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330 June 10th, 2014 THIS WEEK ON Y&R: A Hero Will Fall! How Will Paul’s Shooting Cause A Ripple Effect in Genoa City?


This week on The Young and the Restless the stage has been set for some stunning revelations, heartbreak and danger!

On yesterday’s episode of Y&R Christine (Lauralee Bell) admitted to Lauren (Tracey E. Bregman) that she wanted to create something that was a testament to her love with Paul (Doug Davidson) and she hope’s it’s  not to late! Of course, she is referring to having Paul’s baby!  So is Christine indeed pregnant?

And that dovetails right into this week’s CBS Promo for the number one series which in the voice-over reveals the tag lines, “A hero will fall … his life on the line  … and his attacker goes on the run!”   So here’s what sets this up:  Avery (Jessica Collins) is being held at gunpoint by Austin (Matthew Atkinson), and Dylan (Steve Burton) finds his girlfriend in trouble and fights for the gun with Austin, only it goes off and Paul is in the line of fire! Now Christine is worried her husband won’t make it, as Dylan looks outside the ICU window, and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scot) makes a heartfelt plea at Paul’s bedside! Meanwhile, Austin tells Summer (Hunter King) he is going on the run, and that she doesn’t know the truth about why he went after Avery!   Summer tells him she want to go on the lam with him!

So putting two and two together what do we know?  We know Y&R teased a major tragedy would happen this summer.  We also know that Corbin Bernsen is set to reprise his role of Father Todd, Paul’s brother.  And we know that Steve Burton revealed on a recent talk show in Nashville that a paternity secret will come to light this month!

Watch the Y&R promo after the jump! Then let us know is this where we will learn Dylan is actually Paul and Nikki’s bio-son? What do you think of the storyline and the set-up? What do you hope is the outcome of Paul getting shot and Austin going on the run?

  1. jonboy says:

    JFP better not even think of killing off Paul!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Paul wont die…this may be how they reveal Dillion is his son?


    jonboy replied

    Really? I mean, come on, does everybody have to related to everybody else in town. I’ve had more than enough of Dillon already. He’s even more boring on here than he was on GH.

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied


    4ever DAYS replied

    They’re just dilly dolling around with Dylan.

    davlestev1 replied

    Who cares??? From the glaring lights to that hokey hold up story I just sat opened mouth at the ridiculousness of this entire storyline. No doubt this Austin character will stick around and be someone’s son they had no idea they had. I’m over this whole mess. It was like watching the GH relish wars. At least they were slightly more entertaining than the garbage on this show. After all these years i truly don’t care what happens on this show any longer. How can you make the number 1 show out of only 4 so unwatchable???

    Gary replied

    These guys are like rabbits! Maybe Austin will be Nickies son. It seems like everyone else is!

    Timmm replied

    She couldnt. She has to know her job is on the line with ratings falling? Doesnt anyone who is in charge of CBS daytime regulate what happens on this show?


    jonboy replied

    Apparently GH nearly met its demise under her control. A great many long-time characters met their demise during her reign, which is why I’m a little nervous hearing about the Paul situation.

    joan replied

    I Strongly agree!!

    Toni replied

    I will be so ticked if they kill off Paul. Doug has been on 25 yrs. He deserves to stay !


    JulieW replied

    This show is an absolute mess. I never thought it would be possible for Y&R to fall this far so fast. These writers need to go, as well as JFP, who brought them in. Awful, just awful on so many levels.

    Please CBS & Sony, get rid of this regime.

    Chris replied

    35 years…he started in 1979

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Sorry, but the Paul/Dylan father/son thing is the best this show can think of…got to tie Paul and Nikki together as well so Nic and Vic can divorce for like the 100th time!!!


    Valerie R. replied

    They can’t kill off Paul’s character. I came back to the Y & R because of Dylan / Steve Burton. He is an amazing actor and playing Dylan allows him to have more of a range. Christine this time around has been a little jealous of Nikki and Paul’s relationship. I would much rather have Dylan as Paul’s son than Ian’s. Ian as a father would be the worst. Paul deserves to have a son!!


    jonboy replied

    Wish I could agree with you re Steve Burton, but I can’t. For me he’s way too one-dimensional of an actor, both as Jason and Dylan. I don’t think his addition has aided in the popularity of the show. But, hey, if you like him that’s ok. Won’t put you down for it.

    Harlee replied

    Boy you’re so right! Austin has been on the show 2 minutes and another psycho\agenda playing storyline. Lets see…Stitch, soon to be Jenna, Austin, Leslie’s to Ian, Barton, Ian, Mariah, Kelly all have hidden agenda stories…Sickening plotted crap. JFP isn’t thinking of YR but trying to create her “own” soap sprinkling in very few fan faves and resting on YR’s shirttails, ignoring history, making her own and most importantly DISRESPECTING Bill Bell’s mastery of storytelling!!! But it’s not nobody’s fault from Sony\SK, JFP\Jean\Shelley, AngMcD/Margot/CBS…all are innocent while the ratings are tanking showing proof…DISGUSTING been watching 41 years, LML\MAB was bad enough but this creative team (used loosely) has surpassed the others by leaps & bounds.


    jonboy replied

    How long has this thing been on? I started watching like six months into it when I heard Jeanne Cooper (one of my faves) was joining and have watched since then. Twice I abandoned ship. First when they recast Jill with Jess Walton and second when Maria Arena started rewriting history. They better do some quick work or I’m outa here again.

    jaybird369 replied

    Harlee…Y-E-S…AGREED!!!!! And…I wish that SOMEONE would show JFP the door…NOW!!!!!

    Ameila Kelly replied

    Paul has been on the show for a long time as one said either 35 years or so and they should not allow to die. Paul has finally got a storyline with Dylan as his son who he still does not know, and Nikki is the mother showing many years ago Paul & Nikki were in loved and we should she this side of the story instead of writing him out the way they did to Cassie who grew up on the show now they brought her back as Mariah to make trouble. These writers all they do is focus the show on Neil Winters and his love life, Lily and Cane and Devon they get too much alr time and they storylines are lousy. Paul has saved Lauren and Paul and Fenn when they had problems he has also helped other people we should she more of Paul and Christine who now are married and she even happy great couples have problems and we should not lose this gifted actor. I pray they Keep Paul Willians do much better in their writing. This soap will not allow couples to stay together they break them up or they make them die. It is very sad and I want them to reconsider the mistake they are making by making him die. First Adam has to disappear now they want to kill off and make a real true hero especially since Ricky was an awful son, Paul needs to prove to himself and others he is an awesome dad and a super actor.
    I hope & pray they keep Paul Williamas-Doug Davidson on the Young & Restless and Steve Burton as Dylan is a great actor too. I want them to have a relationship they deserve.
    A Loyal Fan of Paul Williams if they kill him I will no longer watch this soap.
    Ameilia Kelly


    jonboy replied

    I have a feeling Paul will survive. What would be the point of bringing Dylan out as his son if he’s dead? I don’t really feel they are focusing on the African American cast. I am enjoying the Neil/Hilary/Leslie story line, but Lily and Devon need to be brought down a peg or two from their high horse. It’s to the point that I literally can’t even stand to look at Lily anymore. And Leslie really needs to lose the phony wigs. Who would trust an attorney who wears wigs? If I was on one of her juries that, in and of itself, would sway me.

  2. MC says:

    So now Summer is going to run off with the man who just shot Paul and held her Aunt Avery hostage? After just being duped by Ian Ward? I don’t understand this show.


    Timmm replied

    Summer wont know what happened to Avery. However, this show is famous for not having its characters use Twitter, Facebook, or any online news service that Summer would see in five minutes what Avery went through!


    Timmm replied

    Whoops, Summer will know what Austin did, she is just dumb enough to run off with him! How in the hell can you run off with your Aunt’s stalker who shot the Chief of Police? More dumb illogical writing!

    JustSaying replied

    It’s because Summer was brainwashed by Ian without her knowing it. Wild guess, of course….

    jaybird369 replied

    MC…where the character of Summer is concerned, there’s not much to understand. Summer is nothing but whiny, clueless and (even more) annoying.

    Case closed.


    Jenny Brooks replied

    Very disappointing too, considering she is Phyllis’s daughter. Why on earth didn’t she call the cops before going to meet him? Man, I hate it when women are written so stupid!

    Travis T Thomas replied

    Im scratching my head too. Where is the Character development. I mean just a few months ago she was duped by Ian & swore to find herself and make better decisions. And now shes gonna run off with a guy who just shot the chief of police and kidnapped her Aunt. I could buy it if this story had actually been fleshed out and played the beats. But she’s been hanging out with him on screen for TWO WEEKS. Seriously YR. This show frustrates me. But the GCAC has Lobster Mac and Cheese so at least that made my day. lol


    Mary SF replied

    I get what you are saying, but if they had taken their time to build a real romance between them, then viewers would be complaining it was going too slow.

    However I have a different take on it,—having been a young woman once myself I don’t find the quickness of her affection for this guy strange. At that age one tends to think with their emotions and just finding out the guy likes the same movies as you do was enough to convince you he was your soul mate. To me Summer is just acting her age—

    And at that age because she is infatuated with him, she will no doubt understand why he held Avery hostage, that he was just trying to make the pain of his mother’s death go away by finding someone to blame. And she will defend him saying he didn’t shoot Paul intentionally, the gun went off in a struggle- it was an accident. She will believe she is the only one who understands him, that her love can ‘rescue him’ and it will feed her need to feel needed. Is it dumb? yes, but most girls at that age, when it comes to love are dumb, as in immature dumb, not stupid dumb. Stupid dumb is when they have woman Nikki’s and Jill’s age acting like Summer’s age when it comes to men in their lives– that is where I scratch my head

    Travis T Thomas replied

    Especially when it comes to Nikki. Ugh. The Nikki I remember from the 80′s & 90′s took NO MESS from the Great Victor Newman. I mean I was loving her after she finally left him & was doing her own thing. I still have childhood memories of her fighting with her Crazy Maid Veronica/Sarah in the barn or her AMAZING friendship with Bobby Marsino. I hate that so many of the recent regimes keep acting as if Nikki Newman can only exist within Victor’s orbit. Damn some of my fave YR Storylines were NIKKI’S stories where she drove story. They have her all over the place. They need to Wiki her character. She was able to plot, scheme, and take down the best. Now they just have her running around town wringing her wrist. Her MS could have been a powerful story. But it seems to have been dropped with the new writing team. But I also must note, that I don’t remember the last time there was a true Storyline on this show with a beginning, middle, and end with consequences leading into or spinning into another storyline. It seems no writer wants to write any of the beats ofn daytime anymore. Its just plot, plot, plot. There is no true fallout anymore. I feel like the last of that was during the Kay Alden/John F. Smith era. The fallout from Lily’s paternity, Lily/Daniel, The Dru/Phyllis feud, Gloria’s lies/Jabot/The Baldwins/The Abbotts SL….Its like one thing led right into the next. It was ensemble Storytelling. Now everyone just goes from 1 Plot to the next, with nothing truly bleeding into the next Story. I keep hoping for a return to great Storytelling, but I think as long as the same hacks keep getting recycled that will never happen.

    Morgan Farantino on Facebook replied

    HA HA. yep
    summer is what i call and others on net A.H.M.
    a”hot mess!”

    i just laugh at her lately.AGAIN.
    got the last week of epie’s on Sooo good. june 10th thru friday the 13th.
    i love cricket/christine by paul her hubbie side,she look nice for mid 40s
    laura lee bell. and i love how Nikki realistically is fretting over paul her
    great friend. i love this show.and i just hate SUMMER is such a dunce.
    Poor paul.
    night all fans.

    from morgan farantino

    4ever DAYS replied

    The summer of Summer.


    k/kay replied

    The Nikki Newman you use to know also would not dress like she is 35 total lack of respect for MTS by the wardrobe people please start dressing her better. The fans of this show and MTS deserve better. The dress she has had on for the last two days is just awful!

    Harlee replied

    Ridiculously stupid, lazy, plotted writing so Summer could lose her virginity!!!…shameful how JFP treats women & young women in story. Always “reformed” or “off with a technicality” reason to keep, rapists, murders, lowlifes on canvas while not knowing how to produce good, heartfelt characters but leaving them in limbo.

    So this is the summer storyline for “Summer” on the run, generic bs…Bill always had a good summer story planned…while Noah, Kyle (nowhere in sight), Abby (stuck in Tyler hell), having no real story…”young & restless” doesn’t exist nowdays.


  3. Dale says:

    I hope they don’t kill Doug Davidson off!!! Why does JFP & THE WRITERS DI THIS!!!


    Patrick replied

    it’s another tired ploy for Y&R to raise the stakes… up the ante…. proclaim… #1…. beck and call.. fans back….

    Paul Williams is spent… laid up… flatulence

    come hither.. gather round… rally up troops

    to spare how enigmatic we cry foul, cry lame, cry forbearance… another stunt

    where’s christine


  4. Max says:

    This sounds very exciting but Paul better not die. He and Niki are 2 of the best things on the show right now.


    Timmm replied

    I think Father Todd is going to be on the show to pray and support his brother but I highly doubt Paul will die. This may be the incident that Ian tells Dylan he better go and be with is father who is “Dying”.


    jean replied

    Father Todd will be tested to see if he is a match for Paul’s liver transplant and he won’t be but Dylan will and the truth comes out..

    Patrick replied

    I still say…

    dare I say… do the writers have it in them

    display… sexual…. Paul and Nikki

    on the bandwagon…. off the wagon…. stilted… going down… imbibing together… enjoying what cash can do… forgetting their reason…

    defining all it means… to be left.. to their own devices… not much left on the canvas any way

    have at one another… it’d be projected steamy… scintillating… I’ve waited for you


  5. k/kay says:

    They are not going to kill DD off JFP and the writers are going to make Dylan a hero we will find out he is Paul’s son and he will donate part of his liver to save his Dad. Now she has tied SB/Dylan to the two longest veterans on the show Paul & Nikki. Mission Accomplished.


    4ever DAYS replied

    Exactly! He is worse than Dr. Dan on DAYS!


    Patrick replied


    and that’s not a bad thing….

    we all know the state of affairs on this production… so lacking

    Paul and Nikki… in and unto themselves… drive must… intrigue

    where do the meeting of the eyes… have it? have some… stand by

    it’s time for a new change… for Nikki… she needs to spit on the newman ranch and walk away… Pauls still versatile… staunch … up bringing LOL

    this would segway so much more… than all the newbies and new production… it’s revelotory in veteran that would take notice by and with fans alike

    two charismatic stand alone… meeting of the minds… emoting stuff this show needs

    why not? christine… astonishes me

    this would be the comeuppance… we’ve all been waiting for.. Victor stews and settles in HIS OWN muck… rots at the ranch

    shake up folks


    Patrick replied

    for all the erosion… of all things possible

    lament… all good things must come to an end

    but not for:

    Paul and Nikki
    Gloria and Ian
    Jill and Colin

    Michael and Lauren still matter some

    I hope for Cady McClain sake… Kelly and Jack muster

    I LOVE Victoria and Stitch

    I can’t be faulted for forgetting the newbies and tired other

    I GIVE serious props to how lovely and doesn’t let up.. her being… Sharon

    there is much to be deigned worth some thing

    it’s a little long in the tooth… and wandering… but altogether… still

    Patrick replied

    DAYS had a two day hiatus… due to the french open… 4 days without DOOL… missed… whew! train still coming

    so I tuned in to Y&R

    it was SO less than the others…. OK I can’t compare to b&B… but fan strong… won’t let us forget

    thank you gosh darned it… for GH and DAYS

    Y&R… honest tearful admission… has strengths

    k/kay replied

    @ Patrick I get what you are saying about Paul & Nikki I do not know what it is but Steve Burton/character on this show drives me nuts as a good shrink would say something about this actor makes you lose all reason. He has never personally done anything to me from what I understand nice personable fellow when I see him on my screen I just go nuts. Not very mature I know!

  6. Elhu says:

    I honestly think that this storyline will somehow lead to the revelation that Paul is Dylan’s bio Dad. After all, Paul was with Nikki at the commune all that time, so it certainly is plausible. Time will tell.


  7. Derrick says:

    I really don’t think JFP would go that route and kill off Paul but other than that, this looks good!


  8. Timmm says:

    Summer is beautiful, has two “Dads” who adore her and have a billion dollars, a grandfather who treats her like royalty, why does she feel the need to run off with someone she has just met who harassed Avery and shot Paul? Dumb!


  9. Mary SF says:

    Paul is going need some kind of organ donation, perhaps a kidney or a liver ,so Todd comes to town to be tested but isn’t a match– Dylan feeling somewhat responsible for Paul’s condition will get tested a lo and behold he is a perfect match– someone will put two and two together and realize that Dylan and Paul are father and son. Come on this is so obvious you would have to be not watching at all not to see this story line coming a mile a way.


    mramper replied

    I definitely agree with the way you’re thinking I thought the very same thing when they mentioned that there was a problem with his liver.


    Elhu replied

    Exactly what I said above. I so believe this is what will happen.


    4ever DAYS replied

    I don’t watch, but just by reading about it, it’s a safe bet. He’s a pet of the soap killer!


    Barbara from Atlanta replied

    I think Mary is right. However, Paul has LOTS of other KNOWN relatives —- sister Patti, daughter Heather, AWOL other brother Steve (never mentioned anymore but he was on the show decades ago and married one of the Brooks sisters), AWOL mother Mary —– why does Dylan suddenly have to become his son?

    I never watched GH and knew nothing about Steve Burton before he showed up on Y&R. However, the obvious efforts to make his Dylan a major character on this show and to tie him to veteran characters is too much. I feel like this guy is being shoved down our throats — “You like him! You like him! You just don’t know it yet! Give him a few years to grow on you!”

    I really wish these new writers and the new producer would think for a moment before bringing all of these new characters onto this show. No one cares about them!!!! Now, quit spending $$$ on hiring them and think about how you can lure Tricia Cast (Nina) and Jess Walton (Jill) back under contract to appear regularly!!! While you’re at it, bringing Mary Williams, Gina Roma, and Dina Abbott Mergeron (played by Elizabeth Hubbard) would be a smart move as well!

  10. Joy says:

    No Y&R without Paul. He has to live. He has always been my favorite character.


  11. Reagan says:

    I’ve been known to be wrong from time to time on these things but I really don’t see Doug leaving. If so, his departure has been keep quiet. I think the promo is set that way to attract viewers/drama. Austin or Courtney could end up dead.


  12. su0000 says:

    Y&R is horrible at writing high drama, so the shooting will be rather lackluster lol ..
    A shooting will not get Y&R out of the staledom it’s in it needs better couples, the couples are so lame!

    A shooting is not all that exciting because it is not murder which would hold mystery, suspense etc..
    Paul will be shot and all will pray and all will be OK ..


    jonboy replied

    Not only that. The staging is always horrible when it comes to action sequences. And evvvvvvvvvvvvvverybody and their brother has to be present when something goes down.


    4ever DAYS replied

    Y&R’s Phyllis falling down the stairs VS DAYS Nicole falling down the stairs:

    DAYS wins, EASILY! The Phyllis fall was laughable.

    4ever DAYS replied

    Where’s the smiley face? LOL!


    jonboy replied

    Can’t comment about DOOL because I don’t watch. Was considering moving from GH to Days until I heard about DePaiva joining the cast. That’s more than enough to keep me away. Not a fan.

  13. diane says:

    Watching Paul and his Keystone cops was funny, not exciting.


  14. Marie c. says:

    Can’t Jill W. Pheleps think of anything else but Steve Burton copying Jason Morgen. He already is wearing a black leather jacket. Now he rescue Avery. When is CBS going to get smart and fire her. She has already lost a lot of talent from the show. Now she is showcasing Steve Burton. What a joke.


    su0000 replied

    It is more than obvious what will happen;
    Paul will need blood or some such thing, and Dylan will be the one to give and then it will come to light that Paul is Dylan’s father.. another DNA boring thing..
    The shooting is all about Paul and Dylan being father and son..


  15. Mark says:

    Paul is one of my favorites but unfortunately this means we have to see icky Cricket more than we need to. I think Summer going on the run would be interesting she needs to have more story than being a footnote to everyone else’s.


    CarJo1 replied

    We all know why Cricket/Christine is on this show. I dont enjoy watching her, either. Something happened to my favorite show and it is not as good as it was. I would like to see Nina, Ashley, Gina, Danny Sr, Daniel, Adam, Dina come back. I didnt like the Chloe character, so it is ok if she doesnt come back.


  16. Nancy says:

    If Paul leaves we may be done with Y and R and have watched it for YEARS!!!! It was bad enough when Michelle Stafford left! Although Gina Tongoni (p?) is a great replacement choice! Please please say Doug Davidson isn’t leaving!!!


    Fred replied

    Paul will die but his toupee will live on. JFP will put it on a dummy sitting at Paul’s desk. Kevin and Harding will refer to it as The Chief and Kevin will lament often about how The Chief doesn’t talk to him any more. When alone we’ll see mysterious hands typing orders from the Chief on a keyboard. It will be revealed that the orders are coming from Paul’s ghost and he can’t rest in peace until JFP is fired. Then suddenly Paul, Adam, Billy Miller, Emme Rylan, Deedee and Phyllis return from the dead and the past year was only a bad dream.


    rhonda replied

    this would be good….but it wont happen for phyllis, billy or abby, they r on gh now, so i have returned to gh , i dont believe they will write paul out,at least i hope not but time will tell

  17. Nate says:

    The only surprise is it was Paul that was shot, and not Dylan. Of course this will lead to the reveal of Paul as Dylan’s dad. I thought it would be Dylan that was shot, and that would reveal that Ian is not his father. As far as the rest of the story, just when you think Summer cannot get any stupider, TPTB make her stupider. Sad, because Ms. King is a fantastic actress. And Austin? Other than a wooden-at-best performance, he’s been on for 5 seconds, has zero chemistry with Summer (not Ms. King’s fault), and wants revenge on Avery? Wow, awful and beyond boring. Was here brought on only to move the Paul/Nikki/Dylan story forward, or will there be more to “Baz” and his mother’s story? Either way, I don’t care! More sloppy writing from a show that is either hot or freezing cold. Time for a TPTB change again I’m afraid. I mean, the Chancellor necklace/music box? WTF, it was in the light the whole time? Then WTF is the music box all about?!?! Sloppy, SLOPPY writing.


    Nanci replied

    I too thought it would be Dylan who would be shot.
    And totally agree with your thoughts on both Summer
    and Austin! Why is Summer this much of a ditz?


  18. mike says:

    Somebody needs to take control of this trainwreck fast!


  19. JulieW says:

    Y&R is unwatchable now. I hope JFP is happy. She destroys every show she touches and now Y&R is another one.


  20. Alan says:

    Surely I can’t be the only one totes invested in this five minute insta-romance between Summer and Austin.

    This whole gripping, edge of your seat “cooking show commenter” story has been so spectacular in its complexity from the get-go who would have thought it could get any better and yet somehow it did in that instant when Paul showed up with Joey Buchanan and a meter maid to diffuse a hostage situation. I smell Emmy.



    Wendy replied

    Throw in a little dead/undead/witness protection Carmine and I think you’re talking Emmy sweeps here! The whole world will be abuzz with excitement. It will be like the summer of “Who Shot JR”.


  21. Barbara from Atlanta says:

    This plot sounds horrible!!

    The only bright side — Maybe we’ll get a scene with Mary Williams. Paul’s devoted mother has been AWOL for too long and glaring absent at significant moments for the Williams family for the past 5 years (daughter Patty killing people and slipping into insanity; grandson Ricky also going insane, killing people, and murdered by Paul).

    Yes, I know that the actress who played Mary for decades died in the past couple of years but that doesn’t mean Mary had to die. She has been off-screen for so long that a decent recast would work — Michael Learned, who stepped in for an ailing Jeanne Cooper would work. Also, I think Tippi Hedren would be an interesting Mary Williams.

    Creatively, this show is in a tail spin. I think it should return to its roots and core families. They need to ditch all of these recent additions — Dylan, Avery, Kelly, etc.– and get back to basics!! Play up the Abbott clan!! Beef up the Williams folks!! Heck, even bring Laurie Brooks back into town with a couple of 30ish nephews!

    Bringing Mary back would be a good start. Paul really is not as strong with both his mother and devoted secretary Lynn out of the picture. Cricket doesn’t cut it!!!


    Shelly replied

    I believe the actress who portrayed Mary Williams passed away a couple of years ago.


  22. Anthony says:

    Will it ever end . Summer is truly walking in the steps of her mother, making decisions that can only lead to more issues. The truth needs to come on out cause this has gone on farrrrrrrrrr tooooo long. Will anyone ever come to Genoa City and lead a peaceful life. Im just sayin.


  23. Shelly says:

    This show is in a tailspin, creatively speaking. Please, I hope they don’t kill off Paul. Does anyone remember when GL killed off Maureen Bauer??? The show NEVER recovered from the loss of it’s moral compass. Couldn’t they afford both Doug Davidson and Gina Tognani?


  24. Rae Parks says:

    As far as I’m concerned Y&R is on its way out. Very sad to me because it’s always been my favorite until the last few years. So many things have happened. The main thing was not doing everything they could to keep Phyllis ( Michelle Stafford ) on the show. Then there was Sharon who they made wacco . One of the originals and the sweetest character on the show. Killing her child off, now killing Delia, crazy, crazy writers.taking Billy Miller off biggest mistake ever. Y&R isn’t the same great show it use to be. I tune in every once in a while to see if they’ve righted their wrongs. Makes me sick to see what’s happened to this show. NOW , ” PAUL WILLIAMS” REALLY !!!!!!! Get yourselves together!!!!


  25. becky powell says:

    Paul must pull through an live. And we need.a happy ending.


  26. donna says:

    I can’t believe I’m commenting on this ridiculous show, but I’m surprised that no one has predicted that it wasn’t Austin who shot Paul, but Dylan. Of course this doesn’t preclude Paul being Dylan’s father, probably would make it more likely. Maybe Dylan has been possessed by Ricky’s spirit!


  27. Naami Yiseral says:

    I think that Dylan will try to give him blood and that’s when they are going to find out Paul is his father. I’ll just be glad when Nick finds out the truth.


  28. PaulaKate Meserole says:

    I have always thought that Dylan was actually Paul and Nikki’s son. I also think that Ian’s ex-wife was in possession of that information and that she tried to sell that Info to Dylan months ago.

    Regarding Austin….not interested in his story at all.

    Also…Paul is an integral/indespensible part of the Young and the Restless and he should be written to survive with a liver transplant from his Son, Dylan.


  29. Mary says:

    I don’t want Paul to leave the show. To many original stars are leaving and we can’t loose another one. I can’t wait for Sharon’s secret to come out. Nick is Summer’s farther, and it’s about time Sharon gets hers. Plus I can’t stand watching Jack play daddy.


  30. Nicole says:

    This is most ridiculous story line Y&R has served up ever. I am sick if Sharon and Nick, heck I sm sick of all of them. They really need to hire new writers ASAP!!! I am trying to hang in there but it is getting hard yo do so..


    MBmomof3 replied

    I’m with you, Nicole. The writing is terrible. I love(d) Y&R but it’s getting hard to watch.


  31. rashell says:

    Well I have a 17, 19, and 20 year old and all girls, I can tell you what Summer is doing does happen when a guy is involved, no matter how smart the girl is. As far as Paul and Dylan, I think its an okay story line as long as Victor and Nikki don’t divorce again. Dylan is adorable in my opinion but him and Avery do make me a little sick. As far as Paul- If you kill him off you will have so, so, many pissed off People. That is just crazy and stupid thinking after all the other crap you writers have pulled this year.


  32. rashell says:

    Oh and I love Sharon and alwasy will.


  33. katherine chatman says:

    I (we) hope Paul makes it bcuz he and Christine just got married…at least give him a chance….


  34. Bonnie says:

    Losing the Adam Character & Original Billy, along with Delia was the Beginning of the End. Huge Mistake! The actor who played Adam was the Best on the show…on any show. The Original Kelly Actress wasn’t interesting, but Katy McClain is too old for Stitch & Billy & Sexually Uncomfortable …AUWFUL with Jack! They keep ended up in Bed & neither is enjoying it!

    The Sharon Character is a Simpleton Now! Not the Actresses fault, just poorly written…Dragging the Mariah thing out, soooo Stupid! Nick is Fine, but was better with Avery & Dylan , Steve Burton Looks Miserable…Lets trade him back to GH for <Michelle Stafford! Her Gh Character doesn't fit her!

    The New Rude Cop is just a Terrible Actor! Steve Burton was just appalled doing the Hospital scenes with him..He need to GO! Oh, Neal is not the Dirty old Man Type, his old girlfriend sucked too! He just fits no where any longer! Lilly & Cain's Story Line is a Yawn as well as her brother…wasted talent.

    All & All the Writing is Awful & a Soap I've watched since Day1 is Destroyed! Paul should Die along with the Soap! I don't think it can be Repaired.


    joan replied



    rhonda replied

    the beginning of the end was when phelps took over, first we lost katherine but that couldnt be helped, then one by one we lost first…our amazing phyllis, then billy and adam then chloe another child ….seen the paul/nickki/ian/dylan story line a mile away i knew as soon as i heard he was coming to canvas that paul and nickki were going to have a child because of the commune from way back when….i started watching the first year it was on…. and yes these stories are beginning to want me to stop but i still have some favorites but u r right i would love for some of the fosters ,and abbots return, and danny , i really cant see anyone replacing phyllis, nor adam , and as we see two different billys in 3 months… what a shame….so now i am following then to gh….hopefully we have our adam newman back, we will soon find out


  35. jaybird369 says:

    Once upon a time, Y&R was CLASSIC soap opera at it’s finest!!!!! For example:
    1. Wonderfully established core families (the Abbotts being my all-time FAVORITE!!!!!).
    2. The wonderfully classic Katherine/Jill rivalry.
    3. Breathtaking romance.
    4. Very realistic friendships.
    5. Wonderfully complex and multi-dimensional characters.

    Now…here is what we are currently stuck with:
    1. The Steve Burton Hour (gag gag gag!!!!!).
    2. Ridiculous and endless baby mama/baby daddy drama.
    3. An ENDLESS revolving door of recasting.
    4. Longtime characters acting clueless, self-righteous and (EVEN MORE!!!!!) stupid.
    5. Newbie characters that NO ONE cares about…at all.



    Jamesj75 replied

    jaybird369, you nailed it! I couldn’t agree more!


    rhonda replied

    me too

    jaybird369 replied

    James…thanks. Now…here’s the thing: At this point, I feel like I can watch Y&R in, like, 10 or 15 minutes. Then…I’m done with Y&R for the rest of the day. Beyond sad. And…I don’t even bother to DVR Y&R anymore. And…believe me…I get A LOT of usage out of my DVR…LOL!!!!! One last thing for now: Earlier, I forgot to tell you this…I TOTALLY AGREE with you about Tyler and nuAbby. TOTAL BLECH!!!!! To me, that Tyler chump ALWAYS looks like he’s sleepwalking…LOL!!!!! As for nuAbby…what a meddlesome and self-righteous N-U-T…LOL!!!!! Sad, but true. Yikes.

    Take care. Peace.

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Yes, James i was a Kate Jackson fan…i even once owned two KJs dolls which i no longer have…was part of my action figure collection i had to sell when i moved but i have a couple of dvd movies she was in…enjoyed her in The Rookies, Angels, and Scarecrow and Mrs. King…yours and jays conversation…i didnt even really pay attention to the length…it was so enjoyable ive read it twice…loved ‘Here Comes The Brides’ and a lot of those songs you two mention…i seen Oliver-the singer, the 5th Dimension in person at the Michigan State fair back in 1970…your conversations brought back fond memories of that moment…i appreciate that…a month earlier i had lost my maternal grandma and my parents took us to that fair to help us cope…i still have the last quarter grams ever gave me…she gave me it the day before she passed…i was supposed to go to the corner store to buy candy but kept the quarter instead and ill never use it…i love anything involving Dark Shadows…just watched the movie ten times…so far…take care!!!!

    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, sadly, I, too, can get through Y&R rather quickly, fastforwarding through the boring dead weight. What you said about the Tyler chump “sleepwalking” had me laughing out loud. :) He and Steve Burton must have the same acting coach.

    PS: I may have gone overboard in an earlier post about all the characters that bore me, but Dylan and Tyler are definitely on the list!

    Peace, Brother…


    jaybird369 replied

    James…dude…you have every right to go overboard here!!!!! I feel the same way. Man, oh, man…the late and great William J. Bell is probably (and even more sadly) rolling over in his grave thinking about what has horribly happened to his wonderful and epic soap that he created back in the day. Very sad. And, dude…by the way…my all-time FAVORITE Y&R characters are (and ALWAYS will be) Jack and (especially!!!!!) Nina…HOLLA!!!!! One last thing for now: Your ‘acting coach’ comment totally cracked me up…LOL!!!!!

    Peace, bro.

    Jamesj75 replied

    Thanks, Jay! You are right again about the formerly “epic soap.” And I agree with you about Jack and Nina. Tricia Cast is a great actress. We were mentioning Genie Francis the other day. When she first joined Y&R, she was paired with Jack. I actually liked them as a couple, but then that fell by the wayside. But maybe you felt differently about that. I can definitely see the rooting value in Jack and Nina. And speaking of acting, Peter Bergman, now that’s an actor! And I enjoyed Jack’s friendship with Adam, plus the fact that both men are great actors.

    Have a good one, Brother!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey, dude!!!!! Some other thoughts and all of my own:
    1. Don’t get me wrong…I have been a BIG FAN of Genie Francis ever since her GH days back in the day. But…when she joined the cast of Y&R a few years ago (in 2011) to play the role of Genevieve…the character of Genevieve had me HAPPILY HOOKED (or whatever) right away. GF was playing a role so very different from her GH character Laura. She was playing Genevieve…a PERFECTLY FLAWED character!!!!! And, I (also) liked Jack and Genevieve as a couple. But, sadly, when I read that JFP (gag gag gag) was gonna be Y&R’s new EP (YIKES!!!!!), I felt like Genie’s days at Y&R were numbered. Beyond sad.
    2. I have been a BIG FAN of Peter Bergman ever since his AMC days. More and more (through the years and all), Mr. Bergman is AWESOME ACES as Y&R’s Jack…HOLLA!!!!! Yes, indeed!!!!!
    3. And, lastly…I would LOVE for Tricia Cast to come back as Y&R’s Nina. And N-O-T as recurring (or whatever). But as in a CONTRACT PLAYER. But…I know better. I know that (very sadly) that ain’t gonna happen while that dreaded JFP is in charge (or whatever) at Y&R. No. More and more, JFP reminds me of an ULTIMATE BULLY who doesn’t know how to get along with ANYONE in the playground…LOL!!!!!

    Deuces, dude. Peace.

    Jamesj75 replied

    Hey Jay! Great to read your thoughts!

    I, too, have been a huge fan of Genie Francis all along. To this day, Tony Geary has a cushy position (with much time off, ability to change dialogue on a whim, etc.) at GH, and the producers never offered Genie this deal. For many years, she wanted to come back, but GH didn’t want her. You know, Sonny and the Mob had to be the main emphasis, according to the enigmatic powers that be.

    From what I read, Maria Arena Bell, former Y&R producer, created the role of Genevieve for Genie. I was ecstatic to see Genie in this new role, and you could tell she enjoyed playing this complex (and as you say) “PERFECTLY FLAWED” character; it was such a departure from GH’s Laura. What a different show we’d be watching if she were still at the helm…

    You’re so right about JFP being an “ULTIMATE BULLY.” I don’t like bullies; I had my own experiences with them long ago. Someone needs to stand up to bullies and to JFP.

    Right there with you re: Peter Bergman and Tricia Cast, great actors portraying great characters.

    All the daytime producers and network executives have to do is get feedback from jaybird369, Jamesj75, and many other fans to determine what is working—and what isn’t…

    Take care, Friend!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey, bro!!!!! Dude…I (also) HATE bullies!!!!! And…I’ve survived LOTS OF BULLYING over the years. I’ve been bullied by meanies, haters, teachers (from high school days), so-called friends, ex-boyfriends (yep…I’m gay.) and (even!!!!!) relatives. But, trust me…emotionally speaking, I have a VERY TOUGH SKIN!!!!! Remember that bullying storyline that Y&R did…you know…the one that featured Fen, Summer and that Jamie kid??? Well…the more that I watched that storyline unfold (or whatever), that’s HOW MUCH it kept (painfully) striking a chord with me. I am so glad that that storyline is now over. But…(of course) bullying is STILL a big problem in society. And it just keeps getting W-O-R-S-E!!!!! Beyond sad.

    I have a feeling that those Sony suits over at CBS have some kind of C-L-U-E as to what’s going on (behind-the-scenes and all) at Y&R. But…I think that they choose to ignore the problem (or whatever). Truly lame.

    Lastly (for now), I am (VERY AGREEABLY!!!!!) on board with you about that Leslie chick. I have never cared for her…or for her IDIOT BROTHER Tyler. BLAH!!!!! And…once Leslie marries that Barton dude (whoever he is), I hope that Barton whisks (or whatever) Leslie OUT OF Genoa City (aka the show) FOR GOOD!!!!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!! As for Neil, I think that (in terms of going from Leslie to that TOTAL WHACK-JOB Hilary) he went from the frying fan to the fire…LOL!!!!! Totally dumb as hell.

    James…have a good one, buddy. Deuces.

    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, first, I am so sorry to hear about your bullying experiences, and that they came from, not only peers, but teachers, relatives, and boyfriends. It’s shocking and unforgivable. I hope that you have healed from these experiences. In my case, it happened for 3 years in high school. Like you, I developed a “VERY TOUGH SKIN” as well as a sense of humor, which preserved my sanity. I also believe that these experiences molded me into who I am, and I like who I am. The memories and feelings associated with the bullying are always with me. People don’t realize that these experiences can stay with you your whole life.

    Re Y&R’s Jaime, a great little actor who made the scenario believable. We are sympatico about Leslie. After Drucilla died, the only woman I thought was a good match for Neil was Karen. Everyone other relationship since has been laughable.

    Finally, Jay, it’s admirable that you were so open here with your remarks about your life. Spoiler alert! We play for the same team… Til next time, Brother!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…bro…you TRULY ROCK…HOLLA!!!!!

    Dude…yep…I have healed from the bullying experiences…for the most part. You see…in my own way, I forgive (eventually). But forgetting…NOT A CHANCE!!!!! Don’t get me wrong…I am all about forgiving. But forgetting…not so much. Nope.

    I remember the character of Karen. Character-wise, I liked Karen. And…from what I once heard, Nia Peeples (the actress who played the role) was a real SPITFIRE on the Y&R set…LOL!!!!! Character-wise, Karen was a HELLUVA LOT BETTER than that Tyra chick. Tyra…played by Eva Marcille (A TOTAL SOAP D-I-V-A)…LOL!!!!! I DID NOT like the character of Tyra…at all!!!!! Remember when she slept with Devon??? That was just ALL KINDS OF C-R-E-E-P-Y!!!!! TOTALLY WHACK!!!!!

    Deuces. Take care.

    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, so glad that you were able to forgive and that you are doing well. You are absolutely right: forgetting is not easy (if even impossible). Keep hanging in there, Friend!

    I didn’t know any of that info about Nia Peeples. And to think they already had to deal with that behavior from Victoria Rowell. No, I didn’t like Tyra either. Funny that they have gone down that road again, with Neil and Devon fighting over the same woman…

    Believe it or not, there are some Y&R characters I actually enjoy: Sharon, Jack, Kevin, for example.

    Til next time, Brother!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…check this out, bro:

    When she was on Y&R, Nia Peeples (behind-the-scenes and all) was a real SPITFIRE in terms of fighting for the integrity (or whatever) of her Y&R character Karen. Supposedly, she used to BUTT HEADS with Maria Arena Bell (remember her???) because of it. Also…from what I’ve read about Nia Peeples over the years, Nia herself is a very nice person and LOTS OF FUN to work with. It’s just that…Nia is a very strong-willed person and all and she refuses to be pushed around. By anyone.

    Until next time…deuces, bro.

    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, thanks for clarifying the information on Nia Peeples. I am all about being assertive and defending yourself! As I said, I always liked the character of Karen and her storyline with Neil. I also have a favorable opinion of Maria Arena Bell because (1) she is definitely preferable to JFP; and (2) she created a role for Genie Francis.

    Take care, Brother…

    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey, dude!!!!! Sometime yesterday, I remembered something else about Nia Peeples during her time on Y&R. Get this: In addition to butting heads with Maria Arena Bell, NP supposedly feuded with both Kristoff St. John (aka Neil) and Eva Marcille. You see, KSJ was good friends with MAB. And…Kristoff sided with MAB in her feud (or whatever) with NP. Then, from there, NP and KSJ started feuding themselves…I think. As for NP and EM and their feuding…EM didn’t get along with too many people during her time on the Y&R set (Nia included). Nia got along VERY WELL with the others on the Y&R set. It was just those 3 (MAB, KSJ and EM) that Nia had problems with. And…in the end…Nia (in terms of her Y&R character Karen) got fed up with getting the runaround from MAB. Then, soon after that, MAB tried to FIRE Nia…who wasn’t having any of that bull-crap. So Nia VERY DEFIANTLY Q-U-I-T. One last thing for now: During Eva Marcille’s time on the Y&R set, it (D-I-V-A-wise) was like Victoria Rowell all over again. Oh, those soaps…NEVER A DULL MOMENT…LOL!!!!!

    James…take care, bro. Deuces.

    Jamesj75 replied

    Hey Jay!! Thank you for providing this information on all the head-butting! I had no idea… It is amazing what I have learned from YOU about behind-the-scenes drama!! And I thought it was just Eric Braeden who threw his weight around (and sometimes his fists, like in the opening montage)!

    Jay, you are the MAN!! Peace, brother!!

    As I continue to fast forward through so many Y&R scenes filled with actors/characters/storylines that bore me, I am clearly missing so many actors:
    Michael Muhney as Adam—of course
    Michelle Stafford as Phyllis—I know she is on GH
    Kevin Schmidt as Noah (blond)—to me, the real Noah
    Tricia Cast as Nina
    John Driscoll as Chance
    Debbi Morgan as Harmony
    Genie Francis as Genevieve
    Stacy Haiduk as Patty
    Stephen Nicholls as Tucker
    Thad Luckinbill as JT
    Blake Hood as Kyle
    Billy Miller as Billy—I know he is going to GH
    Jeff Branson as Ronan
    Emily O’Brien as Jana
    Marco Dapper as Carmine—a guilty pleasure, to be sure
    Michael Fairman as Murphy—must have missed the scene where Murphy jumped into Katherine’s casket
    Nia Peeples as Karen—despite her drama!

    Please, POWERS THAT BE, bring back some of these actors/characters!!

    All for now…

    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey, man!!!!! What’s up??? Dude…W-O-W…that is some list…LOL!!!!! Anyway, some more thoughts of my own:

    1. I remember Kevin Schmidt…FULLY AGREED!!!!! He was a HELLUVA LOT BETTER…UNLIKE Robert Adamson (aka nuNoah…BLECH!!!!!)!!!!!
    2. To me, John Driscoll is so VERY RUGGEDLY DREAMY!!!!! Hee Hee Hee. And…what’s EVEN BETTER…the dude can A-C-T!!!!! UNLIKE that overrated Steve Burton…LOL!!!!!
    3. To me, Stacy Haiduk PERFECTLY ROCKED IT as Patty/Mary Jane!!!!! And, I hope that SH lands another soap SOON…She is THAT TALENTED!!!!!
    4. To me, Stephen Nichols got a RAW-ASS DEAL!!!!! Enough said.
    5. Blake Hood…another TOTAL DREAMBOAT!!!!! Again…Hee Hee Hee. To me, BH brought a lot of WONDERFUL BAD BOY SWAGGER when he played Kyle!!!!! UNLIKE that Hartley Sawyer…who was BEYOND TERRIBLE when he played Kyle…TOTAL BLECH!!!!!
    6. I wish that Emily O’Brien would come back…as a resurrected Jana, as a Jana lookalike…ANYTHING!!!!!
    7. Marco Dapper…OH, YES!!!!! To me, words cannot describe how SEXY AS HELL Marco Dapper is!!!!! One more time…Hee Hee Hee. Marco Dapper…another AWESOME TALENT that needs to come back to Y&R…STAT!!!!! And, by the way, an idea…if and when MD does come back to Y&R, I think that the show’s writers should put his character Carmine (OH, THAT BAD BOY…LOL!!!!!) with Mariah (that Cassie lookalike). To me, Carmine would be WAY BETTER SUITED for Mariah!!!!! Plus…I think that Carmine and Mariah would wonderfully CHALLENGE each other…HELL TO THE YEAH!!!!! That Tyler dude is WAY TOO ANNOYING…No Thank You!!!!! Again…just an idea.
    8. James…dude…I remember the scene of Murphy jumping into Katherine’s casket. To me…as an example…NOW THAT’S ACTING!!!!! HOLLA!!!!!

    James…one final thing for now: James…you, also, are THE MAN!!!!! HOLLA!!!!!

    Until next time…deuces, bro. And PEACE.

    Jamesj75 replied

    Thanks, Jay!

    Cool that you agree on some of my choices. Granted, it’s my wish list. Others at the show as well as fans might disagree with me… No doubt!

    Why they got rid of Kevin Schmidt for a recast is beyond me. Robert Adamson?!?!
    Why they got rid of Blake Hood for a recast is beyond me. Hartley Sawyer?!?!
    I didn’t even remember that Jana is dead—that tells you how bad my memory is…
    Stephen Nichols seemed to get a “RAW ASS DEAL” at more than one show. On both GH and Y&R, every time it looked like his character would get together with Genie Francis’ character, BOOM. Something derailed it.
    Stacey Haiduk is an awesome actress! She knew how to play CRAZY!
    I’ll take Marco Dapper anyway I can get him—I mean, Carmine—yeah, that’s the ticket! Jay, your ideas of pairing him with Mariah is a great one! Just put him on the screen. In addition to his obvious sexiness—of course, Lauren wanted him—he can play humor. Humor in soaps is needed, too.
    That’s my 2 cents for now.
    Balls in your court, Jay!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…h-e-y!!!!! HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!! Anyway…here are my 2 cents and all for today:

    1. I wish that Y&R would flesh out that new character Detective Mark Harding…the dude that works for Paul down at the GCPD. And…Chris McKenna (the actor that plays the role) is such a RUGGEDLY HANDSOME DREAMBOAT!!!!! CM is so F-I-N-E A-S H-E-L-L that his Y&R character makes me wanna EMOTIONALLY SWOON all over my living room…LOL!!!!! James…oh…I am so HAPPILY TERRIBLE!!!!! Hee Hee Hee.
    2. I think that I can shed some light (or whatever) on Stephen Nichols. Over the years, SN (supposedly) has developed a reputation (here and there) on soap sets for having a vocal, rebellious and outspoken type of personality. It is what it is.
    3. Now that Chloe is gone (for now, anyway), I think that the show’s writers (or whoever) need to give Esther (Chloe’s mom) new storyline material (or whatever). And…as an actress…Kate Linder is such a NATURAL on-screen!!!!!
    4. Y&R needs to get that SUPER DREAMY Marco Dapper back on the show…N-O-W!!!!! Dude…remember when Carmine held Lauren hostage??? To me…that was A HOOT AND A HALF to watch!!!!! And…as I was watching it, I kept wishing that I was the one being held hostage and not Lauren. Once again…HAPPILY TERRIBLE HERE!!!!! Hee Hee Hee.
    5. I wish that Stacy Haiduk would come back to Y&R!!!!! Her dual role of Patty/ Mary Jane was all kinds of WONDERFULLY C-R-A-Z-Y!!!!! HOLLA!!!!! Furthermore, I think that Y&R is sorely lacking a HARDCORE VILLAINESS on-screen right now. Unfair.
    6. I think that Y&R should bring Drucilla back. And…no…I DO NOT WANT Victoria Rowell to come back to Y&R!!!!! No Thank You. I could easily accept a Drucilla RECAST…IF it is done CORRECTLY.
    7. Lastly (for now), FULL AGREEMENT HERE…humor is TRULY NEEDED on soaps!!!!! James, I’m sorry but I could NEVER watch a one-dimensional type of character with N-O SENSE OF HUMOR!!!!! No No No No No. To me, GRUMPY OLD Victor easily comes to mind…LOL!!!!!

    James…OK, handsome…your serve!!!!!

    Again…HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!


    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, Jay, Jay, Happy Belated July 4th! I hope all your fireworks were the good kind!

    1. Agreement about all your “HAPPY TERRIBLEs!” For instance, Chris McKenna! I enjoyed him when he was on OLTL, and he has matured into an appealing, very handsome man. They need to make him a regular cast member and give him a major storyline, you know, something along the lines of, oh, I don’t know, maybe he’s struggling to come out as gay, he falls in love with Kevin, who also realizes he’s gay, but then his ex-lover comes back to Genoa City, and it’s Carmine. I mean, why not? It would definitely add time to Y&R that I am not fast forwarding through…

    2. Again, you’ve set me straight with the 411 on Stephen Nichols. I had no idea…

    3. I am worried that they are going to write off Esther, as her main screenmates (Katherine and Chloe) are gone. After all, Jill can only bitch at her so much… But I agree with you: Linder is a great actress.

    4. Re: Marco Dapper’s Carmine: Yeah, I share your fantasies. Even if you’re one of those fans who hates anyone coming between Lauren and Michael, you have to admit Dapper’s appeal.

    5. Among many things Y&R needs are what you’ve discussed: a new Drucilla, a hardcore villainess, and more humor. Plus, bring back a least a couple of the fan favorites. Enough with the Dylan show. Stop bringing on models/recasts who can’t act. Yada Yada Yada… Now, I’m getting restless!!

    To my terrific Buddy Jay and all soap fans everywhere: may all your cliffhangers get resolved quickly and happily, and may you always stay on the frontburner!

    And thanks to Michael Fairman for this fun, fantastic forum!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey there, handsome!!!!! What’s up??? Once again, here I go:

    1. Dude…a possible Carmine/Mark/Kevin love triangle??? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Forgive me, man…I had to laugh!!!!! Well, hell…throw M-E into the mix and you would have a love quadrangle GONE W-I-L-D!!!!! Once again…HAPPILY TERRIBLE IN DA’ HOUSE!!!!! And, yes…Hee Hee Hee. Anyway, I’ll VERY GLADLY watch a possible Carmine/Mark/Kevin love triangle over that Dylan The Dimwit ANY DAY!!!!! Dylan The Dimwit=ENDLESS BLECH…LOL!!!!! Anyway, moving on…….
    2. James…what do you think of THE FABULOUS Gina Tognoni as the new Phyllis (She starts airing Monday August 11th.)??? Anyway, I am so STOKED AND EXCITED about GT being added to the Y&R cast!!!!!
    3. And, finally…dude…what do you think of Myk Watford??? I don’t know if you remember Myk Watford but I do. Refresher: MW played Womack…that dirtbag/scumbag who terrorized Fen in prison (or whatever). Also…Womack took (basically) HALF of the Y&R characters hostage in that GCAC ballroom. Anyway, that so-called hostage scenario (or whatever) was BEYOND RIDICULOUS!!!!! I mean…come on…freely walking around, guzzling and knocking back champagne, whispering together in huddled groups?!?!? Yeah, right…as in N-O-T!!!!! I am so sorry but forgive me for rooting for Womack aka THE BAD GUY…LOL!!!!! Oh, well. As for Myk Watford (the actor himself)…SURPRISE SURPRISE…YET ANOTHER RUGGEDLY HANDSOME DREAMBOAT!!!!! Oh, I need to stop…LOL!!!!!

    James…that’s my 2 cents and all for now. The ball is now in your court, handsome!!!!!


    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay-man, what’s up?

    Glad you liked my Carmine/Mark/Kevin love triangle. And there is always room for you!

    Loved your “Dylan The Dimwit” comment. It’s beyond ridiculous what they’re doing with him. I expect him to move onto the ranch, the tackhouse, and the hospital any day now and form connections with every other character on the show.

    Gina Tognoni is definitely a great actress. Phyllis is needed on the canvass. Someone of Tognoni’s stature could make it work. I say give her a shot. As much as I like Sharon, she needs to be held accountable for what she did to Phyllis. That’s one reason I came to detest GH (where Michelle Stafford currently resides): Sonny has never been held accountable for anything. And he’s been shot so many times, his body should be riddled with bullet holes, and he’s a mean, abusive jerk on top of it all. Victor on Y&R behaves that way most of the time. Where is the rooting value in that?

    With regard to your interest in Myk Watford (Womack), I can definitely see the interest. He, too, was very appealing, and they just scratched the surface with his character. For one thing, I find myself rooting for the bad guys more often than not. By all means, whenever I am held hostage, I hope that I can be “guzzling and knocking back champagne,” too. And those prison scenes with Fen left me wanting more… They always do… :)

    Jay, what do you think about this idea? You know, despite the numerous instances of love triangles, a mainstay of soaps, has anyone dared to explore the excitement/intricacies of a threesome, no matter the gender configuration? I don’t know how common these hook-ups are in real life, but I think they are common enough (or fantasized enough about) that they’re fertile territory for exploration. Particularly when so many plotlines, devoid of realism, are recycled ad nauseum (back from the dead, babies switched at birth, evil twins, mistakenly arrested for murder).

    Until the next time, Jay, may the days of your lives be filled with young, restless, bold, beautiful “RUGGEDLY HANDSOME DREAMBOATS!” Catch you on the flipside, Brother!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…well, hello!!!!! What’s up??? My thoughts and all for today:

    1. Dude…always room for me, huh??? HA…I wish!!!!! Anyway, can you imagine M-E playing a character on Y&R??? Hee Hee Hee. Don’t get me wrong…it’s ALWAYS nice to dream. But…I don’t think it would EVER work out in terms of me being on Y&R. My point with this??? I probably couldn’t COPE with working for that SOAP-ZILLA Jill Farren Phelps…B-L-E-C-H!!!!! Dude…I know ME…I would end up cussing her arrogant ass out and THEN quitting…A-N-D all on the first day!!!!! LOL!!!!! In general, I couldn’t handle the STRESS…No Thank You!!!!!
    2. Y-E-S…Sharon needs to be held accountable for what she did to Phyllis…THANK YOU!!!!! And…once NuPhyllis wakes up from her coma (or whatever) next month (aka Monday, August 11th)…Tick Tock Tick Tock. Oh, well.
    3. Bro…YES…GH’S Sonny has been shot SO MANY TIMES…so much so that it’s a wonder that he’s STILL ALIVE!!!!! In general, Maurice Benard…WHAT AN ACTOR…LOL!!!!! As for Eric Braeden (and his Y&R character Victor)…NOT IMPRESSED HERE!!!!! Check this out: Back in the day (early 1980′s), GRUMPY OLD Victor locked that Michael Scott dude (the lover of Julia…Victor’s first wife) in that CREEPY AND SECRET D-U-N-G-E-O-N!!!!! I didn’t like Victor THEN…OR NOW!!!!! I’m sorry but Victor treating another character like that…there is NO ROOTING VALUE in that PERIOD!!!!! No.
    4. James…YES YES YES…there should be THREESOME RELATIONSHIPS in soaps!!!!! YUM!!!!! Dude…I get so SICK of watching love triangles on soaps!!!!! ESPECIALLY (1) love triangles that DON’T WORK and (2) UNWATCHABLE love triangles that seem to go on and on and for F-O-R-E-V-E-R…Blah Blah Blah and more Blah. And, here are some other plot devices that just WORK MY NERVES: Amnesia. A so-called important character suddenly bursting, charging and storming into (HUH?!?!?) a courtroom scene. Interrupted soap weddings (a VERY TIRED soap device). Good Twin vs. Evil Twin. I could go on and on…LOL!!!!!
    5. James…dude…the idea and thought of dull-as-dirt Dylan moving onto the ranch and/or the tackhouse??? Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!!! And…B-L-E-C-H!!!!!

    James…OK, HOT STUFF…your turn…LOL!!!!!

    Until next time…ROCK ON, bro!!!!!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…h-e-y!!!!! Here are some current things on Y&R that keep WORKING MY NERVES:

    1. Austin and Summer. First, that idiot Austin kidnaps Summer’s Aunt Avery. Then, after Avery is rescued, Summer (who is none too swift herself) forgives that one-dimensional MORON for holding Avery prisoner. And, now…Austin and Summer are now M-A-R-R-I-E-D (via QUICKIE ELOPEMENT!!!!!)!!!!! No No No No No.
    2. Devon. Devon…who keeps acting like such a VILLAGE IDIOT…ESPECIALLY when it comes to chicks!!!!! UNWATCHABLE DORK!!!!!
    3. Lily. Lily…who is so OUT OF CONTROL that I (at this point) immediately reach for the Mute button on my DVR remote control so I won’t have to listen to the sound of her annoying voice. SHUDDER ALL AROUND!!!!!
    4. Cane. Cane…OMG…watching that dude being HENPECKED by Lily The Loony is a TOTAL SNOOZE-FEST!!!!! And…since Cane now allows Lily to boss him around (BLAH!!!!!), I no longer find Cane or his Australian accent sexy. Idiot.
    5. Paul and Dylan as long-lost father and son. This so-called storyline is BEYOND LAME on so many levels!!!!! Yep!!!!!

    James…your turn, bro.

    As always…D-E-U-C-E-S!!!!!

    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, Man, Great stuff as always!

    It would indeed be difficult working for JFP. The way she has treated legends (many from GH in addition to others), she doesn’t respect her actors or any show’s rich history. I wouldn’t last 2 days, although I am already a way better actor than Steve Burton, and I haven’t had an acting lesson in my life! :)

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t care for Lily or Devon. Or Cane, for that matter. They have always bored me. Now they are showcasing them in their swimsuits in commercials. Barf, barf… They are 2 actors who don’t sell their roles very well. I know they are actors; character development is nil. Maybe the writers’ fault…

    Neil is okay, that is, when he has a believable storyline. And that hasn’t happened in a while.

    As for tired old storylines, they keep bringing them in, don’t they? MAny of them we can see from a mile away, like the Paul/Dylan father/son thing. Sure, Paul needs to be a father (or is that grandfather) to a worthwhile spawn, given that Ricky was a wacko. But Dylan makes every character in his orbit just as boring as he is. Avery included.

    Totally agree with you, Jay, about Austin and Summer. Forced. Boring. Contrived. Waste of airtime.

    That’s all for now, Jay. Please take care, and try to avoid the SNOOZEFESTS and LAMENESS!!!

    J to J, over and out!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey there, CUTIE-PIE!!!!! What’s up??? Anyway, I particularly enjoyed your post from yesterday. SO TRUE!!!!! Anyway, once again, here I go:

    1. Your comment about Steve Burton (lol) makes me curious about something: James, dude…how old are you? Me? I am age 46. Anyway, just wondering.
    2. Dude…I am SO OVER Cane, Devon and Lily. Devon has gotten WAY TOO STUPID!!!!! And…watching Cane, Lily and their 2 kids play happy family (or whatever) ain’t cutting it for me. FAST-FORWARD MATERIAL ALL THE WAY!!!!! Yep.
    3. James…yes…Ricky was a TOTAL WHACK-JOB but Peter Porte (YET ANOTHER DREAMBOAT…LOL!!!!!) is a SUPER TALENTED ACTOR and he made his Y&R character of Ricky VERY, VERY WATCHABLE onscreen!!!!! Which is more than I can say for rigid and stiff-as-a-board Dylan…LOL!!!!! Yep.
    4. Bro…the more Summer opens her mouth…the STUPIDER she sounds!!!!! Moving on…….
    5. James…I wish that Y&R would bring back the character of Julia (Victor’s first wife). And, as an actress…Meg Bennett TRULY ROCKS!!!!!

    From Jay to James…your turn.

    As always…Peace.

    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey, dude!!!!! Check it out: Actor Scott Elrod (who used to play on Men In Trees…an AWESOME series that ended way too soon…sigh) starts airing on Y&R in early October. He’s gonna play the role of Joe Clark…Avery’s ex-husband. And, supposedly…the character of Joe Clark comes to Genoa City with a MAJOR AGENDA (or something). Dude…I am SUPER EXCITED by this!!!!! Scott Elrod was AWESOME on Men In Trees…and (hopefully) he’ll be EVEN MORE AWESOME on Y&R!!!!! Furthermore, Scott is a TOTAL DREAMBOAT…and…he can ACT, too!!!!! HELL YEAH, BABY!!!!!

    James…your serve, handsome.

    As always…D-E-U-C-E-S!!!!!

    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, my Man, how are you?? Sorry I haven’t responded sooner, but I was out of town for a few days and didn’t check my e-mail much. Hmmm…. Did I check into rehab? Was I in Australia trying to get info on Stitch? Was I visiting a comatose Phyllis? Or was I just having a good time with friends and family?…

    Anyway, well rested and ready to tet-a-tet with the AWESOME jaybird369!!

    Thanks to your suggestion, I have checked out Scott Elrod. I’m on board and already a fan! Didn’t watch Men in Trees, at least not the televised version! And I look forward to seeing him on screen.

    You and I are in complete agreement about Cane, Lily, and Devon. You know, I actually liked Devon’s longtime (but rarely seen) girlfriend Roxanne; they should have given her a storyline. And these days, Neil is just beyond dim… Don’t get me wrong: I like Neil. He just needs a believable love interest and storyline.

    I have heard of Meg Bennett, but I didn’t watch Y&R when she was on. I have watched Y&R since 2005.

    We are also sympatico regarding Peter Porte as Ricky. Again, another great (and handsome) actor Y&R let slip through its hands. Another great (and handsome) actor is Max Ehrich (Fen). Where is he? Where is Gloria? I love her and I think Judith Chapman is a great actress. Can run circles around so many younger stars with her acting (been on several soaps, as you probably know).

    Now a clue about my age—I am older than you but not old enough to be your father, even if you make me submit to a paternity test…

    Another clue—my favorite soap actress of all time is the beautiful Valerie Starrett, who played Diana Maynard Taylor (the original Diana) on GH from 1969 until 1977. She was a beautiful, popular, and great actress who was frontburner for virtually her entire GH tenure. She was actually fired from the show because the producer (Tom Donovan) didn’t like her—sounds a lot like JFP! She left show business, owned a bookstore, and retired to the beach in southern California. She was an unsung heroine of the show, never gets any credit or tribute, but the love story of Peter and Diana Taylor in the 1970s was mesmerizing. To my knowledge, she is still alive, and I actually had the pleasure of writing her a few years ago (via stumbling via guess onto her e-mail address). And in the last couple of years, GH footage from 1977 (featuring Starrett) has made its way onto Youtube.

    I know I was gushing, but Starrett was really that good. Probably similar to your Meg Bennett. You’ll have to tell me more about her sometime…

    Full disclosure time, Jay, I just turned 57! A bit older than 46… I