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15 May 6th, 2014 Tomorrow: Y&R’s Peter Bergman Reveals The Favorite Part Of His Soap Love Life On Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family!

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Daytime Emmy winner Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott) of The Young and the Restless, and a nominee again this year, will appear in a guest segment on tomorrow’s edition of the Hallmark Channel’s morning show Home & Family hosted by Mark Steines and Cristina Ferrare! 

Home & Family airs weekdays from 10AM to Noon EST. During Mark and Cristina’s chat with Peter, they ask the soap veteran, What is the favorite part of his job? To which Bergman responds: “Love scenes.  Falling in love.”

Bergman goes on to say that Jack has been in love six times on the number one soap, and that he enjoys getting to play that feeling of falling in love for the first time over and over.

“Think about it, how many times have you fallen in love?” Bergman expressed. “Relatively few, given how long we’ve been on this earth. I get to keep revisiting this. The kisses are absolutely free, my wife knows about it, it will lead absolutely nowhere but you get to play with the falling in love thing.”

Watch a clip of Peter expounding on “falling in love” on the soaps in this clip from tomorrow’s appearance on Home & Family.  Then, let us know, who do you think Jack’s best mate over the years has been?

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  1. su0000 says:

    I can only hope he doesn’t fall in love with the new Kelly..
    Peter and Cady have zero chem.. (awful to watch/FF)
    The new Kelly is a fail ..

    —- It is still prissy Dixie ..
    (Kelly should not have been recast.. She/Kelly is now Dixie Cooney ..

    ((comes off as an offspring of Marry Poppins))

    Please Jack, walk away !!!


    Jo Saponare replied

    Agree 100%. It’s painful to watch those two.


    Nanci replied

    Maybe Kelly was recast because of her tie-in to Stitch and his
    SECRET (when will we learn it??) but yes, I think her character
    should have left when the original actress Cynthia left.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    So who is complaining now…lol…but you are right…there is 0 chemistry between them!!!


    carinamia replied

    Loved cynthia watros.. The character of kelly is pointless now since they ended the billy affair and phyllis is coming outt of the coma

  2. Iakovos says:

    I remember being so sad back in the day when Terry Lester left Y&R as Jack Abbott. But Peter Bergman made the role his own and one of the most successful recasts ever. And he is a class act, too. Everywhere I see him on TV, he just is top drawer!

    I am grateful Jack remains a core character in Genoa City even with so much of the family lost or away. Bergman even rises above any of the misguided or sill storylines in which Jack finds himself. My wish for Jack Abbott is to have his family stabilized, for him to have meaningful relationships with his children, and to find a lasting true love. I would prefer Phyllis. Just saying! Jack is the only one whose love can help her find redemption.

    The Abbotts to me always were vastly more interesting than the Newmans. I would like to see more Ashley, more Tracy, resolution of story with Dina. It is regretful John was killed off. Y&R was so strong in the day when the Abbott breakfasts were routine. Remembrring when…


    Jo Saponare replied

    LOVED those Abbott breakfasts. Also miss the Colonnade room.


    Patrick replied

    Thank You !

    “…The Abbotts to me always were vastly more interesting than the Newmans.”

    excellent “summation” like the term : vastly : simply was no comparison

    synonyms : measureless, boundless, gigantic, colossal, stupendous.

    Thats OUR Abbotts

    it would seem like Just Jack is forever, relegated to Mr. single

    reason why I just love when… Ashley and Traci – MUST – make, guest appearances

    I hope Y&R seriously consider Robin Christopher, for Phyllis… i think she has it in her to be as dynamic, sultry, daring, no holds barred Woman… for Jack

    I can’t think of any other family in daytime… who could ever best… the Abbott Breakfasts


    carinamia replied

    Lol, my older sister use to tell me the same thing aboutt the abbotts back in the day.. Jack & those cinnamon rolls’


  3. Nanci says:

    I think NuKelly is improving just a tad from her first scenes.
    But her slumping to the floor scene when Jack realized it’s
    too soon for a romantic romp, was rather odd. I get that she
    looked forward to it, and it represented her moving on from
    sadness in her life…but gosh, was she really THAT devastated?
    Not to mention, Jack wasn’t breaking off any future romp..
    just said he wasnt ready YET. Seemed a bit over the top
    acting on her part.


    Selena.C. replied

    I know right??? How weird was that.. Jack was fair and stright up about what the feelings and what the situation was and she took it like a 16 year old not being allowed to go to prom or something :s


  4. k/kay says:

    I adore PB but the best on screen chemistry he had was when he played Dr. Cliff Warner on AMC with the lovely Taylor Miller/Nina. They had it in spades.


  5. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    His greatest love will always be Nina(oops thats from his AMC days)…i meant Phylis who is now Nina…No, not Nina Cortland on AMC but Nina Clay on GH…lol


    Patrick replied

    off the subject, some : thank you MF

    I LOVE Cliff and – Nina – Cortlandt, All My Children : Taylor Miller

    Nina… was SO Lovely, those eyes, the way she carried herself…

    they way PC and Daisy LOVED their daughter… the sun and moon rose with

    and she found thee LOVE of HER life… Cliff Warner

    clearly… they were one of my all time fave couples on AMC


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    AMC was at its best during the years of Palmer, Daisy, Cliff, Nina, Liza, Tad, Angie, Jessie, Greg, Jenny…and so on…the 80s was AMCs best decade!!!

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