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17 December 2nd, 2014 TONIGHT: Eileen Davidson Makes Her Highly-Anticipated Debut On THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS!


After watching no Eileen Davidson for the last few weeks on the new season of Bravo’s hit reality franchise The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, as soap fans know, tonight is the night for the soap star and Daytime Emmy winner’s debut!  How will Eileen shake up the scene with the Bev Hills gals and Lisa Rinna?

In a promo video for Davidson’s RHOBH debut, she is catching up with Rinna, and the twosome talk about how they first met back in the 80′s an how Rinna was dating one of Davidson’s former Y&R cast members! Rinna and Davidson did share scenes together back in 1994 on DAYS as Billie Reed and Kristen DiMera.

RHOBH Cast member Lisa Vanderpump revealed although the new season got off to a slower start than usual, things really pick up with Davidson on the scene, telling Reality Tea, “Things change rather rapidly I am afraid, from this gentle start.”

Watch the clip from tonight’s episode after the jump, and let us know if you are looking forward to Eileen’s reality series debut, and if you think she will spice up the season?

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  1. Steven says:

    I didn’t know they’ve met before DAYS?!


  2. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Seen 1 episode…the show is more suitable for Tori Spelling…lol


  3. Alan says:

    It’s about time! I’ve suffered through two episodes waiting for her to show up.

    How these shows became a franchise is beyond me.


  4. PV Jr. says:

    Why, Eileen, why?!

    It’s like taking a diamond and wrapping it in a dirty diaper.


    vinman replied



    Sharice replied

    Have loved Eileen for 32 years but not enough to watch this trash.

  5. Jake NJ says:

    Yeah I do not get why she joined this show. She has DOOL and YR going on and pretty much both shows will give her what she wants. The dialogue on this show seems so forced and awkward at time. Love both Eileen and Lisa all the best ladies!


  6. elm51 says:

    i still say this show is so beneath eileen……………smh


  7. KateA says:

    The Real Housewives of anything has got to be stupid! It is amazing to me what people will watch.


  8. Beacon says:

    She’s sold out. So disappointed in her.


  9. Rob says:

    Im actually enjoying Lisa Rinna, never cared for her as an actress but shes prettty entertaining.


    mark y replied

    Lisa is charming and funny. Big fan here,


    su0000 replied

    Thing is;
    The reality of Housewives is to follow them during a day which is 24 hours..
    everything is smi-staged because about 30 minutes of 24 hours is what is shown and only the parts that are juiced up for sensationalism..
    It is cheap to produce trach LOL that is why there is so much of it..
    I can’t even imagine what type of people are fans of Housewives, all of them .. lol


  10. Rapids says:

    Bravo is a very entertaining network to watch and the BH housewives serve up lots of glamour. Travel, beautiful clothes, huge homes great photo shoots. I love Lisa Rinna, her mouth is an open book. We don’t know yet whether Eileen lets her guard down or not
    . This season features travel to the Med on a private yacht and the women convene in Holland. It should be entertaining.
    Eileen really looks goods loved her hair last night.


    Nicole replied

    Exactly this show is what soaps used to be and can no longer afford.

    I say good for her to find her way to pop culture relevancy.


  11. davidevansmith says:

    I suspect that both Y&R and DAYS wanted to sign her this time BECAUSE of the deal she struck with Bravo. Regardless how this genre’s fans feel about reality television, it’s a lucrative franchise, and eyeballs watch. So with Davidson signing on the dotted line and becoming exposed to a whole new audience, and with her recent Emmy win, no wonder Days and Y&R are so hot to keep her entwined with their casts.


  12. mark y says:

    This is one franchise RH franchise that I’ve never watched. But I will now because I think that Lisa and Eileen add a much needed touch of class.


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