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31 January 28th, 2015 TONIGHT: DAYS Hangout with Freddie Smith, Guy Wilson & Christopher Sean – 5:30PMPST/8:30PMEST


So, what do Days of our Lives Freddie Smith (Sonny), Guy Wilson (Will), and Christopher Sean (Paul) have to say about the shake-ups going on in WilSon’s relationship right now, and what may happen if Sonny finds out that his ex Paul slept with his husband Will?

Find out the answers to this question, and some questions from some of DAYS biggest fans tonight starting at 5:30PMPST/8:30PMEST during our live DAYS Hangout with the three gents hosted by On-Air On-Soaps Michael Fairman.

The hangout will be approximately 30 minutes in length and will be live-streamed and you can watch it live here!  Make sure to follow the Days of our Lives Twitter feed and the Michael Fairman Twitter feed to catch any additional pertinent links or information shortly before the beginning of the hangout!

In addition, for those who cannot catch the live-stream, the video will be posted and available to view shortly afterwards and will stay up and be archived.  If you have a potential question that you would like answered, please post it on our comment section below, and time permitting, we will try to pick a view to ask.   Hope you enjoy the hangout!

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  1. kay from Ohio says:

    My question is for all three guys: What is your dream job besides acting?


  2. 4ever DAYS says:


    Will you please ask them their thoughts on Salt Lake City, Utah taking DAYS off the air?

    Thank you!


    Gmbenet replied

    The report I read said Days has not been taken off the air in Salt Lake City. It has been moved to late night. I can certainly understand that. I am tired of the gay storyline on Days. You can see in the ratings report that the storyline is not going well with the viewing audience. Every time there is a week with a heavy amount of the Sonny-Will saga, there is a dip in the ratings. It is like NBC is forcing this on the viewers. Isn’t that rape? I think so.

    Days needs to either scale down the gay storyline or better yet eliminate it altogether. I don’t think the show will last much longer if they don’t. Enough of a thing is enough! I don’t want to see Days go off the air. I enjoy the show (except for the gay storyline) and I would definitely not want to see the cast and crew lose their paychecks if the show went under. But I do now believe there is a very real danger of that happening. I had that conviction before learning about KSL in Salt Lake City. Reading about KSL just added to it.


  3. David says:

    I have a few questions:
    Who is each gentlemen’s female crush and who is each of their male crushes?
    If each gentlemen could pick his own clip to provide for Emmy nomination, which clip from the past year would they individually pick?
    Other than each other, which cast member do they feel they have (perhaps unexpectedly) chemistry with both on and off the set?
    Thank you!


  4. Lauren says:

    What are your favorite things to do on set when not filming a scene?


  5. vinman says:

    After today’s show… impression that Paul could be John’s long lost son.


    Patrick replied


    wouldn’t this be an amazing get

    Christopher Sean , just brightens up the screen…. to know that John Black could be his son



  6. dmr says:

    DAYS has become the “nuWill show”-it seems. I’m not sure if the character gets a lot of air-play because he is Sami’s son or what-but, I find the actor nauseating. Some where along the line the character lost all of his morals and values-seems to feel absolutely no remorse for cheating on Sonny. It’s just hard to watch.


    Blake replied

    Yeah Guy Wilson is just not good, his acting is way too distracting. The scene with him and Kate the other day was pretty bad, when he did his scenes I wondered what the actress playing Kate must be thinking. I wish they would recast him with a better actor.


    Patrick replied

    ditto !

    I would much prefer Will and Sonny work it out…. and it’s sentiment and historic

    but… seeing Paul and Sonny, together, is dynamic draw…. this new pairing stirs imagination reality

    whatever it takes to keep current enliven and treats

    i’m hoping that they recast Will… lets say they break up … he leaves again for LA… and comes back with more stud muffin

    Blake replied

    Great idea! And please let the delicious bellboy Derrick be involved with Sonny and Paul in the meantime lol.

  7. Erin says:

    okay. The writers are the ones who threw a curve ball with three men. I love how that the tables are turned around to see that Will is trying to get Paul out of closet and two years ago it was Sonny. I love relationship between Sonny and Will keep it up. I love all baseball slingo words Will and Paul use as they talk about article. It is hard for fans to realize the soap is filmed six months advance.


  8. Jimmy Velez says:

    Freddie How Is Sonny Going To Feel When He Finds Out That Will And Paul Been Together.


  9. kay from Ohio says:

    My question is for all three guys: Besides acting, what would be your “dream job”


  10. Shane Fox Johnston says:

    Hey Guys!!! Amazing Acting, You guys are so awesome together… any way you guys can spill whats going to happen when (Sonny) finds out about all of this??

    Hey Freddie, we are all behind you in your real life events..

    Christopher ( Who are your most favorite people to work with.,on days…


  11. Shane Fox Johnston says:

    This Question is for Guy WIlson, what is it like coming into the role Chandler Massey created… and what is it like filling the shoes he left. and any hints of whats to come?


  12. Shane Fox Johnston says:

    Guys what are your opinions on fans interacting on social media with the Actors… and your opinions of people rumoring all 3 of you guys to be Gay.. How will you guys come to the defense to end the rumors..


    Patrick replied

    I’ve always thought Freddie Smith was…. I lost that one…. after his recent events in North Carolina : dispelled that notion

    Christopher Sean, Chandler Massey, and Guy Wilson… read prior to their starting on DAYS that they were playing their parts

    and danged aren’t they ALL THAT

    this trio has frontburnered this story line all over again… and it’s enticing, intriguing, and alluring to see how well it’s being played

    once again… it’s near the best thing going on in Salem
    next up would be Hope and Aiden
    I like the Rafe and Victor repartee
    I still like the JJ and Eve spin
    Theresa and her new boy toy is working
    Chad is doing gangbuster work
    Anne is always on when she spars with anyone in Salem
    why double why does not DAYS production HIRE someone for the lovely Kayla
    John and Marlena are front and center
    along with Maggie and Victor for the love and romance

    the one cringe worthy , well several

    Brady and Melanie : yikes… from Kristen to Theresa to Melanie…. not the best track record…. since ED’ Kristen isn’t contract…. he was and is still better with Theresa…. the bubble gum cutesy cutesy things with Melanie , cringeworthy

    Daniel and Nicole : DAYS production… bring back Peter Blake… ala Ted King, Michael Muhney, Max DePaiva, Trevor St. John, Josh Kelly… MAN up for Nicole… someone any one… must do better than dullard Daniel

    the casting net is still stewing fettering…. Eric and Serena…. I so agree with many,,,, that she should have come back as a daughter of an established family

    DAYS fires
    not 100% but it still has elements of reasons why


    Blake replied

    I agree that Brady and Melanie is lame. Melanie annoys the hell out of me. The actor playing Brady just won an Emmy and this is the storyline they give him? I can’t wait for Kristen to return in March, she will swat that Melanie gnat.

  13. Shane Fox Johnston says:

    There are alot of people that are die hard Wilson fans from the Beginning. How will you guys react to the fans if Will continues to be with Paul?? and which causes Sonny and will break up.. How will you be able to keep the loyal fans happy??


  14. Erin says:

    I am a Wilson fan. I’ve been watching show on and off for 21 years. I love how some way or another by marriage or blood he or she related to each other. The writers threw a curve ball into relationship. I love you guys a lot. I just wanted to say hi. The curve ball throwing a lot of heat into Wilson relationship. My grandma and great aunt watches the show. I love I can talk to my grandma about show.


  15. Genevieve says:

    I have a question for Christopher. If Paul would have been told that his baseball career was not over, would he have chosen to come out?


  16. Jeff Bailey says:

    Hope you guys get a lot of questions. My question is how can the writers involve you guys in a 3mance? Wilson is forever!


  17. Janet says:

    Guy how do u follow such a great actor as Chandler Massey?


  18. Patrick says:

    1. “thank you, MF” for sharing that your end of year list included Freddie Smith as “runner-up” BEST supporting Actor. He so deserves this acknowledgement.

    2. Christopher Sean : WOW BEST smile… just lights UP

    Wilson or Paulson : “Paulson”

    that being said…. LGBT forefront and solidifying this marquee couple with trial is on it’s way

    THANK YOU : NBC : Sony : Days of OUR Lives : for the best storyline


  19. ChandlerFan says:

    The past few episodes have gotten noticeably better. I’m wondering how much this might have to do with Alison Sweeney’s name appearing in the “Directed By” spot, vastly improving the show that I had almost given up upon. The show’s content and the context have gotten richer, providing interesting conflicts and alliances between the characters such that if several of the characters were to do “the right thing,” it would have also have multiple corresponding negative ripple effect consequences, resulting in interesting unclearness as to what the objective “right thing” might ultimately be. Particularly, Kate’s advice to NuWill not to assuage his guilt and instead hide his fling from Sonny, seemed very reminiscent of Sami’s statement to Will that “sometimes a lie can be an act of love.” Yet, once again, the only real disappointment has been NuWill’s cringe-worthy performance, wherein I can’t help thinking that Chandler would take those same exact lines and turn them into riveting, completely believable performances (also with a few charmingly inappropriate smiles thrown in, too). In contrast, Christopher Sean’s (Paul Norita) performance has been so surprisingly, disarmingly personable, that he effortlessly stole several scenes from the other actors with complete gracefulness.


    4ever DAYS replied

    Guy Wilson plays Will. He’s not NuWill because he’s been Will for over a year. I believe the Chandler fans make way more cringeworthy remarks about Guy than Guy gives in performances! Guy should be commended for a job well done, especially with the fire breathing Chandler fans being so damn mean to him!


    ChandlerFan replied

    I sense that you disagree with my opinion. Do you honestly believe that what you have watched over the past few days was an Emmy-winning performance? Because, it could have been. The basic underlying material was there, if portrayed convincingly and meaningfully. I guess only time will tell.

    Jack Turner replied

    That’s actually a good point.
    Chandler LEFT the show – that’s it. Guy Wilson is certainly doing the best he can with the role and if some fans are overly critical they should maybe think twice. I’m not saying his acting is always top-notch great (his crying scenes the other day were not that believable) but it’s tough doing a soap and making every single scene work perfectly.

  20. Patrick says:

    I love this story line… again


  21. Blake says:

    I love Sonny and Paul, I hope they ultimately become the couple.


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