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6 December 5th, 2012 Thursday on THE TALK: Y&R’s Newest Hunks – Serricchio, Dapper, Williams & Archey!


Tomorrow is hunk day on the hit CBS daytime talk show, The Talk!  And who better to bring the ladies of the panel some hotness than the number one soap, The Young and the Restless!

Don’t miss the newest additions to the Y&R male contingent: Ignacio Serricchio (Alex), Redaric Williams, (Tyler), Lamon Archey (Mason), and Marco Dapper (Carmine) as they talk it up with Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood, Aisha Tyler, and Sara Gilbert!

What will the gals learn about the guys new Genoa City alter-egos?  Who do you think is the hottest of the four?  Watch tomorrow’s episode of  The Talk at 2PMEST/1PMPST only on CBS.

Now after the jump, watch a preview for tomorrow’s hunky “Talk”!


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  1. robert says:

    Cant wait.


  2. Iakovos says:

    Hope the pretty people can act, too! More than that, I hope the new characters are well integrated into the storylines and they have strong connections to legacy characters and are true to histories. We shall see!


    bc replied

    Acting is not a meritocracy and acting talent is completely subjective. All that’s required is knowing lines and blocking and therefore actors depend more on their physically attractive attributes to land roles. The new black actors are quite light skinned and have rather aquiline noses and facial features that make them more closely resemble white people. hollywood has made being white as the “social norm” and thus racial minority actors who closely resemble that “social norm” would tend to get more of the roles. The hollywood casting game is rigged against darker skinned African americans and Latinos and it’s definitely rigged against Asian americans bec as a group they are furthest from resembling white people. Why do you think only racial minority women like beyonce are considered people magazine’s most beautiful? It’s bec she was remade by hollywood to look like less of a racial minority and more white. She usually has a blonde weave and her skin is very light skinned and thus she’s closer to the “ideal” of hollywood. There are racialized factors that contribute to how hollywood defines what is “attractive” and then foists it onto the cultural landscape to lessen the presence of employment opportunities for racial minorities.


  3. Christine says:

    I don’t watch THE TALK, but wanted to comment on Marco Dapper.

    I see he is Victor’s bartender for today’s episode. Can we hope that this means Carmine is sticking around Genoa City and will be given some story?!


  4. bc says:

    Sheryl underwood was hilarious when she barked at Archey! He’s very handsome and could give any daytime actor a run for his money.


  5. kalamaty says:

    SO GLAD that they are holding on to Marco Dapper (who wouldn’t?!). Y&R is in desperate need of that hunky stud!


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