, and you don’t care anymore if Zendall could reunite? Weigh-in and watch this week’s All My Children after the jump!

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  1. Johnny says:

    Am glad to see both Kendall and Bianca back – now they just need to add Erica Kane to the mix and maybe the show will regain some of the magic it used to have.
    Would be nice if Alicia Minshew could return even on a semi-regular basis as Kendall – Kendall can be a real pain the rear but the show needs something, every actor does their best to breathe life into rather mundane scripts, but maybe that will start to change.


  2. Tammy Kreiss says:

    She told me she would be coming on in July, & that she would love to go back for good. I am a friend/fan who would love her to be happy! For now, I can go to Prohibition in the city & say hello. She is as beautiful as she is friendly!


  3. Sandy says:

    Welcome back Kendall, you were missed. Kendall and Zach belong together with all of life’s ups-and-downs. Lea doesn’t have that chemistry nor personality to belong with Zach. Lea is too much of a “glass half empty” person. Kendall please come back for more than just a cameo appearance. Maybe you will find you miss being with the AMC family. One can only hope.


  4. su0000 says:

    It will be fun to see Kendall once again, but I have never been into that character, it is all about the hair lol
    That hair style has not budged in a decades, the make-up department needs to give her a a more prestige, look.. She needs a new hair style, even tho her hair is beautiful she needs an upgrade..
    anyways, it will be fun to see her..


  5. AbbyS. says:

    I have to disagree, Michael. There’s no sexual tension boiling over with Zach and Lea, no matter how the AMC spin machine tries to sell it. He was looking for a little nookie in the police station with his bodyguard as a way of celebrating charges being dropped, which made me think Zach resembled a sailor on shore leave rather than half of Always, Only You, but this is what AMC wants to promote. As for Kendall, I would like her to return to AMC for more than a 2 minute scene but only if AMC reverses direction here and reunites Zach and Kendall. But I didn’t take her comment as saying that they’ve been over for years. I took the fact that she doesn’t want to drag Zach into her problems, and the fact that he can’t seem to move on from Kendall, to mean they’re still very much in each other’s hearts. I would hope the new head writers would know that this is a great couple who should be reunited. And it also seems to me that episodes like this week’s AMC show why the former head writers were fired when they write Zach this way and downplay the supercouple that Zach and Kendall still are.


  6. Kate says:

    Loved seeing Kendall. I so long for the AMC that was.


  7. Tracy says:

    amazing to see AM back as Kendall, gave the show some well needed heart. She belongs in Pine Valley. Her presence is so badly missed right now, but no where greater than in Zach’s live. It’s terrible to see what they’ve done to Zendall, and how much they have isolated Zach away from his family and everything we once knew to be true about him. He clearly still loves his wife. Once you’ve seen a love story play out the way Zendall’s did, its hard enough to see it be torn down by writers who don’t understand history, but its even harder to watch Zach being forced to settle. TK and AM are magic together, and nothing else comes close. Zach shouldn’t settle. The fans shouldn’t have to settle. And AMC shouldn’t settle for anything less. Here’s hoping they wise up soon!


  8. Pav says:

    You know, if I saw sexual chemistry between Zach and lea, I’d say it. I really would. But I don’t. It feels manufactured to me instead of an organic reaction. In all honesty, the kiss was just something to get through, not enjoy.
    I’m waiting for Zach and Kendall to reunite. Please, please bring back AM’s Kendall. Reunite her with the Mahn she loves, and get rid of this unsatisfying story/relationship Zach is stuck in. I want to anticipate seeing him on screen again, not wait for it to be over. My apologies to Paula Garces, but her character is not pulling it with Zach. I wish her the best with her new addition.


  9. Lisanne says:

    I loved that Kendall returned even if it was only for a brief cameo. I hope Prospect Park is doing all they can, and more to bring Kendall back on a regular basis. Her absence leaves a huge hole on the Pine Valley canvas.
    Miranda needs her aunt Kendall who shares a common background, that of being a child of rape, to show her how to be a survivor and help her get past her history and learn that it’s who she is and not who her father was or how she came to be that makes her a strong good person. Mostly, I want Kendall back with Zach. Thorsten Kaye and Alicia Minshew are that rare and special fit on daytime that cannot be duplicated nor substituted. AMC needs them together badly, so do we.
    I do not in least bit feel anything for Lea and Zach. There is zero chemistry there. If Zach doesn’t communicate with Kendall frequently, it’s because he loves her so much it hurts too much to even hear her voice. I hope Alicia Minshew returns to breath life into AMC we need her badly.


  10. Jen says:

    Seeing Alicia Minshew again was a breath of fresh air! It is my hope that Ms. Minshew can return on a full-time basis. All My Children needs feisty, take-no-prisoners Kendall Hart Slater back on canvas now!

    As a viewer, I cannot reconcile what the audience was shown at the end of ABC’s version and the new Prospect Park version.

    Team Slater (Zach, Kendall, Spike and Ian) were happier than ever and now with a few poorly-written lines of dialog Mr. and Mrs. Slater have been “done for years.”

    This after the supercouple have been through nearly every obstacle possible, even on soaps, and have gotten stronger as a result. Thorsten Kaye, whom I have a great deal of respect, was always able to show Zach’s complete and utter devotion to his sons. Zach also interacted with the majority of Pine Valley residents as a powerful businessman.

    Now, the writers won’t even allow Zach to talk about his sons, Spike and Ian, by name. He primarily interacts with certain castmates and, in my opinion, Mr. Kaye has spectrum of acting abilities that is being sorely under utilized.

    While I am happy Prospect Park gave All My Children new life, it is hard to get enthused about what I am seeing. Mr. Kaye brought Zach Slater to life years ago with wonderfully-nuanced acting choices and I do not recognize him right now.

    It is my hope that the new writers, who have a history with the show, will find a way to bring Ms. Minshew back full time and try to make sense out of nonsense.


    lola marie replied

    “Mr. Kaye brought Zach Slater to life years ago with wonderfully-nuanced acting choices and I do not recognize him right now.”

    I so agree with you. I feel like this is a new Zach, and I don’t like him. Bring back Kendall so she can straighten him out! Alicia Minshew, we need you!


  11. Elisabeth says:

    I’ll take Alicia Minshew and Kendall as much as I can get them, but I certainly hope that means a MUCH more recurring, even regular, basis. Seeing her today was wonderful, but not nearly enough. And yes, I want her and Zach to reunite. Their story is nowhere near finished, and they obviously still love each other very deeply.


  12. Chris says:

    Was happy to see Kendall /Alicia. But I want more than just a cameo. I want her back permanently and reunited with Zach. They are the reason I started to watch AMC . I miss seeing seeing family time with Spike and Ian. I am never going to believe that Zach is ok with not seeing the boys. I don’t believe for one minute that Kendall would ok with it either. This is not the Zach and Kendall I remember and I am hoping that there will be changes made to rectify this.


  13. JEM says:

    I NEVER got the appeal of Zach And Kendall whatsoever. They were never shown falling in love, and the media hailed them as a supercouple before they ever even were one. I love Alicia and Kendall, but I always preferred her with Ryan. Even Aidan before the show trashed his character for no reason. I would rather have Kendall on the show than Zach. Much like Michael Easton and his multiple ABC characters who go nowhere, that‘s how I view Thorsten and his rotating ABC roles. It‘s not that I mind his acting, I just don‘t “get“ the point or appeal of his characters.


    Kathy replied

    I’m surprised that anyone could not see Zendall falling in love. I truly felt they had the best slow burn in soap history –one that had me rushing home each day so excited to see what Zendall would do next . I totally respect your opinion but wish you could have enjoyed that amazing story line like I did


    Elisabeth replied

    I had to scratch my head over this one, too. They spent most of 2005 falling in love and trying to fight it. Their chemistry was–and still is–off the charts. It was one of those love stories that had me hating Fridays. I get that Zach and Kendall isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but AMC definitely showed the two of them falling in love.

    Joliefan Forever replied

    Yes they did I agree! I loved watching them falling in love and trying to say that it was nothing more than a “business arrangement”! Thorston and Alicia knock it out of the ball park as Mr and Mrs Zach Slater!! LOVE THEM!!! Not quite sure where she got his rotating roles on ABC he only played 2 characters for “ABC” Patrick Thornhart and Zach Slater, 2 characters completely different from each other and IMHO Zach is a WAY BETTER character than Boring OLD Patrick LMAO!

  14. Mary says:

    Great to see Alicia, Kendall Slater has been missed. Sorry, I am not seeing any type of chemistry between Zach and lee. She is boring and TK looks bored.
    I hope PP can get Alicia back full time.


  15. Susan says:

    Definitely glad to see Alicia and want her back in Pine Valley reunited with Zach. Soaps are defined by Supercouples and none better than Zendall. I’ll start clicking on once Zendall is together again. Until then I’m not interested in watching Zach in the current storyline.


  16. Kristen says:

    I’ll be honest, I tuned AMC off the day after the first episode aired of the new show. It was not the AMC that I remember and I had little interest in watching. I’ve kept up with summaries of the shows to see if anything interested me….it hasn’t. What will? A permanent return of Alicia Minshew as Kendall and the revelation that this separation between Zach and Kendall is bogus. Zach’s family means the world to him. In no way shape or form would he chose the casinos over them. At the end of AMC on ABC, we saw Zach doing everything he could to sell the casinos and keep his family out of danger…yet these writers do the exact opposite? It’s clear they do not have a clue who Zach Slater is and what he stands for. Zach and Kendall are the best supercouple on AMC. Thorsten and Alicia are pure gold together. With a return of Alicia / Kendall, the real Zach, and a reunion of Zendall, I’ll tune back into AMC in a heartbeat.


  17. carla says:

    Getting better and better .Ericka come back and claim ur man dimitri before he hooks up with brooke.


  18. Kathy says:

    So thrilled to see Kendall and what I want more than anything is her back full time and reunited with Zach and their boys.


  19. Laura says:

    AMC needs Alicia back full time and not just that small cameo that was shown. AMC is just not the same without Kendall in it.

    As for Zach having chemistry with Lea there is none. No matter how much the writers try to push Lea and Zach as a couple it just not going to work. Heck a blow up doll has more brains and life in it than the character Lea. She makes me turn off the show whenever she is on.

    AMC needs to get Zendall back together again. Zendall is the only couple that was in the top ten if not the top 5 on a weekly bases for well over 5 years for AMC and Zendalls chemistry was off the charts.


  20. SteveS says:

    Zach has 1000x more chemistry with Lea than he ever did with Kendall! For the last several years on ABC, Zach looked bored in that forced pairing. I’m glad Alicia made her appearance to explain Bianca’s absence and now Kendall can remain off the canvas while Zach moves on with Lea.

    I do hope Erica returns around the time Miranda learns of her paternity, though, so we can see how the Erica/Kendall relationship shaped Bianca’s decisions and hopefully that will play out in contrast to Cassandra most likely having an abortion in a similar circumstance. Only on soaps can this type of complex storytelling exist!


  21. Janice says:

    I was very happy to see Alicia Minshew (as brief as it was) playing our Kendall Hart Slater. AMC needs Alicia/Kendall back and reunited with Zach (and of course the boys). The chemistry between Thorsten and Alicia is amazing, and cannot be duplicated with anyone currently trying to play a new love interest for him. I was very disappointed that they are divorced (I had so hoped it was a ruse to keep his family safe), so hopefully the new writers will have them back together very soon. Zach would never stay away from his boys, let alone Kendall (and she worked along side him through other dangers, such as the Satin Slayer story — so I’m not buying that they went their separate ways due to the danger that Zach is in. Plus, our Zach would never chose danger over his family). Always only Zendall for this fan/viewer. Go Team Slater!


  22. Ann says:

    Loved seeing Kendall back on AMC. PP needs to pull out all the stops to get Alicia back on a regular basis. We need Zach and Kendall back together!!!!!!


  23. Deb6 says:

    When I know Kendall/Alicia Minshew is coming back, I will watch AMC again. I want Zen reunited and with their boys.


  24. Susan says:

    Loved seeing Kendall come. Really enjoying watching the show. I like the way the older characters ate being brought back. Would be great if Erica and tad came back.


  25. RitaC says:

    I loved seeing Kendall again. I can’t wait for her to sign on so I can see her back full time.
    I can’t stand Zach with Lea. They have no chemistry together. It’s so obvious Zach is still in love with Kendall and always will be, and she with him.

    It’s time to turn this show a round before we lose all viewers.



  26. jas says:

    Where are the Castillos? Where is Jordi? You just dropped that ball abruptly. This is some team of writers. Did you pull them in off a picket line or what. Maybe they came from where old writers go to die. They are most definitely not of the caliber that AMC writers were when they were on TV. Not even the 2nd team. Just a bunch of rookies trying to find their way.


  27. Peggy Sue says:

    The only good thing about the new AMC is the veteran actors. They are great! BUT. the rest is so disappointing! Bad casting. Bad acting. And most of all bad writers. I am an avid fan and was fortunate enough to record 580 episodes of the last 3 years. I watch them instead of the new one. Hate the raw edges and bad language. Worst casting is Colby! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? They brought her back as a mean diva that looks like a street walker with all that ugly hair. Natalie Hall was fab in every way for that part. JR casting. No. No other than the original. Oh how I miss the real thing. The writers were amazing and actors fantastic all. Very sad! :(


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