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19 March 30th, 2015 THIS WEEK ON DAYS: Will’s Fling With Paul Is Made Public & A Paternity Secret Revealed!


This week on NBC’s Days of our Lives, during Will (Guy Wilson) and Sonny’s (Freddie Smith) anniversary party, things don’t go as planned, in fact they go very wrong!

“Scandal” is the name of the game when Will’s tryst with Paul (Christopher Sean) becomes public, thanks to a nosy reporter inciting Will and causing the party to go south.  And meanwhile, the truth of Paul’s paternity is about to come out!

Marlena (Deidre Hall) confronts Will and wants answers on his behavior, and what he is doing using Paul’s paternity against him and his mother, Tori (Hira Ambrosino)

Watch this week’s promo for DAYS after the jump! Then weigh-in, how do you think this whole scenario will play out? Will Paul be reunited with his bio-dad? Will this be the final nail in the coffin between Sonny and Will? Are PaulSon set to rekindle their formerly abridged love story?  Comment below!

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  1. CeeCee says:

    A paternity secret? Obvious! There are two possibilities.
    1) John Black is Paul’s father.
    2) Kristen comes back with Brady’s and Theresa’s baby.
    The blood that was taken from Theresa was put on ice, as was Brady’s. When the time comes for Kristen to prove that she is, indeed, the baby’s mother, she will utilize Theresa’s vial of blood for proof. The same will apply to Brady. The vial will come handy just in case he is not the father. Kristen cannot be 100% positive that the baby is Brady’s. But, his blood from the vial will prove he is, even if he really is not the father. Whew…did I make my point? What a mouthful…type-ful, I should say.


  2. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    This is Days best storyline right now—but once everything is revealed including the paternity—Paul Black or Paul Dimera—Kristen better be around the corner because the other stories are a snooze—whats with the woman with a secret plotline—first Jordan had a mystery which is still a mystery to me—Melanie had a gambling secret and the writers gambling on this story had no big payoff—Serena and the elephant statues were a big flop—3 strikes and your ‘OUT’ Days but the Sonny/Will/Paul storyline hits a home run!!!


    CeeCee replied

    Hi, jimh.
    Do you think that when the truth comes out about Brady’s and Theresa’s baby, Brady will want to , romantically speaking, renew his relationship with Theresa? Will this revelation change ‘things’?
    I hope do…..Brady and Melanie just don’t jive for me.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I think they will eventually get together but later not sooner—both act like jerks—they are made for each other but if and when they do get together it wont last long!!!

  3. Laura says:

    ~John being Paul dad is horrible, .Their is so much great potential in who JohnBlack really is.They better have way more secrets and half truths to be revealed before Days50….then I might find this plot twist acceptable.!!! OKAY so the baseball side is a bit cute, I am happy Drake gets to play that part, but it’s fairly shallow given all that the character of John has gone through with Carrie, Eric, sami, Brady & Belle as a DAD. So he had an affair long before he was the pawn….or was he duped by Stefano and slept with some meaningless woman while under Stefano control??? I can’t buy it really being Tori, IMO…she just isn’t John Black type~


    CeeCee replied

    I think that’s what probably happened, Laura. John could have bee crazed under Stefano’s control and raped a Tori?. Maybe?……???


    Patrick replied

    aside from using DH’ John Black for filler… and helping his character along
    (since his last several returns)

    this is his first “real” story line… : oy! I couldn’t believe it, his first return… of the last 2… when it seemed like they were going to revisit John and Princess Gina… ????

    LOL seriously?

    meshing a veteran with a newbie… and the best going right now of all the 4 soaps… Paul Narita… is on par noteworthy

    giving Paul Narita a newfound family in the best sense of the word… John and Marlena. I’m more excited for the fallout and traverse with John and Marlena

    Paul and Sonny will find their way back

    perhaps… if this should come to pass…. and Will leaves once again for hollywood to be with mom and family…. till a recast happens

    things couldn’t be looking better for : John, Marlena, Paul, Tori… and the whole rest of the cast connected to

    what if Tori and Abe or Roman spark

    anyway : back to your original comment… I think the DAYS production won’t be writing any thing for JB any time soon… so to have him immersed with the Will/Sonny/Paul storyline just adds … adds… and re adds…

    YES !

    for some John and Marlena however it hapens


    Patrick replied

    I will add …

    i agree with: I wouldn’t have thought John and Tori would have any thing in common


    assuming Paul is in and around 25 years old

    Johns seed being 25 years younger… is just that?

    dang I loved him when Eileen Davidson first exploded on the scene… 17 years ago ?

    I loved how Marlena in her own way… the pillar of sanctity… ( NO WHERE near as bad as Jennifer Horton) at least on Johns last return… she gave him the heave ho… LOL

    I was happy for her character

    this is the most involved storyline… in eons or ever? of this decade or 21st century

    if Kayla was spotlighted… there you go… without question…. she’d reign supreme


    Patrick replied

    Eileen Davidson starred in the role of her life


    22 years ago

    Drake Hogestyn… was alive the bomb sexy and ALL that and thee bag of chips


    Laura replied

    Can’t stand Eileen character on days but she’s find as AA on YR, I never could like Kristen from day one!! I am, have been and will always be JUST a John and Marlena girl myself.This goes back to their romance when she thought he was Roman.. THE CUTEST ROMANCE in days history., with still unanswered question IMO…So it’s really no surprise that I hate Drake/Roman/John with all those other women. Kristen, Isabella, Diana. .All of them. The closest I could have ever like Drake chemistry wise,and the cuteness factor thrown in was with was Lori Hallier(Yvette Dupres (I989) When he was still Roman. Speaking of Roman, I loved Wayne Northrup as Roman Brady, he’s the guy i really started watching days for. HOWEVER Drake sold me long ago as Roman. Roman/John and Marlena I am totally with DH and DH ONSCREEN storytale romance, I was long ago…BUT at least we can agree on this one small detail…John can’t really be Paul father.e Story they are trying to tell now is a BEST RIGHT NOW half assed!!!

  4. Marko says:

    I must admit it is much easier to hate Will since Guy Wilson took over. He is not the Will Horton that Chandler Massey was. Will cannot take responsibility for the fact that he cheated on Sonny and is blaming everyone else for his mistake. He needs to grow up and face the consequences of his actions. Besides, I like Sonny with Paul and would like to see these characters get together and see where it leads.


    CeeCee replied

    I have been saying this for months and months and months, Marko, ad nauseam. Thank you…someone else sees what I see. This guy (Will) needs to gooooo……….


    dmr replied

    Guy Wilson has always played Will ad nauseam to me. When I heard that the character was going to California with his narcissistic mother to film her lifetime movie, I was thrilled. I was hoping Guy Wilson was leaving the show. I fast forward through his temper tantrums and whining.


    jaybird369 replied

    Marko…can I please join your club (or whatever)…L-O-L!!!!! I (also) H-A-T-E CurrentWill…YUCKY-VILLE ALL THE WAY…O-K-A-Y?!?!? Here’s why I CANNOT STAND HIM…

    1. As far as I’m concerned, CurrentWill looks like and acts like an overgrown 9th Grader…EWWWWW!!!!!
    2. More and more, the sound of CurrentWill’s voice and his facial expressions A-L-O-N-E are stupid, dorky and EVEN MORE ANNOYING…ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!
    3. Most of all, acting-wise and all, that Guy Wilson kid is N-O Chandler Massey…NOT EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE TO IT!!!!! Nope.

    Marko…take care and have a good one. Peace.


  5. CM says:

    Will Horton = The New Sami Brady. #TeamPaul on this one.


    Llanviewer717 replied

    I haven’t watched Days that long. But, when Will ran into the apartment, threw down his bag and began furiously typing on his computer, I saw Sami.


    Torqumada replied

    DAYS could use a new Sami. I really hope that’s where they are taking NuWill.


    dmr replied

    I haven’t missed Sami; and I don’t enjoy Will acting as Sami Diva, Jr.


  6. blake says:

    So glad to see Will being called out in public.


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