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330 June 10th, 2014 THIS WEEK ON Y&R: A Hero Will Fall! How Will Paul’s Shooting Cause A Ripple Effect in Genoa City?


This week on The Young and the Restless the stage has been set for some stunning revelations, heartbreak and danger!

On yesterday’s episode of Y&R Christine (Lauralee Bell) admitted to Lauren (Tracey E. Bregman) that she wanted to create something that was a testament to her love with Paul (Doug Davidson) and she hope’s it’s  not to late! Of course, she is referring to having Paul’s baby!  So is Christine indeed pregnant?

And that dovetails right into this week’s CBS Promo for the number one series which in the voice-over reveals the tag lines, “A hero will fall … his life on the line  … and his attacker goes on the run!”   So here’s what sets this up:  Avery (Jessica Collins) is being held at gunpoint by Austin (Matthew Atkinson), and Dylan (Steve Burton) finds his girlfriend in trouble and fights for the gun with Austin, only it goes off and Paul is in the line of fire! Now Christine is worried her husband won’t make it, as Dylan looks outside the ICU window, and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scot) makes a heartfelt plea at Paul’s bedside! Meanwhile, Austin tells Summer (Hunter King) he is going on the run, and that she doesn’t know the truth about why he went after Avery!   Summer tells him she want to go on the lam with him!

So putting two and two together what do we know?  We know Y&R teased a major tragedy would happen this summer.  We also know that Corbin Bernsen is set to reprise his role of Father Todd, Paul’s brother.  And we know that Steve Burton revealed on a recent talk show in Nashville that a paternity secret will come to light this month!

Watch the Y&R promo after the jump! Then let us know is this where we will learn Dylan is actually Paul and Nikki’s bio-son? What do you think of the storyline and the set-up? What do you hope is the outcome of Paul getting shot and Austin going on the run?

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  1. jonboy says:

    JFP better not even think of killing off Paul!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Paul wont die…this may be how they reveal Dillion is his son?


    jonboy replied

    Really? I mean, come on, does everybody have to related to everybody else in town. I’ve had more than enough of Dillon already. He’s even more boring on here than he was on GH.

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied


    4ever DAYS replied

    They’re just dilly dolling around with Dylan.

    davlestev1 replied

    Who cares??? From the glaring lights to that hokey hold up story I just sat opened mouth at the ridiculousness of this entire storyline. No doubt this Austin character will stick around and be someone’s son they had no idea they had. I’m over this whole mess. It was like watching the GH relish wars. At least they were slightly more entertaining than the garbage on this show. After all these years i truly don’t care what happens on this show any longer. How can you make the number 1 show out of only 4 so unwatchable???

    Gary replied

    These guys are like rabbits! Maybe Austin will be Nickies son. It seems like everyone else is!

    Timmm replied

    She couldnt. She has to know her job is on the line with ratings falling? Doesnt anyone who is in charge of CBS daytime regulate what happens on this show?


    jonboy replied

    Apparently GH nearly met its demise under her control. A great many long-time characters met their demise during her reign, which is why I’m a little nervous hearing about the Paul situation.

    joan replied

    I Strongly agree!!

    Toni replied

    I will be so ticked if they kill off Paul. Doug has been on 25 yrs. He deserves to stay !


    JulieW replied

    This show is an absolute mess. I never thought it would be possible for Y&R to fall this far so fast. These writers need to go, as well as JFP, who brought them in. Awful, just awful on so many levels.

    Please CBS & Sony, get rid of this regime.

    Chris replied

    35 years…he started in 1979

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Sorry, but the Paul/Dylan father/son thing is the best this show can think of…got to tie Paul and Nikki together as well so Nic and Vic can divorce for like the 100th time!!!


    Valerie R. replied

    They can’t kill off Paul’s character. I came back to the Y & R because of Dylan / Steve Burton. He is an amazing actor and playing Dylan allows him to have more of a range. Christine this time around has been a little jealous of Nikki and Paul’s relationship. I would much rather have Dylan as Paul’s son than Ian’s. Ian as a father would be the worst. Paul deserves to have a son!!


    jonboy replied

    Wish I could agree with you re Steve Burton, but I can’t. For me he’s way too one-dimensional of an actor, both as Jason and Dylan. I don’t think his addition has aided in the popularity of the show. But, hey, if you like him that’s ok. Won’t put you down for it.

    Harlee replied

    Boy you’re so right! Austin has been on the show 2 minutes and another psycho\agenda playing storyline. Lets see…Stitch, soon to be Jenna, Austin, Leslie’s to Ian, Barton, Ian, Mariah, Kelly all have hidden agenda stories…Sickening plotted crap. JFP isn’t thinking of YR but trying to create her “own” soap sprinkling in very few fan faves and resting on YR’s shirttails, ignoring history, making her own and most importantly DISRESPECTING Bill Bell’s mastery of storytelling!!! But it’s not nobody’s fault from Sony\SK, JFP\Jean\Shelley, AngMcD/Margot/CBS…all are innocent while the ratings are tanking showing proof…DISGUSTING been watching 41 years, LML\MAB was bad enough but this creative team (used loosely) has surpassed the others by leaps & bounds.


    jonboy replied

    How long has this thing been on? I started watching like six months into it when I heard Jeanne Cooper (one of my faves) was joining and have watched since then. Twice I abandoned ship. First when they recast Jill with Jess Walton and second when Maria Arena started rewriting history. They better do some quick work or I’m outa here again.

    jaybird369 replied

    Harlee…Y-E-S…AGREED!!!!! And…I wish that SOMEONE would show JFP the door…NOW!!!!!

    Ameila Kelly replied

    Paul has been on the show for a long time as one said either 35 years or so and they should not allow to die. Paul has finally got a storyline with Dylan as his son who he still does not know, and Nikki is the mother showing many years ago Paul & Nikki were in loved and we should she this side of the story instead of writing him out the way they did to Cassie who grew up on the show now they brought her back as Mariah to make trouble. These writers all they do is focus the show on Neil Winters and his love life, Lily and Cane and Devon they get too much alr time and they storylines are lousy. Paul has saved Lauren and Paul and Fenn when they had problems he has also helped other people we should she more of Paul and Christine who now are married and she even happy great couples have problems and we should not lose this gifted actor. I pray they Keep Paul Willians do much better in their writing. This soap will not allow couples to stay together they break them up or they make them die. It is very sad and I want them to reconsider the mistake they are making by making him die. First Adam has to disappear now they want to kill off and make a real true hero especially since Ricky was an awful son, Paul needs to prove to himself and others he is an awesome dad and a super actor.
    I hope & pray they keep Paul Williamas-Doug Davidson on the Young & Restless and Steve Burton as Dylan is a great actor too. I want them to have a relationship they deserve.
    A Loyal Fan of Paul Williams if they kill him I will no longer watch this soap.
    Ameilia Kelly


    jonboy replied

    I have a feeling Paul will survive. What would be the point of bringing Dylan out as his son if he’s dead? I don’t really feel they are focusing on the African American cast. I am enjoying the Neil/Hilary/Leslie story line, but Lily and Devon need to be brought down a peg or two from their high horse. It’s to the point that I literally can’t even stand to look at Lily anymore. And Leslie really needs to lose the phony wigs. Who would trust an attorney who wears wigs? If I was on one of her juries that, in and of itself, would sway me.

  2. MC says:

    So now Summer is going to run off with the man who just shot Paul and held her Aunt Avery hostage? After just being duped by Ian Ward? I don’t understand this show.


    Timmm replied

    Summer wont know what happened to Avery. However, this show is famous for not having its characters use Twitter, Facebook, or any online news service that Summer would see in five minutes what Avery went through!


    Timmm replied

    Whoops, Summer will know what Austin did, she is just dumb enough to run off with him! How in the hell can you run off with your Aunt’s stalker who shot the Chief of Police? More dumb illogical writing!

    JustSaying replied

    It’s because Summer was brainwashed by Ian without her knowing it. Wild guess, of course….

    jaybird369 replied

    MC…where the character of Summer is concerned, there’s not much to understand. Summer is nothing but whiny, clueless and (even more) annoying.

    Case closed.


    Jenny Brooks replied

    Very disappointing too, considering she is Phyllis’s daughter. Why on earth didn’t she call the cops before going to meet him? Man, I hate it when women are written so stupid!

    Travis T Thomas replied

    Im scratching my head too. Where is the Character development. I mean just a few months ago she was duped by Ian & swore to find herself and make better decisions. And now shes gonna run off with a guy who just shot the chief of police and kidnapped her Aunt. I could buy it if this story had actually been fleshed out and played the beats. But she’s been hanging out with him on screen for TWO WEEKS. Seriously YR. This show frustrates me. But the GCAC has Lobster Mac and Cheese so at least that made my day. lol


    Mary SF replied

    I get what you are saying, but if they had taken their time to build a real romance between them, then viewers would be complaining it was going too slow.

    However I have a different take on it,—having been a young woman once myself I don’t find the quickness of her affection for this guy strange. At that age one tends to think with their emotions and just finding out the guy likes the same movies as you do was enough to convince you he was your soul mate. To me Summer is just acting her age—

    And at that age because she is infatuated with him, she will no doubt understand why he held Avery hostage, that he was just trying to make the pain of his mother’s death go away by finding someone to blame. And she will defend him saying he didn’t shoot Paul intentionally, the gun went off in a struggle- it was an accident. She will believe she is the only one who understands him, that her love can ‘rescue him’ and it will feed her need to feel needed. Is it dumb? yes, but most girls at that age, when it comes to love are dumb, as in immature dumb, not stupid dumb. Stupid dumb is when they have woman Nikki’s and Jill’s age acting like Summer’s age when it comes to men in their lives– that is where I scratch my head

    Travis T Thomas replied

    Especially when it comes to Nikki. Ugh. The Nikki I remember from the 80′s & 90′s took NO MESS from the Great Victor Newman. I mean I was loving her after she finally left him & was doing her own thing. I still have childhood memories of her fighting with her Crazy Maid Veronica/Sarah in the barn or her AMAZING friendship with Bobby Marsino. I hate that so many of the recent regimes keep acting as if Nikki Newman can only exist within Victor’s orbit. Damn some of my fave YR Storylines were NIKKI’S stories where she drove story. They have her all over the place. They need to Wiki her character. She was able to plot, scheme, and take down the best. Now they just have her running around town wringing her wrist. Her MS could have been a powerful story. But it seems to have been dropped with the new writing team. But I also must note, that I don’t remember the last time there was a true Storyline on this show with a beginning, middle, and end with consequences leading into or spinning into another storyline. It seems no writer wants to write any of the beats ofn daytime anymore. Its just plot, plot, plot. There is no true fallout anymore. I feel like the last of that was during the Kay Alden/John F. Smith era. The fallout from Lily’s paternity, Lily/Daniel, The Dru/Phyllis feud, Gloria’s lies/Jabot/The Baldwins/The Abbotts SL….Its like one thing led right into the next. It was ensemble Storytelling. Now everyone just goes from 1 Plot to the next, with nothing truly bleeding into the next Story. I keep hoping for a return to great Storytelling, but I think as long as the same hacks keep getting recycled that will never happen.

    Morgan Farantino on Facebook replied

    HA HA. yep
    summer is what i call and others on net A.H.M.
    a”hot mess!”

    i just laugh at her lately.AGAIN.
    got the last week of epie’s on Sooo good. june 10th thru friday the 13th.
    i love cricket/christine by paul her hubbie side,she look nice for mid 40s
    laura lee bell. and i love how Nikki realistically is fretting over paul her
    great friend. i love this show.and i just hate SUMMER is such a dunce.
    Poor paul.
    night all fans.

    from morgan farantino

    4ever DAYS replied

    The summer of Summer.


    k/kay replied

    The Nikki Newman you use to know also would not dress like she is 35 total lack of respect for MTS by the wardrobe people please start dressing her better. The fans of this show and MTS deserve better. The dress she has had on for the last two days is just awful!

    Harlee replied

    Ridiculously stupid, lazy, plotted writing so Summer could lose her virginity!!!…shameful how JFP treats women & young women in story. Always “reformed” or “off with a technicality” reason to keep, rapists, murders, lowlifes on canvas while not knowing how to produce good, heartfelt characters but leaving them in limbo.

    So this is the summer storyline for “Summer” on the run, generic bs…Bill always had a good summer story planned…while Noah, Kyle (nowhere in sight), Abby (stuck in Tyler hell), having no real story…”young & restless” doesn’t exist nowdays.


  3. Dale says:

    I hope they don’t kill Doug Davidson off!!! Why does JFP & THE WRITERS DI THIS!!!


    Patrick replied

    it’s another tired ploy for Y&R to raise the stakes… up the ante…. proclaim… #1…. beck and call.. fans back….

    Paul Williams is spent… laid up… flatulence

    come hither.. gather round… rally up troops

    to spare how enigmatic we cry foul, cry lame, cry forbearance… another stunt

    where’s christine


  4. Max says:

    This sounds very exciting but Paul better not die. He and Niki are 2 of the best things on the show right now.


    Timmm replied

    I think Father Todd is going to be on the show to pray and support his brother but I highly doubt Paul will die. This may be the incident that Ian tells Dylan he better go and be with is father who is “Dying”.


    jean replied

    Father Todd will be tested to see if he is a match for Paul’s liver transplant and he won’t be but Dylan will and the truth comes out..

    Patrick replied

    I still say…

    dare I say… do the writers have it in them

    display… sexual…. Paul and Nikki

    on the bandwagon…. off the wagon…. stilted… going down… imbibing together… enjoying what cash can do… forgetting their reason…

    defining all it means… to be left.. to their own devices… not much left on the canvas any way

    have at one another… it’d be projected steamy… scintillating… I’ve waited for you


  5. k/kay says:

    They are not going to kill DD off JFP and the writers are going to make Dylan a hero we will find out he is Paul’s son and he will donate part of his liver to save his Dad. Now she has tied SB/Dylan to the two longest veterans on the show Paul & Nikki. Mission Accomplished.


    4ever DAYS replied

    Exactly! He is worse than Dr. Dan on DAYS!


    Patrick replied


    and that’s not a bad thing….

    we all know the state of affairs on this production… so lacking

    Paul and Nikki… in and unto themselves… drive must… intrigue

    where do the meeting of the eyes… have it? have some… stand by

    it’s time for a new change… for Nikki… she needs to spit on the newman ranch and walk away… Pauls still versatile… staunch … up bringing LOL

    this would segway so much more… than all the newbies and new production… it’s revelotory in veteran that would take notice by and with fans alike

    two charismatic stand alone… meeting of the minds… emoting stuff this show needs

    why not? christine… astonishes me

    this would be the comeuppance… we’ve all been waiting for.. Victor stews and settles in HIS OWN muck… rots at the ranch

    shake up folks


    Patrick replied

    for all the erosion… of all things possible

    lament… all good things must come to an end

    but not for:

    Paul and Nikki
    Gloria and Ian
    Jill and Colin

    Michael and Lauren still matter some

    I hope for Cady McClain sake… Kelly and Jack muster

    I LOVE Victoria and Stitch

    I can’t be faulted for forgetting the newbies and tired other

    I GIVE serious props to how lovely and doesn’t let up.. her being… Sharon

    there is much to be deigned worth some thing

    it’s a little long in the tooth… and wandering… but altogether… still

    Patrick replied

    DAYS had a two day hiatus… due to the french open… 4 days without DOOL… missed… whew! train still coming

    so I tuned in to Y&R

    it was SO less than the others…. OK I can’t compare to b&B… but fan strong… won’t let us forget

    thank you gosh darned it… for GH and DAYS

    Y&R… honest tearful admission… has strengths

    k/kay replied

    @ Patrick I get what you are saying about Paul & Nikki I do not know what it is but Steve Burton/character on this show drives me nuts as a good shrink would say something about this actor makes you lose all reason. He has never personally done anything to me from what I understand nice personable fellow when I see him on my screen I just go nuts. Not very mature I know!

  6. Elhu says:

    I honestly think that this storyline will somehow lead to the revelation that Paul is Dylan’s bio Dad. After all, Paul was with Nikki at the commune all that time, so it certainly is plausible. Time will tell.


  7. Derrick says:

    I really don’t think JFP would go that route and kill off Paul but other than that, this looks good!


  8. Timmm says:

    Summer is beautiful, has two “Dads” who adore her and have a billion dollars, a grandfather who treats her like royalty, why does she feel the need to run off with someone she has just met who harassed Avery and shot Paul? Dumb!


  9. Mary SF says:

    Paul is going need some kind of organ donation, perhaps a kidney or a liver ,so Todd comes to town to be tested but isn’t a match– Dylan feeling somewhat responsible for Paul’s condition will get tested a lo and behold he is a perfect match– someone will put two and two together and realize that Dylan and Paul are father and son. Come on this is so obvious you would have to be not watching at all not to see this story line coming a mile a way.


    mramper replied

    I definitely agree with the way you’re thinking I thought the very same thing when they mentioned that there was a problem with his liver.


    Elhu replied

    Exactly what I said above. I so believe this is what will happen.


    4ever DAYS replied

    I don’t watch, but just by reading about it, it’s a safe bet. He’s a pet of the soap killer!


    Barbara from Atlanta replied

    I think Mary is right. However, Paul has LOTS of other KNOWN relatives —- sister Patti, daughter Heather, AWOL other brother Steve (never mentioned anymore but he was on the show decades ago and married one of the Brooks sisters), AWOL mother Mary —– why does Dylan suddenly have to become his son?

    I never watched GH and knew nothing about Steve Burton before he showed up on Y&R. However, the obvious efforts to make his Dylan a major character on this show and to tie him to veteran characters is too much. I feel like this guy is being shoved down our throats — “You like him! You like him! You just don’t know it yet! Give him a few years to grow on you!”

    I really wish these new writers and the new producer would think for a moment before bringing all of these new characters onto this show. No one cares about them!!!! Now, quit spending $$$ on hiring them and think about how you can lure Tricia Cast (Nina) and Jess Walton (Jill) back under contract to appear regularly!!! While you’re at it, bringing Mary Williams, Gina Roma, and Dina Abbott Mergeron (played by Elizabeth Hubbard) would be a smart move as well!

  10. Joy says:

    No Y&R without Paul. He has to live. He has always been my favorite character.


  11. Reagan says:

    I’ve been known to be wrong from time to time on these things but I really don’t see Doug leaving. If so, his departure has been keep quiet. I think the promo is set that way to attract viewers/drama. Austin or Courtney could end up dead.


  12. su0000 says:

    Y&R is horrible at writing high drama, so the shooting will be rather lackluster lol ..
    A shooting will not get Y&R out of the staledom it’s in it needs better couples, the couples are so lame!

    A shooting is not all that exciting because it is not murder which would hold mystery, suspense etc..
    Paul will be shot and all will pray and all will be OK ..


    jonboy replied

    Not only that. The staging is always horrible when it comes to action sequences. And evvvvvvvvvvvvvverybody and their brother has to be present when something goes down.


    4ever DAYS replied

    Y&R’s Phyllis falling down the stairs VS DAYS Nicole falling down the stairs:

    DAYS wins, EASILY! The Phyllis fall was laughable.

    4ever DAYS replied

    Where’s the smiley face? LOL!


    jonboy replied

    Can’t comment about DOOL because I don’t watch. Was considering moving from GH to Days until I heard about DePaiva joining the cast. That’s more than enough to keep me away. Not a fan.

  13. diane says:

    Watching Paul and his Keystone cops was funny, not exciting.


  14. Marie c. says:

    Can’t Jill W. Pheleps think of anything else but Steve Burton copying Jason Morgen. He already is wearing a black leather jacket. Now he rescue Avery. When is CBS going to get smart and fire her. She has already lost a lot of talent from the show. Now she is showcasing Steve Burton. What a joke.


    su0000 replied

    It is more than obvious what will happen;
    Paul will need blood or some such thing, and Dylan will be the one to give and then it will come to light that Paul is Dylan’s father.. another DNA boring thing..
    The shooting is all about Paul and Dylan being father and son..


  15. Mark says:

    Paul is one of my favorites but unfortunately this means we have to see icky Cricket more than we need to. I think Summer going on the run would be interesting she needs to have more story than being a footnote to everyone else’s.


    CarJo1 replied

    We all know why Cricket/Christine is on this show. I dont enjoy watching her, either. Something happened to my favorite show and it is not as good as it was. I would like to see Nina, Ashley, Gina, Danny Sr, Daniel, Adam, Dina come back. I didnt like the Chloe character, so it is ok if she doesnt come back.


  16. Nancy says:

    If Paul leaves we may be done with Y and R and have watched it for YEARS!!!! It was bad enough when Michelle Stafford left! Although Gina Tongoni (p?) is a great replacement choice! Please please say Doug Davidson isn’t leaving!!!


    Fred replied

    Paul will die but his toupee will live on. JFP will put it on a dummy sitting at Paul’s desk. Kevin and Harding will refer to it as The Chief and Kevin will lament often about how The Chief doesn’t talk to him any more. When alone we’ll see mysterious hands typing orders from the Chief on a keyboard. It will be revealed that the orders are coming from Paul’s ghost and he can’t rest in peace until JFP is fired. Then suddenly Paul, Adam, Billy Miller, Emme Rylan, Deedee and Phyllis return from the dead and the past year was only a bad dream.


    rhonda replied

    this would be good….but it wont happen for phyllis, billy or abby, they r on gh now, so i have returned to gh , i dont believe they will write paul out,at least i hope not but time will tell

  17. Nate says:

    The only surprise is it was Paul that was shot, and not Dylan. Of course this will lead to the reveal of Paul as Dylan’s dad. I thought it would be Dylan that was shot, and that would reveal that Ian is not his father. As far as the rest of the story, just when you think Summer cannot get any stupider, TPTB make her stupider. Sad, because Ms. King is a fantastic actress. And Austin? Other than a wooden-at-best performance, he’s been on for 5 seconds, has zero chemistry with Summer (not Ms. King’s fault), and wants revenge on Avery? Wow, awful and beyond boring. Was here brought on only to move the Paul/Nikki/Dylan story forward, or will there be more to “Baz” and his mother’s story? Either way, I don’t care! More sloppy writing from a show that is either hot or freezing cold. Time for a TPTB change again I’m afraid. I mean, the Chancellor necklace/music box? WTF, it was in the light the whole time? Then WTF is the music box all about?!?! Sloppy, SLOPPY writing.


    Nanci replied

    I too thought it would be Dylan who would be shot.
    And totally agree with your thoughts on both Summer
    and Austin! Why is Summer this much of a ditz?


  18. mike says:

    Somebody needs to take control of this trainwreck fast!


  19. JulieW says:

    Y&R is unwatchable now. I hope JFP is happy. She destroys every show she touches and now Y&R is another one.


  20. Alan says:

    Surely I can’t be the only one totes invested in this five minute insta-romance between Summer and Austin.

    This whole gripping, edge of your seat “cooking show commenter” story has been so spectacular in its complexity from the get-go who would have thought it could get any better and yet somehow it did in that instant when Paul showed up with Joey Buchanan and a meter maid to diffuse a hostage situation. I smell Emmy.



    Wendy replied

    Throw in a little dead/undead/witness protection Carmine and I think you’re talking Emmy sweeps here! The whole world will be abuzz with excitement. It will be like the summer of “Who Shot JR”.


  21. Barbara from Atlanta says:

    This plot sounds horrible!!

    The only bright side — Maybe we’ll get a scene with Mary Williams. Paul’s devoted mother has been AWOL for too long and glaring absent at significant moments for the Williams family for the past 5 years (daughter Patty killing people and slipping into insanity; grandson Ricky also going insane, killing people, and murdered by Paul).

    Yes, I know that the actress who played Mary for decades died in the past couple of years but that doesn’t mean Mary had to die. She has been off-screen for so long that a decent recast would work — Michael Learned, who stepped in for an ailing Jeanne Cooper would work. Also, I think Tippi Hedren would be an interesting Mary Williams.

    Creatively, this show is in a tail spin. I think it should return to its roots and core families. They need to ditch all of these recent additions — Dylan, Avery, Kelly, etc.– and get back to basics!! Play up the Abbott clan!! Beef up the Williams folks!! Heck, even bring Laurie Brooks back into town with a couple of 30ish nephews!

    Bringing Mary back would be a good start. Paul really is not as strong with both his mother and devoted secretary Lynn out of the picture. Cricket doesn’t cut it!!!


    Shelly replied

    I believe the actress who portrayed Mary Williams passed away a couple of years ago.


  22. Anthony says:

    Will it ever end . Summer is truly walking in the steps of her mother, making decisions that can only lead to more issues. The truth needs to come on out cause this has gone on farrrrrrrrrr tooooo long. Will anyone ever come to Genoa City and lead a peaceful life. Im just sayin.


  23. Shelly says:

    This show is in a tailspin, creatively speaking. Please, I hope they don’t kill off Paul. Does anyone remember when GL killed off Maureen Bauer??? The show NEVER recovered from the loss of it’s moral compass. Couldn’t they afford both Doug Davidson and Gina Tognani?


  24. Rae Parks says:

    As far as I’m concerned Y&R is on its way out. Very sad to me because it’s always been my favorite until the last few years. So many things have happened. The main thing was not doing everything they could to keep Phyllis ( Michelle Stafford ) on the show. Then there was Sharon who they made wacco . One of the originals and the sweetest character on the show. Killing her child off, now killing Delia, crazy, crazy writers.taking Billy Miller off biggest mistake ever. Y&R isn’t the same great show it use to be. I tune in every once in a while to see if they’ve righted their wrongs. Makes me sick to see what’s happened to this show. NOW , ” PAUL WILLIAMS” REALLY !!!!!!! Get yourselves together!!!!


  25. becky powell says:

    Paul must pull through an live. And we need.a happy ending.


  26. donna says:

    I can’t believe I’m commenting on this ridiculous show, but I’m surprised that no one has predicted that it wasn’t Austin who shot Paul, but Dylan. Of course this doesn’t preclude Paul being Dylan’s father, probably would make it more likely. Maybe Dylan has been possessed by Ricky’s spirit!


  27. Naami Yiseral says:

    I think that Dylan will try to give him blood and that’s when they are going to find out Paul is his father. I’ll just be glad when Nick finds out the truth.


  28. PaulaKate Meserole says:

    I have always thought that Dylan was actually Paul and Nikki’s son. I also think that Ian’s ex-wife was in possession of that information and that she tried to sell that Info to Dylan months ago.

    Regarding Austin….not interested in his story at all.

    Also…Paul is an integral/indespensible part of the Young and the Restless and he should be written to survive with a liver transplant from his Son, Dylan.


  29. Mary says:

    I don’t want Paul to leave the show. To many original stars are leaving and we can’t loose another one. I can’t wait for Sharon’s secret to come out. Nick is Summer’s farther, and it’s about time Sharon gets hers. Plus I can’t stand watching Jack play daddy.


  30. Nicole says:

    This is most ridiculous story line Y&R has served up ever. I am sick if Sharon and Nick, heck I sm sick of all of them. They really need to hire new writers ASAP!!! I am trying to hang in there but it is getting hard yo do so..


    MBmomof3 replied

    I’m with you, Nicole. The writing is terrible. I love(d) Y&R but it’s getting hard to watch.


  31. rashell says:

    Well I have a 17, 19, and 20 year old and all girls, I can tell you what Summer is doing does happen when a guy is involved, no matter how smart the girl is. As far as Paul and Dylan, I think its an okay story line as long as Victor and Nikki don’t divorce again. Dylan is adorable in my opinion but him and Avery do make me a little sick. As far as Paul- If you kill him off you will have so, so, many pissed off People. That is just crazy and stupid thinking after all the other crap you writers have pulled this year.


  32. rashell says:

    Oh and I love Sharon and alwasy will.


  33. katherine chatman says:

    I (we) hope Paul makes it bcuz he and Christine just got married…at least give him a chance….


  34. Bonnie says:

    Losing the Adam Character & Original Billy, along with Delia was the Beginning of the End. Huge Mistake! The actor who played Adam was the Best on the show…on any show. The Original Kelly Actress wasn’t interesting, but Katy McClain is too old for Stitch & Billy & Sexually Uncomfortable …AUWFUL with Jack! They keep ended up in Bed & neither is enjoying it!

    The Sharon Character is a Simpleton Now! Not the Actresses fault, just poorly written…Dragging the Mariah thing out, soooo Stupid! Nick is Fine, but was better with Avery & Dylan , Steve Burton Looks Miserable…Lets trade him back to GH for <Michelle Stafford! Her Gh Character doesn't fit her!

    The New Rude Cop is just a Terrible Actor! Steve Burton was just appalled doing the Hospital scenes with him..He need to GO! Oh, Neal is not the Dirty old Man Type, his old girlfriend sucked too! He just fits no where any longer! Lilly & Cain's Story Line is a Yawn as well as her brother…wasted talent.

    All & All the Writing is Awful & a Soap I've watched since Day1 is Destroyed! Paul should Die along with the Soap! I don't think it can be Repaired.


    joan replied



    rhonda replied

    the beginning of the end was when phelps took over, first we lost katherine but that couldnt be helped, then one by one we lost first…our amazing phyllis, then billy and adam then chloe another child ….seen the paul/nickki/ian/dylan story line a mile away i knew as soon as i heard he was coming to canvas that paul and nickki were going to have a child because of the commune from way back when….i started watching the first year it was on…. and yes these stories are beginning to want me to stop but i still have some favorites but u r right i would love for some of the fosters ,and abbots return, and danny , i really cant see anyone replacing phyllis, nor adam , and as we see two different billys in 3 months… what a shame….so now i am following then to gh….hopefully we have our adam newman back, we will soon find out


  35. jaybird369 says:

    Once upon a time, Y&R was CLASSIC soap opera at it’s finest!!!!! For example:
    1. Wonderfully established core families (the Abbotts being my all-time FAVORITE!!!!!).
    2. The wonderfully classic Katherine/Jill rivalry.
    3. Breathtaking romance.
    4. Very realistic friendships.
    5. Wonderfully complex and multi-dimensional characters.

    Now…here is what we are currently stuck with:
    1. The Steve Burton Hour (gag gag gag!!!!!).
    2. Ridiculous and endless baby mama/baby daddy drama.
    3. An ENDLESS revolving door of recasting.
    4. Longtime characters acting clueless, self-righteous and (EVEN MORE!!!!!) stupid.
    5. Newbie characters that NO ONE cares about…at all.



    Jamesj75 replied

    jaybird369, you nailed it! I couldn’t agree more!


    rhonda replied

    me too

    jaybird369 replied

    James…thanks. Now…here’s the thing: At this point, I feel like I can watch Y&R in, like, 10 or 15 minutes. Then…I’m done with Y&R for the rest of the day. Beyond sad. And…I don’t even bother to DVR Y&R anymore. And…believe me…I get A LOT of usage out of my DVR…LOL!!!!! One last thing for now: Earlier, I forgot to tell you this…I TOTALLY AGREE with you about Tyler and nuAbby. TOTAL BLECH!!!!! To me, that Tyler chump ALWAYS looks like he’s sleepwalking…LOL!!!!! As for nuAbby…what a meddlesome and self-righteous N-U-T…LOL!!!!! Sad, but true. Yikes.

    Take care. Peace.

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Yes, James i was a Kate Jackson fan…i even once owned two KJs dolls which i no longer have…was part of my action figure collection i had to sell when i moved but i have a couple of dvd movies she was in…enjoyed her in The Rookies, Angels, and Scarecrow and Mrs. King…yours and jays conversation…i didnt even really pay attention to the length…it was so enjoyable ive read it twice…loved ‘Here Comes The Brides’ and a lot of those songs you two mention…i seen Oliver-the singer, the 5th Dimension in person at the Michigan State fair back in 1970…your conversations brought back fond memories of that moment…i appreciate that…a month earlier i had lost my maternal grandma and my parents took us to that fair to help us cope…i still have the last quarter grams ever gave me…she gave me it the day before she passed…i was supposed to go to the corner store to buy candy but kept the quarter instead and ill never use it…i love anything involving Dark Shadows…just watched the movie ten times…so far…take care!!!!

    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, sadly, I, too, can get through Y&R rather quickly, fastforwarding through the boring dead weight. What you said about the Tyler chump “sleepwalking” had me laughing out loud. :) He and Steve Burton must have the same acting coach.

    PS: I may have gone overboard in an earlier post about all the characters that bore me, but Dylan and Tyler are definitely on the list!

    Peace, Brother…


    jaybird369 replied

    James…dude…you have every right to go overboard here!!!!! I feel the same way. Man, oh, man…the late and great William J. Bell is probably (and even more sadly) rolling over in his grave thinking about what has horribly happened to his wonderful and epic soap that he created back in the day. Very sad. And, dude…by the way…my all-time FAVORITE Y&R characters are (and ALWAYS will be) Jack and (especially!!!!!) Nina…HOLLA!!!!! One last thing for now: Your ‘acting coach’ comment totally cracked me up…LOL!!!!!

    Peace, bro.

    Jamesj75 replied

    Thanks, Jay! You are right again about the formerly “epic soap.” And I agree with you about Jack and Nina. Tricia Cast is a great actress. We were mentioning Genie Francis the other day. When she first joined Y&R, she was paired with Jack. I actually liked them as a couple, but then that fell by the wayside. But maybe you felt differently about that. I can definitely see the rooting value in Jack and Nina. And speaking of acting, Peter Bergman, now that’s an actor! And I enjoyed Jack’s friendship with Adam, plus the fact that both men are great actors.

    Have a good one, Brother!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey, dude!!!!! Some other thoughts and all of my own:
    1. Don’t get me wrong…I have been a BIG FAN of Genie Francis ever since her GH days back in the day. But…when she joined the cast of Y&R a few years ago (in 2011) to play the role of Genevieve…the character of Genevieve had me HAPPILY HOOKED (or whatever) right away. GF was playing a role so very different from her GH character Laura. She was playing Genevieve…a PERFECTLY FLAWED character!!!!! And, I (also) liked Jack and Genevieve as a couple. But, sadly, when I read that JFP (gag gag gag) was gonna be Y&R’s new EP (YIKES!!!!!), I felt like Genie’s days at Y&R were numbered. Beyond sad.
    2. I have been a BIG FAN of Peter Bergman ever since his AMC days. More and more (through the years and all), Mr. Bergman is AWESOME ACES as Y&R’s Jack…HOLLA!!!!! Yes, indeed!!!!!
    3. And, lastly…I would LOVE for Tricia Cast to come back as Y&R’s Nina. And N-O-T as recurring (or whatever). But as in a CONTRACT PLAYER. But…I know better. I know that (very sadly) that ain’t gonna happen while that dreaded JFP is in charge (or whatever) at Y&R. No. More and more, JFP reminds me of an ULTIMATE BULLY who doesn’t know how to get along with ANYONE in the playground…LOL!!!!!

    Deuces, dude. Peace.

    Jamesj75 replied

    Hey Jay! Great to read your thoughts!

    I, too, have been a huge fan of Genie Francis all along. To this day, Tony Geary has a cushy position (with much time off, ability to change dialogue on a whim, etc.) at GH, and the producers never offered Genie this deal. For many years, she wanted to come back, but GH didn’t want her. You know, Sonny and the Mob had to be the main emphasis, according to the enigmatic powers that be.

    From what I read, Maria Arena Bell, former Y&R producer, created the role of Genevieve for Genie. I was ecstatic to see Genie in this new role, and you could tell she enjoyed playing this complex (and as you say) “PERFECTLY FLAWED” character; it was such a departure from GH’s Laura. What a different show we’d be watching if she were still at the helm…

    You’re so right about JFP being an “ULTIMATE BULLY.” I don’t like bullies; I had my own experiences with them long ago. Someone needs to stand up to bullies and to JFP.

    Right there with you re: Peter Bergman and Tricia Cast, great actors portraying great characters.

    All the daytime producers and network executives have to do is get feedback from jaybird369, Jamesj75, and many other fans to determine what is working—and what isn’t…

    Take care, Friend!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey, bro!!!!! Dude…I (also) HATE bullies!!!!! And…I’ve survived LOTS OF BULLYING over the years. I’ve been bullied by meanies, haters, teachers (from high school days), so-called friends, ex-boyfriends (yep…I’m gay.) and (even!!!!!) relatives. But, trust me…emotionally speaking, I have a VERY TOUGH SKIN!!!!! Remember that bullying storyline that Y&R did…you know…the one that featured Fen, Summer and that Jamie kid??? Well…the more that I watched that storyline unfold (or whatever), that’s HOW MUCH it kept (painfully) striking a chord with me. I am so glad that that storyline is now over. But…(of course) bullying is STILL a big problem in society. And it just keeps getting W-O-R-S-E!!!!! Beyond sad.

    I have a feeling that those Sony suits over at CBS have some kind of C-L-U-E as to what’s going on (behind-the-scenes and all) at Y&R. But…I think that they choose to ignore the problem (or whatever). Truly lame.

    Lastly (for now), I am (VERY AGREEABLY!!!!!) on board with you about that Leslie chick. I have never cared for her…or for her IDIOT BROTHER Tyler. BLAH!!!!! And…once Leslie marries that Barton dude (whoever he is), I hope that Barton whisks (or whatever) Leslie OUT OF Genoa City (aka the show) FOR GOOD!!!!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!! As for Neil, I think that (in terms of going from Leslie to that TOTAL WHACK-JOB Hilary) he went from the frying fan to the fire…LOL!!!!! Totally dumb as hell.

    James…have a good one, buddy. Deuces.

    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, first, I am so sorry to hear about your bullying experiences, and that they came from, not only peers, but teachers, relatives, and boyfriends. It’s shocking and unforgivable. I hope that you have healed from these experiences. In my case, it happened for 3 years in high school. Like you, I developed a “VERY TOUGH SKIN” as well as a sense of humor, which preserved my sanity. I also believe that these experiences molded me into who I am, and I like who I am. The memories and feelings associated with the bullying are always with me. People don’t realize that these experiences can stay with you your whole life.

    Re Y&R’s Jaime, a great little actor who made the scenario believable. We are sympatico about Leslie. After Drucilla died, the only woman I thought was a good match for Neil was Karen. Everyone other relationship since has been laughable.

    Finally, Jay, it’s admirable that you were so open here with your remarks about your life. Spoiler alert! We play for the same team… Til next time, Brother!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…bro…you TRULY ROCK…HOLLA!!!!!

    Dude…yep…I have healed from the bullying experiences…for the most part. You see…in my own way, I forgive (eventually). But forgetting…NOT A CHANCE!!!!! Don’t get me wrong…I am all about forgiving. But forgetting…not so much. Nope.

    I remember the character of Karen. Character-wise, I liked Karen. And…from what I once heard, Nia Peeples (the actress who played the role) was a real SPITFIRE on the Y&R set…LOL!!!!! Character-wise, Karen was a HELLUVA LOT BETTER than that Tyra chick. Tyra…played by Eva Marcille (A TOTAL SOAP D-I-V-A)…LOL!!!!! I DID NOT like the character of Tyra…at all!!!!! Remember when she slept with Devon??? That was just ALL KINDS OF C-R-E-E-P-Y!!!!! TOTALLY WHACK!!!!!

    Deuces. Take care.

    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, so glad that you were able to forgive and that you are doing well. You are absolutely right: forgetting is not easy (if even impossible). Keep hanging in there, Friend!

    I didn’t know any of that info about Nia Peeples. And to think they already had to deal with that behavior from Victoria Rowell. No, I didn’t like Tyra either. Funny that they have gone down that road again, with Neil and Devon fighting over the same woman…

    Believe it or not, there are some Y&R characters I actually enjoy: Sharon, Jack, Kevin, for example.

    Til next time, Brother!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…check this out, bro:

    When she was on Y&R, Nia Peeples (behind-the-scenes and all) was a real SPITFIRE in terms of fighting for the integrity (or whatever) of her Y&R character Karen. Supposedly, she used to BUTT HEADS with Maria Arena Bell (remember her???) because of it. Also…from what I’ve read about Nia Peeples over the years, Nia herself is a very nice person and LOTS OF FUN to work with. It’s just that…Nia is a very strong-willed person and all and she refuses to be pushed around. By anyone.

    Until next time…deuces, bro.

    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, thanks for clarifying the information on Nia Peeples. I am all about being assertive and defending yourself! As I said, I always liked the character of Karen and her storyline with Neil. I also have a favorable opinion of Maria Arena Bell because (1) she is definitely preferable to JFP; and (2) she created a role for Genie Francis.

    Take care, Brother…

    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey, dude!!!!! Sometime yesterday, I remembered something else about Nia Peeples during her time on Y&R. Get this: In addition to butting heads with Maria Arena Bell, NP supposedly feuded with both Kristoff St. John (aka Neil) and Eva Marcille. You see, KSJ was good friends with MAB. And…Kristoff sided with MAB in her feud (or whatever) with NP. Then, from there, NP and KSJ started feuding themselves…I think. As for NP and EM and their feuding…EM didn’t get along with too many people during her time on the Y&R set (Nia included). Nia got along VERY WELL with the others on the Y&R set. It was just those 3 (MAB, KSJ and EM) that Nia had problems with. And…in the end…Nia (in terms of her Y&R character Karen) got fed up with getting the runaround from MAB. Then, soon after that, MAB tried to FIRE Nia…who wasn’t having any of that bull-crap. So Nia VERY DEFIANTLY Q-U-I-T. One last thing for now: During Eva Marcille’s time on the Y&R set, it (D-I-V-A-wise) was like Victoria Rowell all over again. Oh, those soaps…NEVER A DULL MOMENT…LOL!!!!!

    James…take care, bro. Deuces.

    Jamesj75 replied

    Hey Jay!! Thank you for providing this information on all the head-butting! I had no idea… It is amazing what I have learned from YOU about behind-the-scenes drama!! And I thought it was just Eric Braeden who threw his weight around (and sometimes his fists, like in the opening montage)!

    Jay, you are the MAN!! Peace, brother!!

    As I continue to fast forward through so many Y&R scenes filled with actors/characters/storylines that bore me, I am clearly missing so many actors:
    Michael Muhney as Adam—of course
    Michelle Stafford as Phyllis—I know she is on GH
    Kevin Schmidt as Noah (blond)—to me, the real Noah
    Tricia Cast as Nina
    John Driscoll as Chance
    Debbi Morgan as Harmony
    Genie Francis as Genevieve
    Stacy Haiduk as Patty
    Stephen Nicholls as Tucker
    Thad Luckinbill as JT
    Blake Hood as Kyle
    Billy Miller as Billy—I know he is going to GH
    Jeff Branson as Ronan
    Emily O’Brien as Jana
    Marco Dapper as Carmine—a guilty pleasure, to be sure
    Michael Fairman as Murphy—must have missed the scene where Murphy jumped into Katherine’s casket
    Nia Peeples as Karen—despite her drama!

    Please, POWERS THAT BE, bring back some of these actors/characters!!

    All for now…

    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey, man!!!!! What’s up??? Dude…W-O-W…that is some list…LOL!!!!! Anyway, some more thoughts of my own:

    1. I remember Kevin Schmidt…FULLY AGREED!!!!! He was a HELLUVA LOT BETTER…UNLIKE Robert Adamson (aka nuNoah…BLECH!!!!!)!!!!!
    2. To me, John Driscoll is so VERY RUGGEDLY DREAMY!!!!! Hee Hee Hee. And…what’s EVEN BETTER…the dude can A-C-T!!!!! UNLIKE that overrated Steve Burton…LOL!!!!!
    3. To me, Stacy Haiduk PERFECTLY ROCKED IT as Patty/Mary Jane!!!!! And, I hope that SH lands another soap SOON…She is THAT TALENTED!!!!!
    4. To me, Stephen Nichols got a RAW-ASS DEAL!!!!! Enough said.
    5. Blake Hood…another TOTAL DREAMBOAT!!!!! Again…Hee Hee Hee. To me, BH brought a lot of WONDERFUL BAD BOY SWAGGER when he played Kyle!!!!! UNLIKE that Hartley Sawyer…who was BEYOND TERRIBLE when he played Kyle…TOTAL BLECH!!!!!
    6. I wish that Emily O’Brien would come back…as a resurrected Jana, as a Jana lookalike…ANYTHING!!!!!
    7. Marco Dapper…OH, YES!!!!! To me, words cannot describe how SEXY AS HELL Marco Dapper is!!!!! One more time…Hee Hee Hee. Marco Dapper…another AWESOME TALENT that needs to come back to Y&R…STAT!!!!! And, by the way, an idea…if and when MD does come back to Y&R, I think that the show’s writers should put his character Carmine (OH, THAT BAD BOY…LOL!!!!!) with Mariah (that Cassie lookalike). To me, Carmine would be WAY BETTER SUITED for Mariah!!!!! Plus…I think that Carmine and Mariah would wonderfully CHALLENGE each other…HELL TO THE YEAH!!!!! That Tyler dude is WAY TOO ANNOYING…No Thank You!!!!! Again…just an idea.
    8. James…dude…I remember the scene of Murphy jumping into Katherine’s casket. To me…as an example…NOW THAT’S ACTING!!!!! HOLLA!!!!!

    James…one final thing for now: James…you, also, are THE MAN!!!!! HOLLA!!!!!

    Until next time…deuces, bro. And PEACE.

    Jamesj75 replied

    Thanks, Jay!

    Cool that you agree on some of my choices. Granted, it’s my wish list. Others at the show as well as fans might disagree with me… No doubt!

    Why they got rid of Kevin Schmidt for a recast is beyond me. Robert Adamson?!?!
    Why they got rid of Blake Hood for a recast is beyond me. Hartley Sawyer?!?!
    I didn’t even remember that Jana is dead—that tells you how bad my memory is…
    Stephen Nichols seemed to get a “RAW ASS DEAL” at more than one show. On both GH and Y&R, every time it looked like his character would get together with Genie Francis’ character, BOOM. Something derailed it.
    Stacey Haiduk is an awesome actress! She knew how to play CRAZY!
    I’ll take Marco Dapper anyway I can get him—I mean, Carmine—yeah, that’s the ticket! Jay, your ideas of pairing him with Mariah is a great one! Just put him on the screen. In addition to his obvious sexiness—of course, Lauren wanted him—he can play humor. Humor in soaps is needed, too.
    That’s my 2 cents for now.
    Balls in your court, Jay!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…h-e-y!!!!! HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!! Anyway…here are my 2 cents and all for today:

    1. I wish that Y&R would flesh out that new character Detective Mark Harding…the dude that works for Paul down at the GCPD. And…Chris McKenna (the actor that plays the role) is such a RUGGEDLY HANDSOME DREAMBOAT!!!!! CM is so F-I-N-E A-S H-E-L-L that his Y&R character makes me wanna EMOTIONALLY SWOON all over my living room…LOL!!!!! James…oh…I am so HAPPILY TERRIBLE!!!!! Hee Hee Hee.
    2. I think that I can shed some light (or whatever) on Stephen Nichols. Over the years, SN (supposedly) has developed a reputation (here and there) on soap sets for having a vocal, rebellious and outspoken type of personality. It is what it is.
    3. Now that Chloe is gone (for now, anyway), I think that the show’s writers (or whoever) need to give Esther (Chloe’s mom) new storyline material (or whatever). And…as an actress…Kate Linder is such a NATURAL on-screen!!!!!
    4. Y&R needs to get that SUPER DREAMY Marco Dapper back on the show…N-O-W!!!!! Dude…remember when Carmine held Lauren hostage??? To me…that was A HOOT AND A HALF to watch!!!!! And…as I was watching it, I kept wishing that I was the one being held hostage and not Lauren. Once again…HAPPILY TERRIBLE HERE!!!!! Hee Hee Hee.
    5. I wish that Stacy Haiduk would come back to Y&R!!!!! Her dual role of Patty/ Mary Jane was all kinds of WONDERFULLY C-R-A-Z-Y!!!!! HOLLA!!!!! Furthermore, I think that Y&R is sorely lacking a HARDCORE VILLAINESS on-screen right now. Unfair.
    6. I think that Y&R should bring Drucilla back. And…no…I DO NOT WANT Victoria Rowell to come back to Y&R!!!!! No Thank You. I could easily accept a Drucilla RECAST…IF it is done CORRECTLY.
    7. Lastly (for now), FULL AGREEMENT HERE…humor is TRULY NEEDED on soaps!!!!! James, I’m sorry but I could NEVER watch a one-dimensional type of character with N-O SENSE OF HUMOR!!!!! No No No No No. To me, GRUMPY OLD Victor easily comes to mind…LOL!!!!!

    James…OK, handsome…your serve!!!!!

    Again…HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!


    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, Jay, Jay, Happy Belated July 4th! I hope all your fireworks were the good kind!

    1. Agreement about all your “HAPPY TERRIBLEs!” For instance, Chris McKenna! I enjoyed him when he was on OLTL, and he has matured into an appealing, very handsome man. They need to make him a regular cast member and give him a major storyline, you know, something along the lines of, oh, I don’t know, maybe he’s struggling to come out as gay, he falls in love with Kevin, who also realizes he’s gay, but then his ex-lover comes back to Genoa City, and it’s Carmine. I mean, why not? It would definitely add time to Y&R that I am not fast forwarding through…

    2. Again, you’ve set me straight with the 411 on Stephen Nichols. I had no idea…

    3. I am worried that they are going to write off Esther, as her main screenmates (Katherine and Chloe) are gone. After all, Jill can only bitch at her so much… But I agree with you: Linder is a great actress.

    4. Re: Marco Dapper’s Carmine: Yeah, I share your fantasies. Even if you’re one of those fans who hates anyone coming between Lauren and Michael, you have to admit Dapper’s appeal.

    5. Among many things Y&R needs are what you’ve discussed: a new Drucilla, a hardcore villainess, and more humor. Plus, bring back a least a couple of the fan favorites. Enough with the Dylan show. Stop bringing on models/recasts who can’t act. Yada Yada Yada… Now, I’m getting restless!!

    To my terrific Buddy Jay and all soap fans everywhere: may all your cliffhangers get resolved quickly and happily, and may you always stay on the frontburner!

    And thanks to Michael Fairman for this fun, fantastic forum!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey there, handsome!!!!! What’s up??? Once again, here I go:

    1. Dude…a possible Carmine/Mark/Kevin love triangle??? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Forgive me, man…I had to laugh!!!!! Well, hell…throw M-E into the mix and you would have a love quadrangle GONE W-I-L-D!!!!! Once again…HAPPILY TERRIBLE IN DA’ HOUSE!!!!! And, yes…Hee Hee Hee. Anyway, I’ll VERY GLADLY watch a possible Carmine/Mark/Kevin love triangle over that Dylan The Dimwit ANY DAY!!!!! Dylan The Dimwit=ENDLESS BLECH…LOL!!!!! Anyway, moving on…….
    2. James…what do you think of THE FABULOUS Gina Tognoni as the new Phyllis (She starts airing Monday August 11th.)??? Anyway, I am so STOKED AND EXCITED about GT being added to the Y&R cast!!!!!
    3. And, finally…dude…what do you think of Myk Watford??? I don’t know if you remember Myk Watford but I do. Refresher: MW played Womack…that dirtbag/scumbag who terrorized Fen in prison (or whatever). Also…Womack took (basically) HALF of the Y&R characters hostage in that GCAC ballroom. Anyway, that so-called hostage scenario (or whatever) was BEYOND RIDICULOUS!!!!! I mean…come on…freely walking around, guzzling and knocking back champagne, whispering together in huddled groups?!?!? Yeah, right…as in N-O-T!!!!! I am so sorry but forgive me for rooting for Womack aka THE BAD GUY…LOL!!!!! Oh, well. As for Myk Watford (the actor himself)…SURPRISE SURPRISE…YET ANOTHER RUGGEDLY HANDSOME DREAMBOAT!!!!! Oh, I need to stop…LOL!!!!!

    James…that’s my 2 cents and all for now. The ball is now in your court, handsome!!!!!


    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay-man, what’s up?

    Glad you liked my Carmine/Mark/Kevin love triangle. And there is always room for you!

    Loved your “Dylan The Dimwit” comment. It’s beyond ridiculous what they’re doing with him. I expect him to move onto the ranch, the tackhouse, and the hospital any day now and form connections with every other character on the show.

    Gina Tognoni is definitely a great actress. Phyllis is needed on the canvass. Someone of Tognoni’s stature could make it work. I say give her a shot. As much as I like Sharon, she needs to be held accountable for what she did to Phyllis. That’s one reason I came to detest GH (where Michelle Stafford currently resides): Sonny has never been held accountable for anything. And he’s been shot so many times, his body should be riddled with bullet holes, and he’s a mean, abusive jerk on top of it all. Victor on Y&R behaves that way most of the time. Where is the rooting value in that?

    With regard to your interest in Myk Watford (Womack), I can definitely see the interest. He, too, was very appealing, and they just scratched the surface with his character. For one thing, I find myself rooting for the bad guys more often than not. By all means, whenever I am held hostage, I hope that I can be “guzzling and knocking back champagne,” too. And those prison scenes with Fen left me wanting more… They always do… :)

    Jay, what do you think about this idea? You know, despite the numerous instances of love triangles, a mainstay of soaps, has anyone dared to explore the excitement/intricacies of a threesome, no matter the gender configuration? I don’t know how common these hook-ups are in real life, but I think they are common enough (or fantasized enough about) that they’re fertile territory for exploration. Particularly when so many plotlines, devoid of realism, are recycled ad nauseum (back from the dead, babies switched at birth, evil twins, mistakenly arrested for murder).

    Until the next time, Jay, may the days of your lives be filled with young, restless, bold, beautiful “RUGGEDLY HANDSOME DREAMBOATS!” Catch you on the flipside, Brother!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…well, hello!!!!! What’s up??? My thoughts and all for today:

    1. Dude…always room for me, huh??? HA…I wish!!!!! Anyway, can you imagine M-E playing a character on Y&R??? Hee Hee Hee. Don’t get me wrong…it’s ALWAYS nice to dream. But…I don’t think it would EVER work out in terms of me being on Y&R. My point with this??? I probably couldn’t COPE with working for that SOAP-ZILLA Jill Farren Phelps…B-L-E-C-H!!!!! Dude…I know ME…I would end up cussing her arrogant ass out and THEN quitting…A-N-D all on the first day!!!!! LOL!!!!! In general, I couldn’t handle the STRESS…No Thank You!!!!!
    2. Y-E-S…Sharon needs to be held accountable for what she did to Phyllis…THANK YOU!!!!! And…once NuPhyllis wakes up from her coma (or whatever) next month (aka Monday, August 11th)…Tick Tock Tick Tock. Oh, well.
    3. Bro…YES…GH’S Sonny has been shot SO MANY TIMES…so much so that it’s a wonder that he’s STILL ALIVE!!!!! In general, Maurice Benard…WHAT AN ACTOR…LOL!!!!! As for Eric Braeden (and his Y&R character Victor)…NOT IMPRESSED HERE!!!!! Check this out: Back in the day (early 1980′s), GRUMPY OLD Victor locked that Michael Scott dude (the lover of Julia…Victor’s first wife) in that CREEPY AND SECRET D-U-N-G-E-O-N!!!!! I didn’t like Victor THEN…OR NOW!!!!! I’m sorry but Victor treating another character like that…there is NO ROOTING VALUE in that PERIOD!!!!! No.
    4. James…YES YES YES…there should be THREESOME RELATIONSHIPS in soaps!!!!! YUM!!!!! Dude…I get so SICK of watching love triangles on soaps!!!!! ESPECIALLY (1) love triangles that DON’T WORK and (2) UNWATCHABLE love triangles that seem to go on and on and for F-O-R-E-V-E-R…Blah Blah Blah and more Blah. And, here are some other plot devices that just WORK MY NERVES: Amnesia. A so-called important character suddenly bursting, charging and storming into (HUH?!?!?) a courtroom scene. Interrupted soap weddings (a VERY TIRED soap device). Good Twin vs. Evil Twin. I could go on and on…LOL!!!!!
    5. James…dude…the idea and thought of dull-as-dirt Dylan moving onto the ranch and/or the tackhouse??? Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!!! And…B-L-E-C-H!!!!!

    James…OK, HOT STUFF…your turn…LOL!!!!!

    Until next time…ROCK ON, bro!!!!!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…h-e-y!!!!! Here are some current things on Y&R that keep WORKING MY NERVES:

    1. Austin and Summer. First, that idiot Austin kidnaps Summer’s Aunt Avery. Then, after Avery is rescued, Summer (who is none too swift herself) forgives that one-dimensional MORON for holding Avery prisoner. And, now…Austin and Summer are now M-A-R-R-I-E-D (via QUICKIE ELOPEMENT!!!!!)!!!!! No No No No No.
    2. Devon. Devon…who keeps acting like such a VILLAGE IDIOT…ESPECIALLY when it comes to chicks!!!!! UNWATCHABLE DORK!!!!!
    3. Lily. Lily…who is so OUT OF CONTROL that I (at this point) immediately reach for the Mute button on my DVR remote control so I won’t have to listen to the sound of her annoying voice. SHUDDER ALL AROUND!!!!!
    4. Cane. Cane…OMG…watching that dude being HENPECKED by Lily The Loony is a TOTAL SNOOZE-FEST!!!!! And…since Cane now allows Lily to boss him around (BLAH!!!!!), I no longer find Cane or his Australian accent sexy. Idiot.
    5. Paul and Dylan as long-lost father and son. This so-called storyline is BEYOND LAME on so many levels!!!!! Yep!!!!!

    James…your turn, bro.

    As always…D-E-U-C-E-S!!!!!

    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, Man, Great stuff as always!

    It would indeed be difficult working for JFP. The way she has treated legends (many from GH in addition to others), she doesn’t respect her actors or any show’s rich history. I wouldn’t last 2 days, although I am already a way better actor than Steve Burton, and I haven’t had an acting lesson in my life! :)

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t care for Lily or Devon. Or Cane, for that matter. They have always bored me. Now they are showcasing them in their swimsuits in commercials. Barf, barf… They are 2 actors who don’t sell their roles very well. I know they are actors; character development is nil. Maybe the writers’ fault…

    Neil is okay, that is, when he has a believable storyline. And that hasn’t happened in a while.

    As for tired old storylines, they keep bringing them in, don’t they? MAny of them we can see from a mile away, like the Paul/Dylan father/son thing. Sure, Paul needs to be a father (or is that grandfather) to a worthwhile spawn, given that Ricky was a wacko. But Dylan makes every character in his orbit just as boring as he is. Avery included.

    Totally agree with you, Jay, about Austin and Summer. Forced. Boring. Contrived. Waste of airtime.

    That’s all for now, Jay. Please take care, and try to avoid the SNOOZEFESTS and LAMENESS!!!

    J to J, over and out!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey there, CUTIE-PIE!!!!! What’s up??? Anyway, I particularly enjoyed your post from yesterday. SO TRUE!!!!! Anyway, once again, here I go:

    1. Your comment about Steve Burton (lol) makes me curious about something: James, dude…how old are you? Me? I am age 46. Anyway, just wondering.
    2. Dude…I am SO OVER Cane, Devon and Lily. Devon has gotten WAY TOO STUPID!!!!! And…watching Cane, Lily and their 2 kids play happy family (or whatever) ain’t cutting it for me. FAST-FORWARD MATERIAL ALL THE WAY!!!!! Yep.
    3. James…yes…Ricky was a TOTAL WHACK-JOB but Peter Porte (YET ANOTHER DREAMBOAT…LOL!!!!!) is a SUPER TALENTED ACTOR and he made his Y&R character of Ricky VERY, VERY WATCHABLE onscreen!!!!! Which is more than I can say for rigid and stiff-as-a-board Dylan…LOL!!!!! Yep.
    4. Bro…the more Summer opens her mouth…the STUPIDER she sounds!!!!! Moving on…….
    5. James…I wish that Y&R would bring back the character of Julia (Victor’s first wife). And, as an actress…Meg Bennett TRULY ROCKS!!!!!

    From Jay to James…your turn.

    As always…Peace.

    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey, dude!!!!! Check it out: Actor Scott Elrod (who used to play on Men In Trees…an AWESOME series that ended way too soon…sigh) starts airing on Y&R in early October. He’s gonna play the role of Joe Clark…Avery’s ex-husband. And, supposedly…the character of Joe Clark comes to Genoa City with a MAJOR AGENDA (or something). Dude…I am SUPER EXCITED by this!!!!! Scott Elrod was AWESOME on Men In Trees…and (hopefully) he’ll be EVEN MORE AWESOME on Y&R!!!!! Furthermore, Scott is a TOTAL DREAMBOAT…and…he can ACT, too!!!!! HELL YEAH, BABY!!!!!

    James…your serve, handsome.

    As always…D-E-U-C-E-S!!!!!

    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, my Man, how are you?? Sorry I haven’t responded sooner, but I was out of town for a few days and didn’t check my e-mail much. Hmmm…. Did I check into rehab? Was I in Australia trying to get info on Stitch? Was I visiting a comatose Phyllis? Or was I just having a good time with friends and family?…

    Anyway, well rested and ready to tet-a-tet with the AWESOME jaybird369!!

    Thanks to your suggestion, I have checked out Scott Elrod. I’m on board and already a fan! Didn’t watch Men in Trees, at least not the televised version! And I look forward to seeing him on screen.

    You and I are in complete agreement about Cane, Lily, and Devon. You know, I actually liked Devon’s longtime (but rarely seen) girlfriend Roxanne; they should have given her a storyline. And these days, Neil is just beyond dim… Don’t get me wrong: I like Neil. He just needs a believable love interest and storyline.

    I have heard of Meg Bennett, but I didn’t watch Y&R when she was on. I have watched Y&R since 2005.

    We are also sympatico regarding Peter Porte as Ricky. Again, another great (and handsome) actor Y&R let slip through its hands. Another great (and handsome) actor is Max Ehrich (Fen). Where is he? Where is Gloria? I love her and I think Judith Chapman is a great actress. Can run circles around so many younger stars with her acting (been on several soaps, as you probably know).

    Now a clue about my age—I am older than you but not old enough to be your father, even if you make me submit to a paternity test…

    Another clue—my favorite soap actress of all time is the beautiful Valerie Starrett, who played Diana Maynard Taylor (the original Diana) on GH from 1969 until 1977. She was a beautiful, popular, and great actress who was frontburner for virtually her entire GH tenure. She was actually fired from the show because the producer (Tom Donovan) didn’t like her—sounds a lot like JFP! She left show business, owned a bookstore, and retired to the beach in southern California. She was an unsung heroine of the show, never gets any credit or tribute, but the love story of Peter and Diana Taylor in the 1970s was mesmerizing. To my knowledge, she is still alive, and I actually had the pleasure of writing her a few years ago (via stumbling via guess onto her e-mail address). And in the last couple of years, GH footage from 1977 (featuring Starrett) has made its way onto Youtube.

    I know I was gushing, but Starrett was really that good. Probably similar to your Meg Bennett. You’ll have to tell me more about her sometime…

    Full disclosure time, Jay, I just turned 57! A bit older than 46… I consider myself a young 57, especially with how I feel. I stay very active and am happy. Don’t let my age faze you… I am older than Christian LeBlanc but younger than Doug Davidson.

    Look forward to your next post, Jay. Peace and best to you!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…H-O-W-D-Y!!!!! What’s up? More and more, you crack me up (lol). Anyway, I’m gonna take a quick guess here…you were probably having a good time with friends and family. HAHA!! Once again, I’m up:

    1. Paternity test, huh? Dude…I was ROTFL on that one (lol). Anyway, I had a feeling that you were older than me. Yep. By the way…B E L A T E D H A P P Y B I R TH D AY!!!!! I hope that it was a good one. I’ll be turning 47 at the end of this year (December 6th). More and more, people tell me that I look very young for my age…which is true (lol). But, as I get older, I feel my age…a little less energy here and there.
    2. I don’t remember Valerie Starrett but I remember her Diana Taylor character…somewhat. What did you think of the late Gloria Monty? I don’t know if you remember her. Anyway, she was Executive Producer (I think) of GH for several years. In certain ways, she was A LOT LIKE that JFP. But, yet…GM was a SOMEWHAT BETTER EP than JFP.
    3. Y-E-S…where is Gloria??? I tell ya’…over the years, Judith Chapman has TRULY made the Gloria character her own (sorry, Joan Van Ark). And, yes…I remember JC from her GH days. To me…her Ginny Webber character was such a HILARIOUS HOT MESS (lol)!!!!! And…EVEN MORE ENTERTAINING!!!!! F.Y.I.: David Mendenhall (who played Ginny’s annoying, bratty and whiny son…BLECH!!!!!) is all grown up now. And…David is VERY HANDSOME and is currently (I think) an attorney. Yum.
    4. I (also) liked Roxanne. And…Tatyana Ali was AWESOME in the role!!!!! Furthermore, Roxanne was the BEST girlfriend that Devon ever had!!!!! Then, Devon broke up with her and (from there) got ALL STUPID!!!!! Oh, those soap writers…LOL!!!!!
    5. And…finally…I’m gonna go out on a limb (or whatever) and tell you 3 certain words that best describes me. I am (among other things) carefree, fearless and spit-fiery (which is a cross or whatever between being both fiery and a spitfire). Dude…what about you? What words best describes you?

    From Jay to James…your turn, dude.

    P.S. – James…I’m just remembering this: Meg Bennett doesn’t act all that much anymore. She’s currently a soap writer (I think).


    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, first, thank you for the birthday greetings! And your other kind words! Glad to hear I crack you up, my Friend. You do the same for me, every time. :)

    I will get to the personal stuff right off the bat:

    I like the 3 words you use to describe yourself. They are definitely admirable traits! And I like your vernacular with “spit-fiery!” Those descriptors give me a good feel, to say nothing of our conversations… Of course, you went out on a limb: that is what carefree, fearless, spit-fiery gents do! :)

    For me, narrowing it down to 3 (and, of course, only positive traits), I pick: thoughtful, humorous, and assertive (the latter not to be confused with aggressive).

    Glad we agree about Y&R’s Gloria and Roxanne. Yes, I remember Judith Chapman from GH, too, and she was on ATWT before that… Interesting stuff about David Mendenhall; nice to hear about him.

    I almost stopped watching GH after Valerie Starrett was let go, but somehow I got lured back. That’s how these addictions work, isn’t it? Gloria Monty succeeded Tom Donovan at GH. As most soap historians know—is that what we are?—she is the one who turned GH around from cancellation to the #1 soap, particularly with the Luke/Laura phenomenon. And, believe it or not, I have an interesting anecdote about Gloria Monty. Back in, I believe, 1980, I wrote her a fan letter and asked whether it would be possible for a fan to visit the set. I was contemplating taking a vacation in LA at the time. She actually wrote me back!! I was blown away! She wrote me a handwritten note, stating she appreciated my interest but that they had closed sets. So, as busy as she was, she did that for me. I don’t think I have that note any longer, but I will check…

    And getting back to Valerie Starrett for a moment, imagine my awesome surprise when she actually responded very kindly to my e-mail, and she appreciated me remembering her from so many years ago. I don’t think that many of these soap stars realize the impact they have on their fans… The loyalty and passion we have are downright amazing at times…

    Back to Y&R: I apologize for not responding to your comments about Summer and Austin. I don’t care for either of them (even though he is easy on the eyes). Summer could save the town on Genoa City from a fire (probably set by an unmedicated Sharon), and I would still not like her. For me, she will always have that baggage of the alleged incident(s) with Michael Muhney… Talk about dreamboats… Do you remember when he and Rafe were dating?!?!

    Speaking of gays in storylines, a gay character on Y&R would be nice. You and I can help the writers figure it out. Did you know that GH currently has 3 gay characters in a triangle. It’s a threesome waiting to happen if you ask me. And one of them is an Asian who can be unscrupulous. The 2 gay guys on DOOL are way too holier than thou and earnest for my tastes.

    So, Jay, please tell me more about Meg Bennett. Why did you like her so much?

    This will be all for now, Brother. Sweet dreams and sweet dreamboats! Cheers!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey, there!!!!! What’s up??? Check this out: Earlier today, I was reading something online about Meg Bennett. As I was reading, I came across something about Meg that I had totally forgotten about…back in 2005 (I think), Meg appeared on GH. She played the character of Allegra Montenegro…a totally HARDCORE VILLAINESS who stopped at nothing to get what she wanted. And…if I remember correctly…blackmail, eavesdropping, identity switching…just a few tactics (or whatever) that Allegra used to get what she wanted. And Meg was SO AWESOME in the role!!!!! Also, in real life, Meg is married to Robert Guza, Jr…who used to be a Head Writer for GH. They’ve been together since the late 1980′s (I think). And…finally…from what I’ve read about Meg Bennett over the years, Meg is a VERY NICE PERSON…very outgoing, always makes time for her fans and NEVER SAYS NO when it comes to signing autographs for fans. And…Meg is (get this) age 63. YES!!! Of course, she looks SO FANTASTIC for her age!!!!! Dude…I hope that I look that good once I reach age 63 myself…LOL!!!!! Yep.

    From Jay to James…I look forward to your next posting.


    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, it looks like we were posting at approximately the same time! Thank you for the additional information on Meg! I wasn’t aware of her GH connections. Great to hear!

    PS: If I ever become famous, I promise to be nice to my fans, too! (But I don’t think I have to worry about that…)

    After being away for a few days, I am contemplating the need to catch up on Y&R, given my propensity for fastforwarding…

    In case you didn’t see it, my 3 main traits (and other ramblings) are listed above in a lengthier post (July 16th).

    All for now, Jaybird! Always looking forward to posts by Jaybird369. :)

    jaybird369 replied

    James…h-e-l-l-o. What’s new??? Once again, I’m up:

    1. James…dude…sometime last night, I posted something about Meg Bennett around 9:10PM. Also…Meg Bennett has had a very long and very successful career over the years. First, as a soap actress. And…nowadays as a VERY SUCCESSFUL television writer. Over the years, Meg has written for SEVERAL shows…and not just soaps. Bro…here’s what I respect most about Meg Bennett: Over the years, Meg has always carried herself with wit, intelligence and (most of all) grace…not a trace of D-I-V-A at all!!!!! Thank God. Now I’m blushing…LOL!!!!! In general…Meg is AWESOME ACES all the way!!!!!
    2. Dude…Summer saving the town of Genoa City from a fire? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! GOOD ONE!!!!! That kind of stressful situation would make Summer FREAK OUT every few seconds (that crybaby…wah wah wah)…lol. Yep. And…Y-E-S…Matthew Atkinson (who plays Austin on the show) is VERY EASY on the eyes!!!! Just like Marco Dapper…hee hee hee. Now…speaking of Marco Dapper, an idea: I think that it would R-O-C-K if Marco came back to Y&R (I’m still waiting.) and teamed up with Matthew Atkinson on-screen. Now, here’s the actual idea part: Austin and Carmine end up meeting in a bar one night (or whatever) and discover that they have A LOT in common. Most of all, they realize that they are both TOTALLY FED UP with the self-righteousness and all of others in Genoa City. So…from there…Austin and Carmine form an AWESOME ALLIANCE (part DYNAMIC DUO, part BROMANCE) and vow to get revenge and all on those in Genoa City by teaching the citizens of Genoa City a lesson about being L-E-S-S self-righteous. And, most of all, Austin and Carmine end up realizing and agreeing that women are WAY TOO MUCH TROUBLE and…dude…I think you know where I’m going with this. LOL!!!!!
    3. James…yep…I am TOTALLY AWARE of the 3 gay dudes in the current love triangle on GH. And speaking of the Asian one in the triangle, of the 3, he is my FAVORITE…PERFECTLY BAD-ASS ALL THE WAY…LOL!!!!! HOLLA!!!!! And, yeah…I (also) don’t care too much for those 2 gay dudes on DOOL. Now don’t get me wrong…I think that they’re BOTH good-looking fellas and all. But…their characters are WAY TOO BLAND for me. Dude…give me BAD-ASS over bland ANY DAY!!!!! HOLLA!!!!! And, by the way…’threesome waiting to happen’…GOOD ONE!!!!! LOL!!!!! And…true. AGREED!!!!!
    4. That was so nice of Gloria Monty to respond to your fan letter like that. And…from what I read and heard about Gloria over the years, she was truly ONE TOUGH COOKIE!!!!! And I can understand about the ‘closed sets’ part. Nowadays, I hear that security on soap sets is EVEN MORE STRICT…because of stalkers, weirdos and other crazies out there. Understandable. Yep.
    5. And…finally…a question: Do you have a boyfriend? Just wondering. As for me…about a month ago, I (finally) broke free from an on-again off-again relationship that went on FOR WAY TOO LONG. Check it out: The guy (who shall remain nameless) was (among other things) bossy, emotionally abusive, immature, self-centered and selfish. I finally HAD ENOUGH aka GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!! Dude…what that jerk put me through…to me, it would make for a great storyline on a soap…IF DONE CORRECTLY!!!!! Anyway…just a thought. Yep.

    From Jay to James…your move.


    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, Brother, I am really enjoying this parallel soap world you and I are cultivating: our hopes and dreams for our televised soaps as well as our own real-life storylines. I will get to the personal stuff at the end… I guess that’s a tease… But aren’t we all?!?!

    Anyway, I LOVE your idea about the teaming of Austin and Carmine (still waiting, too, with open arms; Lauren, move out of the way…). But, yes, indeed, they should team up and get revenge on all those holier than thou Genoa City residents. I am such a huge Sharon fan, and it pisses me off that Victor, Nicki et al. treat her like crap all the time. Granted, she has some problems… I loved her with Adam, BTW.

    I agree with you about the gay characters on soaps. First, the fact that soaps include gay characters is AWESOME. (These are not your mother’s/father’s/grandparents’ soaps!) But, yes, as the DOOL characters are admirable, just a little too goody-two shoes for my tastes, and everyone in town just loves them. I guess that’s a good thing, given all the hostility in some circles toward gays. And I am with you, Jay, regarding GH’s gay characters. I like Brad the most, and he is the bad boy in the group! By the way, I often wonder who the target audience is when so many male characters are so often shirtless. I’m not complaining, mind you…

    Now to you directly, Jay: I am so sorry to hear that someone you were dating was abusive, selfish, etc. That he treated you poorly at all is something you don’t deserve, so cutting ties is definitely the right move. You must feel instant relief. And I hope that you find love and happiness soon with someone who is deserving of you. And you must update your pal, James. I am pulling for you, Brother! :)

    As for me, I am happy in a very long-term partnership. He’s a great guy, that’s for sure. We are different people, with different likes. He would never watch a soap, for instance. And our tastes in music are vastly different. But we see eye to eye in most things, especially the important things, and we have always gotten along well.

    Until next time, Jay, wishing you all the best, today and always…

    jaybird369 replied

    James…HI!!!!! Before I begin, one thing: Thank you for your very kind words and all. Dude…it really meant a lot to me. And, I hope that your boyfriend knows how lucky he is to have you in his life…and vice-versa. You’ll have to tell me more about him, how ya’ll met, how long ya’ll have been together, how old he is (oh I am too terrible here…lol), etc.. Details, my friend!!!!! Anyway, once again, I’m up:

    1. Dude…I stopped caring about the Victor and Nikki MERRY-GO-ROUND a long time ago. I mean…HOW MANY TIMES can those 2 BREAK UP AND GET BACK TOGETHER AGAIN?!?!? Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!! Yes…a Charlie Brown reference (or whatever)…I went there. lol. Anyway, back to Victor and Nikki: I’m sorry but those 2 have WAY TOO MUCH DYSFUNCTION JUNCTION in their lives. To me, that is WAY TOO MUCH MISERY on a soap…PERIOD!!!!!
    2. James…I think that that Mark Harding hunk (played by that SUPER DREAMY Chris L. McKenna) should be added into the possible Austin/Carmine mix. YES!!!!! Dude…what do you think about this: More and more, as time goes on, Mark gets (more and more) fed up with taking CONSTANT ORDERS AND ALL from Paul (Paul…who is WAY TOO SAINTLY for me…BLECH!!!!!). Anyway, one day, Mark realizes he HAS HAD ENOUGH and very honestly tells this to Paul POINT BLANK. Then, Paul reacts by YELLING at Mark. Mark YELLS BACK!!!!! Then, Mark QUITS IN TOTAL DISGUST and STORMS OUT of the GCPD. For good. Then, soon after that, Mark is taking a walk (through that park that is now named after the deceased Katherine Chancellor) and suddenly hears/overhears familiar voices. It’s Austin and Carmine discussing, um, business. Then, Mark can no longer contain his excitement (or whatever) and (with LOTS OF BAD BOY S-W-A-G-G-E-R) approaches Austin and Carmine. Then, Mark tells them that he is D-O-N-E with being pushed around and with being THE GOOD GUY (blech) and getting nowhere else in life. Then, Mark says to the fellas that he WANTS IN. Austin and Carmine are VERY AGREEABLY onboard with this and BOTH EACH say to Mark, “Welcome aboard, bro. Let’s teach this judgmental town a lesson.” Then, later on that night, the new POWERHOUSE TRIO (Yum) go out for an evening of fun and (especially) drinks. Then, from there…of course, you can figure out the rest. Hee Hee Hee, Your thoughts on this, please.
    3. James…your boyfriend would never watch a soap, huh??? Tell him (from me to him)…VERY, VERY SMART MAN!!!!! My point? At times, soaps can get S-O-C-R-A-Z-Y!!!!! Yep.
    4. Where my recent break-up is concerned, I got T-I-R-E-D of being with someone who kept acting like such an immature/overgrown MAN-CHILD (or whatever). And…besides…at this point, I prefer the enjoyment and all of my own company instead of being with some CLUELESS CLOWN AND CHUMP that doesn’t get me. GOOD RIDDANCE ALL-AROUND!!!!! Yes. Once again…great potential soap storyline material here!!!!!
    5. And…finally…James, what are some of your pet peeves? A few of mine? Let me see…arrogance, bullying, cowards, fake-filled people, homophobia, lousy liars and racism. The list goes on and on. YIKES!!!!!

    James…I think that I’m done venting (or whatever) for now. LOL!!!!! Your move, my friend.

    As always…A-C-E-S!!!!!

    Jamesj75 replied

    Hello Jay!

    I hope all is well!

    So, where to begin… When I first started watching Y&R, I thought Nicki was a busybody and Victor was a jerk (milder term than what I really thought). Not much has changed since to change my impressions. I see how tiring the make-up-to-break-up rollercoaster is with those two. And not to be ageist (esp. considering my own age), but Braeden must be pushing 80, and he still boxes? Still threatens all these young bucks on the show (in the storyline and in real life)?

    Jay, Man, you crack me up! As usual… :) Your storyline ideas for Mark Harding—is that a porn name?—along with Carmine and Austin are extremely interesting and enticing. I am salivating at the thought of such interaction! And the idea of having fun (and drinks) with any or all of these hot men is incredible…

    I have to tune in soon to Y&R or I will forget who’s who and won’t be able to add much to this part of our discussion…

    Speaking of our personal discussion, thank you for your kind words, too, my friend! I wish that we could connect elsewhere, so that we could be more open and more detailed. As for my relationship at home, I can discuss it more later…

    Regarding your recent breakup, at least now you can move on and be free, free to enjoy your life without such stressors and free to avail yourself of someone more deserving of the AWESOME, THOUGHTFUL Jaybird! There have been times in my life, too, when I thought it would make a great storyline, for better or worse… Now that each soap, except B&B, has gay characters, the territory is fertile for exploration…

    Pet peeves: I definitely agree with yours. The world would become a much wonderful place if we eliminated the ones you mentioned. My additional pet peeves: I don’t care for impolite or thoughtless people, those who have no sense of empathy for others. I certainly make mistakes all the time, but I try to go out of my way to avoiding hurting others. And when I err, I feel terribly about it. I’m also anal about keeping things clean and organized. And, despite being a “people-pleaser,” I hate crowds and do all I can to avoid them.

    “Venting (or whatever)” is a good thing! Backatcha! Enjoy yourself, Brother!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey hey hey!!!!! More and more, I L-O-V-E reading your posts!!!!! Thank you. Once again…chat time…soaps and all…LOL!!!!! Anyway…
    1. Dude…I AGREE!!!!! We should connect more elsewhere. We could exchange e-mail addresses but I’m afraid that we (you and I) might get kicked out of this TOTALLY WONDERFUL website. Sigh.
    2. Bro…I would much rather watch a possible Austin/Carmine/Mark storyline than the rest of that idiotic M-E-S-S- (B-L-E-C-H!!!!!) currently going on on Y&R!!!!! Yes.
    3. What do think of William deVry (the dude that plays that Julian Jerome mobster on GH)? To me, that man is all kinds of R-U-G-G-E-D-L-Y F-I-N-E!!!!! TOTALLY!!!!!
    4. Back in the day, I remember when Y&R’s Victor and Nikki first got together (early 1980′s). Anyway, soon after they started dating (or whatever), Victor asked Nikki to move in with him (I think) at the (old and original) Newman Ranch. As time went on, Victor felt like it was time to teach Nikki how to be a (get this) PROPER LADY. Dude…I kid you not!!!!! Anyway, one day, while Victor was giving Nikki a, um, lesson, Nikki made the mistake of mouthing off to Victor. Victor’s response…Victor then responded by putting Nikki (yes) over his knee (or whatever) and giving her an ACTUAL SPANKING!!!!! Seriously!!!!! To me, watching that Y&R scene as a young kid was so LOL funny!!!!! Oh, the CLASSICS!!!!!
    5. I wish that B&B would have gay characters on there…as in RIGHT NOW!!!!! HELL YEAH, BABY!!!!!
    6. Dude…what do you think Of BOTH Eric Martsolf and Greg Vaughn (aka Brady and Eric) from DOOL? Well…no mystery here…2 X THE HOTNESS!!!!! Y-U-M!!!!!
    7. In general…I wish that there were MORE GAY CHARACTERS on soaps PERIOD!!!!!
    8. James…by the way…what kind of music do you like? Me? In terms of music, I L-O-V-E the classics…’70′s, ’80′s and (some) ’90′s music, mostly. I ESPECIALLY love soft rock music!!!!! As for MOST of today’s music…well…never mind. Moving on…
    9. James…I (also) don’t care for impolite or thoughtless people. Also…people with RUDE AND UGLY WAYS makes my BLOOD BOIL…B-A-D-L-Y!!!!! And…I (also) don’t care for crowds. Here’s why: To me, A LOT OF THAT has to do with the fact that I DON’T LIKE too many people prying into my personal business…another thing that makes my BLOOD BOIL BADLY!!!!! And…as for the keeping things clean part…I have my moments (lol). As for the organized part, I am (get this) VERY ANAL about that. Example: When it comes to alphabetics, I am a TOTAL N-U-T!!!!! Get this: A-L-L of my DVD’s (of which I have SEVERAL…lol) are alphabetized…from A-Z!!!!! That way…whenever I wanna watch a movie, I’ll know where a certain movie title is…instead of digging through my DVD video cabinets (I have 2.) to find a damn title. Yep.
    10. James…finally…personal confession time. On Tuesday May 6th (over 2 months ago), I had MAJOR kidney surgery (another story for another time). Anyway, a week later on May 13th, I came home from the hospital. I unpacked a little bit and slept the rest of the day. I SURE AS HELL didn’t get too much sleep while I was in the hospital. Anyway, Wednesday May 14th (aka the next day), I decided to catch up on Y&R. Mistake mistake mistake mistake mistake mistake mistake. Dude…here’s what I saw (if I remember correctly)…MORE OF THE SAME…DULL-AS-DIRT Dylan, SNIVELING Summer, those IDIOT newbie characters running amok. You get the point. TOTAL D-R-E-C-K!!!!!

    James…OK, handsome…your serve.

    As always…A-C-E-S!!!!!

    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, My Man, the fun continues… I find constant enjoyment from your posts; clearly a highlight of my day is reading and responding to your posts—and I so look forward to it. Each time, I find more and more we have in common. More on that later…

    1. With regard to your surgery in May, I hope you are feeling and doing much better. I hope you have had a good support system, besides that ex you mentioned, and that your loved ones are looking out for you. You deserve that and more!

    2. Back to Y&R, you said it all: Dylan, Summer, and newbies galore. It makes me wonder when Y&R will get back to what made it the phenomenal must-see, No. 1 soap… My viewing has been so sporadic… Now if only the powers that be would consider your Austin/Carmine/Mark storyline. THAT is ratings gold; I know it would keep ME glued to the set, even if I had to fastforward everything else. The Victor spanking Nicki segment must have been hilarious. I guess the writers were targeting the “spanking” segment of society.

    3. Boldly and beautifully going onto other soaps… B&B has such a small cast as it is, but a gay character would be a nice addition. Technically, Bill Spencer’s sister has a female partner, but they are on, maybe once or twice a year. That show sure has a fine stable of good-looking men. So many from which to choose… More gay characters, a few with an edge or bad-boy persona, would spice things up, that’s for sure!

    4. DOOL’s resident studs, Eric Martsolf and Greg Vaughan, are might fine. Hell, yes, I like them! And there are a few other nice ones on that show, too, the actors who play Daniel and Rafe in particular. By the way, a couple of years ago, the Brady character (so often shirtless) was boxing or wrestling with a British character who, I believe, owned the local gym. In these scenes, both men were shirtless… I mean, naturally, don’t all straight men box or wrestle with their buddies shirtless? I’m not complaining, mind you, but the homoeroticism was palpable and in your face!

    5. And GH’s William DeVry is stunning! He is often shirtless, too, as is the new cop, Ryan Paevey as Nathan and Bryan Craig as Morgan. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    6. And now back to the real world of J & J: Brother, our commonalities keep adding up. I also keep my DVDs in alphabetical order, and I do the same thing with my CDs. I have always kept my music in alphabetical order, even when I was a teenager. And don’t even ask me about my closet… You just know it’s well organized. We’ll leave it at that!

    Jay, I hope you can avoid those thoughtless, rude, nosy people who make your blood boil.

    *************NEWSFLASH*********** ANOTHER J & J COMMONALITY: Our tastes in music are most likely similar. I, too, love soft rock, primarily from the 1970s. My favorite singer of all time is Karen Carpenter. I have all music made by the Carpenters and I constantly play it to this day. I am sure I always will. Karen’s voice was incredible. After Karen, I have other favorites, including Barry Manilow, Melissa Manchester, Olivia Newton-John, Elton John. The only somewhat contemporary singer I really like is Josh Groban—what a voice.

    Speaking of the Carpenters, another website I enjoy is the A&M Corner, referring to A&M Records, record company of the Carpenters. The message boards at this site primarily discuss topics involving the Carpenters. It’s nice to see that, to this day, there are avid Carpenters’ fans. Do you like them, Jay? Or are your 70s soft rock classics of another incarnation?

    By now, Jay, I have probably bored you enough. I wanted to respond to what you had written and lay out what I find are things we have in common, in addition to the soaps and orientation.

    So until next time, Jaybird, tag, you’re it!!

    Peace and best wishes…

    jaybird369 replied

    James…well, h-e-l-l-o!!!!! James…dude…you bore me??? N-E-V-E-R!!!!! More and more, your posts BRIGHTEN MY DAY!!!!! Thank you. Anyway…

    1. James…yes…I am doing and feeling A LOT BETTER!!!!! Thank you. Also…here it is: The medical drama and all with my kidneys started back in late February of this year. The results: Kidney stones (right side). Then, soon after that, I ended up having 2 laser surgeries. The first one only broke the stones in half. The second one? Luckily, they were able to medically suction (or whatever) the rest of it out. So far so good. Then, that day in May (aka the 6th) came around. The MAJOR kidney surgery involved them surgically cutting me open in order to remove a tumor (non-cancerous, Thank God!!!!!). That surgery went well. Then, the next morning (5/7), all medical H-E-L-L broke loose!!!!! I went into cardiac arrest (or whatever). You see, a blood clot was slowly, yet, rapidly making its way towards my kidneys. Then, they had to go back in, re-operate and remove one of my kidneys. Otherwise, I would have died. In fact, I almost died anyway. YIKES!!!!! Now…I am now down to just 1 kidney. James…I am STILL working through my sadness and grief…but…I am somehow dealing with it. By the way, the tumor…left side. Anyway, dude…I had a WONDERFUL support system throughout all of this CRAZINESS!!!!! Check it out…my buddy Pat Darby (A REAL COOL DUDE!!!!!), Johanna and Lorraine (my 2 BFF’s) and (most of all) my dad. James…those 4 individuals were there for me the most throughout my medical ordeal. Most of all, I am SO TRULY GRATEFUL TO BE ALIVE!!!!! Yes. Of course, what I went through would make for a great and future storyline (soap-wise)…IF TOLD CORRECTLY!!!!!
    2. Check this out…B&B’s Joanna Johnson (aka Karen Spencer) came out publicly as a lesbian around 2 years ago. Now…speaking of B&B…there are only 2 characters on there that I don’t like…at all. It’s…that over-the-hill BIMBO Brooke and her IDIOTIC daughter Hope. Here’s why: (1) How many more times is Brooke gonna act like a damsel-in-distress (or whatever)?!?!? (2) As for Hope…Hope’s wholesome and Puritan-like behavior makes me wanna throw myself out of my own living room window!!!!! Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!! Anyway, Brooke and Hope I CANNOT STAND!!!!! Everyone else…I like. Yep.
    3. Dude…I forgot about GH’s Ryan Paevey (aka Nathan)…MY BAD!!!!! And…have you seen the MAJOR MUSCLES on that dude?!?!? Wow wow wow. Once again…Y-U-M!!!!!
    4. Resident studs, huh??? Anyway…I LIKE THAT…LOL!!!!!
    5. Dude…I have been a MAJOR Olivia Newton-John fan ever since I was a kid. Barry Manilow, Melissa Manchester, Elton John…I like those, also. Some of my other favorites are ABBA, Anne Murray and Rita Coolidge. As for The Carpenters…I became a fan of their music as I got older. My mom (who is now deceased. She passed away from cancer on November 6th, 2003) turned me onto The Carpenters’ music. Back in the day, my mom (when she was alive) saw The Carpenters in concert SEVERAL times over the years. Yep.

    James…cutie-pie…tag tag tag, you’re it!!!!!

    Until next time…A-C-E-S!!!!!

    P.S. – James, I almost forgot to tell you…close to 2 years ago (I think), Olivia Newton-John’s older sister Rona passed away (complications from breast cancer, I think). Very sad. As sisters, Olivia and Rona were very close. Anyway…take care, bro.

    Jamesj75 replied

    Hello Jay!!

    First, I am thrilled that your health has improved, particularly given all that you faced… Including being near death… Thank God you pulled through… And it is touching to know that you have very special friends who were with you during and after your ordeal. I am sure they are AWESOME PEOPLE!!! I hope that your health continues to improve and that your life is always filled with good health, happiness, and a bounty of friends… :)

    You have reminded me about Joanna Johnson’s coming out. I wish that she and Crystal Chappel were on B&B more frequently. I totally get your points about Brooke and Hope. Hope just doesn’t seem real to me, and I am tired of the way she toys with the men in her life, stringing them along endlessly. I actually like Brooke. I know she is flighty and people don’t like her because she has slept with virtually every Forrester, etc. etc., but I find her endearing—she’s an aging blond, like myself… And I like her with Bill.

    Still, the writers are just too repetitive with regard to Hope and Brooke. I mean, I know that interrupted weddings are a soap staple, but B&B overdoes it. It is so hard to keep track of when a wedding on that show actually was a fait accompli (sans accents)! Seriously, how many times can Brooke and Ridge marry each other? Ditto for Hope and Liam… They spent all that money on the beautiful location shoots in Italy, and no wedding happened??! And as great an actor as Thorsten Kaye is, his “Ridge” seems like an entirely different character, not only because of the differing accents. So if Brooke marries Ridge again—count on it!—it will seem different because it’s a different actor portraying Ridge.

    But all the soaps keep throwing hunky men our way. That is one soap staple I can live with… :)

    Olivia: yes, I am aware of her sister’s passing. Further, she has been performing in Las Vegas, filling in at the Flamingo when Donny and Marie are off. I had my chance recently. I live in Florida, and Olivia was scheduled to perform on a couple of Carnival Cruises, as they docked in the Bahamas. The timing and expense did not work out for me… But maybe Vegas sometime…

    Other music favorites: So glad your mother (rest in peace) turned you on to the Carpenters (as you got older). I also like the other acts you mentioned, particularly ABBA. Lately, I have been listening a lot to Rita’s “I’d Rather Leave While I’m in Love,” great song…

    This is all for now, Handsome. Take care.

    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey hey hey!!!!! Well…once again, here I go:

    1. I have been a BIG fan of Thorsten Kaye ever since his OLTL days. Fast-forward to now: To me, Thorsten’s portrayal of Ridge is WAY MORE REALISTIC (and edgier!!!!!) than that of Ronn Moss (I know, I know…RM originated the part.). Furthermore, I think that Thorsten Kaye (as an actor and all) has A LOT OF MACHO, MANLY AND RUGGED S-W-A-G-G-E-R to him…HOLLA!!!!!
    2. James…oh, how I L-O-V-E hunky men…Hee Hee Hee. Anyway, speaking of hunky men, I recently had a thought. Dude…what do you think about this: I think that it would be SUPER AWESOME if someone would create a soap featuring and combining certain characters from ALL 4 of the remaining soaps (Y&R, B&B, GH and DOOL)!!!!! Also, I think that Y&R’s Stitch, B&B’s Deacon, GH’s Julian and DOOL’s Eric should be a permanent part of this possible creation. And…the title of this…ULTIMATE SOAP. YES!!!!! Also, I think that this, um, gem should also include Y&R’s Anita, Austin, Esther, Mark and Nina, B&B’s Carter, Charlie, Katie, Pam and Quinn, GH’s Anna, Franco, Lucy, Nathan and Tracy and DOOL’s Abe, Brady, Hope, Kate and Kristen. Furthermore, I think that I (yes…me) should play a character on there. My character’s name…get this…Jassina May. Y-E-P!!!!! And…my character is (among other things) carefree, blunt, fearless, openly gay (no mystery there…lol), spit-fiery, unapologetic and (even more) vulnerable. And…how’s this for the first episode: In the first episode…in the fictional town of Dimensional Falls (oh…me and my imagination…lol), it is a cold and stormy night in town. A mysterious and powerful F-O-G suddenly fills the cold night air. Then, from there, Stitch, Deacon, Julian and Eric happen to be at the, um, wrong place and the wrong time. Then, the F-O-G turns ALL 4 of those dudes G-A-Y…yes…gay gay gay!!!!! Then, a few days later, THE FAB 4 notice me as I’m sipping on a large cappuccino (mocha-swirl…my FAVORITE!!!!!) while relaxing in the local town park. Suddenly…it’s ON LIKE DONKEY KONG (h-e-l-l-o!!!!!) as THE FAB 4 start fighting over me!!!!! After a while, the fellas get fed up with me and DEMAND that I choose one of them. I VERY DEFIANTLY refuse. Suddenly, the fellas are VERY IMPRESSED with me and my very defiant attitude. And…in the end…ALL 5 OF US decide to join forces and all and take the entire town BY STORM!!!!! And…other storyline ideas: (1) Carter and Nina fall in love and become a SUPER-COUPLE (MINUS all of that goody-goody, sugary and syrupy bull-crap) and (2) Anita, Anna, Kate, Lucy and Tracy end up joining forces and forming their own (get this) COUGARS club. MEE-OUCH!!!!! Juicy stuff, huh??? And…by the way…I think that Y-O-U, James, would be THE PERFECT CHOICE as the Executive Producer of this thing!!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!! Anyway…feedback, please.
    3. James…some of my favorite bands over the years: Air Supply, Blondie, Culture Club, Fleetwood Mac, Foreigner, Heart, Journey, Little River Band, Loverboy and Styx. Dude…what about you??? What are some of your favorite bands???

    OK, James…you’re it!!!!! Your turn.

    As always…A-C-E-S!!!!!

    Jamesj75 replied


    Your cylinders are going to explode with all you put into your great idea for a new soap! Really good stuff, very creative, and very exciting!

    Hmmm… The plot twist about a fog that turns straight men gay is very intriguing… I wonder if it can be bottled… Or maybe slipped into someone’s drink… Or maybe you could casually escort an attractive straight friend to the area of the fog’s deepest concentration… I have known a married man or two over the years who evidently was under the influence of such a fog, but then it dissipated…

    I will be happy to be your Executive Producer. I will be fair with the entire production. I will bend over backwards to keep my actors, including the spit-fiery Jaybird, happy! I will honor the show’s evolving history and continuity. I will be more like Gloria Monty and nothing like JFP. I know that you have the cast already chosen—and I agree with your choices—but I also want a hand in developing raw, new talent…

    Music: I like all the bands you listed, particularly Fleetwood Mac.

    Jay, take care of yourself. And don’t stop thinking about tomorrow!!!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…hello. Before I begin with my (new) 2 cents worth, I must confess…w-e-l-l w-h-a-t c-a-n i s-a-y (yeah, dude…a classic TV Good Times reference…I went there. lol)…I’ve always had a very active imagination!!!!! And…my mom used to tell me that (as far as she was concerned) BOTH my imagination and my intelligence used to go hand-in-hand together. Dude…she was right. And…as they say in general…ALWAYS LISTEN TO MOMMY!!!!! LOL!!!!! Once again…here I go…

    1. James…I will be fair, also. Yep. And…I will bend over backwards to keep Y-O-U, James (aka the Executive Producer), VERY HAPPY!!!!! Oh I’m so reasonable!!!!! Hee Hee Hee.
    2. Dude…how’s this for 2 more storyline ideas: #1. That RUGGEDLY DREAMY STUD-MUFFIN Carmine (Hee Hee Hee) comes to Dimensional Falls (and very, very angry) because he feels ABANDONED by both Austin and Mark (Oh, Boo Hoo Hoo aka more Hee Hee Hee.). Anyway, Carmine originally comes rolling into town because he has LOTS OF REVENGE on his mind…H-E-L-L-O!!!!! Then, from there, one day…Carmine (and a pair of binoculars) is hiding behind (at a far away distance) some see-through bushes (or whatever) and spying on us all (aka THE FAB 5). Suddenly, Kevin (as in Fisher from Y&R) quietly calls out Carmine’s name from behind. Carmine VERY ARROGANTLY tells Kevin to get lost. Kevin refuses. Then, all of a sudden, Carmine starts CRYING!!!!! Then, Kevin feels the need (for whatever reason) to laugh at Carmine’s crying. Carmine tells Kevin to STOP LAUGHING OR ELSE. Kevin refuses to stop laughing. Then Carmine starts laughing. In the end, both Carmine and Kevin (in a FIERCE sort of a way) share a totally LOL-filled BRO-HUG and agree to a TOTAL TRUCE. And, from there, Carmine and Kevin decide to, um, disappear for a while and head down to Mexico for LOTS AND LOTS OF SUN AND FUN!!!!! #2. As for Mark…he has MOVED ON from BOTH Austin and Carmine (so to speak). So, now…he and Nathan are now THE SUPER-COPS of Dimensional Falls and are (basically) focused on bringing a VERY CRAZED AND OUT OF CONTROL Brady to justice. You see…Brady is running and operating a local casino (restaurant, hotel and all included) without an ACTUAL LICENSE!!!!! Anyway, the more Mark and Nathan stakeout BOTH Brady and his illegal activities…the more that BOTH Mark and Nathan realize that they each have A LOT in common!!!!! Then, from there, Mark and Nathan… James, dude…you can take it from here. LOL!!!!! Once again…juicy stuff, huh???
    3. James…OK, handsome…I think that I’ve got the ball rolling here. Dude…your turn!!!!! Meaning…who would Y-O-U cast??? And…who and/or what would Y-O-U develop in terms of raw and new (and…let’s not forget EXCITING…YAY YAY YAY!!!!!) talent??? LOTS of input, please…and DON’T hold back!!!!! Thanks.
    4. James…THIS JUST IN (or whatever): Next month, on August 26th and 27th, Murphy and Nina will be coming back to Y&R for 2 episodes (Oh, how I wish it was for A LOT LONGER than 2 days!!!!! Sigh.). Anyway, there’s gonna be a town gathering (or whatever) in the park named after Katherine (I forget the name.) in honor of the one-year anniversary of her death. That’s not all. Later…on September 10th and 11th, Malcolm (as in the ORIGINAL Malcolm…played by that S-U-P-E-R D-R-E-A-M-Y Shemar Moore…HOLLA!!!!!) will be popping back up for 2 episodes. Supposedly, Malcolm’s coming to town to check in on (and as I currently refer to them as) his WHACK-ASS family. Yep.
    5. James…3 of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE Fleetwood Mac songs are Big Love, Little Lies and Seven Wonders. Yeah Yeah I Know…aka their LATER STUFF.
    6. James…check this out: I have the following on DVD: ALL 5 seasons of Good Times, ALL 5 seasons of Charlie’s Angels (my ALL-TIME FAVORITE TV SHOW EVER!!!!! And…my FAVORITE ANGEL…Shelley Hack.) and the first 4 seasons (so far) of the TOTALLY AWESOME TV Land Sitcom Hot In Cleveland. Also, in terms of current TV shows, I L-O-V-E Mom, The Millers and 2 Broke Girls (CBS), Undateable (NBC) and Family Guy (FOX). Dude…what about you??? What are some of your TV Favorites…past, present and all???
    7. James…dude…what kinds of movies do you like??? As for myself, I L-O-V-E Action-Adventure, Comedy, Comedy-Drama, Musical (well…some, anyway) and (most of all) Scary-Horror. Dude…from me to you…more on this topic later. To Be Continued…

    James…your turn, dude!!!!!

    HAVE A GOOD ONE!!!!!

    Jamesj75 replied

    The role of Jamesj75 is now being played by Jamesj76, his sometimes evil twin…

    Jaybird, how’s it hanging’? Sorry I have been on another hiatus and didn’t reply sooner. Still, catching up now, you crack me up!

    1. Jay, your storylines for the Dimensional Falls characters are incredible. I like them, I want to see them, I want to savor them!

    2. I did hear about those Y&R characters coming back briefly. That is definitely a step in the right direction! I understand when Y&R felt the need to recast the Malcom role several years ago, but, may I say, bad choice… And the contrived interaction with Phyllis was almost painful to watch. Really looking forward to seeing Nina! Another thing about Shemar Moore. I became a huge fan of his when he presented Susan Lucci with her long-awaited Emmy win, on only the 19th nomination! He was so excited for her and gracious with her, it made the whole cathartic experience even more so.

    3. As I mentioned, I am also a Fleetwood Mac fan! They are great! I am more old-school in that I like their 70s output more. “Rhiannon” takes me back to the coming-of-age Jamesj75, nervously navigating his new-found interactions on the dating scene… Who doesn’t (didn’t) own “Rumours?” But their 80s output (and beyond) is great, too!

    4. Movies: I am not a big moviegoer, but I like suspense and sci-fi. And I loved “Gravity.” Enjoyed “Brokeback Mountain”—no surprise there–despite its sadness and its length. It got robbed of the Best Movie Oscar, though.

    5. TV: I really enjoy your favorites, past and present, from TV. OK, we know about our soap preferences, but I will take you on a journey of my favorites, from when Jamesj75 was a little tike to the present: Lost in Space, Here Come the Brides, Mary Tyler Moore Show, Carole Burnett Show, Carpenters specials, Dynasty, Lost, Invasion, FlashForward, V, Law & Order: SVU, Brothers and Sisters, True Blood, Under the Dome, About a Boy, The Goldbergs…

    Overall all-time faves: GH, Lost in Space, Dynasty, Law & Order: SVU!

    Law & Order: SVU—watched every episode; miss the studly Chris Meloni, love Mariska Hargitay, she won one Emmy, deserves many more, especially for this past season, and she isn’t even nominated… Grrrr…. Just as the Daytime Emmy nominations are often clueless, so are the Nighttime Emmys…

    That’s all for now, Bro. Take care. XOXOXO,


    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey there, cutie-pie!!!!!

    Dude…Jamesj76, huh??? HELL YEAH!!!!! Well…check this one out: ‘The role of Jaybird369 is now being played by Jassina May (aka Jaybird’s MULTI-DIMENSIONAL alter-ego).’ Hee Hee Hee.

    James…check it out…personality-wise and all, I have a VERY POTTY MOUTH!!!!! YES!!!!! And…FYI…the F word is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE curse word E-V-E-R!!!!! Honey…to me, it is SO LIBERATING!!!!! Also, I am BEYOND HORRIBLE when it comes to hiding my emotions!!!!! That’s where the F word comes in (BOTH off and on) for me (or whatever). Verbally-speaking…I JUST LET IT FLOW!!!!!

    James…late last night, I had a thought. If having a VERY POTTY MOUTH was AGAINST THE LAW, I would be IN AND OUT OF JAIL…NONSTOP!!!!! Hee Hee Hee. But…you know what…the following SOAP HUNKS can V-I-S-I-T M-E in jail 24/7: Y&R’s Austin, Ian, Mark and Stitch, B&B’s Bill, Carter, Rick and Ridge, DOOL’s Brady, Daniel (I Know I Know…Daniel is DULL AND ALL. But, hey…A SOAP HUNK IS S-T-I-L-L A SOAP HUNK!!!!!), Eric and Rafe and GH’s Franco, Julian (OH SWOON-VILLE ALL THE WAY!!!!!), Nathan and Shawn. Furthermore, Y&R’s Nick, B&B’s Deacon, DOOL’s Lucas and GH’s Sonny can be the guards. And…(most of all)…Y&R’s Jack can be THE SHERIFF and Carmine can be THE DEPUTY SHERIFF!!!!! Dude…THE ENDLESS F-U-N that I would have with THE DEPUTY SHERIFF!!!!! Hee Hee Hee. And, dude…don’t forget to visit me in jail…LOL!!!!! And bring along with you A FEW HUNKS (aka friends) of your own. NONSTOP P-A-R-T-Y!!!!! Feedback, please.

    James…back in the day, my excitement of RE-CASTED MALCOLM (played by that Family Matters dude Darius McCrary) lasted about a month. Then, my excitement about NuMalcolm came to a VERY QUICK END!!!!! I’m sorry but in terms of appeal (or whatever), DM is N-O Shemar Moore!!!!! Not even close!!!!!

    I L-O-V-E Brokeback Mountain!!!!! But that ain’t all. I have it on DVD (like…DUH!!!!!). But…not just any DVD of the movie. I have the 2-disc Collector’s Edition. Dude…if you don’t have it…then you should buy it. The ENTIRE 2-disc Collector’s Edition is BEYOND AWESOME!!!!!

    Dude…here are more of my TV FAVORITES from long ago: Battle Of The Network Stars specials, Cheers, Dallas (BOTH past and current), Designing Women, Diff’rent Strokes, Dynasty, Facts Of Life, Falcon Crest, Golden Girls, Knots Landing, Love Boat (Oh the ENDLESS P-A-R-A-D-E of guest stars that came and went during the show’s ENTIRE 9 season run…H-E-L-L-O!!!!!), Mama’s Family, Married…With Children, Melrose Place (my ALL-TIME FAVORITE TV show of the 1990′s!!!!!), Sanford And Son and Step By Step. James, to me, V (as in the original V from the 1980′s) was TRULY EPIC!!!!! Dynasty (every week) used to make LOL…every episode!!!!! Dude…I couldn’t help myself. I mean…to me, those Carringtons on there were such AN ENTERTAINING HOT MESS!!!!! And remember those Krystle vs. Alexis CAT-FIGHTS?!?!? To me, those cat-fights were WONDERFULLY ENDLESS AND TRULY EPIC!!!!! And…by the way, John James (who played that SUPER-DREAMY Jeff Colby) has aged QUITE NICELY!!!!! Tidbit for ya’: Back in the day (long after Dynasty came to an end), John James went to As The World Turns. Anyway…JJ played Dr. Rick Decker…a REALLY BAD-ASS type of dude. Bro…Rick Decker was a real 180-degree-turn and all from Jeff Colby. Among other things, Rick was a blackmailer, con artist, control freak, insanely jealous, pathological liar, psychotic and a thief. Rick was TRULY SCARY but (trust me) John James played the hell out of that role…VERY BEAUTIFULLY!!!!!

    James…I share with ya’ those sentiments and all about that RUGGED STUD-MUFFIN Christopher Meloni. I’ve been such a BIG FAN of CM ever since his HBO’s Oz days (Oh, how I miss that show!!!!!). Oh, the RUGGEDLY DREAMY BAD-ASS DUDES on there every week!!!!! Of course, Christopher’s character (I forgot the name) on there was my TOTAL FAVORITE!!!!! Total and rugged Y-U-M!!!!!

    James…your serve.

    Take care. XOXOXOXOXO

    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, you are spoiling me, and that’s the way I like it, uh huh, uh huh! Your ideas on your soap, your remembrances of old TV and music, your fiery and funny style… Man, I am a fan!!

    First, I should apologize to you for not adding any storyline ideas to your soap. I think you have handled those duties exceptionally well. All of it is terrific! I wouldn’t change a thing.

    As I surf from soap to soap, I try to fantasize about storylines I would enjoy. For instance, we all know what a ladies man Daniel is on DOOL. Sometimes, though, when he is in scenes with the studly and sweet JJ—not to be confused with JJ from your Good Times—I half expect them to embrace and kiss. The forbidden love of an older otherwise straight man with a confused, very young man. It certainly happened to Jamesj75 when I was that younger man, back in 76… But their relationship background is ripe for a love story. They started out hating each other, via misunderstandings, etc., and now they think the world of one another. It would certainly throw JJ’s mother Jennifer for a loop. And, forgive me, God for I have sinned: I actually side with Theresa and Ann against the self-righteous board-up-her a** Jennifer. Why are there so many self-righteous types in soapdom? Too many if you ask me… If I had to deal with that many or those busybody types in my real life, I would go crazy!

    Another older man/younger man storyline I want to see is Julian and Lucas on GH. I know that right now they are supposed to be father and son. But it wouldn’t be a stretch for paternity results to be faked on a soap, now would it? From there, all these awkward meetings could lead to love. Julian, in fact, would be surprised that he even has these feelings, but there they are…

    Thanks, Dude, for the heads-up about Brokeback Mountain, Collector’s edition. I probably will get it at some point…

    The catfights on Dynasty with Krystle and Alexis were legendary and fun! I miss them… They were the “gold standard” of TV catfights. I wasn’t familiar with those updates on John James—thanks for that! So many NICE men on that show, throughout its run.

    I, too, liked the original “V,” and I also liked the remake from a few years ago. Nice that they brought Jane Badler (former soap star) back for the remake…

    And via the reminiscing about Christopher Meloni, you mentioned “Oz.” How could I forget that?!?! His character was Chris Keller and his “love” interest was Tobias Beecher. Despite all the gratuitous, relentless violence on that show, I sure as hell kept coming back. Now, what could the reason be for that?… Oh, I don’t know, was it all the male nudity?!?! Including the aforementioned Meloni?… You betcha! But, in all honesty, it really was a great show: production, writing, acting, etc…. Not much love from the Emmys, though. Don’t get me started on the clueless Emmy voters again… You know my broken-record mantra by now… BTW, I like that your soap features much in the way of prison drama—and all that comes with it…

    In the real-time soap world, I tuned into Y&R recently. Summer, yawn… Not much going on there, but the s*** will hit the fan when new Phyllis returns and rats out Sharon. One payoff I want to see…

    Jay, you take care your sweet, intelligent, imaginative, F-bomb-liking, gorgeous self. I hope they stud muffins are lining up at your door—you deserve it, Brother!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…dude…you spoil me, also…BEAUTIFULLY!!!!! Thank you. Anyway, let’s get down to it…

    Dude…DOOL’s Daniel and JJ as a couple? GH’s Julian and Lucas as a couple? And I thought that I was the only one here (or whatever) with a W-I-L-D IMAGINATION!!!!! Anyway, James…you BAD BAD BAD BOY!!!!! Hee Hee Hee. R-I-G-H-T O-N!!!!! But…let’s be fair (or whatever) and balance this out. My point? Let’s include the other 2 (aka BOTH Y&R and B&B) as well. #1. Y&R-wise, how’s this for a possible gay storyline: Dylan (I Know I Know…just bear with me, please.) has been having A LOT MORE nightmares about his time in the war and all. Anyway, it’s late one night while Dylan is trying to sleep. Suddenly, the nightmares start up again…and this one is THE WORST ONE YET. Among other things, Dylan is shivering, shaking, screaming, frightened out of his mind, crying…we’re talking A TOTAL BASKET CASE here!!!!! All of a sudden, Stitch (who felt the need to check in on Dylan) forces his way in and all because of Dylan screaming in his sleep. Then, from there, Stitch immediately goes towards Dylan to get Dylan to W-A-K-E U-P!!!!! A few minutes or so later, Dylan comes to. He sees Stitch and then gets VERY, VERY ANGRY!!!!! Then, Dylan VERY, VERY ANGRILY tells Stitch to GET OUT!!!!! Stitch asks why. Dylan tells Stitch that he (Dylan) FLAT-OUT REFUSES to be friends with someone (Stitch) who LIES about their past, identity and all. Suddenly, Dylan starts yelling at Stitch. Then, Dylan emotionally spins out of control by trying to push and shove Stitch out the door. Then, from there, Stitch (in a moment of PURE R-A-G-E…GRRRR!!!!!) lets his temper get the best (or whatever) of him. Stitch ends up SLAPPING Dylan. And…the SLAP sends Dylan reeling across the room. Stitch immediately feels remorse. Then, Dylan really starts crying (banshee and all). Then, Stitch goes towards Dylan to comfort him (Dylan). Dylan doesn’t put up a fight. Then, Dylan and Stitch start talking things out (or whatever). The more they talk, the more emotional they get. Then, from there, Dylan and Stitch really and truly get carried away and…well, you get the idea, of course. #2. B&B-wise, how about this: Eventually, BOTH Bill and Ridge are BEYOND FED UP with Brooke and her whiny behavior and all. So…they BOTH go to Brooke and tell her to put an end to the NONSENSE AND ALL FOR GOOD and to choose one of them…now. Then, Brooke starts blubbering and all and tells the fellas that she won’t be forced into making a decision like that on the spot. She very angrily refuses. Then, BOTH Bill and Ridge each tell Brooke that they are D-O-N-E with her…GAME OVER AND ALL!!!!! And they storm out of Brooke’s house for good. Suddenly, on the outside, Bill very impulsively invites Ridge over for a few drinks and to hang out. Ridge says…’yeah…why not. Thanks, man.’ So off to Bill’s place they go. As the night, um, continues, Bill and (especially!!!!!) Ridge really THROW-DOWN AND ALL with the booze. And, the more and more that they TOSS ‘EM BACK, the more and more their behaviors, minds and all get VERY BLURRY. Then, eventually, and before the night is over…again, you get the idea. Dude…your thoughts on all of this, please.

    James…I’m just gonna blurt this one right out: I prefer older men. And yes…as in men OLDER than me. Here’s why: Deep down, I’ve ALWAYS PREFERRED men older than me because I’ve always found older men to be WAY MORE MATURE and more emotionally settled in life. And…to me, older men know what the hell they want out of L-I-F-E!!!!! As for (most) men my own age (and younger)…No Thank You. Let me explain. You see, I find (most) men my own age (and younger) to be selfish, self-centered and (even more) immature. Plus, I find that they have their heads VERY ARROGANTLY buried in their asses!!!!! And…they cannot seem to make up their minds about ANYTHING half the time, anyway. Dude…this drives me TOTALLY N-U-T-S!!!!! But, honey…this is what REALLY make me see R-E-D: I CANNOT stand a dude who plays head games/mind games. James…that right there REALLY AND TRULY gets me into such an emotional R-A-G-E (GRRRR AND MORE GRRRR!!!!!). Head games/mind games…another thing that makes MY BLOOD BOIL…B-A-D-L-Y!!!!! Among other things, I scream, yell, get (even more) spit-fiery, throw things and get totally pushy. Emotionally speaking, it ain’t a pretty sight. But…I have no other choice (or whatever). Bottom Line Here: I DON’T LIKE head games/mind games…PERIOD!!!!!

    Hey, handsome…I (also) cannot stand DOOL’s Jennifer!!!!! To me, that chick is such an annoying and prissy-filled AIRHEAD…B-L-E-C-H!!!!! I’m now starting to realize that Daniel DESERVES WAY BETTER!!!!! Idea: I think that a Daniel/Kristen pairing would TRULY ROCK!!!!! I mean…Kristen currently (or whatever) has Daniel all tied up or whatever. Hee Hee Hee. Another character that TRULY WORKS MY NERVES: Sami!!!!! Don’t even get me started on her (for now, anyway). But…I will say this…that S-U-P-E-R D-R-E-A-M-Y E.J. deserved WAY BETTER than Sami!!!!! Sami…WHAT A N-U-T…LOL!!!!! And, yes…I am TOTALLY BUMMED about E.J. being off the show (or whatever). And…James Scott…AN U-L-T-I-M-A-T-E SOAP HUNK!!!!! And that British accent of his…WOW WOW WOW!!!!!

    James…here’s what I respect and admire about Christopher Meloni the most: I once read somewhere (long ago) that Christopher is a strong advocate and all for gay and lesbian rights. Yes. And…from what I hear, Christopher is popular (or whatever) in The LGBT Community. To me, that is the definition and all of a REAL MAN!!!!! Christopher Meloni=A-W-E-S-O-M-E A-C-E-S ALL THE WAY!!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!!

    James…take care…you caring, hilarious, lively, passionate and thoughtful DREAMBOAT!!!!!

    Your move, handsome. XOXOXOXOXO

    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, please forgive the delay—very busy the last few days…

    1. Okay, your Dylan/Stitch scenario is out of this world! I like it! First, I do like Stitch; in fact, when they hinted that he was Nicki’s son, I was all for it. I don’t care about his past; he is likable, interesting, and handsome! Your storyline suggestion is really fertile, especially given their friendship and connection in battle. All those emotional scars could easily manifest in other emotional connections. Still hard for me to root for Dylan/Burton, but the possibilities are there…

    2. Your B&B storyline ideas with Bill and Ridge are hysterical. I am a big fan of Bill in particular. We know he’s been known to toss a few back. And J&J know that some “straight” men are just a few drinks away from “bicurious” or “gay.” So why not! It would serve Brooke right that she would be tossed aside for another man! Oh, man, how I would love to see that.

    Speaking of B&B, can you believe they continue to force-feed us this crap with Hope/Liam/Wyatt? Now Liam is out and Wyatt might be back in. Oy vey! Wake me up before you go-go!

    Chris Meloni—he likes when I call him “Chris”: I had heard that, too. He really seems to be a stand-up guy, but anyone getting horizontal with him would be in for a treat!

    DOOL tidbits:

    EJ (James Scott): you nailed it again! He is handsome, and that British accent is intriguing. He will be missed.

    Sami: Also agree. Gets on my nerves.

    Daniel and Kristen: Dude, you are way ahead of the curve. I just saw yesterday’s episode, and Daniel and Kristen are getting physical (in some ways). They would make a HOT couple, as you suggest!

    My take on Marlena: She’s a bitch. OK, I said it! I know she’s supposed to be wildly popular, but I don’t understand why. To me, the character is a know-it-all cold bitch. I rooted for Kristen all the way. No doubt, she didn’t breastfeed Sami, which would explain at lot all the way around…

    Jennifer: OK, so neither of us likes the character. From what I’ve read, I don’t care for the real person, Melissa Reeves, either. Jaybird, you probably know all this, but many years ago, she evidently had an affair with another DOOL star, handsome guy BTW, while married to Scott Reeves; they’re still married, I believe. Now I don’t throw stones for having an affair. But having an affair and then being a hypocrite who criticizes gays, that’s a different matter. Did you see her support of Chik-Fil-A a year or so ago? And she made some comments very unsupportive of the gay community. Then, Greg Rikaart called her out on it. Way to go, Greg! I will always root against Jennifer and won’t be joining the Melissa Reeves fan club anytime soon (that is, if there is one).

    Again, my friend, your Dimensional Falls soap is brilliant! Forgive me for not adding any storyline ideas, but what you have detailed so far is exciting and breath-taking.

    Brother, it’s obvious you are a talented, creative, intelligent man. Knowing you (as best we can here) is a blessing. And this comes from an “older” man. So nice to know you have an affinity for older men. I hope that there is one out there for you who can treat you well and be there for you, as you deserve the very best! It would be so much fun to hang with you, cliffhangers or otherwise.

    As I mentioned, you could find me at the A&M Corner. Wink Wink!

    I’ll be catching you on the flipside. Over and out, Amigo!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey there, handsome!!!!! Dude…more and more…you F-L-A-T-T-E-R me!!!!! Now…all of a sudden…I’m B-L-U-S-H-I-N-G…LOL!!!!! Anyway…thank you. Let’s D-I-S-H…

    Y-E-S…this so-called Liam/Hope/Wyatt love triangle has gone on (and more on) for WAY TOO LONG!!!!! TOTAL D-R-E-C-K!!!!! And now that Liam and Wyatt are STARTING to form a bond and all as brothers, I wish that they would both each kick that VERY ANNOYING AIRHEAD Hope to the curb. I have N-E-V-E-R liked Hope and I never will!!!!! Stupid chick.

    Before I forget, I am (if you don’t mind, dude) changing the name of our possible soap. I am now calling it (yep…you guessed it) Dimensional Falls. To me, Dimensional Falls sounds WAY MORE EXCITING than Ultimate Soap…H-E-L-L-O!!!!! Anyway…thanks. Oh…and I think that OUR SOAP should take place in the state of New York. Dimensional Falls, New York…I LIKE THAT…A LOT!!!!!

    I have N-E-V-E-R liked DOOL’s Marlena and I never will. More and more, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT when that WONDERFULLY CRAZY Kristen pushes that self-righteous Marlena’s buttons…AW, HELL YEAH!!!!! And, by the way…here is the ONE AND ONLY TIME when I found Marlena to be actually interesting: Back in the day, remember when Marlena was possessed by Satan??? Dude…to me, that kind of storytelling was TRULY EPIC!!!!! Then…after that (eventually) ended…nothing. From there, Marlena started to BORE ME again. Still does. Yep.

    Dude…to begin with, I recently found out (about 2 or 3 months ago, I think) about that Melissa Reeves chick and her IDIOTIC SUPPORT of Chick-Fil-A. Crystal (a friend of mine) told me all about it. Then…from there, I did A LOT of reading on the subject. Dude…the more I read, the more SADDENED I became. I mean…W-A-Y back then, I didn’t think too much of Melissa Reeves (or that husband of hers, Scott). I still don’t. Furthermore, I now think EVEN LESS of her. And, yes…I remember Melissa having an extramarital affair back then with that Jason Brooks dude (who used to play Peter Blake. Yum.). Anyway, and by the way…I thought that that Jason Brooks dude was WAY MORE HOTTER than Melissa’s BLAND AND DORKY hubby (Scott). I still do. Oh, Well!!!!! James…look…I have nothing against people who are hardcore Christians (or whatever). What I D-O have a problem with is this: DON’T act ALL CHRISTIAN AND ALL (you know…preaching and promoting so-called FAMILY VALUES and all that) one minute and then turn right around and have an extramarital affair behind dear-old-hubby’s back the next. No. To me, that just SCREAMS hypocrisy (hypocrisy…another one of my pet peeves). Also, I think that certain people in the world (who CLAIM to be Christian) are the ones with THE MOST SKELETONS in their own closets!!!!! So…you know what??? More and more, crap like that makes me R-O-O-T for the skeletons…for the skeletons to (1) come leaping out, (2) start dancing all over the place and (most of all) (3) START SINGING LIKE A CANARY!!!!! Chirp Chirp Chirp Chirp And More Chirp. And…here’s what I REALLY DO NOT LIKE about Scott and Melissa Reeves: They are VERY, VERY OPPOSED to same-sex marriage. Furthermore, one day last week, I was reading (online, of course) some of their comments (or whatever) about same-sex marriage. Let’s just say (for now, anyway)…EMOTIONALLY DISGUSTING!!!!! Dude…I think I had better move on to another topic (or whatever) before I emotionally spin out of control. Anyway, moving on…

    Dude…once again…blurting out time. I CANNOT STAND people who are wholesome, overly-moral and full of G-Rated behavior. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! Furthermore, DON’T EVER ask me to be A ROLE MODEL. To me, being a role model means being wholesome and pure and all that…and…No. Wholesome and pure AIN’T MY BAG!!!!! No. However, ask me to be a WONDERFULLY BAD-ASS ROLE MODEL…NOW T-H-A-T I am happily down for…H-O-L-L-A!!!!!

    Here are some more of my ALL-TIME TV FAVES: Beverly Hills, 90210 (I didn’t care for that recent 90210 remake all that much. Sorry.), Chico And The Man, Happy Days, Hollywood Squares (my ALL-TIME FAVORITE Game Show EVER!!!!! I wish that SOMEONE would bring it back!!!!! Sigh.), It’s A Living, Laverne And Shirley, MadTV (Dude…I was SO MAD AS HELL when FOX pulled the plug (ala CANCELLATION) on that AWESOME show back in 2009…GRRRR AND MORE GRRRR!!!!!), Murder She Wrote, Silk Stalkings and Tales From The Darkside. Oh I am such a TV JUNKIE…LOL!!!!! And…I’m almost forgetting: Angie, Maude (That chick used to KICK MAJOR ASS every week…LOL!!!!!) and The Muppet Show (I Know I Know…but…trust me…The Swedish Chef (my favorite on there) was TRULY LOL HILARIOUS!!!!!).

    OK, AWESOME Amigo…tag-tag-tag…you’re it!!!!!

    As always…A-C-E-S!!!!!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…I forgot to tell you this earlier…

    James…dude…to me, certain people in the world who are opposed to same-sex marriage are clearly HOMOPHOBIC!!!!! Homophobia=NO THANK YOU!!!!! I, myself…well I am HAPPILY OBSESSED with same-sex marriage!!!!! Hee Hee Hee. And (from my gay-filled standards, anyway), you what they say…once you go gay…HEY HEY HEY!!!!! H-O-L-L-A!!!!!

    OK, you TOTALLY DREAMY cutie-pie…tag-tag-tag…you’re it!!!!!


    jaybird369 replied

    Quick correction: In my posting from last night, it should have said ‘you know what they say’. Anyway…MY BAD!!!!!

    Thanks, dude.

    Jamesj75 replied

    OK, Stud, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do… You never cease to entertain or amaze me. Your “Chirp Chirp Chirp Chirp And More Chirp” alone had me LOL!!! GREAT STUFF, FRIEND!!

    Before I forget, TV shows: I am totally sympatico with you on Laverne and Shirley; to this day, when someone makes a statement that would precede the arrival of Lenny and Squiggy, such as “You’d have to be a complete imbecile to do something like that,” I make comments and utterances that Lenny and Squiggy would make as they entered the room, biting on my hand in the same way as Squiggy. And this tells you how stupid I am. I just now realized the connection: L&S = Laverne and Shirley; also, L&S = Lenny and Squiggy! It only took me about 38 years…

    Other shows I have loved include NYPD Blue and Saturday Night Live (not just off and on, but regularly, even through lean years…). I like all your choices, too.

    The whole Melissa Reeves/Scott Reeves/hypocrite/Christian scenario: No need to be a fan of the Reeves’… And, yes, sadly, so many so-called Christians don’t practice what they preach, and they don’t do what Jesus would do….” Even a lot of these right-wing politicians who vote against same-sex marriage end up being caught with their pants down, sometimes with another man. There have been quite a few, anyway. So, Jay, we share those pet peeves…Hmmm… “peeves” rhymes with “Reeves.”… Coincidence?!?!

    With regard to DOOL’s Marlena, glad it’s not just me. Her soulmate, John, now in a coma, is hardly ever on anyway, but his acting style is one-dimensional: a squint is worth a thousand words.

    Furthermore, in agreement J with J, being a role model is overrated, and it’s way too much pressure to put on oneself.

    “Dimensional Falls” as the title of your great soap — I LOVE IT!! And that it takes place in New York is a good choice… Maybe an offshoot of Niagara Falls (one of Jamesj75′s favorite places… exciting, romantic, beautiful, fun).

    My soap watching has been sporadic of late. But I just saw a commercial for B&B. After Italy, Dubai, and the interminable Knights Dinner Show, they are now going for location shoots in Paris, affording the opportunity for Hope and Wyatt to get back together… Or not… The beautiful backdrop of gay Paris is not enough to drum up interest in this repetitive, very tired storyline. May I suggest to the B&B writers that Hope, Wyatt, and Liam scale the Eiffel Tower, lose their footing, and fall to their deaths? Then the show could focus on other characters once in a while…

    And I noticed that Nicki on Y&R is falling of the wagon again (for probably the 37th time). Yaaaawn… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………. And, BTW, if I hear Victor utter “ain’t” one more time, I will vomit…

    Still enjoying the soap studs that populate the soaps. It’s not enough to have handsome looks, you have to have a buff bod, too.

    Finally, here are a few things you see in soaps all the time but rarely in real life:

    1. Two people having a conversation, one in front of the other, but with both facing the same way.
    2. Ending a phone conversation without saying “goodbye.”
    3. Looking at a picture frame but holding it a weird angle (so the cameraman can get a shot).

    And, Yes, Jay, I agree with you about homophobia. But let’s face it: it’s one type of discrimination that is more accepted and perhaps more widespread than racism, sexism, and ageism.

    Sweet Thing, I will close for now. Always looking forward to reading your posts, hoping Jaybird369 is happy, as he deserves it. Tag X O Tag X O

    jaybird369 replied

    James…as always…H-O-W-D-Y!!!!! As always…GREAT STUFF!!!!! Thank You. Once again, let’s begin…

    I remember NYPD Blue. To me, NYPD Blue (back then) was TRULY CUTTING EDGE!!!!! As for Saturday Night Live…I was a fan of their earlier stuff (aka the 1970′s). I still watch it occasionally. And my ALL-TIME FAVORITE SNL personality (or whatever)??? Ding Ding Ding Ding…Laraine Newman. Laraine Newman=TOTALLY A-W-E-S-O-M-E CHICK!!!!! LEAST FAVORITE??? Victoria Jackson!!!!! Yep!!!!! Dude…for one thing, Victoria Jackson has ALWAYS ANNOYED ME…UNFUNNY AS HELL!!!!! In later years, VJ got EVEN WORSE (as a person). Check this out: Currently speaking, VJ is an insufferable, self-righteous and arrogant Tea-Party-pushing B-I-T-C-H ON WHEELS!!!!! Also, she CRUELLY BASHES (among other things) gay rights, The LGBT Community, same-sex marriage…the LOONY-FILLED list goes on and on and on. The woman is T-O-T-A-L-L-Y T-O-X-I-C…PERIOD!!!!! Stupid woman.

    Dude…soap tidbit for ya’: On Monday, September 8th (yep…next month), Meredith Baxter (remember her…the mom from Family Ties) starts airing on Y&R. She’s gonna play the role of Maureen. Supposedly, Maureen is (among other things) intelligent, sophisticated and (even more) manipulative. But that’s not all. Eventually, Maureen’s gonna lead Nikki (yes Nikki) down a road of darkness, self-destruction and (most of all) drunkenness. And…supposedly, Maureen has emotional connections (or whatever) with some of the Y&R characters. Dude…how about that…Meredith Baxter on Y&R?!?!? YES YES YES!!!!! Anyway, we shall see…

    Dude…here is a current GH character that I CANNOT STAND…Levi!!!!! I HATE HATE HATE HATE Levi!!!!! And…the fact that Maxie is into that DORKY-ASS CLOWN…No No No No No. And…I find Levi to be EVEN MORE ANNOYING than Y&R’s Dylan…yes. And…believe me…that’s saying A WHOLE LOT!!!!! At the very least…at least Dylan knows how to look like A SOAP HUNK (I think.). But Levi? NO WAY JOSE!!!!! Anyway…moving on…

    James…remember in a prior post I listed some of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE bands??? Well…I am now gonna name my ALL-TIME FAVORITE song from each band. And trust me…these song titles make me EMOTIONALLY SWOON all over the place!!!!! Hee Hee Hee. Anyway…here I go…
    Air Supply=Every Woman In The World
    Blondie=The Tide Is High
    Culture Club=Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
    Fleetwood Mac=Little Lies
    Foreigner=Waiting For A Girl Like You
    Heart=What About Love
    Journey=I’ll Be Alright Without You
    Little River Band=Reminiscing
    Loverboy=When It’s Over
    Styx=The Best Of Times

    Dude…who are some of your favorite comedians??? Some of my favorites??? Comedians: Louis C.K., Jim Norton, Don Rickles, Bob Saget and Triumph The Insult Comic Dog. Comediennes: Whitney Cummings, Susie Essman, Lisa Lampanelli, Wendy Liebman and Joan Rivers. And…I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE those Comedy Central Roasts!!!!! And I have 4 of them (so far) on DVD…Flavor Flav, Bob Saget, David Hasselhoff and Denis Leary. TRULY EPIC STUFF!!!!!

    OK, Sizzling Hot Stuff…you’re it!!!!!

    Until next time…XOXOXOXOXO

    Jamesj75 replied

    Sorry for the delay, Jay! Please don’t hold it against me. Say, if I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?!?! :)

    Thanks for the heads-up on Meredith Baxter. It’s good to hear that, and I’m sure she will be a great addition to the show. She will make Nicki’s storyline more interesting, I’m sure. I totally agree with you on GH’s Levi. The only good thing I can say is he is buff. The character is indeed annoying. I don’t understand why the soaps continue to produce annoying characters. I mean, I get the need for villains and bitches. Maybe there isn’t much difference…

    One thing that NYPD Blue featured was a little bit of nudity, which made it more enticing. Yet, it was a phenomenal show, all the way around.

    As for SNL, I could opine on this forever, but I will limit my comments. You can’t go wrong with Lorraine Newman. She was terrific! It is almost scary how SNL has permeated my life. Among characters I have played for Halloween, etc., over the years include Conehead and Linda Richman (yes, my one and only foray into drag, hair and makeup provided by guys more talented at that than myself). Other costumes of mine, which I still have, include the following: Pee Wee Herman, Ali G, and Austin Powers, yeah baby!

    And I continue to spout famous lines from the show when the situation warrants… My favorite star of the show: Nora Dunn from the 1980s. She played Pat Stevens, Liz Sweeney, Babette, among others.

    I, too, love those Comedy Central roasts—hysterical! Although I like the comics you’ve listed, esp. Rivers and Lampanelli, I’m not a big standup comic guy. I am a standup guy. Believe me on that!

    So nice to read your favorite songs from your favorite groups. I will give you James’ fave songs from some of Jay’s fave groups:
    Air Supply: Even the Nights Are Better
    Fleetwood Mac: Rhianon
    Foreigner: Waiting for a Girl Like You
    Heart: Dog and Butterfly
    Little River Band: Cool Change
    Styx: Come Sail Away

    This is all for now, my Man. Hit me up when you get time, and I will be quicker to respond. All my best to you, today and always…

    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey there, handsome!!!!! Once again, let’s begin…

    James…dude…I would NEVER hold it against you. Again…never. Hey…we all get busy in terms of doing stuff (running errands, grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, etc.). Believe me…I truly and totally understand. It is what it is…period.

    James…I wanted some time to pass (or whatever) before I asked you this one: On Y&R, what do think of the new Billy Abbott (aka recast)??? Actually…NuBilly is growing on me (here and there, anyway). And…Burgess Jenkins (aka NuBilly) is a good-looking dude (no mystery there…lol). But…I STILL MISS Billy Miller (my ALL-TIME FAVE Billy Abbott!!!!!). And BTW…my ALL-TIME LEAST FAVORITE Billy Abbott recast??? Ryan Brown. James…dude…whenever that Ryan Brown fella opened his mouth TO EVEN SPEAK onscreen, for me it was like absolute AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH all the way!!!!! Ryan Brown=TOTALLY MISCAST BACK THEN!!!!! BTW…quick correction: Earlier in the paragraph, I meant to say ‘do you think’. MY BAD!!!!! Thanks.

    Dude…W-O-W!!!!! It seems to me that you are such a HARDCORE SNL fan!!!!! That’s how I felt (and still do) about MadTV.

    James…music time. I am now gonna name my ALL-TIME FAVORITE song from each of the following musical artists. Dude…even after all these years, these songs STILL TAKE MY BREATH AWAY!!!!! S-W-O-O-N!!!!! Well…here it is…
    Rita Coolidge=All Time High
    Neil Diamond=Love On The Rocks
    Melissa Manchester=Don’t Cry Out Loud
    Barry Manilow=I Made It Through The Rain
    Juice Newton=Heart Of The Night
    Olivia Newton-John=The Best Of Me (an AWESOME duet she did with David Foster back in the mid-80′s. 1986…I think.)
    Boz Scaggs=Heart Of Mine
    Rick Springfield=Affair Of The Heart
    Barbra Streisand=What Kind Of Fool (duet she did with Barry Gibb. POWERFUL SONG, BTW!!!!!)
    James Taylor=Her Town Too (duet he did with J.D. Souther. WONDERFULLY TIMELESS SONG!!!!!)

    James…what did you think of the recent Y&R episode where Gloria HILARIOUSLY flirted with Mark (aka Detective Harding. Yum.) so that Mark wouldn’t lock Kevin up??? Dude…I was LOL the entire time!!!!! Dude…put me in a cell with Austin, Carmine, Mark and Stitch and (trust me) I would DEMAND to NEVER be released from THE CELL!!!!! AT ALL!!!!! Hee Hee Hee. One final thing (soap-wise) for now: I am SO SICK of Christine…B-L-E-C-H!!!!! Bro…I HATE HATE HATE HATE Christine!!!!! And…I CANNOT STAND Christine’s bitchy, catty and stank-ass A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E!!!!! Oh How I WISH that Paul would D&D (as in dump and divorce) that STUPID AIRHEAD and get back together with (YEP!!!!!) N-I-N-A!!!!! And…once NuPhyllis (aka THE FABULOUS Gina Tognoni) starts airing on Monday (8/11), I hope that NuPhyllis EVENTUALLY gets around to performing some MUCH NEEDED WHUP-ASS on that self-righteous Christine. IT IS LONG OVERDUE!!!!!

    James…the fact that you’re a standup guy…W-O-W!!!!! And…that you admit that to me…again…W-O-W!!!!! More and more, you INTRIGUE me!!!!! D-A-M-N!!!!! Thank You.

    James…OK, TRIPLE H (as in HOT, HEROIC AND HANDSOME!!!!!)…your move!!!!! XOXOXOXOXO

    Jamesj75 replied

    Hello Studly Jay!

    First, thank you for the Triple H! I am not worthy…

    You have entertained, enthralled, and enamoured me once again with your witty words… Thank you, Friend. It means more than I can ever tell you…

    LET”S GET SOAPED UP!: I totally agree with you about Y&R Christine. Why would anyone root for this character??? I like your idea about nu-Phyllis giving Christine some “WHUP-ASS.” I know, maybe she can try to run her down with the car again… Actually, that joke is not in good taste, after what just happened with Tony Stewart…

    I’m looking forward to seeing Gina Tognoni onscreen. I wonder if her hair will be dyed red… As much as I adore Sharon, I am waiting for the scene(s) when Phyllis confronts her.

    It’s funny you asked me about the scenes of Gloria with Detective Harding—BTW, is that his porn name? Anyway, those scenes were hysterical. He is so damned cute and manly, it’s a sin. And nobody steals a scene like Judith Chapman… Jaybird369, I am beginning to sense a steamy love “pentangle” with you, Austin, Carmine, Mark, and Stitch. You’ve got enough. Throw me a bone. Give me either Carmine or Stitch, please…

    Speaking of all-male love triangles, did you see GH last week when Felix and Brad were fighting over a towel-clad Lucas? Wow! At one point, Lucas said that they could both have him. Excuse me, but I think J&J have been saying this all along. It could work out… But then Carly had to show up and spoil the mood…

    I almost forgot to answer your question: Yes, I like the new Billy on Y&R. He is surely good looking but also seems to be a good actor, which always helps. I am not familiar with Ryan Brown.

    NOW IT’S TIME FOR SOME ROMANTIC MUSIC… Jay, you are preaching to the choir!! So you have listed some of my favorite artists (e.g., Olivia, Barry, Melissa) and given your favorite songs by them. Thank you for that, Brother! It makes my day! I LOVE all the songs you mentioned.

    And now I will disclose another passion of mine… karaoke! Do you share this with me, Jay? In addition to going to karaoke clubs (virtually since karaoke began here in the States), I have also hosted some shows and have my own equipment and music. I used to sing “Her Town Too” with a male friend and “What Kind of Fool” with a female friend. We can talk about this more, only if it’s a shared interest. If not, that is cool, too…

    Another musical passion of mine is to create CD compilations (formerly known as “mix tapes”). I make them for myself, family, and friends. I wish I could share some with you. They might have themes, or genres, or represent a certain era or year or some favorite singer or group. It seems I am always working on one. Maybe it’s all part of my nondiagnosed (but apparent) OCD, in that I want to bring order and neatness to everything… But I really do enjoy this…

    And I also REALLY ENJOY this back and forth with you, Jay! You are quite intriguing yourself.

    The balls are in your court, Jaybird. XOXOXO

    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey there, handsome!!!!!

    James…I meant it when I said it and I STILL mean it…you are a TRIPLE H (HOT, HEROIC AND HANDSOME!!!!!)!!!!! You are in my book!!!!! Furthermore, YOU ARE WORTHY!!!!! Dude…always remember that.

    James…OK OK…I’ll share. Hee Hee Hee. Honey…pick a SOAP HUNK…A-N-Y SOAP HUNK!!!!! Let’s see…Austin, Carmine, Mark, Stitch. And…let’s not forget Billy, Ian, Jack, Michael, Neil and Nick. Forgive me if I accidentally left anybody out…LOL!!!!! And…don’t limit yourself to just one soap (Y&R). H-O-L-L-A!!!!!

    James…yep…I did watch that GH episode last week (aka Brad and Felix fighting over Lucas). I watched on ABC OnDemand. Anyway, poor Lucas…Hee Hee Hee. More and more, I kept LMAO. Then, I stopped LMAO when Carly (stupid woman!!!!!) showed up and spoiled the delicious fun…BLAH!!!!! Instead (and I KNOW that you’ll agree with me on this one!!!!!), Julian (Y-U-M!!!!!) should have showed up at the door. And NOT Carly!!!!! Before I move on to something else, quick correction: Earlier in the paragraph, I meant to say ‘watched it on’. Once again…MY BAD!!!!! Thanks.

    Dude…as for that Ryan Brown dude, you are N-O-T missing much here. Take my word for it. James…when Ryan Brown played Billy Abbott #whatever on Y&R, for me, it was TOTAL Y-I-K-E-S all the way!!!!! To me, that dude looked like he needed to constantly sneeze and/or blow his nose…ICKY ICKY ICKY AND MORE ICKY!!!!! And…the sound of his voice (alone)…AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! James I’m sorry but the dude (IMO) can’t act…PERIOD!!!!! Moving on…

    Cutie-pie…music time. I am now gonna name MY FAVE SONG EACH by more of my favorite artists/groups. Here it is…
    ABBA=The Winner Takes It All (from late 1980. And…which was their last/final song. Sigh.)
    Laura Branigan (R.I.P.)=How Am I Supposed To Live Without You
    Kim Carnes=Voyeur (a VERY UNDERRATED song!!!!!)
    Chicago=Stay The Night (WONDERFULLY KICK-ASS SONG!!!!!)
    Taylor Dayne=Love Will Lead You Back
    Whitney Houston (R.I.P.)=Hold Me (EPIC, EPIC duet she did with the late Teddy Pendergrass back in 1985)
    Elton John=Nikita (WONDERFULLY INTENSE SONG!!!!!)
    Kansas=Carry On Wayward Son
    Anne Murray=I Just Fall In Love Again
    REO Speedwagon=Keep On Loving You
    Kenny Rogers=Lady
    Rod Stewart=Passion
    Donna Summer (R.I.P.)=This Time I Know It’s For Real
    The Bee Gees=How Deep Is Your Love
    The Police=Don’t Stand So Close to Me

    James…dude…there is only 1 song by Air Supply that I’ve never liked all that much. Making Love Out Of Nothing At All…remember that one??? Anyway…Air Supply HAD ME (or whatever) at the song title. Then came the song itself. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! At close to 5 minutes, that song is BEYOND MANIPULATIVE!!!!! And I don’t know if you’ve ever read the lyrics to the song, but, to me…BEYOND DISTURBING!!!!! Dude…I remember the first time that I heard that song (back in 1983…the year it was recorded, released and all). About halfway through the song, I started SCREAMING to my stereo, “Air Supply…SHUT UP!!!!! Air Supply…P-L-E-A-S-E STOP SINGING!!!!! E-N-O-U-G-H!!!!!” And…DON’T EVEN REMOTELY get me started on that idiotic music video of the song!!!!! And…F.Y.I….I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE music videos (1980′s music videos, mostly)!!!!! But…as for Air Supply’s Making Love Out Of Nothing At All…N-O. Pass. Once again, moving on…

    James…I gotta admit…I like karaoke music. Somewhat. There is something OnDemand (about karaoke) that I like to watch. It’s on Music Choice (I think.) It’s called Karaoke. You should check it out. It’s pretty awesome!!!!! And, F.Y.I….I recently read somewhere that Cady McClain (who plays Kelly on Y&R) is a BIG FAN of karaoke music. Dude…good for her!!!!!

    James…OK you ULTIMATE DREAMBOAT…your serve!!!!!

    As always…A-C-E-S!!!!!

    Jamesj75 replied

    Hi there, Jay! I hope all is going well in your world! :)

    One of my other friends is a huge Air Supply fan. They have come to our city and played a small (1000 people) but intimate venue the last couple of years, and my friend even got to speak with them in a meet-and-greet after the show. I will make a point of seeing them the next time they’re in town. That is also where I have seen Marc Cohn, one of my favorites and got to meet him and have my picture taken with him, the last time just a few months ago. He’s a great soulful singer and a terrifically decent man…

    I loved reading your list of favorite songs by (we’ll call them) 80s artists. I can’t disagree with any of your choices. From your list, I especially love “The Winner Takes It All,” “Keep on Loving You,” and “Hold Me.”

    For me, I have a penchant of most liking an artist’s more obscure works. For instance, my all-time faves, the Carpenters, had a huge string of hits in the 70s and a hit in 1981 (Touch Me When We’re Dancing—maybe Jaybird likes this one). Anyway, my favorite Carpenters’ song is “Solitaire” from 1975 (peaked at #17). It is considered perhaps Karen’s best vocal performance ever, but there are a few other songs of theirs in the running (“Superstar,” “Ave Maria,” “Ordinary Fool,” “This Masquerade,” among others)…

    Another example is Elton John… With all his many hits, it’s interesting that you pick “Nikita,” a great song BTW. My favorite of his is “Chloe,” from his 1980 album/CD The Fox. In the CD, “Chloe” is preceded by the instrumental Carla/Etude/Fanfare, all of which is mesmerizing… Check it out!

    I will check out your suggestion of “Karaoke” on Music Choice—I’ll get back to you on that one.

    Back to Soaps: From GH, yes, Julian should have shown up instead… I guess GH is being PC (pun intended) by having a white, a black, and an Asian as their holy trinity of gay characters. No wonder they want to mix and match them! I know I would! …

    Yes, Handsome, there are so many studly men on the soaps. If only they wanted little old me … or you… ! Well, maybe some of them would if they got the chance to meet us. I mean, perhaps to know us is to love us…

    I actually enjoyed today’s Y&R. Phyllis back on camera. Nick and Sharon. BTW, are the writers really trying to have Mariah attempt to seduce Nick?!?! Come on! He (rightly) sees his own daughter in her face. Even though she is a different character, it borders on disgusting… Please make them stop…

    And now, I will make myself stop. I can’t play the role of ramblin’ man, can I?

    Tag! You’re it, Brother. Be well!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…H-A-L-L-O!!!!! Before I confuse you, let me explain. The word ‘hallo’ is British terminology (or whatever)…I think. About a month ago, I first saw/noticed it while watching a recent episode of Hot In Cleveland. Dude…I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with that word!!!!! You might say that it’s my BRAND-NEW CATCHPHRASE!!!!! James…more and more, I have been having LOADS AND LOADS OF FUN making people LOL at this. Dude…you should see me whenever I answer BOTH my phone and my doorbell…H-A-L-L-O!!!!! In my own way, I am SO HYSTERICAL…HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    James…yes…I (Jaybird369) L-O-V-E The Carpenters’s Touch Me When We’re Dancing. Dude…you are SO PERCEPTIVE…LOL!!!!! Yep. I’ll even go a step further. Here are my ALL-TIME TOP 5 FAVE Carpenters songs…
    1. For All We Know (WONDERFULLY POWERFUL SONG!!!!! And…it was the theme (or whatever) from that TOTALLY AWESOME film (from 1970) Lovers And Other Strangers…a film that I watched years later for the first time on Cinemax.)
    2. Superstar
    3. Touch Me When We’re Dancing (Cutie-pie…I bet that you were probably wondering where this one ranked on my list, huh???)
    4. Hurting Each Other
    5. We’ve Only Just Begun

    James…I have a feeling that you already know this about me…but I’ll say it, anyway. Dude…I have a particular fondness and all for pop culture (music, movies, TV, trivia, etc.) from the years 1980 and (especially!!!!!) 1981. YES!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!! Dude…to me…the years of 1980 and 1981 takes me back. It takes me back to a time when things (to me) seemed more carefree, easygoing and F-U-N!!!!! Also, 1980 and 1981 helps me to HAPPILY REMEMBER my childhood. Granted, my childhood was FAR FROM PERFECT. But…where my childhood is concerned, more and more, I remember my childhood like…me running around like a LITTLE MANIAC (especially at family reunions…lol), me finding countless ways to entertain and amuse myself for hours and hours on end and me discovering my love of animals (especially puppies/dogs and kittens/cats.). Oh, the good old days!!!!! Yep.

    James…here is some backstory about myself. I was born in California (Oakland, originally). But…I was raised in Louisiana and have lived in Louisiana for basically my whole life. And…I’ve lived in New Iberia, Louisiana (aka Cajun Country) for over 30 years. It’ll be 34 years next month (mid-September). Also, I am physically handicapped (basically blind=right eye, basically deaf=left ear, touch of cerebral palsy, challenging eye-hand coordination and flat feet). But trust me…in my own way, I am VERY HIGHLY INTELLIGENT. Also, I have a sassy, sharp and (even more!!!!!) spit-fiery TONGUE!!!!! I DO NOT MINCE WORDS!!!!! I can WEED OUT fake-ass people L-I-K-E D-A-T!!!!! Most of all, I am V-E-R-Y protective of people that I love and care about. Furthermore, if WHOEVER wants to take a swing/shot at someone (emotionally or whatever), let ‘em take a swing/shot AT ME!!!!! Just leave my friends and loved ones alone. I DON’T LIKE seeing my friends and loved ones in ANY KIND OF PAIN!!!!! You guessed it…another thing that makes MY BLOOD BOIL…BADLY!!!!! And, BTW…I am close to 10 people (5 family, 5 friends). As for most other people…well, never mind. OK, handsome…let’s hear it…let’s hear your backstory. Details, please…

    Now…on to the soaps. Where Y&R’s Nick and Mariah are concerned…I HOPE TO GOD that Y&R DOES NOT go there!!!!! No No No No No. Not only does it border on disgusting, it also borders on EVEN MORE DISTURBING!!!!! S-H-U-D-D-E-R!!!!! To me, here is something that would make A LOT MORE SENSE: I think that Ian and Anita (Chelsea’s ENTERTAINING HOT-MESS of a mom) should hook-up. Dude…think about it…I mean, Ian and Anita aren’t that much different (personality-wise and all). And…can you imagine the ENDLESS F-U-N that Ian and Anita would have together?!?!? HEE HEE HEE!!!!! I would much rather watch that and N-O-T an I-C-K-Y Nick/Mariah pairing. No Thank You. Next…

    OK James…tag-tag-tag, you cutie…you’re it!!!!!


    Jamesj75 replied

    Hello Handsome!

    First, let me start with the personal… Thank you for sharing further details with me about your life. If you will allow me, it sounds as though you have been presented with some challenges, yet with your “fierce” attitude you have been able to persevere. And you have no idea how much I admire you for that! Keep fighting the good fight, keep maintaining your wonderful attitude, and keep being the terrific man you are!

    No one, ever, should take shots at you. No one deserves that. Further, it’s obvious to me how compassionate and intelligent you are. Thank you for sharing your backstory with me. I promise to do the same next time… And the fact that you have 10 people with whom you are close is a treasure and blessing…

    After that, everything else seems trivial, doesn’t it? But I will continue…

    Thanks for the explanation on “Hallo!” It’s a refreshing change of pace, and I’m sure you turn some heads with that greeting.

    I like that you have a fondness for 1980/1981 and everything 80s. I am similar to you, but my years are 1975/1976 and everything 70s. Of course, there is much in the 80s and beyond that I enjoy!

    Thank you for posting your fave Carpenters’ songs. I love your choices. And I will add my own top five, with a few extras thrown in for good measure:
    1. Solitaire
    2. I Need to Be in Love
    3. Superstar
    4. Only Yesterday
    5. We’ve Only Just Begun
    Nonsingles I love:
    1. You
    2. You’re the One
    3. Two Sides
    4. I Can Dream Can’t I
    5. Happy

    It’s hard for me to narrow my faves down, but this was a fun exercise!

    SOAPS GALORE: I like your idea of Ian and Anita. I like her character. And Ray Wise is such a great actor, even though (so far) his character is so unlikable. The soap world is so bizarre. In the same day that Y&R is mercilessly pushing Dylan down viewers’ throats, we see Steve Burton’s picture as Jason on GH while nuJason (not seen yet) is being “revived” (and, I believe, being played by Billy Minor, formerly of Y&R). And GH already “revived” Y&R Phyllis, or should I say Nina!

    This is all for today, my Friend. More personal details will come soon, including my first-time romance (with an older man), back in 1976… How’s that for a cliffhanger?!?!



    jaybird369 replied

    James…H-A-L-L-O!!!!! James…you are such a CUTIE!!!!! Once again, let’s begin…

    James…I agree…I don’t deserve to be swung at. Thank you. But…I’d rather have WHOEVER take A-I-M at me and N-O-T at any of my loved ones. And…besides…in my own way, I AM TOUGH AS NAILS!!!!! And, BTW…I PUSH AND SHOVE BACK…TWICE AS HARD!!!!! Just leave ALL 10 of my loved ones alone. James…other people hurting A-N-Y of my loved ones is BEYOND UNFORGIVABLE in my book!!!!! No.

    Dude…Music Time. Now that we BOTH EACH seem to have The Carpenters covered (lol), I am now gonna name my ALL-TIME TOP 5 FAVE songs each from BOTH Olivia Newton-John and Elton John. And, here they are…
    Olivia Newton-John:
    1. The Best Of Me (duet she did with David Foster)
    2. Magic
    3. Hopelessly Devoted To You
    4. Make A Move On Me
    5. Suddenly (TOTALLY AWESOME duet she did with Cliff Richard back in late 1980)
    Elton John:
    1. Nikita
    2. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
    3. Blue Eyes
    4. Bennie And The Jets
    5. Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)

    James…dude…here is a little recent TV backstory (or whatever) for ya’: On that recent episode (I forget the title.) of Hot In Cleveland, the character of Elka (played by the FABULOUS AND LEGENDARY Betty White) up and decides to produce a play based on the lives of her and her 3 roommates Joy, Melanie and Victoria (played respectively and all by Jane Leeves, Valerie Bertinelli and Wendie Malick). Anyway, the 3 chicks end up going, at the last minute, to see an afternoon showing of Elka’s play. And…from there, they ARE NOT AMUSED at what they see. Joy seems PARTICULARLY UNAMUSED most of all. After the play, Joy, Melanie and Victoria end up confronting Elka in her dressing room. And, the confrontation went something like this:
    Victoria: “Elka…My God! You made all 3 of us look like fools out there. This is slander and me, Joy and Melanie can sue you, you know.”
    Melanie: “Victoria’s right. Elka…how could you do that to us?”
    Joy (very angrily): “Melanie and Victoria, I don’t know why you 2 are so upset. I should be upset…I’m the one being played by a M-A-N!!!!!”
    Elka (rather snidely): “Joy, I’m sorry, but that British actor portraying you up on that stage was the only actor that I could find at the last minute…big man-hands and all.”
    James…truly LOL all the way!!!!! H-A-L-L-O!!!!!

    James…Soap Time. Dude, to me, Ray Wise is such a WONDERFULLY AMAZING actor!!!!! I’ve been such a BIG FAN of his ever since his Twin Peaks days. And…let’s not forget Savannah. Bro…whenever RW flashes/shows his PEARLY WHITES aka teeth onscreen, it makes me MELT LIKE BUTTER!!!!! TOTAL SWOON-VILLE ALL THE WAY!!!!! Which is more than I can say for that FIRE-BREATHING NUT-JOB Victor Newman…B-L-E-C-H!!!!! If I was married to Victor, I would drink, too…LOL!!!!!

    James…what reality shows do you like? Currently, I have 3. Big Brother is my FAVORITE!!!!! 2nd favorite…The Bachelorette. No mystery there, huh??? HEE HEE HEE!!!!! And…3rd favorite…The Bachelor. Hey…who doesn’t enjoy a GOOD AND DELICIOUS cat-fight?!?!? More and more, BOTH Dynasty’s Krystle and Alexis would be proud…LOL!!!!! Yep.

    Dude…I wanna throw a challenge to you. Just hear me out. I challenge, challenge Y-O-U to find as many soap articles on this website as you can find. Then, from there, I want you to check out (aka read) my postings/comments…dude, as many as you can find. Then, afterwards, tell me what you think. Handsome…go get ‘em…

    James…first-time romance with an older man, huh??? Yep…a DEFINITE CLIFFHANGER!!!!! And…I am now EVEN MORE INTRIGUED!!!!! When you respond back…DETAILS PLEASE!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!! Backstory and all included. And don’t hold back. I’ll be waiting…

    James…before I sign off for now, one final thing for now: Dude…don’t ever stop with me!!!!! To me, you play the role of RAMBLIN’ MAN so very, very beautifully!!!!! Always remember that!!!!!!

    James…your turn, STUD!!!!! XOXOXOXOXO

    Jamesj75 replied

    Hey there, Jaybird!

    Okay, I did look up a few of your comments, and your stellar reputation in my book continues unscathed! I added a couple of my own elsewhere. Silly me. I have only been looking at our conversation at this site and nothing else…

    PS: You have to comment on the proposed gay threeway on GH! The last couple of days on GH have been incredible!

    I’m with you on standing up for yourself. I stood up to the bullies in HS and I stand up for myself (and for others) to this day. I don’t put up with crap from anyone… But I’m still a standup guy.:)

    Hysterical stuff with that Hot n Cleveland show. Thanks for sharing!

    I am not a viewer of reality shows, believe it or not. I do watch a lot of CNN in addition to the shows I mentioned previously.

    Love your choices on Olivia and Elton songs! I will add my own for good measure:


    1. Don’t Stop Believing
    2. Sam
    3. Have You Never Been Mellow
    4. I Honestly Love You
    5. Suddenly


    1. Chloe
    2. Tiny Dancer
    3. Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
    4. Elton’s Song
    5. Blue Eyes

    And now for the resolution of the personal cliffhanger: just the facts, sir. I was 18, my married manager boss was 32. He put the moves on me. He told me that he was “becoming emotionally involved” with me—Yes I remember the exact words. We kissed (and more). We barely started the affair when he changed his mind and left me hanging, still having to work under him (pun intended) regularly. I was heartbroken, even though I knew I was wrong to get involved with a married man and my boss. He later came back to me just for sex (a few times), and I consented. A few short years later, I met the love of my life, with whom I have been happy since then… :)

    Further backstory on Jamesj75 (if you really want it):

    Grew up in south Florida, moved to Tampa after HS, moved to Orlando in 1980 after meeting my true love there. Have a very happy and fulfilled life. Keep busy with work and other activities (especially tennis, swimming). Can’t complain. Still lost in the 1970s in my mind. Still watch soaps (since 1969). Am frighteningly loyal, not only to my partner and friends but also to my TV shows and stars. Have a lot of friends and acquaintances, mainly through tennis, but not really anyone (outside my partner) I would consider a “best” or “close” friend. There were two who did fit that bill, but one passed away last year of cancer, and another ended our friendship because he thought I wanted more (I didn’t—he totally misread me). Hard now for me to get close to a “friend” or make the investment of time and effort into a friendship, particularly when my intent or motives might be misconstrued.

    I started out by saying how happy I am, and then my discussion involving friends took a depressing turn… Sorry about that. I just bring it up, in contrast to you who has 5 really close friends (in addition to 5 really close family members).

    I try to stay young, even though I’m older (as you know). I definitely feel young. Music makes me happy! Talking with you about music, TV, etc., makes me happy!

    So, my Louisiana Stud, take care and stay happy!

    Til next time…


    jaybird369 replied

    James…H-A-L-L-O!!!!! Once again…I’m up…

    Right off the bat, Music Time. This time around, I’m gonna list my ALL-TIME TOP 5 FAVE songs from Loverboy. And then, Billy Joel. Here it is…
    1. When It’s Over
    2. Working For The Weekend (my ALL-TIME FAVE PARTY SONG!!!!! P-A-R-T-Y!!!!!)
    3. This Could Be The Night
    4. Heaven In Your Eyes (from that Top Gun movie)
    5. Turn Me Loose
    Billy Joel:
    1. Sometimes A Fantasy (To me…the music video for that song looks and sounds like a never-ending OBSCENE PHONE CALL…LOL!!!!!)
    2. Tell Her About It
    3. Allentown
    4. It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me
    5. An Innocent Man

    Music Time Part 2. I am now gonna list my ALL-TIME TOP 10 FAVE One-Hit Wonders (artists/groups included). Here it is…
    1. Franke And The Knockouts=Sweetheart (a VERY UNDERRATED SONG!!!!! GRRRR!!!!!).
    2. Gloria Loring And Carl Anderson (R.I.P.)=Friends And Lovers
    3. Peter Schilling=Major Tom (Coming Home)
    4. Gary Numan=Cars
    5. Vicki Lawrence=The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia
    6. Van McCoy=The Hustle
    7. Animotion=Obsession (Dude…to me, A WONDERFULLY F-I-L-T-H-Y SONG!!!!! HEE HEE HEE!!!!!)
    8. Toni Basil=Mickey (F.Y.I….Toni Basil is now in her early 70′s. YES!!!!! Man…that makes me feel SO ANCIENT!!!!!)
    9. Wild Cherry=Play That Funky Music
    10. Alicia Bridges=I Love The Nightlife

    James…Soap Time. Honey…to me, GH has been INCREDIBLE ALL WEEK, PERIOD!!!!! I watched today’s new episode a little while ago. Poor Felix…BOTH LOL AND HEE HEE HEE!!!!! And, BTW…during the commercials, I let my mind WANDER…by FANTASIZING about Julian!!!!! D-A-M-N!!!!! Julian can kidnap me ANYTIME!!!!! And…Julian can hold me hostage FOREVER and I would do ANYTHING that he would tell me to do. But…NO PHYSICAL ABUSE!!!!! That’s where I draw the line. Seriously.

    Soap Time Part 2. Dude…here are 3 things that I will NEVER UNDERSTAND AND NEVER ACCEPT on soaps:
    1. Soap characters actually eating something (having a meal included). I mean…WHERE’S THE GRUB?!?!?
    2. Medical tests of any kind being done (one episode) and then the medical results being ready the next day (aka the next episode). TRULY UNREAL!!!!!
    3. Soap characters talking on their cell phones in public places where cell phones are prohibited/forbidden. D-I-S-R-E-S-P-E-C-T-F-U-L!!!!!
    Quick correction: For #1, I meant to say the word ‘rarely’ instead of the word ‘actually’. Once again…MY BAD!!!!!

    James…cutie-pie…your married manager boss (from long ago) sounds like a TOTAL MORON, DIRT-BALL and (most of all) TOTAL U-S-E-R!!!!! Users…another one of my pet peeves…GRRRR!!!!! Anyway, I wonder how many other people that JACKASS has EMOTIONALLY USED AND ABUSED over the years????? James…you DID NOT DESERVE to be treated like that!!!!! I mean…the ENDLESS NERVE of some people!!!!!

    James…you have NOTHING to apologize for!!!!! I mean…we all go through things in life. To me, life in general VERY EMOTIONALLY falls under (or whatever) the following 5 categories (or whatever):
    1. The Good
    2. The Bad
    3. The Ugly
    4. The Even Worse
    5. Oh, H-E-L-L No
    James…over the years, I have been through my share of D-R-A-M-A and other stuff…BOTH GOOD AND BAD!!!!! Dude…more and more, I feel like I can tell you ANYTHING!!!!! Of course, it works BOTH WAYS!!!!! Cutie-pie…N-E-V-E-R be afraid/scared to tell me anything!!!!! Just be honest and real. HONESTY AND REALNESS RULES!!!!!

    James…I’ve been to Florida on occasion (a vacation here, a vacation there). To me, Florida=BEAUTIFUL SCENERY!!!!! Allow me to illustrate (or whatever): As far as I’m concerned, Florida Beaches (in terms of THE OCEANS AND THE WAVES) are A LOT MORE blue-ish, breathtaking and (most of all) C-L-E-A-N-E-R!!!!! As for the so-called beaches here in Louisiana…well, never mind. Florida beaches are WAY BETTER!!!!! Louisiana beaches…not so much. No.

    James…before I sign off for now, 2 questions. (1) Who’s older…you or your boyfriend? And (2) What does he say about my postings and all on this website? Just wondering.

    James…you and your boyfriend have a good one. Peace.

    Your move, my friend. A-C-E-S!!!!!

    Jamesj75 replied

    Thanks for your very kind words, Jay! Much appreciated… My partner is slightly older, BTW, and we haven’t talked about my postings here.

    I liked reading your Loverboy, Billy Joel, and one-hit wonders list. I like them all! I’ll give you my fave Joel songs:

    1. Piano Man
    2. And So It Goes
    3. Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel)
    4. Honesty
    5. Just the Way You Are

    My preference for softer rock is so damn evident, isn’t it?!?! But I like so much of Joel’s work, including the rockers, such as Allentown, We Didn’t Start the Fire, and It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me, also Just a Fantasy (woah oh oh oh).

    You mentioned your all-time favorite party song, Working for the Weekend by Loverboy. Did you happen to see the SNL skit in which the late Chris Farley is auditioning to be a Chippendale’s dancer, alongside (the also late) Patrick Swayze? Farley’s Barney is energetic, enthusiastic, and he had some major dance moves. Working for the Weekend was his audition song. Whenever I hear that song, I can only think of Barney, who alas was beat out in the audition by Patrick Swayze’s character… RIP both men…

    With regard to beaches, I love ‘em! I much prefer the Gulf beaches to the east coast beaches. My favorite is Ft. De Soto Park, which is at the southern tip of St. Petersburg. The water is clear, warm, inviting, sensual…

    You are spot on about the strange things that happen on soaps! To add to your scenario about medical tests, it baffles my mind that, apparently anyone can simply change results on medical tests at any time, at any hospital, at will. It’s also one of the most despicable things someone can do… And, on soaps, “despicable” happens all the time.

    I, too, loved GH this past week. As you say, to be Julian’s captive would be wonderful! I enjoyed all the talk about the threesome, even though it didn’t materialize. Everyone finding out what a creep Levi is was worthwhile. And then, on top of that, we got to see Magic Milo again. But I do have problems with his return: (1) It was actually cruel the way the writers teased us (and Felix) about his possible infatuation with Felix; and (2) Okay, I’m not knocking Epiphany, but really??? This came out of absolutely nowhere.

    And, I for one, thought that Epiphany was very cruel at the Nurses’ Ball by destroying Mac’s dummy Mr. Marbles. She had no right to do it. It was extremely malicious to hurt Mac that way, and in a very public place.

    Don’t get me started on the Nurses’ Ball. Glad it’s back, but… Okay, now I’m fully started on the Nurses’ Ball:
    1. For all the hype, expense, promotion, the room holds maybe 30 audience members.
    2. The red carpet show is ludicrous, completely unbelievable, and embarrassing. The Port Charles residents are not actual celebrities. And the male host actually said that Nathan was the most handsome man he’d ever seen. That may be true, but usually the closeted entertainment reporters aren’t that obvious on air. And he mentioned Julian as a “purported crime boss.” Yeah, like that would happen in real life…
    3. Generally, the on-stage performances were good, but I was so sick of seeing several of the characters in several of them: TJ, Molly, Lucas…
    4. To me, the best performances were by Albrecht, and no one clapped? Really? So what if she’s a heinous villainess, the lady can entertain!

    And so, my friend, I will sign off. My best to you, today and always!



    jaybird369 replied

    James…once again, H-A-L-L-O!!!!! How’s it hanging, you ULTIMATE STANDUP GUY????? Once again, time to ROCK-N-ROLL!!!!! Anyway, I’m up…

    James…Soap Time. And here I go…
    1. Dude…Y-E-S…tampering with medical results is ALL KINDS OF WRONG!!!!! But…as I get older and older, I TRULY D-R-E-A-D watching hospital scenes on soaps!!!!! Here’s why: Where in the H-E-L-L is hospital security?!?!? Oh, I know…NOWHERE TO BE FOUND PERIOD!!!!! So, therefore…no wonder it’s E-A-S-Y for A-N-Y soap character to WWW (as in walk, waltz and wander) into a soap hospital scene. Dude…what I just described to you is what I HATE HATE HATE HATE the most about soap hospital scenes. TRULY RIDICULOUS!!!!! No.
    2. Dude…whenever a soap character actually does eat something, M-U-S-T he/she talk when and while their mouths are full of food?!?!? BEYOND DISGUSTING!!!!! More and more, it makes me think to myself, “BITCH AND/OR JACKASS…close your damn mouths…you’re creeping me out here!!!!!” Yep. Dumb as hell.
    3. I wish that GH would KILL KILL KILL KILL off Levi already!!!!! E-N-O-U-G-H!!!!! As for Maxie…her choosing that DORKY Levi over that SUPER-DREAMY Nathan…WHAT IN THE H-E-L-L?!?!? To me, Maxi choosing Levi over Nathan is the STUPIDEST thing she has ever done!!!!! Most of all, the sound of Levi’s voice…AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! Also, Levi looks like he ALWAYS has a stupid-ass grin plastered on his face. No. And…that so-called accent of his!!!!! Usually, I D-I-G a fella (on soaps and in real-life) with an accent (British and/or otherwise). But in Levi’s case…No. No No No And More No. Moron.
    4. About GH’s Epiphany…I can only watch that chick in small doses here and there. Let me explain: One minute, Epiphany has A HEART OF GOLD. Then, the next minute, Epiphany lets her mouth OVERLOAD her you-know-what. Dude…to me, it’s like watching a SPLIT PERSONALITY GONE W-I-L-D!!!!! No.
    5. About Epiphany Part 2. OH, YES…The way that Epiphany hurt BOTH Mac and that TOTALLY ADORABLE Mr. Marbles at The Nurses’ Ball was BEYOND UNCALLED FOR!!!!! TOTALLY UNCOOL!!!!!
    6. About Epiphany Part 3. To me, Magic Milo (aka TOTAL Y-U-M!!!!!)+Epiphany=TOTAL SNOOZE-VILLE ALL THE WAY!!!!! And Who Cares.
    7. Y-E-S…the performances by Dr, Olbrecht were the BEST THING about the recent Nurses’ Ball. And…the fact that NO ONE in the audience even clapped for her…D-I-S-R-E-S-P-E-C-T-F-U-L!!!!! Chicken-brained idiots.
    8. About Dr. Olbrecht Part 2. More and more, I have this IMAGE of me being a character on GH. My character’s name…Jay May. Anyway, soon after my character arrives in Port Charles, I land a job at General Hospital as (get this) Dr. Olbrecht’s personal assistant. Yep. But…I end up getting FIRED on the first day. Dr. Olbrecht HATES my filing system and starts YELLING AND SCREAMING at me…and in front of a BUNCH of other people. Then, I make the MISTAKE of getting in her face and YELLING AND SCREAMING back. Then, she PUNCHES ME!!!!! Yes!!!!! T-H-E-N…she TRIES to fire me. Instead, I tell her, “You ain’t firing me, you heartless and humorless DRAGON-WOMAN!!!!! No. I QUIT!!!!! And get bent already!!!!!” As I’m STORMING out of GH, the BUNCH OF PEOPLE start APPLAUDING me. Yes!!!!! Unbeknownst to me, Julian (yes…Julian!!!!!), who was at GH looking for Alexis (who was elsewhere), was hiding in a nearby corner and saw EVERYTHING. Then, Julian CAREFULLY follows me…to a nearby park. Then, he comes up to me and introduces himself. Then, Julian says to me, “Yo, kid…the way you stood up for yourself to Dr.O back there…that took MAJOR STONES in my book. You want a job working for me? I pay VERY WELL!!!!!” I immediately accept. Then, me and Julian decide to go out for a few drinks to discuss further details. And, finally…the next morning, as I’m waking up to START MY DAY, I WICKEDLY think to myself, “I think I’m gonna ENJOY living here in Port Chuck. Dr.Olbrecht…you DRIED-UP LOOKING WITCH that looks like something from an old prison movie…you made the ULTIMATE MISTAKE of VIOLENTLY putting your hands on the WRONG fiery homo here. See you in court…$$$ and all. And, Julian…while I’m FOREVER GRATEFUL for the job, you have no idea what you’re in for, handsome (from me to you). HEE HEE HEE!!!!!” Dude…intriguing stuff, huh?????
    9. More and more, I don’t care for (on Y&R) that Barton dude all that much. To me, that dude is WAY TOO hard-nosed and has NO SENSE OF HUMOR!!!!! MAJOR TURNOFF in my book!!!!!
    10. On Friday’s episode of Y&R, what did you think of Nick trying to expose Ian and Helen’s (aka Mariah’s mother) secret??? H-O-N-E-Y…to me…Nick is ON THE CASE!!!!! GO NICK!!!!!

    James…Music Time. I am now gonna name my ALL-TIME TOP 5 FAVE Foreigner songs. Dude…there is TOO MUCH from Foreigner to choose from. Last night, I even had to SLEEP on it. But I’ve managed to narrow it down. Anyway, here it is…
    1. Waiting For A Girl Like You
    2. I Don’t Want To Live Without You (Dude…the music video for the song is so WONDERFULLY OLD-SCHOOL!!!!! It has C-L-A-S-S-I-C images of Royal Wedding, Popeye, Betty Boop, etc. A little something for EVERYONE. Yep.)
    3. Urgent (to me, a song that deserved A LOT MORE recognition…GRRRR!!!!!)
    4. Head Games (I Know I Know…but…HATE the title, LOVE the song)
    5., I Want To Know What Love Is

    Dude…before I dash off for now, get this: CNN, huh??? Anyway, CNN-wise, you and my dad would get along GREAT!!!!! Also, my dad enjoys watching FOX News, local news, Bonanza, F Troop, Gunsmoke, M.A.S.H. and The Big Valley. At age 78 (he’ll be 79 this coming November 27th) and in terms of TV viewing…THAT’S MY DAD…LOL!!!!! Yep.

    OK, James aka STANDUP STUD…tag-tag-tag, you’re it!!!!! XOXOXOXOXO

    jaybird369 replied

    James…H-A-L-L-O!!!!! What’s up?

    James…while I HAPPILY WAIT for you to reply to my most recent posting (8/16), I thought I would share the following with you: It looks like Y&R has a new Adam Newman. The actor’s name…Justin Hartley. Anyway, reply back to me whenever you can so we can (1) D-I-S-H about this and (2) catch up in general.

    Talk to ya’ soon. XOXOXOXOXO

    Jamesj75 replied

    Hi there, Jay!

    I hope all is well!

    Today, brief snippets (for better or worse)… :)

    First, I loved your scenario about your new GH character. I am definitely a fan! If only…

    Nice reading about your father. Nice that he also likes the old TV westerns.

    I like your Foreigner songs—definitely good stuff!

    Glad we’re on the same page about Epiphany. I think, however, that her character suffers from character development. And it’s not the actress’ fault. I mean, what can you do when you’re on air about 10 times a year.

    I think GH’s cast is way too large. Many of the characters are on for a couple of days about once a month. How can you root for someone you barely see.

    But contrast that with B&B’s small cast (half-hour show), and they shove people like Hope down our throats almost every damn day.

    As I mentioned before, I think GH turned off a lot of viewers (myself included) when they shoved the Mob story and Sonny down our throats every damn day. I tuned out for a while because it got so bad. Now I see they’re back to showcasing Sonny regularly again—not entertaining to me at all. I know Bernard is a great actor, however. Smaller doses could work the charm.

    Love your thoughts on characters not eating and hospital security. So true!

    I’m sad at the moment because I’ve read that an actor has been hired to play Y&R’s Adam, and it’s not Michael Muhney. Muhney should turn up elsewhere—he’s just too damn good! Man, I’ve used the word “damn” a bit much today, haven’t I? Maybe I’m a little restless! :)

    Take care, Sweet Prince!


    jaybird369 replied

    James…once again…H-A-L-L-O!!!!! Once again, let’s get down to it…

    James…forgive me but (out of curiosity) I counted the number of times that you used the word “damn” in your new posting. Total count: 4 times. Also, the word “damn” has 4 letters in it. So, therefore, 4 times/4 letters in it. Seriously similar…but there you have it. lol.

    James…in his own way, my dad is quite a character…LOL!!!!! Backstory: When I was growing up, my dad and I would clash and butt heads…A LOT!!!!! And…quite often, my mom would have to play the role (or whatever) of EMOTIONAL REFEREE!!!!! Cutie-pie…I kid you not!!!!! But, also, get this: When I was growing up, my dad (parentally) was the TOTAL PUSHOVER!!!!! My mom…total opposite. My mom was the HARDCORE DISCIPLINARIAN!!!!! We’re talking 24/7 and beyond!!!!! Dude…more and more, you might say that my mom PARENTALLY had 2 catchphrases of her own: (1) “Kid…as always, I have VERY EXCELLENT HEARING.” (2) “Kid…DO NOT make me come back there.” Yes!!!!! But…here’s what I remember the most about my parents: During their entire marriage, my mom and dad would fight (off and on). But…during their bickering, they would end up COMMUNICATING!!!!! We’re talking…laying A-L-L of the (marital) cards out on the (marital) table. Most of all, they were so COMICAL in terms of working things out…LOL!!!!! Bottom Line Here: My parents were ANYTHING BUT D-U-L-L!!!!! Yep.

    Dude…I (also) am S-O- S-I-C-K of B&B’s Hope (and her BIMBO-FILLED mother Brooke!!!!!)!!!!! More and more, I get S-O S-I-C-K of yelling at and throwing things at my TV screen whenever that WHINY-ASS Hope and that SLUTTY-ASS Brooke pop-up onscreen…AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! Yep!!!!! I (UNLIKE Hope) am an UNAPOLOGETIC AND SPIT-FIERY you-know-what on wheels!!!!! And…I (UNLIKE Brooke) DON’T NEED a man to validate me or to justify me as a human being!!!!! Most of all, as I get older…I CAN DO B-A-D ALL BY MYSELF!!!!! H-A-L-L-O!!!!! Brooke and Hope=STUPID, SNIVELING, NEEDY NITWITS!!!!! Dumb.

    Handsome…I, too, am sad about that Justin Hartley dude being hired to play the role of Y&R’s Adam Newman. GRRRR!!!!! Look…IMO, Justin Hartley CAN A-C-T. But…I don’t think that JH has what it takes to BRING IT TO THE TABLE!!!!! But…Michael Muhney SURE DID!!!!! Very brief backstory: In their annual year-end Best & Worst issue (from 2009), Soap Opera Digest named Michael Muhney as Best Recast. To me, THAT A-L-O-N-E said and spoke VOLUMES!!!!! Yep!!!!! Most of all, just wait until that poor Justin Hartley dude starts working for that GOD-AWFUL Jill Farren Phelps,,,and…starts working with that CROTCHETY AND CRANKY Eric Braeden. I ALREADY feel sorry for Justin Hartley but I wish him well because he’s gonna need it. Tick Tock Tick Tock…

    James…check this out: Alison Sweeney (who’s about to leave DOOL) is gonna (off and on) DIRECT episodes of GH. Yep. Shudder. Gee…also, how about this: In a future movie about Santa Claus, the role of St. Nick himself might as well be played by a STICK FIGURE. My point…AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! Dude…GOD HELP US ALL!!!!! Again…Shudder. No.

    Now…speaking of GH, Y-E-S…the cast of GH is WAY, WAY, WAY TOO BIG!!!!! In the current sense, here are my Top 10 FAVE characters. And…you already know who’s #1. HEE HEE HEE!!!!! Anyway, here they are…
    1. Julian
    2. Anna
    3. Brad
    4. Tracy
    5. Felix
    6. Alice
    7. Lucas
    8. Dr. Obrecht
    9. Mac
    10 Lucy
    BTW…Carly, Epiphany, Levi, Maxie, Patrick and Silas WORK MY NERVES TOO MUCH!!!!! SCREW IT!!!!!

    James…here are my ALL-TIME TOP 5 FAVE songs…from Pat Benatar, Journey and Rod Stewart. As in…each. Here I go…
    Pat Benatar:
    1. Shadows Of The Night
    2. Treat Me Right
    3. Fire And Ice
    4. Hit Me With Your Best Shot
    5. Invincible
    1. I’ll Be Alright Without You (IMO, a TOTALLY WONDERFUL song that did not get enough recognition back in the day. GRRRR!!!!!)
    2. Who’s Crying Now
    3. Faithfully
    4. Send Her My Love
    5. Only The Young
    Rod Stewart:
    1. Passion
    2. Do Ya’ Think I’m Sexy (and each time (whenever I hear that song) I think to myself, “OH YES YOU ARE!!!!!”)
    3. You’re In My Heart, You’re In My Soul
    4. Tonight’s The Night (Gonna Be Alright)
    5. Young Turks

    OK, James…you WONDERFULLY RUGGED CHARMER…your serve!!!!! A-C-E-S!!!!!


    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, I had finally replied before receiving your short notice about the Adam recast. Just disappointed Michael Muhney isn’t returning…


    jaybird369 replied

    James…oh, my goodness. I think we both got our signals crossed (or whatever). Oh, what a moment…LOL!!!!! Anyway, I’ll just play THE WAITING GAME and wait for you to reply back/catch up. I’ll be waiting…

    Talk to ya’ soon. XOXOXOXOXO

    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, Brother, Thanks for your patience. I suppose it’s better to play the waiting game than the crying game… :)

    No “damn” this time out, unless of course you count the one near the beginning of this sentence… :)

    Thanks for telling me more about your parents. I’m sure they are lovely people…

    Yes, I suppose that, even though you and I (among many others) are pining away for Muhney, we should give Hartley a chance. I hope it doesn’t turn into the same kind of casting fiasco that occurred with the character of Billy…

    CHAGE OF GEAR: in a recent post, you suggested that I read some of your other posts at this site. I did do that, but I was wondering whether there was something in particular you wanted me to notice… (I’ve been known to miss things…)

    BACK TO SOAPS: Yes, I read about Sweeney’s directing chores at GH. It’s interesting that so many actors move into directing (and/or writing).

    I hear you about B&B’s Brooke and Hope, although Brooke is a guilty pleasure for me. I know it gets so tiring for Brooke to go from man to man to man… I mean, we’ve all been there, haven’t we? :) Seriously, it’s the same reason I get tired of Neil on Y&R among other characters. I mean, how many times can you tell someone, with a straight face: “You are the love of my life.” It stretches credulity.

    One thing I really liked about GH was their 50th anniversary year, in which they brought back so many fan favorites. Now most of them are left hanging in the wind. Like you, I love Lucy (hmmm… that sounds familiar), and I like her with Scotty—yes, I still call him Scotty. I might have mentioned this before, but one character they brought back was Laura, who evidently is still in Europe, undergoing the longest mental checkup in history. Bring her back already!!!

    I like your list of fav GH characters. Can’t go wrong with Julian on top! I’ll have to make a list, too, maybe for next time.

    I love your selected favs from Pat Benatar, Journey, and Rod Stewart, and I agree with them. If you don’t mind, let me add a few more:

    Pat Benatar
    Hell Is for Children

    Don’t Stop Believin’

    Rod Stewart
    I Was Only Joking
    The Killing of Georgie (honourable mention)

    Look at that! I just became British, similar to Madonna… :)

    ONE MORE SOAPS BLAST FROM THE PAST (e.g., 1970s). Back in the 1970s, there was not only a wealth of daytime soaps, but also a wealth of soap opera magazines. My favorite was the monthly “Daytime TV,” which featured a reader’s poll, where fans picked their favorite actors/actresses: Top 10 and Runnersup (15 more) for male and female. I would dutifully cut out the ballot and mail it in, always voting for Valerie Starrett (original Diana Taylor on GH—I wrote much about her early in our discussions). She was extremely popular and often appeared in the Top 10, along with actresses, such as Denise Alexander, Emily McLaughlin, Rachel Ames, and Jacqueline Courtney. Those, my friends, were the days. In recent years, I have bought a few of those magazines at eBay.

    For Jamej75, nostalgia is never far from the surface…

    I’m signing off, my patient and wonderful friend. I look forward to your next post here. Please take care.



    jaybird369 replied

    James…H-A-L-L-O!!!!! And…Good Evening!!!!! Once again…time to D-I-S-H…

    James…now that my mom is gone (R.I.P.), it’s just me and my dad. Some more backstory: In the last 5 years, my dad and I have worked together in having a much better relationship (my idea). More and more, it’s working. Occasionally, a FEW BUMPS IN THE ROAD occur. But, dude…me and my dad’s relationship is A LOT BETTER nowadays. Also, in recent years, I don’t care for MOST of my relatives (particularly my mom’s relatives). Dude…when my mom was alive, my mom was like A CERTAIN GLUE that held our family together (Thanksgiving gatherings, Christmas gatherings, family reunions, SURPRISE birthday parties, mini-family-reunions here and there, etc.). After she died on 11/6/2003 (cancer), THE FAMILY was never the same after that. Sad. In addition to my dad, I’m close to the following: Two uncles (one of whom is OPENLY GAY…same as ME), a favorite aunt and a favorite cousin. As for MOST of the rest of them…forget it. No. Also, get this: In the past 7 years, there’s been A LOT of fighting going on in my mom’s side of the family. And, in the past 3 years, they have VERY CHILDISHLY resorted to taking their hostilities out on each other on Facebook. Yes. James…this is why I REFUSE to join Facebook!!!!! At age 46, I DON’T have time for CHILDISH NONSENSE!!!!! No. Dude…now…tell me about your family. And…who you’re closest to and what they’re like. Spill, please…

    Dude…a challenge: On this website, there is a certain article (kinda recent) about that SUPER-DREAMY Marco Dapper (Y-U-M!!!!!). The name of the article (I think.): Marco Dapper’s Surprise Return To The Young & The Restless. Also, it has (I think.) 66 comments…at least 10 of those comments being mine. Yep. Anyway, if you don’t mind, read the article and the 66 comments and then tell me what you think. I gotta warn you, though: In terms of the 66 comments, be ready to LOL!!!!! Dude…some of the comments are SO TRULY FUNNY!!!!! Thanks, dude. And…I’ll be waiting…

    James…I remember the monthly “Daytime TV” magazine. Of course, my ALL-TIME FAVORITE was (and still is) Soap Opera Digest. My 2 FAVORITE ISSUES of the year: (1) Soaps’ Sexiest Men (HEE HEE HEE!!!!!) and (2) the year-end Best & Worst issue. Some more soap backstory here: Back in the day, in their annual year-end Best & Worst issue (from 1990), Soap Opera Digest named Y&R as Most Disappointing Show. From there, I think to myself, “OK…rare misfire. It happens.” After that, a bunch of years go by. Now…for the past 3 years in a row (2011, 2012 and 2013!!!!!), Soap Opera Digest has named Y&R (again) as Most Disappointing Show. Seriously!!!!! James, dude…you know what that says to me??? It says to me that Y&R is not the WONDERFULLY NOSTALGIC SOAP that it used to be!!!!! No. Pitiful.

    Dude…I have got to share with you some of my FAVORITE moments from Hot In Cleveland (that show that I totally LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!). Get ready to LOL!!!!! Here I go…
    Elka (as she’s being arrested by Melanie’s cop-boyfriend because she (meaning Elka) was in possession of stolen loot that her late husband stole when he was alive): “Melanie…Oh, My God!!!!! You just had to go and date a cop!!!!!”
    Joy (as she’s telling Melanie how it went after meeting with 3 potential therapists): “Oh, Mel…they’re all so nosy. I mean…asking me questions about my childhood, feelings, sex. And saying that I need to come in 4 or 5 times a week. I ask you…who in THE BLOODY HELL can talk about themselves for that long?!?!?”
    Melanie (showing off on the witness stand while testifying during Elka’s trial): “Your Honor, before I step down, I feel the need to clear something up. While I do sympathize with the 95%, I am part of the remaining 5% that DOES NOT suffer from cellulite. Thank You.”
    Victoria (after Melanie asks Victoria how Victoria herself is gonna handle being TOTALLY HATED by her boyfriend’s young children): “Melanie, I have a plan. On The Edge Of Tomorrow, my character Honor St. Raven singlehandedly rescued all of those poor and sad orphans from that tragic and blazing fire at that orphanage. From there, Honor St. Raven (played of course by YOURS TRULY) was briefly hailed and praised as the local town heroine. Oh, Mel…not only will I win Dave’s children over, I’ll (most of all) show those 2 spoiled brats (especially that daughter of Dave’s!!!!!) what real and true acting is all about!!!!! I’ll show them!!!!!”
    Once again…funny stuff, huh??? H-A-L-L-O!!!!!

    James…Music Time. Here are my ALL-TIME TOP 5 FAVE songs…first, from Air Supply and then from Styx. Here they are…
    Air Supply:
    1. Every Woman In The World
    2. Lost In Love
    3. Two Less Lonely People In The World (back then, a VERY OVERLOOKED SONG…GRRRR!!!!!)
    4. Sweet Dreams
    5. All Out Of Love
    1. The Best Of Times
    2. Don’t Let It End (Dude…the end of that song turns me into A PILE OF BLUBBERING MUSH…EVERY TIME!!!!!)
    3. Too Much Time On My Hands
    4. Lady
    5. Babe

    James…tag-tag-tag…your turn, cutie-pie!!!!!


    P.S. – James…one final thing for now: I TOTALLY AGREE with you about nostalgia!!!!! I (for one) find it to be VERY EMOTIONALLY THERAPEUTIC!!!!! Also, for some reason, it relaxes me. Most of all, it keeps me S-A-N-E!!!!!

    Talk to ya’ soon.

    Jamesj75 replied

    Hey there, Jay! Back in the saddle again…and ready to ride!

    I totally agree with your music picks for Styx and Air Supply.

    Thanks for telling the story about Hot n Cleveland!

    I couldn’t find the posts about Carmine… I’m sure it was a hoot!

    Y&R continues to disappoint… Thanks, JFP…

    Let’s have a virtual handshake, Jay, as, believe it or not, I am also absent at FaceBook. I tried it out for a few months several years ago, and I wasn’t crazy about it at all. For one thing, I didn’t want everyone I know to know everything about me. And there were other things about it I found to be a turnoff. I have seen problems arise and feelings hurt all because of FB. Who needs it?!?!

    I’m sorry that you lost your mother to cancer a while back. Sorry to hear that there has been drama with other relatives. Glad, however, to hear that you and your father are getting along well.

    For me, my partner is my family. I am also close to my younger sister as well as my mother and father (who divorced when I was 11). I don’t have extended family in my life, as none of them paid attention to us after my parents divorced. So I haven’t seen any of them since I was a kid. They are not my relatives; they are not a part of my life. I’m not bitter; that’s just the way it is.

    But let me say that I do appreciate my loved ones and don’t take them for granted. Life is too short for that…

    DOOL: Only certain storylines interest me. Not a Jordan fan; she can leave and take her “Daddy” with her. Leave her brother, though, as he is hot. But so was the first actor who played the role…

    Y&R: Snooze city, not Genoa City.

    B&B: Yelling at the TV set with the never-ending Liam/Hope/Idiot drama.

    GH: Bordering on unwatchable again, with our unnecessary daily doses of Sonny. And this whole thing with the Luke imposter is stupid—there, I said it!

    Hard to believe that SOD is still in existence, given the limited no. of soaps on air. Why, oh why, did SoapNet have to go off the air?!?!

    Glad you get the same nostalgic feelings I do.

    Please take care, Jay Man! I look forward to next time!



    jaybird369 replied

    James…H-A-L-L-O!!!!! What’s shakin’??? Anyway, D-I-S-H time…

    James…right off the bat, Music Time. Here it is…my ALL-TIME TOP 5 FAVE songs…from Barry Manilow and Hall & Oates. They are…
    Barry Manilow:
    1. I Made It Through The Rain
    2. The Old Songs
    3. Looks Like We Made It
    4. Weekend In new England
    5. Copacabana
    Hall & Oates:
    1. You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling (WONDERFULLY KICK-ASS POWER BALLAD!!!!!)
    2. Say It Isn’t So
    3. Private Eyes
    4. Maneater (Dude…the T-I-T-L-E of the song alone…Y-U-M!!!!!)
    5. One On One

    James…once again, Soap Time…
    1. Yeah, man…SoapNet being taken away from us all…WTF!!!!! GRRRR!!!!! My FAVORITE thing about SoapNet was Soap Talk…and yes…that RUGGEDLY DREAMY Ty Treadway. After Soap Talk was cancelled (or whatever), Ty Treadway (eventually) went on to host Merv Griffin’s Crosswords (a syndicated game show). Then, after 2 or 3 years (I think.) on the air, it suddenly got cancelled. GRRRR!!!!! Ty Treadway…WHAT A MAN WHAT A MAN WHAT A MAN!!!!! Yep.
    2. Y-E-S…GH’s Sonny is becoming WAY TOO UNWATCHABLE!!!!! And that Luke imposter stuff is BEYOND STUPID!!!!! I’m sorry but I am SO O-V-E-R The Luke Mania. D-O-N-E PERIOD!!!!!
    3. RIGHT ON about DOOL’s Jordan (and that “Daddy” of hers!!!!!)!!!!! For me, it’s like SAYONARA already. Yep…her brother can stay. He’s pretty cool.
    4. Dude…to me, B&B’s Hope is the one who’s the REAL IDIOT here!!!!! To me, that annoying chick has LOW SELF-ESTEEM written all over her. Gimme a break already!!!!!
    5. Y-E-P…Y&R will CONTINUE TO DISAPPOINT…as long as that HEARTLESS SOAP-ZILLA JFP is in charge (G-A-G!!!!!)!!!!! Rotten.

    James…time for some more Hot In Cleveland. Check it out…the characters of Elka (played by Betty White) and Joy (played by Jane Leeves) clearly have a love-hate kind of friendship. Together or separately, they are both KICK-ASS HILARIOUS!!!!! More and more, Joy is my FAVE character on HIC…LOL!!!!! Check out the following examples…
    Elka (very bluntly): “Girls…enough with this makeover business. Please put your makeover weapons down. It’s over. Time won.”
    Joy (very sarcastically): “Elka…yeah right. Y-O-U still desirable at your age??? Really…on what planet?!?!?”
    Elka (to Melanie): “I’m here…well, basically…I ran out of wine back at the house, I got bored and (most of all) I’m here to polish up my drunk. So what’s your excuse, Melanie??? Why are Y-O-U here???”
    Joy (bickering with Victoria during Elka’s trial): “Oh, Victoria…give it up!!!!! I mean…NOT ONCE did I interrupt you during your TESTI-LYING!!!!!”
    Elka (after Joy confides in Elka, Melanie and Victoria that she (meaning Joy) often felt criticized by her mother while growing up): “Gee, Joy. Your mom…I like her already.”
    Joy (very angrily): “Ladies…can we PLEASE get back to the main problem here????? M-E!!!!! After all…I’m the one being played by a M-A-N!!!!!”
    Elka (about Joy): “I get the ‘easy’ part. But ‘nice’…HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!”
    Joy (very sadly): “Oh, ladies…I REALLY blew things with Gordon. I mean…that’s what I get for reading Gordon’s file at the therapist’s office. My God…talk about going from ‘I Love You’ to A RESTRAINING ORDER in under 1 minute. Yikes.”
    Dude…TOO FUNNY!!!!! H-A-L-L-O!!!!!

    Check it out…my dad (also) doesn’t care for too many of my mom’s relatives. Of course, my dad is A LOT CLOSER to his own family. James, I (also) refuse to be bitter. To me…it is what it is. Most of all, I refuse to DROWN IN SADNESS!!!!! That ain’t me!!!!! No. James…is your boyfriend close to his family??? And how do you get along with them??? Details…

    You cutie-pie…I think I’ll close for now. Your serve!!!!!


    Jamesj75 replied

    Hello there, Jaybird!

    It’s cool we agree on so much regarding the soaps (JFP, B&B Hope, etc.). Don’t these programs use focus groups anymore? Someone needs to tell the producers what is working and what is not working because they are not figuring it out for themselves. Of course, in the case of JFP, SHE is the problem, and she does whatever she wants (coddle her favorite actors, kill off a long-time fan favorite character, etc., etc., etc.).

    Thanks for sharing the funny dialogue from Hot in Cleveland! Hysterical!

    You are so right about Ty. You know, “Ty and Jay” has a nice ring to it!!

    The other thing about SoapNet was it afforded the viewer multiple occasions to catch up on viewing the soaps, although, frankly, at the end, it was extremely odd in that they were airing only 2 of the 4 televised soaps. Also, when GH had its 50th anniversary, SoapNet aired (maybe 50) all-time favorite episodes. Sadly, nothing was shown from the 1970s… which is the time I would have wanted to see. And thus, no Valerie Starrett as Diana Taylor. Oh, sure, they trotted out the very first episode from 1963, which showed Steve and Jesse. Nice to see that one.

    My partner is really not close to his relatives. He was close to his mother, but she passed away several years ago.

    I enjoyed your top 5 of Hall & Oates and Barry Manilow. Manilow is one of my all-time favorites. I like your choices on both counts. Here are mine for Barry:

    1. Weekend in New England
    2. Mandy
    3. Even Now
    4. Somewhere in the Night
    5. When October Goes

    And for Hall & Oates:

    1. She’s Gone
    2. Sara Smile
    3. Rich Girl
    4. You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling
    5. I Can’t Go for That

    One amusing observation on the soaps: Check out the Y&R opening when it shows Doug Davidson. I definitely like him and his character, but in the opening he walks like he has a board up his ass.

    All for now, Stud! Take care.



    jaybird369 replied

    James…H-A-L-L-O!!!!! More and more, I feel SO BRITISH…LOL!!!!! Anyway, D-I-S-H time…

    1. Dude…about Y&R’s Doug Davidson…I notice it, too. Solution: A mysterious, um, hand appears just long enough to release a BUNCH OF MARBLES towards DD’s direction. Then, all of a sudden…S-P-L-A-T…the ‘board up his ass’ is NO MORE!!!!! LOL!!!!! Problem solved.
    2. Now I got one: In another of the Y&R openings, you know the one where Christian J. Leblanc looks like he’s sitting at his work desk (or whatever)??? Well, anyway, to me he looks like he has a boyish-looking SMIRK on his face!!!!! VERY MANLY…H-A-L-L-O!!!!! The image of that SMIRK makes me want to (1) JUMP into my TV, (2) BURST INTO Michael’s office and (3) FORCE Michael into representing me (or whatever). And, yes James…you can come too!!!!! And while I’m discussing my, um, case with Michael, you can HOP HOP HOP all over Genoa City and find a FUN FUN FUN place for you and I to P-A-R-T-Y down at for later on that night!!!!! P-A-R-T-Y!!!!!
    3. Dude…did you catch the very end of today’s Y&R’s episode??? You know…where it looks like Ian is holding poor Mariah HOSTAGE in that storage unit and it looks like Mariah is passed out unconscious (aka drugged)????? Plus, Mariah is wearing an actual WEDDING DRESS?!?!? Anyway…C-R-E-E-P-Y!!!!! Instead of holding Mariah hostage, I wish that Ian would hold M-E H-O-S-T-A-G-E!!!!! HEE HEE HEE!!!!! Dude…I bet you were wondering when I was gonna say THAT ONE, huh????? As in…Ian holding M-E H-O-S-T-A-G-E instead and letting Mariah go?!?!? LOL!!!!! Yep.

    James Man…Music Time. I’ll list my ALL-TIME TOP 5 FAVE songs each from: Culture Club, Heart, Huey Lewis And The News, Little River Band and Survivor. Here I go…
    Culture Club:
    1. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
    2. Karma Chameleon
    3. Time (Clock Of The Heart)
    4. It’s A Miracle
    5. I’ll Tumble 4 Ya
    1. What About Love
    2. Alone
    3. Magic Man
    4. Tell It Like It Is
    5. Who Will You Run To
    Huey Lewis And The News:
    1. The Heart Of Rock And Roll
    2. Heart And Soul
    3. I Want A New Drug
    4. If This Is It
    5. The Power Of Love
    Little River Band:
    1. Reminiscing
    2. Cool Change
    3. Lonesome Loser
    4. Take It Easy On Me
    5. The Other Guy
    1. The Search Is Over
    2. Burning Heart (from that Rocky IV movie)
    3. I Can’t Hold Back
    4. Eye Of The Tiger
    5. High On You

    Dude…time for some more Hot In Cleveland humor…LOL!!!!! This is one of my FAVE moments from the Season 2 episode ‘Hot For Lawyer’…
    Joy: “Well…h-e-l-lo!!!!! Ladies, there is a VERY HANDSOME M-A-N standing outside on our front porch. It looks like he’s talking on his cell phone A-N-D he’s holding a VERY EXPENSIVE-LOOKING briefcase!!!!!”
    Melanie (very excitedly running to their living room window): “Let me see let me see let me see!!!!! OMG…Y-E-S!!!!! It’s like a walking and talking S-E-X in a SUIT!!!!!”
    Victoria (rather wickedly): “Well…if that guy is Amish or Jehovah’s Witness or a mixture of BOTH, then I am DEFINITELY CONVERTING!!!!!”
    Joy (even more wickedly): “And after Victoria’s tried him out, all three of us can each have a turn with him. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!”
    Elka (answering their doorbell): “It’s probably my court-appointed attorney.”
    Elka (a few moments or so later): “I hope that you’re my attorney…because…I am completely defenseless. Giggle.”

    OK, James aka Florida Fella…tag-tag-tag…you’re it!!!!!


    Jamesj75 replied

    Hey Jay!!

    Thanks for the song picks, the Cleveland chicks, and the soap fix! You are styling, profiling, and beguiling!

    Okay, enough with the rhymes… :)

    So, a well-timed smirk by an older man gets you going… Hmmm… I am a good smirker! And, hell, if you find Y&R’s Ian attractive, you’ll love me! It was almost hysterical for Mariah to be in a wedding dress passed out. I thought she was supposed to be like a daughter to him… What do I know?!?!

    Okay, my friend, I know it’s short notice, but GH’s William DeVry (Julian) and Ryan Paevey (Nathan) are appearing live in Boston this coming Saturday, 1-4 PM, for a fan event. This is our chance to woo them with our charms. The $85 cost includes autographed photos and a “mix/mingle.” You and I can definitely “mix/mingle.” Now if we can’t convince them to double-date us, here is Plan B: We borrow whatever wine it was that Ian gave to Mariah and then take it from there. If 2 of us (and I’m not saying which 2) wind up in wedding gowns, all the better! Besides, gay marriage is legal in Massachusetts! Buddy, this weekend could change our lives!

    I also read that Robin Mattson will be back as Heather soon on GH—good news! As great as she is and as long as she has been in the roll (off and on, of course), I have lived through her 2 predecessors: (1) Mary O’Brien, most famous for the scenes where Heather ends up accidentally taking the LSD meant for Diana Taylor; and (2) Georgianne LaPierre, Cher’s sister, who originated the role opposite my beloved Valerie Starrett as Diana Taylor. The original Heather was simply manipulative. With Mattson, Heather became more dangerous and unstable.

    I have watched soaps only sporadically in recent days.

    Please take care. Til next time!



    jaybird369 replied

    James…H-A-L-L-O!!!!! Once again, I’m up…

    W-O-W…I’ve never been called BEGUILING before!!!!! No offense but I prefer to think of myself as EMOTIONALLY BEGUILING!!!!! H-A-L-L-O!!!!! Anyway, thank you. I’m flattered.

    Dude…fan event this coming weekend in Boston, huh??? If only it were in Louisiana aka A LOT CLOSER to my own neck of the woods!!!!! Sigh. Anyway, James…I think that you should go to this fan event in Boston. SERIOUSLY!!!!! HAVE FUN and tell me all about it!!!!!

    James…Soap Time. Here are some current things on soaps that test my sanity WAY TOO MUCH AKA GRRRR…
    1. On Y&R, Neil going blind…GIMME A BREAK ALREADY!!!!! I’m sorry but this all-of-a-sudden plot twist is BEYOND RIDICULOUS!!!!! Which now brings me to…
    2. Devon and Hilary. Watching those 2 SNIVELING-ASS FOOLS yearning and pining for one another is BEYOND B-L-E-C-H!!!!! I mean…is this a soap or an outdated AfterSchool Special (Remember those?????)????? I mean…COME ON!!!!!
    3. How many more times is Nikki gonna FALL OFF THE WAGON?!?!? As far as I’m concerned, that CONSTANTLY CRYING CHICK has had more relapses (or whatever) than I’ve had boyfriends in my lifetime…DEFIANT LOL!!!!!
    4. I wish that NuPhyllis would wake the hell up already and start walking and talking already!!!!! Watching PHYLLIS THE COMA is beyond old and tiresome!!!!! No.
    5. On B&B, how much more AIRTIME do Brooke The Brainless and Hope The Helpless each need?!?!? AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! UNWATCHABLE BULLCRAP!!!!!
    6. On GH, I wish that Nina would D-I-T-C-H than damn wheelchair already!!!!! More and more, Nina is such a FAKER!!!!! That conniving chick is fooling NO ONE!!!!! Which now brings me to…
    7. Silas. Stupidity-wise, Silas is a real SCREAM!!!!! I’m sorry but NO MAN can be this stupid!!!!! Silas=CLUELESS MORON. Which now brings me to…
    8. Nina/Silas/Sam. Huh?!?!? Those 3 ninnies are FAST-FORWARD material all the way!!!!! Handsome…favor: Please emotionally wake me up whenever Brad/Felix/Lucas, that WONDERFULLY KICK-ASS Tracy and ESPECIALLY that totally D-I-V-I-N-E Julian are all each back on my TV screen. Until then…who the hell cares. Thank You.
    9. Storyline-wise, I wish that Bobbie, Scott and Lucy would have a 3-way relationship together. SERIOUSLY!!!!! Watching those 2 chicks fighting over Scott is getting old. So, therefore, 3-way relationship=PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!!
    10. And, finally…on DOOL, I think that poor Kristen deserves a break (or whatever) already!!!!! I mean…look…I don’t see any of the other characters on there MARCHING towards sainthood any time soon!!!!! SELF-RIGHTEOUS HYPOCRITES!!!!!

    James…Music Time. This time around, here it is…my ALL-TIME TOP 5 FAVE songs from Lionel Richie and Rick Springfield…
    Lionel Richie:
    1. Say You Say Me
    2. Running With The Night
    3. Penny Lover
    4. Hello
    5. Dancing On The Ceiling
    Rick Springfield:
    1. Jessie’s Girl
    2. Affair Of The Heart
    3. Don’t Walk Away
    4. Human Touch
    5. Love Somebody

    James…before I run (for now), I gotta say…I’m G-L-A-D about Robin Mattson coming back to GH. YES!!!!! Dude…I have been such a BIG FAN of Robin Mattson ever since the 1970′s. Yes!!!!! Of course, this goes back to my childhood (or whatever). Yep.

    James…the ball is now in your court, handsome!!!!! Go for it!!!!!


    Jamesj75 replied

    Hello there, Jay!

    Well, sadly, I didn’t make it to Boston for that fan event. So there are no new romances to discuss.

    I may have mentioned this before, but I was able to attend several Soap Opera Weekends at Disney World in Orlando, and I had the opportunity to meet (and/or see) several ABC soap stars over the years, including Susan Lucci, Tony Geary, Genie Francis, and Lyn Herring. It’s a shame they stopped hosting those events because they were well attended and it seemed that the stars enjoyed themselves…

    Again, I like your music choices. With Lionel Ritchie, you can’t slow down!

    I’m with you all the way in your words of wisdom on soaps:
    1. The blinding of Neil is so cliche. I can hear him telling his hussy wife and lovesick son, “I may be blind, but I can see what’s going on between the two of you.” … Just wait for it… Devon and Hilary: BLECH, indeed.

    2. Yes, I am so ready for nuPhyllis to wake up and old Phyllis (Nina on GH) to get rid of that wheelchair. It’s also quite insulting to people who really do need to use wheelchairs.

    3. You’re right about DOOL having way too many self-righteous characters. God forbid anyone who dares to sin in that town. One of the latest sinners, Abigail, gets on my nerves. And does that girl get around?!?!? Well, you can’t have everything. I NEVER enjoyed that bitch Gabby and was so glad they got rid of her. On the other hand, I really liked Nick (in more ways than one), and I was sorry to see him go.

    4. So glad you brought up your boredom with Silas and Nina. And, bless me father for I have sinned, but I can’t stand Silas. I don’t think the actor is either (a) handsome or (b) a good actor. His method acting involves whispering his lines. And is that long hair supposed to be sexy?!?! Not in my book.

    5. Good idea about Bobbie, Lucy, and Scotty. I’m sure Scotty would like the threeway relationship you mentioned.

    6. Did you see Brad and Lucas in bed together when Britt walked in on them? No, this is definitely not your grandmother’s soap opera! And, Dude, did you catch this? Brad and Lucas each said how he enjoyed being “active.” … We’ll leave it at that…

    7. Jay, you mentioned that Y&R’s Nicki has fallen off the wagon more times than you’ve had boyfriends. Well, here’s a game for you: Whenever Nicki takes a drink, find a new man! (Not a Newman!—LOL). Think of it as a drinking game in reverse.

    I hope all is going well in your life, Stud! Take care.



    jaybird369 replied

    James…HEY HEY HEY!!!!! Handsome…once again, let’s begin…

    Dude…right off the bat, Soap Time. But, this time around, I’m gonna throw my 2 cents in a little differently. I’m gonna share with you something that I call Soap Characters Who Are In, Soap Characters Who Are Out. Let me explain. If a soap character is I-N, they entertain the HELL out of me EVERY MINUTE and they need to keep on doing what they’re doing. But, if a soap character is O-U-T, they make me emotionally go AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH NONSTOP and it makes me wish that these UNWATCHABLE IDIOTIC CHARACTERS would disappear from the Soap Radar (or whatever)…F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!!!! Here it is…
    1. Y&R. Stitch and Mariah. Stitch…a REAL, COOL, COOL DUDE who is unfairly getting a raw deal here!!!!! I mean…if I remember correctly, Stitch has explained (more than once!!!!!) as to W-H-Y he did what he did (stealing someone else’s identity and all). Yet, Stitch is STILL being JUDGED and thrown aside by the so-called Genoa City Morality Patrol…a bunch of self-righteous HYPOCRITES who have no room to talk at all. No. As for Mariah…I emotionally LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this chick!!!!! Explanation: Now that Mariah has been revealed to be Cassie’s twin/Sharon’s other kid, I am VERY HOPEFUL that Mariah will SHAKE UP those STUFFY-OLD Newmans…ASAP!!!!! Most of all, the fact that Mariah is SO UNLIKE the beloved Cassie (R.I.P.)…MULTI-DIMENSIONAL B-O-N-U-S!!!!! Soap FIREWORKS, anyone?????
    2. B&B. Bill and Deacon. WHOEVER can say WHATEVER they want about ‘Dollar’ Bill. Bill makes no bones (or whatever) about the fact that he does whatever he has to when it comes to loving and protecting his family. As for Deacon…this bad boy/dastardly dude TRULY ROCKS!!!!! What’s even better…Deacon makes NO APOLOGIES for who he is!!!!! NO SHAME IN HIS GAME!!!!! Nope.
    3. DOOL. Eric and Kristen. Priest or no priest, Eric ROCKS PERIOD!!!!! Kristen is THE REAL DEAL here…flaws, faults and all!!!!! H-A-L-L-O!!!!!
    4. GH. Julian and Tracy. More and more, Julian (as a character) is so MULTI-LAYERED!!!!! And that DEEP, DEEP VOICE of his…RUGGED AND TOTAL Y-U-M!!!!! Tracy…over the years, Tracy is a chick after my own heart!!!!! I mean…Tracy is BEYOND FEARLESS and ALWAYS goes after what she wants…ALWAYS!!!!! Again…H-A-L-L-O!!!!!
    1. Y&R. Dylan and Lily. I’m sorry but Dylan is WAY TOO ONE-DIMENSIONAL AND SNOOZE-VILLE for my soap tastes!!!!! As for that LOONY-LOONY Lily…what EXACTLY is Lily’s deal here?!?!? I just wish that Lily would SERIOUSLY STFU…FOR GOOD!!!!!
    2. B&B. Brooke and Hope. I am so sorry but I HATE HATE HATE HATE Hope!!!!! This chick’s self-esteem is EVEN LOWER than any SAT test score!!!!! But…look at who Hope’s mother is: Brooke!!!!! Brooke…who (when it comes to M-E-N!!!!!) is NO PRIZE herself!!!!!
    3. DOOL. Jennifer and Marlena. At this point, Jennifer’s MEDDLESOME AND NOSY ATTITUDE is a major TURN-OFF!!!!! No Thank You. And…as for that SAINTLY Marlena…GAG GAG GAG!!!!!
    4. GH. Sonny and Epiphany. As a so-called GANGSTA (or whatever), Sonny is nothing but an arrogant, condescending and egotistical JOKE!!!!! As for that Epiphany chick…to me, that woman’s emotions are more up and down than a damn YO-YO!!!!! SHUDDER!!!!!
    Dude…REALLY JUICY 2 cents thrown in, huh?????

    James…OK Cutie-Pie…Music Time. This time around, here it is…my ALL-TIME TOP 5 FAVE songs from Laura Branigan (R.I.P.) and Chicago…
    Laura Branigan (R.I.P.):
    1. How Am I Supposed To Live Without You
    2. Solitaire
    3. The Lucky One
    4. Self-Control
    5. Gloria
    1. Stay The Night
    2. Colour My World
    3. Love Me Tomorrow
    4. If You Leave Me Now
    5. Hard Habit To Break

    James…Music Time Part 2. My friend, I’ll let you in on a little secret (music-wise) about myself: My ALL-TIME FAVORITE Music/Variety Show (or whatever)…Solid Gold!!!!! HELL YEAH, BABY!!!!! Dude…to me, Solid Gold was TRULY EPIC!!!!! To me, Solid Gold was kinda like The Love Boat…week after week, an ENDLESS P-A-R-A-D-E of guest stars!!!!! P-A-R-T-Y!!!!! Most of all, SG’s Solid Gold Dancers and the week’s Top 10 Countdown…IMO, THE BEST part about Solid Gold every week!!!!! HOLLA!!!!!

    James…before I run for now, 3 things: (1) I LOVED your Lionel Richie reference (Can’t Slow Down)…GOOD ONE!!!!! (2) Drinking game in reverse, huh????? ANOTHER GOOD ONE!!!!! (3) NOW I’ve got a brand-new drinking game (or whatever): From now on, whenever Y&R’s loony Lily emotionally GOES OFF THE RAILS…SHOT GLASS time!!!!! ENDLESS BOTTOMS UP!!!!!

    OK, James You Florida H-U-N-K…once again, tag-tag-tag…you’re it!!!!!

    Take care, dude. XOXOXOXOXO

    Jamesj75 replied

    Hello Brother! I hope all is well!

    As usual, I love your music choices and your soap musings. I agree with all your observations on the soaps, with being “in” or “out .”

    I am a huge fan of Stitch, B&B Bill, GH Julian and Tracy. So they’re all IN!

    For Jamesj75, these characters are all OUT:
    B&B: Hope
    Y&R: Dylan, Avery, Lily, Cain…
    GH: Epip and Sonny
    DOOL: Marlena, Jennifer

    I’m sure there are more on my OUT list, but these are the major problem characters for me…

    Getting back to GH’s Sonny—and I don’t mean to sound like a broken record—I realize the actor Maurice Benard is good, but I have never liked the character. Long ago, HBO’s The Soprano’s was a huge success, so GH decided to focus this “hospital show” on a crime boss. And they really never changed their focus. In my humble opinion, GH has been ruined by this tunnelvision for far too long. As you say, Sonny is an “arrogant, condescending and egotistical JOKE.” I would also call him abusive and unpleasant. And he is another character, like Y&R Neil, who falls in love over and over again, with puppy love always at the doorstep—Yuccchhhhh! I can’t stand Sonny! With all the bullets he’s taken over the years, why couldn’t just one of them do him in?!?!?!

    Now, after months of seeing Sonny maybe once or twice a week, it seems GH is back to having him on everyday. When will they learn? So much criticism has been leveled at GH for many years over how “dark” a show it is. And that is, of course, with its mob-centric focus. Enough already!!!!

    Okay, now time for Jamesj75′s evil twin to exit and allow the nice twin back: So glad you liked my jokes, puns included. I love your idea for the drinking game with regard to Lily. I do like your phrase, “ENDLESS BOTTOMS UP.” I hope it goes along with “ENDLESS SUMMER!”

    So, my Louisana Lothario, take care of yourself. And keep bringing the joy and the love into others’ lives—as I know you do!

    Peace… XOXOXO

    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey, there cutie-pie!!!!! How’s it hangin’???

    James…right off the bat (or whatever), sad news. I don’t know if you heard or not…Joan Rivers (at age 81) passed away yesterday afternoon (9/4). She died from complications from recent throat surgery (I think.). Dude, as I am typing this, I am crying my eyes out. So please…just bear with me here. Thanks. Anyway, shortly after her death yesterday afternoon, the VERY AWESOME Michael Fairman himself (I think.) put a late-breaking article (or whatever) on his website here. James…the name of the article is ‘Joan Rivers Dies At 81′. Now, if you want to, you can read the article and then pay your respects and all (via a post). I’ve already read the article and paid my respects and all (via a post). You can do the same. But…again…only if you want to. Dude…I cannot believe it…Joan Rivers…G-O-N-E!!!!! Silent sigh. Sad.

    Dude…now…on to happier subjects and all…

    James…y-e-s…B-O-T-H Y&R’s Cane and Avery are also on my O-U-T list!!!!! But…of the two, Avery WORKS MY DAMN NERVES MORE!!!!! I wish that Avery The Airhead would walk into a therapist’s office (or whatever) and grow a damn brain already!!!!! As for Neil…YYYYUUUUCCCCKKKK is right!!!!! Ever since Drucilla (supposedly) died, Neil has been acting like a DROOLING-ASS IDIOT!!!!! To me, Karen (remember her???) was VERY GOOD for Neil. And…after Karen departed and all, Neil got ALL STUPID IN DA’ HEAD when it came to the opposite sex. Dude…let me RE-COUNT (AKA GAG GAG GAG!!!!!) the ways: That sniveling Tyra, that somewhat annoying Sofia, that SNOOZE-FILLED Leslie and (now and currently) that HYPOCRITICAL H-O Hilary!!!!! Somewhere in-between (or whatever), Harmony was PRETTY AWESOME with Neil. I mean…hey…we’re talking about THE VERY FABULOUS Debbi Morgan here…who can play A-N-Y ROLE that comes her way!!!!! H-A-L-L-O!!!!! But, sadly, BOTH DM and her ‘Harmony’ character were HISTORY (AKA GONE!!!!!) once that (DEFIANT EYE-ROLL AT LARGE HERE!!!!!) EMOTIONALLY ICKY JFP arrogantly bulldozed her way on to the Y&R set!!!!! TOTAL DRECK!!!!! Oh…and N-O-W Victoria is WORKING MY NERVES!!!!! More and more, I’m thinking that B-O-T-H Stitch A-N-D NuBilly each deserve WAY BETTER than that WHINY AND PRISSY-FILLED Victoria!!!!! WICKED IDEA HERE: I wish that Stitch and NuBilly would put AN END to all of their hostility and fighting and call a TRUCE!!!!! Then…from there, I think that BOTH Stitch and NuBilly should (gradually) turn GAY!!!!! YEP…GAY GAY GAY…GAY!!!!! Now…T-H-A-T I would watch in a SOAP OPERA HEARTBEAT!!!!! I mean…would you…HANDSOME?!?!? I know I would. Victoria=ANNOYING, WHINY WOMAN!!!!! Anyway, moving on…..

    Dude…I cannot stand GH’s Sonny PERIOD!!!!! Never have, never will. Soap backstory here: Back in the day (in the late 1980′s…well, 1989 I think.), Maurice Benard (aka Sonny) started playing the role of Nico Kelly (I THINK that was the character’s name.) on All My Children. MB was on AMC for, like, 3 years…I think. And, while on AMC, his Nico Kelly character was paired with Cecily (a really COOL-ASS CHARACTER). And…Cecily was played by THE FABULOUS Rosa Nevin. As an onscreen soap couple, Nico and Cecily TRULY ROCKED AND ROLLED!!!!! After a while, both Nico and Cecily were written off of AMC. Both Maurice and Rosa each wanted to leave the show I think. And…HAPPILY…Nico and Cecily got married and then rode off into THE SOAP SUNSET together!!!!! Bottom Line Here: AMC’s Nico (from long ago) W-A-S a bad boy type of character…but…at least AMC had the good sense and all to add layer after layer to Nico’s personality. Can’t say the same CURRENTLY about GH’s Sonny. And…personality-wise…Carly (AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!) is N-O Cecily!!!!! Ain’t no way!!!!! And…y-e-s…ENOUGH with the MOB VIOLENCE!!!!! Dude…if I wanna watch something about mob violence, I’ll re-watch BOTH Scarface (1983) and Casino (1995). Dude…B-O-T-H Scarface and Casino…2 VERY EXCELLENT MOVIES!!!!! And, F.Y.I.: I have both movies on DVD. No mystery there, huh…LOL!!!!!

    James The Man…Music Time. Here it is…My ALL-TIME TOP 5 FAVE songs each from REO Speedwagon, Whitney Houston (R.I.P.) and Anne Murray. Yep…this time around…a little bit of EACH aka Rock, R&B and Country. Anyway, here I go…
    REO Speedwagon:
    1. Keep On Loving You
    2. One Lonely Night (WONDERFUL song which (IMO) wasn’t musically promoted enough back in the day…MUSICAL GRRRR!!!!!)
    3. Take It On The Run
    4. Don’t Let Him Go
    5. Can’t Fight This Feeling
    Whitney Houston (R.I.P.):
    1. Hold Me
    2. Greatest Love Of All
    3. I’m Your Baby Tonight (F.Y.I.: The 1990 music video of the song…EVEN MORE FABULOUS!!!!!)
    4. So Emotional (IMO…AWESOME PARTY SONG!!!!!)
    5. One Moment In Time (TOTALLY E-P-I-C SONG!!!!!)
    Anne Murray:
    1. I Just Fall In Love Again
    2. Could I Have This Dance (Dude…whenever I get married aka SOMEDAY, whoever WILL play this song at my SOMEDAY wedding reception. They damn well better!!!!! I mean…either they play the song or the GAY-ZILLA part of me comes leaping out…GRRRR!!!!!)
    3. You Needed Me
    4. I Don’t Think I’m Ready For You (from that 1985 Burt Reynolds cop film Stick)
    5. Now And Forever (YET ANOTHER UNDERRATED SONG from long ago…GRRRR!!!!!)

    James…before I jet off and all until next time, I gotta say: Louisiana Lothario, huh??? Dude…I’ve never been called that before. Of course, over the years, I’ve been called LOTS WORSE!!!!! ESPECIALLY by ex-boyfriends!!!!! DIRTBALLS!!!!! Anyway, I’m flattered that you think of me as a Louisiana Lothario. Much appreciated…Thank You. And…here is something else about myself: As far as I’m concerned, in terms of my being a loyal, sympathetic and unconditionally loving person…I AM VERY EMOTIONALLY DELICIOUS!!!!! H-A-L-L-O!!!!!

    OK James You Macho Macho Man…your serve!!!!!


    Peace, bro.

    Jamesj75 replied


    I LOVE “VERY EMOTIONALLY DELICIOUS!” I’m sure you fit the bill!

    I am, as usual, right there with you on your music picks…

    Re: Anne Murray — I totally agree with you about “Now and Forever,” a great song! I know of 3 different songs entitled “Now and Forever,” all from the 1980s (I believe): also Richard Marx and Carole King. Being the 80s aficionado you are, you probably know them all!

    And, when you get married, I offer my services to sing “Could I Have This Dance.” It would be my honor, that is, if you’d like that. (I’ll be happy to audition first…)

    For good measure, James’ Top 5 of Anne Murray:
    1. You Needed Me
    2. Could I Have This Dance
    3. Now and Forever
    4. Just Another Woman in Love
    5. Nobody Loves Me Like You Do

    I do remember Nico and Cecily from AMC: I enjoyed them, too, especially her! Your analysis of GH is spot on! I thought with the current producer and head writer, we would be spared the interminable mob/Sonny overkill (literally and figuratively).

    I am actually way behind with my soap viewing—things have been so hectic lately—in part, why I haven’t replied sooner; sorry for that—and I am having withdrawal symptoms from not seeing DOOL’s JJ! There, I said it! I have the hots for him. He is absolutely delicious! Sometimes a hot, young thing is all that’s needed…

    Your analysis of Y&R’s Neil is also right on the money! His romances have been insufferable. Yes, I liked Karen and also Harmony. Too bad they weren’t around longer… And I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t stand Victoria. Why two hot men are fighting over her is a mystery. Look in the dictionary for “whiny,” you will find Victoria. She’a another one of these self-righteous bitches that overpopulates all the soaps.

    Stitch and Billy: a new gay romance? I am ALL IN!!

    Finally, I, too, am saddened at the passing of Joan Rivers, same age as my mother, BTW. Anyway, I always remembered what for me was her funniest joke (paraphrased here), and I have seen it shown in a tribute:

    Joan: To spice things up, I got naked, wrapped myself in Saran wrap, and lay on the dining room table for when my husband got home. When Edgar came home and saw me there, he said, “What! Leftovers again!”—I love that one!

    Peace and love to you, Brother!


    jaybird369 replied

    James The Man…what’s up, huh????? Once again, time to get down to it…

    Cutie-pie…so…DOOL’s JJ gets you all revved up (or whatever) in the mind, huh????? Oh, you poor thing…HEE HEE HEE!!!!! Anyway, that’s how I felt about DOOL’s EJ (aka BRITISH BEEFCAKE!!!!!)…Y-U-M!!!!! Still do.

    James…to this day, I still remember the Joan Rivers (Rest In Peace, Funny Lady.) joke about the Saran Wrap. HILARIOUSLY EPIC!!!!! Now, with that being said, I have got to share with you, my friend, some of my ALL-TIME FAVE Joan Rivers one-liners and all. Dude…get ready to LOL…
    1. Joan: “For example, Amy Winehouse…remember her??? Anyway, Amy was hired to do a commercial for Ivory Snow Flakes. But, the night before the commercial, Amy got all nervous while practicing and ended up snorting the product!!!!!”
    2. Joan: “So my mother says to the doctor, ‘”Doctor, is my daughter gonna live?”‘ The doctor says to my mother, ‘”No, ma’am…not if you keep jumping up and down on her like that!!!!!”‘ Scary!!!!!”
    3. Joan: “About Kathy Bates, all I said was, ‘”If Kathy Bates hadn’t been on that boat in Titanic, the boat wouldn’t have gone down.”‘
    4. Joan: “Oh, I L-O-V-E doing The Fashion Police on E!!!!!! When Helena Bonham Carter wears mismatched high heels on The Red Carpet, I think to myself, ‘”Thank You God…I have found religion!!!!!”‘
    5. Joan (after being asked if she still dates men): “Well, yeah…if they’re alive!!!!!”
    6. Joan (on Tiger Moms): “Oh, I L-O-V-E Tiger Moms!!!!! I mean…if it can crawl, it can dust!!!!! Don’t you think?!?!?”
    7. Joan (poking fun at an early photo of George Lopez while appearing on GL’s show Lopez Tonight): “Justin Bieber as a lesbian!!!!!”
    8. Joan (defending an early photo of herself): “That right there goes back to I think 1980. That outfit (sweater and all) was VERY EXPENSIVE!!!!! Fast forward to now: Not even Lindsay Lohan would be desperate enough to steal that!!!!!”
    9. Joan: “A movie about ‘blue people’????? Oh, please!!!!! Then I got mad!!!!! You wanna see ‘blue’????? Give me a dollar and I’ll show you my legs!!!!!”
    10. Joan (to Carl Reiner at the very end of her own Comedy Central Roast): “Come on, Carl…let’s go home. Do you remember where you live?????”

    James The Man…Music Time. I remember Richard Marx and Carole King and their versions (or whatever) of ‘Now And Forever’. Now…speaking of Carole King, this one goes back to 1998: During that VH1 Special VH1 Divas Live, there is a 5 or 6 minute clip (a TOTAL FAVE of mine!!!!!) from the Special that I’ve watched and re-watched several times on YouTube. The clip features Carole King, Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan and Shania Twain. Anyway, the ladies musically pay homage and all to James Taylor’s ‘You’ve Got A Friend’. And, as the ladies are musically belting it out, Carole is playing the piano and Celine, Gloria and Shania are standing right by Carole at the piano. Dude…TOTALLY E-P-I-C MOMENT!!!!! Dude, if you haven’t seen it, you should. Again…it’s on YouTube. E-P-I-C!!!!!

    James The Man…Music Time Part 2. Here they are…my ALL-TIME TOP 10 FAVE songs from BOTH 1980 and 1981. Just one thing: The music made me do it…LOL!!!!! Anyway…
    1. HIM
    Rupert Holmes
    2. LADY
    Kenny Rogers
    3. MAGIC
    Olivia Newton-John
    Linda Ronstadt
    5. CARS
    Gary Numan
    Billy Joel
    Rocky Burnette
    Robbie Dupree
    Benny Mardones
    Franke And The Knockouts
    2. I LOVE YOU
    The Climax Blues Band
    Paul Davis
    Joan Jett And The Blackhearts
    Leo Sayer
    Pat Benatar
    9. SLOW HAND
    The Pointer Sisters
    Kim Carnes

    James…before I run, I wanted to tell you…y-e-s!!!!! Yes…you can SING at my wedding someday!!!!! SERIOUSLY…YOU CAN!!!!! In advance…thank you. And…you can (among other things) sing, dance, do comedy, do lap dances, do stripteases, whatever. Just be entertaining!!!!! That’s all I ask. Again…thanks.

    OK You Bighearted Bro…tag-tag-tag…you’re it!!!!!


    Jamesj75 replied

    Hey there, Jay! Always great to read your posts! You make me laugh and smile!

    First, the music: I totally understand and love your choices. Two of your choices from 1980 jump out at me: #1. Him—awesome, but underrated follow-up to Rupert Holmes’ smash, Escape (The Pina Colada Song); and #10. Into the Night by Benny Mardones—love that song, and it had 2 separate chart runs (1980 and 1989). it’s a great song! And there are some songs I like to have fun with, by changing the gender. This one works well for that, as does many others, including Chevy Van.

    You just know I would do everything I can do to be entertaining at your wedding. I know I would have such fun, and it would be hard not to monopolize your time at the event…

    You’re right about that EPIC moment involved Carole King et al….

    I love all those Joan Rivers’ jokes, some of which I hadn’t heard before. Here’s another one:

    Joan: My mother used to say, “Why can’t you be like your cousin Sheila? Why can’t you be more like your cousin Sheila?” Sheila was born dead….

    Joan could dish it out AND take it. I LIKE THAT!!!

    Back to soaps for a moment. Do you ever watch a scene with a shirtless actor and realize him being shirtless is gratuitous and titillating? I realize it, and I like it. BTW, the way I worded my question calls for two interpretations, one of them being that you are watching TV while the shirtless actor is with you. Now that sounds great… Julian, Nathan, JJ, Brady…

    On that note, I will end. Peace and take care, Brother!



    jaybird369 replied

    James…you cutie-pie…what’s up??? Once again, D-I-S-H time…

    Once again…Soap Time. James The Man…dude…you do realize of course that you said the word ‘shirtless’ 3 times, huh??? Oh, You BAD BAD BAD Boy…LOL!!!!! HEH HEH HEH!!!!! Anyway, I TOTALLY L-O-V-E (in terms of the shirtless process) the BEFORE and the AFTER. The BEFORE=A-N-Y SOAP H-U-N-K wearing a suit and tie (AKA Y-U-M!!!!!). Then, from there, comes The AFTER=this is where the suit and tie and all VERY SLOWLY comes off. ULTIMATE H-A-L-L-O!!!!! And, BTW, I L-O-V-E IT whenever the following SOAP HUNKS go from shirt to shirtless: Y&R’s Austin, Billy, Jack and Stitch; B&B’s Bill, Carter, Deacon and Ridge; DOOL’s Brady, Daniel, Eric and Rafe; GH’s Brad, Felix, Julian and Nathan. BTW Part 2, as far as I’m concerned, the following ANNOYING DORKS can keep their shirts O-N: Y&R’s Dylan; B&B’s Liam; DOOL’s John; GH’s Sonny. Bottom Line Here: I LOVE THAT WORD AKA SHIRTLESS!!!!! HEH HEH HEH!!!!!

    James…thanks for the Sheila joke. I forgot about that one. Here are a few more of Joan Rivers’s quips and all…
    1. Joan: “I HATE housework!!!!! If God wanted me to bend over on my own kitchen floor, He would have me look and look some more for diamonds!!!!!”
    2. Joan: “I HATE dusting my own house!!!!! Around once a year, I call the police, act like I’ve just been robbed and therefore the cops and all come over and they dust for fingerprints!!!!!”
    3. Joan (at her own Comedy Central Roast): “Which n-o-w brings me to y-o-u, Gilbert Gottfried. I s-a-t there. I am a 76-year-old woman. I don’t have that much (expletive) time left!!!!! Your set tonight was longer than Bernie Madoff’s prison sentence!!!!! Gilbert, stop with the squinting and open up your (expletive) eyes already!!!!! The audience is leaving you, you (expletive)!!!!!”
    4. Joan (at her CCR): “You know what you are, Kathy Griffin????? You’re a thief, “darling”!!!!! You stole my act, you stole my gays and you stole the face of the Burger King!!!!! S-H-A-M-E!!!!!”
    5. Joan (at her CCR): “Brad Garrett…you have the N-E-R-V-E to criticize M-E!!!!! The only thing that’s sadder than your show’s (Til’ Death) ratings is Carl Reiner’s age. Show him, Carl!!!!!”
    6. Joan: “At times, I have layovers in-between flights. So, believe it or not, I recently discovered a new form of exercise. What I do is…I wait until the handicapped Women’s restroom is empty. Then…once it’s empty, I go in there, lock the door and use the handicapped railings to do Pilates. I love it. It’s fantastic!!!!!”
    TOO FUNNY…LOL!!!!!

    James The Man…Music Time. I guess I’ll keep the TOP 10 theme and all going here. So, here it is…my ALL-TIME TOP 10 FAVE songs from BOTH 1982 and 1983. My friend, in your own way, get ready to S-W-O-O-N…
    Men At Work
    Olivia Newton-John
    3. THAT GIRL
    Stevie Wonder
    The Motels
    5. MICKEY
    Toni Basil
    The Steve Miller Band
    The Little River Band
    Juice Newton
    John Cougar
    Sergio Mendes
    Laura Branigan
    Jackson Browne
    Culture Club
    Bonnie Tyler
    Peter Schilling
    Rita Coolidge
    The Police

    James The Man…check this out: Wendy’s=my ALL-TIME FAVE hamburger place!!!!! Anyway, get this: There’s a Wendy’s right around the corner from where I live (walking distance and all). Anyway, during the past 3 months or so and whenever I go in there (either to dine-in or to get it to go), I keep hearing Blondie’s ‘The Tide Is High’ playing in the background (FULL AND ENTIRE 5 minute version and all). Dude…I kid you not!!!!! Not that I’m complaining or anything but I find it kind of weird. Ah, Moments…LOL!!!!! Yep.

    James The Man…until next time…STAY RUGGEDLY DREAMY!!!!!

    Your serve!!!!! XOXOXOXOXO

    Jamesj75 replied

    Hey Jay!

    Thanks for sharing the Rivers’ jokes, your thoughts on the shirtless daytime blokes, and the music notes! (Sorry… Couldn’t find another, appropriate rhyme to jokes and blokes…)

    I like ‘em all. And I agree with your choices of soap stars you don’t care to see shirtless. Sonny shouldn’t be shirtless ever. Not his age, mind you. Hello, Continuity! He should have more bullet holes in his skin than ex-girlfriends!

    Speaking of GH, I am trying to like the Franco character, but I just can’t. I know the actor is terrific and spent many years on OLTL and ATWT. But :

    (1) I don’t care for Carly (any incarnation of her), so I don’t care for who she is “dating” at the moment.
    (2) Franco is just not likable.
    (3) They are trying too hard to make Franco funny, and it’s not working…
    (4) As much as I like Scotty, the father/son angle isn’t at all believable, history-wise and chemistry-wise.
    (5) Making him instant friends with Nina isn’t believable either.
    (6) His job at the hospital isn’t believable either; it’s like me being hired as interim brain surgeon.
    (7) It’s very similar to Steve Burton on Y&R. Producer unextraordinaire JFP moved heaven and earth to get “Dylan” nonstop frontburner status and rewrote history (not her first rodeo there) to tie him by blood to the major Genoa City family (Newmans).
    (8) GH’s Franco and Y&R’s Dylan are just far too contrived for my tastes… They are pulling out all the stops to shove these characters down the viewers’ throats, like it or not… I don’t like it!

    Okay, now that I’ve got that out of my system….

    MUSIC TIME: I think I mentioned that I often like the more obscure, less commercially successful songs of musical acts. Here is a sampling:
    1. Carly Simon: It Keeps You Runnin’
    2. Gordon Lightfoot: The Circle Is Small
    3. Helen Reddy: You’re My World
    4. Olivia Newton-John: Come on Over
    5. Neil Sedaka: The Immigrant
    6. Fleetwood Mac: Songbird
    7. Barry Manilow: When I Wanted You
    8. Roberta Flack: Jesse
    9. Gerry Rafferty: Days Gone Down (You Still Got the Light in Your Eyes)
    10. Donna Summer: On My Honor

    One other soap-related matter: In early November, they are hosting a “GH Fall Getaway Weekend” at a hotel in Orlando, FL. So it’s right up my alley. Stars include Bradford Anderson (ex-Spinelli), Brandon Barash (ex-Johnny), Bryan Craig (Morgan), Kathleen Gati (Obrecht), Lynn Herring (Lucy), Kin Shriner (Scott), Kirsten Storms (Maxie), and Kelly Thiebaud (Britt). As much as I like these stars and as convenient as it would be for me to see them, the prices are outrageous: They are putting on 3-hour sessions with one or two actors at a time, throughout the weekend, ranging in price from $85 (one actor) to $110 (two actors) per session. Those prices are outrageous! And you would think that they might have the group all together at some point… So if you want to see more than one or two actors, you’d obviously have to register for more than one session. I guess I shouldn’t complain, as I did get to attend several Super Soap Weekends at Disney.

    As I’ve said before, these aren’t your grandmother’s soap operas…

    Best to you, Buddy!



    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey there…you sizzling and heroic HOT STUFF!!!!! Once again, let’s begin…

    Dude…blokes, jokes, notes, etc…..bro, you are BEYOND H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S…LOL!!!!! Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!! Yes…a Gomer Pyle reference…I went there!!!!! H-A-L-L-O!!!!!

    James The Joyful…Soap Time. In this, um, installment…
    1. Dude…here is THE MAIN REASON as to why I don’t care to see THE FOOLISH 4 (Y&R’s Dylan, B&B’s Liam, DOOL’s John and GH’s Sonny) shirtless: To me, Dylan, Liam, John and Sonny are all each ANNOYING ENOUGH with their clothes O-N!!!!! Enough said here I think.
    2. Cutie-pie…did you catch that recent episode of Y&R when Jack had that flashback (or whatever) of him and NuPhyllis??? Anyway, honey, the moment NuPhyllis opened up her mouth to even speak, I think to myself, “Well, what do you know…I-T (aka NuPhyllis) even TALKS!!!!!” Any-hoo, just an observation…LOL!!!!!
    3. Dude…here is a certain GH character that I CANNOT STAND PERIOD: That young kid Spencer (Nikolas’s son. And, BTW…that BUMBLING DOOFUS Nikolas is another GH character that I don’t care for at all. No.). Furthermore, my ULTIMATE POINT with this is this: I’m sorry but I HATE HATE HATE HATE Soap Kids (as in the characters)!!!!! Here’s why: (1) M-O-S-T Soap Kids say the DUMBEST AND DORKIEST things EVER!!!!! (2) To me, they are WAY TOO DISTRACTING onscreen. (3) Most of all, Soap Kids are WAY TOO NOSY!!!!! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! Now…however…Y&R’s Cassie and Delia (Rest In Peace, Girls.) were BELIEVABLE AND REALISTIC onscreen. As for other Soap Kids…No. Let me see…Y&R’s Faith and those 2 kids of Cane and Lily’s (I forget the names. Oh, well.) and (of course) GH’s Spencer…A-L-L ANNOYING IN MY BOOK!!!!! Sorry, but…no. No.

    James…the real-life DRAMA AND ALL of Greg Rikaart vs. Melissa Reeves because of the Chick-Fil-A controversy reminds me of someone (yep…another celebrity) who is VERY DISGUSTINGLY HOMOPHOBIC: Kirk Cameron. Dude, in the HORRIBLE SENSE, that idiotic Kirk Cameron is a REAL SCREAM!!!!! Check out these STOMACH-CHURNING facts…
    1. During MOST of his time on Growing Pains (remember that show???), KC was such a preachy, overly-moral and self-righteous pain-in the-A-S-S while on-set.
    2. KC kept driving the GP writers C-R-A-Z-Y by “suggesting” that they write episodes for the show that were more like pure and wholesome (AKA BLAND AND DULL!!!!!).
    3. During the entire GP run, at least 5 writers quit in total disgust because of, yep, Kirk Cameron. One of the writers VERY, VERY ANGRILY STORMED OUT during a writers’ meeting and never went back.
    4. KC got the VERY FABULOUS Julie McCullough F-I-R-E-D from GP because (prior to GP) Julie posed for Playboy and KC himself thought that Playboy “promoted pornography”. Oh, how moronic!!!!!
    5. Kirk Cameron’s sister Candace Cameron Bure is just as B-A-D as her brother is…
    6. Candace Cameron Bure EMOTIONALLY BASHES gay people on Facebook.
    7. The WHOLE AND ENTIRE Cameron Family is homophobic (the mom-and-dad factor included).
    8. MEE-OUCH aka get a load of this one: On last season’s Dancing With The Stars, BOTH Candace Cameron Bure and NeNe Leakes (that reality tv star) flat-out H-A-T-E-D one another. You see, NeNe has SEVERAL transgender friends in the LGBT community. And…that did not sit right (or whatever) with THAT PRISSY-FILLED Candace. At one point, NeNe even wanted to F-I-G-H-T Candace!!!!! Dude…of course, I wish that NeNe would have!!!!! H-A-L-L-O!!!!!
    9. Lastly and BTW (and on a much more pleasant note and all), my ALL-TIME FAVE Growing Pains character was and still is Maggie (the mom)…LOL!!!!! H-A-L-L-O!!!!!

    James The Hunk…Music Time. Here it is…my personal TOP 10 tunes each from 1984 and 1985. Here I go…
    Billy Idol
    Thompson Twins
    Chaka Khan
    Huey Lewis And The News
    Tracey Ullman
    Olivia Newton-John
    9. TONIGHT
    Kool And The Gang
    10. SOLID
    Ashford And Simpson
    Tears For Fears
    Glenn Frey
    Murray Head
    Katrina And The Waves
    REO Speedwagon
    USA For Africa
    Bryan Adams
    Mr. Mister
    John Parr

    James…dude…BRAND NEW DRINKING GAME IDEA: From now on, whenever you say ‘these aren’t your grandmother’s soap operas’ and whenever I say ‘AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH’, we (as in BOTH you and I) should each toss back a shot of WHATEVER. Once again…ENDLESS BOTTOMS UP!!!!! H-A-L-L-O!!!!!

    James…THE BEST to you, also…HANDSOME!!!!!

    Tag-Tag-Tag…you’re it!!!!!


    jaybird369 replied

    James…dude…last night, there was something else about Kirk Cameron. As in, something else that I forgot to tell you about: A while back, during the Comedy Central Bob Saget Roast (which I have on DVD), most of the roasters on there made SEVERAL jokes about Candace Cameron Bure and Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen from the Full House days. Of course, the jokes about CCB and The Olsen Twins were LOL AND RIP-ROARING HILARIOUS!!!!! Anyway, after the Roast, I read somewhere online that Bob Saget himself was VERY HIGHLY OFFENDED about the CCB and Olsen Twins jokes. Honey, gimme a damn break already!!!!! I mean: (1) Bob Saget should be DAMNED GRATEFUL that Comedy Central EVEN REMOTELY gave him his own Roast PERIOD!!!!! (2) During BS’s Roast, L-I-K-E the roasters up there on the dais were gonna make CLEAN JOKES about CCB and those Olsen Twins…as in N-O-T!!!!! CLEAN JOKES=B-L-E-C-H and No Thank You!!!!! Even John Stamos (who was The Roast-Master for Bob’s Roast) made jokes about CCB and those Olsen Twins. (3) Most of all, if certain people in the world are EASILY OFFENDED when it comes to comedy and are looking for CLEAN HUMOR (B-L-E-C-H), then they need to SHUT UP, SUCK IT UP AND (MOST OF ALL) GROW UP!!!!! I mean…this ain’t the 1950′s and the 1960′s anymore!!!!! This is 2-0-1-4!!!!! More and more, the times…they are a-changin’!!!!! H-A-L-L-O!!!!!

    James…have a SEXY AND DREAMY NIGHT and remember: Tag-Tag-Tag…you’re it!!!!! Sweet Dreams You Rugged Prince.


    P.S. – Correction (or whatever): At the beginning of my post, I meant to say ‘Candace Cameron Bure’ instead of ‘Kirk Cameron’. Anyway…MY BAD!!!!! HEE HEE HEE!!!!!

    Again…Sweet Dreams Cutie-Pie.

    jaybird369 replied

    James…as I HAPPILY AWAIT for you to reply back to BOTH of my recent posts from 9/13 and 9/14, I wanted to let you know that (more and more) A-L-L of your postings on this website are WONDERFULLY DYNAMITE!!!!! Dude…I feel that I don’t tell you that often enough. Thank You…for being Y-O-U!!!!! Thanks.

    Talk to ya’ soon.


    jaybird369 replied

    James…of course, you’ll reply back to my recent posts whenever you can…thanks. In the meantime, I wanted to tell you: In a recent GH article on this website, I VERY AGREEABLY (lol) responded to a certain posting of yours. What I remember most is what you said at the end of the certain post…which is this: Exhibit A: Sonny Corinthos (cannot stand him). Anyway, of course, you and I are on the same page with this. Then from there, I responded to your post. Dude…I don’t know what happened but my post (from me to you) somehow got deleted or whatever. Aw, Man. Anyway, so I guess I’ll try it again. So…here goes…

    What do you call someone who (1) acts NEEDY AND LOVESICK when it comes to a certain gangsta, (2) VERY STUPIDLY runs both HOT AND COLD where the certain gangsta is concerned and (3) who needs to F-I-N-A-L-L-Y stand on her own two feet and all without him? Carly, that’s who!!!!! Yep.

    Dude…talk to ya’ soon. Peace.

    Jamesj75 replied

    Hey Jay!!

    Thanks for all the interesting info! I enjoy reading your song lists!

    I totally agree with you regarding Nikolas and his son! I can’t stand either one of them. The kid, as an actor, is a ham. And, sorry, but no real kid would act this way… It’s a sad state of affairs when we see more of this kid than we do of Monica…

    As for Nikolas, he is another one of these holier-than-thou creeps. I actually preferred the second actor to play the role, I believe, Stephen Martinez, when Nikolas was with Gia.

    You’re so right about Carly. Again, she is another character I don’t like, mainly because of her endless connection to Sonny. Same reason I never card for Jason.

    Why, oh why, does GH expect its viewers to consider a total jerk/criminal/abuser/thug for hero worship?

    I was familiar with Kirk Cameron’s (we’ll call them) “views.” But I didn’t know all the other details you mentioned. Thanks for enlightening me.

    I also agree that when you find a character annoying, seeing him shirtless doesn’t make it any better—I don’t care how hot he might be… It’s that way in real life for me, too. If someone is a jerk or rude or self-centered, it completely eliminates any attraction I may have for him.

    Take care of yourself, Friend!



    jaybird369 replied

    James The Man…Hey there Florida Fella!!!!! Once again, I’m up…

    Oh Sir James…right off the bat…Music Time. Here it is…my TOP 10 FAVES from 1986 and 1987. Just one thing, though: Musically and all, the years 1986 and 1987 (for me) are EMOTIONALLY EXCEPTIONAL. 1986=I was graduating from high school and I was S-O E-X-C-I-T-E-D about the future. Y-A-Y!!!!! 1987=More and more, I kept noticing a growing trend: I kept noticing people (older than me) getting more and more tired of the bar/singles scenes and therefore wanting to find that VERY SPECIAL SOMEONE to have a relationship/life with. To me, these songs (TOP 10′s and all)) from ’86 and ’87 are a REALISTIC AND ROMANTIC REFLECTION of all that. Anyway, I am now MUSICALLY ON DA’ LOOSE with…
    Olivia Newton-John (duet with David Foster)
    Gloria Loring And Carl Anderson
    Lisa Lisa And Cult Jam With Full Force
    Dan Hill
    The Moody Blues
    Don Johnson
    Corey Hart
    Belinda Carlisle
    Kim Wilde
    Chris DeBurgh
    Cutting Crew
    Fleetwood Mac
    Crowded House
    10. MAKE IT REAL
    The Jets

    James The Joyous…Soap Time. This time around…
    1. Honey…it’s not just GH…OTHER SOAPS over the years have been GUILTY (or whatever) of the ‘jerk/criminal/abuser/thug for hero worship’ scenario and all. Trust me…I know what I’m talking about.
    2. More and more, I think that Y&R’s Stitch is making me EMOTIONALLY S-W-O-O-N all over the place!!!!! YUM YUM YUM!!!!! And, I hear that (in real-life) Sean Carrigan (who plays Stitch) is a REALLY, REALLY COOL DUDE!!!!! Late-breaking soap tidbit for ya’: One day last week, I read somewhere (online) that Sean Carrigan is something of a stand-up comedian…and a VERY LOL ONE at that!!!!! And…get this…Sean used to be a professional boxer. Yes!!!!! Now…dude…I am NOT MUCH of a sports fan (sorry). But, the fact that SC USED TO BE a professional boxer…for some reason, I E-N-J-O-Y that fact very much!!!!! Emotionally speaking…HEH HEH HEH!!!!! H-A-L-L-O!!!!! Down-to-earth time: In real-life, Sean is VERY HAPPILY MARRIED to some chick named Suzanne. Oh, Sigh.
    3. Finally, back in the day, I had the BIGGEST CRUSH on Stuart Damon…and ESPECIALLY ALSO his now-former GH character Dr. Alan Quartermaine. And, guess what…I still do. Sigh.

    James…Oh Forgive Me (HEH HEH HEH!!!!!)…for I am now gonna confess something to you. Here it is: You are R-I-G-H-T…a well-timed smirk by an older man does get me going…H-A-L-L-O!!!!! But that ain’t all. ANY REAL FELLA that has (and what I call) a TRIPLE SSS look on his face (aka a sexy, sleazy (yes…sleazy) and smirky look on his face) is a REAL KEEPER IN MY BOOK!!!!! Most of all, when a fella flashes his pearly whites, that’s when I REALLY CRUMBLE!!!!! BTW, I am now BLUSHING…and LOVING IT!!!!! LOL!!!!! OK Oh Older One…your turn. In your next posting, I (respectfully) expect you to confess something very personal to me. And don’t be afraid to BLUSH…LOL!!!!! Handsome…I’ll be waiting…

    The James Factor…TV time. This time around, I am gonna list my ALL-TIME TOP 10 FAVE Opening Credits Theme Songs. Handsome…these TV tunes (to this day) each make me think to myself, “Thank You God…for allowing me to be EVEN MORE emotional, nostalgic and vulnerable!!!!!” And…these TV tunes turn me into a HAPPILY CONTENT BALL OF M-U-S-H…EVERY TIME!!!!! Anyway, here I go…
    1. Love Is All Around (The Mary Tyler Moore Show Season 1)
    2. Charlie’s Angels Season 4
    3. Knots Landing Season 9 Version 1 (when BOTH Constance McCashin and Julie Harris were STILL in the opening credits)
    4. Knots Landing Season 9 Version 2 (post- CM and JH)
    5. Different Worlds (Angie Season 1)
    6. Different Worlds (Angie Season 2)
    7. Maude (ALL Seasons)
    8. The Love Boat (Seasons 1-7)
    9. Alice (Season 1)
    10. One Day At A Time (ALL Seasons)
    OK Handsome…spill it…what are Y-O-U-R ALL-TIME FAVE TV TUNES??? One final thing: In my next posting to you, I’ll EXPLAIN what each of my FAVE 10 means to me……….

    Oh Master James…I look forward to your next post. Until then…sleep tight and all…YOU HEROIC WARRIOR!!!!! And remember…Love Is All Around.


    Jamesj75 replied

    Hey there, Jay! I thought I would shock you with a quicker reply! (Sometimes my work keeps me hoppin’ so much that it’s hard to focus on other things….)

    Anyway, I really enjoy your music selections from 1986/1987. So please to see “Never Thought” by Dan Hill. Another song of his that touches me is “All I Ever See Is Your Face.” Check it out!

    Other music: I like your selections for opening TV music. I guess I would be inclined to list (primarily) shows that were my favorites; so in that vein:
    1. Lost in Space
    2. General Hospital (with ambulance)
    3. Dynasty
    4. Gilligan’s Island
    5. Mary Tyler Moore Show

    Thanks for the backup on the bizarre hero worship of evil characters on daytime. I’ll get off my soapbox (pun included) on GH Sonny for the moment. But it makes no sense to me. Also, thanks for your perseverance and for your backup in comments on other topics here.

    On a related matter, I guess the moderators are trying to promote only positive comments. I understand the intent, but, as a viewer, we should point out what is not working—maybe, just maybe, someone will take notice.

    Speaking of “taking notice,” it’s nice to hear about your crush on Stuart Damon. I always liked him, too, as well as his character. Why JFP killled Alan Q. off is another ridiculous move… But, here is another layer to Damon’s attraction: surely, you are aware of his role as Prince Charming in the TV production by Rodgers and Hammerstein (originally aired early 1970s, I believe). Anyway, where I grew up, they showed that production every year. I LOVE that musical, which starred Lesley Ann Warren as Cinderella. So that was my introduction to Stuart Damon. I assume you have seen this show. If not, Dude, you have to see it! I honestly know the words to all the songs, including “Ten Minutes Ago.” And I have the DVD. Usually, I am not a fan of TV or movie “musicals,” but this one has always kept me “enchanted.”

    Take care of yourself, Friend! See you soon!



    jaybird369 replied

    James…HEY HEY HEY!!!!! How’s tricks…LOL!!!!! Once again…let’s hit it…

    Right off the bat…Music Mania. Here it is…my TOP 10 songs each from 1988 and 1989…
    Brenda K. Starr
    4. THE FLAME
    Cheap Trick
    Johnny Hates Jazz
    Boy Meets Girl
    The Escape Club
    Richard Marx
    The Bangles
    Richard Marx
    Natalie Cole
    Alannah Myles
    5. HEAVEN
    6. THE BEST
    Tina Turner
    Gloria Estefan
    Bad English
    Taylor Dayne
    10. ANGEL EYES
    The Jeff Healey Band

    James The Hunk…TV Tunes Part 1. OK OK…here are my thoughts and all on your TV Tune picks…
    1. Lost In Space. Dude…IMO, VERY, VERY CATCHY TV theme song!!!!! Yep.
    2. General Hospital. Oh, that ambulance SIREN…LOL!!!!! Or…as I like to call it…Local Medical Five-O. Dude…in your own way, think of it as Hawaii Five-O GONE MEDICAL…LOL!!!!!
    3. Dynasty. Musically speaking…YES YES YES!!!!! Every week, the opening theme music was BEYOND PERFECT!!!!! H-A-L-L-O!!!!! As for Dynasty, E-P-I-C TV show that it was, Dynasty…or as I (in my TV viewing mind) used to call it ‘Extremely Wealthy People With Dysfunction Junction Problems’. Yeah Yeah I Know…Dynasty sounds better. But I like mine, also…LOL!!!!!
    4. Gilligan’s Island. IMO, another catchy lil’ TV tune!!!!!!! Dude, check this out: Of all of the 7 cast members from the Gilligan’s Island days, only Tina Louise (aka Ginger) and Dawn Wells (aka Mary Ann) are still alive. Russell Johnson (aka The Professor) passed away (I think.) over a year ago. My point here: Over the years, both Dawn and Tina have A-L-W-A-Y-S H-A-D a love-hate kind of friendship and all. Now that Russell is gone, I think that both Dawn and Tina should F-I-N-A-L-L-Y call a truce or something. I mean…life is WAY TOO SHORT for all that animosity, bickering and hostility!!!!! Or…as Joan Rivers would have probably said, “Oh, ladies…OH GROW UP!!!!!” Ah, life. Yes.
    5. The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Dude…I gotta admit…musically speaking, I still and just prefer the MTM opening from Season 1. But that’s just me. But…the other ones from Seasons 2-7 were (and still are) pretty catchy. Yep.

    James The Great…TV Tunes Part 2. Now…time for me to explain to you what each of my FAVE 10 means to me. Here I go…
    1. The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Dude…more and more, I FANTASIZE about leaving New Iberia, Louisiana to start over A-N-E-W elsewhere. Sonny Curtis’s Love Is All Around (TENDER LIL’ TUNE AND ALL) is BEAUTIFULLY BLARING in the background and all…and the music sounds even slower…S-W-E-E-T!!!!! Then, from there, I am brought to a nearby place for a VERY POIGNANT BON VOYAGE/GOOD-BYE P-A-R-T-Y. Then I notice ALL 10 of my SUPPORT SYSTEM coming together to hold up a VERY TOUCHING farewell sign that reads, ‘SO LONG MULTI-DIMENSIONAL SPIT-FIERY UNAPOLOGETIC JAYBIRD369. WE’LL MISS YOU. AND WE LOVE YOU!!!!!” Then, and finally, I board an ALL-MALE AND GAY-FILLED T-R-A-I-N and am transported to Las Vegas (Y-E-A-H…VEGAS BABY!!!!!) for an EVEN FRESHER START in life. And…Scene.
    2. Charlie’s Angels Season 4. In the opening credits and all, I PARTICULARLY L-O-V-E I-T when Charlie The Man himself verbally booms, “One in Los Angeles, one in San Francisco, the other in Boston.” And…the music sounds so salsa-like…S-E-X-Y!!!!! Anyway, I FANTASIZE about searching for clues, getting myself IN AND OUT of tight spots and being a V-E-R-Y SPIT-FIERY crime-fighter. H-A-L-L-O!!!!!
    3 and 4. Knots Landing. In B-O-T-H versions, I L-O-V-E how the cast/characters each look so brooding/guilty/wicked in the openings. E-P-I-C!!!!!
    5 and 6. Angie. In BOTH versions, I FANTASIZE that (in newer ways and all) THE WHOLE WORLD is my EMOTIONAL OYSTER and that I should just GO FOR IT!!!!!
    7. Maude. I FANTASIZE that I’m a beloved and entertaining HOT-MESS and that I have ENDLESS FUN getting myself IN AND OUT of comedic situations 24/7. And…personality-wise, I make Maude herself look like a wholesome choir girl…LOL!!!!! Yep. I even re-name it. I call it “And Then There’s Claude.” LOL!!!!!
    8. The Love Boat. In the opening credits, I ENVISION MYSELF on The Cruise Ship and am listed (or whatever) as ANY ONE of the following names: J.J. FACTOR, JASSINA MAY, JAYBIRD369, JAY MAY or JAY-VILLE. Oh, I am too much…LOL!!!!!
    9. Alice. In the opening credits, I VISUALIZE myself back-packing and all through Louisiana (aka EVERY CITY!!!!!) because I wanna JAZZ UP my life. H-A-L-L-O!!!!!
    10. One Day At A Time. In the opening credits, I have a fed-up attitude of, “Um This Is It This Is It. Where my ENTIRE apartment building is concerned, I am constantly surrounded by the most emotionally-taxing array of loony-toonies. Screw it. I’m going to Bingo. DEFIANT D-E-U-C-E-S!!!!!”
    Dude…SERIOUS FEEDBACK on this…please. Thanks.

    #1 James…Lastly…Soap Time…
    1. Thanks a bunch for Y-O-U-R INFO about the VERY DASHING Stuart Damon. As soon as I can, I’ll check out his Prince Charming role and all. I’ll get back to you, sweetie…
    2. Years ago, I remembered hearing something (briefly) about the VERY FABULOUS Lesley Ann Warren as Cinderella. Now I get it. Thanks. Lesley Ann Warren=WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL ACTRESS who (IMO) doesn’t get enough recognition. GRRRR AND MORE GRRRR!!!!!
    3. Dude…Jill Farren Phelps. YIKES!!!!! Another World, General Hospital, Guiding Light, One Life To Live, Santa Barbara and (currently) Y&R. For years, that woman has done nothing but EMOTIONALLY HURT every soap that she has gone near. If you’re not an obedient soap hunk, if you’re not a clique-filled FOJ aka Friend Of Jill’s, if you’re not an eager-to-please ass-kisser…then Jill Farren Phelps has no use for you at all!!!!! Dude…if I’m sounding too harsh here I’m sorry but it is what it is. Sad.

    #1 James…until next time…stay ENCHANTING/ENCHANTED!!!!! DELICIOUS DREAMS!!!!!


    Jamesj75 replied

    Wow! You said a mouthful, Friend!

    As always, enjoyable, funny, riveting: what you wrote, not necessarily what I saw on the soaps! BTW, did you catch your man Austin on Friday’s Y&R? I think you would enjoy it…

    You are not too harsh about JFP; you are on the money! Don’t the soaps do focus groups anymore? Don’t they read or hear viewers’ comments? Don’t they check out the message boards for soap sites, such as this fine one? Someone in the CBS/Sony hierarchy must know the prevailing attitudes regarding JFP as well as her notorious track record…

    “Cinderella” was a childhood thrill, and I watched it repeatedly (when it was televised). A beautiful and young Lesley Ann Warren and a handsome and young Stuart Damon really brought this story to life and evoked such longing and other emotions. As I say, the music is catchy, too! If I could send you a DVD, I would!

    I enjoyed all your TV show scenarios in which you insert yourself. Can I assume that, for “One Day at a Time,” you would be wearing a tool belt?

    I enjoyed your reactions to my picks for fave TV themes. Yes, you would think that Tina Louise and Dawn Wells would patch things up. Look, Suzanne Somers did with her costars. As did Farah Fawcett and hers. And I know from first-hand experience how cathartic it is to offer a sincere apology, particularly when it is graciously accepted. Then you can have see the person in a new light and have a fresh start.

    Not everyone likes me; I accept that. Despite what I think are my inherent charms, not everyone succumbs to them. But when you can change someone’s opinion from negative to positive, it is a truly wonderful thing!

    I also enjoyed your music picks from 1988/1989. Nice to see you’re a Richard Marx fan. I enjoy singing his songs via karaoke, and I have a really nice karaoke video CD of his hits, which include beautiful outdoor scenes, probably produced in Japan.

    Well, my Friend, I hope to see you elsewhere at this site (and you can always find me at amcorner). Have a great weekend!



    jaybird369 replied

    James, James, James…yep…Paul McCartney&Michael Jackson reference ala 1983. I went there…LOL!!!!!

    Right away…Soap Time…
    1. Yep…I did see yesterday’s episode of Y&R (9/19). As for Austin=Y-U-M!!!!! Of course, a VERY SHIRTLESS Austin, Austin/Jack/Nick together in one room (My friend…you know WHERE I am going with that…HEH HEH HEH!!!!!) and (most of all) an ERASED Summer would have been EVEN BETTER!!!!! But I’ll take whatever I can get.
    2. What did you think of the very end of the Y&R episode…you know…where NuPhyllis F-I-N-A-L-L-Y got out of that damned hospital bed, room and building????? Yep…it looks like Female Elvis aka NuPhyllis has finally left the building aka hospital and is N-O-W headed on home for Genoa City. As for Sharon…Tick Tock Tick Tock. And BTW…what do you think of that rather shady Dr. Cutler dude??? You know…the fella that ICKY OLD Victor is $$$ bankrolling??? Where Dr. Cutler is concerned, I would L-O-V-E to EXPLORE his bedside/dark side MANNER…H-A-L-L-O!!!!!
    3. And finally…did you catch it where Sharon was mumbling in her sleep A-N-D Mariah was standing right there??? Oh, that Sharon…LOL!!!!!

    James The Hunk-a Hunk-a Burning Love…Music Time. This one I cannot put off any longer…my ALL-TIME TOP 10 FAVES of the 1990′s. The reason I say it like that is because I MUCH PREFER music ala 1980′s. Kind of like yourself and your love (musically) of the 1970′s. But 1990′s music was pretty cool. It had it’s moments here and there. Anyway…
    Lauryn Hill And The Fugees
    Chris Issak
    5. WHAT’S UP?
    4 Non-Blondes
    Whitney Houston
    Don Henley
    8. BITCH
    Meredith Brooks
    Jane Child
    House Of Pain

    James…TV Time…
    1. Dude…your One Day At A Time comment had me ROTFL…LOL!!!!! I mean…M-E wearing a tool belt????? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Anyway, uh…No. Sorry but I have Z-E-R-O handyman and Z-E-R-O mechanic abilities inside of me. Nope. However…I do D-I-G AND ADMIRE a man in UNIFORM…ESPECIALLY coveralls!!!!! And…something in a B-L-U-E…H-A-L-L-O!!!!!
    2. Dude…I remembered when BOTH Joyce Dewitt and Suzanne Somers F-I-N-A-L-L-Y patched things up a few years ago. A BEAUTIFULLY E-P-I-C MOMENT!!!!! Sadly, that’s not always the case. No. BTW…who did Farrah Fawcett (R.I.P.) feud with??? James The Man…please enlighten me…because I don’t remember. Thanks. And, finally…here are 10 real-life feuds ALA TELEVISION that, IMO, were TRULY E-P-I-C!!!!! Oh, those TV stars…LOL!!!!! Anyway…
    1. Kate Jackson vs. Cheryl Ladd
    2. Bonnie Franklin (R.I.P.) vs. Mary-Louise Wilson
    3. The Night Court Cast vs. Each Other
    4. Kirk Cameron vs. Basically Anyone And Everyone From The Growing Pains Days
    5. Sarah Jessica Parker vs. Kim Cattrall
    6. Larry Wilcox vs. Erik Estrada
    7. Gary Coleman (R.I.P.) vs. Dixie Carter (R.I.P.)
    8. Linda Lavin vs. Polly Holliday And Diane Ladd
    9. Larry Hagman (R.I.P.) vs. Donna Reed (R.I.P.)
    10. Bruce Willis vs. Cybill Shepherd

    James…before I run run run for now, I wanted to tell you…I tried (once already) to find you at A&M Corner but I didn’t have any luck. Or…maybe I didn’t look hard enough. So…perhaps you can tell me SPECIFICALLY where to look so I can ACTUALLY find you. Thanks.

    From J To J…10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10 till we do it again!!!!! Your move…HANDSOME!!!!!


    Jamesj75 replied

    Hey there, Jay! I hope you are doing well!

    My comment about Farrah was in error. She didn’t really have any feuds with costars. She just left the show after one season; I just assumed there was bad blood, so I was wrong. And I did see that Jacklyn Smith was a supportive friend to Farrah’s until the end. That is inspiring…

    The AMCorner thing is very random and thus not an optimal place. Here works fine…

    Happy to see Y&R Phyllis on her feet and with a mission. Good God, let her talk already! Let GH’s NuJason talk already! One-sided soap conversations are so lame. I got so tired of GH’s Robin talking without response… Tired of her anyway… Yes, Dr. Cutler is interesting… Yes, I saw Sharon when she talked in her sleep…

    I didn’t know about all those TV feuds.

    I really liked your top 10 songs from the 90s, especially Wicked Game and Foolish Games. Hmmm… Am I detecting a theme?

    Until next time, Ciao!

    jaybird369 replied

    James The Man…what’s up??? Once again, let’s roll…

    TV Time. Dude…yep…I don’t think that Farrah feuded with any of her Charlie’s Angels co-stars. Kate Jackson, on the other hand…DIFFERENT STORY ALTOGETHER!!!!! Dude…check it out…
    1. After Farrah left CA at the end of Season 1, Kate was ESPECIALLY UPSET about Farrah leaving.
    2. When Cheryl Ladd came aboard at the beginning of Season 2, Kate IMMEDIATELY DISLIKED Cheryl right away. And, some days, Kate would speak/talk to Cheryl. Somewhat. While other days, Kate flat-out REFUSED to speak to Cheryl.
    3. Poor Jaclyn Smith felt so caught in the middle. I mean…she was still close to Kate but Jaclyn herself also really liked Cheryl as a person. Sigh.
    4. Somewhere during Season 3 (I think.), Kate was offered the PLUM-ROLE of Joanna Kramer in 1979′s Kramer vs. Kramer. And…the part was written SPECIFICALLY for Kate. Supposedly, the deal was that Kate would continue to tape CA’s episodes during the week and fly out to New York on weekends to tape scenes for KVK. Kate was SO EXCITED!!!!! But…Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg of Spelling-Goldberg Productions REFUSED to give Kate the time off here and there. From that point on, Kate was VERY UNHAPPY and became DOWNRIGHT HOSTILE on the CA’s set. And, by the end of Season 3, Kate had had enough and wanted O-U-T of CA’s altogether. Yep.
    5. Get this: In 2006 (I think.), Aaron Spelling was honored with one of those Television Lifetime Achievement Awards. Kate, Farrah and Jaclyn (the 3 Original Angels), reunited to present Mr. Spelling with his award. But…Aaron also wanted Cheryl to participate because he and Cheryl were close friends. Of course, Cheryl was onboard with this. But…N-O-T Miss Difficult D-I-V-A Kate. Oh no. Kate SCHEMED and flat-out LIED LIED LIED LIED and got poor Cheryl EXCLUDED from Aaron’s big night. Oh, that Kate Jackson=WHAT A B-U-L-L-Y!!!!!
    6. Fast-Forward to 3 years later: In 2009, when Farrah died, Ryan O’Neal SUPPOSEDLY had Kate BANNED from Farrah’s funeral because he didn’t feel like putting up with any of Kate’s DIVA-LIKE ANTICS. Kate was BEYOND PISSED!!!!! Towards the end (as Farrah was slipping away), Ryan even had Kate BANNED from Farrah’s bedside. Later on, after Farrah’s funeral, Kate went APE-MAD WITH ANGER and tried to sue Ryan for this-that-and-the-other. After a while, it all got settled out of court…I think. Oh, that Kate Jackson…what a N-U-T…LOL!!!!!
    7. Dude…back in 2000 (when it first came out), I had my buddy Tim order a copy for me (online, of course) of The Charlie’s Angels Casebook. Dude…it is TOTALLY AMAZING!!!!! It has (among other things) TONS AND TONS of tidbits dating back to the Charlie’s Angels days, an episode guide of each and every episode and CLASSIC cast photos. To this day, I still have it. IMO…E-P-I-C READING!!!!!
    8. Finally, I am happy to report that Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd are STILL close friends…BFF’S and all. Thank goodness.

    Soap Time. Here I go…
    1. Honey…one-sided soap conversations WORK MY NERVES PERIOD!!!!! To me, it’s like STOP YAMMERING ALREADY!!!!!
    2. Handsome…I got tired of GH’S Robin YEARS AGO. However…I STILL THINK that Anna (aka M-O-M/Local Commissioner is SUPER-COOL!!!!! Which is more that I can say for Anna’s LAME-ASS daughter Robin…LOL!!!!!
    3. Finally…the fact that Billy Miller is now the NuJason on GH…DREAMBOAT Y-U-M!!!!! Let the SOAP GAMES begin….

    Music Time. Dude…here it is…my ALL-TIME TOP 10 FAVE Michael Jackson (R.I.P. King Of Pop.) songs. They are…
    1. She’s Out Of My Life (IMO, a WONDERFULLY GUT-WRENCHING ballad. Sigh.)
    2. Don’t Stop Til’ You Get Enough
    3. Beat It
    4. Say Say Say (AWESOME tune he did with Paul McCartney back in 1983!!!!!)
    5. Black Or White
    6. Billie Jean
    7. You Are Not Alone
    8. Thriller
    9. Wanna Be Startin’ Something
    10. Off The Wall
    James The Man…Sneak Preview: In my next Music Time (from me to you), It’ll be an extra-special one. And…to emotionally mess with you a little bit, here is your one and only clue: The 1970′s. Yes!!!!! Musically speaking, To Be Continued…

    OK, Handsome…your serve!!!!!



    jaybird369 replied

    James…2 quick things:

    1. In my new post from a little while ago, I forgot to put a ) in-between the words Commissioner and is. MY BAD…LOL!!!!!
    2. On next Tuesday night (9/30), CBS is gonna air a BRAND NEW Y&R Primetime Special. It’s gonna focus on BOTH Nick’s bachelor party and Sharon’s bachelorette party. Also…lots of humor involved and a few, um, surprises thrown in. Dude…I’m intrigued already…LOL!!!!!

    Again…your serve.


    jaybird369 replied

    James The Man…while I (as always) HAPPILY AWAIT for you to reply back to me, I thought I would share with you 2 more of Joan Rivers’s jokes. Get ready to LOL…

    Joan (reflecting on her own childhood): “I knew I was an unwanted baby when I saw that my bath toys were a toaster and a radio.”
    Joan: “My friend Heidi is a TRAMP!!!!! YES…TRAMP TRAMP TRAMP!!!!! Heidi is such a TRAMP that she buys home pregnancy tests by the six-pack!!!!!”

    James The Man…it’s STILL your move. Peace.

    jaybird369 replied


    Well, hello!!!!! For the past few days, I was at my friend Lorraine’s house house-sitting for her and her husband while they were away this weekend. They went to Texas (Houston) to a ceiling fan expo/seminar (meet-and-greet social also included). Lorraine needed someone to take care of/to watch over the house and to feed their animals (the 3 dogs and the 3 cats). Yep…a full house full of animals…LOL!!!!! And, of course I didn’t mind because I love animals…especially dogs. Anyway, I got home a little while ago. So I’m back home now. And…since I haven’t heard from you, I thought that I would drop you a line and all to say HI and to tell you that I’m home. Oh, Handsome One…reply back and all whenever you have time. Thanks. I’ll be waiting…..


    Jamesj75 replied

    Hello there, Jay, and sorry for the delay…

    It was nice of you to assist Lorraine. An animal lover is the best kind of person!

    I liked your retelling of Joan Rivers’ jokes…

    Thanks for telling me about the special nighttime episode of Y&R. I didn’t know about it previously. I will watch it. So looking forward to fireworks via Phyllis and Sharon.

    I liked reading your fave Michael Jackson songs. I’m with you on “She’s Out of My Life,” an underrated gem. I also like another minor hit of his: “One Day in Your Life,” among so many others. I just made a mix CD of his hits (solo and with Jacksons, Jackson 5); it’s definitely a fun listen, and I have included some of your top 10 choices…

    GH: Yes, I, too, am looking forward to see Billy Miller’s take on Jason. I also like Anna. She is a character for whom I can root.

    Thanks, Jay, for all the info on Charlie’s Angels Kate, Farrah, et al. I didn’t know all that stuff about Kate Jackson. Interestingly, she did star in the movie “Making Love,” in which her character’s husband realizes he’s gay and comes out. Not a great movie, but it’s a topic that wasn’t too prevalent in the big screen at the time. I actually enjoy the movie’s love song, “Making Love” by Roberta Flack.

    Back to GH: Sometimes it’s infuriatingly hard to follow, especially when you don’t see characters for a few weeks, then they pop in for a couple of episodes, then they’re gone again (Felicia, Mac, Lucas, Brad, Felix, among many others). I am a HUGE Brit fan. She is not only beautiful, but she has made what started out as a bitchy character very likable. If you ask me, she is way too good for board-up-his-ass Prince Nikolas!

    Any here is my wish list for a future scene(s): Michael and Morgan are despondent over the death of their father… And Carly is also despondent over the death of her one true love… (I hope this doesn’t make me a message board villain…)

    Brother, I will try to be quicker in my response next time. I just get so focused on my work deadlines that my computer time seems so filled. But you left me with a teaser that will definitely keep me tuned in for next time: you said you would list your favorite songs from the 1970s. I look forward to that!

    All for now, Friend. Please take care, and stay as sweet as you are…



    jaybird369 replied

    Jamesj75…well, h-a-l-l-o!!!!! Long time no see, I think…LOL!!!!! Once again, let’s roll…

    Soap Time…
    1. Dude…I think that I made an error…somewhat. You see, that Y&R Primetime Special has either been cancelled or it’s been postponed for the time being. Anyway, did you see today’s episode of Y&R? I did…and it was pretty LOL hilarious!!!!! Yep. 2 reminders: (1) On tomorrow’s new episode of Y&R, that TOTALLY DREAMY Scott Elrod makes his debut as Avery’s ex-husband (yum!!!!!). (2) On Friday’s episode, Nick and Sharon’s wedding begins. Tick Tock Tick Tock (aka NuPhyllis)…
    2. My turn (aka my wish list for a future scene(s): Y&R’s Stitch and Billy BOTH EACH realize (eventually) that Victoria is nothing but an annoying and manipulative TEASE and they end up VERY AGREEABLY washing their hands of Victoria PERIOD. They don’t even care who Victoria’s baby daddy is!!!!! Then, from there, Billy and Stitch run into each other one night at that bar of Nick’s (I forget the name.) Then, Billy and Stitch end up TALKING IT OUT and they end up in a VERY POIGNANT BRO HUG!!!!! The next morning, Billy and Stitch are having coffee at Dylan’s Coffee House and they unexpectedly realize that they have A L-O-T in common. And,,,the more they talk, the more they realize that they TOTALLY D-I-G each other. All of a sudden, Dylan (who is eavesdropping nearby) is VERY INTRIGUED by what he overhears and he approaches Billy and Stitch and tells them that he WANTS IN (aka a TRIO). Billy and Stitch look at Dylan like Dylan is CRAZY and then they VERY COCKILY laugh at Dylan…in his face and all. Then, Billy and Stitch laugh at Dylan some more as they leave Dylan’s Coffee House. Dylan is emotionally destroyed. Then, the next day, Dylan is dealt another blow: Avery has decided to get back together with her ex-husband Joe. Later on that night, Dylan does A LOT of soul-searching and realizes that he is D-O-N-E with living in Genoa City. So…Dylan ends up selling the Coffee House back to Kevin (or whatever) and leaves Genoa City for parts unknown. And, on his way out of town, Dylan writes and then mails 2 GOODBYE LETTERS…one for Nikki and the other one for Paul. And…finally…Dylan decides to re-enlist in The Military. And, Scene(s). Once again…truly juicy stuff, huh????? And BTW…I TOTALLY L-O-V-E your wish list!!!!! I really do!!!!!
    3. Dude…more and more, I like Brit, also. And, BTW…your ‘board-up-his-ass Prince Nikolas’ comment had me TOTALLY ROTFL…LOL!!!!! And…guess what??? I’m laughing again…MORE LOL!!!!! If they’re not related (I’ll admit that I tend to lose track of things, Soap-Wise.), I think that Brit should hook up with…J-U-L-I-A-N!!!!! YES!!!!! To me, Julian is such an ULTIMATE ROMANTIC ROGUE!!!!! H-A-L-L-O!!!!! As for that STUPIDLY STIFF Nikolas…well, never mind. Moving on…

    James The Man…check it out: I actually have the movie Making Love on DVD. IMO, AWESOME MOVIE about Bart, Claire and Zach (the 3 main characters in the movie) each discovering things about each other. And, y-e-s…I also enjoy Roberta Flack’s song (from the movie) Making Love. POWERFUL AND TENDER!!!!!

    James…work deadlines, huh??? Dude…I am VERY CURIOUS here…what do you do for a living??? And…what does your boyfriend do for a living??? As for myself…my working days are long o-v-e-r. Dude…I have too many physical handicaps. Nowadays, I financially survive and all on SSD (Social Security Disability). Of course, it has its’ moments (both good and bad). But…I do whatever I gotta do to survive. Hey, let’s face it…NO ONE ELSE is gonna do it for me!!!!! No. To me, it is what it is.

    Back in the day, when my mom was alive, my friend Lorraine was my mom’s best friend. Furthermore, my mom and Lorraine loved each other like sisters. After my mom died, my mom’s death brought me and Lorraine closer (friendship-wise). Bottom Line Here: Me and Lorraine are BEST BUDS!!!!! And, BTW…Lorraine and Mitch’s (her husband, of course) 6 animals (especially the dogs) are BEYOND COMICAL…LOL!!!!! AND ADORABLE, TOO!!!!! Yep.

    Dude…now speaking of my BEST BUD Lorraine, check this out: Lorraine is a RN Nurse at Dauterive’s Hospital…a local hospital where I had my recent surgeries at. James…whenever Lorraine was on duty and all during my stay at the hospital (when I had my main kidney surgery…relapse and all), Lorraine was there for me THE MOST. Dude…she was HANDS ON in overseeing my care. She checked in on me QUITE OFTEN. Most of all, she was there for me during my relapse. She even broke the (sad) news to me about my now being down to just 1 kidney. And…she was BEYOND ADAMANT about telling it to me herself. James…most of my hospital stay ended up being TOTAL H-E-L-L!!!!! But…my BEST BUD Lorraine helped me/took care of me by keeping me ALL KINDS OF SANE!!!!! To me, that is an example of an A+ FRIEND!!!!! Dude…I think that you’ll ESPECIALLY love this one: At the hospital where Lorraine works at, there is a guy that Lorraine works with…a fellow RN (as in M-A-L-E) Nurse named Christian. Dude…Christian is all kinds of F-I-N-E!!!!! YES!!!!! And…get this: Christian is Filipino. Seriously. And…he’s EVEN HOTTER than GH’s Brad. H-A-L-L-O!!!!! Dude…Christian is (among other things) attractive, muscular and tall. Also, he has a truly deep voice and a totally terrific smile. But…sigh…Christian is VERY STRAIGHT and VERY HAPPILY MARRIED. But trust me…Christian is a COOL-ASS DUDE PERIOD!!!!!

    Oh, James The Great…at long last…Music Time. Just one thing, though: You are CORRECT…and…you figured it out!!!!! Here it is…my ALL-TIME TOP 10 FAVE songs from the 1970′s. Let me see…I wonder if Jamesj75 likes/loves the following songs…LOL!!!!! Remember, dude…you teased me and all about The Carpenter’s Touch Me When We’re Dancing. Hee Hee Hee. Anyway…
    Gerry Rafferty
    Kool And The Gang
    4. TIN MAN
    Bob Welch
    Van McCoy
    The Carpenters
    The Little River Band

    Handsome…that’s it for me for now. And…stay TRIPLE SSS (SMILING, SWEET AND SEXY)!!!!! Your move. Later Gator…


    Jamesj75 replied

    Hello there, Jay!

    First out of the gate: I am inspired by your caring compliments and detail regarding Lorraine. She sounds like one in a million! As you are lucky to have her, she is lucky to have you! Not to mention, Mitch and all the animals! BTW, when you were in the hospital, I’m sure Christian helped to brighten your days.

    Music commentary: Of course, I LOVE your list of 70s faves! Glad to see the Carpenters made the cut. Baker Street is an amazing song, too. Tin Man, an underrated America song that I also enjoy. And I like your nods to disco. To this day, I still listen to the those disco songs, among many others. They get the juices flowing, the feet tapping, the memories flowing…

    Speaking of the Carpenters, I recently made a CD compilation of my favorite Carpenters’ songs in order (most are singles, but a few album cuts, too), with my fave being Solitaire. Here they are, FYI:

    1. Solitaire
    2. I Need to Be in Love
    3. Only Yesterday
    4. Superstar
    5. You’re the One (released after Karen’s death)
    6. Rainy Days and Mondays
    7. We’ve Only Just Begun
    8. There’s a Kind of Hush (All Over the World)
    9. All You Get From Love Is a Love Song
    10. I Won’t Last a Day Without You
    11. Goodbye to Love
    12. Yesterday Once More
    13. You (album cut)
    14. I Can Dream Can’t I (album cut)
    15. Two Sides (album cut)
    16. Please Mr. Postman
    17. For All We Know
    18. Hurting Each Other
    19. Touch Me When We’re Dancing
    20. (They Long to Be) Close to You
    21. Top of the World

    Regarding soaps, I love your scenario regarding Y&R’s Stitch, Billy, and Dylan (which I intentionally mispronounce as “die-lan,” because I can’t stand him). Let’s face it! Y&R’s ratings would skyrocket if they showed such a relationship between these Stitch and Billy, skyrocket, I tell ya!

    I haven’t had much time to see the soaps lately, but I hope to catch up soon. I certainly can’t miss the Y&R wedding and what nu-Phyllis will do…

    And you made a great point about soap writing, pertaining specifically regarding who is related to whom (I tend to lose track of things, Soap-Wise): Sometimes, I think there is no master plan; the writers just make things up as they go along. A long, lost relative, uncertain paternities, etc., are soap staples, but they can be very confusing. GH has taken this to a whole new level with all that went down at that Clinic. And another thing: they are totally confusing me about who kidnapped Robin and has held her all these years. Before the clinic, didn’t the action take place aboard a ship? At first, wasn’t it Faison? Then Jerry Jax? Then Viktor Cassidine? Then Helena Cassidine? It’s like they just decided to lump all their villains into one storyline without much thought or effort.

    How is the viewer supposed to keep track of relationships and other details when they just all seem to be thrown together like a high-school, last-minute term project?!?!

    I don’t know… Was that harsh? Did my evil twin take over for a moment?

    Finally, I’m an editor, not a fighter!

    Take care for now, Stud! And stay as sweet as you are…


    jaybird369 replied

    James The Man…h-a-l-l-o!!!!! And Good Evening. Once again, I’m up…

    James…oh, yes…as a friend, Lorraine is such a TOTAL TREASURE!!!!! Also, check it out: Next Saturday (10/11) is Lorraine’s birthday. She’ll turn age 52. One day next week (probably when and while I’m out running errands or whatever), I’ll pick out a birthday card for Lorraine. And…further facts: Lorraine and her son Ryan’s birthdays are only 1 day apart (Ryan’s birthday is October 10th.). Mitch and Lorraine’s anniversary is also on the same day as Mitch’s birthday (March 30th). Dude…I kid you not!!!!! And…finally, Mitch and Lorraine’s daughter Amber’s birthday is April 5th. Birthdays…further proof that I L-O-V-E numbers…LOL!!!!! Yep.

    Soap Time…
    1. Dude…I am SO READY for the following Y&R characters to take a LONG-ASS walk off of the show and N-O-T come back: Abby, Barton, Cane, Christine, Devon, Dylan, Hilary, Lily, Summer, Tyler, Victor and Victoria. Everyone else in Genoa City…HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!!
    2. Handsome…as far as I’m concerned, the following GH characters can all each go jump in a LETHAL-ASS LAKE and DROWN FOREVER: Carly, Epiphany, Luke, Lulu, Maxie, Nikolas, Nina, Robin, Rosalie, Sam, Silas and Sonny. Everyone else in Port Chuck…CARRY ON!!!!!
    3. Dude…trust me…you were BEAUTIFULLY HARSH!!!!! And, your EVIL TWIN PERFECTLY TOOK OVER at the right/precise moment!!!!! Oh, James…you are PERFECTLY SPOT-ON as always…Y-O-U SOAP STUD!!!!! H-A-L-L-O!!!!!

    James The Awesome…Music Time. 1970′s-wise, Y-O-U my friend, are NOT NOT NOT getting off quite that easy. No. My point: Here is the rest…songs 11-25. Let me see Part 2…maybe Jamesj75 STILL D-I-G-S these classic tunes…LOL!!!!! Anyway…
    Mary Macgregor
    Alicia Bridges
    The Moody Blues
    Electric Light Orchestra
    The Captain And Tennille
    Debby Boone
    Melissa Manchester
    Rita Coolidge
    Vicki Lawrence
    Terry Jacks
    Barry Manilow
    Wild Cherry
    James The Entertaining…BTW…remember Mac Davis??? Remember…he’s that AWESOME ACTOR who had that #1 One-Hit Wonder hit from the early 1970′s (Baby, Don’t Get Hooked On Me). Anyway, back then, I had the BIGGEST CRUSH on him!!!!! I still do. I mean…beautiful/perfect teeth, exquisite smile, deep Southern voice, easygoing attitude, awesome muscles, etc….What’s not to love?!?!? S-W-O-O-N!!!!!

    James…I forgot to tell you this earlier: Christian (that dude that works with Lorraine) would have made my hospital stay EVEN MORE BRIGHTER if he was gay, unmarried and (most of all) available. Sigh.

    James…I’m almost forgetting: I am so glad that my ALL-TIME TOP 5 FAVE Carpenters songs were included in your 21 Carpenters song list. Thank You…Handsome!!!!! One thing, though: I remembered You’re The One being from the 1980′s. But…yet…for some reason, I couldn’t remember when it was released. Thanks.

    James…before I run run run for now, here are 3 more of my ALL-TIME FAVE Joan Rivers jokes…
    Joan: “Oh, p-l-e-a-s-e. I will NEVER believe that there are gay terrorists in our country!!!!! Except…I DARE any terrorist to go walk up to the cockpit, knock on the door and yell out to the pilot, “Sir…I’m dating your son”. Y-e-s!!!!!”
    Joan: “Oh, can we talk?!?!? One night, I was running late for a comedy gig and at the last minute I accidentally got my peppermint toothpaste and my Preparation H mixed up. From there, my teeth ended up being glued together and my ASS smelled minty-fresh!!!!!”
    Joan (about Korean kids): “Oh, come come now kids. Think about it: Which would you rather…fighting for survival and all out in Korea or working in a nicely air-conditioned sweatshop for ‘Auntie Joan’???”

    James The Joyful…that’s MY TAKE and all for now. Take care and remember…avoid those Rainy Days (unless they’re ROMANTIC…HEH HEH HEH!!!!!).

    From J to J…over and out.


    jaybird369 replied

    James The Man…h-a-l-l-o!!!!! Dude…I have a feeling that you are in the throes (or whatever) of another work deadline (or whatever). Either way…it’s cool. In the meantime, as I HAPPILY WAIT for you to reply back to me, I thought I would share with you 4 more of Joan Rivers’s jokes. Once again, get ready to LOL…

    1. Joan (to Mario Cantone at her own CCR): “What can I say to you, Mario? Welcome to the dais Male Dorothy. You’re NOT in Kansas (aka Ken’s Ass) anymore!!!!!”
    2. Joan (to Whitney Cummings at The Roast): “I guess we have to talk about you next. Honey…who the (expletive) are you?!?!? Backstage, before The Roast tonight, Whitney came up to me acting all sweet and acting like, ‘”Joan…I’m such a big fan of yours. Joan…I’m and up-and-coming comedienne. Joan…I want and need some career advice.”‘ Whitney, honey…I’ll give to you the same advice that I once gave to David Carradine…HANG IN THERE!!!!! But I thank you for coming!!!!!”
    3. Joan: “Oh, can we talk?!?!? Where any man’s marriages are concerned, the first wife is the one who usually marries for love. Therefore, the first wife is a FOOL, a FOOL, a FOOL, a FOOL!!!!! Y-E-S!!!!! The second wife…different story, Thank God. The second wife…trust me on this…is A LOT SMARTER than the first wife and therefore marries for MONEY!!!!! Yes!!!!! By doing this, the second wife is PROTECTING both herself and her future. YES!!!!!”
    4. Joan: “Oh, p-l-e-a-s-e!!!!! Trust me on this: Any red-blooded male who is attracted to a woman is N-O-T attracted to the woman for intelligence. Oh, grow up!!!!! When was the last time and/or ever for that matter) you saw any red-blooded male shove either one of his hands up a woman’s ass looking for a library card?!?!? N-E-V-E-R!!!!!”

    From J to J…I do believe that it’s STILL your move, my friend.


    jaybird369 replied

    James…dude…quick correction:

    In my new post from a few minutes ago, I forgot to put a ( in-between the words time and and/or. MY BAD…LOL!!!!! Thanks.


    Jamesj75 replied

    Hey Jay!

    Funny stuff from Joan Rivers. Thanks for sharing. Last night, SNL did a skit with host Sarah Silverman playing Joan in heaven, telling jokes at a roast. Some of it was clever, although Silverman stumbled over some of her lines. As the show went to commercial, a picture of Joan with 1933-2014 was shown—very classy…

    You are correct about “You’re the One.” It was initially released in 1989 on the CD Lovelines. It was featured earlier in the TV movie about Karen Carpenter. I remember watching that movie, of course, and realizing that there were a couple of songs I had never heard before. “You’re the One” was one of them…

    Thanks for listing your 11-25th fave songs from the 1970s. Great list! Glad to see so many of my favorite singers represented (Melissa, Barry, Chicago, Tennille, etc.). I also like how there is a mix of ballads and rock songs, and such was radio in the 1970s. You could hear the Carpenters, Led Zeppelin, Glady’s Knight and the Pips back to back to back, and so on…

    Mac Davis? He told you not to get hooked on him… (But I do understand…) One of my early crushes was Bobby Sherman when he appeared on the TV show, Here Come the Brides. He had a few hit singles, too…

    Getting soaped up! I totally agree with you on those GH and Y&R characters you can do without… I have to tell you: I just watched the Y&R episode of the bachelor/bachelorette parties, and it was a fun ride! I’m sure the actors enjoyed putting that together. I will even give JFP props if she had a hand in it. Probably not, though, because there was no Dylan… By the time you read this, perhaps Phyllis will make it to the big wedding. Anxiously awaiting that!

    On GH, I may actually become a fan of Jason with Billy Minor in the role. And anything that allows more screen time for Elizabeth is a good thing in my book! Most other things on GH are boring me right now, though…

    I wish Loraine a wonderful birthday surrounded by loved family members and good friends, like you!

    Take good care of yourself, Friend!



    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey, there Sizzling Hot Stuff!!!!! What’s up, huh???

    James…thanks for the SNL info. I checked my TV earlier…right after I read your new post. The new SNL episode isn’t activated OnDemand yet. But it should be…any day now. After I watch it, feedback time (from me to you). To be continued…

    Dude…here is a juicy tidbit for ya’: It’s about Toni Tennille. Check it out…after many years together, Toni and her husband Daryl Dragon (aka The Captain) are getting DIVORCED. (1) Supposedly, Toni has become BORED with Daryl The Captain. (2) Toni recently discovered that she prefers WOMEN. How about that…Toni Tennille CRUISING on over to the FEMALE SIDE!!!!! Also, The Captain is not in the best of health these days. And…get this: A LOT of Toni and Daryl’s relatives (especially Daryl’s relatives) are VERY PISSED OFF at Toni these days. D-A-M-N!!!!!

    James The Hunk…here it is…my ALL-TIME TOP 10 FAVE Male Celebrity Crushes. Dude…after all these years, these HUNK-O-RAMAS still make me wanna M-E-L-T right into the carpet…LOL!!!!! Here they are…
    1. Mac Davis
    2. Stuart Damon
    3. Tom Selleck
    4. Kin Shriner (y-e-s…Kin Shriner of GH. To me, there’s something comical and offbeat about KS that makes me HAPPILY CRAZY!!!!!)
    5. Grant Show (from the Ryan’s Hope and Melrose Place days)
    6. Alan Thicke
    7. John Amos (y-e-s…the dad from Good Times. Jamesj75…dude, you can LOL at me all you want. To me, there’s something about JA…I mean…I DIG A DUDE who’s not afraid to be stern, get a little hotheaded and lay down the law. AKA…a man who TAKES CHARGE!!!!!)
    8. Terry O’ Quinn
    9. Kevin Dobson (from the Kojak and Knots Landing days)
    10. Greg Evigan (from the B.J. And The Bear days)
    James The Hunk…in your next post to me, spill it…who are YOUR ALL-TIME FAVE Male Celebrity Crushes (and why)??? BTW…Kin Shriner and I have the same birthday (December 6th). One last thing before I move on to another subject: In YOUR opinion, what makes you a good smirker??? Details, please…

    Soap Time. Dude…today’s episode of Y&R was TRULY EPIC!!!!! ESPECIALLY when Phyllis walked into the church, interrupted Nick and Sharon’s wedding (aka #2), hugged Summer and then FAINTED!!!!! D-A-M-N!!!!! 2 things I didn’t like, though: (1) that stupid-old Victoria having contractions or whatever (Yawn.). (2) Noah and Summer and their annoying and unnecessary speeches during the ceremony. Noah’s speech was ESPECIALLY ANNOYING!!!!! During Noah and Summer’s YAMMERING, I decided to EMOTIONALLY ENTERTAIN myself…by talking back to my TV!!!!! Jamesj75…look here Handsome…at times, ya’ gotta create your own fun here!!!!! Me included. Anyway…
    1. “Noah and Summer…how long are you two(s) gonna yammer on here??? I’ll be pushing age 46 December 6th (aka month after next).”
    2. “I wish you two(s) would STFU already!!!!! More and more, I’m getting EMOTIONAL HERPES just by watching ya’ll.”
    3. ” I swear…me surviving A-L-L of my kidney drama (surgeries included) was a LOT LESS PAINFUL than this.”

    Dude…I talked to Lorraine earlier tonight. And…she wanted me to tell you ‘Thank You’ for your birthday wishes (from you to her). She truly appreciates it.

    James The Hilarious…check it out: 6 more of Joan Rivers’s classic jokes. My tally aka joke contribution so far: 31 Total. But, then again…who’s counting…LOL!!!!! Anyway…
    1. Joan: “At my funeral, I want Meryl Streep crying in five different accents.”
    2. Joan: “I wish I had a twin so I would know what I’d look like without plastic surgery.”
    3. Joan: “My best birth control now is to just leave the lights on.”
    4. Joan: “My earliest childhood memory was watching my parents loosen the wheels on my stroller.”
    5. Joan: “Peeping Toms look at my window and pull down the shade.”
    6. Joan: “When a man has a birthday, he takes a day off. When a woman has a birthday, she takes at least 3 years off.”

    Oh Master James…Tag Tag Tag…you’re it, cutie-pie!!!!!


    jaybird369 replied

    James…once again…correction time:

    In my new post from a few minutes ago, I meant to say age 47. Of course, I’ll be age 47 month after next on December 6th. Gee whiz…one would think that I would PERFECTLY REMEMBER my own age…LOL!!!!!

    James The Man…it’s still your move.


    Jamesj75 replied

    Alright, Jay, now don’t faint (like Phyllis) with my quicker reply…

    I totally agree with you about Nick and Sharon’s wedding and the awkward speeches by Noah and Summer. Such speeches at a wedding—do they ever happen in real life? Seriously, who gets that damn emotional about another couple’s love for each other?!?!? Yuuuuuccchhhh! And I could have done without Victoria’s contractions, too. “EMOTIONAL HERPES” — LOVE IT!!

    I really enjoy the Rivers’ jokes you shared. I especially like the one about leaving the lights on as a form of birth control. She may have offended other celebrities with her jokes about them, but she also made great jokes at her own expense. Ya gotta luv some 1 who can dish it out AND take it…

    Dude, I totally get you on Kin Shriner. He has always been a soap stud! I got to see the goods in person at one of the last SuperSoap Weekends in Orlando at Disney. BTW, those events were fun but pretty controlled with regard to interaction with fans. However, I did get an opportunity to speak with Susan Lucci, Genie Francis, Tony Geary, and Lyn Herring.

    I’m not sure what you mean by what makes me smirk. I will tell you this: I have been known to have a smirk (aka S**T-eating grin) as a regular feature. I am also very sincere, although it’s hard for people to tell whether or not I am simply being humorous (because that happens a lot, too)!

    I did know about the Captain & Tennille divorcing. They were also A&M artists, so it was discussed at the A&M Corner. But I hadn’t heard about the issue of Toni’s sexuality… Maybe her mind was elsewhere when she sang “The Way I Want to Touch You.”

    I like all your other crushes, too! I have to put on my thinking cap regarding my celebrity crushes, but I will give it a shot:

    Currently on the radar…
    1. Christopher Meloni — all-time #1, with a bullet!
    2. Novak Djokovic
    3. David Walton (About a Boy)

    4. Peter Sarsgaard
    5. Jim Brickman

    Oldies but goodies…
    6. Bobby Sherman
    7. Mark Goddard (Lost in Space)
    8. Barry Manilow
    9. Jan-Michael Vincent
    10. Craig Huebing (GH; RIP)

    I apologize to all those I may have inadvertently left off my list. I reserve the right to update my list in the event my memory today has been faulty… We have previously discussed the many actors currently on soaps who we “appreciate,” so I purposely didn’t include them. You know who you are!

    See you soon, Jay! Take care…


    jaybird369 replied

    Jamesj75 The Man…Good Evening!!!!! Once again, let’s go…

    Soap Time…
    1. Dude…slow your roll…lol. Trust me…I did not pull a NuPhyllis (aka FAINTING). Your quicker reply BOTH surprised and delighted me. Thank You.
    2. Dude…I gotta tell ya’…Nick and Sharon’s recent NITWIT NUPTIALS were BEYOND MUSHY!!!!! B-L-E-C-H!!!!! Dude…all that M-U-S-H makes me think to myself the following 3 things: (1) HUH?!?!? (2) Gimme a break already!!!!! (3) Most of all…OMG…p-l-e-a-s-e…make ‘em BOTH SSSSTTTTOOOOPPPP!!!!! No no no no no. I can’t watch anymore!!!!! OK…I’m done…LOL!!!!!
    3. Finally…poor Mariah…LOL!!!!! During Noah and Summer’s YUCKY-FILLED speeches, Mariah (to me) looked like she wanted to say to BOTH Noah and Summer, “The BOTH of you have totally lost your damn minds”. Dude…hey…that’s how I felt about BOTH Noah and Summer and their CORNBALL DRIVEL…B-L-E-C-H!!!!!

    James The Hunk…so…smirk aka s**t-eating grin, huh??? HA-HA…I LIKE THAT…A LOT!!!!! Y-E-S!!!!! Dude…more and more and in a LOL way, you know how to PUSH MY BUTTONS…BEAUTIFULLY!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! Dude…moving on to…

    James The Hunk…here it is…my feedback (from me to you) on YOUR Male Celebrity Crushes…
    1. Christopher Meloni…no mystery there. Heh Heh Heh.
    2. Novak Djokovic…earlier tonight, I Wikipedia-d him. I don’t follow tennis much but what a DREAMBOAT!!!!!
    3. David Walton…I remember him. Another EXCELLENT choice!!!!!
    4. Bobby Sherman…RIGHT ON, BRO!!!!!
    5. Mark Goddard…HELL YEAH, BABY!!!!! I remember MG from his GH days (when he played that WONDERFULLY DASTARDLY Derek Barrington).
    6. Barry Manilow…very interesting choice. I once read somewhere that (over the years) Barry has always had a HUGE Gay Male following. Yep.
    7. Jan-Michael Vincent…ah, yes…from the ‘Airwolf’ days. AWESOME ACTOR!!!!!
    BTW…here are 6 more of my Male Celebrity Crushes. And…maybe the HUNKY Jamesj75 LIKES these…
    1. Maxwell Caulfield (To this day, his wife Juliet Mills…ONE LUCKY LADY!!!!! Also, the OLDER WOMAN YOUNGER MAN DYNAMIC…I enjoy that concept or whatever…A LOT!!!!! And…where Grease 2 was concerned, I think that Maxwell got A RAW DEAL!!!!! GRRRR AND MORE GRRRR!!!!!)
    2. James Darren
    3. James Brolin
    4. John James (yep…from the Dynasty days)
    5. Bobby Goldsboro (and that MUSTACHE…S-W-O-O-N!!!!!)
    6. Sam Waterston

    James…I remember ‘The Way I Want To Touch You’. EPIC SONG!!!!!

    James…I’m curious: How tall are you? Me…I’m about 5’8. Yep.

    James The Great…your move.


    Jamesj75 replied

    Hey there, Jay!! I hope all is well!

    Glad you liked my celeb picks! With regard to Manilow, I still own a rather large photo of him on a wooden plaque… And I still like his music… Seen him in concert a few times… As for Novak, as a tennis player and follower, I have enjoyed him since he came on the seen, not only for his skill but also for his charm and good looks. And I got to see him in person in 2013 at a tournament. He’s about to get married and have a child, but…

    Now onto some of your choices… Love ‘em all! I almost put John James on my list, as I was a huge Dynasty fan. And Maxwell Caulfield, well, that goes without saying. I also enjoyed The Colbys! I agree with your other choices, too. Big fan of Law & Order (all versions), so I appreciated Waterston through the years—great actor, too! Bobby Goldsboro… Honey! One of his hits was “Leaving the Straight Life Behind.” That’s all I’m sayin’….

    “The Way I Want to Touch You” was out during an interesting (and applicable) time in my life… Nice memories…


    GH captured my attention today because (1) finally, Silas is on to Nina; (2) Britt was on!; and (3) Sonny wasn’t on! (except in the previews for tomorrow).

    Y&R: Geez, do we have to wait until Friday before Phyllis tells off Sharon?!?! Do we have to wait a month before anyone else finds out all that Sharon did?!?! I guess the love story of Cliff and Dixie (I mean Jack and Kelly) will now be threatened…

    Take care of yourself, Brother!

    From your 5’9″ friend!

    jaybird369 replied

    Hey there, Jamesj75…you H-U-N-K!!!!! I hope all is well with you as well.

    Right off the bat, music time. Here it is…my ALL-TIME Top 5 picks from…
    Sheena Easton:
    1. Morning Train (9 To 5)
    2. Almost Over You
    3. For Your Eyes Only
    4. We’ve Got Tonight (AWESOME duet she did with Kenny Rogers)
    5. Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair) (BTW…the music video for Telefone…TRULY LOL FUNNY!!!!!)
    Kenny Loggins:
    1. Forever (TOTALLY UNDERRATED SONG that got as high as #40…MUSICAL GRRRR!!!!!)
    2. Heart To Heart
    3. Don’t Fight It (AWESOME KICK-ASS song he did with Journey’s Steve Perry)
    4. I’m Alright (from the original ‘Caddyshack’ movie and yes…I have the movie on DVD (lol). As for that s-e-q-u-e-l Caddyshack II…oh, p-l-e-a-s-e!!!!! To me, Caddyshack II sucked major DONKEY D**K!!!!! A piece of UNWATCHABLE CINEMATIC CRAP!!!!!)
    5. This Is It (one of Kenny’s earlier hits. Hmmm…maybe my VERY RUGGED FRIEND Jamesj75 MUSICALLY D-I-G-S this one. Heh Heh Heh.)
    James…tidbit for ya’: Over the years, both Sheena Easton and Emma Samms (Fallon #2 from Dynasty/The Colbys) have been mistaken for one another. Dude…TRULY LOL HILARIOUS!!!!! Dude…a little later on in this posting, I have gotta share this classic Joan Rivers joke about Sheena Easton. Stay tuned…

    Soap Time…
    1. Fella…don’t get too overjoyed…that DISGUSTING AND UNWATCHABLE Sonny will be back on the GH RADAR soon enough. Oh, No…here I go…AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! There…I said it…LOL!!!!! Next…
    2. Dude…did you catch yesterday’s episode of Y&R? Of course, I did. Anyway, that damn Summer…GRRRR!!!!! That SNOT-NOSED AND SNIVELING Summer needs to mind her own beeswax and let poor Jack deal with BOTH Kelly and NuPhyllis on his own. Summer=STUPID BITCH!!!!! Oh, one more time…AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! BTW…I wonder if that Charlie Brown dude ever reads the Internet…LOL!!!!! I wonder. BTW Part 2…the last sentence in your Y&R bit and all (Cliff and Dixie (I mean Jack and Kelly))…GOOD ONE!!!!! LOL!!!!! James The Man…more and more, you are A+ when it comes to being TRULY LOL FUNNY!!!!! Thank You.

    James The Suave…here it is…the classic Joan Rivers joke about Sheena Easton. Followed by…another classic Joan Rivers joke. Hey…why stop at just 1??? LOL!!!!! Anyway…
    Joan (about Sheena Easton): “Oh, please…can we talk here??? The music world needs singers like Sheena Easton. I mean…who else is gonna sing songs about lust, people having their hearts broken and being a slut and/or tramp?!?!? Nobody else that I know of and…oh, grow up ALL 10 or so of you obvious college students sitting in the front row of the audience here tonight!!!!! Grow up!!!!!”
    Joan (to George Lopez): “George…originally, the commercial was offered to John Travolta. But at the last minute, they dropped John and went with someone else. Supposedly, John already went through menopause and was too old.”

    James…before I jet jet jet, I wanted to tell you: Last night, I was able to watch (after it FINALLY got activated OnDemand and all) that recent SNL episode hosted by Sarah Silverman. And, yep…I did catch that skit about Sarah playing Joan Rivers in Heaven. I thought it was pretty funny (lol). And I thought that the actress (or whoever it was) that played the late Eartha Kitt (R.I.P. Catwoman) in the skit was HYSTERICALLY FUNNY…LOL!!!!! One final thing: Did you catch the beginning of the SNL episode…when Sarah was um, chatting and conversing with that chick in the audience??? I think her name was Lindsay. Anyway, after a while, it (to me) looked like that both Sarah and that Lindsay chick were gonna make out with each other. Dude…D-A-M-N!!!!!

    James The Suave…your move, my friend. And stay well. LATER GATOR…


    jaybird369 replied

    James…a little while ago, I was reading an article online about Joan Rivers. At the end of the article were more of Joan’s jokes…some of which I haven’t heard in YEARS. Anyway, here are 3 of them in which Joan was being, well, Joan aka herself. Dude, check it out…

    1. Joan (on aging): “Looking 50 is great–if you’re 60!”
    2. Joan (on middle age): “You know you’ve reached middle age when you’re cautioned to slow down by your doctor, instead of by the police.”
    3. Joan (on mourning): “We all mourn in our own way. I mourn with a great steak.”

    From Jay to James…it’s still your move, my friend. Talk to ya’ soon.

    Deuces, dude.


    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, you continue to be entertaining and fun! Thank you for that and more, Brother!

    I enjoy all the Joan Rivers’ jokes. As Carson would say, “Funny stuff!”

    Re SNL w/Sarah Silverman in her monologue: yeah, it looked like things were dicey there with that young lady. I thought Sarah was pretty terrific throughout, and this segment was good because Sarah knows how to make things awkward…

    Also re SNL: I was a big fan of Jan Hooks and am thus sad to hear of her passing. She was from the second golden era of SNL, and I also loved Nora Dunn during that time; both women are unsung heroes of that show. I loved them as the Sweeney Sisters, particularly when they were serenading Paul Simon as well as their Christmas medley—hysterical!

    Speaking of deaths, I offer you my condolences regarding the passing of EJ Demira (probaby spelled incorrectly; well, I think I got the “EJ” part right). I thought I had read that he was leaving the show, but I didn’t realize it was happening now. Supposedly, DOOL tapes waaaaaaaaaaaaay in advance. On a related matter, note to DOOL writers: please end this invasion from Hooterville now! Sick of sadistic Clyde and the sappy Jordan, but keep the studly Ben!

    On a related Days matter, Bless me, Father Eric, for I have sinned. I have had inappropriate thoughts about a former priest; and as if that weren’t enough, I LOVE THERESA! She is fun to watch, and she keeps things exciting.

    Dude, thanks for your kind words! I also love your humorous take on things, like your description of one of our favorite Y&R characters: “SNOT-NOSED AND SNIVELING Summer”—priceless! Yes, I caught that episode.

    I also enjoyed your Sheena Easton and Kenny Loggins picks. With regard to Sheena, no “Sugar Walls?!?!?!” (I’m kidding…) You know my favorite song of hers? “You Could Have Been With Me,” with “Almost Over You” a close second, followed by “We’ve Got Tonight.” Bob Seger also had a hit with “We’ve Got Tonight,” so I confuse the two versions (not as in who is singing, but as to the tune of the lyrics in one song versus the other).

    BTW: I am right there with you when it comes to Kenny Loggins’ “Forever”—a great song!

    Remember a time when it was GH that did all the location shoots? For a long time now, B&B has ruled that domain. They will actually be filming scenes in Amsterdam, whereas GH characters are supposedly there looking for Luke, but no location shooting. Too bad, because it’s a beautiful city—yes, I was lucky enough to go there once upon a time… But there are some cities, including Las Vegas, that seem to work best with YOUNG adults…

    This will be all for now, my Friend. I look forward to next time!



    jaybird369 replied

    James The Great…Good (Late) Evening!!!!! James, you also continue to be entertaining and fun…and beyond!!!!! Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You.

    SNL Time…
    1. Dude…I was also a big fan of Jan Hooks. Yes…I, too, am saddened by her death. Sigh and more Sigh.
    2. Dude…to this day, I remember that moment when those Sweeney Sisters serenaded Paul Simon. Both epic and funny!!!!! Back in the day, BOTH my mom and Lorraine felt the need to TRICK ME into watching that certain SNL episode. I’m glad that they did…LOL!!!!! During the entire episode, me, my mom and Lorraine were LOL!!!!! Me especially!!!!! Oh, memories!!!!! Yes.
    3. I remember when Jan Hooks joined the cast of ‘Designing Women’ during the show’s final 2 seasons…seasons #6 and #7. She played the character of Carlene Dauber…a TRULY LOL kind of character!!!!! Back in the day, during the 7th (and final) season of ‘Designing Women’, there was a certain moment in a certain episode where the characters were sitting around talking. All of a sudden, the character of Carlene started pouring her heart out to the others about her ‘unresolved feelings and all’ for her ex-husband Dwayne Dauber. Here’s what I remembered most about that scene…
    Carlene (rather wickedly): “Ya’ll, last night and throughout dinner, I ended up showing that Dwayne Dauber who was BOSS!!!!! I did the ordering…dessert included. Then, later on and after we got home, I REALLY AND TRULY turned the tables on Dwayne…if ya’ll get my meaning. I felt VERY COCKY and I offered NO APOLOGIES to Dwayne because I had LOADS AND LOADS OF FUN putting that man in his place!!!!! So what do ya’ll think about that, huh?”
    B.J. (even more wickedly): “Well then…congratulations, Carlene!!!!! Last night you became a m-a-n!!!!!”
    Dude…too funny…LOL!!!!!

    Soap Segment…
    1. Dude…spelling-wise, you did get the “EJ” part right. And BTW…the full name was EJ Dimera. Oh, those soap names…LOL!!!!!
    2. James The Stud…you are correct, Sir. DOOL does tape episodes in advance…2 to 3 weeks in advance (I think.). Furthermore, ALL 4 of the remaining soaps (Y&R, B&B, DOOL and GH) do this. Yep.
    3. Dude…your ‘invasion from Hooterville’ comment made me R-O-A-R with laughter…LOL!!!!! Anyway, so true, dude!!!!! I mean…is this a soap opera (aka DOOL) or ‘Petticoat Junction’ REVISITED?!?!? To me, it’s like MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP!!!!! DUH!!!!!
    4. Y-e-s…it is T-I-M-E to send B-O-T-H Clyde The Creepy and Jordan The Jerky PERMANENTLY PACKING!!!!! I mean…ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!! But HELL YEAH Ben The Beautiful can stay!!!!!
    5. Dude…B&B-wise, here’s the thing: As beautiful as it probably is, I cannot do it…I cannot watch B&B whenever it goes on location. No. In a word…H-O-P-E!!!!! I mean…Hope The Wholesome ruins ENOUGH of my B&B viewing already!!!!! Dude…watching Hope The Helpless on a B&B location shoot is just TOO MUCH for me. Again, I cannot do it. No. Dude, what do you think of this: Spit-firey solution: One day, it FINALLY dawns on B-O-T-H Liam and Wyatt that they are both each SICK AND TIRED of Hope being TORN between them (G-A-G!!!!!) and (from there) force Hope to make a decision and to DECIDE ALREADY. BTW…this, um, DREAM SCENE OF MINE takes place on a cruise ship to The Caribbean. Anyway, Hope annoyingly refuses. Then, all of a sudden, Quinn The Spitfire (who happens to be on the cruise ship A-N-D eavesdropping nearby) steps forward and says to B-O-T-H Liam and Wyatt, “Oh, for God’s sake fellas! Enough already! It seems to me that Hope will NEVER choose between you two. Therefore, solution: Look all around, fellas…we’re on a beautiful cruise ship to The Caribbean. Simply put: Pick Hope up and throw her OVERBOARD!!!!! Problem FINALLY solved!!!!!” From there, B-O-T-H Liam and Wyatt agree on this and OVERBOARD goes Hope!!!!! And, so therefore, the stomach-churning Liam/Hope/Wyatt triangle FINALLY comes to an end!!!!! And…scene. And, BTW…in another DREAM SCENE OF MINE, Steffy comes back to B&B. Then, from there, a VERY WATCHABLE Ivy/Liam/Steffy/Wyatt quadrangle is B-O-R-N and Ivy, Liam, Steffy and Wyatt ALL end up VERY PLAYFULLY F-I-G-H-T-I-N-G over each other…therefore providing B&B with some MUCH-NEEDED COMIC RELIEF!!!!! And…LOL!!!!! Once again, juicy scenarios, huh???

    James The Music Man…here it is…my ALL-TIME Top 5 FAVE Bob Seger songs. They are…
    1. Night Moves
    2. You’ll Accompany Me
    3. Mainstreet (Dude, BTW…I have a certain version of Bob Seger’s Mainstreet on Audio Cassette. Anyway, the AC version is and sounds MUCH SLOWER. Ah, Musically S-W-E-E-T!!!!!)
    4. We’ve Got Tonight
    5. Shame On The Moon

    James The Talented…Tag Tag Tag…you’re it, Amigo!!!!!



    Jamesj75 replied

    Hey Jay!

    Great stuff, as usual! You definitely fall into the “beyond” realm, and that is definitely a compliment!

    I like your Bob Seger picks. Whenever I hear or read the word “mainstreet,” I always think of the Seger song—”I drift back in time and I find my feet down on mainstreet….”

    I definitely like your fantasy sequences for B&B. BTW, where in the hell is Thomas?!?! And I do understand and agree with your annoyance with the endless Hope dilemma. You’re right. They always send the same actors to these fabulous location shoots. It’s not fair to the other actors, for one thing. It might be nice to see some of them onscreen once in a while or in a foreign locale…

    I did also enjoy Jan Hooks on Designing Women. She was great!!


    So I watched GH today, and again I am so ready to check out of the “Hospital.”—Yes, it’s happened before. In addition to my disappointment in the overexposure of the Sonny character, today’s plot twists were too much:
    1. It has gotten to the point that I don’t care if we ever see Luke again. They are dragging out this stupid storyline way too long. I know it’s because the actor is on another lengthy, annual vacation, but I don’t care anymore. I don’t care about the identity of the faux Luke, his agenda, or the discovery of the real Luke.
    2. Bringing back Jerry Jacks is so ridiculous and repetitive. I have never liked the character. Granted, he is a villain, but all he ever does is come back from the dead and threaten people. Yaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnn…
    3. Although I like Helena, she is another one that has come back from the dead repeatedly. And now she is in cahoots with Jerry Jacks again? Good god, writers, put us out of our misery now…
    4. So there will be a delay in people finding out Jason’s true identity, thanks to Helena. I just assumed that, once the police did their fingerprint analysis, everyone would know the truth. And you know what: that would have been dramatic enough without having to drrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaagggggg this storyline out. And, of course, we all know that most women of her age have the acumen and computer savvy to pull off these viral theatrics.

    And it’s not that I’m a hater. I just don’t like GH to be so repetitive, uninteresting, and stupid…

    We’ll end on that uplifting note!

    Take care, Jay!



    jaybird369 replied

    James The Man…Good Afternoon, Handsome!!!!! Once again, it’s time to rock and roll here…

    Soap Segment…
    1. James…RIGHT ON, CUTIE-PIE!!!!! Dude…I (also) am not a hater. BTW, here is something else about me: I’m a lover, not a fighter…and…I’m a hugger, not a hater. Anyway, getting back to the subject here. From my end, GH is currently full of storyline holes, full of bullet holes aka Sonny and full of (expletive) PERIOD!!!!! No. And more No. Back in the day, GH was WAY BETTER than this current mess!!!!! W-A-Y BETTER!!!!!
    2. Handsome…you and I are in FULL AGREEMENT about that JERKY Jerry Jacks!!!!! Also, why is Tracy…Tracy (OF ALL PEOPLE!!!!!) T-R-U-S-T-I-N-G that DIRT-BALL?!?!? WTF?!?!? I mean…what is Tracy EVEN THINKING HERE?!?!?!
    3. About that HIDEOUS Helena…back in the day, the character of Helena ROCKED AND ROLLED!!!!! That was because Elizabeth Taylor (R.I.P.) PLAYED AND ORIGINATED the role of Helena with just the right amount of GRACE AND ELEGANCE…villainess-wise!!!!! Nowadays…No. Don’t get me wrong…Constance Towers (IMO) is a WONDERFUL ACTRESS!!!!! Back in the 1980′s, Constance was SUCH A DELIGHT when she played Clarissa on CAPITOL. And, now…I’m sorry but Constance’s take (or whatever) as Helena on GH DOES NOT WORK for me…PERIOD!!!!! And…Helena as a B-L-O-N-D-E…AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! More and more (in the present sense and all), Helena is WAY TOO HEARTLESS, WAY TOO ONE-DIMENSIONAL, WAY TOO HUMORLESS…the list goes on and on. Also, personality-wise, Helena is such a SOUR-BALL and (most of all) does Helena EVEN REMOTELY have A-N-Y smiling muscles?????
    4. James…Oh, Forgive Me, sinning-wise and all. I have ALWAYS thought that Scott (formerly known as Scotty) was WAY HOTTER than Luke. I still do.
    5. Finally, on a lighter note, I L-O-V-E-D how you stretched out the words ‘drag’ and ‘yawn’. H-o-n-e-y…forgive me but you had me LOL!!!!! VERY FUNNY STUFF!!!!!

    James The Music Man…Music Time. This time around, my ALL-TIME Top 5 picks from…
    Juice Newton:
    1. Heart Of The Night
    2. Tell Her No
    3. Angel Of The Morning
    4. Love’s Been A Little Bit Hard On Me
    5. Queen Of Hearts
    Kool And The Gang:
    1. Ladies’ Night
    2. Tonight
    3. Misled
    4. Joanna
    5. Too Hot
    Bruce Springsteen:
    1. Hungry Heart
    2. Glory Days
    3. Dancing In The Dark
    4. Tunnel Of Love
    5. Born To Run

    From Jay To James…your serve, cutie-pie!!!!!


    jaybird369 replied

    James The Man…while I wait for you to reply back to me (lol), I wanted to tell you that…on Y&R, I am so damn sick of Sharon’s ‘secret’ that I just wanna S-C-R-E-A-M!!!!! I just wish that Phyllis would BLAB ALL ALREADY!!!!! I mean…it’s like ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!! Annoying.

    From Jay To James…it’s still your serve…

    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, Man, what’s up?!?!

    Right on, right on about Sharon’s secret. You know, I think they are referring to Summer’s true parentage (which I find a bit contrived—I like the idea of Jack being the father because I remember the scene years ago when Nick seemed to ignore the paternity test). But I digress… To me, the real secret is that Sharon virtually caused Phyllis’ fall down the stairs. Funny thing… weren’t Sharon and Phyllis on top of a hilll when Druscilla fell to her death years ago?

    But, to your point, yes, I, too, and ready for Phyllis to “BLAB.” It’s waaaay too draaaaaawn out.

    I like your Juice Newton and Bruce Springsteen picks.

    More to come…soon…



    jaybird369 replied

    Jamesj75…well, h-a-l-l-o!!!!! I’m up…

    More to come soon, huh? Of course, I’m intrigued already…

    (Brief) Soap Segment…
    Dude…I am so fed up and all with Austin and Summer and their so-called marriage. What a CROCK OF CRAP?!?!? An idea: I think that Austin should ditch/dump Summer The Annoying and (from there) hook up with…Mariah. Yep. And, I’m starting to think that Austin and Mariah dig each other…which I think is REALLY COOL!!!!! And…personality-wise…give me Mariah over Summer ANY DAY!!!!! Period.

    James The Man…Song Time. Here it is…my ALL-TIME top 5 picks from…
    The Pointer Sisters:
    1. Slow Hand
    2. He’s So Shy
    3. Dare Me
    4. Automatic
    5. Should I Do It?

    From Jay To James…your turn Amigo. I’ll be waiting…


    jaybird369 replied

    James…dude, here’s a soap tidbit for ya’: Next month (on November 20th), Y&R’s Gloria is going to B&B (even if it’s just for one episode) for a fashion show-like episode (or whatever). And, while she’s there, Gloria’s gonna, um, interact with Eric (a little flirting or whatever). Oh, those soaps…LOL!!!!!

    From Jay To James…your move.


    Jamesj75 replied

    And I’m back! Technical difficulties…

    I hope all is well, Brother!

    So, yeah, we totally agree on the mess that is GH now. Jerry, Helena, Luke, Sonny, etc. Again, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. (I did that only because you said you enjoy it.)

    I sure like your faves of Kool, Juice, Pointers, and Bruce! All great songs. With regard to “Dancing in the Dark,” I have the disco version on a disco single record, which I later converted to CD. Evidently, Bruce never released this version on CD. Hmmmm….. It’s smokin’!

    Regarding the Pointer Sisters, you’re not “So Excited?!?!?!” Love that one!

    Glad to hear about Gloria on Y&R going over to B&B. I just LOVE her character and can’t get enough of her. (And the producers/writers sure don’t give the viewer enough of her…)

    Remember recently when I mentioned that DOOL tapes way in advance. I just read an article about Alison Sweeney’s departure from DOOL; she mentioned that her final scenes were taped 4 months ago. That is definitely taping way in advance. Imagine being an actor who is particularly proud of a certain scene and then having to wait 4 months for others to see it… Well, I will never have that problem. Although I feel I could act rings around Steve Burton, I’m not young or model-like (enough) to make the cut…

    Still waiting for Phyllis on Y&R to give it to Sharon… Will it happen Monday? We’ll see.

    And also on Y&R, if I had been the writer of scenes involving the cheating Devon and Hilary, after she lied and said that she changed her phone’s ringtone to match Devon’s because she liked it, I would have had her own phone ring with its own ringtone right afterward and let Neil figure it out that way. But why would they do that when they can draaaaaaaaaaaaaag it out (Whoops! I did it again)!

    Take care of yourself, Brother!



    jaybird369 replied

    James The Great…Good Evening!!!!! BTW…technical difficulties, huh??? Good one…LOL!!!!!

    1. Dude…lately, I’ve been thinking…at this point, I feel like Y&R is now A MIXED BAG (some good, some bad). Anyway, with that being said, here is what I currently LOVE AND HATE about Y&R…
    I LOVE:
    a. Stitch
    b. Mariah
    c. Austin
    d. Michael/Lauren
    e. Kelly/Jack/Phyllis
    f. Joe
    g. Detective Harding
    h. Traci
    I HATE:
    a. Victor/Nikki
    b. Summer
    c. Victoria
    d. Abby
    e. Dylan/Avery
    f. Devon/Hilary/Neil
    g. Cane/Lily
    h. Paul/Christine
    2. Dude…did you catch today’s episode of B&B…ESPECIALLY THE ENDING????? Oh, that Maya…LOL!!!!! And…Poor Carter…LOL!!!!! But I gotta tell ya’: Triangle-wise, I’ll VERY GLADLY watch Rick/Caroline/Ridge over that TIRED AND PLAYED OUT Liam/Hope/Wyatt junk ANY DAY!!!!! Yep.
    3. Also on B&B, did you catch Tuesday’s episode??? The N-E-R-V-E of that ANNOYING AND SELF-RIGHTEOUS Hope trying to force Deacon (her own dad!!!!!) to choose between her and Quinn (aka SPITFIRE!!!!!)!!!!! Hope and Y&R’s Lily and Summer…3 ANNOYING AIRHEADS whose constant meddling and all WORKS MY NERVES!!!!! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! Anyway, later on in the episode, did you catch it when Deacon and Quinn went back to her place and (from there) Quinn showed Deacon (OH THAT BAD BAD BAD BOY…HEH HEH HEH!!!!!) who was B-O-S-S????? HOT HOT HOT!!!!! And, Deacon’s reaction and all (“Ah, diamonds.”)…LMAO!!!!! Deacon and Quinn TRULY ROCK!!!!!

    1. James…I Know Know…The Pointer Sisters’s “I’m So Excited” wasn’t on my, um, list. But, in my own defense, here it is: Over the years, “I’m So Excited” has been OVERPLAYED EVERYWHERE…radio stations, dance clubs, VH1 Classic (as in the music video of the song), Music Choice (aka those audio music channels), wedding receptions, etc.. Anyway, after a while, I got T-I-R-E-D of hearing it. I still am. Sorry.
    2. James…here it is…my ALL-TIME Top 5 FAVE George Michael songs, Billy Ocean songs and Country/Pop songs…
    George Michael:
    1. Father Figure
    2. A Different Corner
    3. I Want Your Sex (BOTH Parts 1 & 2)
    4. Monkey
    5. Faith
    Billy Ocean:
    1. Loverboy
    2. Suddenly
    3. Caribbean Queen
    4. When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going
    5. Love Zone
    2. NOBODY
    Terri Gibbs
    4. ELVIRA
    The Oak Ridge Boys
    Eddie Rabbitt (R.I.P.)

    James…OK Handsome…your serve.


    Jamesj75 replied

    Hey Jay!

    Just a short note to let you know that I totally agree with your soaps assessment, and I like all your music picks! And I totally get your stance on “I’m So Excited.”

    Two other weird connections to your song choices:
    1. “Suddenly” by Billy Ocean was the first song I ever recorded (karaoke).
    2. “Nobody” is my sister’s signature karaoke song.
    So, again, great minds…

    Something I find peculiar about music is how one song we didn’t care for when it was first released morphs into a song we enjoy, and vice versa.

    And I totally agree with you about B&B. Yes, it’s a pleasure to see the show focusing on something other than the interminable Hope/Liam/Wyatt triangle.

    Take care of yourself, Brother!


    jaybird369 replied

    Jamesj75…what’s up, S-T-U-D????? Yeah Yeah…’Grease’ reference…LOL!!!!! Anyway, once again, I’m up…

    James The Hunk…here it is…it’s what I L-I-K-E (and love) to call SOAPS’ S-E-X-I-E-S-T MALE CHARACTERS. Just one thing before I begin: In honor of the fact (or whatever) that there are only 4 soaps remaining on the air, I have listed 4 CUTIE-PIES from each show. Read on…
    1. Stitch
    2. Mark (aka Detective Harding)
    3. Joe
    4. Austin
    1. Deacon
    2. Bill
    3. Ridge
    4. Carter
    1. Eric
    2. Brady
    3. Daniel
    4. Rafe
    1. Julian
    2. Nathan
    3. Brad
    4. Felix
    Dude…S-P-I-C-Y list, huh?????

    James The Music Man…you are in for a T-R-E-A-T, my friend. In honor of what the year 1976 gave us all (‘Carrie’ aka MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE MOVIE, ‘Charlie’s Angels’ aka MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE TV SHOW, The 200th Anniversary Of The Bicentennial, etc.) here it is…my ALL-TIME 10 FAVE songs of 1976. Hmmm…I wonder if Jamesj75 is gonna get all SWEPT UP IN NOSTALGIA as he reads this list…LOL!!!!! Dude…I couldn’t resist cracking a joke…again, LOL!!!!! Anyway, Enjoy Enjoy…
    Elvin Bishop
    Gary Wright
    The Silver Convention
    The Bellamy Brothers
    Eric Carmen
    Electric Light Orchestra
    The Captain And Tennille
    10. SLOW RIDE

    James The Versatile…I think I will close for now. Tag-Tag-Tag Amigo…you’re it!!!!! LATER GATOR…


    Jamesj75 replied

    No need to go to AM Corner…

    Jay! You sleigh me ever time! I am in awe of your favorite songs from 1976
    as so many of them are songs I enjoy, too. From your list, Dream Weaver is
    mesmerizing. And I am also a huge Captain & Tennille and Eric Carmen fan,
    exquisite choices!
    So, I hope you’ve been doing well! You mentioned the ending of B&B, and I
    just watched it. Maya is a trip, but it certainly was exciting!
    70s music—I can’t get enough, mid-70s especially.
    5 current male Y&R characters I like: Stitch, Mark, Nick, Kevin, Jack
    @ least I could name five!
    Handsome, love your list of sexiest male characters—I totally agree.
    Oh, and BTW, please let me add DOOL’s JJ; he and Daniel hugged
    the other day…sweet…Nice , appealing, sexy characters!
    Many times I watch GH and remember the good times, great storylines,
    and interesting characters. Sometimes it can be enjoyable, but it’s all
    I can do sometimes not to get too discouraged. Maybe it’s just uneven…
    Lest I forget: I am a huge fan of Kate on DOOL. I really like the bad girls..
    .Nicole, too, definitely! These characters are multidimensional and, in addition,
    complex, which makes for entertaining story.
    Oh, tonight I was watching the Packers playing in NO and thought of you.
    More to come later, Stud. I always enjoy our correspondence.


    jaybird369 replied

    Hey there, James…what’s up?????

    Dude…more and more, you knock me out…LOL!!!!! Thanks!!!!!

    1. Dude…I’m glad that you love my SOAPS’ S-E-X-I-E-S-T MALE CHARACTERS list. Of course, I figured that you would…HEH HEH HEH!!!!!
    2. Now…time for another Soap List. This is one I call SOAPS’ D-U-M-B-E-S-T MALE CHARACTERS. Just one thing: With this list, there is no ’4 of each from each soap’ or whatever. No. A-L-L of these SOAP DUNCES all each make me shake my head and go AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! Read at your own risk…LOL…
    Y&R: Cane, Devon, Dylan, Neil. Paul, Tyler and Victor
    B&B: Liam and Wyatt
    DOOL: Clyde and John
    GH: Franco, Jerry, Luke/Fluke, Patrick and Sonny
    3. Dude…not too long ago, I was thinking about GH’s Monica. I MISS MISS MISS MISS Monica!!!!! And…what I L-O-V-E-D most about Monica was that she was N-O-T afraid to put Alan in his place!!!!! And sometimes she even succeeded…LOL!!!!! Oh, Sigh. Soap Memories. Yep.

    Dude…I totally forgot about the New Orleans Saints-Green Bay Packers game from earlier today!!!!! Anyway, later on, I’ve gotta go online to find out the final score. Thanks for the heads-up!!!!!

    James…we have lost another beloved celebrity. Remember actress Marcia Strassman (She played Mrs. Kotter on ‘Welcome Back Kotter’.)??? Earlier today, I was reading somewhere online that Marcia passed away at home. She died of complications from breast cancer (I think). at age 65. The article had stated that Marcia battled breast cancer for, get this, 7 years. Dude…I was such a BIG FAN of hers!!!!! Dude, check this out: Back in the day, on the WBK set, Marcia’s battles with B-O-T-H Gabe Kaplan and (ESPECIALLY!!!!!) Executive Producer James Womack (A TOTAL DIRTBAG!!!!!) were TRULY EPIC!!!!! Later on, it was discovered that that JW EMOTIONALLY PITTED both Marcia and Gabe against each other. You see, over the years and when he was alive, James Womack developed a REPUTATION (or whatever) for BULLYING cast, crew, directors, writers and other people on the WBK set. And…on other sets over the years. And, almost everyone (for some reason) on the WBK set LIVED IN FEAR (or whatever) of that James Womack dude. But NOT Marcia Strassman. Nope. More and more, she was OPENLY VOCAL about her TOTAL DISLIKE of JW and she was VERY CRITICAL of JW as an Executive Producer…ESPECIALLY in the media!!!!! To me, Marcia Strassman was a strong-minded, gutsy and (even more!!!!!) fearless L-A-D-Y!!!!! May She Rest In Peace. Amen.

    James…before I run run run for now, I wanted to tell you that…I (also) always enjoy our correspondence. Thank You.

    From Jay To James…your serve, you PASSIONATE PRINCE!!!!!


    jaybird369 replied

    James…as I (once again) happily wait for you to reply back to me (lol), check it out: Day after tomorrow (aka Thursday’s episode)…a, um, special episode of DOOL. The episode features Daniel and Kristen. From there, I think that you get the, um, drift. Yep.

    Dude…it’s still your serve.


    Jamesj75 replied

    Dude, just a quickie reply for now… BTW I love “PASSIONATE PRINCE.” My last post—look @@

    jaybird369 replied

    James…dude, that is possibly the SHORTEST reply that I’ve ever read in my entire life. Anyway, quick question: what does ‘look @@’ mean??? Suddenly, I’m stumped.

    Dude…of course, reply back whenever you can. Thanks.

    Your move…

    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, my Buddy, how are you?

    Yes, I am also sad to hear about Marcia Strassman’s passing. I certainly enjoyed Welcome Back Kotter.

    I further enjoyed your list of dumb characters… I wouldn’t change a thing.

    And it was nice to read your sweet comments about GH’s Monica. I remembered Patsy Rahn as the original Monica. When Leslie Charleson took over, she had done a famous commercial for Pearl Drops. Do you know about that? Anyway, it’s always nice to see her on screen. She has taken over the role of Rachel Ames as the longest running actress on the show. I was going to say of all the soaps, but I believe Suzanne Rogers on DOOL has been on that show since the early 70s, and Charleson came to GH in, I believe, 1977.
    I loved Rachel Ames as Audrey and I miss her. In the last couple of decades, I was so peeved that she was rarely on. She was the sole link to so much history, and she was a great actress. As I’ve mentioned, my faves were Peter and Diana Taylor who were on in the 70s, but Audrey and Steve were also prominent during that time. I will say this: it was sweet that the producers convinced Ames to come out of retirement to film the 50th anniversary show.

    If I may drone on about my enjoyment of GH’s past, particularly during the 70s:

    One reason I like Elizabeth is that she is the only link to Audrey and Steve, other than Monica’s friendship with those characters.

    And I am also fond of seeing Heather for similar reasons: Although played by a different actresses (Georgianne LaPierre, then Mary O’Brien), the character of Heather is a link to my favorite actress Valerie Starrett, the original Diana Taylor (on air from 1969-1977). Heather sold her son Steven Lars to Diana and Peter Taylor, who called him Peter Junior (PJ). So Heather is the only link to Diana Taylor. And that gives me some comfort and enjoyment. Of course, Robin Mattson has a long and storied history of making that role her own for many years, and she is a great actress. GH does a great service to the fans and to the show’s own history when it respects its history.

    So, coming full circle, Monica is such a vital link to the past and has had countless frontburner storylines. I enjoy seeing her, despite the scarcity of her episodes, and I treasure her…

    Finally, Jay, if you look at my Oct 26th post, I start with “No need to go to AM Corner.” There is a reason for that, and if you look at the @, you might see what I have done… But this works well, too.

    I also treasure our interaction, Brother. Take care…

    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey there, cutie-pie!!!!! What’s up??? Once again, I’m up…

    1. Dude…I am now gonna even out BOTH SEXES (as disturbing as that is in terms of what I’m about to say here…lol). This is what I call SOAPS’ D-U-M-B-E-S-T FEMALE CHARACTERS. H-o-n-e-y…these SOAP AIRHEADS try my patience W-A-Y TOO MUCH!!!!! Anyway, here it is…
    Y&R: Abby, Avery, Christine, Hilary, Lily, Nikki, Summer and Victoria
    B&B: Brooke, Caroline and Hope
    DOOL: Jennifer, Jordan and Marlena
    GH: Carly, Epiphany, Kiki, Lulu, Maxie, Nina, Rosalie and Sam
    2. James…in the current sense, I think that B-O-T-H Y&R and (ESPECIALLY!!!!!) GH DO NOT respect their own soap histories enough. Nope.

    James The Music Man…in the current sense, I CANNOT STAND Madonna!!!!! Here’s why: More and more, Madonna is such a high-maintenance, ungrateful and spoiled D-I-V-A!!!!! And…she is so downright RUDE to fans…GRRRR!!!!! But, yet, I still (to this day and all) L-O-V-E her music!!!!! With all of this being said, here it is…my ALL-TIME TOP 10 FAVE Madonna songs…
    1. Crazy For You
    2. Borderline
    3. This Used To Be My Playground
    4. Like A Virgin
    5. Who’s That Girl?
    6. Like A Prayer
    7. Papa Don’t Preach
    8. Live To Tell
    9. Ray Of Light
    10. Frozen

    James…this past Sunday was not a good day for me. You see, October 26th was my mom’s birthday. This year, my mom would have been age 68. Dude, every October 26th now that my mom is gone, I go through the same TIDAL WAVE of emotions and all on my mom’s birthday: Anger, bewilderment, bitchiness, depression, emptiness, loneliness, moodiness, rage, sadness and short-tempered. Dude…I’m serious…I go through this every year. Also, Mother’s Day is another TOUGH DAY for me. But…I SOMEHOW get through it all. Yes.

    Dude…here is my mom in a nutshell: Imagine a woman who (among other things) didn’t look her age, FLAT-OUT REFUSED to act her age, had a very acid-tongued/blunt/LOL personality, weighed between 125-130 lbs (usually anyway), REFUSED to be controlled, manipulated or pushed around and (most of all) had a TRIPLE ATTITUDE of ‘Not in my house, tough shit and kiss my ass’…anyway, THAT WAS my mom in a nutshell!!!!! Also, there were 3 things that my mom WOULD NOT TOLERATE in HER HOUSE: Phony-baloney behavior, rudeness and (most of all) disrespect. Nope. Not at all. Most of all, in terms of carefree, spit-fiery and unapologetic behavior, I WILL ALWAYS BE MY MOTHER’s SON!!!!! Anything less is just WASTED ENERGY in my book aka No Thank You. PERIOD!!!!!

    James The Joyful…Tag-Tag-Tag Amigo…you’re it!!!!!


    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, it is so nice to read your eloquent tribute to your mother. I’m sure you were lucky to have her and vice versa.

    On other matters: your list of dumb female characters is one with which I find agreement.

    One actress I also really enjoy is Eileen Davidson. It is so bizarre to see her on both DOOL and Y&R in the same day! I think that, because her DOOL character is so villainous and crazy, Y&R is adjusting her character to approach those qualities.

    Madonna—I also agree with you here. I like a lot of her music, but she seems like a negative, miserable, unfriendly human…

    Nevertheless, here are my top 5 Madonna songs:
    1. Like a Prayer
    2. La Isla Bonita
    3. Hung Up
    4. Into the Groove
    5. Borderline

    Take care of yourself, Brother!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey, dude!!!!! Before I forget…HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!

    James…thanks so much for your very kinds words about my mom. Dude…I really appreciate it. If my mom were alive, trust me…she would have welcomed BOTH you and your boyfriend into our family and (furthermore) she would have treated ya’ll LIKE FAMILY. Dude…that’s how outgoing, protective and loving my mom was. James, I gotta tell ya’: More and more (with my mom being gone and all), I like to talk about and remember my mom…A LOT. 2 reasons: (1) It helps me get through some of my EMOTIONALLY DARKER days and (2) it keeps me SANE!!!!! Bottom Line Here: People loved my mom and (most of all) my mom loved people. PERIOD!!!!! Yes.

    James…here is something else about myself: Maybe I’m part of a rare breed (or whatever) but check it out…in my own way, I can handle emotional pain. You see, I’m from an OLD SCHOOL AND ALL of B-O-T-H GETTING MAD AND GETTING EVEN!!!!! Dude…in my own way, I am an EXPERT at GETTING EMOTIONAL REVENGE!!!!! As for dealing with physical pain…no. I’m sorry but I DO NOT handle physical pain all that well. No. To me, it’s just WAY TOO MUCH TORTURE for me to deal with. To me, it is what it is. Yep.

    1. Dude…I wish that Eileen Davidson would FOREVER STAY at DOOL. Her DOOL character of Kristen is ALL KINDS OF ENTERTAINING!!!!! Which is more than I can say for Y&R’s Ashley (aka her other soap character). I’m sorry but Ashley is a little too MORALITY-FILLED for me. Sorry. Also, I’ve always preferred Traci over Ashley. The reason being…Traci has always been very loving and very beloved without being overly-moral. Ashley, on the other hand, has gotten on her HIGH HORSE AND ALL too often over the years. B-L-E-C-H!!!!! Furthermore, Traci is W-A-Y LESS JUDGMENTAL than Ashley!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!
    2. Dude…check this out: This is a brand new soap list that I VERY HAPPILY call SOAPS’ MOST UNLIKELY COUPLES. Let me explain: In my mind and all, these are 4 would-be couples (from each show) who I think should hook up (and why). But, sadly…never will. Sigh. Anyway, read on…
    Y&R: Stitch and Traci. Dude, think about this: Traci’s kindness, sensitivity and understanding would help Stitch deal with his tortured and troubled past A LOT BETTER (unlike that ANNOYING AND PRISSY-FILLED Victoria!!!!!). And, in turn, Stitch would bring A LOT OF HAPPINESS back into Traci’s life. H-A-L-L-O!!!!!
    B&B: Carter and Katie. Check it out: Carter would be the one to help Katie forget all about that Bill/Brooke/Ridge CRAZINESS and Katie would help mend Carter’s broken heart about Maya. Y-E-S!!!!!
    DOOL: Eric and Kate. Dude…Eric needs a REAL WOMAN and Kate could RE-INVENT herself as a C-O-U-G-A-R!!!!! Enough said here.
    GH: Julian and Tracy. H-o-n-e-y, hey…Julian could help Tracy deal with that SCUMBAG Jerry and Tracy (in turn) could show Julian as to what a REAL WOMAN could do for him (Sorry, Alexis.). Then, from there, Julian and Tracy could be the NEW POWERHOUSE DUO of Port Charles (aka GH)!!!!! ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES HERE!!!!!

    Dude…while I’m thinking about it, correction time. Earlier in my new post to you, I meant to say the word ‘kind’ instead of the word ‘kinds’. Once again…MY BAD!!!!! Thanks.

    James The Music Man…here it is…my ALL-TIME TOP 5 FAVE songs of…
    1. The Winner Takes It All
    2. Dancing Queen
    3. Fernando
    4. The Name Of The Game
    5. Take A Chance On Me
    Billy Idol:
    1. Eyes Without A Face
    2. Hot In The City
    3. White Wedding
    4. Rebel Yell
    5. Mony Mony
    Electric Light Orchestra:
    1. All Over The World
    2. Don’t Bring Me Down
    3. Telephone Line
    4. Strange Magic
    5. Evil Woman
    1. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    2. Bohemian Rhapsody
    3. Another One Bites The Dust
    4. I Want To Break Free
    5. We Will Rock You
    1. I Won’t Hold You Back
    2. Africa
    3. Hold The Line
    4. I’ll Be Over You
    5. Rosanna

    Oh Master James…your serve. Take care.


    jaybird369 replied

    Hi James,

    Dude…I was just wondering…did you catch Thursday and Friday’s episodes of DOOL??? I did. And, where Daniel and Kristen are concerned…D-A-M-N!!!!! BTW, poor Brady…LOL!!!!! And…did you catch Friday’s episode of GH??? To me, A-N-Y episode of GH is VERY WATCHABLE whenever that RUGGEDLY DREAMY Julian is on there…H-A-L-L-O!!!!! Yep.

    Oh Jamesj75…it’s still your serve…

    Jamesj75 replied

    Hey there, Jay!

    First off: jimh! Shoutout to jimh!! Did you read the kind comments from jimh? What a nice man! I will reply to jimh directly in a moment.

    I was going to mention DOOL to you! Daniel and Kristen were smokin’ hot! I guess he doesn’t take off that necklace for anything! Same goes for Bill and Liam on B&B. Of course, Wyatt has the same necklace now, too. Baaaarrrffff… Getting back to Daniel and Kristen, we could see this coming a mile away. However, what sane person could have stopped with either of these two in the same bed with you?!?!?!

    Also, on Thursday, did you see shirtless Stitch on Y&R. Halloween treats for everyone!

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO YOU, TOO! I dressed up at my Halloween tennis event as a pimp this year —wish I could post a picture here. Typecasting at its finest!! ;-) I don’t care how old I am: I will always feel much younger, and I will always celebrate Halloween to the fullest!

    GH, for a moment: So glad Franco told off Carly. More to come, I suppose… Nice to see Lucy as the official go-to gal for weddings. It gives her an “eensy, weensy” bit more to do on the show. I’ll take whatever they give me as far as Lucy is concerned.

    Music Mania: Jay, I like your latest lists of musical favorites. I will add some of my own:

    1. Dancing Queen
    2. S.O.S.
    3. The Winner Takes It All
    4. Fernando
    5. Take a Chance on Me

    1. Bohemian Rhapsody
    2. You’re My Best Friend
    3. Somebody to Love
    4. Killer Queen
    5. We Will Rock You

    1. Sweet Talkin’ Woman
    2. Mr. Blue Sky
    3. Evil Woman
    4. Strange Magic
    5. Can’t Get It out of My Head

    TOTO was great, too!

    I did get to see Queen in concert back in the day. They were good, but virginal, prim-and-proper James left early because of the pervasive pot smell throughout the arena.

    Back again to GH: Jay, you nailed it on the dreamy Julian. Why can’t he be on everyday instead of someone like Sonny!?!?!?

    We’re in sweeps month now, so I guess the stories will be more exciting. I just hope GH doesn’t include the following:
    1. Jerry Jax spewing empty threats
    2. Sonny yelling and justifying committing murder
    3. Red herrings with Luke

    Peace out, Brother. I’ll be around…

    jaybird369 replied

    Hey James…what’s up??? Once again, I’m up…

    James…yes…I have read every single post of jimh’s on this website. Well, as many as I can, anyway. And…so far and still counting…

    1. Yo Handsome…I have a bone to pick with you (lol). Dude…you haven’t told me what you thought of my recent soap list of SOAPS’ MOST UNLIKELY COUPLES. Dude…I’m d-y-i-n-g to know your thoughts on this!!!!! Feedback, please. Thanks.
    2. Now…about DOOL’s Daniel and Kristen…H-E-L-L- Y-E-A-H B-A-B-Y!!!!! But…I still feel bad for Brady The Beautiful…LOL!!!!!
    3. Dude…I cannot believe that DOOL (on Thursday’s episode of last week) subjected us to that TRIPLE SSS (as in sappy, s-i-c-k-e-n-i-n-g and EVEN MORE STUPID) send-off of Sami’s…GRRRR!!!!! And…on the (SAME!!!!!) episode that featured our Daniel and Kristen…GRRRR!!!!!
    4. Bro…I would like for S-O-M-E-O-N-E…A-N-Y-O-N-E…to take some kind of necklace and to shove it down B&B’s Hope’s throat!!!!! I know…that’s harsh…I know. But…A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G to make that stupid bitch Hope STFU!!!!! I mean…ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!
    5. James The Joyful…uh, yyyyeeeeaaaahhhh…I did see Y&R’s Stitch SHIRTLESS. H-A-L-L-O!!!!! Of course, that SELF-RIGHTEOUS Ashley in the same scene(s) and all with Stitch The Sexy I could have done without. B-L-A-H!!!!!
    6. Dude…I haven’t had a chance to watch today’s episode of GH. My bad. Dude…I was in and out all day today. As soon as comes to ABC On-Demand, I’m watching it. In the meantime…
    7. As for Carly, to me, Carly=SHUT THE H-E-L-L UP and accept the bitter medicine, you stupid bimbo!!!!! Annoying slut.
    8. Dude…what did you think of Franco rewinding that image (on that video, of course) of Sonny over and over again??? Aw, dude…for a moment there, it looked like Franco was checking Sonny out…LOL!!!!! One day…who knows…maybe Franco will SWITCH TEAMS and pursue Sonny!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I mean…it would make Franco more interesting and Sonny more human…LOL!!!!! Most of all, dude…can you imagine the kind of future father-son-talk that Scott and Franco would have????? D-A-M-N!!!!! Anyway, I think I will shut up about this for now (lol) and move on to…
    9. Dude…I cannot believe that Nina SLAPPED Madeline…HER OWN MOTHER!!!!! Dude, when my mom was alive, if I ever did that to my mom…trust me…my dad would have MURDERED ME…or close enough to it!!!!! BTW, Madeline and Dr. O crack me up…LOL!!!!!
    10. And, finally…here is what I-I-I would like to see on GH this month (aka sweeps month)…
    a. More of Julian
    b. Less of that insane idiot Jerry Jax
    c. More of Dr. O
    d. Less of Luke/Fluke (PERIOD!!!!!)
    e. More of Madeline (I know…Madeline is Nina’s mom…I know. But, as an actress, Donna Mills TRULY ROCKS!!!!!)
    f. Less of Nina (Nina…who ALREADY gets away with WAY TOO MUCH!!!!!)
    g. More of Dr. O and Madeline in scenes together
    h. Less of that Sonny/Carly bull-crap
    i. More of Lucy
    j. Less of that SNIVELING MORON Silas
    BTW…quick correction: For #6, it should have read ‘as soon as it comes’. MY BAD!!!!!

    James…dude…it looks like you had a FUN AND FESTIVE Halloween this year (lol)!!!!! A pimp, huh??? Oh, you NAUGHTY BOY…HEH HEH HEH!!!!! My Halloween this year was kinda dull…I munched out on some chocolate will watching a few classic horror movies on DVD. Therefore, you win…LOL!!!!! Yep.

    James The Musical…this time around, this is a little ‘before-and-after’ (if that makes any sense here). This is my ALL-TIME TOP 5 FAVE songs of…
    1. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
    2. That’s All
    3. Throwing It All Away
    4. Misunderstanding
    5. No Reply At All
    Phil Collins:
    1. In The Air Tonight
    2. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)
    3. Take Me Home
    4. You Can’t Hurry Love

    James…before I go, I wanted to tell you…if he wants to, jimh is a WELCOME ADDITION AND ALL to our discussions (as in yours and mine). Yes. And, yes…I (also) hope that he continues to join us!!!!! TOTALLY!!!!!

    From Jay To James…your move.

    Until next time…

    LATOR GATOR!!!!!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…one quick thing: I cannot believe that I misspelled ‘LATER GATOR’!!!!! Oh, what a moment…LOL!!!!! Anyway, sorry about that.

    Thanks for understanding.


    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, you’re too much! And l mean that in the best way possible, Brother!

    Before I forget, I’m glad you mentioned the endless goodbyes of Sami on DOOL. Hey, I think they forgot to show her saying goodbye to the waiters and waitresses of the Salem eating establishments, all the servants who toiled at the DiMera mansion, and the entire hospital staff. And she didn’t say goodbye to Aiden. What? They never had any scenes together? What difference does that make? For Christ sakes, she said her goodbyes to virtually anyone and everyone in town, even Hope’s daughter. She should have said goodbye to Stefano, too, by phone, of course! BTW, do you know why the actor is only shown on the phone? Is he not allowed to interact in person with the other actors for some reason? I know he had a public argument with Lisa Rinna, but they both made some good points!

    Actually, “LATOR GATOR” worked just fine!

    I also like “James The Joyful!”

    I like your suggestions for GH during sweeps month. If only… Today was even better on GH when Franco continued trashing Carly and, finally, telling all that Sonny killed AJ. Could this murderous, abusive, arrogant jerk finally get what’s coming to him? Tune in tomorrow… Yet I guess if they can make a likeable hero out of Luke the rapist, they can do anything with a cold-blooded murderer…

    Jay, I missed the part where Franco rewound the tape of Sonny. I don’t think a physical attraction is in the cards, though, not when those parts are already taken by the token black male nurse, the token Asian, and the token young guy with a hairy chest. Besides, even if they did make Sonny gay, I still wouldn’t like him!

    OK, I’ve got to remind the tape for a moment and reread your unlikely couples segment…

    OK, I’m back.
    Y&R: Stitch and Traci—I can see this. Someone sweet like Traci is just who Stitch needs.
    B&B: Carter and Katie—This pairing also makes sense. I know she’s supposedly this great actress, but I am not a Katie fan. (And you don’t like Brooke, so we’re even! :) )
    DOOL: Daniel and Kate—Big winner! Both are just too damn sexy for their own good! Together, they’d be combustible and irresistible!
    GH: Julian and Tracy—Aren’t they related?!?! Yes, that would work well, too, but isn’t Monica the one with a predilection for boy toys?!

    MUSIC MUSINGS: I definitely like your Genesis/Phil Collins picks! Is there a person alive who doesn’t bang on simulated drums during “In the Air Tonight?” I am also a huge “Sussudio” fan. Another interesting song of Phil’s is the “Jesus, He Knows Me,” which includes one of my favorite lines:

    “…I believe in the family
    with my ever loving wife beside me
    but she don’t know about my girlfriend
    or the man I met last night…”

    So, in the words of Phil Collins, That’s All! (I hope there is more than “No Reply at All!”)

    jaybird369 replied

    Hey there, James!!!!!

    Dude…you (also) are too much…LOL!!!!! Thanks!!!!!

    1. Dude…’remind the tape’, huh??? Good one…LOL!!!!!
    2. Aw, man…for a moment there, I forgot that GH’s Monica had a thing (or whatever) for the younger hunks. Anyway, MY BAD!!!!!
    3. Dude…your observations about DOOL’s Sami’s send-off had me ROTFL…Thank You. After a while and for a moment there, it looked like Sami was gonna say some good-byes (or whatever) to the living room furniture…S-H-U-D-D-E-R!!!!!
    4. Bro…WHO CARES if GH’s Julian and Tracy are related?!?!? I don’t!!!!! And besides, over the years on B&B, that SLUTTY AND NASTY-ASS Brooke has SLEPT HER WAY through the Forrester family…B-L-A-H!!!!! And, for a while and in the 1990′s, I saw a lot of that bull-crap on GL!!!!! Dude…I kid you not!!!!! Example: This one time on GL, that VERY DASTARDLY Roger Thorpe ended up MARRYING Dinah…Dinah…his own GRANDDAUGHTER!!!!! Oh, one more time…S-H-U-D-D-E-R!!!!! Anyway, I tell you what…if N-O-T Tracy, well what about Dr. O??? Aw, dude…I would VERY GLADLY tune in to watch a Julian and Dr. Obrecht HOOK-UP A-N-Y-T-I-M-E!!!!! And, BTW, I think that B-O-T-H Julian and Dr. O would have LOADS AND LOADS OF FUN together in terms of TOTAL POWER TRIPS…LOL!!!!! Yep.
    5. One last thing: I L-O-V-E that awesome smiley face!!!!! Thanks!!!!!

    James The Musical Man…here it is…my ALL-TIME TOP 5 FAVE songs of…
    Tina Turner:
    1. Private Dancer
    2. We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)
    3. Typical Male
    4. The Best
    5. Better Be Good To Me
    The Eagles:
    1. I Can’t Tell You Why
    2. Hotel California
    3. Desperado
    4. Heartache Tonight
    5. The Long Run
    Bryan Adams:
    1. One Night Love Affair
    2. Somebody
    3. Heaven
    4. Everything I Do (I Do It For You)
    5. Summer Of ’69

    From J To J…your move Amigo…

    Jamesj75 replied

    OK, Stud! Let’s get it going!

    No, I do accept and like your suggestion about Julian and Tracy. It would be a great match. I was making a joke about them being related. To be honest, the way shows are written, I have lost all comprehension of who is related to whom: Let’s face it! Plotlines are changed, surprise offspring spring up, and paternity tests are faked. To this day, I’m not sure who is Summer’s father on Y&R… It’s all relative, I suppose…

    You are also right about B&B’s Brooke. She has worked her way through the relatives! To say nothing of Thomas (who could blame her for that one?). And there was that time she slept with Oliver while in costume. Clearly a lame, unbelievable plot twist. Seriously, how often does that happen in real life? Well, with Halloween just over, maybe it does happen…

    ! I totally understand. And I was previously unfamiliar with the grandfather/granddaughter marriage on GL. I fully suspect that I was my grandmother’s (RIP) favorite , but things went only so far… (Okay, now it seems I am pandering and grasping to make a joke…)

    On to other matters…

    Today’s GH was totally enjoyable for me. And how often have I said that lately? Franco continuing to tell off Carly and naming Sonny as AJ’s murdered were fantastic! Bring on the repercussions! Jail for Sonny, anyone? If I got my wish, they’s jail him for life in another state, and we would never hear from him again…

    Now onto more pleasant matters—music! Love your picks!

    With regard to Bryan Adams, “Heaven” is my favorite. Also, are you familiar with his early disco hit, “Let Me Take You Dancing?” 1979, I believe… When a young James was hitting the discos, Bryan Adams’ disco song was the rage. I have read that Adams wasn’t happy with that song because his voice was sped up. And I don’t believe it’s available on CD or for download. I bought the original 12″, vinyl disco single. I later had it transferred to CD. Great song! One can still buy the vinyl.

    My faves of the Eagles:
    1. New Kid in Town
    2. Seven Bridges Road
    3. Take It to the Limit
    4. Peaceful Easy Feeling
    5. Best of My Love

    My faves of Tina Turner:
    1. Private Dancer
    2. What’s Love Got to Do With It
    3. Better Be Good to Me
    4. Proud Mary
    5. We Don’t Need Another Hero

    Speaking of Bryan and Tina, are you familiar with their duet, “It’s Only Love?”

    Back to DOOL: Forgive me, but I like Ann Milbauer, and I think the actress deserves an EMMY for supporting actress. She is hysterical and believable. I like the scenes of her and Theresa, and i like that she puts Jennifer in her place.

    So, enough with my schizophrenia prose for the day. Because you enjoyed it last time… :) :) :)



    Jamesj75 replied

    One other quick thought that I forgot earlier: I LOVED your joke about Sami saying goodbye to the furniture!!! :)

    jaybird369 replied

    Well, h-e-l-l-o Master James!!!!!

    Dude…you should pursue a career in standup comedy!!!!! To me, that’s how LOL HILARIOUS you really are!!!!! H-A-L-L-O!!!!!

    1. Yep…I remember B&B’s Brooke sleeping with Oliver…EEEEEWWWWW!!!!!
    2. Jamesj75…that is an EXCELLENT idea…let another state deal with Sonny The Scumbag!!!!!
    3. On DOOL, I would HUG AND EMBRACE A-N-Y-O-N-E that would put that PRISS-FILLED Jennifer in her place!!!!! Yep.

    LET’S GET M-U-S-I-C-A-L:
    1. S-a-y w-h-a-t…Bryan Adams having a disco hit in the late ’70′s circa 1979??? Dude…I did not know this. “Let Me Take You Dancing”…very interesting title!!!!! Anyway, I’m gonna see if I can find it on YouTube. Thanks. I’ll get back to you on this…
    2. Jamesj75…check it out…at soon-to-be age 47, I, Jaybird369, S-T-I-L-L L-O-V-E Disco music!!!!! And, BTW…Chic’s Good Times circa 1979…still (and to this day!!!!!) my ALL-TIME FAVE Disco tune!!!!! AW, HELL YEAH!!!!!
    3. Here it is…my ALL-TIME TOP 5 FAVE songs of…
    Don Henley:
    1. New York Minute
    2. Sunset Grill
    3. Dirty Laundry
    4. The Boys Of Summer
    5. The Last Worthless Evening
    Glenn Frey:
    1. The One You Love
    2. You Belong To The City
    3. Smuggler’s Blues
    4. The Heat Is On
    5. The Allnighter
    Kim Carnes:
    1. Voyeur
    2. Looker
    3. Bette Davis Eyes
    4. Draw Of The Cards
    5. Don’t Fall In Love With A Dreamer (AWESOME duet she did with Kenny Rogers)
    Kenny Rogers:
    1. Love The World Away
    2. Lady
    3. Through The Years
    4. We’ve Got Tonight (AWESOME duet he did with Sheena Easton)
    5. Lucille
    Fleetwood Mac:
    1. Little Lies
    2. Big Love
    3. Hold Me
    4. Go Your Own Way
    5. Don’t Stop

    James…I DEFINITELY remember Bryan Adams and Tina Turner’s “It’s Only Love” duet!!!!! I ESPECIALLY remember the music video of the song…musically speaking…POWERFUL STUFF!!!!! Throughout the entire music video, Bryan and Tina are on a concert stage (concert audience included and n-o-t sold separately…lol) and REALLY belting it out!!!!! And, Bryan and Tina were standing S-O close to each other on the stage!!!!! At one point, it looked like they were gonna start making out with each other…LOL!!!!! Yep.

    James…BTW…L-O-V-E-D the 3 smiley faces!!!!! To me, it’s like 3 X THE SMILE…LOL!!!!!

    Your move, my friend…



    Jamesj75 replied

    :) Jay, thanks for the kind words! And thanks for your keen views! And I like your “LET’S GET M-U-S-I-C-A-L!” I like your channeling of Olivia Newton-John’s “LET’S GET P-H-Y-S-I-C-A-L!”

    Not squeaky clean: I am a bit behind on GH for this week. But I have kept ‘abreast’ of DOOL and the interesting plot twist of JJ’s tryst with Eve… Well, we knew this day would come, and it was fireworks, full force Katy Perry, Fourth of July! Any scene that involves a shirtless JJ has my attention! And I can’t help but like Eve. I loved the actress when she was on OLTL, and I like that her character gives Jennifer a hard time. (I just mentioned the same thing with regard to Ann.) And I feel sorry for Eve, what with the developments regarding her nonsurgery. Could I, too, be trapped under her spell? Well, she throws herself at just about every guy in Salem… Maybe she should think outside the box, you know, someone more mature… OK, so Eve and JJ are feeling guilty, but you just know they will hit the sheets again!

    Jay, so glad you like disco music, too! I tell you what: it moves me, and it brings me back to my youth. Not a bad thing, Brother. Thus…

    My Top 10 Disco Songs:
    1. Turn the Beat Around……….Vicki Sue Robinson
    2. The Men All Pause…………..Klymaxx
    3. Cisselin’ Hot…………………..Chuck Cissel
    4. Don’t Leave Me This Way….Thelma Houston
    5. Dance (Disco Heat)………….Sylvester
    6. Shine on Silver Moon………..Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr.
    7. Let Me Take You Dancing….Bryan Adams
    8. The Hustle……………………..Van McCoy
    9. I Feel Love……………………..Donna Summer
    10. Star love………………………..Cheryl Lynn

    Now I feel like playing some of that great music and moving to the beat and the “rat tat tat tat tat tat of the drum!”

    Jay, I also like your musical picks: great entertainers/great songs. I will add more of my own next time…

    Please take care, and stay as sweet as you are… :) :) :)


    jaybird369 replied

    Well hey there, James!!!!!

    Dude…right off the bat, I gotta tell ya’: Yesterday was N-O-T a good day for me. At all. You see, yesterday (November 6th) marked (or whatever) 11 years that my mom’s been gone. And, get this: When my mom passed away on November 6th, 2003, she passed away on a Thursday. So, therefore, yesterday was a particularly tough day for me. Yesterday, the most I did was check my e-mails, clean my kitchen (It needed it.) and catch up on SLEEP. Ah, life.

    LET’S GET S-O-A-P-Y:
    1. Dude…Sharon’s secret on Y&R is F-I-N-A-L-L-Y out and in the open!!!!! YYYEEESSS!!!!! It’s about damn time!!!!! But, there is only one thing that I don’t like about this: It’ll give that WHINY-ASS Summer something else to cry about…w-a-h w-a-h w-a-h. Oh, spare me already!!!!!
    2. On Wednesday’s episode of Y&R, Dylan W-H-I-N-I-N-G about losing The Coffee House (or whatever)…now T-H-A-T I could have done without. Ya’ saw it when Dylan PUNCHED Joe??? Then, Dylan’s papa Paul arrived on the scene to fight Dylan’s battle for him…Oh, Boo Hoo Hoo. Dude…here is what I don’t get: How in the H-E-L-L did that stupid Avery go from Joe The Dashing (H-A-L-L-O!!!!!) to Dylan The Jackass (ho-hum)?!?!? Avery clearly has NO TASTE in men…LOL!!!!! Nope.
    3. Aw, dude…honestly…I DID NOT see the plot twist of DOOL’s JJ and Eve coming!!!!! Dude…I have been such a BIG FAN of the actress who plays Eve ever since she played Chelsea Reardon on GL back in the 1980′s. Yep.

    LET’S GET M-U-S-I-C-A-L:
    1. Dude…last night, I looked up and watched Bryan Adams’s “Let Me Take You Dancing” on YouTube. Dude…I can understand as to why Bryan was upset. To me, he sounded like a Chipmunk (or something)!!!!! Oh, those music producers…LOL!!!!!
    2. Dude…my turn. Here it is…my TOP 10 Disco Songs. Hmmm…I wonder if Jamesj75 will like my Disco list…LOL!!!!! Anyway…
    Kool And The Gang
    Van McCoy
    Yvonne Elliman
    The Silver Convention
    K.C. And The Sunshine Band
    Gloria Gaynor
    Alicia Bridges
    The Bee Gees
    10. ON THE RADIO
    Donna Summer

    James…before I run for now, question: In Florida, where do you and your boyfriend live??? I mean…do ya’ll live in a house, apartment, condo??? Details, please. Myself??? I live in a apartment complex/building for the physically handicapped. Details…my apartment??? Big enough kitchen/dinette area, medium-sized living room, tiny hallway, big enough pantry, pretty big bedroom and big enough bathroom. Yep.

    Oh Handsome One…your serve.



    Jamesj75 replied

    Hello Jaybird!

    First, I’m sure the anniversary of your mother’s passing was difficult. You’ve mentioned how close the two of you were. I know that you will keep her memory alive and that she will always be with you…

    DOOL: I didn’t know that Cassie DePaiva had also been on GL. But, yes, I am
    loving the involvement of Eve and JJ. Trust me, round 2 is just around the corner! I hope that the storyline about her not being able to sing turns around so that we can hear her singing. I like her voice. I also find it inane that the song she played of herself singing is “Shenandoah,” a truly ancient standard, written before soaps were even created. I am assuming that DOOL would have to pay big bucks for her to record something more contemporary, but I think a popular, well-known, RECENT (even from the 1970s) song would be more entertaining.

    Y&R: I can’t agree with you more on Summer. Actually, this whole storyline is so contrived. It just made sense for Jack to be Summer’s father for a number of reasons but in part because, years earlier, there was that infamous scene of Nick being mysterious at his desk about the paternity test. And with regard to Dylan and Avery, you are so right about Avery. But you know what? I didn’t see the scenes of Dylan whining, punching, being defended by Paul because I watched online and fastforwarded through them. As neither of us can stand Dylan, I try to avoid him at all costs. If I am listening to the show while it’s airing on CBS, I just try to tune him out when he’s on. I am just so resentful about the creation of his character, with JFP displaying obvious favoritism with Steve Burton.

    Didn’t mean to get off on that tangent…

    Friday’s GH: Michael has a gun on Sonny. I know there is no way in hell that my prayers would be answered and the character would be killed off, but… it’s nice to see Sonny facing some kind of retribution for his heinous crime, well, one of them anyway!

    B&B: You may have seen the news about Kim Matula (Hope) leaving the show. I agree with you that the Hope/Liam saga has been excessive, but I do wonder what the storyline holds. I doubt they will recast the role, at least, not right away.

    Brother, so glad you looked up Bryan Adams’ “Let Me Take You Dancing” on youtube. Also, I am a big fan of your favorite disco songs. I like so many of them that it was hard for me to limit my faves to just 10. For instance, like you, I also love Chic, Bee Gees, KC, etc.

    Finally, Jamesj75 lives in a brick house—”mighty, mighty, just letting it all hang out!”

    We’ll hang out here again later, Jay. Take care. :)

    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey, dude!!!!! Good Afternoon!!!!!

    James…thank you for your very kind words about my mom. I really and truly appreciate it. More and more, your very kind words about my mom mean A LOT to me. Again, thanks.

    1. Dude…I gotta tell ya’: Call me c-r-a-z-y but (to me) A-N-Y SHIRTLESS H-U-N-K on a soap makes WAY MORE SENSE than a soap character doing and/or saying something TOTALLY STUPID. My ultimate point here: A shirtless h-u-n-k CATCHES AND HOLDS MY ATTENTION!!!!! A moronic soap character DOES NOT!!!!! BIG BIG BIG DIFFERENCE!!!!!
    2. Dude…I watched the recent DOOL episode (online) where JJ and Eve HIT THE SHEETS. B-a-b-y…the moment that JJ walked through that door looking for Paige (y-a-w-n) and saw Eve instead of Paige…I just knew that JJ was gonna HIT DAT!!!!! HEH HEH HEH!!!!! And, oh y-e-s…Round 2 is right around the corner. DELECTABLE DING DING DING DING!!!!!
    3. Yep…I am aware of Kim Matula leaving B&B. WOO-HOO!!!!! Y-A-Y!!!!! If you ask me, I think that B&B should write out the character of HOPE THE WISHY WASHY for good!!!!! I mean…5 y-e-ar-s of ‘The Hope Logan Show’ WAS QUITE ENOUGH!!!!! GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!
    4. GH Time: To me, Franco EXPOSING Carly at their, um, wedding (lol) was all kinds of FANTASTIC!!!!! Carly’s BEATDOWN/SMACKDOWN has been LONG OVERDUE!!!!! Keep it coming, GH…..
    5. Dude…I’m almost forgetting to tell you…in a recent interview on this website, DOOL’s Casey Moss (aka JJ) did an interview about JJ and Eve. Now…I found the interview to be pretty LOL entertaining. And…in one of his answers to one of the questions, CM said something that had me TOTALLY ROTFL. He said something like, “I am actually surprised that Jennifer isn’t throwing up every few seconds. I mean, more and more, her children are going completely haywire.” Dude…WAY TOO FUNNY…LOL!!!!! Yep.

    Dude…I recently re-watched (on DVD and from 1980) How To Beat The High Co$t Of Living…the one where Jane Curtin, Jessica Lange and Susan St. James’s characters of Elaine, Louise and Jane attempt to rob/steal from that big Money Ball at their local shopping mall (in their town of Eugene, Oregon). Anyway, early on in the movie, Elaine comes home after a day of shopping and discovers (via answering machine) that her husband Millard has left her (meaning Elaine) for his secretary. O-U-C-H!!!!! Anyway, in the next scene in the movie (one of my ALL-TIME FAVE scenes in the movie…lol), Elaine goes to the local bank looking for answers. Check this out…
    Patty (Elaine’s friend who works as a bank teller at the bank): “And then…after Millard emptied out all of the money from b-o-t-h your checking and savings accounts, he emptied out all of your secret jewelry stash and handed me the key.”
    Elaine: “Is there anything left?”
    Patty: “Uh, yes. There’s $486 left over in the Christmas Club account.”
    Elaine: “Great. I’ll take it in cash.”
    Patty: “You can’t, Elaine. Not until December 10th.”
    Elaine: “Aw, shit.”
    Patty (v-e-r-y sarcastically): “Elaine, he’ll be back. As soon as they run out of clean socks and clean underwear they always come back.”
    Elaine: “Patty, I don’t want him back. What makes you think that I want that rotten S.O.B. back?!?!?”
    Patty: “Well, what do you want, then?”
    Elaine: “Patty, I want this lousy bank to lend me some money or (at the very least) for them to at least extend my Visa/MasterCharge limits. Aw, Patty…you’ve got to help me. Honey, I’m broke. I’m flat-busted broke. House and car payments are due on Monday. I need money.”
    Patty (very bluntly): “You know how banks operate, Elaine. They only lend money to people who don’t need it. And…will you please let go of my hands. People are starting to stare.”
    Elaine: “Oh, sorry.”

    James The Musical…here it is…my ALL-TIME TOP 5 FAVE songs of…
    1. Jane
    2. Miracles
    3. No Way Out
    4. Find Your Way Back
    5. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now
    Richard Marx:
    1. Angelia
    2. Satisfied
    3. Hold On To The Nights
    4. Right Here Waiting
    5. The Way She Loves Me
    The Doobie Brothers:
    1. What A Fool Believes
    2. Real Love
    3. Black Water
    4. Minute By Minute
    5. Long Train Running

    James…I think I will close for now. Your move…S-T-U-D!!!!!



    Jamesj75 replied

    Hi Jay:

    Funny stuff about that movie from 1980!

    With regard to your music choices, I enjoy those acts, too.

    We agree on shirtless hunks!

    Thanks for updating me on the Casey Moss interview. I need to become a rolling stone…

    DOOL: I got a kick out of your “Paige (y-a-w-n)!” Hysterical! I’m glad I’m not the only one with that reaction.

    Re GH: I am in shock! Sonny has been arrested for murder. Let’s just see how long he spends in prison. Some technicality will probably get him home by Christmas… You talk about 5 years of the Hope Logan Show on B&B. I have been so sick of the GH Sonny Show, which has lasted 20+ years…

    DOOL: I am also looking forward to round 2 for Eve and JJ! “DELECTABLE DING DING DING DING!!!!!”—that had me LOL!!

    GH sitcom: Did you see the scene where Lord Ashton makes a reference to his bisexuality, as in 1960s Berlin? That was an unexpected hoot!

    GH sadness: One of my favorite GH characters is Britt. I understand that the actress is going on recurring status and then probably leaving the show—he choice (to pursue film work, etc). I LOVE BRITT! Let’s face it: she is beautiful! And I like her character, especially her interaction with Brad, among others. I also read that the actor who plays Felix is also going to recurring status. I was ecstatic that my all-time fave soap finally added a gay character, then threw in 2 more for good measure, and now we’ll be seeing less of Felix. Which brings up a point…

    On GH, how can you really tell if an actor is on recurring status?! Except for a select few who are on more often, most of the actors come in every 3-4 weeks and tape a couple of episodes. Then they disappear again for another 3-4 weeks.

    Jamesj75 is sometimes behind in his soap viewing, primarily because he is also trying to catch up on his nighttime viewing: Law & Order: SVU, Stalker, Forever, Goldbergs, McCarthys, Marry Me, About a Boy, Two and a Half Men (interesting storyline this year…), to say nothing of NFL games (have to watch those live!). Am I watching too much TV?……………….

    Richard Marx and gay bars: Jay, have you ever been to a drag show, during which patrons will walk up to the lip-syncher/performer mid-performance and give a tip (usually a dollar or more)? It’s been a rarity for me, but I have been there. Anyway, during the late 80s, I was in a gay bar for karaoke night, I sang “Hold on to the Nights,” and someone came up while I was performing and tipped me $1! That was unexpected, hysterical, and sweet. I felt like I was a drag queen on stage… (for better or worse). But it was my first and only tip I ever received while singing onstage. Hmmmm…. Maybe that should tell me something…

    Well, Brother, this is all for now. As KC and the Sunshine Band would say, “Keep it coming love…” :)

    jaybird369 replied

    James…you SIZZLIN’ sweetie-pie…what’s up?????

    Dude…if you liked 1980 (lol), then you’ll l-o-v-e 1981. Check it out: I have the movie Stripes (Remember that one?) on DVD. Anyway, one of my FAVE moments in the movie was when the characters of John and Russell (played by Bill Murray and R.I.P. Harold Ramis) went to um, enlist/sign up. Check this out…
    Army Recruiter: “Are either of you two homosexuals?”
    John: “You mean, like, flaming or…?”
    Army Recruiter: “Well, fellas…it’s a standard question. We have to ask.”
    Russell (rather smirkily): ” No we’re not homosexual but we are willing to learn.”
    John: “Yeah…I mean…would they send us someplace special?”
    Army Recruiter: “Well, I guess that’s a ‘no’ on both.”

    1. Dude…trust me…our (happy) shock of GH’s Sonny being arrested will wear off soon enough. As we both know, N-O soap character on A-N-Y soap serves a life sentence in prison. Oh, those soap writers…LOL!!!!!
    2. Sorry, dude…I actually missed the scene about that Lord Ashton dude and his bisexuality. Say what…..
    3. Dude…I am so EMOTIONALLY CRUSHED to hear about the characters of Britt and Felix being bumped to recurring status…SOAP GRRRR!!!!! Dude…here’s what REALLY PISSES ME OFF: Certain beloved soap characters like Britt and Felix are (eventually) thrown on the BACK BURNER while STANK-ASS soap characters like Sonny and Carly remain front and center?!?!? Oh, one more time…SOAP GRRRR!!!!! To me, it all HORRIBLY REEKS of some kind of HYPOCRISY!!!!! Truly lame.
    4. Bro…IMO and all, actor James Read is a VERY RUGGEDLY HANDSOME dude!!!!! It’s his DOOL character of Clyde that I CANNOT STAND!!!!!

    TV TIME:
    Dude…Bottom Line Here…it’s possible that B-O-T-H you and I watch W-A-Y TOO MUCH TV…LOL!!!!! And, yes…I, Jaybird369 get so far far far behind in my nighttime TV viewing. Dude…THANK GOD for the inventions of On-Demand, DVR and The Internet!!!!! Yep. Anyway, here are my current TV viewing habits and all in terms of importance (lol)…
    1. Mom
    2. Two Broke Girls
    3. The Millers
    4. Two And A Half Men (oh, I agree…VERY INTERESTING storyline this year!!!!!)
    5. Bad Judge
    6. The McCarthys
    7. Hawaii 5-0 (Hey…to me, that Scott Caan is all kinds of D-R-E-A-M-Y!!!!!)
    8. Family Guy
    9. DWTS
    10. Blackish

    LET’S GET P-E-R-S-O-N-A-L:
    James…check this out: In my own neck of the woods, there was this gay nightclub called Tonic’s. Every now and then, me and a small group of friends (about 5 of us in all) would go on a Tuesday night because on Tuesday nights they used to have L-I-V-E drag queen shows. Dude…more and more, it was a RIP ROARING R-I-O-T!!!!! They used to do karaoke night on the weekends (Friday-Sunday). Anyway, Tonic’s would also do the $1 tipping thing during the drag shows. Sadly, about close to 3 years ago, Tonic’s experienced a TOTALLY BLAZING F-I-R-E!!!!! Soon after that, the property was rebuilt, renamed and taken over by completely different management. Even more sadly, Tonic’s is NO MORE!!!!! Oh, Sigh.

    James…get a load of this: As you know, I live in Louisiana. Anyway, Tonic’s (which is now gone) used to be in Lafayette (another local town in Louisiana which is about 30 minutes or so away from New Iberia…where I live). Now, more and more, the gay lifestyle in Lafayette is DWINDLING more and more by the minute!!!!! Oh, it gets worse: Currently, there is N-O gay nightlife AT ALL in New Iberia!!!!! GRRRR!!!!! Years ago (when I was underage and all), a bunch of hypocrisy-filled, insufferable and self-righteuous BITCHES AND BASTARDS aka local town council and all took over and (gradually) did away with anything gay-themed…GRRRR!!!!! Fast forward to now: The current town council and all here in New Iberia is such a LAUGHINGSTOCK…annoying, clique-filled, egotistical, ignorant, judgmental, manipulative and (even more!!!!!) stuffy!!!!! Oh, once more…GRRRR!!!!! THE ABSOLUTE PITS!!!!!

    Dude…karaoke and tipping…what a combination…LOL!!!!! Anyway, I bet you were F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!!! A Star Is Born…..

    Well, (older) Brother…that’s it for me for now. And…as The Silver Convention used to sing/say…GET UP AND B-O-O-G-I-E!!!!! BOOGIE!!!!! Take care, dude.

    Your move.


    Jamesj75 replied

    And as the Andrea True Connection said, “More, More, More!” More and more, Jay, you continue to delight and amaze me. You’re an inspiration! Another inspiration is jimh, about whose exit from this site I just learned. God willing, he will be back. He had such kind words for us recently as well as others, and I am touched by all the kind words people had for him. Jay, it melts me…

    Lord Ashton: So basically, hilarity ensued throughout this episode when (1) Ashton inadvertently wound up in Monica’s bed—and Monica wasn’t too happy about it; and (2) Patrick wanted time alone with Ashton to question him about Jerry Jax, to which Ashton replied something like this: “I’m very flattered but I don’t go that way. Well, actually in Berlin I did in the 1960s. EVerybody tried everything.” — Something like that. Monica and Tracy were disgusted. It was hysterical!

    PERSONAL REPLIES: Sorry to hear about the political climate in New Iberia and beyond. One trend that bodes well: the percentage of people who support gay marriage continues to rise, as does the number of states that allow it! It shouldn’t be much longer before it’s the law of the land! I certainly hope so anyway…

    Tonic’s sounds like it was a fun place. I’m glad you have some fond memories of that!

    I’m not much of a bar person—never was… I used to go to karaoke clubs (mostly straight) all the time and had some great times. In recent years, I get my singing fix at my home or the homes of friends, but not as often as I’d like…

    TV (TO BE CONTINUED): I forgot to tell you that Mom is also one of my favorite shows. However, it is very dark for a comedy…

    SOAP TALK AT THIS SITE: I am so happy that you and I, among others, added our voices to Bill’s “wilderness.” There are MANY viewers annoyed with Sonny and his chunk of GH airtime. PS: I love your comment about “STANK-ASS soap characters like Sonny and Carly remain front and center.” Amen, Brother!

    DOOL: I’m enjoying the fallout of JJ and Eve and anxiously awaiting round 2. Geez, you’d think they invited me, too! Also, you make a great point about James Reid. Clyde is growing on me, as he has on Kate…

    GH: It is so sad about not seeing as much of Felix and Britt anymore… Oh well, I guess GH will add another crime family to do war with Sonny. Of course, I know that Johnny is coming back. (I actually like him. Don’t tell anybody…)

    Thanks for sharing the laughs from Stripes! Hysterical! Bill Murray can do no wrong in my book. I still crack up at his skits from SNL, particularly his lounge singer and his Todd with Gilda Radner’s Lisa (the nerds).

    This is all for now, Buddy. You take great care of yourself and be happy!
    XOXOXO :) :):):):):)


    jaybird369 replied


    Dude…as I (once again) HAPPILY WAIT for you to reply back to me (lol), I wanted to ask you: Did you catch that recent episode of Y&R??? In particular…those scenes where Mariah gave that annoying Summer that MUCH NEEDED SMACK-DOWN??? Of course, I did catch the entire episode…LOL!!!!! Anyway, as I was watching those scenes, I kept expecting a CAT-FIGHT…O-K-A-Y!!!!! Dude…I now have an EVEN BIGGER RESPECT for Mariah…LOL!!!!! One last thing for now: What do you think of the new Adam??? Jamesj75…LET’S DISH…

    Still your move, dude…

    Jamesj75 replied

    ************THIS JUST IN**************

    Do you mean to tell me that DOOL’s James Read is the same actor who played in the miniseries “North and South?” The same miniseries that also starred Genie Francis? I HAD NO IDEA… I knew the actor looked familiar, but I didn’t know his name until you, Jay, had mentioned it in your last post here. I thus have a new appreciation and respect for this fine actor.

    It just goes to show you that, even when you think you know it all, you don’t!!!
    Now, let’s try this again: :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    jaybird369 replied

    James The Man…H-A-L-L-O!!!!! What’s up???

    Oh, James…more and more, you FLATTER ME!!!!! Thanks!!!!! Dude…why leave yourself out??? I mean…Jamesj75, YOU TOO ARE AN INSPIRATION!!!!! Always remember that!!!!! And…more and more, you ENTERTAIN the hell out of me!!!!! Thanks!!!!!

    James…I am STILL IN SHOCK about jimh’s soon-to-be EXIT from this website!!!!! James, I am melted, also…

    LET’S GET S-O-A-P-Y:
    1. Dude…check this out: Since 1988, DOOL’s James Read has been HAPPILY MARRIED to Wendy Kilbourne. You see, back in the day, James and Wendy met and fell in love on the set of the 1st “North And South” miniseries. Anyway, Wendy left the entertainment industry a long time ago and is currently an attorney. And…Jonathan Frakes and Genie Francis (also) met and fell in love on the 1st “North And South” miniseries set. And, to this day, Jonathan and Genie (also) are STILL HAPPILY MARRIED!!!!! Ah, love.
    2. Dude…I wish that JJ and Eve would HIT THE SHEETS AGAIN ALREADY!!!!! To me, they have such WHITE-HOT CHEMISTRY together…B-A-B-Y!!!!!
    3. Dude…I L-O-V-E GH’s Johnny!!!!! DREAMY-FILLED Y-U-M!!!!!

    TV TIME:
    Dude…I gotta tell ya’: Where the TV show Mom is concerned, the more darker it is as a comedy…the EVEN MORE DELIGHTED I AM as a TV junkie…LOL!!!!! And that Allison Janney…SHE TRULY ROCKS!!!!! F.Y.I….Allison recently won a People’s Choice Awards award (I think.) for her role on Mom. Y-A-Y!!!!! BTW…my 2 personal favorite characters on Mom are Chef Rudy (His demonic-like voice and his demonic-like personality TOTALLY CRACK ME UP…LOL!!!!!) and, of course, Bonnie The Mom. Yep.

    1. Dude…oh, how I W-I-S-H gay marriage/same-sex marriage was L-E-G-A-L ALREADY in Louisiana!!!!! I mean…COME ON…this is 2014 and N-O-T 1420!!!!!!!!!! The Stone Ages and all that are S-O O-V-E-R!!!!! To me, it’s like MOVE THE H-E-L-L FORWARD ALREADY!!!!!
    2. James…check it out: Over the years, living in New Iberia has had it’s MOMENTS…B-O-T-H good and (especially!!!!!) bad!!!!! More and more, I haven’t formed too many lifelong friendships while living in New Iberia Parish. No. James, it all goes back to my days in high school. After I graduated from high school, I (very gradually) discovered that New Iberia is a V-E-R-Y two-faced, manipulative and (even more!!!!!) clique-filled town!!!!! Dude, over the years and in the emotional sense, I have been bullied, ignored, let down, lied to, rejected, ridiculed, screwed over, spat on, stepped on, talked down to and thrown aside…GRRRRR!!!!! The ENDLESS NERVE of certain people in this world…GRRRRR!!!!! But, I gotta tell ya’: Because of all of this (and other stuff over the years), I have MAJOR TRUST ISSUES!!!!! I mean…would you????? Anyway, my 2 BFF’s Johanna and Lorraine, my buddy Pat Darby and a few other people know this and are aware of this. James, their UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND CONCERN for me keeps me VERY S-A-N-E!!!!! Bottom Line Here: It takes A L-O-T to earn MY TRUST…PERIOD!!!!!
    3. Dude, in the current sense and all, there is a place here in New Iberia that I like to go to every so often. It’s called Daiquiris & Co. It’s within walking distance and it’s just up the road from my building. Every Tuesday night there is THE BEST!!!!! They have their buy 1, get 1 FREE on their small and medium-sized daiquiris (no large). My 3 FAVE FLAVORS…the White Russian, the Chocolate Bar and (during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays) the Cajun Egg Nog. Y-U-M-M-Y!!!!!
    4. Dude, back in the day and in New Iberia, there used to be this HARDCORE BAR called Pancho Villa’s. Dude, that place was all kinds of S-C-A-R-Y!!!!! Check it out: Nothing but HOMOPHOBIC, RACIST AND REDNECK dudes would hang out there!!!!! And…VIOLENT-ASS FIGHTS used to break out there…ESPECIALLY on the weekends!!!!! Anyway, after a while, THE LOCAL FUZZ got tired of being called down there to break up fights and all so the place got SHUT DOWN FOR GOOD about (I think.) 3 years ago. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!
    5. Dude…I’m curious about something: How do you and your boyfriend stay in shape??? Myself: I am n-o-t muscular at all. Sorry. And…I’m not much of a ‘gym’ type. But…I am into A LOT of w-a-l-k-i-n-g!!!!! Bottom Line Here: Body-wise, I am about average-sized (or whatever). Yep.

    James…I think I will close for now. Your serve…


    Jamesj75 replied

    Jaybird, I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack, quicker than usual!!!! :)

    MELTING POT: So, yes, glad that we both expressed such feelings with regard to jimh, among other points. And thank YOU for your kind and generous words about me. I am not worthy, but I humbly accept your kindness… I truly live for moments of melting; and they can happen, even here on the internet! Yahoo!!! AND THANK YOU!!

    MORE PERSONAL STUFF: As you know, I live in the (politically) schizophrenic state of Florida. I suspect that FL will be forced to accept gay marriage, kicking and screaming. We’ll see if Louisiana beats FL to the punch…

    Brother, I am so sorry about the hard times you have faced, including those involving trust issues. Thankfully, you do have some close friends who care. And “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE” is one of life’s most precious gifts, isn’t it?

    DOOL: Thanks for the further updates on James Read and our shared enthusiasm with JJ and Eve. Awaiting the next romp (for them, I mean…).

    Y&R: I did see the scene of Mariah with Summer, and I actually thought of you—I knew you’d like it.

    B&B: I have enjoyed the outdoor scenes from Amsterdam. I was lucky enough to visit and found it to be a beautiful and fun city. (And it’s arguably the top gay friendly city in all of Europe.)

    GH: So much enjoying Sonny getting what’s coming to him (well, for as long as it lasts, anyway). BTW, are the writers really expecting us to feel sorry for him?!?! Because, trust me, I don’t feel sorry for him at all. And that goes for Carly, too. PLEASE, they are getting only what they deserve. Glad so many of us who are sick of Sonny, etc. have been voicing our thoughts at this site. It makes you wonder: do the soaps use focus groups anymore? If not, they should!

    REVISITING THE PERSONAL: So you asked about exercise. My partner and I both play a lot of tennis; he taught me the game when we first met many years ago… And, frankly (and not intending to brag), I am an exerciseholic: In addition to tennis, I get daily exercise doing one or more of the following: swimming laps, lifting weights, biking, walking. Despite all that, I could still use to lose a few pounds, lord knows! But it all makes me feel so good. And the tennis is also such a fine social outlet.

    In closing, Jay, one day, I envision meeting up with you on a Tuesday night at Daiquiris & Co. and knocking back a few together…my treat! I’m a HUGE White Russian fan (the drink and the men!). You and I will paint the town and create an even Newer Iberia!!! That scenario is definitely on my bucket list.

    ‘Til next time… XOXOXO


    jaybird369 replied


    Dude…hey…Louisiana is also (politically) schizophrenic!!!!! You see, B-O-T-H New Iberia and Lafayette are just 2 towns in an entirely B-I-G Louisiana Area (or whatever) known as Acadiana. Anyway, Acadiana has about (I wanna say) 20-25 towns locally in the entire Acadiana arena. OH, LORDY LORDY LORDY LORDY LORDY…forgive me if I forgetting to include anyone (town-wise) here…V-E-R-Y DEFIANT LOL!!!!! Anyway, over the years, there are 3 certain things that A-L-L of Acadiana S-T-I-L-L take V-E-R-Y SERIOUSLY: (1) A sense of family…but…in the ‘traditional family values’ sense. (2) Religion…NON-STOP religion. (3) Politics…politics-wise, L-O-T-S of people in the entire Acadiana arena (especially the men!!!!!) think and behave WORSER than any Republican…stuffiness, narrow-mindedness and homophobia included…AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! Anyway, you can correct me if I’m wrong, but (more and more) I have a feeling that Florida (state-wise) is a FAR MORE progressive state than Louisiana is. Just a theory. Bottom Line Here: Here it is the year 2014 and Louisiana S-T-I-L-L DISAPPROVES of gay marriage/same sex marriage!!!!! IGNORANT, INSUFFERABLE WHACK-JOBS!!!!! Sad.

    LET’S GET S-O-A-P-Y:
    1. Dude…I think that Y&R’s Mariah needs a LOVE INTEREST…SOAP STAT!!!!! And I don’t mean that SLEEPWALKING CHUMP Tyler…E-N-O-U-G-H of that nonsense!!!!! Or…how about this…a Austin/Mariah/Kevin LOVE TRIANGLE?!?!? B-A-B-Y…watching those 2 CUTIE-PIES Austin and Kevin fighting over that WONDERFULLY SPIT-FIERY Mariah is a SOAP TRAIN AND ALL that I would VERY GLADLY BOARD A-N-Y-T-I-M-E!!!!! AW, HELL YEAH!!!!! That would be W-A-Y BETTER than watching Nikki The Uncoordinated Lush, Victoria The Vain, Victor The Ill-Tempered Dragon, Stupidity-Filled Summer, Dylan The Dunderhead, etc.
    2. I think that DOOL should put Kate with Clyde. H-o-n-e-y…a Clyde/Kate pairing…AW, HELL YEAH!!!!! Dude…just an idea.
    3. Dude…what did you think of Tamara Braun and Sarah Joy Brown (the other 2 actresses who previously played GH’s Carly)??? To me, Sarah was pretty good in the role but (to me) Tamara was THE BEST!!!!! Look…to me, Laura Wright was TOTALLY AWESOME all those years ago as Ally on Loving and as Cassie Layne on GL. But…n-o-t as Carly on GH. No. I DO NOT LIKE Laura’s spin (or whatever) on GH’s Carly and I never will!!!!! No Thank You. Next…
    4. And finally…on B&B, Deacon and Quinn continue to CRACK ME UP!!!!! Keep it flowing, B&B…..

    D-u-d-e…OMG…I am thinking and envisioning the same thing!!!!! You and I knocking back a few together (drinks and all) at my local Daiquiris & Co. would be ALL KINDS OF AWESOME!!!!! Dude, if you’re really serious about this, then it’s a (platonic) date!!!!! BTW…’an even Newer Iberia’…I L-I-K-E THAT!!!!! To Be Continued…..

    From Jay To James…Tag-Tag-Tag, Amigo…you’re it!!!!!



    Jamesj75 replied

    Hey there, Pal!

    OK, right off the bat: I am definitely on board with the idea of our (platonic) date at Daiquiris! If I am able to make the trip, I will let you know in advance. It would be awesome, no doubt! As you say, to be continued… Maybe we’ll save it for a sweeps month!

    GH’s Carly: I agree with you all the way around:
    1. I enjoyed the character of Carly as played initially by Sarah Brown (that is, when Carly was making trouble for Bobbie and Tony).
    2. I, too, liked Tamara Braun; she was a convincing and enjoyable Carly.
    3. As great a job as Laura Wright did on previous soaps, her Carly is too harsh and unsympathetic.
    I should add: I am so disgusted and disenfranchised with the whole Sonny takeover of GH for too damn long that any part of his storyline just reeks to me. I couldn’t stand Jason post accident. I couldnt’ stand any of the young things Sonny dated over the years. I couldn’t stand the endless parade of fellow/rival gangsters because they perpetuated Sonny’s storyline. And I am sick, sick, sick of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Did I go overboard there, just a little?…) And GH is trying to sell the viewers on Sonny and Carly as being star-crossed lovers, and it is nauseating and insulting! So, no, I don’t like Laura Wright as Carly, but it’s not entirely the fault of the actress…

    B&B: You are correct about Deacon and Quinn! First, when I see Quinn, I think GH’s Lois. Then I am transported to the present where Quinn is causing all kinds of crazy hell. And I am beyond thrilled that there is a soap that is willing to let Sean Kanan shine. And he indeed shines brightly.

    DOOL: Yes, Clyde and Kate together. I’m lovin’ it! Now, let’s not forget my sexuality for a moment, but I’ve got to tell you: Kate is one sexy, smart woman! :) :)
    Another pair I am rooting for on DOOL is Ann and Theresa. I am fully expecting a storyline at some point, in which Ann expresses her true romantic feelings for Theresa. Yes, they are friends and colleagues. Yes, they are partners in crime. But I think they would make a great couple. And I can certainly envision a realistic scenario in which Ann is harboring such feelings for Theresa. For one thing, she often mentions Theresa’s “ass.” Just sayin’… Also, are you aware that the two actresses made a rap video about their show? It is hysterical! If you haven’t seen it, you can find it on youtube.

    Y&R: An Austin/Mariah/Kevin triangle is something I would enjoy. And, why not just have a threesome to test the waters? We know Kevin is gay in real life, so I think he could play that facet…

    THE POLITICS OF DANCING: Your assessment of LA versus FL politically could be accurate. What I am referencing is the virtual 50:50 division in FL. Witness the recent reelection of (criminal) Gov. Rick Scott over Charlie Christ by less than 1%. Witness recent presidential elections, including the debacle of Gore v. Bush. It’s basically this: big cities vote Democrat; small towns/rural areas vote Republican.

    Platform-wise, the gay issue is mostly along party lines. But, thankfully, there are supportive people in both parties. I mean, come on, in this day and age, doesn’t just about everyone know someone who is gay? If not a member of one’s family? And doesn’t that familiarity lead to understanding and acceptance? I hope so…

    I’m a little behind on my soap viewing at the moment. More opinions/reactions on that front later.

    BEFORE I FORGET: With regard to “Mom,” I agree with you about the restaurant chef: he is great! I also like Violet’s boyfriend Luke and Christy’s ex Baxter.

    CURRENT MUSIC: I just bought 2 new CDs:
    Taylor Swift’s “1989.” Yes, even though I am not in the target demographic, I am a Taylor Swift fan. I have liked her music in the past, and I like the new direction on this new CD. Good up-tempo stuff. And the #1 song in the country is Taylor’s “Shake It Off,” in which she answers her critics, the “haters,” as well as the “players.”
    Rumer’s “Into Colour.” This is the 3rd CD of British (Pakistan-born) singer, Rumer. Many say her voice is reminiscent of Karen Carpenter. It is… Thus, how could I not be a fan? Her voice is beautiful and soothing, and the arrangements are romantic and soft.

    So, handsome, at the risk of boring you, I will close. I look forward to your feedback and insights. And I give you a virtual toast, preceding the ones in person down the road: Cheers!


    jaybird369 replied


    Last night, I remembered something. And…I wanted to tell you while it was in my head (or whatever). It’s about Stuart Damon. Supposedly, Stuart is very medically ill. I don’t know any of the details or anything (yet). Dude…I just wanted to share this piece of info with you.

    James…it’s still your move…

    Jamesj75 replied

    Thanks for letting me know, Jay. It’s sad, indeed…

    jaybird369 replied

    Hey there, James The Great!!!!! What’s up????? Once again, time to ROCK-N-ROLL…

    1. Dude…on Monday’s episode of Y&R, watching that STUPID AND PRISSY Victoria giving birth was like B-L-A-H!!!!! At one point, I had to MUTE it for a few minutes because Victoria’s screaming kept hurting my ears/hearing…y-i-k-e-s. Anyway, now that Victoria’s new bundle of joy has entered the world of SOAP-DOM, I guess it’s time for that paternity test!!!!! Yep.
    2. Dude…where the AWESOME Sean Kanan is concerned, I think that Sean himself got a VERY RAW DEAL from GH!!!!! GRRRRR!!!!! I’m just glad that Sean is back at B&B where he belongs!!!!! Rest In Soap Peace GH’s AJ.
    3. Dude…actually…I never thought of DOOL’s Ann and Theresa as a soap couple. Sorry. My bad. Anyway, forgive me…more and more, I get so HUNK-OBSESSED when and while I’m watching my soaps…LOL!!!!! Anyway, Ann and Theresa as a future soap couple…I like it!!!!!
    4. Dude…finally, on GH, here is why I R-E-A-L-L-Y do not like Carly at all: (1) Carly is WAY TOO MUCH of a meddler. (2) Carly is WAY TOO ONE-DIMENSIONAL for my soap tastes. (3) Most of all, Carly has WAY TOO MUCH of a ‘in-your-face’ kind of attitude. Now THAT is B-O-T-H insulting and nauseating!!!!!

    1. Man…I gotta be honest…I’m not that much of a Taylor Swift fan. Sorry. The most that I remember about Taylor Swift…James, I’m sure that you remember (from a while back) when that LOWLIFE THUG Kanye West VERY RUDELY interrupted Taylor’s big moment (or whatever) during her win at those music awards??? That was ALL KINDS OF RUDE on Kanye’s part!!!!! To me, Kanye is nothing but OVERRATED AND UNTALENTED!!!!! Moron.
    2. Fella…here it is…my ALL-TIME TOP 5 FAVE Stevie Wonder songs…
    Living For The City
    That Girl
    Part-Time Lover
    You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
    Isn’t She Lovely
    3. I’m not too familiar with Rumer’s music. But, in the past year or so, I’ve read stuff about Rumer online. Dude…relax and slow your roll…it’s all NICE AND POSITIVE STUFF!!!!! Yep.

    Dude…I cannot put this topic of conversation off any longer. In Louisiana (where I live), there is this guy who is a local Senator (I think.)…and…more and more, he make my BLOOD BOIL BADLY!!!!! His name is David Vitter. James, the guy is a REAL CREEP!!!!! Among other things, Vitter is arrogant, condescending, egotistical, homophobic, hypocritical, insufferable, racist, sexist, sneer-filled and spineless. But that ain’t all. Get this: A while back, Vitter was embroiled (or whatever) in a local SEX SCANDAL. You see, Vitter kept visiting local madams/brothels…NON-STOP!!!!! And…he still does!!!!! Plus…Vitter has a LONG-ASS HISTORY of cheating on his wife. BTW, Vitter’s wife Wendy (supposedly) is an arrogant, bossy and controlling BITCH ON WHEELS!!!!! And…Wendy is N-O-T exactly squeaky-clean herself!!!!! Bottom Line Here: David Vitter is TOTAL S-C-U-M!!!!! ULTIMATE GRRRRR!!!!!

    1. James, more and more, here are my 10 FAVE things about Mom…
    a. Bonnie
    b. Chef Rudy (Dude…this may be messed up but (for some reason) I find Chef Rudy’s demonic-like voice VERY S-E-X-Y!!!!! Oh, God Help Me…LOL!!!!!)
    c. Marjorie (I L-O-V-E that gal!!!!! And, as an actress, Mimi Kennedy=SUPER TALENTED ACTRESS!!!!! And, F.Y.I…Mimi and actress Susan Sullivan have been good friends in real-life ever since their ‘Dharma And Greg’ days.)
    d. Alvin and Bonnie being H-O-T for each other (w-a-y too funny…LOL!!!!!)
    e. Baxter (Christy’s ex and aka MAJOR STONER…LOL!!!!!)
    f. Roscoe (t-o-t-a-l-l-y hilarious kid!!!!!)
    g. Gabriel (Christy’s LUST-SICK MORON of a boss…HEH HEH HEH!!!!!)
    h. Alvin
    i. Luke (in small doses, though)
    j. A-N-Y restaurant scene (where Christy works)
    2. Dude…on a recent episode of 2 Broke Girls, the character of Sophie (played by Jennifer Coolidge) said something that REALLY had me LOL!!!!! Check it out…
    Sophie (stopping in at the diner after a disastrous blind date): “Oh, gee…I tell ya’…I am now back from my, um, blind date. And, you know what??? It is RAINING LOSERS out there tonight!!!!!”

    James…before I close for now, one thing: You DID NOT bore me…LOL!!!!! More and more, you are QUITE THE ENTERTAINER…LOL!!!!! Thanks!!!!! And CHEERS to you, too…you CUTIE-PIE!!!!!

    Your serve, dude…


    Jamesj75 replied

    Hello there, Jayman! You won’t be able to tell from the “replied” time at the site, but I am actually writing this in the wee hours of Saturday morning. It is a rare time for me in that I can’t sleep. So why not be productive? :)

    1. I am not a fan of birthing scenes in general. Too much screaming. And Victoria was over the top. You know, during her 3-day (or whatever) stint in the maintenance closet, at one point, she had reached for tools and logically attempted to extricate herself. But she had one brief pain and just totally gave up on that idea, deciding instead to keep banging on the door and keep screaming. Then more screaming during the birth… I’m sure women’s libbers just loved how she helplessly waited to be rescued by two burly men.
    2. I totally agree with you about Carly.
    3. I know all about Vitter: You categorized him perfectly.
    4. Jay, you are way better versed on “Mom” than I could ever be! I do enjoy the show! I agree with you about the restaurant scenes, not enough of them…

    1. Of course, I remember Kanye’s treatment of Taylor Swift. He is a total embarrassment with anger issues galore. (You summed up this THUG quite well…) Taylor wrote a song, “Innocent” about him and the incident, in effect, forgiving him and complimenting his “brilliance.” She performed it on an awards show—an emotional moment, but the crowd gave her a so-so ovation. Then later, he does one of his stupid rap (crap) songs, and the crowd gives him a standing ovation. What morons! But since the awful and ridiculous incident with KW, I decided to check out her music.
    2. Rumer — It’s interesting that you’ve heard of her. I had to buy this latest CD from the British Amazon. It’s terrific! Very positive, life-affirming, romantic, sweet. I just wrote a review of the CD at AM Corner. (If you look up Rumer at that site, you can find my review, one of the last postings, and maybe even message me…). It’s funny that you said “relax and slow your roll,” as her first single from the first album was “Slow!” Did you know that?

    1. I Wish
    2. Boogie on Reggae Woman
    3. Living for the City
    4. My Cherie Amour
    5. Part-Time Lover

    B&B: I was happy to see Bill Spencer the other day. Just because Brook is missing in action, it’s nice to see Bill once in a while. Dude is not a young buck anymore, but he keeps quite fit.

    Jay, before I forget, I want to share with you my thoughts on the meaning of lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………
    Oh, sorry, I am getting sleepy now………………………….

    I look forward to next time, Brother! You are a true bright light!



    jaybird369 replied


    As I’m waiting for you to reply back to me (lol), here’s a new tidbit for ya’: A few weeks ago, I discovered (by accident) a (new) show that I really like. It’s called At Midnight. It airs on Comedy Central. I especially like to play catch-up and watch recent episodes of it on Comedy Central OnDemand. Anyway, every week, three actors and/or comedians (male and/or female) discuss and poke fun at current things in the world of entertainment and pop culture. It’s hosted by that Chris Hardwick dude. Anyway, every week, each episode is an absolute LAUGH RIOT!!!!! Dude, if you haven’t seen it, then you should at least check it out. Dude…At Midnight is THAT HILARIOUS…LOL!!!!! Yep.

    Jamesj75…it’s still your serve, dude…

    Jamesj75 replied

    Thanks for telling me about “At Midnight.” I guess this site did post my actual time. See you soon!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…Hey Hey Hey!!!!! Once again, let’s J-A-M…

    1. Dude…’two burly men’…that made me LOL!!!!! Thanks!!!!! Now, speaking of the ‘two burly men’, while that STUPID-OLD Victoria kept SCREAMING AND SCREECHING, I decided to tune Victoria O-U-T…by FANTASIZING about Billy and Stitch FIGHTING OVER M-E!!!!! H-E-Y!!!!! Yep…FURTHER PROOF as to how much I H-A-T-E that WISHY-WASHY Victoria!!!!! Annoying bitch.
    2. Y&R-wise, I recently had a thought: Here’s what makes me so HOPPING-M-A-D…how can those so-called head-honchos at Y&R get rid of an intriguing villain like Womack (Remember him?????) yet keep an annoying and whiny BASKET-CASE (or whatever) like Summer around?!?!? Also…Myk Watford is so RUGGEDLY DREAMY!!!!! As for that Hunter King, her so-called acting STILL makes me wanna G-A-G!!!!! Of course, with that SELFISH AND SELF-CENTERED SOAP-ZILLA JFP still running/ruining Y&R…AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! Next…
    3. Now…speaking of B&B’s Bill, man oh man, that was some FISTFIGHT between Bill and Ridge!!!!! M-A-C-H-O M-A-C-H-O M-E-N!!!!! DING DING DING DING!!!!! SOAP HUNKS GONE WILD!!!!! H-A-L-L-O!!!!!

    1. Dude…A-N-Y-O-N-E that would give that LOWLIFE THUG Kanye West a standing ovation…HUH?!?!? WHAT MORONIC FOOLS?!?!? Idiots.
    2. Dude…the fact that Linda Ronstadt can no longer sing because of her battle with Parkinson’s Disease…IT IS SO UNFAIR!!!!! Oh, Sigh. With that being said and all, here are my ALL-TIME TOP 5 FAVE Linda Ronstadt songs…
    Hurts So Bad
    Somewhere Out There (AWESOME duet with James Ingram!!!!!)
    Blue Bayou
    You’re No Good
    Get Closer

    Dude…I have gotta share with you one of my FAVE moments from Mom (from last season). Remember the episode “Jail Jail And Japanese Porn”…the one where Bonnie, Christy and Marjorie threw that farewell party (or whatever) for their friend Regina??? Regina…who was about to serve that prison sentence because she stole $3 million dollars??? Anyway, this is STILL one of my FAVE moments from that episode…
    Bonnie (giving a toast of her own): “My turn. Regina…you stole $3 million dollars from people who trusted you. You shouldn’t go to jail. Instead, you should go to Wall Street.”

    Dude…more and more, they say so much LOL stuff on At Midnight!!!!! Example: One of my favorite categories (or whatever) on there is #HashTagWars. Anyway, in honor of Sesame Street’s recent 45th Anniversary (or whatever), this came, um, sputtering out…Rejected Muppet Characters And/Or Titles. And…here is what the three comedians (during the episode) verbally came up with…
    “Weekend At Bert And Ernie’s”
    “DO NOT Tickle Elmo”
    “Oscar The Grouch Gone Oscar Mayer”
    “Miss Piggy Bank”
    “Brace Yourselves…Elmo Has Moved In At The End Of The Street”
    James…of course…here is my, um, contribution (lol)…
    “Bert And Ernie On Brokeback Mountain”
    “Big Bird Gone Bat-Shit Crazy”
    “Fozzie Bear Trap”
    “Scooter In Scotland”
    “Pigs In Space Meets Apollo 13″

    From Jay To James…your turn, Handsome…


    Jamesj75 replied


    Great stuff, as always!

    I REALLY like your contributions for the At Midnight show, as well as theirs. And I do remember that episode of Mom from last year. I am definitely enjoying the show this year, too…

    Jay, I am so glad you mentioned Linda Ronstadt; yes, I am familiar with her illness—so sad…
    My Top 5 Faves of Linda Ronstadt:
    1. Blue Bayou
    2. Ooh Baby Baby
    3. When Will I Be Loved
    4. You’re No Good
    5. Long Long Time
    It’s hard to limit it to 5 for me…as I also love her duets, her work as part of the TRIO, and other songs.

    B&B: I finally saw the episode of the fight between Bill and Ridge. And the Dollar beats the Poet! Hmmm… Does Ridge still like poetry? I’m sure both actors wanted to be the one who “won” the fight. I certainly loved Jaybird’s take on it: “SOAP HUNKS GONE WILD!!!!!” :)
    Also, I enjoyed Y&R’s Gloria in her brief visit (same episode).

    Y&R: I agree with you about Womack; it would be nice to see him. And you know that you and I are always sympatico about Summer. Blech… So I watched today’s episode: Summer, Austin, and Nick were talking, and Nick said he’s leaving town for a couple of days. Austin said, “Bummer.” It occurred to me that “bummer” rhymes with “Summer.” Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!!
    I love your analysis of “…JFP still running/ruining Y&R.” So true…

    GH: As I stated elsewhere at this site, it has gotten to the point where I no longer care about Luke (Fluke). I just think Geary’s absences have become too disruptive to the show, so that they’ve dragged out his storyline, with red herrings, delays, etc. So I’m not even psyched about his return… I know I’m in the minority. Not the first time… :)

    DOOL: Is there any female in Salem Dr. Feelgood (I mean, Dr. Jonas) hasn’t slept with? And where does he find the time?

    So, my friend, this is all for now. In case we (I) don’t respond before then, have a Wonderful Thanksgiving! One extra thing I am thankful for in 2014 is my friendship with you…



    jaybird369 replied

    Hey There James!!!!! Happy (Almost) Thanksgiving!!!!!

    1. Dude…tomorrow…a VERY SPECIAL Y&R episode!!!!! Check it out: Nick goes on some journey of self-discovery (or whatever) and ends up being CONFRONTED by these 5 (yep…5) chicks: Sharon, Phyllis, Avery, Grace (Oh, that hussy…LOL!!!!!) and Amy (another one of Sharon’s friends from long ago). Dude…I have a feeling that these chicks are gonna R-I-P Nick to shreds!!!!! Let the (soap) games begin…
    2. On B&B, I thought that that was so LOL F-U-N-N-Y how Gloria was, um, hesitant to eat Pam’s lemon bars. Pam is such a LOL R-I-O-T!!!!! Yep.
    3. Dude…check it out: I recently read somewhere that Eileen Davidson is headed back to DOOL (as in one day soon) to tape brand new (Kristen) scenes. Y-E-S!!!!!
    4. H-o-n-e-y…where that ANNOYING Luke/Fluke junk is concerned, you are N-O-T in the minority here!!!!! I feel the same way!!!!! And…I have a feeling that there are other (fellow) GH fans out there who A-G-R-E-E with you and I on this certain soap topic (or whatever). Yep. Anyway, y-e-s…I (also) feel like Anthony Geary’s CONSTANT absences from GH are WAY TOO DISRUPTIVE to the show!!!!! To me, it’s kind of like watching a ‘class clown’ type of student CONSTANTLY playing hooky from high school…IMMATURE AND IRRESPONSIBLE!!!!! As I may have mentioned to you a while back (in a previous post), I am S-O- O-V-E-R The Luke Mania!!!!! For me personally, The Luke Mania SHIP has seriously S-A-I-L-E-D!!!!! Bottom Line Here: I wish that Anthony Geary would F-I-N-A-L-L-Y RETIRE ALREADY!!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!

    James…I am such a B-I-G FAN of comedian Jeffrey Ross!!!!! With that being said and all, here are a few of my ALL-TIME FAVE Comedy Central Roast moments…featuring Jeffrey Ross himself (aka The RoastMaster General)…
    Jeff (at the David Hasselhoff Roast): “Hayley and Taylor Ann, I think that it’s so, um, cool that you came here tonight to show your love and support to your dad “The Hoff”. You know…they say that talent skips a generation so you girls are probably awesome.”
    Jeff (to Hulk Hogan at the DH Roast): “Hulk Hogan is so old and has been wrestling for so long…that the first time he pinned a wrestler for the 1-2-3 WIN, the referee counted it in Roman Numerals!!!!! I I I I I I I I I I!!!!!”
    Jeff (at the Charlie Sheen Roast): ” I know that this is supposed to be a Charlie Sheen Roast but look at this dais…I mean…is this a Roast or The Republican Primaries???”

    James…more and more, your friendship means A LOT to me!!!!! ALWAYS remember that!!!!! With that being said and all, here are the 3 things that I am TOTALLY THANKFUL FOR in 2014…
    1. My health (as multi-dimensional and all as that is)
    2. My friendship with Y-O-U
    3. My surviving that VERY NIGHTMARISH kidney surgery and GOD-AWFUL relapse back in early May of this year
    James…before I forget (lol), REMEMBER to eat A LOT this Thursday for Thanksgiving!!!!! I know I will REMEMBER to chow down…LOL!!!!! Yep.

    From Jay To James…your serve…



    Jamesj75 replied

    Hello Jay!

    I will get personal at the outset: Tonight, on the eve of Thanksgiving, I am feeling very blessed and thankful. I am very thankful for my friendship with you, Jay. You’re a terrific man who I admire and respect… :) :) :)

    Thank you for your kind words to me!! And I am thrilled to hear about the 3 things for which you are “TOTALLY THANKFUL” in 2014. I am so glad you survived that surgery and the relapse, and I wish (and pray) for the best in health to you from this point on… You, Jay, deserve the very best!!!

    I also enjoy Jeffrey Ross. I have seen some of those roasts, and I think he is hysterical!

    I missed the special Y&R episode (Nick-centric), but I will catch it later.
    I did see today’s B&B, in which everyone at the table says something nice about the person seated on the right. Interesting premise, but sadly it wouldn’t work as well out in the wild!
    I also caught a glimpse of Helena on GH today; I will need to watch that show later, too!
    Yes, I heard about Eileen Davidson’s return to DOOL. The viewers are in for a treat! But it will be about 4 months from now.
    So glad you feel the way I do about Geary/Luke. I like your comparison with a high school student playing hooky. He’s not the curly haired charmer he once was. And I’m not knocking him for getting older. We all do. But, after all the stops and starts, I’ve just lost interest.

    Speaking of “stops and starts,” my TOP 5 Cher songs:
    1. Half-Breed
    2. Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves
    3. After All (includes “stops and starts”) w/Peter Cetera
    4. The Way of Love
    5. Believe

    I should be better versed on my soap viewing by next time.

    Sweet, Jay, take care of yourself.

    And have a Great Thanksgiving!



    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Jay and James…you two are the most fascinating pair on this site…wow, your conversation is highly entertaining and helped pulled me out of my gloomy day…love reading your posts…it was like a good book one just cant get enough of…music favorites, tv stars and their feuds, personal life ect…why this is the best thing ive read in ages…back in the early 70s Kate Jackson was one of my top favorite soap actresses when she appeared as Daphne Harridge on daytimes spook soap Dark Shadows…i remember when Kate got pissed when she didnt get that movie role on Kramer verses Kramer…hey, when you talk about your mom…i feel your pain…lost my mom in ’97 and 30 more family members and friends since then and counting…my mom was a Christian lady who went to church every weekend…she could swear like a trucker when she got mad especially at my father…lol…she spent a lot of time in the confession booth because of her cussin but she had a heart of gold and was the nicest person one could ever want to meet…and hearing about your mom…boy, i bet if your mom and mine had been neighbors they wouldve been great friends…she sounds like she was a wonderful person…love yours and James posts here…brings back a lots of good memories of my own…i thank you both!!!


    Jamesj75 replied

    jimh, thank you so much for your kind and generous words! You have made my day! I can’t speak for Jay, but I am not worthy…

    I was under the impression that other people might be bored if they stumbled on the long-term conversation between Jay and me. So for you to have such a positive and warm response is overwhelming. Please feel free to join us anytime! Jay is better and quicker at responding than I am, but I will get there sooner or later.

    It’s nice to hear about your mother, and you do have my sympathies regarding her as well as those other family members and friends who have passed. One of my best friends passed away in 2013, and it deeply affected me… I try to be a good person and treat everyone with respect; life is so short. We should appreciate our friends and family—I keep telling myself that. Even with strangers, a minor kindness can mean so much…

    Also, I was a big fan of Dark Shadows, too, and I understand your fascination with Kate Jackson. You must have been thrilled with her later successes on Charlie’s Angels and beyond… Did you see the Dark Shadows movie? What did you think of it? I, for one, enjoyed it, and it pleased me to no end that they prominently featured a video of my favorite singer, Karen Carpenter, performing “Top of the World.”

    So, jimh, thanks again! And please continue to join us. Take care, Friend!

    4ever DAYS replied

    I agree that they are fascinating, but they would be even more fascinating if they turned out to be the same person, or even two parts of your personality!!! lol

    Jamesj75 replied

    4ever DAYS, sorry I didn’t see this earlier… You could be onto something…

    Happy New Year!

  36. Gary says:

    Who cares. Without a doubt the worst acting (if you can call it that) on television. Most of these characters couldn’t get a job in a care wash!!


    jaybird369 replied

    Gary…dude…your comment is TRULY HILARIOUS…LOL!!!!! GOOD ONE!!!!!


    Gary replied

    Who writes this crap? Mary Poppins?

    Jamesj75 replied

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


  37. Tammy says:

    I hope Dylan is Paul’s son. This would be so great and Summer would found out who her real dad is!


  38. Morgan says:

    JFP has just about ruined a show that I have watched for 35 years. She has rammed this hack, Steve Burton down our throats for too damned long. He has the personality of an old wooden statue. Dumber than dirt and worse all time actor to ever be on this once great show. Got him on 4 days a week and involved in everybodys story line. Sidelined many great actors and I am guessing, JFP must have a thing for him, cause he sure can’t act. Just absolutely the all time crappiest of stories with him involved in toooo many of them.


    Jamesj75 replied

    You nailed it, Morgan!


    Gary replied

    Gotta disagree, clown that plays Nick is downright. Dumb! If I hear him say “I want to protect you” once more from him, I will throw up my cookies. And the actor (??) that play’s Nicky-she should go back to being a greeter at Walmart. Sorry if I’ve insulted the greeters at Walmart!

    Jamesj75 replied

    Funny stuff, Gary!

    jaybird369 replied

    Gary…fella…GOOD ONE!!!!! And very true!!!!! Dude…about a month ago, a friend of mine (and her 3 daughters) came up with a brand-new drinking game for themselves (or whatever). Whenever that clueless doofus Nick says “I want to protect you”, my friend and her daughters each toss back a shot of…well…whatever. BOTTOMS UP!!!!!!! And, Gary…I think that the greeters at Wal-Mart would understand…LOL!!!!!

    Take care. And…HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!! Peace.

  39. Kidders Robinson says:

    Paul is by far the best actor on the show. I will look forward to seeing what the veteran actor can bring out in Dillion. If they end of killing him, then they kill me as a watcher.


    Gary replied

    I’ll supply the bullet! There are no “best actors” on this show. Anybody who has the slightest bit of acting skill left this show a long time ago. The rest of them are just terrible and couldn’t get a job dishing fries at McDonalds.


    jaybird369 replied

    Gary…your comment MADE MY DAY, dude…LOL!!!!! Once again…GOOD ONE!!!!!

  40. PaulaKate Meserole says:



  41. Kim says:

    Y&R needs to end the drama about Phyllis first, enough already, that story line has dragged on way too long, as has the Summer issue. Honestly I am sick of this show and refuse to watch it daily because it’s taking so long to clear up these two issues.


  42. cheryl says:

    I am so sick ‘n’ tired that JFP keeps getting rid of actors/actresses on the show. She is obviously a very difficult person to be working for at this time. Now with Paul Williams appearing as though he is possibly leaving the show also, I have had more than enough of the changes in the past 6 plus months. As for David Thom playing Billy Abbott….get real. He sucks !!!!! Why doesn’t someone tell him to quit being a mumbly mouth actor. What is JFP’s problem?????/ You have lost me as an avid show watcher. There are better programs on many other stations. Thank goodness for all the stations on Xfinity. I am now like your actors/actresses…..I QUIT. Goodbye forever.


  43. Pat Williams says:

    I am so sick of that dr. Trying so hard to break up a marriage and always in her face. Victoria didn’t even know this guy and had sex with him and unprotected.


  44. Cathy says:

    I am curious as to the possibility of Austin being a miraculous match as a liver donor. Although far fetched, it might be the ‘golden carrot’ to save his bacon after shooting Paul accidentally. They already have Avery deciding to help him, meaning Austin (as of the Jun 19th show), so it occurred to me that something equally far fetched could happen in that Austin is discovered to be a coincidental match and a ‘more than willing’ donor as a means to demonstrate he truly is the ‘good guy’ Summer professes him to be. I may be off-base big-time, but it just suddenly popped into my head. Kill two birds with one stone; or in this case, save two men’s lives (literally and figuratively’ with one liver, or a part therein!) Just my likely worthless two cents! :)


    Marianne replied

    I thought the same thing. Love Dylan..would hate to see him die helping Paul. Icannot or never could stand Christine. Did you hear that line.. In other words, heck with Avery and Dylan, what about my life with Paul. I might think it or secretly pray it in a circumstance like that, but to come out and say it. Selfish witch.


  45. Marianne says:

    I do not like the new Billy (6/24). Victoria is being stupid and self righteous. Don’t kill off Paul.


  46. Jamesj75 says:

    This whole storyline of Dylan being Paul’s son is so annoying. Face it: the only reason Dylan is Nicki and Paul’s on is because Jill Farren Phelps wants her “pet,” Steve Burton to control frontburner status. It is sickening. General Hospital was ruined by JFP with her tunnelvision focus on the Mob via Sonny, Jason (Steve Burton), and Carly. So now she wants Y&R to focus mainly on Steve Burton’s character. Burton is an overrated actor: he really doesn’t show much range or depth, just a cardboard caricature. And, guess what, Eric Braeden won’t put up with this crap for very long. Trust me…


    jaybird369 replied

    James…Y-E-S…VERY, VERY WELL SAID, bro!!!!! And…hey…I’ve never cared for Eric Braeden’s Y&R character (aka Victor). However…dude…that is SO TRUE about Eric Braeden. I hear that he is VERY OUTSPOKEN on the Y&R set and DOES NOT MINCE WORDS…at all!!!!! Oh, those soaps…LOL!!!!!

    Peace, bro.


    Jamesj75 replied

    Thanks, Jay! Like you, I am not a fan of Y&R’s Victor. But Mr. Braeden is, as you say, “VERY OUTSPOKEN,” and I admire him for that. Now, as much as you and I (and countless others) like Peter Bergman and Michael Muhney, Braeden butted heads with both men, even got into a fistfight on the set with Bergman many years ago. (I’m sure you know about that!) Now that’s drama!

    Peace to you, Brother…

    Gary replied

    How come everybody that has a missing son or daughter ends up in this town? Ho writes this crap.


    Jamesj75 replied

    If this happened as often in real life, I think alcoholism would spike (pun intended)!

  47. Jamesj75 says:

    Here are some reasons why Y&R has been so bad in recent months:
    1. The proliferation of new characters no one cares about (Summer, Dylan, Avery, Leslie, Hillary, Colin, Kelly, Tyler)
    2. Awful recasts (Kelly, Noah, Abby)
    3. Ruined characters:
    a. Sharon, from a heroine to a wacko. I like Sharon and I want her likable again.
    b. Neil, from a likable hero to a lech. Seriously, he’s like a lovesick puppy. He falls madly in love with (and wants to marry) any pretty young thing that gives him the time of day. And they get younger and younger each time.
    4. Missing in action characters (Gloria, Kevin, Michael): which begs the question: how on earth does Christain LeBlanc get an Emmy nomination when he hasn’t had a storyline in quite some time and he is rarely on?
    5. Focusing too much on Steve Burton’s character Dylan: which begs the question: how on earth does Steve Burton get an Emmy nomination when his acting is so boring and flawed?
    6. Firing Michael Muhney. Sorry, but this man was the best actor on the show, handsome and charismatic. Muhney made the audience understand Adam, no matter his actions. That whole thing with Hunter King was a “he said/she said” debacle. Moments after he was fired for allegedly groping King’s breast(s), she is shown on Y&R wearing low-cut outfits, prominently displaying said breasts. And what does this double standard signify?
    7. Jill Farren Phelps’ stewardship. She ruined GH. She has now ruined Y&R. She clearly plays favorites with the cast. She couldn’t get Genie Francis fired fast enough, and she couldn’t get Steve Burton hired fast enough.


    jaybird369 replied

    Jamesj75…more and more, you are saying a MOUTHFUL…VERY BEAUTIFULLY!!!!! I ESPECIALLY agree with you about #7 in your certain post (about that A-W-F-U-L JFP). Also…Y-E-S…the firing of Michael Muhney was a HUGE MISTAKE!!!!! And…I’ll N-E-V-E-R believe that MM harassed Hunter King…PERIOD!!!!! I mean…I hear that MM is VERY HAPPILY MARRIED in real life. So, therefore…I don’t think that MM would ever put his own happy marriage in jeopardy like that. No way. One last thing: Let’s not forget the multi-talented Debbi Morgan…another multi-talented soap vet (just like the VERY FABULOUS Genie Francis) that JFP couldn’t wait to get rid of!!!!! James…dude… when, oh, when will the TOTAL IDIOCY at Y&R ever end?!?!? I wonder.


    Jamesj75 replied

    Thanks jaybird369! We are on the same page totally. I’ve just read your other earlier posts here, too. You asked when the “TOTAL IDIOCY” will end. Once CBS or Sony sees the errors in their ways and dumps JFP. That would be a good start. You are so right about Debbi Morgan, too. Surely, the powers that be have focus groups or read message boards like this one to get a feel of audience impact. If they did, they would see the reasons that they are losing viewers.

    When I gave up on GH about 10 years ago (I still tune in occasionally, especially if I hear they are having someone back, such as Genie Francis), I started watching Y&R. As you insightfully outlined earlier, Y&R used to be a great show. I hope it can return to its former glory!

  48. jaybird369 says:

    Jamesj75…thank you for reading my earlier posts and all. Dude…I think that you are TRULY AWESOME!!!!! A few things:
    1. A while back, I was pretty much D-O-N-E with GH when that BARRACUDA JFP F-I-R-E-D Stuart Damon. WHAT THE HELL?!?!?
    2. I think that the STUPIDEST thing that JFP has ever done was when she F-I-R-E-D Anna Lee. Dude…Anna Lee was in her 90′s!!!!! The way I heard it, GH was EVERYTHING to her.
    3. Dude…R-I-G-H-T O-N about that overrated Steve Burton!!!!! Trust me…back then, it was one of the happiest days of my life when SB FINALLY left GH. YIPPEE!!!!!!!
    4. Lastly, Summer is BEYOND ANNOYING!!!!! BOTH Wah Wah Wah and spare me!!!!! One minute Avery (Summer’s aunt) is being held hostage by that idiotic dude Austin…then…that sniveling and whiny Summer acts like she cannot live without Austin. Oh, Boo Hoo Hoo…and BLECH!!!!! And…this business of Summer having 2 daddies (aka Jack and Nick) is getting TRULY OLD. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!

    James…take care, dude. Peace.


    Jamesj75 replied

    Jay, no, Dude, you are AWESOME!! :) Anyway, you are spot on as always!

    With regard to GH, I didn’t realize JFP actually fired Stuart Damon and Anna Lee. That is sacrilegious and unforgivable. But I knew the policy at GH was total lack of respect for veteran actors. Why focus on them when they get can get mileage out of Sopranos Lite? Yes, I also cheered when Burton left GH. I might have felt differently if (1) he were a better actor; and (2) he wasn’t crammed down our throats everyday.

    With regard to Y&R, see above with regard to Steve Burton being “crammed down our throats everyday.” And, Summer, I just never liked her. It’s a total injustice (and more than enough politicking) that Steve Burton and Hunter King would get Emmy nominations whereas the great Michael Muhney didn’t get one…

    Take care, Friend!


    jaybird369 replied

    James…let’s just agree that we’re BOTH AWESOME…LOL!!!!! Anyway…total injustice…HELL YEAH!!!!! As far as I’m concerned, Michael Muhney can act CIRCLES (and beyond) around that one-dimensional muscle-head Steve Burton ANYTIME!!!!! Also, here are 2 more reasons as to why I DO NOT LIKE JFP…AT ALL: In the early ’90s, JFP killed off the beloved character of Maureen Bauer from GL. Then, later on and in the mid-’90s, that JFP witch killed off the character of Frankie Frame…my all-time FAVORITE character from AW. Bottom Line Here: Y&R needs a MAJOR OVERHAUL…PERIOD!!!!!

    James…take care, bro. Peace.

    Jamesj75 replied

    Amen, Jay! Wow, I didn’t realize JFP’s destruction went beyond GH and Y&R… That’s too bad. Although I didn’t watch GL, I was familiar with their stars/characters, for the most part. And I was aware of what happened with Maureen Bauer.

    You take care, Jay, and keep fighting the good fight!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…h-e-y!!!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!

    1. Jamesj75…of course, it works both ways and all…I admire and respect you, too!!!!! And, you also deserve the very best!!!!! Handsome, you are TOTALLY TOPS in my book!!!!! And…if you say that you are not worthy, I will emotionally SLAP MYSELF SILLY…LOL!!!!! Dude…you’re TOPS PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!
    2. Dude…check it out…today is my dad’s birthday. Yep…age 79. Anyway, I called him earlier this morning to wish him a combination of both HAPPY BIRTHDAY and HAPPY THANKSGIVING. And, of course, my birthday is next Saturday (December 6th). Yep…age 47. Man, oh, man…where in THE H-E-L-L does the time go?!?!? Ah, life.
    3. Dude…now…speaking of my birthday next Saturday, check it out: Ever since 1991 (the year that I turned age 24), I have gone to the casino for my birthday. In Acadiana, there is a casino in a rather smaller town called Baldwin (Others here in Acadiana call it Charenton for some reason.). Anyway, in the town of Baldwin, the name of the casino is Cypress Bayou Casino. Dude, it’s PRETTY AWESOME!!!!! Among other things, they have FREE Valet Parking (which is something that they’ve ALWAYS done), there is a restaurant inside the casino called Cafe Bayou (FABULOUS FOOD, TOP-NOTCH SERVICE…THE WORKS!!!!!) and (which they added about close to 2 years ago) there is a resort-type of hotel inside the casino (RATHER EXPENSIVE BUT SUPER NICE!!!!!). Anyway, in advance (and around every mid-November), Cypress Bayou Casino sends me (in the mail, of course) a special birthday coupon…$15 DOUBLED TO $30 on my birthday. I know that it’s not that much, but it BRIGHTENS MY DAY (aka my birthday)…A LOT!!!!! And, besides, I take extra money with me to the casino on my birthday every year anyway…LOL!!!!! And, finally, get this: I have N-O-T received my usual birthday coupon from the casino…GRRRRR!!!!! Yet, I know why. About a year ago, Cypress Bayou Casino seriously overhauled (or whatever) their ENTIRE computer system. Yep…BRAND NEW computer system and everything. Anyway, if I don’t receive my usual birthday coupon by my birthday, I’ll just find something else to do next Saturday on my birthday. To me, it is what it is. Yep.
    4. Dude…one day soon, I’ll be starting on my annual Christmas cards. James, if I could, I would DEFINITELY send you a Christmas card. Oh, Sigh. Anyway, for the past 10 years or so, in the honor of the Christmas theme of ‘The 12 Days Of Christmas’, I send out 12 Christmas cards (6 to family, the other 6 to friends). Dude…I L-O-V-E Christmas as much as the next person and all but I DO N-O-T go HOG WILD in sending out Christmas cards every year. No. And besides, when my mom was alive, that was her j-o-b…LOL!!!!! Oh, that mom of mine…LOL!!!!! One more time…LOL!!!!!

    1. Dude…I found yesterday’s episode (Thanksgiving and all) of B&B to be KIND OF SAPPY. But…what do you expect…I mean…that ANNOYING Hope The Helpless organized the damn thing!!!!! Sappy speeches included!!!!! Dude, my favorite part was when that CRAZY-ASS Quinn showed up UNINVITED (those candied yams of hers included…lol)!!!!! Anyway, as both Liam and Hope were kicking her out (to the curb and all), when Quinn said to Liam, “Oh, Liam please. Keep your clothes on. I’m leaving”, I totally LOL!!!!! F-U-N-N-Y moment!!!!! Dude…SCREW THE HATERS OUT THERE…I L-O-V-E QUINN!!!!! To me, QUINN ROCKS!!!!! BTW, one day next week during Hope’s baby shower (Y-A-W-N!!!!!), be on the SOAP LOOKOUT…Quinn is gonna CRASH Hope’s baby shower!!!!! Oh, here come the HIJINKS…LOL!!!!! Yep.
    2. James…to me, as an actor Anthony Geary is W-A-Y OVERRATED!!!!! And…I think that TPTB at GH cater to his every whim and all W-A-Y TOO MUCH!!!!! Get this: I recently read somewhere else online that AG is allowed at least 2 (maybe 3) 10-week vacation periods (or whatever) away from GH. Wait…there’s more: When she was with GH, Genie Francis had to FIGHT TOOTH AND NAIL AND ALL to get vacation time away from GH!!!!! Supposedly, this one time…when Genie married Jonathan Frakes back in the late 1980′s, those TPTB idiots at GH FLAT-OUT REFUSED to give Genie any time off for her honeymoon!!!!! Bottom Line Here: If my ‘Dimensional Falls’ soap E-V-E-R became a reality (or whatever), I would H-I-R-E Genie Francis (A-N-D her hubby Jonathan Frakes!!!!!) in a HEARTBEAT!!!!! Anthony Geary I would N-O-T!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!

    Dude…I AM IMPRESSED…you SURPRISED ME (for a change and all) by adding a TOP 5 FAVE song list of your own!!!!! VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!!! You should SURPRISE ME like this more often!!!!! Anyway, to reciprocate and all, here are MY TOP 5 FAVE Cher songs…
    1. Half Breed
    2. If I Could Turn Back Time
    3. After All (her duet with Peter Cetera)
    4. Gypsies, Tramps And Thieves
    5. It’s In His Kiss
    Dude…BTW…here are my ALL-TIME TOP 5 FAVE Cher movies…
    1. Mask
    2. The Witches Of Eastwick
    3. Moonstruck
    4. Suspect
    5. Silkwood

    James…have an AWESOME THANKSGIVING!!!!!

    From Jay To James…your move…



    Jamesj75 replied

    Sweet Jaybird!

    You have given me much to digest (some as in Soap Opera Digest, some as in Thanksgiving Dinner). Let me jump in and give it a whirl!

    I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

    So…I don’t see my previous post, but I think we both chose “Half Breed” as our favorite Cher song! I like your movie list as well.

    So, at this point, I believe I am caught up with the 4 soaps. And one thing jumps out at me… OMG! Did you see the last scene of the last episode of DOOL?!?! Where the pro baseball player passionately kisses Sonny?!?! Tune in tomorrow!!! If they’re giving us a brief break from JJ in bed with Eve, I’ll gladly take Sonny and the player!

    B&B: Yes, you’re right about that Thanksgiving episode. So much sappiness, but it smacks of fantasy. In the real world, this probably wouldn’t work out well for many families. And you can see what a peripheral character Oliver is; all they could think to write is that he stays in a good mood. Gosh, Charlie had more nice things said about him… The only good thing about it is that Myrna wasn’t there! And, yes, I like what Quinn brings to the table!

    GH: OK, Luke makes it home for Thanksgiving… Wake me up before you go go! You are so right about the treatment of Geary, especially as opposed to how they’ve treated Genie Francis. I’ve been on that soapbox a number of times… Did I mention I saw them both at Disney World several years ago for the Soap Opera Weekend? I took a quick picture of them just a few feet away, and I yelled out “Thank you.”

    Y&R: Not much to see here… (or say, for that matter).

    “Lord, I was born a gamblin’ man…” Jay, I like casinos, too! There is one in Tampa, the Hard Rock, which I visit on occasion. And I also like the restaurants there, one in particular, the Fresh Harvest. I don’t spend a lot of money gambling, but I enjoy the environment, and with the clientele, I feel much younger… :) :)

    I hope you get to the casino on your birthday and/or have a wonderful birthday celebration! You deserve it! I look forward to hearing the details later…

    And, yes, I wish I could send you a Christmas card. It’s a lost art, but I still like to send them out.

    This is all for now, Pal! Take care.


    You’re it!


    jaybird369 replied

    James aka SWEET, SWEET DUDE!!!!! What’s up, my man????? Once again, I’m up…

    Dude…I need to clear something up with you. Your previous post (from 11/26) is still there. It’s just that…long story short, when I went to reply to it, I ended up having to press (or whatever) ‘reply’ from another one of your previous posts in order post a new reply to you. Anyway, I hope that that clears things up here. Thanks!!!!! BTW, you and I each did choose “Half Breed” as our favorite Cher song. HALLO!!!!!

    LET’S GET S-O-A-P-Y:
    1. Dude…I am SO SUPER-EXCITED here!!!!! The reason being…one day real soon, Soap Opera Digest will be coming out with their annual Best & Worst Issue. HALLO!!!!! Dude, more and more each year for their annual Best & Worst issue, it is quite A RIOT and quite A TRIP!!!!! For example, check out some of the, um, following categories (or whatever): Best Story, Most Ruined Character, Best Triangle, Worst Quadrangle, Best New Character, Worst Recast, Best Use Of History, Most Absurd Plot Twist, Most Rejuvenated Character, Most Boring Couple, Most Shocking Plot Twist, Worst Gimmick, Best Marriage, Worst Wedding, Most Improved Show, Most Disappointing Show, etc. Dude…the list goes on and on. Just one thing, though: For the upcoming Best & Worst of 2014 issue, I think that it’s gonna be REALLY INTERESTING to see how it all lays out this year. I mean…with O-N-L-Y 4 soaps left on the air, we shall see…
    2. Dude…on B&B…HELL TO THE YEAH that that where those SAPPY-ASS speeches were concerned, it SMACKS OF FANTASY…B-L-A-H!!!!! But, I gotta admit: (1) Charlie’s speech to Pam kinda had me LOL. (2) Pam’s speech to Eric somewhat moved me. (3) But…Donna’s speech to Carter touched me the most!!!!! The rest of those, um, speeches…No Thank You!!!!! Anyway, moving on…
    3. Bro…D-O-O-L…that K-I-S-S that that baseball playing H-U-N-K planted on Sonny!!!!! H-A-L-L-O!!!!! I think that things in Salem are now EVEN MORE DIVERSE!!!!! Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!! To Be DEFINITELY Continued…

    James…before I forget, quick correction: At the beginning of my post, it should have read ‘order to post’. MY BAD!!!!!

    James…well…if I somehow don’t go to the casino for my birthday this year (GRRRRR!!!!!), then I’ll go and play Bingo for my birthday. I L-O-V-E to play Bingo…especially when I W-I-N…LOL!!!!! Anyway, here in New Iberia, there is a nearby place where I go play bingo. It’s called Crystal Palace Video Bingo. And…it’s within walking distance B-O-T-H to and from my apartment building…around a 10 minute walk each BOTH ways. And…their Video Bingo machines are pretty awesome!!!!! My 3 FAVE machines are Crazy Vegas, Chili Fiesta and Lusty Devil!!!!! Finally…for my birthday, I PRAY TO GOD that I W-I-N a JACKPOT (or something) for my birthday…I AM L-O-N-G OVERDUE!!!!! I’ll keep you posted on this…

    Dude…whenever I think of Cher, I somehow (and also) think of Jack Nicholson (also from ‘The Witches Of Eastwick’). With that being said, here it is…my ALL-TIME Top 5 FAVE Jack Nicholson movies…
    1. The Postman Always Rings Twice
    2. The Shining
    3. Terms Of Endearment
    4. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
    5. Hoffa

    Once again, it’s time for me to close for now. Take care you SWEET SWEET DUDE!!!!!

    Dude…you’re it…



    Jamesj75 replied

    Hello there, Jay!

    I, too, thought I had lost your last post. Anyway, so glad we can connect, :)

    I like reading your fave Cher and Nicholson movies. I am not a big moviegoer, but I once in a while, I will see a movie in the theatre.

    SOD YAY!
    I, too, am looking forward to the Best/Worst issues of SOD. It’s always an enjoyable read. By the way, not to toot my own horn, but I have had 2 comments printed in that magazine, although they don’t print full names, only initials and city. Also, I sent in a review of one of the Supe Soap Weekends at Disney World, and one of the writers, Carolyn Hinsey (It’s Only My Opinion) turned my review into an “interview.”
    I will point out that my last comment was about the great GH 50th special commemorative issue. You won’t be surprised that I was complimenting SOD for having a picture of my favorite GH stars of all time: Valerie Starrett (Diana Taylor) and Craig Huebing (RIP, Peter Taylor). In the “Comments” section of a regular issue, I went into detail about my enjoyment of those actors and their storylines, unsung heroes of GH history. This thrilled me beyond belief!

    OK, enough about me!

    You’re right about the Thanksgiving speeches on B&B. Some were moving. I was also moved by Liam’s moment alone with Hope. (But that’s me… Don’t throw anything at me, Bro!)

    I am so looking forward to what happens next of DOOL with Paul and Sonny. Do you know whether Will is permanently off the show? I’m all for Sonny moving on, but now that they were actually married, they would have to get divorced.

    More to follow soon…

    Take care. XOXOXO


    Jamesj75 replied

    Continuing on…

    So you and I are both funny guys (insert joke here) and we both like comedy. For you, comedy is “central” (roasts, Midnight, etc.). Anyway, you mentioned B&B’s Thanksgiving episode and liking what Charlie said to Pam. And I wanted to expound on that. I like them, and I like soap characters who are there for comedic effect. It has been said that, in many ways, comedy is harder than drama for an actor. And I get that. It’s all about timing…
    I have definitely enjoyed comedic soap characters and witty banter. Opal on AMC was a fine example of that, although I did get tired of her calling Erica her “gal pal.” Geez, get a room!
    But I think soaps, in general, could add more humor and more comedic characters. Let’s face it: (1) It gives the viewer a break from all the (sometimes draining) drama. And (2) there is a lot of humor in everyday life. Some people relate to others via joking. I know I do, in large part.

    Jay, once you know for sure what your plans are on your birthday (Crystal Palace, Cypress Bayou Casino, etc.), please let me know. Obviously, I can’t show up there, but at the very least, I can be thinking of the fun you’re having on that day… And, then, Brother, I would like a report from you on how your special day went! :) I do hope you get that “L-O-N-G OVERDUE JACKPOT!”

    All for now, Friend. Tag, you’re it!


    jaybird369 replied

    Hey, there James!!!!!

    Dude…HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!! HO HO HO!!!!! Or in my case and all…HA HA HA…LOL!!!!!

    1. James…Oh, you ‘aspiring soap writer’…LOL!!!!! Anyway, that Carolyn Hinsey chick is such a HOOT AND A HALF…LOL!!!!! Dude…I L-O-V-E her “It’s Only My Opinion” column!!!!! James…I sometimes disagree with Carolyn and her column. But, she is FEARLESS and she has a VERY DIRECT point of view. I T-O-T-A-L-L-Y RESPECT THAT!!!!! T-O-T-A-L-L-Y!!!!!
    2. Dude…oh, calm down…lol. I w-o-n-t throw anything at ya’…lol. And, besides, that would be kind of hard. I mean…you live in Florida and I live in Louisiana…lol.
    3. Dude…’Geez, get a room’…that really made me LMAO!!!!! Anyway, over the years during the AMC days, I could be wrong but (to me) it looked like Opal was CHECKING OUT Erica a few times here and there!!!!! Who knows.
    4. Dude…D-O-O-L…that Paul fella is such a CUTIE-PIE!!!!! H-A-L-L-O!!!!! Dude…Paul is one H-U-N-K that I wouldn’t mind playing, um, B-A-L-L with!!!!! HEH HEH HEH!!!!!

    Dude…I have got to share with you one of my FAVE moments from The Exes (one of my FAVE sitcoms that currently airs on TV Land). The character of Holly (played by Kristen Johnston) was having a drink while sitting and relaxing in a nearby bar near her apartment building. All of a sudden, her rather ditzy secretary/confidante/BFF Eden (played by Kelly Stables) wanders in/stumbles in. Check this out…
    Holly (very startled): “Oh my God!!!!! Eden, what in the HELL is that?????”
    Eden (rather absentmindedly): “Uh, I think it’s a dog. You big beast…um, slow down, Spot. Oh God…I get dogs’ names so easily confused.”
    Holly (very loudly): “Eden, I know what the HELL it is!!!!! I mean…before you left for your dead great-aunt’s funeral a few days ago, I thought you said that you inherited a GIANT RUBY from her will!!!!!”
    Eden (even more absentmindedly): “I did. Holly…meet Ruby…the GIGANTIC family dog!!!!! Anyway…oops…sorry but I gotta run. Later. Oh, slow your roll, um, Spot. Uh, beast…don’t walk and/or run so fast!!!!! Stop dragging me!!!!! Help!!!!!”
    Holly (very wearily): “Oh, great. The airhead (aka Eden) goes to a family funeral and comes home a few days later with an animal. Oh, God…The airhead brings home an animal!!!!! Yikes.”

    Dude…let’s face it…v-e-r-y cheesy pickup lines have been around for, basically, forever. With that being said, get ready to LOL (or whatever) at some of the CHEESIEST pickup lines guys have, um, tried to use on me (or whatever) over the years. Brace yourself (lol)…
    1. “Baby…kissing you is like kissing a mountain full of fresh air.”
    2. “Hey, baby!!!!! If I buy you a building, will you PLEASE manage my heart???”
    3. “So…you come here often??? If so…can I come with ya’???”
    4. “I am so captivated…by the loneliness in your eyes.”
    5. “You have beautiful eyes. So…if you’re attracted to me, blink 3 times for ‘yes’.”
    6. “Baby…my lips are like a magician’s magic tricks…magical.”
    7. “Let me protect you. You look like you NEED protecting.”
    8. “Dude…I am TOO HARD TO RESIST!!!!! Let me prove it to you.”
    9. “Dude…you wanna come home with me and discover what PARADISE really is?????”
    10. “Can I buy you a drink??? That way…we can get to the ‘drunk part’ a lot faster.”
    Y-i-k-e-s. BTW, where #1 was concerned, the guy was B-O-T-H drunk and (even more) desperate!!!!! As for #6, the guy was both CREEPY AND CRAZY!!!!! And, as for #9, he kept trying to impress me (or whatever) with his so-called “wealth”. F.Y.I.: Later on that night, the bartender (a chick) confided in me that the guy was FAR FROM WEALTHY!!!!! LAME-ASS IDIOT!!!!! Anyway, dude…let’s have it…what are some v-e-r-y cheesy pickup lines that have been, um, thrown your way????? Share, please…..

    James…to me, HUMOR is VERY IMPORTANT in a relationship!!!!! With that being said, here is an example of 3 (certain things) that I look for in a fella: (1) A guy who knows how to flash his PEARLY WHITES (aka a REALLY NICE SMILE) at me. (2) A guy who has a VERY A-D-U-L-T sense of humor. (3) Most of all, a guy who knows how to KEEP ME LAUGHING. Dude, if a guy can do AT LEAST those 3 things for me, then he is a DEFINITE KEEPER in my book!!!!! Anything less than those 3 things…B-O-T-H No Thank You and KEEP ON WALKING!!!!! Bottom Line Here: I HATE HATE HATE HATE HUMORLESS MEN!!!!!

    Aw, dude…I WILL DEFINITELY report to you (one day next week, anyway) as to how my birthday went this upcoming Saturday!!!!! To Be Continued…

    All for now, dude. Your move…

    Take care, James.


    Jamesj75 replied

    Hello there, Jay!

    So much to digest (including soap opera digest)!

    I like your criteria for what you want in a “fella!” And I am with you, Brother. A warm, sincere smile is invaluable. And a sense of humor is vital; laughing is so good for us. We should do it as much as we can…

    Jaybird, I also like reading about the pickup lines that have come your way. As for me, at the moment, I am channeling Joan Rivers: no one gives me pickup lines anymore. Are you kidding? They see these wrinkles, and all they want to pick up is a barf bag. The last man who gave me that special “look” was a waiter who wanted a good tip. The look worked! For him! Not for me! The last time someone tried to pick me up was when I was taking my time in line at the buffet. He just wanted me out of the way.

    So, enough with that. But I will tell you that one line I find hysterical is this: “There’s something wrong with my phone… Your phone number isn’t in it.”

    I also liked reading the dialogue from The Exes! Thanks for sharing!

    I loved reading all your stuff about the soaps. Did you see the “flashbacks” of Paul and Sonny? I needed a cigarette after all that, and I don’t even smoke…

    That was some funny insight into Opal’s feelings about Erica on AMC. I sure miss La Lucci…

    You’re right about SOD’s Carolyn Hinsey. I like reading not only news and fluff pieces about soaps/soap stars but also opinion. And expert opinion at that!

    B&B: I haven’t seen today’s episode yet, but I did watch yesterday when, at the end of the episode, Hope called Quinn “Mom” and hugged. Ya gotta luv it!

    Jamesj75 had another sports-related injury Monday night: a muscle tear in his calf. He is sidelined from tennis for a few weeks… He doesn’t like being sidelined… But because there are so many worse things in life, he is otherwise grateful. :)

    Actually, the free time I have from being sidelined can be put to good use on other projects and getting caught up on my TV viewing.

    I like the cliffhanger you’ve presented about your birthday! Looking forward to hearing all about it! I hope you party like it’s 1999! (I know that’s lame, but I say it all the time… Sorry…)

    Take care, Friend. You’re on the on-deck circle!


    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey hey hey!!!!!

    Dude…if you like my, um, criteria for what I want in a FELLA, well…check out some of my, um, other personal criteria: I REALLY DIG a fella that has a deep, dark and husky voice…HELL YEAH, BABY!!!!! Also, sensitivity and understanding is a M-U-S-T for me!!!!! Another thing: This may be messed up but I kinda like it when a fella gets PISSED OFF…this proves to me that the fella is N-O-T afraid to get emotional at the drop of a hat!!!!! And speaking of emotional, I think that it’s SO SWEET when a dude CRIES. Hey…as the old saying goes…REAL MEN ARE N-O-T AFRAID TO CRY!!!!! And, besides…I am an AWESOME COMFORTER…HEH HEH HEH!!!!! And…finally, I REALLY DIG a dude who is on top of handling and taking care of his responsibilities and who has a TAKE-CHARGE KIND OF ATTITUDE!!!!! To Be Continued…

    James…buffet, huh????? Well…I guess that you were holding up the line for the buffet…LOL!!!!!

    1. Dude…yep…I did see the “flashbacks” of Paul and Sonny. For now, all I’ll say is this…D-A-M-N!!!!! H-A-L-L-O!!!!!
    2. On B&B, the thing about Hope hugging Quinn and calling Quinn “Mom”…dude, don’t read too much into that. That’s all that Ill say on that…..

    Dude…sorry to hear about your recent sports-related injury. And…y-e-s…there are WAY WORSER things in life to go through!!!!! Anyway…here’s hoping that you’ll PHYSICALLY BOUNCE BACK ASAP and get right back into the SPORTY SWING OF THINGS!!!!! Dude…keep me posted…

    James The Musically…here it is…my ALL-TIME TOP 5 FAVE songs from…
    Barbra Streisand:
    1. What Kind Of Fool (AWESOME late 1980 duet with Barry Gibb)
    2. Woman In Love (also from late 1980)
    3. Somewhere
    4. The Way We Were
    5. Guilty (also with Barry Gibb)
    Janet Jackson:
    1. Let’s Wait Awhile
    2. Miss You Much
    3. Nasty
    4. What Have You Done For Me Lately
    5. Control
    David Bowie:
    1. Thursday’s Child
    2. Blue Jean
    3. Let’s Dance
    4. Under Pressure (duet with Queen)
    5. Fame

    Dude…whenever I’m sick (cold, head cold or whatever), aside from drinking plenty of fluids (juices and all that), I do my best to get plenty of rest aka sleep. And…while resting/sleeping, I-I-I FANTASIZE about A-N-Y SOAP H-U-N-K nursing me back to health…HEH HEH HEH!!!!! EASYGOING EXAMPLE: I think that GH’s Julian would make a G-R-E-A-T MALE NURSE…HEH HEH HEH!!!!! And the, um, attire that he would wear while nursing me back to health: Scrubs, western shirt a la COWBOY or overalls. Or, HEAVENLY H-E-L-L…maybe Julian would take turns (or whatever) by changing, um, outfits…HEH HEH HEH!!!!! H-E-Y…I sure as hell wouldn’t want that GROUCHY OLD DINOSAUR Victor of Y&R nursing me back to health!!!!! I mean…Victor might end up SCARING ME!!!!! MEDICAL S-H-U-D-D-E-R!!!!! No Dice. Pass.

    James…I never thought of my birthday as a cliffhanger…VERY INTERESTING!!!!! Dude…trust me on this: As far as I’m concerned, I emotionally, um, solve mysteries every day. A few examples: What to eat whenever I’m hungry; What clothes to put on after showering every day; What scratch-offs a la lottery tickets to buy; How much money to take with me whenever I go play Bingo; What to decide to watch on TV OnDemand. Ah, life. Yep.

    Oh, Handsome One…all for now. You’re it…


    Jamesj75 replied

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    jaybird369 replied


    Thanks, dude…THANKS for the birthday wishes!!!!! It is much appreciated!!!!! Now…get this: It looks like I WON’T be going to the casino for my birthday this year after all. Here’s what happened: A few days ago, I did some checking. Supposedly, I didn’t visit the casino enough earlier in the year. So, therefore, they weren’t able to mail to me my usual casino birthday card ($15 doubled to $30 on my birthday). GRRRRR!!!!! So you know what????? Earlier today, me and my certain BFF Johanna took a little ride to one of those roadside Truck Stop Casinos here in Acadiana. It’s called St. Martin Truck Stop. It’s pretty awesome!!!!! And, they have a medium-sized Subway restaurant on the convenience store side. Anyway, Johanna surprised me once we got there and treated me to some lunch at Subway…HER TREAT!!!!! SO NICE OF HER!!!!! As for my luck with those machines, I pretty much BROKE EVEN, THANK GOD!!!!! Dude…all in all, I had a F-U-N time!!!!! Yep.

    James…your serve…



    Jamesj75 replied

    Well, it sounds like you have had a nice birthday already! BTW, when I left the birthday greeting, it was after midnight my time (and thus Dec. 6th), but it shows up as 10 PM on Dec. 5th. My intent was to offer you a birthday greeting on your actual birthday. And breaking even at a casino is not bad…

    My other intent: when I thought you might be going to the Crystal Palace Bingo, my intent was to call the place this evening and hopefully someone there would be able to find Jay, the birthday boy, so that I could offer you birthday greetings over the phone. I did get their phone number and already talked with an employee about their setup. She mentioned that on Sat, Dec 13th, they are having a special celebration for players who have birthdays in December, including a meal and, I believe, free play, so you might think about going next Saturday. And I could try to call you there.

    Another thought I had is that, if I knew in advance, when you might be going to Daiquiri’s again, I could call the bar and ask for you. BTW, Daiquiri’s gives away a free drink to anyone celebrating a birthday — has to be your actual birthday. So if you see this in time and go there tonight, maybe I could even call you tonight there… If not, I am sure we’ll be in touch. And I will respond in detail to your longer post (including soaps, etc.) soon.

    Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


    jaybird369 replied

    Hey there James,

    More and more, you are the most THOUGHTFUL DUDE!!!!! THANKS!!!!! Dude…where your birthday greeting (from you to me) is concerned, h-e-y…it is the thought that counts. Anyway, I appreciate it. Thanks!!!!! BTW…Oh those time differences…LOL!!!!! Yep.

    A little while ago, I called Crystal Palace Video Bingo. And I briefly talked to one of the cashiers/employees there. She told me that she hadn’t heard anything about that. But…she also told me that if anything does happen with that…they’ll probably be putting a flier/notice up one day real soon. Anyway, one night this upcoming week, I’ll be going to CPVB to play bingo. So while I’m there, I’ll ask around to see what’s going on there next Saturday (the 13th). I’ll keep you posted…

    Dude…I already knew about Daiquiris & Co and the free drink on someone’s birthday. Last year, while I was there, I mentioned to one of the bartenders there (a chick named Brittany…I think) that it was my birthday and they gave me a medium-sized daiquiri (Cajun Egg Nog). SO NICE OF THEM!!!!! But…while I was there, the manager was there. You see, in order for someone to get a free daiquiri while they’re there, the manager has to be there/present. So…no manager, no free daiquiri. BTW, later on tonight, I m-i-g-h-t take a walk to Daiquiris & Co to see if the manager is there a la free daiquiri on my birthday today. But…I’ll probably get my free daiquiri TO GO. IN AND OUT. But…dude, I appreciate the birthday thought and all of you wanting to call me at Daiquiris & Co tonight for my birthday. Thanks!!!!!

    James…BTW, I meant to tell you this about myself sooner: My first name is Jason. I just wanted to clear that up. Thanks.

    James…Tag-Tag-Tag…you’re it…


    jaybird369 replied


    Quick correction: In my post from a few minutes ago, I meant to say ‘for that Saturday (the 13th)’. Once again…MY BAD!!!!!

    James…again…you’re it…


    Jamesj75 replied

    TALK ABOUT A PLOT TWIST!!! So, your real name is Jason… Mine is Quentin… Just kidding… I’m a kidder… Anyway, thanks for telling me.

    Thanks for your kind words, Jason. I still promise later to write about your last post on soaps, etc. But before then…

    Let me be more direct: part of wanting to reach you at one of these places by phone is that we could exchange e-mails… If you’re at a smaller-type establishment and it’s easy enough to find Jay, I mean Jason, and talk with you live!! That would be awesome in itself!! Only if you wanted that…

    With regard to your bingo place, it was hard finding them on the Internet. I called two wrong numbers before I finally got the right one (337 365-6270). When I called, I got the impression that the name of the establishment has changed. And the girl I spoke with told me that there is a birthday bash for December birthdays next Saturday, Dec. 13th. Maybe it’s a different establishment. I wish I could hire GH’s Sam to figure it all out… :)

    So if you get your comp Daiquiri, or whatever else you do (or have done) on your birthday, I hope it is (was) terrific!

    Take care, Jason!

    Q.. James

    jaybird369 replied

    Hey there Quentin…I mean James. James, forgive me…I couldn’t resist…LOL!!!!! Dude…I am also a kidder…LOL!!!!!

    Dude…hiring GH’s Sam to figure it all out, huh??? Anyway, it could be a LOT WORSE…I mean, can you IMAGINE having C-A-R-L-Y on the case?!?!? S-H-U-D-D-E-R!!!!!

    Dude…I’m about to help you out here. My full name is Jason Mayeux. Anyway, I hope that helps.

    James…again, I am a kidder (lol) but I am being serious here. My name is Jason Mayeux. Yes.

    James…I am d-y-i-n-g to know what you thought of my recent 12/4 post (soaps, personal and all). So…I am gonna play the ‘waiting game’ and wait for you to reply back to me. But…don’t make me wait too long…LOL!!!!!

    James…before I sign off for now, question: How have you been feeling since your tennis injury??? Details, please…

    James…your move. I’ll be waiting…



    Jamesj75 replied

    And I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

    Jason, first, thanks for providing additional details; I’m sure you and I will be in touch soon… :)

    I’m glad to hear you had a nice birthday celebration. My sister’s birthday is today, but we celebrated yesterday. She is a wonderful person, and we have always been close.

    Thanks for asking about my injury. I am doing well. I have an air brace that works quite well when I expect to do much walking, which I need to limit. And I am already starting the stretching exercises that are supposed to help strengthen the muscles. I actually expect to have a quicker recovery than planned…

    I like your additional criteria regarding Mr. Right: I am so with you on understanding and sensitivity. Both are extremely important. And let’s face it: each of us is wired to appreciate certain physical attributes. So your interest in a deep, husky voice is something you would like—I understand. With regard to getting emotional and sometimes crying, sure, it can be okay, as long as the person doesn’t take it to the extreme and become violent and/or a mental case. But I know you aren’t asking for that!
    With regard to wanting a “take charge” personality, it’s fine as someone isn’t controlling… So, I guess with each desired attribute, there are boundaries that we wish to maintain. I was fortunate to find my soulmate early in life, and I certainly wish the best for Jaybird in his pursuits!

    I’m almost caught up with everything. Call me crazy, but I hate it when a fantasy is shown as a supposed real scene (such as the B&B scene of Quinn at the baby shower and Hope calling her “Mom”). And then you find out it was a fantasy or dream. Paging “Dallas” and the Bobby shower scene! With B&B, to me it was believable because, just an episode (or two) earlier, Saint Hope was providing nauseating goodwill to everyone at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Another fantasy scene that initially seemed believable but was actually (I think) a worried fantasy of Abigail or maybe EJ’s involved Sami’s reaction to finding out about the affair between Abigail and EJ. It was over the top (which should have been my first clue), but it was also emotional and violent and, frankly, believable for Sami. We ended up having to wait a few weeks for her actual reaction, which was measured yet vindictive.

    Speaking of Abigail, she is another one I can’t stand. Maybe it’s just me. All she does is whine and throw herself at married man after married man after hunky man (can’t blame her with Ben).

    Okay, now I will get even snarkier: What is it with Melanie’s hairstyle? For someone of her age? It’s almost as realistic as Maggie’s bright red hair… And I remember when Melanie was on before. I don’t remember her acting like she was drugged the whole time… Maybe it’s just me…

    I am far behind in GH, my original fave soap. But I will catch up soon and see if there is anything I find interesting… (maybe yes, maybe no).

    And maybe, Jay, won’t find any of my ramblings interesting either!

    Thanks for mentioning before about Soap Opera Digest’s best/worst issue. I’ve got to remember to look for it.

    This is all for now, Buddy. Tag! You’re it!



    jaybird369 replied

    Hey there James!!!!! Once again, time to ROCK-N-ROLL…

    1. Dude…Soap Opera Digest’s upcoming Best & Worst of 2014 issue is supposed to be going on sale (newsstands and all) next week (the week of December 15th). Dude…I can’t wait!!!!! Y-A-Y!!!!!
    2. Dude…what do you think of NuAdam (played by Justin Hartley)??? For me…NuAdam is S-L-O-W-L-Y growing on me. But…I S-T-I-L-L miss Michael Muhney (aka the previous Adam)!!!!! Oh, Soap Sigh.
    3. Now…speaking of Justin Hartley, check this out: Justin is currently dating Chrishell Stause (the actress who plays soon-to-be-ex-character of Jordan on DOOL). And, one of Chrishell’s BFF’s is Melissa Claire Egan (who plays Chelsea on Y&R). Oh, those soap stars…LOL!!!!! Yep.
    4. Dude…here’s how I would basically sum up who I L-I-K-E and DON’T L-I-K-E on DOOL. Dude…on D-O-O-L, I TOTALLY L-O-V-E Ann, Kate, Kristen, Maggie (well…sometimes), Theresa and A-N-Y of the Salem H-U-N-K-S. Other characters on there…either they DON’T hold my attention and/or I CANNOT stand them!!!!!
    5. Fella…a bit of bad news. Recently, B&B has decided to recast the role of Hope. Yep…with another actress!!!!! Supposedly, Martha Madison (formerly Belle on DOOL) is in the running to play Hope The Recast. Oh, God Help Us All!!!!! I mean…another soon-to-be version (or whatever) of Hope!!!!! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! B-L-A-H!!!!!

    James The Musically Talented…here it is…my ALL-TIME TOP 5 FAVE Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers songs…
    1. Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around (AWESOME POWER BALLAD they did with Stevie Nicks back in 1981)
    2. Refugee
    3. You Got Lucky
    4. The Waiting
    5. Running Down A Dream

    James…here is something else about myself: I W-A-N-T a husband…SOMEDAY!!!!! But…NO KIDS!!!!! Dude…I’m sorry but I learned/realized a LONG TIME AGO that parenting ain’t for me!!!!! I DON’T have the energy, patience and (most of all!!!!!) sanity for parenting!!!!! Also, more and more, kids are TOO DAMN NOSY!!!!! Dude, as you know, I DON’T LIKE too many people prying into my personal business. This also includes kids!!!!! And, kids TATTLE!!!!! I H-A-T-E TATTLERS!!!!! Dude, you know what: My FUTURE/SOMEDAY husband had BETTER N-O-T want kids!!!!! If he does, well then it’s gonna be a SHORT-ASS MARRIAGE!!!!! Sorry. But…if the guy has a kid (or kids) from a former marriage (or whatever), well then the kid (or kids) had better be (1) fully grown, (2) ALREADY moved out of the house and (3) ALREADY out on their own!!!!! I am sorry but I DO N-O-T do the ‘step-parenting’ thing when it comes to young kids. THAT AIN’T ME!!!!! Again…Sorry.

    James…that is SO TOTALLY AWESOME that you and your sister celebrated her birthday earlier today!!!!! Tell your sister that I send BIRTHDAY WISHES (from me to her) from Louisiana!!!!!

    Jamesj75…I find EVERYTHING about you VERY, VERY INTERESTING!!!!! INCLUDING your ramblings!!!!! Dude…A-L-W-A-Y-S REMEMBER THAT!!!!!

    James The Joyful…your serve…



    Jamesj75 replied

    Thanks for your kind words, Jay! :)

    One thing I forgot last time was to tell you I enjoyed your music picks: Janet Jackson, David Bowie, Barbra Streisand, and now Tom Petty!

    Being a big Streisand fan, here are my TOP 5 (this might be a repeat):
    1. The Way We Were
    2. Evergreen
    3. The Way He Makes Me Feel
    4. You Don’t Bring Me Flowers (w/Neil Diamond)
    5. Woman in Love

    Thanks for the heads-up on SOD. I will look for it!

    Other Soap Chatter:
    I like and agree with your picks for DOOL. I like Maggie, too, BTW. And I respect the actress. She has been on since, I believe, the early 70s. So few of them left. And, unlike GH, DOOL respects their elders. I mean, Maggie is on all the time. They never did that for Audrey on GH since the 70s.
    Y&R certainly prominently featured Katherine Chancellor ALL ALONG.

    So many soap producers—I’m calling out you, JFP (while destroying GH)—are too concerned about the young demographics. They don’t realize that all ages of fans can like and appreciate all ages of soap characters.

    I hope that B&B goes slowly with their recast of Hope and not have her on everyday, like they pretty much have done with current Hope that last few years.

    OKAY, as we’ve discussed, you and I are/were both big fans of Michael Muhney. That being said, I am enjoying Justin Hartley and am pleased that “Adam” is back on the show.

    GH: I finally caught up with GH from this past week:
    1. So sad that Britt is seemingly gone, although I appreciate that they gave her a final seen with Brad.
    2. Just when you thought the whole double Luke storyline was wrapping up, they pulled that “crap” of having yet another double with the “real” Luke in a basement. Really?! Are you kidding me?! We have to put up with more of this ludicrous storyline? I AM SO OVER IT!!!

    I understand your criteria for a partner: in part, the no-children angle. It makes perfect sense, and there are enough single, eligible men out there who meet your requirements. I am cheering you on, Brother!!

    Cheers! See you soon. XOXOXO


    jaybird369 replied

    James…hey there, S-T-U-D!!!!!

    1. Dude…y-e-s…I (also) am SO OVER IT!!!!! I mean…Y-E-T M-O-R-E LUKE NONSENSE!!!!! OMG…when will all of this LUKE NONSENSE E-N-D?!?!? AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! D-u-m-b as hell.
    2. Now…speaking of ‘a basement’, I wish that SOMEONE would LOCK that awful JFP in a basement and teach that woman how to be an Executive Producer…LOL!!!!! VILE WOMAN!!!!!
    3. Dude…be on the SOAP LOOKOUT…sometime later on this week, B-O-T-H Phyllis and Kelly are gonna be a CAT-A-FIGHTING!!!!! UH OH…HERE COME THE CLAWS!!!!! MEE-OUCH!!!!!
    4. More and more, that Sage chick (on Y&R) WORKS MY NERVES!!!!! To me, that chick is W-A-Y TOO POSSESSIVE!!!!! I wish that NuAdam would D-I-T-C-H that stupid Sage already!!!!! Sage is in the way!!!!!
    5. Finally…on DOOL, I wish that the show would SPEED UP Clyde and Kate as a soap couple!!!!! Dude…I am losing interest here!!!!!

    James The Musical…here it is…AT LAST, my ALL-TIME TOP 10 FAVE music videos…
    1. BIG LOVE
    Fleetwood Mac
    Peter Schilling
    4. IN MY HOUSE
    The Mary Jane Girls
    Electric Light Orchestra
    Alicia Bridges
    Laura Branigan

    James…n-o-w…speaking of Barbra Streisand, Check this out: I have had a BIG-ASS CRUSH on her husband James Brolin ever since the 1980′s…ever since the ‘Hotel’ days!!!!! To me, ‘Hotel’ was like ‘The Love Boat’…but on dry land…LOL!!!!! Anyway, oh how I M-I-S-S James Brolin with that darker hair and (ESPECIALLY!!!!!) THAT BEARD!!!!! I L-O-V-E BEARDS ON MEN!!!!! At the very least, I w-i-s-h that JB would (at least!!!!!) grow the beard back!!!!! RUGGED S-W-O-O-N!!!!! And, BTW…I think that JB’s son Josh Brolin is such a H-U-N-K!!!!! I mean…I kinda DON’T CARE that Josh is a bit of a HOTHEAD. F.Y.I…I kinda have a WEAKNESS FOR BAD BOYS!!!!! To me, Josh Brolin is the PERFECT HOTHEADED BAD BOY!!!!! H-A-L-L-O!!!!!

    James…dude…’Jason’s Ideals’…I L-I-K-E THAT!!!!! LOL!!!!! THANKS!!!!!

    James…that is all for now. Your move…



    Jamesj75 replied

    Okay, Jason, I’m up! Where to begin…

    Let’s start with music:
    I don’t think I am as versed as you are with regard to music videos. I definitely like the songs you have chosen, even though I might be not familiar with the accompanying music video. That being said, here are my TOP 5:
    1. Wicked Game by Chris Izaak (my go-to karaoke song): very sexy
    2. Take on Me by A-ha: innovative
    3. Thriller by Michael Jackson: iconic
    4. Like a Prayer by Madonna: dramatic
    5. (tie) A Word in Spanish by Elton John: simple but sensual
    5. (tie) Elton’s Song by Elton John: song/video about unrequited love (boy for boy)

    Jason, with your crush on James (and Josh) Brolin: OK, I get you, Man. I suspect that Barbra wouldn’t be willing to share James with anyone. :)

    But now I feel I have to grow a beard! Sadly, I can’t grow one…I like beards, too, particularly when they are trim and well groomed.

    1. Kate and Clyde: yes, speed it up. Question: Do you think anyone will ever find out about Clyde’s involvement in EJ’s death?
    2. Sage on Y&R: Yes, too possessive. And I know the actress switched soaps, but she should have kept her hair blonde. Hmmm…. That’s a couple of times in recent post Jamesj75 has been concerned about women’s hairstyles/colors. God, I hope it doesn’t mean I’m gay?!?! (Or too gay?!?!)
    3. Thanks for the spoiler alert on the Kelly/Phyllis cat fight. Am I wrong to take Kelly’s side in all this?
    4. JFP in a basement… LOL! (More on that later…)
    5. I know that you and I have shared our boredom/annoyance with Luke on GH. This latest plot twist is just so lame. And it leads into my newest rant:

    RANT BY J:
    I actually feel uncomfortable when someone on a soap is locked in a basement, trapped in a well, drugged in a mental institution, stuck in a coma, becomes blind, has amnesia in a different town, is near death in another town, etc…. It makes me queasy and uneasy. I want it to be over as soon as possible and have everything back to normal. Sometimes it’s torture, not only for the character but for the viewer as well, particularly when they drag something out for too long.
    This latest plot twist involving GH’s Luke is excruciating because they have already dragged out this plotline too long already. What this means is that Luke still hasn’t returned home, he still hasn’t kissed Tracy, he still hasn’t met his grandson Rocco, etc… Will they re-create these scenes when the real Luke returns to his family? IT”S JUST TOO MUCH!!!

    BTW: I also enjoyed Hotel and shows like it: Love Boat, Fantasy Island… They don’t make ‘em like that anymore…

    BTW #2: Thanks for the birthday greetings for my sister.

    My parting shot: Jason, keep reaching for your ideals. You deserve the BEST!



    jaybird369 replied

    James…Hey there, handsome!!!!!

    James…right off the bat, check out these, um, tidbits and all about the Streisand and Brolin families…
    1. As both stepmother and stepson, Barbra and Josh have never gotten along. And, old Babs has played the role of ‘interfering stepmother’ more than once. Bottom Line: Josh H-A-T-E-S being around Babs aka ‘stepmom’ PERIOD!!!!!
    2. Example as to w-h-y Josh and Barbra DO NOT get along: A while back, when Josh was hired to star in the movie W. (that movie about George W. Bush), Barbra got wind of this from SEVERAL sources and was HOPPING MAD at Josh for doing the movie. You see, Barbra is a HARDCORE Democrat and CANNOT STAND anything Republican!!!!! Also, during Josh and Barbra’s BUTTING HEADS about Josh doing the W. movie, poor James B. felt VERY CAUGHT in the middle of all of Josh and Barbra’s fighting. D-A-M-N!!!!!
    3. James and Barbra have ARGUED AND BUTTED HEADS about Barbra’s son Jason Gould more than once. You see, over the years, Barbra has INTERFERED AND BUTTED INTO her son Jason’s life more than once. This drives James C-R-A-Z-Y and Jason ain’t too crazy about ‘mom’s interference’ himself. Most of all, James feels like Barbra EMOTIONALLY BABIES AND CODDLES her own son Jason WAY TOO MUCH!!!!! Oh, those APRON STRINGS (or whatever)…LOL!!!!!
    4. Even those Josh is now divorced from actress Diane Lane, Barbra is still good friends with Diane. And, of course, Josh RESENTS Barbra for it.
    5. Finally…get a L-O-A-D of this one: Back in the day (when James and Barbra first got married), Barbra’s son Jason (who’s openly gay) made a, um, VERY PUBLIC COMMENT about Josh. Jason said something like, “Now that James Brolin is married to my mom, I now have a very sexy new stepbrother (Josh). He’s cute.” Final score on this (or whatever): Barbra aka ‘Mom’ was NONE TOO PLEASED with Jason for PUBLICLY saying that, James was DOWNRIGHT INFURIATED and Josh was EVEN MORE PISSED OFF!!!!! Oh, the FAMILY DRAMA…LOL!!!!!
    Quick correction: For #4, ‘even though’ and not ‘even those’. Once again…MY BAD!!!!!

    1. Dude…you are not wrong…I (also) am on Y&R’s Kelly side!!!!! Yep.
    2. Dude…recently, I was thinking back. Thinking back to a past storyline on GH (year being 1987). Remember that DUMB AS HELL storyline ‘The Alphabet Wars’????? 3 reasons as to why I will always H-A-T-E that storyline: (1) I lost interest in it VERY QUICKLY!!!!! (2) I found the plot itself to be BEYOND STRANGE!!!!! (3) Most of all, James, I am a 47-year-old SPIT-FIERY AND GROWN-ASS HOMO…I ALREADY KNOW my ABC’s and my 123′s. Dude…The LAST THING that I wanna do is watch a storyline about the damn alphabet!!!!! TRULY LAME!!!!!
    3. Dude…n-o-w…here it is…SOAP RANT BY JASON:
    a) I H-A-T-E IT when a soap disregards a show’s history at the drop of a hat…GRRRRR!!!!!
    c) I CANNOT STAND to watch a so-called soap hero huffing, puffing and stomping all over town!!!!! It is a S-O-A-P…NOT Little Red Riding Hood!!!!! FOOLS!!!!!
    d) More and more, that star-crossed-lovers JUNK puts a STRAIN on my poor eyeballs!!!!! Yep.
    e) Lastly (for now), I think that it’s DUMB AS HELL when a soap character sneaks in and changes DNA results WITHOUT GETTING CAUGHT!!!!! BEYOND INSULTING HERE!!!!!

    James…you are SO RIGHT ON…they DO N-O-T make shows like Fantasy Island, Hotel and Love Boat anymore!!!!! Nowadays, CRAP-FESTS like Honey Boo Boo, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Duggars’ 19 And Counting…more and more, GARBAGE LIKE THAT makes me feel EMOTIONALLY VIOLATED!!!!! Dude…there are ONLY 2 reality-like TV shows that I enjoy watching: Big Brother and DWTS. The rest of ‘em…N-O-P-E!!!!! Pass.

    My parting shot: James…here’s hoping that you are physically back on your feet ASAP!!!!! YA’ DESERVE IT!!!!!

    All for now, my friend. Your serve…


    The Jay Man

    jaybird369 replied

    Hey there James,

    I know I know…you’ll reply back to me whenever you can. In the meantime, 2 things…
    1. I did some checking around earlier today and it’s confirmed: This Saturday night (the 13th), at Crystal Palace Video Bingo, they are having the special celebration for the December birthdays…free food, a DJ playing music, cash drawings, etc. And…of course, I’m gonna go. It’s from 6:00PM to 10:00PM. BTW, if you want, you can try and call me while I’m there. But…be patient…off and on, you might get stuck with a busy signal and/or you might end up talking (or whatever) to their special answering machine after a few rings. At times, it gets VERY BUSY AND ALL at CPVB…their phone included!!!!! Just keep trying…you’ll get through. Thanks!!!!!
    2. Tomorrow, it’s supposed to go on sale…Soap Opera Digest’s Best & Worst Of 2014 issue. You can find it at your nearest Walgreens Pharmacies. You see, advance copies of magazines (aka new issues, including SOD) go on sale every Wednesday or Thursday at A-N-Y Walgreens Pharmacies. I mean…that’s how it works (or whatever) for the 2 Walgreens Pharmacies here in New Iberia, Louisiana. Yep.

    All for now, Amigo. You’re it…



    Jamesj75 replied

    Hello there, Jason!

    Thanks for the nudge; again, a busy week…

    So my information about your bingo place was accurate after all! It sounds like a fun time! :)

    Thanks for the heads-up about SOD! I will check it out…

    Interesting stuff about Barbra and family. I was aware of most of it. One other piece of info: I bought her new “Partners” CD, which includes a nice duet with her son. With regard to Jason and Josh, some people just can’t take a compliment. I’m a fan of compliments: both sides of the equation!


    All so true!

    Guess what? I have absolutely no recollection of GH’s “Alphabet Wars.” Shows what an impact that made on me…

    I totally agree with your take on soaps dishonoring their history. They often rewrite it, too, all of which is an insult to the audience. Imagine is soaps were novels. Page 29 says one thing, and page 276 says what happened on page 29 never happened. How bizarre would that be?!?!

    The excess crying and huffing/puffing can be nauseating. And I got such a kick out of your comment: “It is a S-O-A-P…NOT Little Red Riding Hood.” LOL!!

    And, yes, the ease with which one can change paternity/DNA tests in soap hospitals is staggering.


    One thing I have never understood is this overriding motivation of family patriarchs to have as many spawns (children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren) as possible and exert unyielding control over all of them. The rant, they rave, they scheme, they lobby to ensure their family’s expansion. And then they manipulate these descendants ad nauseum… Why?!?! Some examples include OLTL’s Asa, AMC’s Adam, and Y&R’s Victor.

    I am so missing GH’s Britt; her goodbye scenes were moving. This lady is a knockout, and the character of Britt is way too good for board-up-his-ass Nicholas!

    B&B is actually making us feel sorry for Quinn, not an easy feat!

    Thanks for the well wishes. Everyday, I see improvement. And I don’t need therapy (well, not physical therapy anyway…).

    Take care of yourself, Jason. We’ll be in touch…



    jaybird369 replied

    Hey there James The Man!!!!! What’s up????? Once again, I’m up…

    1. Dude…I bought it earlier today…S.O.D.’s annual Best & Worst issue. I’ve read a few pages (here and there) so far. A few things, though…
    a) Wait until you read what show S.O.D. named as ‘Most Improved Show’!!!!! Dude, you are gonna LOL!!!!!
    b) Somewhere in the back of the magazine, there is a (as brief as it is) ‘Take Five’ item featuring DOOL’s Casey Moss (aka JJ). Check it out…
    c) There’s a very lovely article about Terrell Tilford (who plays Barton on Y&R). Terrell and his wife are now and officially first-time parents. GA GA GOO GOO!!!!! Hey…the BIG KID IN ME couldn’t resist…LOL!!!!!
    2. Dude, trust me…in the case of GH’s ‘Alphabet Wars’ storyline (circa 1987), you didn’t miss much. Trust me…that’s how TRULY L-A-M-E that storyline really was!!!!!
    3. Dude…I, also, am missing GH’s Britt!!!!! IMO, the GH canvas won’t be the same without her!!!!! And, of course that STUPID AND SLUTTY Carly is still on the GH canvas…TOTAL D-R-E-C-K!!!!!
    4. Dude…where B&B’s Quinn is concerned, S.O.D. (in their Best & Worst issue) payed homage (or whatever) to Quinn…but in a POSITIVE WAY!!!!! That’s all that I’m telling you on this…
    5. Dude…more and more, Y&R’s Phyllis is starting to scare me (cocky attitude and all)!!!!! Yikes.
    6. Dude…your new SOAP RANT is so RIGHT ON!!!!! Now…here are some past POSSESSIVE SOAP PATRIARCHS that I, um, remember: AMC’s Palmer Cortlandt, AW’s Reginald Love, GL’s Alan Spaulding and Billy Lewis and PASSIONS’S Alistair Crane. To me, some soap patriarchs have MAJOR ISSUES…LOL!!!!! Furthermore, can you imagine the FAMILY TENSION at the annual Family Reunion?!?!? SOAP OPERA A-W-K-W-A-R-D…LOL!!!!! Yep.

    James…a few days ago, I was watching a new episode of Y&R. Anyway, during the commercials, a new commercial came on my TV screen advertising Barbra Streisand’s new “Partners” CD. Very lovely commercial advertising Barbra’s music!!!!! Yes.

    James…I imagine that you would enjoy that, huh?!?!? I mean…another form of therapy…LOL!!!!! I know I would…HEH HEH HEH!!!!!

    James…you, also, take care of yourself. Your move…



  49. Marianne says:

    I cannot stand the thought of Hillary and Mr stand up guy, Neil, being married. She would be better off with Devon, and when did Neil stop caring about, and putting his family first. Cain and Lilly want to make me puke, and Jack and Kelley want to make me gag. Chloe being off in some institutution puts too much focus on insignificant characters. The next thing coming is Billy and Adam’s widow in the sack, also a mistake. Why all this sudden bring back of Christine. She is allwaays so self absorbed. Has she even asked about Dylan or thanked him, Avery or Nicki? No, she just gets in Nicki’s face and tells her to keep away. Seems a little insecure to me. While you’re at it, go eat a big bowl of pasta and a bag of chips. Top it off with a Dove bar….way too skinny. A hair cut might help too. Just an opinion. They need to get moving on the Phyllis issue, and the Stitch thing is getting old. I would hate to see Dr. Good with Victoria.


    Jamesj75 replied

    Good stuff, Marianne! I wish we could give “likes” at this site… Anyway, I totally agree with you.


    Izabel replied

    LMAO!!! Thanks Marianne well said! I agree with everything you just said and was going to say the exact same. Gross & corny with neil/ hilary so devon get steppin’… Leslie hurry up w/ barton dr. Shellby… Jack/kelly uneventful.. Billy/chelsea do not hook up.. Stitch/vikki the truth already!!.. Summer/austin soo stupid & childish.. Avery/dylan mediocer but I feel sorry for dylan and his character is sweet AND last but not least victor/nikki stop with the “my baby” and christine??? Get a life! Poor paul. He deserves better and glad he and nikki can bond over dylan and he is a golden son.. Literally his character been thru hell 3 times I think and he always was a gentleman w/ a good heart. Oh Mariah love her, abby also needs a life and tyler get some ba*s. Jill/collin and lilly/cane uneventful but laughable. Can’t wait for sharon/nick/phyllis secret and Ian’s connection with mariah. Finally LOL, DYING TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS W/ ADAM….. Better be good.

    jaybird369 replied

    Marianne…girlfriend, your comments about Y&R’s Christine (aka Cricket) had me ROTF…LOL!!!!! Anyway, you are SO RIGHT ON!!!!! I ALWAYS found her to be TOTALLY ANNOYING…BLECH!!!!! Remember when Y&R TOTALLY RUINED the end of Katherine’s beautiful memorial service by tacking on Paul and Christine’s STUPID NIT-WIT NUPTIALS (aka TOTALLY Y-A-W-N CITY…LOL!!!!!) at the last minute??? Tacky Tacky Tacky Tacky Tacky!!!!! And…I just started to root for Paul and Nina (As an actress…Tricia Cast TRULY ROCKS!!!!!) as a couple. I should have known better. I’m sorry but I have N-E-V-E-R liked Paul and Christine as a couple. No No No No No. They are WAY TOO B-L-A-N-D for me…LOL!!!!! Truly lame.

    Marianne…take care, sweetheart. XOXOXOXOXO


  50. Gary says:

    To the dude that plays Nick, if I hear “I want to protect you”, I will,puke my guts.


    jaybird369 replied

    Gary…dude…I look at it like this: Once Phyllis wakes up from her coma (or whatever) on August 11th (aka Gina Tognoni’s first air-date as the new Phyllis), I have a feeling that Nick won’t feel like ‘protecting’ Sharon once NuPhyllis exposes Sharon’s tampering with those DNA results. Tick Tock Tick Tock…..

    Oh, those soaps…LOL!!!!!


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