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61 August 21st, 2017 THIS WEEK ON DAYS: A Shocking Confession, Two Proposals, And A Doppelgänger Trap!


NBC’s Days of our Lives is bringing the drama this week as several storylines take a significant turn!

According to the latest promo, John (Drake Hogestyn) is lured into a trap by Hattie (Deidre Hall), and instead of saving Marlena (Hall) from the loony bin, he gets a straight-jacket of his own!

Meanwhile, Abby (Marci Miller) and Chad (Billy Flynn), and Paul (Christopher Sean) and Sonny (Freddie Smith) both have several touching moments as both couples may be set to wed.

Finally, in a shocker, Brady (Eric Martsolf) is in for a surprise when Nicole (Arianne Zucker) blurts out that she is Deimos’ (Vincent Irizarry) killer! But is she?

Watch the teaser after the jump, and let us know which story you are most intrigued by in the comment section below!

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  1. Mary SF says:

    As someone who has spend time in a Mental Health Unit the term loony bin is not so much offensive as outdated– there are some slang word and labels that should be retire- Mr. Fairman is aware of those pertaining to homosexuality, so too with those who suffer mental health problems— this is not PC gone a muck but rather society adjusting to a more informed time in history– yes this is only a soap site, but still, Loony Bin? Surely the writer of the article can use the correct term without damaging the point of the article

    Okay with that said I am looking forward to this week on Days– We all know AZ has left the show, but for her character Nicole I truly hope this isn’t the way they are writing her out. I would like the character Nicole to have a happy ending, leaving Salem with daughter Holly– so I hope she isn’t the killer, but this is just yet another red herring–


    Suzie rm replied

    Thank you! My son has been in mental health facilities on several occasions. I find this very offensive.
    Please use some sensitivity


    Jimh replied

    Mary…i like your idea of Tyler coming on as Stephano…but how about Theo(Andre taking both parts with a little added make up)…or why cant a woman posing as his unknown twin-Stephino-lol


    Jimh replied

    Mary i too spent time in a mental health facilities after suffering a nervous breakdown 20 years ago…i am also in outpatient care for depression, anxiety and panic attacks and bipolar disorder…i try not to let too much bother me…someone on another now defunct soap site where someone who disliked my comments about a certain soap actress i was defending …called me a nut case who belonged in a nut house-i told them i rather be their than where they belonged!…


    su0000 replied

    hey Jimh..
    next time tell them-
    Me? in a ”nut-house” ha no way I prefer the looney-bin the decor and food is much better. Which one did you prefer?

    ( humor is your best weapon .. :)

    mfarris70 replied

    ITA. These outmoded terms need to be retired. I’m still surprised at how casually they are used on soaps, especially GH.


    Shay replied

    Well, with the exception of Laura’s catatonia, the entire concept of mental illness has always been considered a complete joke on GH, so why would the facility in which patients are treated be regarded with any respect? When one sees the likes of “inmates” like Heather, Franco and Fluke literally running the “asylum” with their assorted mirthful and malevolent hijinks, of course, the terms “nuthouse” and “loony bin” are highly befitting. But I seriously doubt any of us who watch these OTT characters confuse them with those suffering real-life ailments of the mind…or would express the actual institutions in which they reside as being anything but a serious and necessary place of solace and relief from whatever demons they are facing. It’s simply the use of different terms that separate fact and fiction, and I truly don’t believe that there is any offense meant by people when they refer to these soap sanitariums in such a colorful manner.

    janet replied

    I don’t think anyone is trying to hurt you. The people they are talking about are NOT real. I have visited my friend in one, and we would never want to hurt anyone. As for Nicole, I agree 100 %. I want to see her leave happy, take the baby and go. I would like it to be with Brady, but I would hate to see him lose his job. Sadly I have seen plots from Re-Ron and I hold no hope. Let the murderer be someone evil, not Nicole. I have watched all this baby story, have become a Nicole fan, and want to see her win.


    Mary SF replied

    I wasn’t hurt nor offended, I was merely pointing out to the author of this article they wouldn’t use the N word to describe black characters, nor would they use the F word to describe homosexual characters, therefore real or not, the use of the term loony bin to describe a place where people with a mental illness go to seek treatment is outdated.

    Mental illness is like any other illness and those who suffer it from it should be given understanding not mocking. And that was my point, there are other terms that would make the author’s point and if only one person reading this now has the awareness that some terms outlive their usefulness I have done what I set out to do.

    And yes finger crossed RC will give Nicole a happy exit– been a fan of the character since came onto to the canvas–will miss the character greatly once she is gone.

  2. Mo says:

    I’d like to know who killed Deimos so we can then move on. It will be interesting to see Marlena and John together in the sanitarium.


    Mo replied

    And good to see Chad and Abby reunite.


  3. Jimh says:

    I did mention Nicole as the killer because the actress is leaving the show…i suppose Sonny and Paul are getting married and its Sami who stops it and announces Will is alive???


    Jimh replied

    But maybe she isnt???…maybe the returning Stephano is to blame?…if they are just going to show Stephano’s hand i would like to see Hand’s Newman-ex Y&R get the part-lol


    Jimh replied

    If Stuart Damon was still acting and not retired i think he is the only actor who could be J.M. s replacement as Stephano if the character is really coming back…however, i did hear only his hand will be shown.

    Mary SF replied

    I was kinda hoping Tyler Christoper will be a cloned younger version of Stephano- RC is the type of writer to try to pull something like that off– I know JM is irreplaceable but still if we are going with the clone it really wouldn’t be the same character– oh well a girl can dream can’t she?

    Elite Advisors replied

    Mary SF… I was thinking maybe Tyler was the new EJ?


    Patrick replied

    i’m just so excited to see Tyler Christopher back on our screens.

    it’s all in the rumour mill

    he’s capable of :

    Alexander Kiriakis
    Ej DiMera
    Nickolas Alamaine

    WOW… for starters I’d love it if he was Nickolas Alaimaine..because the chemistry with Louise Sorel… @DAYS KEEP Viviane on forever… that this would be a great part

    EJ would be fascinating -

    Alexander Kiriakis – is he one of the adopted sons? it could explain his age difference with Sonny. just give him time with John Anniston Victor.

    what if he’s Peter Blake ?

    so much REEL is on the horizon. welcome welcome welcome Mr. Christopher

    ChanderFan replied

    I’m kinda hoping (but it won’t happen) that what with all the many doppelgängers on this show (including Rafe’s doppelgänger) that it will turn out that Will’s entire recast was a secret doppelgänger all along.

    It would be great (but it won’t happen) if Marlena and John discover that the “real” Will is locked up in the padded room next to theirs, and has been held captive there for the past couple years.

    It would make a more interesting story (but it won’t happen) if Marlena and John bring back the “real” Will, who never got married to Sonny, never slept with Paul (never even met Paul), and never “cheated on” Sonny with some random guy in Los Angeles.

    It would be interesting to watch Will’s angry reaction to learn that neither Sonny nor any of his loved blood relatives (other than perhaps Sami) knew his nature well enough to see through his Doppelgänger’s deception, realizing that he wasn’t the “real” Will.

    That won’t happen either, but could have made a more compelling story than what I’m actually expecting we’ll actually see unfold.

    I, however, would be perfectly okay with thinking that it’s an evil Doppelgänger who’s buried under Will’s tombstone.

    Likewise, I’m also perfectly okay imagining the delusion that everything that’s happened since Will’s recast was merely a pepperoni-induced nightmare dream, while the “real” Will and Sonny are living happily in Paris with Ariana Grace.


    Patrick replied

    it was a surprising twist on Angelica having that heart attack… thereby limiting the caricature (s) , if you will, and seeing both Hattie and Bonnie step up to the plate , on how THEY will deal with the outcome.

    Bonnie was LOL FUN on Friday ep: as she told Angelica… “come and get it, bitch”

    so… at least with Angelica down … this gives us more acting prose and choice scenes for both Deidre and Judi. I say good for them… since they’ve done this before… it’s been easier to “swallow” . Bonnie and Hattie are both likeable enough characters

    Bonnie really gave the riot act before Angelica dropped. like how Bonnie cared about Lucas. he was so funny with that little pig snort.

    Bryan Dattilo- hip hip hooray.
    Judi Evans – she’s going to be nominated and WIN next years best supporting.
    Deidre Hall – nice stretch of the wings their. you’ve got the handsome Drake Hogestyn. Love you bunches and bunches John Black.

    it’s great fun listening to the dialogue… Ron Carlivati “thank you for the humor”

    Patrick replied

    PROP TIME – Bryan Dattilo

    he goes to see his mother.. and wants to nip it in the bud, so to speak

    Kate : you are fired from countess wilemina… this is “tough love”

    Lucas shoots back : ” do you know any other kind ”

    geez louise – catches you doesn’t it

  4. Drake says:

    For the first time in about a decade Days is on the right track. Please keep this momentum going!


  5. Jimh says:

    The first Doppelganger story i believe happened on Edge Of Night involving Phil Capice in the early 1960′s…forget why these criminals had the original Phil replaced but i know it was much better done than today’s versions…back then Phil’s wife Louise told her father Winston that her husband would not ‘retire’ with her for the night(couldn’t say go to bed back then)…that’s because the impostors face may look like the real Phil’s face but the criminals and the guy posing as Phil knew the rest of his body didn’t look like the real Phil’s…so to make all less suspicious a car accident was staged to badly bang up the impostors body so no one would notice the difference…luckily, he wasn’t killed or the whole plot would go down the drain…then Phil’s wife Louise was set up to look like she killed the impostor…Edge always had the best clever stories and plot twists…cant find writers like that anymore…i wish the entire series had survived the wiping process…i know several dozen episodes from the 50′s to the early 70′s survived the wiping process and a few of them can be privately screen at the Paley Center but many of us will never get to see them…Procter and Gamble has a few including the 1970 Whitney party episode and a couple others…another place(4get) also owns some of the kinescopes in their archives but not for public viewing i believe!


    Steve Griggs replied

    “The Edge of Night” was written for many years by Henry Slesar who also wrote mystery novels and many of Alfred Hitchcock’s TV episodes. His “EON” stories were just as prolific as the equally unforgettable episodes of another soap – “Dark Shadows” – that hooked me on soaps back in the mid 1960′s.


    Jimh replied

    In a way Dark Shadows did start out like a mystery soap somewhat like Edge with the mysterious disappearance of Liz’s husband,Burke being framed for a crime he didnt commit and who killed Bill Malloy plot…but the show was nearly cancelled until it was turned into a supernatural/horror soap…i have dolls made of several characters from the show…i sure miss both soaps…im happy DC saved the DS episodes…if only Edge had done the same and saved theirs!

    Dishy replied

    Thank god Dark Shadows’ ENTIRE series is available on DVD. I rewatch it over and over year after year – in dribs and drabs. Those stories still hold up today!

    Francesca Bruno replied

    You bring back many memories of days gone by, jimh.
    Those were the days.

    Having said that, I hate that Ari is leaving after so many years. Hard to lose such a beautiful familiar face. I do hope she leaves free and clear with her baby.

    I am not enjoying the doppelgänger stories at all.
    Now John will also be in restraints at the institution? Not conducive to suspense or good drama.


    Shay replied

    My first memories of soap doppelgangers were Grant Putnam/Andrei Chernin on GH and later, Days’ Tony/Andre DeMera….now they seem so commonplace that they’ve rather lost their impact…especially with all that masked nonsense Ron C. implemented on GH.


    Jimh replied

    ya…the doubles stories have run their course.Days did a good one back in the 70s but it involved the actress’s real life twin who played her twin on the show…back in the 60s Dark Shadows did doppelgangers too but those were fun..i watch British soap Coronation Street and i never see them do doppelgangers…its a little more down to earth…however, my Corrie is getting a bit over run by criminals…

    Tomas Torquemada replied

    jimh, glad to see some love for Coronation Street. I’m on the Canadian border and see it on Canadian TV.

    So well written and well paced! No flashbacks, no SORAS, no 1% Richie Ritches, no Uber Villains with multiple islands unlimited henchpeople and money. Its a half hour with twice cast of any US soap. Large ensemble scenes each episodes so everyone works and at least half the cast has a storyline. No lingering, stories get wrapped up in no more three months so if you don’t like something you aren’t tortured by a full year of Sonny saying Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan.

    Now if they could finally prosecute Pat Phelan for murder it would be perfect!


  6. Eric Buchanan says:

    Well NBC Sucks! Unlike Y&R and GH which were preempted today. NBC decided to show DAYS, then after 14 minutes, in the middle of Nicole’s flashback, cut to Lester Holt, then interviews with LOSERS in a field in Oregon to get their feelings about the eclipse. I watch NOTHING on NBC except local news an DAYS, and after today will boycott WAVY news . Please post a complete description of the episode so us on the East Coast know what happened on THE MOST IMPORTANT EPISODE OF DAYS THIS YEAR!!!


    Mo replied

    It didn’t air as scheduled in my area. It was on another NBC channel, but of course DVR didn’t record that because it wasn’t labeled as Days. I think NBC should not have shown Days at all.


    4ever DAYS replied

    Download the app at where each episode is put up at night.


    Patrick replied

    i’m going to have to start doing this. danged it tho… my time with this show is now top shelf.

    I watch the local news and national news plus … I don’t need my show constantly interrupted

    thank you God… Abs and Chad are one .

    Mo replied

    Thanks for the info.

    Patrick replied

    three things that happened on the 8/21 ep

    John got trapped with the real Marlena in her padded cell

    Nicole confessed to killing Deimos to Brady….

    Sonny proposed to Paul.


  7. Judy says:

    wow is getting good cant white for the next show to begin


  8. dmr says:

    These cartoonish antics certainly sound like Ron’s writing…


  9. nicholas says:

    days of our lives is finally must see tv again ! thrilled to bits with the stories . a friend of mine as well as a work colleague of mine had given up on the show altogether but they have been watching the show again and they are watching it everyday as well .


  10. nicholas says:

    i have been busy trying to convince friends , work colleagues to watch the show or tune in again . we should all do the same .


  11. Chaz says:

    Nicole better not be the killer. For AZ to leave by going to prison and not getting her child back would suck.


  12. Patrick says:

    My “Days”

    1. Lucas, my man : as soon as you took that shot… I immediately started welling up. is this the long promised story arc ? well, it grabbed on to me. it was a nice touch to see Chloe back on the scene.

    2. Abe, my man : the look Theo shot back at him was so piercing… ( Abe is telling him he cannot “work” with or be with the DiMera ) this is close to the heart. dag! as he told Theo… I wish your mom was here. Theo tells his dad he’d do it all over again… acknowledging he is a DiMera. i’m so in love with Abe and his new family. Abe / Valerie / Eli / Lani / Theo. + Julie for good measure.

    3. Kate and Andre : NOT a good thing when these two are on the outs. as posted ; this is where ALL the fun is to be had . ( OK i’ll add in a lot of Judi Evans as Bonnie, and a sprinkling of Hattie ) BUT … when Kate and Andre are on.. this is where the sophistication rises and the wit is doled out. I love this pair. comedic timing + drama

    doesn’t Roman deserve a story line… even if its rehashed “Hattie / Marlena ” I like how he’s a strong advocate of Marlena and John marriage.

    what is going on with Abe ? as Deimos told the SPD he would name a co conspirator of the dirty money laundering ? and Abe is arrested ?

    this would never happen in a million years ?

    i’ll throw in that Nicole would never do any thing to affect her losing her daughter . I think this is a black mailing scheme. by whom ? I do not know. I certainly want Eric back on this show for a long long time. so, for Brady to have found the amulet in Eric room ? is he protecting Nicole ?

    it’s great tune IN to Salem


    Patrick replied

    if looks could kill… I LOVE how Valerie … even if Eli is her son… that she stood by Abe. she was asked to take off that necklace and earrings … for evidence ? anyway… it was great that even tho Eli is her son… she also loves Abe. Man… nice turn


    Boop replied

    I agree , Patrick. It was a great scene!

    Mo replied

    Dario, not Deimos.


    Patrick replied

    I’m hoping Mr. Michael Fairman new website includes an “edit”

    Patrick replied

    Andre : ( after Kate gives him a lesson )

    ” enjoy your power trip, for now, Mrs. DiMera, because this will end… soon ”

    scintillating stuff


    just not for long, I hope

    when these two are on the same page. watch out Salem.. they are just stoking the fire (s) the denizen of Salem are easy fodder.

    add in Kristen

    heck; add in Vivian Alamaine and Nickolas Alamaine. this town just upped the ante : Sophistication wit and check mate back on track

    assuming Tyler Christopher is Nickolas Alamaine. WOW


    Boop replied

    I love Andre and Kate’s scenes ; even though I can’t stand Kate.

    Tomas Torquemada replied

    So much of what you said I agree with.

    I love the Kate/Roman tease! They were so great together before getting separated in the Salem Serial killer storyline. (naturally their union meat Lucas was Roma’s son in law and stepson simultaneously!!!)

    I love a good twin storyline. It was looking like an episode of PINKY AND THE BRAIN with Morgan Fairchild as the Brain saddled with two Pinkies. I’m loving DOOL.

    Ron always gives the actors something to play. For too long DOOL was two ppl having coffee talking about what’s happening to other ppl. Scripts work when characters are doing something not talking about what other ppl have done. (Jennifer hasn’t had a storyline in years, she sets and talks about what other ppl are doing. Snore!)


  13. Jake Martin says:

    In Nicole’s perceived “memory” of what occurred that night, it really looked like, technically, Deimos accidentally stabbed himself while struggling with the Knife while Nicole was holding it. He sort of “lunged” into it ~ many years ago it was said that Lana Turner’s daughter was holding a Knife when her mom’s lover kind of “walked into” it – maybe they are basing this scene on something reminiscent of that event ~


    Jimh replied

    under a previous post i did say he might have killed himself


  14. Patrick says:

    Julie is visiting Abs : when Andre walks in… YIKES – wowsah – the barbs zingers start rolling.

    Julie to Andre : “look whos talking says the bottom feeder of Salem ”

    RC : one up for you… two steps back for GH


  15. Patrick says:

    O – K

    i’m a little miffed and P – O

    WOW – this show is moving

    but why, show Andre walking in to the pub and Kate and Roman are kissing ?


    it’s called good acting plus Ron Carlivati

    OK time to acknowledge the marquee : two proposals

    I’m beyond completely thrilled that Marci Walker and Billy Flynn have found ” IT ”
    I started crying and marveling that Chad and Abs are found, thriving, and exciting.

    argh! whew exhale

    Paul and Sonny: Sonny is now back to earth. I am SO excited for Christopher Sean… Paul has waited and waited SO LONG… argh! I am just as excited for this pair.. even tho knowing in the back of my mind… Will is on the horizon. WOW there is no root value for either or… it’s just danged GOOD stuff. LOVE LOVE LOVE

    tell me Chloe and Eric are not the sexiest couple who should be. dang

    hopefully with Chad and even Abs help… Andre will get his lady love… for what it is… BACK. calling Mrs. DiMera

    tell me – this show has the whole cast going ! BAM !


    Patrick replied

    it’s so funny and a little ( doggone sexy ) OK all men have to do cute some time. Roman grinning from ear to ear and playing it to the hilt… that he’s still got it.

    2 kisses in one day ! “Marlena” and Kate.

    see how fun this is when the whole cast gets to play


  16. LeeAnn says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t Deimos found dead still in his disguise ? Yet in Nicole’s flashback of her killing him, he was not in the disguise ?? Hmmm


    Mo replied

    Strange. Didn’t see Monday’s ep so I didn’t notice that.


  17. dmr says:

    I watched a little of today’s episode (Wednesday, 8/23) and the only character/part that I found interesting was Lucas. I liked his interaction with Kate when he went to the DiMera mansion and Kate found out that he had been drinking. As much as I like Chad, I can’t stomach NuAbigail. Kate is right, she is a Damsel that constantly needs saving. I find nothing appealing about the actress or the character. In my opinion, the couple has zero chemistry.


    Mo replied

    I really liked nuAbby at first, then not so much. Hopefully things will improve with new writer.


    ChanderFan replied

    Gotta agree with both of you. Every time I see nuAbby on the screen, my first thought is, “wait, who is that? oh yeah, right, that’s SUPPOSED TO BE Abby.”

    I must say that as much as I liked Casey Deidrick as Chad, it’s still a pleasure to watch Billy Flynn in that role, too, as he gives the character a likeable depth and a more caring demeanor to Chad.

    Billy Flynn appears to have enough range that he could have made a good fit as a recast for almost any of the male characters on the show. I get the impression that Billy Flynn easily could have taken on the re-cast of Will, morphing Will into a wonderful and delightful new version of the character.


  18. blake says:

    Good make Nicole the killer and haul her off. I’m so ready for her to go. We at least need a long break, like we’ve had with Sami.


    Patrick replied

    I agree. especially with Sami. it’s like a whole new arena is opening up. these two leading ladies brought every thing.

    as her last days are winding down… it’s kinda like last chance to see Eric and Nicole grasping at what was. DANG IT.. Greg Vaughan is magic. simple as that.

    as I read in SOD… Eric is still fighting his attraction. I just think it’s a lot of retread as Nicole, after Deimos, already starting sleeping with Brady,. and all fans have always wanted was something with Eric.

    any way…. Eric smolders with every one.

    Nicole.. never really had a family. she did it her way

    so now that she has Hollie… which is always what I’ve ever wanted for Nicole. since she has no immediate family… she and Hollie can venture off in to the world with all of Nicole experiences…. and Daniels ghost.

    let me tell you… it’s so good that this show moved on without HIM.

    I can’t thank Ari Zucker and Ali Sweeney enough for carrying this show.


  19. Patrick says:

    I truly am seeing a newfound LOVE… Marci Miller and Billy Flynn have captured their magic.

    it’s been so much fun watching their hospital visits… as they BOTH anticipate each other… with their knowing looks, smiles, laughs, and just responding in love.

    I see it
    I want it

    kudos to Abs and Chad.

    Billy Flynn astounds…. like I said so long ago… when he looks @… he totally engulfs


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