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19 May 6th, 2013 THIS WEEK On Y&R: Will Lauren Confess Her Affair With Carmine to Michael?


Things are heating up for May Sweeps in Genoa City, in this week’s latest promo from the number one soap, The Young and the Restless!

After nights and liaisons with Carmine (Marco Dapper), is Lauren’s (Tracey E. Bregman) moment of truth upon her?  Look like it… as a fit-to-be-tied Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) tells his wifey to come clean!  Will she admit she has been getting it on with hottie Carmine?

The scene is set for some high drama! Will Michael revert back to his old ways?  Will Lauren choose Carmine over trying to get back with Michael? Are you digging this storyline on Y&R?

Watch the latest CBS promo, and let us know if you think Michael should show Lauren the front door? Or, try again to save his marriage? And, do you think Michael might just go after Carmine for some payback?  Weigh-in!

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  1. Mo says:

    I think she’s going to have to. Michael has evidence and suspicions. Carmine and Lauren are hot together!

    I can see Michael forgiving Lauren, but she has to want it and not get back in bed with Carmine. Should be good!!!!!

    Can’t say the same for Dylan and Avery. Yawnsville. GH can have him back.


    Megan replied

    I think that she loves Mike and all but I think it is over for them I do not think he can forgive for Carmine I think she is developing real feelings for him.looks like from the preview they jump back into bed together.I like Carmine and Lauren together I hope the writers can write soemthing real for them.


  2. Bart says:

    The Lauren/Michael/Carmine story is TERIFFIC!! I’m still undecided as to how the outcome of her affair should play out, but it has been very entertaining !!

    “Y & R” is back to character-driven drama!! Some/Many have complained that they are bored, but not me – I’m actually enjoying the show again since the new regime came in to clean house and get back to basics!!


  3. Shelli says:

    Honestly, I would like to see him give her the front door and possibly pair up with someone else. I find the characters rather boring and leading a dull existence. Love the actors though but enough is enough….


  4. Lew S says:

    I hate this storyline! Lauren had NO reason to do this to Michael. I think she has reverted to her old ways.


    SZima replied

    I agree Lew.
    This S/L is very creepy… mainly because of “Carmine.” I don’t see this ending well for any of the characters and it’s really too bad. Michael & Lauren were the only long-term, happily-married couple on the soaps and now it looks like they have been destroyed.
    For a creepy male-slut :(


  5. Chaz says:

    The interesting dynamic is that this could bring Michael & Fen closer as Fen would most likely be horrified at his mother’s affair.

    I still think they are going to make Fen go all stalker on Summer ala Michael & Christine from years ago.


    Mary SF replied

    I hope they don’t go down that route with Fen. It took years to redeem the character Michael after his attack on Christine. But I do agree that the actor playing Fen has a Norman Bates from Psycho look about him—that I wouldn’t want to run into him in a dark alley myself.

    I think it would be more interesting for Kyle to go down the route. Go all stalker and obsessed with Phyllis. This would create conflict between father and son, but also mother and daughter because you know Summer would think Phyllis lead him on. I guess we will just have to wait and see which offspring goes off the deep end next.


  6. Mary SF says:

    I think the story line is realistic and it has been a nice chance of pace that it is the woman having the affair, rather than the man. Last year, while Lauren was away for a while, I thought Michael was going to hook up with Avery, and cheat on Lauren, but it didn’t happen. A part of me hopes the writers will have the couple work it out- going through the process of healing after an affair. It was nice to have one normal married couple on the show, and I’m surprised they kept them together for this long.


  7. su0000 says:

    I wish they would just get to it and not drag it on and on and on..
    I like faster paced soaps, and GH is doing a very good job of moving on but Y&R still drags out the stories, and that bores me and sometimes I just lose interest when stories go on forever..
    so, ya hope Michael finds out tomorrow .. :)


  8. Carole Lawson says:

    They were the one couple that was stable and I hate what you have done with Michael and Lauren. Let them go back being the loving couple that they were.


  9. Linda says:

    I am tired of this story line…it has gone on too long. Get everyone back on track…Kevin and Chloe…either make them bad and in jail or fix them. I like Avery and Dylan. So glad Steve Burton came on Y/R…if only for a short time.


  10. Shawn says:

    Great story all the actors involved are doing a excellent job!! Kudos Tracey,Christian,Marco,and Max you guys are keeping me entertained the only days I watch are when you guys are on.


  11. Carole says:

    Way to go Lauren! Still one hot mama!


  12. katherine custer says:

    I dont like it at all. The whole reason Lauren got mad at Michael was ridiculous. I don’t know what is wrong with her. Michael and Lauren are great together. If the writers knew how to heat them up without using the same old tired stories. All they know how to do is keep it all in family. As for carmine Lauren story. Its disgusting. I am sorry but they make me sick. But I love Michael taking charge. In these situations they always end badly. Michael I just Sony know but wait he will probably sleep with Sharon next week. She’s always eager to help out. I love Tracey but I am very dissapointed in Lauren. If they break up I will stop watching. Tired of watching shows with no moral values.


  13. Patrick says:

    if some one remembers…. could you tell me what days this happens….

    so i can you-tube or hulu this epi.



  14. Ann Wilson says:

    I don’t like the whole direction the show is going. For the first time, I am getting tired of the same old predictable shows.


  15. bob says:

    Stupidest affair ever. I can understand why she would want him, but why would he want her? Doesn’t make any sense.


  16. Vicsze says:

    I think that Carmine is going to end up being murdered & that there will be a long line of potential suspects, another murder mystery. Instead of Michael being on the persecutions side, he will probably be prime suspect number one.


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