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23 April 16th, 2013 TOLN Releases First Look All My Children Preview Of All-New Episodes!

Photo Credit: Chapman Baehler/TOLN

Ever doubted you would see Pine Valley again? Well, from the very first frame of this just released video preview of all-new episodes of All My Children, you know you are home!

Today, The Online Network had released their first look of scenes and moments from the return of AMC which premieres on April 29th on Hulu, HuluPlus and iTunes!  The enticing video description reveals:  “After a gunshot was fired five years ago, how has life in Pine Valley changed? Who will find love? Who will seek revenge? The characters you have come to love, the characters you will meet for the first time… Find out when all new daily episodes begin, Monday, April 29th.”

Check out the video with some very “telling” moments with David Hayward (Vincent Irizarry) visiting a gravesite, Dixie Martin (Cady McClain) holding a picture of her and her beloved Tad, all the new kids and their relationships and much more!  Also look for the stunning moment between Jessie (Darnell Williams) and Angie (Debbi Morgan) too! Plus, the heart-stopper emotional moment when Bianca (Eden Riegel) in tears says, “I will never stop missing you!” And the final moments of the preview when Dr Evil says,, “Well, I am back, and there’s going to be hell to pay!”

Watch it after the jump, and let us know if you are excited to come back to Pine Valley? And what you think is going down in the scenes between some of your beloved favorites!

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  1. Doug says:

    Looks amazing!


  2. AJ says:

    The show needs either Erica or Kendall to anchor it, like Viki anchors OLTL.

    Alicia Minshew has nothing going on, she needs to sign on to be Kendall again. I think AMC’s plan was to pass the show from Erica to Kendall anyways, prime opportunity.


    Doug replied

    They have neither Erica nor Kendall. The actress, Alicia Minshew came back for an episode and it’s reported that Erica has returned for one episode as well, but it could be just a rumor.

    Just because Susan isn’t on the show, does not mean over a dozen actors and crew can’t go on with the show.

    And as for Alicia, she is currently prepping for a play and has other opportunities in the works.


    Mitchell1660 replied

    Making blanket statements like Alicia Minshew has nothing going on is ridiculous. She’s a working actress, with a full schedule. She’s not just sitting around waiting for the phone to ring! She’s filming a movie this spring, is slated to star in a pilot and also works on an online drama series. Maybe YOU have nothing going on.


    Torrey replied

    I honestly believe that it would be best to just recast the role of Kendall. I know that Alicia has a lot of die hard fans out there, but I see nothing wrong with moving forward with a new actress. After all, Alicia was a recast….As for Susan Lucci, I think the show will be fine is she is put in recurring status and appears when she has the opportunity. PP can utilize Julia Barr, Cady McClain, Jill Larson or Debbie Morgan to anchor the show. I would like to see Susan on a more regular basis, but think the show will survive just fine, if she’s put in a need-to-show only basis (like when there’s a big story going on for Bianca).

    But in the overall spectrum of things, I believe that both shows are going to have to make some recasts in order to drive more stories. And as a long time soap watcher, I can deal with seeing the proper actor replace another, in order to improve story development.

    tracy replied

    the show must go on! Kendall can be recast easily and at this point, i dont think she is a “must”. Let the newbies develop their roles and all will be fine.


  3. The_HugoBoss says:

    I love both AMC and OLTL previews!!! That end. :-)


  4. su0000 says:

    Many ”kids” just like the AMC of the 1970′s ..
    It is starting out with a mystery, I like that ..

    I always loved both soaps near equally, but now I think OL will be the front runner., with me..
    Nonetheless, I am a die-hard fan of both soaps and can’t wait to see them once again..


  5. sheshoe says:

    Looking forward to this… very good teaser. Too bad we don’t have more Cain women in it but I have been so lost without this show I will be happy to see my stories again and I will take it with an open mind!! Welcome back AMC!!!!


  6. Lisa J. says:

    That was neat. I liked how they filmed outside and the music was good too. I am on the edge of my seat and can’t wait to have both of them back in my life. This is just thrilling and a joy all wrapped up in a big pink bow! Here we go again! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


  7. jimh says:

    The outdoor scenes look great, and it has its moments…dont mind the teens but alltogether it just doesnt seem itll be as good as OLTL. ill have to just wait and see first!


  8. Kelly says:

    I think it looks like a great new show but this isn’t the old AMC. I didn’t recognize 90% of these charactors. I’m going into this as a new show and not expecting anything more but I do think that they will lose many of those fans (after the initial few weeks) who wanted it the way it used to be.


  9. Avidreader72 says:

    The location shots look great!


  10. Joliefan Forever says:

    WOW Just WOW!!! I love all the outdoor scenes! To see Brooke and Adam is just beyond words. Seeing Dixie Hug Adam brought tears to my eyes! I can not wait for the 29th!!!


  11. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    Loving the location shoots. It’s going to be so brilliant to have AMC back in my life. Marissa was definitely killed off; Marissa or someone else close to Bianca. Still wish CBL was coming back. But AMC looks so amazing and like it should have been during the Pratt years! Cannot wait to venture into Pine Valley once again, all rejuvenated!


  12. Mark in FLA says:

    The new AMC, it looks to me to be a really solid half hour drama, the way daytime soaps should be. Great to see the returning performers and I look forward to figuring out who the new youngsters are portraying. Love the location shooting, Stamford area makes a terrific stand in for Pine Valley!


  13. Troy Turner says:

    The exterior shots are OUTSTANDING-all in all, a great preview. But, of course, the complainers are once again being selfish. Quit worrying about who’s NOT there-and appreciate who is. These people have taken a leap of faith, primarily because of their love of AMC and the fans, and it’s time to suck it up and take the leap with them. Once again, if AMC-and OLTL-fail under the weight of people’s unrealistic expectations, there’s no bringing them back


    Kelly replied

    Troy – as I said before, this is a “new” show. Problem is people are refusing to admit that it’s a “reboot” and want it to be the same AMC. I feel these folks are in for a rude awakening and will probably drop off within a couple of weeks time. I don’t blame the marketing department for trying to gain new viewers – as they should. I’ll be watching but with the expectation that this is a “new” show with SOME roots in the old AMC.


  14. utah says:

    i love how they showed the picture book from the early 90s at the end. Gives me a walk down memory lane when Erica’s pic would fall into the page and the book would close…. I LOVE that my soap is BACK!!!


  15. jas says:

    Opal, Jesse, Angie, Thor and David, um, let me see…guess that’s it. 4 good actors lured into a pile of crap. I said I’d watch a couple of episodes out of curiosity. But this ‘teaser’ has pretty much summed it all up for me before it even begins. Don’t think I even have to bother with HULU. Back to my television, news programs and re-runs of AMC BEFORE all the drek and the new demo appear. Sorry. This looks like a real dud.


    Kathy replied

    Bianca, Brooke, and Adam are also back. I am going to give it a try but I think most of the story lines will involve the new young actors. I am not sure why they don’t recast Kendall. Hopefully Tad will return. Hope Erika returns also. I just don’t think they are going to get enough young viewers to make up for the older viewers they are going to lose. I would celebrate the return of AMC if it was truly a return to AMC. I know they think that older viewers will not watch online but all my friends and I have iPads. It is going to be so sad to see these soaps not make it again. These soaps have a large fan base that would watch if they just hadn’t changed it so much.


  16. Rosemary Sperrazza says:

    I can’t wait until AMC comes back on?? lets go!!!!


  17. Rapids says:

    I think veteran viewers will be disappointed after the initial,excitement wears off. Especially if they think stories will revolve around the veterans. I have low expectations and I’m unsure whether to bother with all the new kids.


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