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6 November 18th, 2013 TNT’s DALLAS Season Three Premiere Date Announced: Monday February 24th!


Finally some locked-in news for those who have been waiting with anticipating for season three of TNT’s revival of Dallas! According to TV Guide this morning, season three of the series is now set for its premiere on Monday night, February 24th 2014!

As we had already reported season three will be a split one: that means the first eight episodes will air and then the series will go on hiatus for the spring and return in the summer with seven new installments making 15 episodes for this season in total that Southfork fans can look forward too.

Dallas, showrunner Cynthia Cidre teased to TVG: “We will have two season openers and two cliffhangers. We have tried this season to make the show more about Ewing family conflicts — secrets, lies and betrayals. And I think we have succeeded.” 

EP Michael Robin then added: “This is a very sexy season with a roll in the hay and several hook-ups in a hotel. And we have lots of big events: Ewing barbecues and the biggest Southfork wedding yet!”

So are you excited to hear that Dallas season three is on its way in late February? Based on Cidre and Robin’s comments above, what are you looking forward to most when the Ewings and their rivals return for a next round of sex, scandal and scheming?

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  1. Max says:

    So very happy!!


  2. Bryon says:

    Very excited. Looking forward to Season 3.


  3. Llanviewer717 says:

    Finally, something to watch on TV.


    Charday replied

    I agree with you! Cannot wait till season three premiere, but I do wonder whether the split season bodes well for a season four???


  4. SZima says:

    Do NOT like split seasons. Too much momentum is lost.
    Now I’m not sure if I’ll bother catching up with season 2…probably won’t bother watching season 3.


  5. LLATWTFan says:

    I’m so excited to hear that the Ewing Barbecue is back! Could the Oil Barron’s Ball be coming up next? Maybe we’ll have dinner together at 7PM? I just love my Ewings. Let’s all meet up at Southfork on Feb 24th! More episodes please?


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