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20 June 18th, 2012 THIS WEEK on DAYS: Lexie Dies! – How will Abe, Theo, EJ & the rest of Salem deal with the loss?


Soap fans will all need grief counseling by the time this is over!  This week on Days of our Lives, Lexie dies in Abe’s arms and that means it is time for us to say our goodbyes to the wonderful Renee Jones  (Lexie),  who has done an exceptional job with her final storyline.  But we hear that Lexie will also appear as a ghost to Abe and Theo to help them in their time of grief.

Are you ready for the final episodes?  Who do you think will take Lexie’s death the hardest, Abe, Theo, EJ, the citizens of the town of Salem? Or, you, the loyal fans of Days of our Lives who have watched Renee as Lexie for almost 20 years?

Now after the jump watch this week’s promo from NBC on Days of our Lives, and yes, grab the hankies, fast!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    It’s going to be so sad! Renee and James have done an excellent job with this story. I remember back when Renee came on as Nikki, then later came on as Lexie. She’ll be missed.


  2. Blake says:

    Oh man that looks sad. But glad she died out with Abe instead of a hospital! Glad the actress suggested that.


  3. ethel says:

    glad that i wlll dvr the eppy – don’t think i can get thru it in one sitting – i’ll have to watch it a little bit at a time……………


  4. Sandra says:

    I will miss Lexie so much. Days won’t be the same without her. Renee did a wonderful job. I’m still bummed about Stefano dying before Lexie.. i would have loved to see him grief over his beautiful Alexandra. No doubt a powerful & heartfelt performance. I wish Renee all the best! Rest in peace Lexie. You’ll always be a part of Days!


  5. Derrick says:

    Very sad week for DAYS!!


  6. Michael says:

    I am not looking forward to June 20th. That is Renee Jones’ last air date. And you better believe I’ll have my tissues ready!


  7. Iakovos says:

    This story has been told well, but tghis is an actress and character that will be missed. Always felt Lexie and Abe were moral compasses, bases of reality, for the show, not caught up too deeply as others in Salem in DOOL’s trademark more outlandish spinning of tales. Abe’s life after Lexie is fodder for very compelling storytelling. Let’s hope the new writing team can do something with that. We all experience loss and it is difficult, hence a built-in connection for a special plot.


  8. RJ4 says:

    Renee Jones/Lexi did a great job with this storyline/role. I always liked Renee/Lexie. She was always a breath of fresh air in the show. I thought her scenes with EJ were always very good. She was the voice of reason. She will be missed. This is too sad.


  9. carly fan 2 says:



  10. carly fan 2 says:



  11. TS says:

    One of the best characters Days has. I will def miss Lexie character more than Bo… the writing for Bo over the last ten years just has been soooo baaadd… I am not at all affected by Bo(Peter) leaving the show.


    Faye Rosenberg replied

    Bo is leaving the show? Why???


  12. MBmomof3 says:

    :’( Lexie will be missed.


  13. Patrick says:

    “Lexie dies in Abe’s ARMS”…. Sad, Beautiful, Well Executed.

    thought provoking… an endearing, enchanting… individual…. you can hear Stefano… saying, her name….. “Alexandra”… that spoke volumes…

    Abe’s resolute demeanor…. a part of him gone… missing…

    it’s high quality stuff…. Renee Jones…. Take care… THANK YOU… Sincerely.


    david replied

    Yes, everything you said–very moving and well executed. I have only been watching Days since OLTL ended, but this storyline and the fine acting really got to me. I had a family member die recently and I didn’t get to say good-bye. The loss of Lexie and Renee is a painful loss for all of us. Wonderful characters and acting like this are the heart and soul of good soaps. Renee will be missed.


  14. elizabeth obrian says:

    i am very sad for lexie gone, i will alway miss her alots. i love her so much. betty obrian


  15. PAUL WILLIAMS says:

    I saw the preview just a moment ago, that will be so sad to see Abe lose Lexie like that, I mean she was his heart! That will be so sad! I will sure miss her, and Renee Jones, too! She has just been so wonderful in this role! Thank you, Renee, for all of your great work, take care, and all the best to you!


  16. MJ says:

    Thanks Renee for all the years. Nothing but the best for you in the future.


  17. Gmbenet says:

    I am very appreciative of the manner in which Days of Our Lives allowed Renee Jones to exit as Lexie. A lot of care was taken to make Lexie’s demise beautiful as well as touching. The garden was beautiful. If those flowers were real (they looked real), Days put out a lot of money just on the flowers alone! The make-up department did a nice job on Renee to make her look the part. They deserve the Emmy they just received and I hope they get one next year too for what they did on Renee.

    The acting was heartfelt too. I imagine after 20 years of working together and knowing that special time as co-workers on a soap was coming to an end, it was not hard to produce the tears when they were needed. The last scenes with Lexie were well written and executed by Renee and James Reynolds. Abe’s (James Reynolds) grief upon realizing Lexie was gone was as real as it could have been portrayed. So was Hope’s (Kristian Afonso) grief upon finding Abe holding the deceased Lexie. Bo’s (Peter Reckell) words and act of comfort for grieving Abe was right on point.

    After knowing of Renee’s exit for several months, watching Lexie die was not sad for me. I was sad when I heard Renee was leaving the show. So seeing l Lexie die was par for the course. But watching Theo and Abe together and hearing Theo ask his Dad, Abe, “What are we going to do now?” was heartwrenching. That is when I felt the absense of both Renee the actress and Lexie the character. Ouch!

    What indeed is the Days of Our Lives family going to do now? Well, the show, cast, crew and fans will go on!

    Best wishes Renee. If you ever decide to resume your acting career, come back to Days’ as Lexie’s evil twin sister! Celeste does have secrets! Stefano will need a successor!


  18. Mary says:

    Can someone please tell me the name of the song that was played when Abe and Theo were done talking and it showed several pictures of Lexie as it was playing. The words that really stick in my mind are “one last wish or one more wish”. I thought that song was absolutely beautiful. I would really like to know the name of it please. Thank You


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