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9 February 4th, 2013 TONIGHT: An All-New Episode of DALLAS! – Watch A Preview!


After last week’s season two premiere of Dallas, the backstabbers are back in an all new episode tonight on TBT at 9PMEST/PST time!

In the episode entitled “Sins of the Father,” when new evidence mysteriously surfaces pointing to foul play in Tommy’s disappearance, Christopher aims to connect Pamela to the crime. J.R. and John Ross maneuver on two fronts to reclaim their birthright, including poisoning one family member against another.  Pamela continues to push her father’s agenda to gain control of Ewing Energies.  As a new member of the family arrives at Southfork, Ann is pushed to the brink by Ryland’s sadistic games and finally takes action.

Fans thus far have given rave reviews to soap opera alum and favorite, Judith Light for her deliciously evil portrayal of Harris Ryland’s mother! What secrets do you think her presence will reveal in the story?  Are you excited to see more Judith?

Watch a promo for tonight and the new season, and check out returning Dallas favorites:  Ken Kercheval,Ted Shackelford, Charlene Tilton, Cathy Podewell, and Deborah Shelton in the clips too!

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  1. MBmomof3 says:

    I’m loving nuDallas. Yee Hawww!


    Patrick replied

    isn’t it something… how it immediately grabs you and pulls you in?

    it’s like i’m transfixed…

    Prime Time (Blah) comes and goes so fast….. reason i love soaps….


    BUT! nuDALLAS… is intriguing…. compelling…. FANS… puhlease watch! for ratings sake…

    yeah, i just finished the two-hour premiere…..

    as usual…. it’s Anne and Sue Ellen that had me in tears….

    Anne finding her kidnapped daughter – and watching Sue Ellen pour that glass of wine and poor it out….


    knowing that JR is R.I.P…. didn’t alter my perceptions of how good Dallas is.


    Patrick replied

    Gosh darn it…

    Sue Ellen to JR…. “if you can behave yourself… would you like a cup of tea”

    Bobby….. searching for Ann’s daughter….


    that comaraderie…. between Ann and Sue Ellen …. so remniscent of Pam and Sue Ellen. The spark and energy with Ann and Sue Ellen is provoking…. whether they be allies…. fighting over their sons…. men…. you name it…

  2. Michael says:

    Judith Light is great in this as usual even though she is only three years older than Mitch Pileggi.


    Mary SF replied

    Yeah, but she is such a good actress she will pull it off with an assist from the make up department.


  3. Shelly says:

    Not sure if I’ll make it. Late night last night due to Super Bowl watching my Ravens kick ass. Up early for work (UGGH, when will they make SB Monday a national holiday?). I may have to catch this episode on On Demand. Sorry.


  4. Dmitri says:

    Loving the show! One of the best on TV! And I’m loving John Ross with Pamela!!!


  5. Dan Young says:

    What are tlhe ratings for last night – Season 2 2nd show?


  6. Dmitri says:

    Better than the daytime soaps by far! DAYS was my favorite soap, but has been SO boring for the past year! I still read the recaps for DAYS, but now I’m spending time watching Dallas instead of DAYS.


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