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10 March 21st, 2013 TODAY: Live Twitter Chat With General Hospital’s Finola Hughes!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Here’s your chance to communicate with one of the General Hospital’s most favorite performers of all-time, when Finola Hughes (Anna Devane) takes to Twitter today as part of GH’s continued 50th anniversary live Twitter sessions!

Fans will be able to submit questions (#askgh) and receive real-time responses from Finola @finolahughes  who will be up on Twitter during the East Coast broadcast of the show this afternoon from 2-3PMEST/11am-noonPST!

In story on today’s episode of General Hospital; Duke and Mac discuss their respective relationship woes, while Anna and Felicia do the same.  Felicia confides in Anna that she’s been thinking about Frisco, and has dug out their old wedding photo.  Anna confesses that she too has taken that same trip down memory lane. They each believe they should move on, but their past loves seem to have a powerful hold on these ladies.  Has Duke blown his last chance with Anna, or will he find reason to hope?

So GHers, do you hope Anna and Duke come together just in time for the Nurses’ Ball and General Hospital’s big celebration?  What burning questions do you want to ask Finola Hughes today?  Let us know!

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  1. susan M. says:

    What about Robert Scorpio who is still in a coma after being injected w/a needle? What is happening with Robert & Anna? They sought of left Robert hanging out there!


  2. susan M. says:

    What about Robert Scorpio who is still in a coma after being injected w/a needle? What is happening with Robert & Anna? They sought of left Robert hanging out there! Like Duke but like Robert MORE!


  3. susan M. says:

    What about Robert Scorpio ? Will he ever recover? Like Duke but I like Robert better.


    Frances replied

    Yes, last we saw Robert, he was in a coma, after trying to save Robin. Why don’t the writers allude to this? Why does it seem like Anna could care less about how Robert is doing? Doesn’t make sense to me. Robert and Anna were a power couple. Is this storyline being ignored, because Tristan Rogers is unavailable? It’s great seeing Anna back, but her history with Robert is completely being ignored.


  4. susan M. says:

    At first it wouldn’t accept my comments because it was a duplicate & I said this before!
    Well all of a sudden all comment appeared anyway! I guess I can’t join the conversation
    at 2:00pmEST) Because I don’t have a twitter account only facebook.


  5. aria says:

    i love it when gh does the girlfriend thing, i like seeing old friends re connecting. thats what i love about gh back in the day, how they all use to help eachother with capers and were there for the good and the bad.


  6. janet says:

    I like Duke fine, but I would rather see Robert and Anna on the run looking for Robin. Welcome back Finola. and we are really happy to see you on GH again.


    Frances replied

    I totally agree!!


  7. Frances says:

    Anna ‘s great love was not Duke, it was Robert. She married Robert while they were both agents and remarried him when Robin was 12 or 13 years old. Why does GH completely ignore this back story? Robert and Anna make a wonderful couple.m Duke was not her first love…it was ROBERT SCORPIO!!!!!

    I have loved seeing all the old favorites, but this flaw in the story line is driving me nuts!!


  8. Holly says:

    I totally agree with Frances’ comment about totally ignoring Tristan Rogers in this big 50th anniversary celebration. This is also driving me nuts because Tristan Rogers was a major player during the 80′s and 90s. He and Finola Hughes (Robert and Anna) were a great couple and they were right up there with Luke and Laura. I would like to know the backstory on this one, because this has been a major flaw in what otherwise has been a fantastic reunion of so many outstanding characters and storylines.


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