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23 August 28th, 2015 TODAY: Patch Returns To DAYS As Stephen Nichols Tweets: “I Love You My Sweetness! I Back For You!”


Days of our Lives fans across America are getting ready Friday for the return of legacy character Steven “Patch” Johnson, portrayed by the one and only Stephen Nichols, after patiently awaiting six months for Nichols to re-emerge on the Salem canvas. Well, the day has arrived.

Patch and Kayla fans will finally see real-life best buds and the sizzling on-screen duo of Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) and Nichols together again.  Everyone is anticipating that the magic, and the spark that made you fall in love with this super couple, is still as palpable and as strong as ever, just as it was back in the 80′s and 90′s.

To herald his on-screen arrival today, Nichols tweeted: ” I love you, my Sweetness! I back for you! #PatchIsBack #Days50 #PatchlovesSweetness”  

Mary Beth Evans then tweeted back:  ‘I’m so excited to be able to use the hashtag #Patchisback Yay!!

So looking forward to Stephen’s return today on Days of our Lives?  How will the series explain where Patch has been and the trouble within the relationship between Kayla and Patch that caused a rift?  Let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. Mo says:

    Looking forward to it!

    Kayla needs a love interest and a storyline.


  2. nancy dillingham says:

    I’m watching right now! Can’t wait to see Patch and Kayla together again–haven’t seen the show in such a long time but just had to tune in today. Patch and Kayla: such a contrast to defunk Luke and Laura. And genuine friendship–what a boon! And refreshing in this jaded world. There’s hope yet!


    nancy dillingham replied

    And they both look just like they did years ago! Great return–and great reaction by “Kayla” when she caught sight of “Patch” over Joey’s shoulder! We’re off to the races–full speed ahead!


    Patrick replied

    Nanc ! if ever there was an invite and press release

    YES !


    i’m ecstatic through the moon gushing loving it

  3. Jeremy says:

    I hope to say and mean it, THE BEST RETURN OF A FAN FAVORITE IN 2015. I think it will be an amazing return, full of goose pimples, tears and happy smiles, these two actors are MAGIC. Mary Beth & Stephen =
    brilliant talent, genuineness, love, respect and fabulous chemistry. I have faith in DAYS that Patch’s return will be epic &, then I can definitely say BEST RETURN OF A FAN FAVORITE CHARACTER IN SOAPS this year.


  4. Beth says:

    It sounds like a cliché, but this is what Daytime should be all about–the return of a beloved antihero like Patch, the potential for a supercouple like Patch and Kayla to reunite, Friday cliffhangers that leave you impatient for Monday’s show, new couples like Chad and Abby being set up in a smart way to help build rooting value, and the surprise ending which no one had spoiled! Way to go, DOOL!


  5. Patrick says:

    my, “Kayla, KAYLA, KayLA !!!! ”

    love that line: LOL

    comes from an MF interview he did with both MBE’ Kayla and Judi Evans’ Adrienne.



    Lorenzo replied

    Me too Patrick, I love Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans. Days Of Our Lives is going to be good now. They will over take General Hospital in the ratings. Do you know Patrick if Stephen is on contract? Kayla and Patch are my favorite Days Couple.


    Patrick replied

    that …. is the million dollar question

    for, both, Peter Reckell and Stephen Nickols

    I don’t know what to think… all I go by is this site… and what ever SOD issue I catch

    mums the word indeed


    I’d love it very much if they were both contract

  6. Kelly says:

    I’m so looking forward to Kayla and Steve’s story line. As I said before, I hope the new writers deal with Kayla at Steve for abandoning her. And I also hope the Brady family gets to express their anger and disappointment at the way Steve has behaved towards Kayla.


  7. k/kay says:

    Love it take notes you always treat the person who helped make you popular with respect ! Maybe someone should let Geary in on how you treat your leading lady that put you on the map.


    Michael replied

    Couldn’t agree more Kay. Geary’s arrogance when talking about the great Genie Francis was truly disappointing. Part of the magic of Evans & Nichols is their well documented off camera friendship.


    CeeCee replied

    I love this couple. I think Patch is so hot, albeit he’s old enough to be my father. WOW. He has that undefinable presence that just captures the senses.
    Has anyone noticed the tulips on Kayla’s desk. That’s a spring bloom. Wow, it is true….’they’ do film six months ahead!!!!

  8. Jaime says:

    Love Steve Johnson and Steve and Kayla.
    The writers need to go forward with them but NOT abuse them as in the past simply to prop up others!!!!!!!


  9. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Finally, a Friday cliffhanger that makes me cant wait for Monday!!!


  10. Joan Maglitto says:

    Best part was an old time cliffhanger like the old days . My what a look she gave him .


  11. Kelly says:

    how long is Stephen Nichol’s contract for. I hope the writers didn’t bring Steve (Patch) back just for a few months. Kayla needs him to stay in Salem where he belongs. Just as Hope needs Bo to stay in Salem so I hope Peter Reckell’s contract is long term. And Salem just has not been the same without Andre to keep everyone on their toes.


    4ever DAYS replied

    DAYS tapes 5 to 6 months ahead and he is still taping.


  12. Gmbenet says:

    Patch was off chasing bad guys! What else?


    CeeCee replied

    Oh, is Patch a cop, too? Why is Kayla so upset with him?


    Gmbenet replied

    Patch joined the ISA while he, Kayla and Joey were in Africa. He left her alone with Joey in Africa. She considered that abandonment. The ISA is a spy organization.

    CeeCee replied

    Thank you, Gmbenet. Very informative. I asked my grandmother, but she couldn’t remember….I was about to research when I read your post.

  13. Emily says:

    Love watching Patch and Kayla again on screen. They are aging so well. Almost like time stood still. Can’t wait to see more:) 1 of my fav super couples back in the day. Another reason I love soaps. Years can pass and favorites can still reunite A LOT of yrs later. Also liked how Patch re-connected w/his son through social media, a realistic reason, not off the wall, pacing the story bit by bit…


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