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4 April 29th, 2012 TONIGHT: An All-New Episode of GCB! And, Will A New “Stud” Expose Blake & Cricket’s Secret?


We are at the second to last episode of the first season of GCB tonight when the episode titled, “Adam and Eve’s Rib” airs at 10PM EST/PST on ABC.   And here is the lowdown of what to expect:  When Amanda tries to put together an all female barbeque team to prove a point to her daughter, she recruits the helps of the GCB’s for the cook-off of the year. Meanwhile Heather meets an attractive butcher (Kevin Alejandro), Cricket purchases stud services from businessman Mason Massey (Grant Bowler), Carlene becomes frustrated with Ripp, and Sharon tries to help Zack with his dealership problems.

However, Hollywood has an exclusive that Mason played by Grant Bowler may pose a threat to Blake and Cricket’s secret.  No one in the community knows Blake is gay.  And according to Hollywood Life, Grant Bowler (Mason) teased what to expect tonight and in the season finale next week!  “He’s certainly a fox in the henhouse because he discovers the nature of their relationship.  He takes that as a greenlight to pursue [Cricket] more aggressively. … I like messing with the powerful girls.”  Grant’s character, Mason Massey, comes into the picture when Cricket wants to breed one of her prized mares.  It turns out Mason has (and maybe is) just the stud she’s looking for.

“That double entendre runs the whole length of the episode,” Grant says. “She’s trying to hold onto it being about business, and he doesn’t want it to be that way. … She’s used to running everything, so I think that’s what sparks the whole thing off. He bites down and pursues her; he’s not shy.”   Fans can also expect Mason to stick around through the May 6 finale, possibly longer if ABC renews GCB for a second season.

In the meantime, Mark Deklin (Blake) and Miriam Shor took to the red carpet over a week ago for the GLAAD Awards and discussed their on-screen relationship as Blake and Cricket with The Hollywood Reporter and teased some ominous things for the season finale too!  You can watch the video below! And also make sure to visit for an interview with Deklin this coming Tuesday from On-Air On-Soaps Michael Fairman for more scoop!

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  1. tasha36 says:

    Hi Michael. I know ur tired me asking same question all the time. But, any news if Jack Wagner.coming back on GH as Frisco and Kimberly Mccullough as Robin?


  2. Nancy M says:

    Does anyone watch this crap put on ABC?


    barbara t replied

    I dont that’s for sure,it looks like it is a cheesy dumb continuing crap fest ,with dumb under dressed females with big mouths.


    Brian replied

    Neither do I, i tried the first four episodes… stupid, no substance except for Annie Potts.

    Sure still miss “One Life To Live”

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