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16 November 17th, 2014 THIS WEEK ON GENERAL HOSPITAL: Anthony Geary Returns As Fluke/Luke!


Finally, the mystery of just who is Fluke is about to heat up again with the return of seven-time Daytime Emmy winner Anthony Geary (Fluke/Luke) toGeneral Hospital this week!

In a newly released ABC promo which was released first via TV Guide today, it looks like Luke is finally out of his drooling mouth drugged out state and has somehow snapped out of it, and wants out of the Miscavige Institute where Fluke has him stashed!

But as you will see in the promo, just as the beloved Luke Spencer is about to make his move out of his padded room, in walks “Doctor” Fluke!

Watch the exciting teaser heralding the return of Tony Geary to GH after the jump! Then let us know¬† … how do you think Luke will seek his revenge and outsmart Fluke, and will we finally learn who the hell Fluke truly is? Comment below!

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  1. Karen Delagrange says:

    Luke verses Fluke! Love it! Tony Geary seems to always give his all!


    su0000 replied

    Tony Geary is a phenomenal actor and will bring his best for us..
    This is going to be sooooooo goooood!!!!
    Nobody can bring it home like Tony Geary !!

    The Luke/Fluke continued story will be well worth the wait!! (exciting!


    Janet replied

    I totally agree with you

    Ces replied

    Always happy to see Tony Geary back onscreen where he belongs!


  2. jeremy says:

    Awesome!! :)


  3. rebecca1 says:

    Looking forward…still wondering if this is AG’s swan song…


    MikePizzi replied

    Dont say that I hope not


  4. Tima says:

    Just me, but after the Duke and Anna masks you’d think they would check for this when people go missing for a bit.


  5. Beth says:

    The promo is all old scenes. How disappointing.

    According to General Hospital Happenings (.com) spoilers, Tony Geary first airs on Friday.


    rebecca1 replied

    Beth…unless something aired I’m not aware of the end of the promo has Luke ripping off his straight jacket in a rage attempting to escape…when Fluke walks in. That is a new, upcoming scene…


  6. KansasGuest says:

    Looking forward to it. But, I really want to say that I enjoy this website so much. Thank you, Michael Fairman, for creating and maintaining it! Also, a little suggestion – please do an interview with Chad Duell soon! He’s doing amazing stuff on GH. I don’t know if he’s shy. But, considering the stuff he’s done the past few years on GH, his media coverage is woefully low across all media. I can’t find anything! So, pay him a little love. He deserves the attention IMO.


    Mary SF replied

    If you don’t mind a blast from the past interview, there’s an interview with him in archives of this website. Go to the Interview section– scroll to the bottom, click on I think page eleven and there should be an July 27, 2010 interview with Chad — reading these old interviews can be fun when you know the future these stars didn’t know at the time of the interview—


    Mary SF replied

    There is also a little video interview with him and his girlfriend, in the video interview section of this website, page two, from last year’s emmy’s


  7. Timmm says:

    Anthony may call it quits. He would go out on top and his two characters could die? He always said he doesnt want a sappy happy L&L reunion. He wanted to go out with a bang. This could be it? I hope because I dont want Mr. Geary hanging around just to hang around and drink and smoke cigars.


  8. dmr says:

    Tony is daytime royalty! Welcome back, Tony!


  9. Jamesj75 says:

    Well, I hate to be the pessimistic one in the bunch, but…
    It has gotten to the point where I just don’t care about Luke or this “mysterious” storyline of his double. Because of Tony Geary’s increasingly lengthier absences, the delays and red herrings in Luke’s storyline just reek of stalling tactics, so much so that they bog down the flow of the script and thus effect a nonplussed, disinterested viewer.

    Geary has a wealth of EMMYs, some of which were well deserved. Yet Luke’s storyline seems to be propelled by the motivation of getting Geary another EMMY. Let’s give him an evil twin… Let’s give him some split-screen scenes… Let’s make Luke a drunk… Let’s let Geary ad-lib and chew the scenery… Realism, continuity, and true character don’t seem to matter as much as getting Geary another EMMY. It has become tiresome and predictable…


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