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22 August 19th, 2013 TONIGHT: Corbin Bleu & Robert S. Woods Set For TOLN Soaps Live with Michael Fairman OLTL Season Finale Show!


Tonight, August 19th, after fans of One Life to Live watched throughout the day the season finale of their beloved soap, now is your chance to get in on the action and talk about your favorite  scenes in the finale and much more!

Join us at 7PMPST/10PMEST for the Blog Talk Radio series, TOLN Soaps Live with Michael Fairman on a special night, when we are joined by Corbin Bleu (Jeffrey King) and Daytime Emmy winner, Robert S. Woods (Bo Buchanan) for a live interview! Next,  the duo will take your calls and questions throughout the show.  And, of course we want your comments on the finale episodes! The call-in line is: 718-664-9351

Photo Credit: David Russell/TOLN

What are your thoughts on what went down at The Man of the Year gala that left Clint in dire straits?  What do you think of  Bo stepping in for his brother as the honoree? What about Jeffrey’s true agenda being revealed, and seeing him on a date with Destiny? This is a great opportunity to talk to two of Llanview’s favorite gents!

In addition, call-in for a chance to win in our “Season Finale Trivia Contest” for a signed autograph script from One Life.   Plus,  we will name the ‘Power Moments of the Week’ from both One Life to Live and All My Children.  To listen to the show live click here!

If you have question for either Corbin or Bob, you can leave it in the comment section below and we will try to ask it on air, if time allows!

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  1. Natashia King-Tyes says:

    Will Jeffery fall in love with Destiny and will that love be powerful enough to convert him from the dark side?


  2. Chris says:

    Ask them if they know when the cast and crew of OLTL goes back taping for their second season!


    SUSAN M. replied

    That’s what I would like to know also!!!!!


    Barbara t loves One life to live replied

    Yeah, ME TOO

  3. patsy dosey says:

    question, is there gonna be another season , cause everyone says this is it, I sure hope yall do continue on cause im loving both shows


    SUSAN M. replied

    This can’t be it! I am enjoying this soaps also….


  4. SUSAN M. says:

    I liked Jeffrey but he is not such a good person after all as we all thought. The guy Jeffrey is working for said that Allison is his sister.. Correct me if I heard wrong!


  5. mgb357 says:

    Please ask when the taping season starts for season 2.
    We need MORE OLTL!


    Dennis replied



    Trapper replied

    Yes! We all want to know when our favourite people are going back to work!


  6. Llanviewer717 says:

    Just watched the season finale. OMG!!!!!!!! I guess I should have seen that coming but didn’t.


    David replied

    I agree!! OMG! Start filming NOW! We need to see how this plays out!!


  7. Shirley A Miller says:

    This question is for Robert S. Woods: Do you enjoy playing Bo Buchanan on the Internet as much as you did on TV ……or more? And Why? Thank you. I love you as Bo Buchanan on either the Internet or TV – you give a terrific performance!!!!!! And I have watched you since you began on OLTL!!!!!!


  8. Shirley A Miller says:

    I just watched the season finale and thought it was fantastic. Can’t wait for OLTL to return next season. Do you know yet when the next season will begin???? Thank You!!!!!


  9. Libby says:

    Corbin Bleu is the breakout star. Enjoyed him so much. What else is he working on? What was his favorite or most cherished memory being a part of OLTL ?


  10. Lew S says:

    Hey I am just glad to have AMC and OLTL. Both shows have done well on line and I am sure they will be back after hiatus. As another fan said, these are no longer network soaps and we can’t hold them to network standards.


  11. Scott says:

    It’s one thing not to have premiere dates settled,but production is another story.I think a lot of us will feel better once we know they are back in Stamford filming.


  12. christy says:

    wow… just got thru watching the episodes today.

    That was the finale? That ending was sooooo bad! As in B- movie kind of bad… so much so that it makes me think Nat feel asleep in the hospital waiting room and just dreamed about Allison. That screaming of hers and heck I’d think she’d lunge at someone trying to hurt her dad, take a swing at them with her purse, punch ‘em in the kisser – all that bent up anger at Cutter and the bartender chick… that’s how I’d see Nat act for real, but not that scream, scream, scream B- movie style.

    I read others online others had the same reaction and as one other viewer said, and I totally agree, the season cliffhanger would have been better ending on the tat on Jeffrey’s foot.


    Johnny replied

    It seemed to me as well that it could possibly be a dream sequence – would they do anything that obvious though – I don’t know. They kept saying “you won’t believe the astonishing Season cliffhanger!” and I thought, “well, okay, we’ll see”.
    So, I wasn’t overly impressed but it was an all right season closer I suppose.
    I was hoping for something really really dramatic like all this stress over Clint’s
    recent behavior would send Vicki for rufuge through one of her other personalities –
    I wonder what the finale on ALL MY CHILDREN will be -
    and, like many others, the real question is…..
    and the real cliffhanger is…..
    WHEN the heck are they coming back for Season 2?


  13. Fran says:

    once again great interview keep them comein’


  14. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    People…you waited a year for OLTL to return after abc cancelled…im sure you can wait for its second season…be happy it came back at all!!!


  15. vicki says:

    Just read where they are not going to do a season 2 on OLTL until yet another law suit is done and over with …ABC. they just can’t let a good thing go. They axed these 2 soaps and now that they are doing good on-line and that OWN has picked them up they are causing all kinds of trouble. Killing off characters that were on loan from Prospect Park…we want OLTL back on…..loved this show since it has come on. Was getting back into it again and now this…wish ABC would have kept on both soaps and now I think they are regretting letting them both go….


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