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14 April 27th, 2015 TODAY: Daytime Emmy Winners Freddie Smith, Amelia Heinle, Hunter King On THE TALK!


The Talk is getting set to have its annual Daytime Emmy After-Party airing this afternoon live on CBS! The ladies, who were presenters last night at the 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will welcome winners from The Young and the Restless and Days of our Lives.

Younger Actor winner Freddie Smith and Younger Actress winner Hunter King will be on hand, as well as Outstanding Supporting Actress winner, Amelia Heinle, and members of the winning casts for Outstanding Drama Series Y&R and DAYS.

Make sure to watch The Talk airing at 2PMET/1PMPST on CBS! Watch the promo for today’s episode after the jump!

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  1. CeeCee says:

    I’m very happy for Freddie……Hunter King? Not!!!!!


    Kim Huck replied



    Leo replied

    Yes, we know. Folks on Michael Fairman’s website are obsessed with Sharon Case getting a nomination.

    Hasn’t happened in 12 years. Probably won’t happen anytime soon.

    richard replied

    That’s not bc of the actress, Leo, it’s due to the writers over the last 12yrs. Sharon Case hasn’t had material worthy of her since the early 2000s….her best story ever was the Sharon/Nick/Grace/Cassie story, which Bill Bell wrote, RIP :(

    Patrick replied

    I watched the TALK ep today…

    I was gobsmacked… smitten again

    Sharon Case is the bomb

    dang! it was nice to watch the whole hour… “dedicated” to featuring the emmy winners ! w/no POP on my cable

    and, yes, I got to see … today… AG and Genie Francis… announcing, Best Serial! I loved that they announced DAYS… “first”

    was GREAT to see Rafe’alicious

    dang it : he’s FINE

    along w/ Brady, Kate, and Marlena

    Amelia Heinle, does not like attention… that’s ok… “Amelia”… you are GOOD

    crossed my mind some : dang! if she’s tongue tied personally… she sure turns the page… with her skill as an actress… that’s saying alot

    Freddie Smith !!!! my man… congratulations! i’m still bummed you chose to exit

    I realize that through September, 2016… from May, 2015 till then… gives us all… 17 more months of Salem


    i’m still giddy DOOL wins again

    Patrick replied


    loved the you-tube clip : of Amelia category

    roflmao : who should we see at the end…. giving a “standing” ovation… JFP herself… looked like MTS, begrudging stood as well

  2. dana says:

    iam so happy for Freddie. He so deserves his Emmy :-) but iam really sad that Freddie is leaving i watch days mainly for Sonny. if sonny leave we dont have Wilson and even Paulson. witch left probably only Will with Paul. and i wish and hope that Days will NOT gona put sonnys husband and sonnys big love from past and maybe still ongoing love together!!! i just dont want that watch. maybe wilson stay married and sonny will be in coma or somethink and Will gona have some crazy murder story before sonny will be back. but lately i want actually Sonny with Paul more :-) although Days will probably end for me with sonny/freddie leaving anyway…who knows. but i wish Freddie all happiness in the world :-)


    CeeCee replied

    Maybe they will recast Sonny. I love Freddie too…Sad, isn’t it?


    Leo replied

    What’s sad is that Smith almost killed his girlfriend when he decided to get sloshed and get behind the wheel of a car.

    How could anybody have any sympathy for those types of monsters.

    CeeCee replied

    You are right, of course, Leo. I am not condoning that behavior. But, we are strictly talking about his acting here. If you read any of my posts, I did address his irresponsible behavior.
    What he did was stupid and catastrophic. I am sure he will regret his actions for as long as he lives, considering he almost killed his girlfriend. None of us is God!

  3. Derrick says:

    Congrats CBS and DAYS!!!!!


  4. Kim Huck says:

    I think Sharon Case should of been not only nominated but won. I think she is an outstanding actress Team Sharon YR :)


  5. Nikki says:

    I was really happy for Freddie. King I can’t stand but at least Freddie got it and he really deserves to win. I actually watched more for the gown’s & who wore what.


  6. CeeCee says:

    Off topic….but….
    I have always liked Victoria/Amelia…also, I loved her as Mia on AMC.
    Sadly, I get the feeling, that if Sage is the serial killer, Victoria will be killed or seriously injured. The look Sage gave her when Victoria voiced her opinion about seeing Nick during this custody turmoil, was fulminating.
    Also, Billy seems to mimic Franco(GH)…..that is; planning a great event for cheating Chelsea’s and his wedding, which will never take place. Isn’t this what Franco did to Carly, on their oh-so-inspirational wedding that never happened?
    Soooooooo already done! Another bust!!


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