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17 February 5th, 2015 TODAY: GH’s Jason Thompson and Billy Miller Live On-Camera Answering Your Tweets -1PMPT/4PMET


GH Fan February continues with this very special live event this afternoon, Thursday February 5th!

Join two of General Hospital’s leading men, Jason Thompson (Patrick) and Billy Miller (Jason) beginning at 1PMPT/4PMET when they will be on-camera and answering your tweets!  Use the hashtag #GHFanFeb and make sure to go to the General Hospital Twitter account @GeneralHospital for more information and to watch the live event.

This is a great opportunity to interact with the men who are now intertwined in Sam’s life (Kelly Monaco), and more!

If your tweet does get picked and asked on-camera, make sure to come back to the comment section below and let us know how Jason and Billy answered it!

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  1. Charday says:

    So far, the new Jason/Jake has done nothing for me on GH. A total nothing. Hopefully, this will improve.


    CeeCee replied

    Funny how two people can have such a vast difference of opinion, Charday. I feel exactly the way you feel about Billy Miller as I do about Jason Thompson. LOL. This guy does nothing for me.
    JT is absolutely lackluster, and I really try to see what everyone else sees in him.
    Earika, I agree, Billy is the best, and as far as I can see, the majority of GH fans like him….they do see him as the great talent that he is.


    Shay replied

    @CeeCee….I always pretty much had a neutral response to JT and his Patrick…didn’t love him or loathe him. …particularly when he was with Robin. (I’ll never understand the rabid “Scrubs” contingent that remains to this day….) But having said that, my heart totally went out to the guy when he was shackled with the Sappy storyline….it was so simply unbearable that I couldn’t wait to see Dr. Drake set free…and now that he has found a certain measure of happiness with Sam, I’m content enough to watch him in this current romance. As for BM….I’m loving him as nuJason. Again, even though I was able to tolerate SB in the role, he neither moved nor excited me, and when he left, I didn’t mourn his loss. Thus, it’s wonderful to have a fresh new face…and talent….bringing a former character back to life.

    Timmm replied

    Both good actors, neither has sex appeal. They tamed Patrick too much and Jason should have stayed dead and Billy Miller should have been Dylan Quartermaine!

    Alliboo replied

    Absolutely agree 100%

    CeeCee replied

    I was not too familiar with SB or his role as Jason. However, as Y&R’s Dylan, he brings nothing to marvel or talk about with any enthusiasm. He is just there. A robot; a door-knob, to be used when needed. I have yet to see him smile. He just looks like a bully to me. I know it’s not fair…but, this is how I see him. JMO.
    I am so happy to see BM back on my screen.

    Jason Thompson? I do not understand what the hoopla is all about. I find him neither attractive nor as talented as he is made out to be. Am I missing something? Later, Shay, Shay.

    Rebecca1 replied

    I’m on the fence about Billy, Erica. He comes across as very likeable, he’s nice looking and has a genuine quality about him. But yet there’s something about his acting that doesn’t work for me…exaggerated sadness, teeth clenching anger…dunno…just not organic. Jason Thompson is much more authentic. He’s got a soft yet confident demeanor…we’ve seen him at the beginning in his arrogant, womanizing days to the utterly heartbroken, crushed widow…his tears, the depth of his despair couldn’t have come across more real. He’s just born to act…I like Billy enough to keep an open mind. Perhaps when he remembers phish two selves, Jason M and Jason Q…he’ll make more of an impact for those of us not quite sold…


  2. Earika says:

    Charday…i think #billymiller is doing a fab job!!! He’s making this part his own. You have to realize he’s playing someone who is confused about who he is and flashing back to events that he can’t imagine doing. Many old GH fans won’t give him a chance . I urge you to sit back and really watch what a wonderful actor Billy is!


    su0000 replied

    I love billy Miller !!!! he is awesome as Jake/Jason !!!


    Jeremy replied

    @ Earika – very good. I hear ya. Billy Miller is brilliant as Jake/Jason.
    And… I’m a longtime (aka old) GH fan, and I am all for Billy Miller.
    Go Billy go!


    Jake NJ replied

    I am loving Billy Miller as Jake/Jason. He is a better actor than SB. I am loving his tortured buildup to putting the pieces oh his life together.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    …im an older GH fan and i like Billy M. as Jason…he is doing a fine job!!!


    Patrick replied

    what did Steve Burton, really do ? aside from grab your gun fire retreat and all is right with the world… Sam included

    watching Billy Miller.. give nuance, difference, make inroads, climactic… that they’re… offside Liz, Carly, and Sam…. dare now

    he’s moving energy

    it’s a zeal that’s ennervating… is the writing up to snuff… had not pentonville showcased alongside… adding the full cast… to feature… as should.. Jake/nuJason… is whetting… place

    I still say go with Quartermania… dole their

    Liz with Ric is working
    Carly festering without (Sonny ) she made her choice
    Sam does Patrick (for all the wrong reason) Daniel Edward is prompted

    I don’t know.. of course i want it to be Liz… but at the talent expense of Rick Hearst?

    absolutely not

    I am so intrigued by the “action” that “Jake Doe” featured with Sam wronged
    let that be a feature not done in… would that continue on with “jake Doe and Nikolas” ?

    let him recall his education with doctor… get him at the hosp… and dual with Dr. Drake, Silas, and strut his big

    drool… it’s better with than left


    Timmm replied

    He is great. He is Jason and thats that so I’m rooting for him and Sam. They seem to have chemistry.


  3. su0000 says:

    SB’s Jason is dead..
    Billy Miller is not going to be Jason, as Jason once was..
    At the moment he is not Jason so we can’t expect him be Jason, he is Jake..

    I think the great Billy Miller will eventually be Jason Quartermaine/ is more likely..

    ((Billy Miller is full of charisma and he is great at being Jake/Jason..)

    Patrick/Jason is awesome! he always brings it home !! one of GH’s greats..


  4. SpixieFan says:

    I lovvveeee them both but I twitcam doesnt’ work for me.. is there some place else I can watch this? Why doesn’t it work for me?


  5. Gina D says:

    I think Billy Miller has got it! He’s in there swinging and making it work. As an actor, he has the quality that you can’t describe, it’s just there and you look forward to seeing him on screen every day on GH or in whatever other project he gets involved in. All of the soap characters are doing an excellent job, it’s not that easy. I’m an east coast actor and I understand the work involved. I say Bravo.


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