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16 December 5th, 2014 TODAY: Live CBS Connect Chat With Y&R’s Justin Hartley – 12:30PMET/9:30AMPT!


It’s your turn to fire some questions away at the new Adam Newman of The Young and the Restless, the very talented Mr. Justin Hartley! And for his inaugural CBS Connect Chat you can use the hashtag #YR to connect with him.  It all happens today beginning at 9:30AM for west coasters, which is 12:30PM for the east coasters!

Justin will be up on his official Twitter account @HartleyJustin giving you some insight, tidbits, and of course a lot of teases of  what is to come as Adam’s plan to regain his life continues to unravel in front of the viewing audience!

So, what has been like for Justin taking over the primo role? What does he think of his on-screen bro, Joshua Morrow (Nick)? What has been like working with Sally Kellerman (Constance) and Kelly Sullivan (Sage)? What does he hope is in Adam’s future? Those are just a few of the questions fans might get some answers to!

After the chat let us know … are you enjoying Justin’s  portrayal thus far ofAdam/Gabriel? And, what is to come as his storyline continues to pick up steam?  Comment below!

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  1. su0000 says:

    Justin’s portrayal thus far of Adam/Gabriel / I am not impressed.
    Michael M will always be Adam.
    I always believed and still do that the Adam character should have been left to RIP ..

    (and lord knows the Billy character should have been left to RIP.. lol)

    but hey- what can do? nothing but FF.. it is sad very sad indeed for Y&R to lose 3 core stars/characters..
    now that Pratt will be writing perhaps better writing can save it.. that would be good :)

    …… long live Y&R!!


    Jennifer replied

    Justin Hartley is doing a wonderful job, as the New Adam Newman. su0000 are you watching the wrong soap? lol. Get a reality check su0000, this man can act. I love Justin and the Young and The Restless is luck to have him.


    Jennifer replied

    I meant that the Young and The Restless is lucky to have him. But su000 I still love you, thats my opinion. Other people also love Justin. Other wise I love your other comments on this site. You are funny, but sometimes crazy, LOL.

    su0000 replied

    Jennifer , how are you?
    I agree; Justin can act and he is handsome,
    I would not mind at all if he was under my tree, this christmas..
    He is not ‘thee’ Adam, that character has a trademark of MM on it..

    Pratt just might give Justin/Adam a great story that will woo me, I would like that, a lot !
    the stories now, are not doing anyone much good, so I pass it off to Pratt and see what he can do with the characters.. ..
    I’m open to change and even luvin new Adam, but he’s gotta turn me .. :) ..

    Kim Huck replied

    Sharon and this Adam need to get back together. Chelsea had no chemistry with the character Adam in the past and Sharon belongs with Adam

    Timmm replied

    I agree, either of those characters along with Phyllis should have ever been recasted.


    su0000 replied

    sometimes it is best to let owned characters RIP and move on..
    The 3 characters Phyllis, Billy, Adam were very deeply entwined with their actors (Michelle, Billy, Michael) to replace them is not doable..
    there is a Phyllis but absolutely not Phyllis Newman.
    There is a Adam, but absolutely not Adam Newman.
    There is a Billy, but absolutely not Billy Miller.
    I do not know who the new actors are trying to portray. lol
    I no longer feel the 3 trademarked characters Phyllis, Billy, Adam.. they are forever gone.

    And yes.. all three are gorgeous and are good actors, that is not it, they are simply not good as Phyllis, Billy, Adam.. I doubt any could be therefore they should have been left to RIP..
    Hope it gets better.. it needs to get better ..
    The only save now will be great stories!!!
    GO PRATT !!

    and of course 5 five years from now they may blend in LOL
    I will be very happy then :)

    Kim Huck replied

    We need Victoria Ro0well baaaaaaack as Drucilla

    Laurie replied

    Oh I often disagree with you, suOOOO, but always get a kick outta your posts because you’re so passionate about your soaps! It is all just entertainment after all, so we should all have fun & try to enjoy.

    I think J HARTLEY is the BEST recast Y&R has made since JFP turned it into The Titantic. While it’s true some characters need to stay dead, in this case, and especially after the disastrous Billy recasts, I feel they were in desperate need to do something right. Instead of fixing the terrible 2ND recast for Billy, which they seemingly gave absolutely no thought to, they chose to concentrate on Phyllis & Adam. It seems obvious why they waited so long to do it recast Adam.

    I think Hartley, whose work I hadn’t seen previously seen, is so charismatic and a charming jack-ass!! What a jerk, just like Adam! Self-centered, but rightfully so in this situation & oblivious to poor Granny Constance. He’s a bit younger, and taller than MM, but this recast is light years ahead of the pitiful Billy recast. IMO, you have a woman in power who hired a friend for a role that fit him in no way, shape or form, except for the fact that BJ is a male. She refuses to admit he has failed as Billy, the character has lost his through line, and he is the 1 that needs to be killed off if CPRATT doesn’t fix it.

    I kind of think Y&R is lucky to have Hartley. I wish someone would hire MM!! Days, GH…?


    Kim Huck replied

    I love this new Adam so much more then MM. I think this Adam and Sharon should have a baby now

  2. Nanci says:

    I am impressed (and happy) with Justin’s portrayal of Adam.
    If we can’t have MM, Justin is the very closest to the real deal,
    in my opinion. The similarities are eerily awesome.


    Patrick replied

    “… The similarities are eerily awesome.”

    part of me is quite satisfied with this… not quite… but for the betterment of this once #1 serial… I digress

    Michael Muhney made Y&R
    Billy Miller cemented #1
    Michelle Stafford hammered #1

    for the character to live on… with the talent… and hottie… Justin Hartley… i’m ok. with that…

    perhaps I say this because i’m not an every day part of the audience

    it’s just an affirmation that Michael Muhney should never have been let go

    I’m more, glad… that his take is working… to allow Kelly Sullivan and Sally Kirkland… an opportunity to shine with

    I can’t quit…. DAYS : Sony : NBC hire Michael Muhney


  3. SZima says:

    Too soon to tell how JH is going to work out as Adam. Next week in Genoa City when he starts interacting with the cast, not newbies, will tell a lot. I’m reserving judgement for a while!


    su0000 replied

    I agree,, then I will know for sure, but still :(
    it needs more time ..


  4. k/kay says:

    JH would have made an awesome Billy he has the young boyish charm look that everybody had grown to love about Billy Miller. I will always miss MM probably because I thought he and Sharon Case were dynamite together. Time will tell if he can bring the edge that MM brought to the role. Hard to believe it has been almost a year since all this went down wish Santa could come back in and change the course.


  5. PV Jr. says:

    I think Justin Hartley is doing just as well as he can given the writing and direction he receives. I only hope they do not fail HIM, the actor nor the Adam character.

    So many times with the Muhney portrayal they gave a glimmer of his siblings actually liking him. He got awfully close to having a civil relationship with Victoria, but they did the Mexican Hat Dance all over that.

    I’m not saying that Adam needs to be buddy-buddy, lovey-dovey with his family, but the character needs to be cut some slack otherwise let’s not have his siblings continue to throw stones from their glass houses.

    And one other wish. If Adam is not to be with Chelsea or the chemistry between the two is not there, then please do not put him back with Sharon – give him someone new.


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