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13 March 24th, 2010 Thursday: Brett Claywell Live w/ Michael Fairman on The Frank DeCaro Show!

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One Life to Live’s exiting Brett Claywell (Kyle) will be in-studio live with Michael Fairman on his monthly soap segment on Sirius Satellite Radio’s, The Frank DeCaro Show.  The topics will include the ending of the Kish storyline, Brett’s thoughts on the controversial decision, and his important part in the same-sex storyline that captivated soap land.   It all happens live on Thursday March 25th 10:15AM PST/1:15PM EST.

Listeners can call in to ask questions during the segment by dialing 1-888-305-6887. If you don’t currently have Sirius Radio, by clicking the link here.  You can sign up for a free three day trial to hear the show, or visitors can subscribe.

On-Air On-Soaps will post the segment from the show in the following days here on this website.

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  1. C.L.B says:

    How come Brett Claywell is the ONLY ONE doing all these interviews by himself and Scott Evans haven’t been interviewed yet by himself or with BC during the aftermath of the Kish firings?!?!?!?!?!?


  2. Chris 2010 says:

    Want to hear something from Scott Evans…


    Michael Fairman replied

    Hey Chris and Chris:
    Me too! I would love to hear from Scott. We are working on some things to try to get him both on-air and in an upcoming interview. His schedule has been extremely busy, and he has been keeping a lower profile at this time, so it would seem. But I am very aware, as you may know, I have interviewed Scott numerous times for On-Air On-Soaps and Look for a video interview with Scott solo, shot shortly before the bad news on Friday at my website. He does say some very enlightening things.


  3. Megan says:

    I love Brett and Scott and look forward to your interviews with them Michael and hope we will continue to hear from them in the future….i’m not ready to give up on Kish though so i hope there is still a chance they will return to the show if only to give the story the proper conclusion that both of them and the fans deserve……


  4. j.U.d.E. says:

    Brett sure does have a lot to say about the KISH KILL and I love it! Bless him for speaking up about it and for allowing fans to hear what his thoughts are. Not sure I can listen in live but I’m so looking forward to this!

    The way they ended KISH was very messy, to say the least and it’s always interesting to hear Brett talk about his point of view on this and maybe hear his comments on the total lack of closure – not only for us fans, but for himself (it’s pretty obvious that he is upset about the abrupt stop and the lack of ending) and the writers..

    Scott’s silence on this is pretty intriguing..


  5. Margaret says:

    actually Scott has broken his silence with a brief interview in the Boston Herald Mar.25th and denies the allegations of unprofessionalism just as Brett has……he mentions that after all the time aand dedication he put into the story they at least could have had the decency to call him….he says he is not mad but is sad….Brett and Scott have both handled this situation with class and dignity and should be greatly admired for it……

    I wish i could listen to the live interview and speak with Brett to show my support but will look forward to you posting it here on the website Michael…


  6. bottomchef says:

    So Evans was interviewed on youtube, by out, twittered abt OLTL’s “tactic” and now blabbed to the Boston Herald that his axing is “a step back in daytime” and he complained abt how he was axed when he’s not even signed onto OLTL.

    Claywell will do this, and he interviewed w/ Fancast, movieline, daytime confidential, out, etc.

    These 2 are the most media hungry actors from daytime ever. They’re making this abt homophobia to garner press.

    Has it occurred to Evans that his craptastic acting and distracting facial expressions had any part in Kish getting axed? Or that Kish are extremely expendable bec neither are tied to a core family (like ATWT’s Luke)? Or that Kish is not related to the show’s main diva (like AMC’s Bianca)? Or that Carlivati’s writing was terrible? Or that OLTL got too political in its writing w/ Dorian pretending to be a lesbian to win an election and the politically charged mass same sex marriages along w/ rallyists in Llanview? If ppl wanted a same sex marriage debate, they can flip to a news channel, not watch it on a Daytime soap, w/c is abt escapism.

    The worst part is they’re making this abt homophobia when it’s not. ABC let kish have sex onscreen unlike Y&R’s Rafe and Adam, portrayed terribly by Michael Muhney and whoever portrayed Rafe. ABC let Rianca marry onscreen. ABC axed Clifton, Duplaix, Hunt, Claywell and Evans to trim OLTL’s cast. This is not a homophobia issue, but the actors are clearly making it abt homophobia w/ their numerous statements in interviews.


    PAmusicSwede replied

    ABC made this about homophobia when they said the focus groups did not like it. That it is too gay. Please do not take that element out of this story. and ABC has never rescinded those initial comments.

    As to your comments about their acting ability…. you are in a minority in your assessment. The Pre-noms for Daytime Emmys backs up the majority opinion.

    final opinion, ABC should have had the balls to talk to them in person or at least picking up the phone or even a freakin email.. If Kyle would not had stopped in to drop of his Emmy reel, would they have told him in person? By how they handled Scot E, I would say, no. They told Scot C and Hunt before it broke news.

    So much else I can say, but I will leave it at those three.


    PAmusicSwede replied

    OOPS, My bad. I wrote “… If Kyle would not had stopped in to drop of his Emmy reel, would they have told him in person?…”

    Should have written “…If BRETT would not had stopped in to drop of his Emmy reel, would they have told him in person?…”

    Jardo replied

    Bottomchef, as I told you before. GET A LIFE!!! Then maybe you will stop complaining about everyone else’s.

    By the way, Gigi isn’t tied to any CORE familiy either, and she is front and center on our screens every single day. And she is the most HATED character on the show! And if you want to see someone who CAN’T act, try watching her for about 10 minutes. Disgraceful! But she obviously has suck with Mr. Valentini. I’m just trying to figure out what it is she is sucking at this point, because she should have been GONE a long time ago!


  7. j.U.d.E. says:

    Bottomchef… you are so wrong!!


  8. Claudia says:

    Ha bottomchef , I was sure you were going to comment, no, you do not like them (or at least Scott, whatever), but you read each interview and comment on each. You say every time the same thing in your comments, it’s getting boring…
    Nobody cares what you were thinking before and we still don’t care now!


  9. christa lyon says:

    it does get boring with every comments you will make but we do belive for scott and brett and their daughter seirra rose back to lianview where they belong. i saw each interview of brett and scott did was true they do want to leave the show they want their storyline save and keep them in lianview when i leave this comment at least brett and scott were doing right thing they want to stay on the show with oltl and raise their daughter seirra rose together


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