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9 May 15th, 2012 THIS WEEK on Y&R: Victor to Nikki, “You with Jack Abbott makes me sick!” Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black, Vic?

Photo Credit: Kathie Hutchins

On this week’s CBS promo for The Young and the Restless, several storylines are highlighted.  First, Victor screams at Nikki, “You with Jack Abbott makes me sick!”  And with that we had a chuckle, as many in soapland are also sick over Victor with Sharon!  So, we say, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

On the heels of that, the promo reveals Jack proposing to Nikki!  Then, evil Ricky continues his plots, but who else will he destroy? And then Christine and Danny come home to Genoa City, when Y&R welcomes back Lauralee Bell and Michael Damian for some guest arcs!. But, where will that all lead?

Watch the promo after the jump, and let us know your thoughts about all of this!  We know you have some!

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  1. MBmomof3 says:

    Victor + Sharon = barf


    David Larsson replied

    Maria Arena Bell + The Young and the Restless = Barf


    su0000 replied

    The Y&R is a very good soap but becoming too slow..
    I would like to see a woman Victors age with man Sharon’s age, ahh.

  2. Ted says:

    Friends have told me over the years that I take my soaps too seriously! It’s different now, though. I’m concerned. I”m troubled. I don’t like WHAT I’m seeing (and witnessing) with Y&R. –It’s not the same show.

    What really disturbs me is that I sense how the show is struggling….”limping along” with some major disturbances (apparently) going on behind the scenes. Eileen Davidson just being dismissed. Jess Walton exiting for six months (her choice, I know) but what in the world IS going on over at Y&R, huh?

    The writing HAS BEEN far-fetched now for at least three years, maybe longer!. Examples: Paul’s whacko sister Patti coming back and back again. Resurrecting Sheila a few years ago and now we’re dealing with her sicko daughther Daisy! —I mean, Really? I felt sorry for Lauren being tormented by Sheila, now Daisy, but you know what? I’m confessing here that I sick of the whole mess by now.

    And, Victor and Nikki…over and over and over again covering the same old ground with their reconciling, then breaking up, driving her to drink, and so on and so on. And Victor’s predictable tirades and explosive rampages. Now? the ridiculous notion that SHARON falls for her former father-in-law, an aging Victor!

    I’m sorry, but Genevieve’s character was also disappointing to me–despite all the fanfare of hiring a veteran daytime actress to portray her. I thought she was given a lousy storyline to be honest….She’s played it well, But it was a miserable unfolding of dribble.
    Dianne’s character was equally awful. Such a brilliant (emmy winning) actress!… brought over from ATWT and just treated terribly on Y&R…..dismissed in fact after less that one year, I believe! –Fans DO take notice to this shenanigans. We obviously don’t forget.

    I have even disliked Jack’s paralysis…

    The “core families” of Genoa City are falling apart, but not from living life! No. It’s because Y&R has drifted far,far away from its original integrity and quality of showmanship. And, there are far too many young actors coming and going with equally annoying storylines…..”folly” to some of us older viewers. Hey! Get it, somebody! —we don’t care !

    Soaps are still “aiming” for a younger audience when it’s the OLDER audience that put these daytime dramas into their prime to begin with . But the younger audience is NOT as interested in soaps and the entire genre of daytime drama is left withering on the vine.

    It’s sad. Younger viewers simply don’t have the memories of soaps when they were in their “hay day”…when they were really, really good! –’Worth tuning into…… every single day.


    kay killgore replied

    Ted I know exactly how you feel I talk so bad about Y&R it upsets me my sister is visting and she is in there watching it now, I refuse to. MAB hires every unemployed actor and then treats the ones we grew up with like crap. I hate that Debi Morgan, Genie Francis, Melissa ? have major stories and they are getting ready for the 2nd time to write ED out!!! Someone told me Y&R will be on the chopping block before long!!!


  3. ricardo says:

    maria arena bell needs to get fired or quit. the young and the restless needs to rehire eileen davidson right now. if they don’t give eileen her job back. hopefully she will go back to days of our lives as kristen blake or susan. maybe she can play both roles again. victor and sharon i am going to get sick to my stomach. sharon case is a great actress. but eileen is way way better as ashley than sharon. fire all the producers of young and the restless. the way its going i give it 2 years for the young and the restless to survive. they did to make changes right away. fire maria arena’s bells ass right now. or i will stop watching my soap. sharon is pathetic. always needs a man. she is so weak and needy. get rid of daisy ricky tucker and harmony. i love debbi morgan. but her charactor is pathetic. they need to give her better material to work on. i live in vancouver bc canada.


  4. Tom says:

    I thought that Diane’s murder mystery was one of the worst things I’d ever seen on a soap–and that threshold has been lowered with the Victor/Sharon romance. Kudos to the writers for shedding a million viewers over the past two years.


  5. MBmomof3 says:

    @su0000, It’s not the age of Victor and Sharon so much, it’s mostly that she and Nick were married and have kids. But I agree with you, It would be great if Jill had some young hottie! LOL. I’d say, Katherine, but I like her with Murphy.

    Glad Sharon isn’t with Adam anymore. The character of Adam adds a lot to the show, I think. But his relationship with Sharon was beyond creepy.


  6. leo says:

    Victor & Sharon=D I S G U S T I N G!!!!!, Nick & Phyllis=B O R I N G!!!!, Adam & Chelsea=No C H E M I S T R Y!!!!


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