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2 October 9th, 2017 TODAY: GH’s Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco Facebook Live Event!


Two of General Hospital’s most notable stars, Billy Miller (Jason) and Kelly Monaco (Sam) are set to answer your questions beginning at 1:30PMEST/10:30AMPST in a rare opportunity via a very special General Hospital Facebook live event.

To watch and participate make sure to go to the official General Hospital Facebook page.

The ABC daytime drama series is beginning to push into high gear the JaSam love story with Patient Six (Steve Burton) looming and who could put a wrinkle into their happiness.

Let us know if you will be participating in the event today with Billy and Kelly in the comment section below.

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  1. Meggs says:

    For sure will be participating in this event can’t wait I am a huge jasam fan and have been for years years can’t wait for this event


  2. Patrick says:


    watching them ( both ) offscreen. what a huge difference.

    I hate them on the show. they are boring, with no chemistry. PERIOD. I doubt that will ever change.

    the intensity of bad script… should not go in the arena of the actors they hire.

    I have not liked Billy Miller , since he left Y&R. till today… hence the headline post… OOH LA LA

    what a good looking man. HELLO Y&R ! Hello Michael Muhney. what a celebrated time that was

    so celebrated that this crash is tantamount to huge. unless GH gets Billy Miller OUT of the Corinthos orbit and/or Pie… no matter how much appeal he has physically… and that’s a lot right now ! dag

    that being said.. as I’ve posted.. and I will believe this… till GH rights the wrong on wasted talent

    my post of ole : I cannot believe that Billy Miller is a two time emmy winner and was Billy Abbott at all. WOAH

    what is his mindset on acting outside of this genre ?

    Kelly Monaco : you look so lovely… in that off the shoulder black top… looks that much more stunning with that chair… as it goes with your shirt.. makes it that much more enticing.

    that’s about it. you must have more animated life off screen.. because it sure does not translate on screen. huge difference

    does the writing suck -

    oh and one more thing Kelly. YOU WERE DYNAMITE with aunt Ava. go their. ! demand from the writers that you get a girlfriend.. outside of your oh so tired scenes with Alexis. Alexis and Julian do not need you. give your character more life.

    since this show is so much about the dullard Corinthos’

    Sonny / Carly – Jason / Sam – Michael / Nelle – ( adding in Finn and Franco ) AND Steve Burton whos’ blue eyes are not going to sell once he has to act.

    it’s great to see this… as it’s the first time I’ve seen any press since Billy Miller left Y&R

    this didn’t tell us a damn thing.

    it didn’t have too

    what it did… since this was for press… all the tacos in the world will not make a difference on GH

    shelley and frank stink


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