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10 May 9th, 2013 Thursday’s Cliffhanger Episode of All My Children! What Will Happen Next?


In a powerful and fast-moving episode of All My Children, Thursday’s episode was one of the best ones yet!  You can catch it on Hulu and iTunes!

In story, JR (Ryan Bittle) finally wakes up from his five year coma and his mother, Dixie is right there to witness it, in emotional scenes played to perfection by Daytime Emmy winner, Cady McClain!

Next, the human sex-trafficking storyline is really heating up as Zach (Thorsten Kaye) and Jesse (Darnell Williams) find a female disposed of in a dumpster!  Meanwhile, Cassandra (Sal Stowers) is put in an awful and scary situation with girls who are beaten, drugged up, and in dire straits, as she is the next victim of some lurid business! And, that’s putting it mildly! And finally, Angie is about to learn that Cassandra is in terrible danger!

In addition, David (Vincent Irizarry) overhears that Cara (Lindsay Hartley) did not have a miscarriage! So where is their baby? Did she abort it?  And in charming scenes, Eric Nelsen (AJ) once again proved why he is a real find to the new AMC planning a very special night for Miranda (Denyse Tontz) with a private performance by musical guest, Hot Chelle Rae!

Watch today’s All My Children after the jump! Then, let us know what you think will happen next in story? And what were your favorite parts of Cliffhanger Thursday!

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  1. Shari says:

    I loved when David caught Cara talking about NOT having a miscarriage.


  2. BTripp says:

    Loving the new AMC. I really hope that they give Griffin something to do more than prop his sister. Griffin got the shaft from Kendall when the Zach came back to life (before the show was canceled) and now he is alone again. They could have brought back Madison and put her with Griffin. Maybe Jane or Cassandra will be his love interest. My guess is that the new Dr Anders will be for Cassandra though.


    BTripp replied

    Maybe the new Colby could be Grif’s new love interest.


  3. Scott says:

    Another great episode!!!


  4. Val says:

    After Cara lied about the miscarriage, David certainly won’t believe she had an abortion, even after he supposed it today! He won’t rest until he finds their child! :)


  5. Joliefan Forever says:

    Is anyone else getting a little tired of Dixie’s hypocrisy? She wants everyone to forgive JR for Murdering Marissa and just forget that it ever happened and wants everyone to love him. Got mad at Adam for saying the truth and that is what he spoke the truth! Yet the father of the woman JR Murdered shot him went to prison for 5 years for it, and yet she believes and TELLS EVERYONE how David does not deserve to be out of Jail, Hey Dixie there is no statute of Limitations on Murder so Your boy should be charged with Marissa’s Murder. You gonna run to Jesse and DEMAND your son’s arrest, Like you did on David? Are you gonna have armed guards protecting everyone in Pine Valley from your son like you have for him because of David?? It’s about time Dixie grows up and sees her son if Fucked up and has issues that he has had since he was a kid, Stop trying to force everyone to see him and love him unconditionally because you don’t WANT to take the blinders off and see him for the MAN he has become, A murderer Dixie that is what JR is!


    Wil replied

    Maybe I misunderstood the scene. I thought David grabbed the gun, accidentally shot Marissa, then shot JR point blank. Am I wrong?


    Colleen replied

    Yes, AMC showed that it was David who grabbed the gun and accidentally shot Marissa. That is why he went to prison for manslaughter.


  6. Rebecca says:

    I stopped watching AMC for good about 5-6 years before it went off ABC because most of the storylines were either boring or ridiculous and my heart just wasn’t in it anymore.

    But I decided to give the online reboot a shot and I’m hooked! Love it! It’s terrific so far and I can’t wait to see what happens next! It proves that ABC/Brian Frons et al had an agenda to sabotage the show, to drive viewers away and get rid of it. This show (and OLTL, plus other soaps) has a large, extremely loyal audience that will follow it anywhere and watch if it’s well done. It’s a great mix of vets and young newcomers, who have breathed new life into this iconic show. Bravo to Prospect Park for getting this done and thanks to the legions of loyal fans that never gave up the fight! It was so well worth the wait. It’s great to be able to watch anytime we want and actually have our viewership counted. Here’s to another good long run for AMC and making ABC have egg on their faces for getting rid of it!


  7. Johnny says:

    The fact that Dixie got a phone call from Tad gives us a strong indication that (I think) as soon as Michael Knight is available he will be driving into Pine Valley as the one and only Tad Martin -


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