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14 April 4th, 2013 TODAY On KATIE: General Hospital Special GH 50th Extravaganza Episode!

Courtesy/Disney-ABC Domestic Television

Today on the syndicated talker, Katie, host Katie Couric welcomes the cast of General Hospital and an audience filled with die-hard excited fans to help continue this week’s incredible celebration of General Hospital’s 50th anniversary!

The entire hour is devoted to all things GH when Couric chats with cast members: Anthony Geary and Genie Francis who chat on Luke and Laura’s historic wedding, Jason Thompson who tries co-hosting chores, and Rick Springfield who will perform.  Plus look for appearances by Kin Shriner, Finola Hughes, Maurice Benard, Kelly Monaco and EP Frank Valentini.

In addition, the special episode has Couric visiting the set of General Hospital, and how it went when she taped a very special cameo appearance in scenes with Tyler Christopher and Sonya Eddy!  Plus Jack Wagner shares his emotional and unexpected reunion and journey to being reunited with his real-life daughter!

Now watch some preview clips from today’s episode, including this great clip package on the making of The Nurses’ Ball! Make sure to check local times in your area to catch your favorites from General Hospital!  Then let us know if you are looking forward  to checking out the fantastic line-up! And make sure to join the fun on Twitter today #GHonKatie!


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  1. MK says:

    Who does Katie think she is? OPRAH?


    mary replied

    I find it funny that OLTL and AMC were cancelled for Katie and she had to have GH’s 3pm spot, but now to get viewers she is having a show on GH


    susan M. replied

    Maybe her ratings are slipping…

    gloria replied

    Agree 100% with MK & Mary.

  2. jimh says:

    I cant help feel this is more publicity for her insipid talk show than true support for GH…the damn best show on television or anywhere else!!! But ill show my support for GH by watching it for them and only for them!!!


  3. Kathleen says:

    Can’t believe it’s been 50 years….I have been watching for about 30 years…wow !! Love the show, best soap on Tv, besides Days of Our Lives. So happy Katie is talking about them today, they so deserve it :) Wish them another 50 years :) Congrads to you all on General Hospital….


  4. Dinah says:

    My 2nd time watching Katie, that when Genie was on.


    Ces replied

    3rd time – had to see Bradley Cooper on there :)


  5. TS1 says:

    I’ll DVR it to catch later so I can speed through her spots. GH group should of went on the Wendy Williams show. She’s a true fan of daytime soaps. Just hate how ABC/Disney is pushing this Katie down our throats, guess she needs the high ratings.


  6. ja scott says:

    didn’t see this until “Katie” was almost over – darn it! Anyone know if full episodes of “Katie” are available online? thanks!


  7. Nikki says:

    I thought this was a great episode! I watch Katie occasionally because she has on some really terrific guests and stories, but nothing will top this episode. From Rick Springfield singing Jessie’s Girl to Jack Wagner crying about his daughter to the trivia contest (I was very proud of myself for answering every question right even though my mother wasn’t even born when GH premiered, let alone myself) to great moments with Finola, Anthony, and Kin. I can’t wait to watch the 20/20 special on Saturday!


  8. susan M. says:

    Didn’t watch much of it at all because it is on the same time GH is on. Katie’s on at 2:00pm (nbc) in fl………..I didn’t want to miss any of GH!


  9. Ces says:

    Jason Thompson is SO friggin adorable and I just love Tony Geary!!
    Jack is such a doll and Kelly Monaco & Finola looked so beautiful.. Fun show, wish it was longer!!


  10. gloria says:

    Do you know, I actually set my dvr to record Katie today then I came to my senses and said OH HELL NO. Never watched it-never will. How ironic that her show is in GH’s timeslot which I will never get used to-it totally screws up my day when I am off & get to watch GH live. I DO NOT like GH being on an hour earlier, all for Katie!

    A bit off the subject, but I read recently about Tony Geary being off GH for ten years. I absolutely don’t remember him being gone that long although I did switch to CBS soaps during most of that time period. I don’t remember how he came back to the show. I guess he & Laura were traveling then & had Lucky but I don’t remember the storyline of him coming back. Can anyone remember? THANKS


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