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16 October 9th, 2013 Thorsten Kaye Chats On All My Children Update & His Role In The Stafford Project!

Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max Photo

Thorsten Kaye (Zach Slater, AMC)  spoke with soap columnist Carolyn Hinsey for her latest blog on the Tainted Dreams/NYC Brand Productions website about his upcoming role in Michelle Stafford’s hit web series, The Stafford Project and if he heard any news on the status of the second season of All My Children.

In regards to AMC, Kaye commented, “Nothing thing is in place. Eden [Riegel, Bianca] is about to have a baby and my love interest (Pilar Garces, Lea) is about to have a baby. We’re going to have to call it All My Children-en-en-en.

However,  a source close to Prospect Park told On-Air On-Soaps, “They are hard at work prepping the second season of All My Children.”

As for Kaye’s upcoming role in The Stafford Project, Thorsten will play a french guy who is on a date with “Michelle”, and as the actors explains,  “I play this French guy who is a little off – like most French people – but this guy is moreso. Michelle is having dinner with him and her producer comes over and says the guy is wanted for the disappearance of his girlfriend.”

Thorsten’s episode of The Stafford Project will debut this coming Monday, October 14th! Are you looking forward to seeing Michelle Stafford and Thorsten Kaye in scenes together?  Thoughts on the return of AMC?  Comment below!

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  1. Tony Polar says:

    I would LIKE to be more positive regarding the return of AMC for the second season but Prospect Park once again has any possible detail shrouded in dark mystery.


  2. Jimmy the Kid says:

    Not one actor has tweeted about any new scripts, any new taping schedules, any production dates, nothing. It’s as though every actor has been asked to refrain from making any comment whatsoever. Usually, the AMC actors are very communicative with the fans but it’s not a good sign when mum’s the word.
    If the show is due to go back into Production on October 21st (that’s one rumor) then
    we should have heard something by now.
    I don’t know how others feel, but I don’t have a great vibe going regarding the return for Season two of AMC but please believe me I hope that my feelings are wrong.


    Keith replied

    I Agree! At first it was mid-August, but PP originally said 5 one hour episodes a week too. So why no news from anybody, like here, about OLTL or AMC coming back or in production? I don’t really care about SP or GH, sorry.

    IMHO PP should grow up and an get on with producing OLTL/AMC. Forget the lawsuit and just make the show. I don’t get why they can’t, or won’t. Seems lame.

    Yes ABC screwed PP but now PP is screwing over the fans and themselves. I read the court papers and IMO I can’t see anyone taking this lawsuit seriously.

    Soaps kill off characters and them bring back all the time. GH killed 2 very minor characters, so bring them back. PP agreed to let GH use OLTL characters, what did they think GH would do? PP is asking for a jury trial. We all know how long those take.

    I love OLTL and the new AMC, I am a long time fan and have never much liked ABC or Disney, but if it were me, I’d throw the case out of court on grounds. $25 mil, for what? just an opinion. ;-)


    Tom Collins replied

    Honestly, I think it boils down to money. I think the shows are very expensive to produce — even the new “half hour” inceptions. Of course, that is truly conjecture on my part, I don’t really know what’s going on any more than anyone else seems to. Even though Season one of the new On-line ALL MY CHILDREN did very well, it may be a while before they can return to production. Fans are getting frustrated and aggravated (myself included) from not even having our questions dignified with an official response.

  3. su0000 says:

    I had no doubt that AMC would return and have a great second season..
    It was very obvious AMC was doing very well and and it was logical it would return..

    As for OLTL hmmm time will tell.. however there is always another season for its return if not this season..

    ABC was supporting 3 soaps.. and in this era of struggling daytime tv it was inevitable that 2 soaps would have to close..
    ABC can handle 1 soap but ludicrous to hold 3 soaps..
    Perhaps PP can handle 1 soap but not 2 at this time, it could be a finical challenge..

    I do believe OLTL will have its second, also .. :)
    PP has always conquered all the obstetricals to bring the soaps back; have faith :)


    Melissa replied

    I am pretty sure you mean obstacles not obstetricals unless you are referring to labor and delivery!


    Tom Collins replied

    Well in either case there’s been no “labor or delivery” on ALL MY CHILDREN regarding the “so called” second season.
    The fact that the actress who plays Bianca is expecting a baby should have little impact on the Production resuming in a timely manner, Biance is always out of the country or visiting Kendall anyway and they could easily write around her temporary absense.

  4. Shirley A Miller says:

    I am looking forward to AMC and Zach returning to the web soap ….hope PP will be presenting it very soon. Will The Stafford Project be on or some other web station? I sure want to see Thorsten when he appears on this show this coming Monday, October 14th. He is a wonderful actor and I wish him the best of luck in the future!!!!! Can’t wait for AMC and hope OLTL will get a chance to come back also!!!!! Thanks for keeping us up to date as always, Michael ….. as a big soap fan I really appreciate all you do to help keep our soaps alive!!!!!! Merci Beaucoup!!!!!!


    Chris replied

    The Stafford Project is on YouTube at!


    Shirley A Miller replied

    Thanks so much, Chris!!!!!

  5. Nancy says:

    What Prospect Park has been doing to the fans is really disrespectful both to the cast of AMC and OLTL and fans. I hate to say this but for myself I am over those soaps. Thank God GH lived on otherwise I would not be watching soaps.


  6. Tom Collins says:

    We should all cancel HULU PLUS, those of us who subscribed to it to get ALL MY CHILDREN. Let’s be realistic, Prospect Park has not had the decency to release even a statement, albeit they are great for issuing vague and misleading ones most of the time. If ALL MY CHILDREN were going back into production for October 21st, we would have heard something from one of the actors who are generally communicative with the fans, which is more than we can say for Prospect Park. Sorry to dwell on the negative here but let’s face it, things don’t appear too promising at this time.


  7. June says:

    I am worried sick about AMC, but I am beyond excited to see TK on The Stafford Project!! The small clip I’ve seen looks hysterical!! Love me some TK!!


  8. valerie says:



  9. Johnny says:

    Well, considering that he just accepted a new Role on another popular soap, I doubt that the future of ALL MY CHILDREN on line is very promising. I’m sad about it, but the silence from Prospect Park is deafening. No one seems to know anything but let’s be honest, it isn’t very encouraging News for fans of ALL MY CHILDREN.


  10. Jack Grandeur says:

    Is the Michael Fairman Interactive Radio Program still going on? I only ask because I don’t see any announcements regarding interviews, updates, etc.


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