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5 February 15th, 2012 TONIGHT: All New Episode of Revenge – Watch the Sneak Peek!


In an all new episode of the hit ABC primetime soapy drama, Revenge, titled “Chaos”, the splendor of Emily and Daniel’s Fire & Ice engagement party quickly turns to terror when her vendetta takes a dark, unexpected turn, putting those she loves and hates in imminent mortal danger. Meanwhile, Jack resolves to find Amanda and Charlotte takes desperate measures to soothe the pain of her family’s betrayal!

Emily VanCamp, Gabriel Mann, Madeleine Stowe and Ashley Madekwe star, as Revenge just gets even hotter! After the jump make sure to see tonight’s sneak peek video clip where Victoria admits her love for David in a scene between Madeline Stowe and Josh Bowman.  Revenge airs at 10PMEST tonight!

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  1. todd says:

    I wouldn’t watch an ABC show again if it was on at Robin Strasser’s apartment and I was invited there for dinner. ABC deserves to be last in the ratings…..may Disney lose millions this year. Karma is a bitch!


    david replied

    Very funny (and I completely agree with your sentiment)! But surely Robin is too classy to ever suggest watching anything on ABC anyway.


    barbara t replied

    david,your right to.and we all agree that abc/disney should be removed from any soap fans television,it puts money in the wrong pocket,and we dont want to ever give abc a free pass In how they treated there daytime fans ,prime time fans come and go ,but a daytime soap opera fan,is there TILL THE END,abc messed up.

    barbara t replied

    couldnt have said it better myself ,any soap fan who lost all my children and one life to live,shouldnt be watching abc at all,also the mouse network is playing head games in not letting us know what they are doing with general hospital,and I wouldnt watch abc if it was in michael eastons apartment and he would leave me sit on his lap all day long,no abc for me and thats the way its going to be.only will watch general hospital, they have me for 1 hour 5 days a week ,and I use to be a faithful abc viewer daytime and prime time ,not anymore.cant wait to see john mcbain show up in port charles and show the pcpd how to arrest people and keep them in jail for a very long time .


  2. cathy trinque says:

    I will not be watching anything on ABC, day or night except GH to see Michael
    Easton as John McBain!


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