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6 December 2nd, 2012 TONIGHT: All-New Episode & The Fall Finale of REVENGE!


It’s a big night for Revenge fans as tonight is the fall finale ( even though we are now headed into winter), and it looks to be quite an episode.

Titled, “Revelations,” here is what to look for tonight at 9PM EST/PST on ABC: Nolan is confronted with a skeleton from his past, and Daniel’s leading role is challenged as Emily and Aiden weave their way through Grayson Global. Meanwhile, the christening of baby Carl brings new concerns to light for Jack and Declan.

Now after the jump watch this preview clip as Nolan (Gabriel Mann) is confronted by his former lover and business partner Marco (E.J. Bonilla), as Daniel (Josh Bowman) pulls the strings to bring Nolan down!

Then let us know, if you are a fan of Gabriel Mann’s portrayal of Nolan! And do you want Amanda and Jack? Or are you rooting for Emily and Jack to get together?

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  1. heidi says:

    Love Gabiel Mann and his talented portrayal of Nolan! He’s my favorite character! Used to be for Jack and Emily/real Amanda… now I am not so much… Jack does not deserve faux Amanda.


  2. Caroline says:

    Nolan is my favorite character. I think I root for him even more than for Emily. I don’t like fake Amanda much, and I hope Jack and Emily eventually get together.


  3. su0000 says:

    I can hardly wait for its’ return..
    the season went by way too soon for this awesome soap!!


  4. Vicky says:

    Great sneak peak, but it doesn’t do justice to last night’s midseason finale. I missed it when it aired because I was working late at DISH, but I saw it this morning. It was set to auto-record on my DISH Hopper along with the other big four prime time network shows using Primetime Anytime, so I was able to watch it even though I forgot to set a timer. And Gabriel Mann does an amazing job as Nolan. Daniel may have taken over his company for now, but it sounds like Nolan has a plan to fight back. I can’t wait until the spring premiere to see what he does!


  5. bc says:

    According to what’s written online there’s a character named Padma now on revenge and she’s romantically paired w/ white guy nolan. being white has to be portrayed as the ideal once again as padma has to be offered up to hollywood’s altar to white males. Asian american female padma can only be romantically paired w/ a white guy while takeda has to be stereotyped by being asexualized. It’s the same thing w/ flopped emily owens md. the show took some strides by having a racially diverse cast. however the romantic leading men have to both be white. emily owens flopped bec of bad writing and the untalented and uinattractive mamie gummer. the writing was aiming for cutesy rom com but emily’s narrated thoughts made her appear unhinged. gummer is an awful actress and being the daughter to hollywood’s reigning diva meryl streep must have helped gummer land the role. emily owens md should have cast the black actress joanna who portrays emily’s tormentor as the lead. she’s pretty and has adequate talent for a cw show/ yes the hsow had a lot of racial diversity but once again hollywood had to cast the lead character as white.


  6. SZima says:

    What a finale! Even my husband said he couldn’t wait for the show to come back!
    I’m so glad they implied that Nolan has a plan for Daniel. I didn’t believe for a second that Nolan would go quietly into the night and just give up on his company like that. Love, love this character!
    There was another twist brought out that I hadn’t thought of…Nolan told Marco he had given the $500M to Amanda, but when Marco saw how Amanda is living, he assumed that Nolan had lied about that.
    I’m glad Daniel finally found out about Ashley too, although it looks like she may actually be in love with him.
    There are so many twists and turns with this show…way too many to comment on…I love it!


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