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15 September 1st, 2015 TONIGHT: DAYS Hangout With A Martinez, Galen Gering & Camila Banus – Watch It Live 6:15PMPT/9:15PMET!


Want to hang with the Hernandez Clan?  Well, tonight is your chance!

On-Air On-Soaps Michael Fairman will be hosting the latest DAYS Hangout broadcast featuring: Daytime Emmy winner, A Martinez (Eduardo), Galen Gering (Rafe) and Camila Banus (Gabi)!

The live event begins to stream tonight at approximately 6:15PMPT/9:15PMET!  A, Galen, and Camila will be joined by some passionate DAYS fans chosen to participate tonight, who will have the opportunity to fire away questions at the talented trio.

With Camila set for his DAYS return on-screen on September 17th, and A to make his Salem debut shortly thereafter, and Galen in the thick of story as Rafe is on the hunt for Salem’s  serial killer, and clearly he has romantic feelings for Hope (Kristian Alfonso),  there is much to discuss!  What can will the actors preview is to come in story?  You can watch the live hangout here!

If you have a question for A, Galen, or Camila that you would like potentially posed to the trio, please post it in the comment section below and if we have time, we will try to ask it on-air!   The DAYS Hangout will also be archived in case you miss the live airing.  You can also watch it live below!

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  1. LeeAnn says:

    It will be so great to have Camila back on Days! Love Rafe and if A Martinez, who I have loved for years, plays their Dad, that would be amazing! I would like to ask Camila…Do you hope your character of Gabi will confront Will on how he treated Sonny? I know many of the fans hope she does.


    LeeAnn replied

    oops I meant love Galen as Rafe :)


    Jeremy replied

    I’m so looking forward to upcoming scenes with the debut of A Martinez. This video of Galen and A was great. A is such a respectful man, so excited he has joined DAYS, he’s very humble. And, I look forward to the coming years with Eduardo in Salem.


  2. Gmbenet says:

    Galen asked for clues and theories regarding the murder of Serena Mason in Salem. Tell him my theory is that Ben Weston is the killer. Clyde is the more obvious choice, but since there are reportedly “twists” in the story (and the writers are writing in favor of Chad-Abigail as a couple), it must be Ben!

    Ben has motive to frame Chad DiMera. Ben had opportunity to kill Serena because he left his apartment while Abigail was sleeping. She did not even know he was gone.

    My only question is when did Ben decide to join forces with his Dad in doing evil? If Ben is doing Clyde’s dirty work, no one would ever suspect it. Ben has such a clean reputation, in spite of his bad temper.

    My question for Camilla Banus is if Will Horton gets killed, who gets Arianna? I am not sure Gabi’s return is not temporary.


    Gmbenet replied

    Question for Galen Gering: Is Kate in danger because she dumped Clyde? He is a first class jerk toward women as Kate said. So can we expect murder related suspense between Kate and Clyde?


    CeeCee replied

    Yeah, Clyde is made out of stone. No feelings.
    Well, it looks like Chad’s fate is sealed. He tossed his bloody napkin? Duh, right? Clyde picked it up, smeared it on Serena or something to pin the murder on him. Clyde needed not know the woman…he did it because he saw the doors opening for an opportunity to get rid of Chad….who is being framed, but good.
    So, obviously Chad’s DNA will match.

  3. JO says:

    Fans are thrilled to have A on the show as Eduardo, but how do Rafe and Gabi react to him being in Salem?

    Looking forward to seeing all 3 of you interacting!


  4. Angela bennett says:

    I have a question for Camila how long are you staying for and is there anything thing you can tell us that will happen when you return.


    blake replied

    That’s what I’m wondering. I hope Gabi is back for good. I’m worried about her and Peter Reckell (Bo) only being temporary when they should be permanent.


  5. Marie says:

    Question for A how did Eduardo get mixed up with Eve and why did he leave Rafe and Gabi without a dad. For Galen please say your involvement with Hope and your concern for her is a result of being her partner and having to watch each other’s back. Rafe needs a love that is not another triangle. Clue about the killer it may be Andre. The Chad thing is to mislead everyone and I think Clyde took care of Sarena. Oh did I say I love all you go us and glad you are up front on Days.


  6. Bam Carle says:

    To Mr. A Martinez: are you going to be able to continue doing other projects or does your contract preclude you from working outside of DOOL?


  7. Tracy says:

    Question for Camila: What was goin through your mind when you got the call from Days saying that they were bringing Gabi back & was it strange being on the set again cuz it’s been so long?? Would you be doin any fan events since your back on the show cuz I would someday love to meet you & everybody else!!

    I don’t have a question for Galen but your are amazing big fan of yours since PASSIONS!
    Keep up the good work!!


  8. mel says:

    A . Do you play a bad guy or a good guy I hope you play a good guy like cruz on Santa barbara


  9. Bam Carle says:

    Oh well. It was great to see anyway—love to see people cracking up live on camera!


  10. Sally. Furey says:

    Just want to say welcome bck to those returning and welcome any new ones.
    Love it when someone leaves on a show and shows up in Salem.B een watchen since the beginning. For everyone leaving DOOL. Maybe another Dark Shadows?


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