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16 August 18th, 2014 TOMORROW ON Y&R: Jennifer Gareis Reprises Her Role Of Grace Turner As The Mariah Mystery Unravels!

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Soap fans who were thinking The Young and the Restless Nick’s (Joshua Morrow) ex-flame Grace Turner could be the key to just who Mariah (Camryn Grimes) is …  looks like they were right on the money!

At the end of today’s episode of the CBS sudser, Nick went to meet someone, and in the preview for tomorrow’s episode it was revealed to be Grace, and looking just how you remembered her …  in seductive lingerie!

That means than none other than The Bold and the Beautiful’s Jennifer Gareis (Donna) is back in Genoa City in a role she was last seen in back in 2004.

In story:  Nick is on a mission putting two and two together to find out just who this Cassie lookalike truly is, especially after listening back to Helen (Mariah’s supposed mother) conversation with Ian Ward (Ray Wise)!

Soap Opera Digest exclusively spoke to Gareis on her Grace Turner reprisal, and how she kept it a secret even from her good friend and longtime Y&R co-star Sharon Case (Sharon): “I didn’t say anything to anyone because they asked me not to.  I felt like, ‘Here I am keeping this secret and I can’t even tell my best friend!’  Then I thought, ‘She’ll know when she sees the script!’  When I have to keep a promise, whether it be work, my friends or family, I take it to the grave.”

So, what do you think happened?  Could it be that Grace knew that Sharon gave birth to twins and gave one of the babies away to get back at her for getting to be with Nick?  What secret does Grace hold?  Comment below!

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  1. k/kay says:

    This story would have worked for me if they had not aged Summer it would make Cassie/Mariah in her thirties. Oh well! I wish they would use JG over at Bold she is great and I for one could stand a little of her & Eric it would be a nice change of pace.


  2. MBmomof3 says:

    This is one of the few storylines I’m currently interested in on Y&R.


    davlestev1 replied

    @MBmomof3 unfortunately me too so I DVR the show every now and then and get caught up in the nielsen count as if i’m watching on a daily basis. Those DARNED ratings tickers..JFP would be gone about now but the lady is savvy and she knows how to boost a rating every now and then while putting viewers to sleep or just off the show altogether.


    Ricardo replied

    Yes me too, I love Jennifer Gareis so much, She is a terrific actress and very pretty as well. I missed Grace so much, Too bad its only short term. I love her as Donna on the bold and The Beautiful. Maybe in the future, Jennifer can do both shows. This storyline looks very good, I am very interested.


  3. Mary SF says:

    I don’t know if there is any mystery here– it seems obvious that Mariah will turn out to be Sharon’s daughter– Cassie’s twin. Nurse Helen was most likely a member of Ian’s cult, who took one of the babies Sharon gave birth for some reason that won’t make any real sense, but will serve the purpose of making Mariah Sharon’s daughter.


  4. su0000 says:

    I hope she is Cassie..
    we have had to celebrate her death every year with a week or longer sob story of reliving her death, and then the same for every holiday and birthday, we had to relive Cassie’s death..
    For years, every time Nick and Sharon were in 10 feet of each other they talked about Cassie..
    So, hope its her so the decade/whatever amount of time )100yrs) of mourning her stops!!
    And Sharon;s 15 minutes of sob time blubbering on at Cassie gave got old 9 years ago ..LOL
    I hope they just get over with it/done … :) ..


  5. Mark says:

    I think she is Cassie for some reason; when there was the daydream sequence about Nick the other day they didn’t kiss the camera cut away. I don’t know it’s just what I thought. It is the only good story right now although I am worried about my baby Neil Winters.


  6. wolfsmistress says:

    Now THAT was a spoiler I wasn’t expecting! Never leaked, and completely out of the blue!

    WTG, casting people at Y&R … you kept THIS one under a rock long enough to pull off!


    MBmomof3 replied

    I agree. Loved the surprise!


    k/kay replied

    If you have not seen the episode today you need to watch JG hit it out of the ballpark.

  7. wolfsmistress says:

    BTW, my personal take? Yes, Mariah is Cassie’s twin, but Helen was a nurse at the hospital where Sharon gave birth, then stole her away, probably saying or doing something that let others believe the baby died and no one bothered to tell Sharon she had a second child.

    Then again, Alice had Cassie for years, remember? So there’s a probability for a second story, that Helen is her sister (another alcoholic, which Alice was, running around the bars and such for years) and knew that Sharon had given up her kids at birth, so she decided to take one for herself and the other went to Alice, her sister. Only Helen went the way of the cult, and Alice ended up giving Cassie back to Sharon by way of Grace and Tony, who went to Milwaukee to find out about Cassie.

    Either way, bet Helen is related to Alice, and yes of course Mariah is Cassie’s twin sister…


  8. Missy says:

    Neil is soooo boring! They need to bring Drew back into his life. I think Mariah is Cassie too. Hey on B&B they brought Taylor back from the dead, it turned out that Prince Omar slipped into her room and took her body back to his palace and what-do-you-know…Taylor is alive! So why not Cassie. But I also agree that they would need to make Cassie character at least 28 – 30 due to Summer’s age. Also they are dragging the Phyliss thing out way to long. SMH


    Shon replied

    Yes I have been saying for years they need to bring back Drew. She is the only fit for Neil.


  9. mk says:

    Hope JFP doesn’t ruin this story, like she did with Emily’s long lost twin on GH.


    jaybird369 replied

    mk…that JFP basically RUINS EVERYTHING she touches!!!!! This will be NO DIFFERENT!!!!!

    Bottom Line!!!!!!


  10. k/kay says:

    Just got thru watching the episode and if they would start doing this every day I could get involved again. The music everything was spot on today. JG walked into the role again and never skipped a beat.


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