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14 July 11th, 2012 TONIGHT: An All-New Episode of DALLAS! And, Do You Give Bobby and Ann’s Relationship A Thumbs Up?


The hot ticket in television these days is TNT’s Dallas, and tonight on an all-new episode, more backstabbing and Ewing drama unfolds!  Here is the lowdown: In an episode entitled “The Enemy of My Enemy,” John Ross is bothered by the weight of having to do his father’s dirty work and decides to move into Southfork.

Meanwhile, strife continues to grow between Ann and Bobby when it is revealed she went to her ex for help with a family problem, and Rebecca approaches Bobby and Christopher with information that she believes might help save the ranch.

Don’t miss Dallas tonight on TNT at 9PMEST/PST.    Watch a preview of the new episode after the jump, and then weigh-in on this week’s Dallas question below.

While many soapers have said they wish Bobby and Pam were on the show together, many are loving the relationship between Bobby (Patrick Duffy) and Ann (Brenda Strong).  What is your opinion?  Are you digging Bobby and Ann?  Or, are you still wanting to see Bobby and Pam? Let us know!

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  1. shelly says:

    I do like bobby and Anne as a couple, although I would like to see the issue of “Pam” put to rest once and for all. As an old school viewer, it seemed completely out of character for Pam to run away from Christopher, the baby she wanted so badly. Time has passed, surgeries can be performed (she certainly had the financial resources to go all over the world for it), and some reference can be made to her whereabouts. It is my understanding that her portrayer, has no interest in returning; and that’s absolutely her choice. But I think at some point the writers have to address her absence. Just saying.


    Sara replied

    I have a couple theories about Anne…

    Theory 1
    The first one is that she originally was a scam artist like Rebecca and that is why she sympathizes with Rebecca. In this theory Anne would have done the same thing Rebecca has done by falling for the guy she was trying to scam. He ex-husband could have been involved in some way also which might explain the tension there is between Anne and her ex.


    Theory 2
    My second theory is a bit of a stretch but it’s possible. I think that Anne could actually be Pam. Either she doesn’t remember who she is or she does and has a good reason as to why she isn’t telling anyone. Like I said…this is a stretch. Actually…it might be more of a hope as I loved the character of Pam but it could be possible as she was in a fire and she could look completely different…after all…they did that on Dynasty with Steven.


    gloria replied

    I wonder about Tommy & Rebecca. Remember when Carter McKay (played by George Kennedy) moved in next door to Southfork & he had a daughter Tracy, who got with Bobby & he had an awful criminal son named TOMMY played by the guy who played Cole on Y&R? Could there be a connection here? Some sort of revenge from these 2 for their parents (uncle, aunt, grandfather, whatever) I love this new Dallas so much, just hearing the opening music sets all right in the world for me. (Almost, just wish we could get OLTL back for God’s sake)

  2. MBmomof3 says:

    I love this show. I think Bobby and Ann are an interesting and likeable couple, but I’d love it if Pam showed up and drama ensued.


  3. Iakovos says:

    I love Brenda Strong as Ann Ewing. Bobby cvlearly moved on with Jenna Wade and April Stevens in the last seasons of the original. Wasn’t there another Ewing son or two? I think the return of Pam is not the best thing and, if one has to have that, make it quick and finish it. Bobby and Ann are interesting and there is a good chemistry between Patrick Duffy and Miss Strong. They are the new Jock and Ellie.


    shelly replied

    As I remember, I could be wrong, Bobby fathered a baby boy (Lucas) with Jenna Wade. Ray, in love with Jenna quickly took over the father role and the 3 of them left town…(out of character for Bobby who would always step up to his responsibilities). Incidentally, I remember Donna calling Ray from her hospital room saying she’d just given birth to a girl she named after Ray’s mother, Margaret. Ray barely batted an eye and didn’t seem to care. I’ll bet that child all grown up now, has some issues wtih her dad and the Ewing family.


    kay/kay replied

    Shelly you are correct their was a lot of mistakes made after 1985 the dream storyline and several characters were written out after Duffy came back. Priscilla Presley who played Jenna at the time was pregnant in real life so they decided to go that route. Larry Hagman was too involved at this time and drinking quite a bit on set. The show took a nose dive in the ratings Ray and Donna were very good friends off screen and were very upset with the direction the show went. Dack Rambo who played cousin Jack was suppose to play the good guy after Duffy left but once they found out he waas bisexual they kinda of cut him off at the knees. At least that is what Dack Rambo qouted in several interviews that was the way back in the 80′s. I would like for them to address that but Ray has been blink you miss him I feel Lucas being a blood Ewing would make for great story.

    Iakovos replied

    Thank you! I am wondering then if this Tommy may really be Lucas. If so, there is motivation for his actions to bring down Christopher take Ewing money and Rebecca (product of Jenna and someone else down the pike) would not be biologically related to Christopher… or maybe not even a sister at all!

    Or would the new DALLAS producers prefer to make some of those final seasons of the original run a bit of a dream, too!

    barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1 replied

    There’s a lot of interesting history to be explored, I do believe Bobby did father a son with Jenna Wade, But Like you, I can be wrong, Also agree that it would be out of character for Bobby not to be with his son or have him in his life most of the time. So I wonder where he is?

    kay/kay replied

    Hey Barbara T Jenna Wade married Ray and they raised the child Lucas and moved overseas he sold his ranch to the character George Kennedy played. As I mentioned above they really started screwing with the show when P Duffy came back we lost Pam Donna Jenna & Ray in the next two seasons. Donna moved to Washinton and had a girl by Ray and married some congressman. Totally screwed that show up after 1985 just my opinion however.

  4. Jeff says:

    I personally think that Bobby and Ann together is good. Brenda Strong IMO is a much better actress than Victoria Principal.


  5. MK says:

    I love Ann and Bobby, they are the new Jock and Ellie!


    barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1 replied

    That’s how I feel to, I wonder about the necklace, And why receiving it made her take off and cry only to have her put it on, It has something to do with her past. I Love a good mystery.


  6. Brian says:

    I am watching the show and enjoying it, but must say that Southfork seems rather small in todays sence of estate properties.


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