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14 April 17th, 2013 TOLN Announces Friday AMC & OLTL Weekly Recap Show To Debut On May 3rd!

As fans of All My Children and One Life to Live know, each week The Online Network is delivering four new half-hour episodes of the series Monday- Thursday!  But what about Fridays?  Well, that will be the slot each week for the new TOLN Recap Show that offers behind-the-scenes footage, catching you up on the best moments of the week, one-one-one interviews with the stars, and lifestyle  segments with the cast of both AMC and OLTL!

Here is the official press release on the announcement of the Recap Show: “Beginning Friday, May 3, Prospect Park’s The Online Network will offer original weekly recap shows, “MORE One Life to Live” and “MORE All My Children,” that will provide daytime drama fans with the chance to catch up on the most memorable moments from each of the beloved series which will make their historic online debut on Monday, April 29th.  Original episodes of  One Life to Live and All My Children will be seen Mondays thru Thursdays and are free to viewers via Hulu and available to subscribers of Hulu Plus and through iTunes.

Friday’s half-hour installments, hosted by former KABC correspondent and anchor Leslie Miller and executive produced by Tomorrow Productions’ Marc Victor, will feature exclusive behind the scenes footage and one on one interviews with the series’ stars. Fans will also be able to interact with their faves in real time through Twitter and Skype. Plus, both shows will feature a variety of original lifestyle segments, ranging from fashion to beauty to relationship advice that offer content that entertains and informs and celebrates the storylines of the prior week’s content.

Prospect Park’s founders Rich Frank and Jeff Kwatinetz said: “We are truly excited about the opportunity to offer our passionate and loyal fans with yet another vehicle to connect with their favorite stars. Creating relevant content that matters to our viewers has always been our goal-this series, produced by some of the best in the business, will be anchored by entertaining segments that will be conversation starters and will be another way for our audience to get up close and personal with these two beloved series.”‘

So soap fans, what do you think of the Recap Show concept? Are you excited to get more up close and personal with the stars of AMC and OLTL?

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  1. Christina says:

    I love the idea of a recap show & the opportunity to see some behind the scenes stuff.


  2. brian says:

    Will have to wait and see what they are like… but myself, I’d still rather have a new episode on Friday, and perhaps this re-cap show once a month.


  3. The_HugoBoss says:

    This just keeps getting better and better!!!


  4. Glenn Beck says:

    Personally I have no problem at all with the recap shows. Anything that keeps me connected with the stars of these wonderful shows I fully support. I am just so very grateful that these fantastic shows are back in production. I mean we will be getting 210 shows a year of each. We seem to have a very committed team working on the productions. Bravo to Prospect Park for working so hard to return these shows to glory in the modern age!!


  5. Enrique Buenrostro says:

    Yet another brilliant plan to stay connected with the fans and also to get a glimpse and have more of a personal connection to the actors


  6. kim says:

    Good thing its a recap of the two soaps ect. but the rest of it sounds too much like another information talk show to me!


  7. su0000 says:

    I do not like it..
    I do not like getting overly personal with the cast it takes away from the acting because I’d see them as the actor not their the character, it would take the fantasy lol ….
    That’s not Angie that is Debbie Morgan while watching the story..
    and it seems boring, I’d rather have another day of the soaps..
    It would be better if they had it one Friday a month..

    It is PP way of abiding to the stipulations of the lease to keep the soaps in the original format of 5 days a week..
    This way they put out for 4 days and 5th is interviews and the actors are paid by their scenes, so saving big money for PP to throw in the 5th day none story,scenes,scripts.
    It will get old fast, and most would rather have another day of the soap not interviews etc etc ..


    Scott replied

    It’s better to have 4 days a week than NO days a week.If they can only afford 4 30 minute shows a week so be it.
    The shows are back.This almost NEVER happens be grateful we’re getting this much.The new footage looks FANTASTIC.I predict more returns will happen once they see the finished product.


    ethel replied

    i agree with everything you posted! some are never satisfied…….

  8. Christy says:

    sounds great to me! would be great if they could keep at least these recap/behind the scenes shows on the web for years, like old episodes are on YouTube. It’s fun to go back and rewatch!


  9. MBmomof3 says:

    Love it! I can’t wait!


  10. Joshua says:

    Let’s just hope the “lifestyle and beauty/fashion advice” doesn’t overwhelm them and hog up most of the airtime.

    I’m skeptical about this being even 1/10 as compelling as even “The Soup” on E! but hey, it shows that Prospect Park actually does care.

    Can’t wait to watch this stuff on my HuluPLUS on the TV (Roku, baby!)


  11. Craig says:

    This is reminding me of when Passions was cancelled and moved to DirecTV only, they cut down to four episodes a week, then only three a week if I remember right, and they did their weekly recap/call in show…I still loved it, but it only lasted a year. I hope that doesn’t happen this time. I do think they may have a better chance of lasting than Passioms did for a couple of reasons though… 1- I think both AMC & OLTL had a larger audience to begin with, and 2- more people have access to the internet than were willing to switch their TV service to DirecTV. So again, hopefully they won’t suffer the same fate, I just can’t help but notice that there are some similarities. I’m really hoping for success, especially for OLTL.


  12. Jody says:

    As a 40 year veteran of OLTL, I think these recap shows would benefit initially from educating new viewers (fans of Corbin Bleu, for example) of the history behind the current characters and a recap of the last couple of weeks of shows before it was yanked last January…..

    I stil have the last 3 episodes on my TIVO and plan to watch next week, but the newbies might not be motivated enough to explore the background;….


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