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9 November 13th, 2011 TONIGHT: Don’t miss the Season Finale of DIRTY SOAP!


Wow, eight weeks goes by very fast and tonight is the season finale of E Entertainment Television’s Dirty Soap featuring some of your favorite daytime soap stars.

In tonight’s finale titled, The Cold and the Beautiful: The gang goes camping where Kelly pushes Farah to confront JP, causing a major fight. Nadia surprises Fary at dinner with Brandon but doesn?t know Fary has a surprise for her as well. Looks like there may be some fireworks all around!

Now watch a video clip after the jump where Kelly Monaco goes about looking to “brand” herself if and when General Hospital comes to its end.  Then let us know which of the perfomers dilemmas did you enjoy the most during the episodes of Dirty Soap! And, do you hope that Dirty Soap gets renewed for a season two?  Dirty Soap airs tonight at 10:30 PM EST!

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  1. Sharon says:

    I loved this season. I miss seeing Kirsten on both GH and DS. I love watching Kelly on GH and DS as well. Her weight issues shown on DS give women a chance to see that celebrities and actors worry about maintaining a healthy weight and do not want to go about it the wrong way. Get well soon Kirsten!


  2. Elhu says:

    I look forward to seeing the season finale! I enjoyed Season One of Dirty Soap very much, and hope that it is renewed for another Season. I am a longtime ABC Daytime fan, so I favor JP, Farah, Kelly and Kirsten, but I also have enjoyed getting to know the other stars that I did not know before, in any capacity. The concept of this show is great, and pulled off well with this wonderful cast!!!! Job well done to all those involved in front of and behind the scenes and my fingers are crossed for a Season 2!!!!


  3. david says:

    Yes, that’s what the world needs–another celebrity clothing line.


  4. Gina says:

    so sad to know this is the last episode I get for now, I hope Dirty Soaps gets a second season and GH keeps on as long as it can! I LOVE kelly and will dearly miss her if things dont work out :( Ill keep crossing my fingers!


  5. heidi says:

    Michael can you find out how Kirsten is doing? When will she be back on GH?


  6. Darren says:

    There better be a second season. Juicy filled season one we deserve a season two


  7. Blake says:

    I really like the show, the finale was good having everyone there (except Maxie from GH). I really hope it comes back!


  8. Kelly says:

    Loved this show.. better be a 2nd season..


  9. LeAnna says:

    Absolutely better be a second season. I love Dirty Soaps and want to see another season with even more episodes. Please give us more!!
    I too am partial to the ABC Soap stars so enjoy getting to see them in this setting!


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