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20 January 27th, 2015 THIS WEEK On The Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy’s Back!


After the gun shots, the divorce papers and more, Liam (Scott Clifton) reveals he wants to take over Forrester Creations, and Steffy Forrester re-enters the canvas as fan favorite Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) make her return to The Bold and the Beautiful!

In this weeks  promo from CBS Daytime, it appears Steffy asks Liam if he is glad to see her, which he clearly sees happy to see his ex! Are you looking forward to the return of Jacqui?

And what do you think about Rick’s (Jacob Young) behavior? Are you glad that Caroline (Linsey Godrey) signed divorce papers? Do you want her with Ridge (Thorsten Kaye)?  Who do you want paired with whom?

Watch this week’s promo and then share your thoughts below!

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  1. MBmomof3 says:

    B&B has been great lately. Love the current storylines & cast. I’ll be glad to see how Steffy is without Hope in the picture.


  2. Jen says:

    I can’t wait for Steffy to show up and I absolutely love the pairing of Ridge and Caroline! Linsey and THorsten are dynamite together. Unexpected pairings are sometimes the best ones and this is definitely the case with Caridge. Brilliant move by the writers and even more brilliant if they actually keep them together for the foreseeable future.


  3. Brett says:

    Boooooooooooooo, don’t take the focus off Rick, don’t bring this triange from hell back.


    MBmomof3 replied



  4. Shelly says:

    I haven’t watched long enough so I have no clue who steffy is other then Liams ex. I do Not like Caroline and Ridge. Seems kinda creepy to me. He’s better with Brooke or Katie. Caroline seems way to young for Ridge


    Nikki replied

    Ridge was married to Dr. Taylor Hays they had 3 children together Thomas, & twin girl’s Steffy & Phoebe. Thomas is in Paris, Phoebe died, Steffy was named after her grandmother Stephanie Forrester (Eric’s wife). Steffy never liked the Logan women being a part of Forrester & she always blamed Brook for the break-up of her parents. She dated Liam, got pregnant, married him and lost the baby. Liam wanted to make the marriage work but when Steffy found out she could never have children she took off for Paris & divorced him. Liam went back with Hopeless. Later after seeing a doctor she found out she could have children again & came back to Liam who rejected her to be with Hopeless. Hope all this helps!


  5. Nikki says:

    OMG I am so happy she’s back. What a beautiful actress. I think she should take over Forrester Creations, Although I love Jacob Young(Rick) and I think he’s doing a bang up job someone needs to dethrone him & Steffy would be perfect. Eric needs to get his butt back and put Rick in his place, Caroline needs to stay with Ridge maybe even start their own company with Steffy taking all the staff that don’t want to work with Rick, leaving Rick with the sinking ship. At the very least let him acknowledge that he can’t run the company.


  6. BRANDYN says:

    I am thrilled that they are bringing Steffy back!! However, I don’t want Liam running Forrester, I think Steffy should get the company back again for her family. I really don’t see why they would have Liam having any interests like that concerning the Forrester family company. I’m ready for Steffy to clean house!!

    I’m glad that they had Caroline sign the papers but I do not see this Ridge relationship lasting. Seems silly. But I am happy that they finally made her stop begging him back. Her character is way to strong for that.

    As far as character pairing, I’m thinking Ridge will go back to Brook or someone other than a girl that is young enough to be his daughter. I want Carter with Myrna’s sister. Caroline needs to be independent for a while, Rick needs serious help, Katie and Bill, and im not sure if I want Steffy to go back to Liam but who are we kidding Steffy doesn’t really need a man.=)) Liam and Ivy are very BORING but I love the characters maybe if the writers could livin them up a bit and they might be ok. But those are my opinions. I really love this show, watch it religiously. Huge FAN!!!!!!


    Nikki replied

    I’m glad Caroline signed the papers as well but they put so much focus on the papers, like Ridge saying (twice) don’t sign them without your lawyer seeing them. I wonder if Rick in his serious state had his lawyers print something like “Caroline agrees to design only for Forrester” just to keep her away from Ridge? Why would they put Liam in charge when Steffy is coming back? She’ll mop the floor with Rick & his Maya. Not to mention since she’s been named after her grandmother she’ll take that picture over the fireplace & break it over Maya’s head. Watch out LOGANS STEFFY’S back.


  7. Elite Advisors says:

    I LOVE STEFFY… sadly her time here will be short…

    Liam swooping in to say he wants to run Forrester is beyond insane….he barely has “worked” at Spencer Creations… never mind RUN FC… these storylines are just getting ridiculous!

    Rick needs to seek medical help for his “issues” or to grow up quick..

    Caroline needs to be by herself to rid herself of the toxicity…. Maya needs a reality check and Brooke should tell her to get her ass out of this mansion and ERIC’s bed….gross ( its your dads bed)

    Ridge…well I just think he’s much too old for Caroline… hate to think that means he is stuck with Brooke but it’s not a good fit….

    Eric needs to get home, take down his “GONE FISHING” sign and get the heck back to work before these incompetent idiots tank his legacy.

    Lastly back to Liam for a second, I realize they are trying to get him to grow a backbone and I am all for that…but he does not know a damn thing about running a company.


  8. Deb says:

    Why on earth would Liam take over Forrester… that’s way out there, imo.

    Glad Steffy’s back… pity his current gf. Happy Caroline signed the divorce papers, but don’t really want her with Ridge. I don’t think she really wants Ridge. Ridge is just a dog.


  9. penny says:

    I’m not really a Steffi fan, but I do prefer her over Liam’s current girlfriend (Ivy), she’s beyond annoying. I’m glad Caroline signed the divorce papers so she can move on with Ridge, who has no shame when it comes to putting the moves on other peoples wives. If Caroline is that weak, she definitely doesn’t belong with Rick. Everyone may think Maya is a gold digger, but how many gold diggers go around telling everyone her true motives for being with Rick, she hasn’t denied wanting to be part of a prominent family and live a life she could only dream about. I believe she truly loves him and I hope Rick really see’s that and can forget about that silly, so easily seduced, Caroline. P.S. Rick firing that gun has opened up a new can of worms, I can’t wait to see where the writers are going with this. Crazy!


  10. Engrady Pind says:

    Glad Steffie is back. Caroline is too young for Ridge who is a mess in anyone’s language. Liam needs the challenge of taking over Forrester. Never been a fan of “Pretty Boy Rick”.


  11. Iakovos says:

    Glad to see Steffy as Jacqui Mac rocks the show. I hope with Hope gone for now, we can erase the laborious exercise that was the Hope-Liam-Steffy then known as the Hope-Liam-Wyatt triangle. What a waste. Hastily shifting plots and allegiances. Makes it all unwatchable as these characters seem not to believe in love save for the concept. I cannot believe if there are all these sudden and upsets and fast-starts to marriages and babies (who all die by miscarriage). Please, Mr. Bell, take stock of your talent, the history your father created, and craft some suspenseful stories that build romance for longer than a minute (same for the marriages that result), put our characters in danger from time to time, and make us not want to miss a minute. Thank you!


  12. Jimmy says:

    I love the character of Steffy, and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is a great young actress. Her scenes in 2013 when she lost her and Liam’s baby were phenomenal, and JMW should have gotten an Emmy for them. Since her departure, the show has been way too focused on Hope, essentially replacing the Steffy/Liam/Hope never ending triangle with Liam/Hope/Wyatt. Now that Hope is gone, I wish Steffy could stick around for more than just a short-term story arc, and maybe bring Thomas and Taylor back to LA too. But at least she is coming back for a little while, I really miss her presence, way more than I miss Hope.

    Quick gripe: why does Liam want to take over Forrester Creations?! He barely even works at Spencer Publications, and if anything, it would be Steffy, Ridge, Bill or even Brooke taking control of the company, not Liam. That makes no sense to me.


    Karen replied

    I agree with you that Liam would not be able to take over Forrester, I think it was a heat of the moment comment. He is upset the way Rick has been treating Ivy and Caroline. You are right it makes no sense. Either does Brooke coming back for one day and calling the shots


  13. Karen says:

    Would love to see Ridge and Caroline together, just to put Rick over the edge.
    Love that Steffi is coming back, she has been missed.
    Wish Brooke would go back to Italy permanently. No men left for her, they are all taken. Who will she steal next?


    Nikki replied

    I agree, Let Caroline & Ridge get together. Baby boy Rick needs a kick out of the company that he can’t run to begin with & he’s proven that already. I didn’t think Liam could take over the company but if he’s running it with Steffy (who ran it before) and they have enough percentage of the company with Ridge’s percent’s as well (and Ridge will give his daughter his percentage points to get rid of that baby). it could work.I can’t get over Brook today & how she tried to take over.She thinks Ridge owes her??? How many affair’s did she have. He was right saying (great parenting) I think Caroline may just be the one to settle Ridge down.


    marci gilly replied

    I think Ridge and Brooke cancel each other out on who is the worst parent, who has slept with the most people, had the most affairs Etc. Even in the world of soaps their compass is far off center…. Caroline and Ridge are more father-daughter then lovers weird, Ridge needs to remember how he felt when Steffy had her fling with Bill Spencer, and all the nasty things he said in regards to that even though in the end it was just to get FC back in the family. Not to say the next few weeks on B&B s h old be interesting.

  14. patty says:

    Thrilled to have Steffy back on the canvas. It gave me a reason to start watching B & B again. She is one of a a kind !!! I quit watching when they turned a romantic male character worth investing in (Ridge) into a hollow inspid child. Professing his undying love to one woman and a month later doing the same to a little girl. This character has lost any credibilty and is NOT worth wasting time watching. Thank goodness for the FF funtion on my DVR. Hoping to see Steffy and Liam together !!!!!! Happy Valentines Day !!!


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